HSBC Too Big to Indict for Admitted Crimes in Money Laundering


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Editor’s Note: HSBC is entering into a civil settlement agreement requiring it to pay a small fraction of the money it laundered. HSBC admits the crime and DOJ knows all it needs to know about the crime — just like the mortgage meltdown.

But HSBC is not being indicted and nobody will be criminally prosecuted because of the perceived or projected threat to the financial system if such a large bank and its officers were penalized criminally for commission of crimes that everyone agrees did take place. Why? Because HSBC is too big to indict.

The obvious answer here is to dismantle the mega banks that are so big that their every move produces swings in the financial markets. Instead DOJ and other law enforcement agencies have given a green light to anyone who can build a bank that big. They can now commit crimes with impunity, which is to say that we are guaranteed to see repeat behavior. Now when a smaller bank engages in the same illicit schemes, it too can point to the fact that law enforcement decriminalized what is clearly a crime under all applicable statutes.

President Obama has made a big point of saying that everyone needs to play by the same rules. Meanwhile, his administration is conducting itself contrary to that proclamation. If you are I commit the same crimes that HSBC committed, violating the same statutes, then we go directly to jail. But big business doesn’t need to worry about that sort of thing. They are more important than law, more important than government, and more important than our society. They are more important than building trust in our financial marketplace.

While the right side of the political spectrum has been castigating Obama for being a socialist, they and the President have been moving in lock step to assure control over our lives by people motivated by profit instead of service. Who needs a government when the decisions are made in corporate board rooms?

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    British banking giant HSBC has admitted to laundering billions of dollars in Mexican drug cartel and terrorism money, yet won’t see a single criminal charge for it. Instead, the bank agreed to pay $1.9 billion to the feds last week, which is about five months of revenue.

    Why did the feds not charge the bank for helping to facilitate about nine billion dollars worth of the drug trade, which has led to 50,000 deaths in Mexico?

    “putting executives from a ‘systemically important institution’ in jail for drug money laundering would threaten the stability of the financial system,” Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi reports Friday.

    Rolling Stone notes that the federal government routinely destroys individual drug users and sellers’ lives over small amounts of drug crime, while the world’s biggest banks now simply pay a fine. What a joke.

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  3. It appears to me that the substitute trustees for the so called “deed of trusts” are big fat frauds……they are the bank attorneys……..they are reconveying property that was never even in a trust to begin with. It’s just criminal activity the Govt Corp are punting around their fraud, trying to make criminal fraud….racketeering…… look like they are conducting legitimate business. It’s not…’s criminal activity if they never held title in the first place which they did not because the foreclosure lis pends clearly states we are the title holders of record. These crooks never carried out their end of their credit agreement therefore, these credit agreements do not exist and no one has the LEGAL AUTHORITY to make such transfers…..unless this is commie Russia or China…..THESE TRANSFERS ARE CRIMINAL ACTS…….

  4. Before I forget (which I already have once), I’d like to note that
    banksters often if not always have contracts with the ‘trustees’ they
    substitute. This imo makes the dot sub-trustee something other than
    an impartial trustee, probably as a matter of law, not just fact. It may make the sub-trustee an agent of the bankster according to case law as I recall. The bar seems to be how much control a party has over a trustee, i.e., control over a trustee makes that trustee the agent of one party. Well, having a contract could establish control, could it not?
    The dot trustee is supposed to be an impartial party whose job is to protect (and enforce) the interests of the other two parties to the dot – one has to establish this before screaming the sub-trustee isn’t an impartial party. imo.
    These entities are not acting as trustees – they are acting as collection agents for the bankster and likely with very little if any
    evidence of any relevant facts.
    The fiduciary of a trustee got some traction (Gwen C, as I recall, tried to go somewhere with it – don’t know what her arguments were or anything else) for awhile, but seems to have been abandoned and imo, it shouldn’t be, which is why I’m noting that the banksters have contracts with the sub-trustees. We can’t just ly down and let these
    entities act as collection agents for the banksters, which is their goal: to defeat the dot, which was a privilege afforded lenders to avoid
    the tme and cost of judicial foreclosure. In other words, “We were awarded legislation to foreclose non-judicially and now we’re going to ignore both the terms of the dot and the representations we made to get non-j foreclosure.”

  5. Thanks Shelley. They should have been audited and shutdown. Not bailed out until we are all bankrupt and homeless.

  6. @ Christine ..Top financial experts agree…the banks are insolvent on their balance sheets….and this is essentially a BANK BALANCE SHEET RECESSION….. I did not write the article or the title. What about the title of this page…..? HSBC Too Big To Indict….is that title idiotic as well….? The truth is Wall Street created a QUADRILLION in derivatives fraud and that fraud is unsustainable & can never be repaid. You are clearly trying to shoot the messenger by shooting the message that I did not write.

  7. “Obama administration essentially admits that some banks are too big to jail”. Really? Banks, as in walls, roofs, desks and computers, are too big to jail? I didn’t think we jailed institutions in this country. I naively thought that only individuals could be jailed…

    The amount of idiotic BS plastered on this site is unbelievable. That, mind you, from the same blogger who’s kept writing over and over that “mortgages are insolvent.”

  8. Good Article…Obama administration essentially admits that some banks are too big to jail, which is troubling…..

  9. That’s right folks….THE FED IS POCKETING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH IN MORTGAGE MONEY……& POCKETING IT ALL….& THEY NEVER LENT YOU A PENNY…& there is still a FISCAL CLIFF…? HA…THEY ARE ALL CROOKS…..CNBC REPORTED a long time ago that WALL STREET MADE $60 TRILLION DOLLARS SELLING DERIVATIVES IN THE YEAR 1999…..The year Glass-Steagall was repealed by the Clinton administration ……AMERICA IS NOT BROKE……THESE CROOKS ARE HOARDING OUR WEALTH..These politicians are the biggest phony fat liars on the planet…..They are simply robbing us to pay their perps…the judges & their attorneys.

  10. Poppy…..Bloomberg news reported several months ago that the FED collects TRILLIONS of dollars a month in mortgage payments. Bernanke replied…..we use those payments to buy Treasuries with. It’s all b.s…he’s a big fat LIAR…..the FED & BANK Investors & the Politicians are all pocketing those payments. It’s a money laundering scheme on steroids.

  11. It is my belief ,that we the citizens are paying for 40 Billion dollar a month buy-back of MBS’…

  12. guest..these traitors are going to impose these tax penalties on WE THE PEOPLE. Even if they reach a debt deal, they are going to tax EVERY American. This media talk about rise above & get the deal done is a charade. This evil was all well planned by the FED investors and the Politicians are traitors who have no loyalty to WE THE PEOPLE. One thing that’s for sure, EVERY AMERICAN is going to feel this tyranny…..not just the little guy. All of Obamas fans are in for a big surprise. I expect this will cause a really strong pushback by the upper middleclasses.

  13. In the interview he actually looked kind of pasty.

  14. LOL poppy…the fraud laundering mechanism is set on spin to keep us out. Breuer was probably nearly beheaded for trying to stick his head in the door.

  15. So, someone came in the bank and laundered the money at HSBC, WOW! Can I get a key too?

  16. Guest….I agree, the FED & their banks owe us a lot of money. We are caught in the crossfire of something really evil. Eric Holder had the nerve to call us a nation of cowards when there have been no criminal prosecutions by his office for these crimes and the fraudclosures continue. They should all resign in disgrace.

  17. Yes Stripes, that was the 1st thing I learned. That is why they kept the account in default for another 3years and created a phoney default on the property taxes, sent new NOD in 2010. The problem is they never intended anyone to reinstate ( a right given under most state laws), nor did they ever intend for us to pay off our mortgages. They were Wrong. If they can not perform on our contract … then they need to give us back all our payments, our down payments and our fees. Let us go back and buy land Fee Simple.

  18. Guest ….once your mortgage goes into default, it can never be cured. This was an evil plan to seize our property. I would work on what they can’t cure. Like no legal assignment. If they have no receipt that says they paid the Treasury back before any other transaction occurred in your name…..they are in default & in possession of an overdue instrument….They are IMPOSTERS; fictitious payees.

  19. This is the story the CEO famlily was murdered after and the statements by the local police stating it could not have been the nanny are missing from the web now.

    ABT 2
    Saturday, October 27, 2012


    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room


    Posted By: food4thought
    Date: Saturday, 27-Oct-2012 15:56:34


    – – – – –

    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

    Spire Law Group, LLP’s national home owners’ lawsuit, pending in the venue where the “Banksters” control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) – known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the “Banksters” and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers – now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the “Banksters” located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.


    – – – – –

    From Mike Rivero’s comments on…

    “…It turns out that Kevin Krim, the father of the two children stabbed to death, allegedly by the Nanny, is SVP and General Manager, CNBC Digital! And shortly after the murder of the children, CNBC pulled down the story regarding the lawsuit against the banks!”

    [We should have solved our Banker problem when we had the chance–F4T]

    Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:33 PM


    AnonymousOctober 27, 2012 4:58 PM

    Seeing as that Hurricane Sandy is headed straight to New York City, what are they trying to hide now. After all this is the perfect are for “911” type false flags. So sad about the murdered children. This has got to stop, hope it is now within these next few weeks that it does.


    GeneOctober 27, 2012 8:43 PM

    After looking at the image AND going to the CNBC website I am going to say this is photoshopped. It shows at the top of the article that this was published on the CNBC website on Thursday, October 25. Notice image has some links to stories on the right side of the page. I went to CNBC website and went to those links. THOSE stories were published on Friday, Oct 26! I believe they took the CNBC page on Friday and photoshopped the page to make it look like it was done on Thursday. Also, the article is a Press release from a law firm. I dont believe CNBC would publish a press release without letting readers know. I am going to call this part of the story a scam.

  20. You know what happens to the party that bites off the hand that feeds you and that rule of common law by a reasonable person , can not be changed by legistlature.
    I was in a room of millionaires at my uncles 80th birthday and everyone in the room spoke of their businesses being down the lowest in 60 years. When the tax based debtors are no longer producing incomes to be taxed, perhaps it wont take the sheeple to wake up. The vampire parasite black horse has cut it head off. Very little blood to suck any more. These businesses cut back and consolidated last year to strengthen their business to survive. Like I took out the evil loan from hell, unknowingly from the crooks doing me harm to survive the ecnoomic crash. If the economy had not been spiralling down I would never have needed the loan to begin with. So many I know did the same thing. Certaninly would not have needed a mod.

  21. This thugery and physcopathic organized mafia is why the main media does not expose the banksters. No one including the local police at the scene believe the Nanny did this, the day after the media this CEO was ahead of exposed the banksters crimes. His children and nanny are brutally stabbed to death. look up more on the web. The CEO quickly took of the exposure article and all including this brutal murder are kept quiet and concealed from main news.

  22. Thanks Stripes, but I dont need it as a defense. No lawsuit for FC. I know about the slander to title 2x. And fruad upon the court the 1st time CW. BOA not filed since QWRs in 2010 and 2011 and 2012. all they do is stall. We are getting nowhere. We dont know who has the authority to file a satisfaction of mortgage on the title. Because that is the Creditor we want to payoff. The Morgtage was assigned to MERS. But the loan was NEVER securitized.

  23. Peggy you are right I thought of the same. One can claim a lot of foul obsinities and violations of oath of office and RICO and you name it and it is unlikely they can prove it false.

  24. I believe defamation of character would be “an embellishment” or “deliberate character assassination” without a factual basis to make the claims against someone. Now, telling the truth does not qualify as defamation of the banksters character…the truth is not punishable, under the law, at least not yet. I’m sure they’re working on that angle though.

  25. I believe it is possible government officials can not sue for defamation of character or slander while serving the government. We need to check if the judge or the bank calling us dead beats is defamation of character and unfounded. .

  26. A check is like a note. and a note is like a check. No difference. If you copied a check and tried to cash it as the holder of the check copy the bank would call the police and have you arrested for check fraud. We are dealing with organized mafia corruption on a large scale. No matter how good the evidence it boils down to the judge.

  27. Poppy the DMV has not been bought and sold to bankers. Believe me if the ganster bankster organized mafia wanted to, the titles for stolen cars would be photo copied and fraud would exhist to prove the stolen car belonged to the holder. Trillions more in the property theft and the default swaps etc. Cars are small bucks is the only reason a theif can not go into the DMV and register a stolen car. Put the cars purchases on the stock market for biding on defaults and the cars will be set up on arms and fraud contracts to pre plan defaults and the biding would start at the signing of the contract and the same chaos would happen with cars. Your cars would be repossed by theives instead of stolen by thieves. No dif. And they would not have to hide out.

  28. It all depending on the judge following the rule of law and most are not. RECONTRUST and MERS have been deemed unlawful in WA State and the judges are putting the blinders on and smj MERS AND RECONTRUST cases. How bad is that? So nomatter what you claim and how solid it is the judge either enables fraud or blocks fraud. It is up to a biased judge that rules by bank rule or a moral judge that believes int he U.S Constitution and goes by the rule of law. which I find is becoming rare.

  29. Funny story..I was just talking to an ex law enforcement official ….we were pondering why so many foreigners are working in local Govt offices..mainly because you can’t understand a word they say….He told me it’s because the Government doesn’t want you to understand anything….We both cracked up.

  30. These so called lenders shouldn’t be holding the car titles either….they borrow our money from the Treasury to build the cars & sell us the cars..and they pocket the payments….it’s just like what they do in red China…& Russia….these corps don’t pay for anything.

  31. Has anyone asked these guys what “holding” means? Who are they holding this paperwork for? The words are very specific…holding and owning are very, very different. To own anything it must be properly and “legally” assigned to you. No exceptions.

  32. @ Shelly

    Had an acquaintance go with the Libor avenue and lost. Slam dunk in CA court. The judge stated: the Libor is not the issue here, you lose! House is currently being foreclosed on and she had a stay. Be careful with that one, especially in CA.

  33. You are all correct…I mean I can hold a title to a car, holding it in my hand, a safe or a manilla file, it doesn’t mean I own the car. Has it occurred to anyone here, there is more oversight at the DMV than they have in the courts? If you copied a title and presented it to the DMV would they register the car for you? In a word, NO. So why is this happening in the courts?

  34. I would have to say the contracts never existed because of non-disclosure…..that is the second part of a signature…..the scratching of the signature……the autograph is part one….part two is disclosing all aspects of the transaction that is going to occur in your name…… can’t have one without the other.

  35. We have all discovered this and I am having a forenzic audit done by a Bloomberg terminal access right now and have had two title searches done by Neil Garfield and a local party. I had Neils people do a PSA searcha and am making sure all stones are not left unturned. Has anyone on this web site checked out statutes of limitations on written contracts which include promissory notes and deeds of trust in your state? Ask your counsel if the LIBOR rigged rates breaches the contract at inception.and the fraud. If contract breached at inception the statutes of limitaions applies to the promissory note and the deed of trust. In Washington State it is six years. My deed of trust which is still in Long Beach name a branch of WAMU, was signed and breached by LIBOR rigged rates on June 2006. It is past the six year statutes. A law is a law and there has been admission of deciet and fraud by the settlement and by the rigged LIBOR rates. As usual it is up to the judge! Which puts us to zero if the judge wont go by the rule of law. Some states are only three and four years.

  36. If all of these people were lying…wouldn’t they be getting sued for defamation of character by now…? What about the well educated guy who did the Obama 2016 movie…? He was on CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and said Obama is colluding with Putin against the American people…He has been on CNN as well and pretty much called Obama a card carrying communist..I don’t believe for a minute the majority wanted this guy the first time, let alone the second. Here is a good link….

  37. If you are talking about me guest…I am definitely not jumping to conclusions…but please, don’t believe me….. do your own research.

  38. They are all full of beans Shelley. They don’t own anything. A CNBC anchor said it best a few weeks ago…..Wall Street doesn’t own anything, therefore, they are not selling ownership in anything. None of them own anything. INVESTMENT IS NOT OWNERSHIP…CNBC said forget about following the money…..FOLLOW THE INVESTMENTS…

  39. I would look up estoppel & laches as defenses to fraudclosure in your state. Most local legal websites will tell you what defenses the judges will accept.

  40. Lets just say the last time I went there ….. I was sent to the corner. So I am not going there again … Lets just say she is jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers in the wrong direction again. She is all Yours, I dont need the aggervation. I however would like some more discussion on estoppel and latches. I dont need to use it as a defense, but does it apply to us if we file a lawsuit to late? They are the ones delaying this, not us. We have demanded proof by endorsement (because the title sure does not show us who we owe) from BOA. We also denied that we owed them anything without proof.
    We requested copies of the entire payment history from both the master servicer and sub servicer. Nothing! Absalutly Nothing! Except trying to force us to apply for a loan mod. A loan mod we neither need … nor want! There are days I wish we could just walk away and use the cash for a new house and be done with it. But definiency judgements here would kill that to! After having our 401k and pension slashed, our equity disappear, the threat of SS and Medicare being slashed, taxes being raised ………. I’m trying to figure out why I still trying to do the right thing here? Do we now live in a sociaty of Survival of the Fittest with No Laws? I’m a Peaceful Person, but I feel Like I need a PitchFork.

  41. From what I understand the forecloser and or trustee has to be registered in the state to foreclose. They are unlawful if the are not and none of them were registered that I checked. MERS nor Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust nor RECONTRUST were registered. They all used CT Corp in a lot of states Washington State for one, others i have seen on the web, but dont remember what states I saw it I am wondering if they are in every state. I have seen cases in multiple states claim the foreclosure which has ususally been the trustees are not registered therefore doing business unlawfully and stopped the foreclosure do io it. CT is the agent and the only local party with a single location in the entire state. Which is against WA Deed of Trust Act law. Look at the Washington V RECONTRUST FILED BY ROB MCKENNA and you will see all the statutes RECONTRUST violated. Wa state has deemed RECONTRUST unlawfully doing business in this state. And MERS however our corrupt judges are turning a blind eye to the mandatory law on MERS and the caselaw on RECONTRUST. Pull this case up on the web. Just as I typed it. The Occ produced a letter stating National Bank law does not pre empt State law. Which holds the trustees and the foreclosers to State law and being registered . Of course the banks are trying to change that law. Bring this to your counsel. I did my case Pro Se and failled due to a corrupt judge. Pechman gave me five or seven days, only a very short time to amend my case, and I the order was sent out by postage date three days after the order and arrived to me two days after the deadline. I would have to jump into my Dalorean and drive backwares (funny I do own a Dalorean, so I can joke that way Ha Ha!). I spent the whole night i recieved it and did the amendment and had my husband deliver it with a memorandum telling explaining to the judge I recieved the notice after the dead lihe wiht case law from Lane Powell firm stating a party has a right to amend long after necessary. NOT IN THOSE WORDS OF COURSE. i WIOULD HAVE TO LOOK IT UP FOR YOU. WHICH I CAN. Pechman defaulted me on my case anyway. I have never heard of a five or seven day notice to begin with. I am old school and not as computer skilled as I would like to be so i sent everything my mail. So in the Appeal I lost due to proceedure also. Now my attorney is taking me through a process to gain me the abllity to file a case if the bankster does not work with us. We are trying to cut a deal with the devil and if they dont we have the modification denial to sue again. I really hate dealing with the devil under duress. But I have very little alternative since I loaded every cliam into my lawsuit and lost due to lack of knowing how to do the process and then not allowed to amend it.

  42. Thanks for the warning BSE……Bloomberg reporting ….Bernanke wants the banks to lend to the peasants…

  43. Would like to include Washington State in your warning.Non judicial state where the stakes are high and the customer is always the loser.

  44. Boo hoo Louise…cry me a river. Unfortunately, the truth does not fit in a nutshell .. sorry you have the attention span of a preschooler.

  45. Thank you for your info.Haven’t been here for awhile so just wondering…….

  46. @pamela edwards. With regard to Ivent, she may be back under another name. I see no good reason why anyone needs to post ten to 15 times. It is a waste of everyone’s time and does not help people.

  47. It seems most people don’t want to see through the facade because they think it’s depressing. I don’t see it that way. False hope sets people up to be victimized over & over again and IMHO that is more depressing. False hope is really what destroys people. I say, demand justice and don’t believe a word they tell you.

  48. Poppy.. people are brainwashed. They love their torturers. I can’t explain it but, it’s frightening. It’s like when women stay with their abusive husbands. I have had heated discussions with my own family members who claim to believe these banks are fraudsters and when I ask them why they still do business with these corps, they defend them and say what fraud..? I don’t get mad anymore, I just say, time will tell the truth. When they wake up one day and they say, hey I was robbed, they will know the truth. The funny thing is, one of my family members has been broke for 4 years & fighting a Chase eviction for 2 years now and still believes she just needs a loan mod. Chase just told her she doesn’t qualify. When they wipe people out, the logical thing is, most people would think & see things differently but most don’t. They can’t wait to get a crappy JOB and go to work for them. They want to go Black Friday shopping and use their credit…it’s like they can’t wait to be abused again. I think the formal name for it is cognitive dissidents. I call it brainwashed by evil. I know I will never feel the same way. I can’t watch Tv anymore without cursing.

  49. ******************* WARNING**********************

    Never buy property in the State of Arizona
    LAND Thieves AWAITE
    (The State protects the Criminals)

    ******************* WARNING**********************

  50. We just figured out this fine at HSBC…it’s tax on the revenue. They didn’t pay the IRS for their gains.

    Probably a little low, but what’s a few Billion between friends?

  51. What I find utterly unbelievable is people will boycott a store due to an offensive commercial, call by the thousands for a NFL play that was in error and barely draw a blink about HSBC laundering drug money. Does anyone really think these cats have a “casual” relationship with these people? Our taxes pay Billions for the “war on drugs”..what hypocrisy. When I go to the bank I cannot even move over $9,999.99 of my own money without signing a pink slip.

    These people actually have the balls to foreclose on anyone’s house and get away with it, with the approval of our government? In all the time I have lived I have never seen such a “blatant” and “disgusting” whitewash of criminal activity ever perpetrated on the entire globe.

    The cancer that has spread through our entire system is unfathomable. These people should be prosecuted and face the death penalty, for their participation in the decimation of neighborhoods, communities and utter disdain of compliance to any judicial process or procedure, the rest of us must follow. It is beyond comprehension how judges sit on their bench and even lend credence to these “cartels” who have to be completely in bed with drug dealers and terrorists. They in fact are “terrorists” themselves, if you look up the definition, they qualify.

    My point this morning: people need to wake the heck up. These banksters are “financial terrorists” and I have been labeling them that in my court proceedings, as that is the proper term. They are scum, parasites…they make nothing, earn nothing and produce nothing, but hardship, despair and poverty the rest of have to endure and attempt to mitigate with our hard-earned wages, as the government redistributes our priceless assets and cash.

    When the hell are the people in this country going to wake up and understand, this problem is much larger than foreclosure…it is a complete movement of real earrings and real property, that is why it is so difficult to defend the truth. This is no accident!

    My piece for the day…I have been told I am paranoid….maybe I am not paranoid enough. Given what I am seeing and reading maybe a realist is a better term.

  52. I agree with you Shelley.Spot on.

  53. Do you know where Ivent is these days?Haven’t heard from her in awhile.Any ideas?

  54. Shelley,

    Have you tried 3 on your side to get the word out? or any other news shows that stand behind the consumers? Just a thought.

    I will write a story about the banks fraud in my case. Maybe, if they hear from enough of us they judges will slowly change. As bad as it is the average person is still oblivous. (What’s really messed up is that the courts have allowed robosigning by determining that the “false recording” Statute doesn’t apply to Assignments of mortgage”) WTF!

    Also, as far as the trustee goes. You said you have an attorney. Have you checked if your trust is registered in AZ? I found my “trust” on EDGAR but not registered in AZ. There is a list of the loans in the trust that give the zip codes of each loan. Some in AZ, NV, etc…I don’t see the “trust” listed in any of those zip codes.

    Does the “trust” have to be registered in each state in order for the trustee to foreclose? Does the trustee lack standing to foreclose on an unregistered trust? The PSA says that it’s governed under NY law but the funny thing is that I don’t see it there either?

    The trustee is registered in AZ (Some people have said Deutsche is unregistered but they are they were formerly Bankers and they’re registered on the AZ Corp Commission and they’re in good standing.)

    However, I fail to see how even if the Trustee meets the requirements of “trustee” can foreclosed on an unregistered trust? I’d ask your attorney if this is angle worth pursuing.

    Good luck

  55. Balls and the heads in the sand that do not care as long as they are breathing and eating sheeple and lack the desire to educate themselves on the facts and truth. Watching soaps and have no cares until they are touched by the harm themselves. we have all allowed this to happen by trusting others to do the right thing. We have allowed the few to govern and enslave us and pass bad law, deregulate the laws already fought hard for and in place. Until the masses wake up and boycott the bank parasites and their schemes sucking the blood our of us and our children and their unborn children as debt slaves, we will be battleing this until people all begin to starve. I see a lot of Americans waking up already. Spread the facts and dig for the truth. One baby step at a time and inform everyone who will listen Cut up your credit cards and purchase what you need and not what you want until we starve the banks instead.

  56. I’m pretty sure Queenie works for the Black Nobility. No one is above them. The Royals, Rothschild’s & the Bankers are not really running the show. I read King Juan Carlos of Spain is way more powerful than them. The actual personages running the world are well hidden. The hidden hand…a -v – b…the Vatican/Jesuits..

  57. Recognize anyone? My players are nowhere here. Wonder why…

    Fraud in the news

    BofA’s Suit Over Taylor Bean Fraud Allowed by Judge to Proceed [External link in new window]

    Six More Headed to Prison for Roles in Miami Condo Mortgage Fraud Scheme [External link in new window]

    2 Mortgage Fraud Cases, 1 Indictment, 1 Guilty Plea [External link in new window]

    Defendant in $45 Million Mortgage Fraud Case Changes Plea [External link in new window]

    Combating Mortgage Fraud With Technology [External link in new window]

    Puyallup Women Sentenced to Prison for Massive Mortgage Fraud [External link in new window]

    Upstate New York Lawyer Convicted in Mortgage Fraud Scheme [External link in new window]

    Long Sentence Highlights Efforts to Prosecute Mortgage Fraud [External link in new window]

    San Diegan Gets Prison for Mortgage Fraud [External link in new window]

    Real Estate Investment Company Owner Jailed for Fraud 12/11/2012
    Tags: California Investment Scams

    6 Sentenced for Mortgage Scam Involving Luxury Apartmen… 12/10/2012
    Tags: Florida Straw Buyer Loan App. Misreps False Documents/HUD

    CPA Sentenced for Foreclosure Rescue Scheme 12/10/2012
    Tags: Florida Foreclosure Rescue Straw Buyer

    5 Year Sentence Handed Down to Mortgage Fraudster 12/07/2012
    Tags: California Straw Buyer Equity Stripping Down Payment Fraud

    Man Indicted for Foreclosure Investment Scheme 12/07/2012
    Tags: California Investment Scams

    Man Sentenced for Mortgage Elimination Scheme 12/07/2012
    Tags: California Investment Scams Mortgage Elimination

    Mortgage Fraudsters Sentenced for Falsifying Loan Docs 12/06/2012
    Tags: Washington Loan App. Misreps False Documents

    Real Estate Developer to Spend Next 6 Years in Prison 12/06/2012
    Tags: California Investment Scams

  58. Musical chairs at its best. First, work for government. Then, move on to banking. Or first, work in banking. Then, government wants you (right, Timmy?) And since no one on this blog appears to be working for government, no one has a prayer for ever landing a banking job. And vice versa. Some surreal, parallel universe ruled by a cast of degenerates unable to do anything with their two hands. They don’t work the farm, they don’t manufacture anything, they don’t invent or discover anything. 99% of the population does the actual work. Why is it so damn difficult to get rid of them? What are we missing? Balls?

    Obama Housing Official to Join Wells Fargo

    2012-12-11 —

    “Mr. Ryan played a key role shepherding the $25 billion mortgage-foreclosure settlement between five of the nation’s largest lenders, including Wells Fargo, and 49 state attorneys general and federal regulators this past March. Wells faces a separate lawsuit over FHA-backed loans that was filed by federal prosecutors in October.

    Mr. Ryan will become a senior vice president within the capital markets group at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, where he will coordinate strategy with industry trade groups and consult with policy makers on a range of housing-finance issues, said Vickee Adams, a company spokeswoman. His assignment starts on Jan. 7.”

  59. When a judge rules from the bench he is ruling from the bank. Origin of the word

    The word bank was borrowed in Middle English from Middle French banque, from Old Italian banca, from Old High German banc, bank “bench, counter”. Benches were used as desks or exchange counters during the Renaissance by Florentine bankers, who used to make their transactions atop desks covered by green tablecloths.[12]

    We are born debt slaves to the Queen of England and are bid on in the stock market as soon as we have a birth certificate.

  61. The only reason ten percent of homeowners have filed lawsuits is part of them have no money due to their incomes being torn from them by the banksters gangsters and second the balance of them can not find help if they can afford it.

  62. It is beyond shocking for a reasonable person to imagine this ever happening. So discusting for anyone humane.with a soul. AND TO MILLIONS OF FAMILIES. Makes you want to vomit. If the rule of law was followed there would be no foreclosures.

  63. Shelley- you got it.
    fraud upon the court, and miscarriage of justice, quieted title by a fed judge AKA license to steal and reconvey real property without proving up a darn thing nor exhibit a document that wasnt a” wild deed” as neil says.

  64. is downright evil the way they lie. It still shocks me even after all I have learned. We were not brought up like these people. They are a different breed of something. I think they are the subhumans.

  65. I am comment was meant for Linda. BTWMM.Lots of great comments tonight…!

  66. christine, yes, the U.N. via the IMF & Wall Street corped us via our birth certificates .. and turned us all into human capital but never told us so they could use us like cattle. If we had no knowledge of that, the law calls that fraud on many levels. They are hogs.

  67. This priceless thousand-and-one-ways-banks-screw-you has been updated. Still very good. A must-have for anyone with a mortgage, still today. Apparently, still fewer than 10% of homeowners file suit.

    Mortgage Servicing Fraud is REAL!

    Avoid being cheated out of your home before it’s too late!
    Document version 1.5
    1.9 1.7


    The mortgage servicing fraud scam is real. I personally have lived and litigated it in court from beginning to
    end. Your mortgage servicer will take thousands of dollars from you, lose or misapply your payments, and then kick
    you and your family right out of your home. I know that this scam is real because I have lived though it. I also know
    that the scam is real because in the course of my lawsuit against the mortgage servicer and their debt collector, I have
    read a lawsuit against the debt collector where the owners of the debt collection firm were sued by a former mortgage
    servicer employee that they promised an ownership interest in their business if she would teach them how to setup the
    “high-volume foreclosure” scam. The same debt collector also saw fit to brag on his company’s own website that he
    “specialized in foreclosures and evictions… using specially-trained paralegals and computer technology.” Their
    website also bragged that they would provide the mortgage servicer with a monthly status report on the number of
    foreclosures and evictions they had done for them.

    The scam from beginning to end….

  68. BYE-BYE DEMARCO! Obama to Replace Director of FHFA [by whom? Geithner?]

    You know, I was having kind of a crummy day… nothing serious, just dragging my feet a bit and grinding through some writing I’ve been working on for too long… and thinking about how nothing is changing… and then out of the blue it happened… and I started smiling right away… kicking my heels up a bit… even opened a cold beer to celebrate the news.

    Nick Timiraos, at the Wall Street Journal, is reporting that the Obama Administration is replacing Edward DeMarco, the current “acting” director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the conservator for the failed mortgage behemoths Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    This past year, Ed single-handedly transformed his otherwise obscure position lurking in the bureaucratic shadows of an agency born less than five years ago that few had even heard of, becoming the most hated man in Washington as far as homeowners at risk of foreclosure are concerned.

    In the Wall Street Journal article, Nick points out…

  69. Stripes,
    Sorry for late reply. Yeah, we sign stuff every day and we don’t know the real meaning behind it. It’s the straw man stuff. You’ve probably heard about it. It is everything that you have that is in CAPITAL letters. Check your driver’s license, SS number, passport, birth certificate, your mortgage papers, all government papers, etc.
    The CORPORATION owns us.
    UNITED STATES in all caps is the corporation.
    I believe it’s done finished, though, from what I’ve heard through the grapevine. Perhaps we can get back to the truth now and not this phony baloney stuff.

  70. “…no criminal prosecutions Mr. Breuer said because HSBC did not actually do the money laundering…..someone else came in the bank & did the money laundering.”

    “someone else came in the bank…” and forced His desires ? on HSBC to money launder?! Pretty slim Mr. Breuer. Name him. Find him. Jail him. You’re too easy off the case for some reason.

    Isn’t it more like HSBC’s proven pattern of criminal enterprise to go out & HIRE a guy so when Lanny Breuer finds them out, they could say ‘a man came into the bank and started laundering’ despite the Banker’s & board members’ protests. Isn’t that criminal knowledge Mr. Breuer? Isn’t it the pattern they’ve used for many years in so many places?

    Just like the robosigning $10/hour Vice Presidents…. Real HSBC employees said, ‘I ain’t signing that stuff,’ go hire-a-guy from the parking lot of the local Fast Shop. HSBC has work today! When there’s a red arrow hanging on it pointing in the direction of criminal knowledge, it’s probably criminal knowledge!

    And NO ONE in the bank knew? Is that right? Years of SOX signings and you can find no one to hang it on. Now THAT’s another “shitty deal,” you’ve made for us Mr. Breuer. And you’re sending them BACK OUT into our communities with yet another blank check in hand- moral hazard top down. Take their homes. Come. Feed off our debt slaves!

  71. opps I sent an email on the last article i did not mean to send. And can not take it off. I need to slow down and reread the articles. I am running my business at the same time. I have a lot to do here for my attorney so I am calliing it a night. We all have a lot to be absolutely frustrated over. America is in deep deep trouble. Dont give up and keep fighting for what is right. I wont. See you tomorrow.

  72. @MS, a Question about latches. No one has filed a lawsuit , not BOA and not us. Who should file? Does latches apply to both parties? Thank You!

  73. To: Steve Morberg
    I am aware of another deposition and whistle blower that the bnaks will not be happy about. So more good is coming our way.

  74. I would print that article out of here
    and send it to all the judges in your courts. May not do much but sure as hell can’t hurt!

    Why isn’t this a front page story nationwide?
    By: Cynthia Kouril Tuesday December 11, 2012 5:22 am

    On November 20th 2012 I told you about a guilty plea taken by Lorraine Brown, the founder of DOCX (later known at LPS), in federal court in Florida. The press release for that plea did not come out until after 5 PM on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving most of the reporters who usually occupy the front pages of our newspapers and network news were presumably traveling or preparing for their holiday. The story was barely reported.

    Lorraine Brown also pled guilty earlier that same day in state court in Missouri. She is rumored to be in plea negotiations in other states.

    Even though this is no longer breaking news, it still belongs on the front page of every paper in the country and should be the lead story on every newscast. I’ll tell you why:

    Whatever the banks thought about the robo-signing being “sloppy” before, once Lorraine Brown admitted that virtually every document coming out of DOCX/LPS was a forgery and that ALL documents coming out of DOCX/LPS were suspect, the banks that had court cases pending using DOCX/LPS documents had an obligation to either withdraw the documents and/or withdraw the lawsuits and other foreclosure proceedings.

    It is a crime (common law fraud) to knowingly use a false, perjured, forged, fraudulent document as “evidence” in court. The specific statute violated will vary from state to state, but it is impossible to conceive that there is a single state where this is legal. If I’m wrong about that, I’m sure someone from the fraud-allowing state will set me straight in the comments. This is certainly a violation of federal criminal law, for example 18 USC §§ 371, 1341, 1342, and 1343 and 39 USC§§ 1341 and 1342.

    I have seen no evidence that there has been a wholesale withdrawal of DOCX/LPS documents from evidence or a large scale voluntary dismissal of cases or even letters sent to chief judges saying that the cases should be stayed until they can perform the mechanics of withdrawing the fraudulent “evidence.” Nope, the cases I have been following are still going strong and being prosecuted vigorously.

    This also means that the 50 state settlement notwithstanding, the Department of Justice and every attorney general in the country have a brand new, slam dunk, open and shut case against every single bank that is still allowing a foreclosure case to go forward based on DOCX/LPS false evidence.

    THAT, my friends, is front page news. And getting it to the front page is essential so that judges know they are being hoodwinked, and homeowners know they should be making motions to dismiss. DOJ clearly knows about the Lorraine Brown guilty plea since the 13th hour press release came out of Main Justice instead of from the Middle District of Florida press office.

    So, I’m asking for your help. Tweet this. Send a copy as a Letter to the Editor (or re-write your own using this information). Send it to the network and cable news shows you watch. Put up your own blog post about it. Email it to your favorite reporters. I don’t care if my little blogpost is the form you promote, just promote the story of the brand new massive fraud on the court that is occurring right now. The banks, and their lawyers, have no excuse. They can no longer harbor any belief, good faith or not, that those documents are not false and fraudulent.

  75. Wells Fargo not modifying mortgages as required, lawsuit says

    A plantiffs attorney says Wells Fargo & Co. is not complying with a 2010 legal settlement requiring it to modify certain high-risk mortgages, (Wells Fargo & Co. / December 10, 2012)
    By E. Scott Reckard

    December 11, 2012, 5:14 a.m.

    Accusing Wells Fargo & Co. of reneging on a sweeping mortgage-modification deal, a lawyer for troubled homeowners is trying to reopen a case involving risky “pick-a-pay” loans written during the housing bubble.

    Legal filings last week claimed Wells Fargo failed to provide wide-ranging reductions of loan balances to delinquent borrowers as it had promised two years ago when it settled a combined national class-action suit. A bank spokeswoman strongly disputed the claim, saying it was riddled with errors.

    The litigation illustrates how lawsuits continue to dog major home lenders more than five years after the mortgage industry imploded, including recent challenges to certain cases the banks thought had been put to rest.

    The original lawsuits over pick-a-pay, or pay-option, mortgages contended that the loans were issued with inadequate notice to borrowers that the amount owed would rise if they chose the lowest payment among four options. The loans were made by banks later acquired by Wells Fargo.

    “Hundreds of thousands of homeowners were suffering the effects of undisclosed negative amortization for their Pick-a-Payment loans, while the declining U.S. housing market was sucking the remaining equity out of their homes,” plaintiffs attorney Jeffrey K. Berns said in a filing Friday.

    Read the rest here:,0,4840554.story

  76. Bloomberg Rewind with Matt Miller is being aired right now. It could be an interesting watch.

  77. Oregon county challenges MERS
    Lawsuits mount against mortgage recording giant
    By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin
    December 9, 2012 4:00 am Editor’s note: This report is part of an occasional series about the legality of profits being made from the publication of foreclosure notices, as well as the roles of banks, trustees and the courts in this state-mandated process.

    Follow along at

  78. How telling is it when two people from BOA and one from Chase whistle blow in depositions that the notes were never transferred.?

  79. The Federales have overstepped their bounds. The U.S. CONSTITUTION gave no special powers to the Federal Government. These crooks turned the peoples money …..the U.S. TREASURY into their own personal credit card…without our knowledge or permission they have hijacked it..and are holding the entire nation hostage. Who said the Federal Government has the authority to take our wealth and dole out our wealth as they see fit…? The traitor politicians …that’s who…

  80. HAMP was a set up by the government for the banks to steal the houses slowly and never intended to help us ‘in a mod. No wonder the banks unapproved the mods they did approve to declare the mods partial payments and drag unsuspecting homeowners into foreclosure. And stall the homeowners giving them false hope of help if they were already in foreclosure.

  81. Sometimes if I have more than one http it holds for moderation and I accidently put this twice.

  82. THE MOTHER OF ALL CRIMES IS LIBOR. Which invalidates all contracts due to the fraud in the contract if LIBOR and most loans are boats, cars houses, you name it. And this is concealed from the courts and the public. LIBOR rate is posted on most mortgages. So what contract did any of us sign that is legitimate? What a joke!

  83. Jen …… he never said who came into the bank & laundered the money but, he did say it was not the low level employees. Hmmm…

  84. I have met with a few honest foreclosure attorneys who all told me the mortgage fraud in my mortgages was criminal & horrible & they couldn’t get involved in this mess or fight the fraud for me & the only thing they could offer me was a short sale or a loan mod & if they were me they wouldn’t sign or agree to anything with any bank.

  85. With the Michelle Sjolander and Jonh Kemp deposition I can not imagine Lane Powell or any firm representing Countrywide, BOA or RECONTRUST NOR MERS not being in the know of the fraud affidavits and assignments and fraud notes and not being in contempt of statute 18USC4. WAMU/Chase/Duetsche bank loans the same thing with the Lawrence Nardi deposition. I am sure with more investigation one might find the same for all the TBTF that are actually TBTbe allowed to exhist. All the above is true. Perhaps the Lorainne Brown pleas is scaring the lawyers into asking to represent the BK lenders. Who knows for sure.


  87. Deborah , In my sons they know they are losing so they asked in thej Apppeals court for my son to sign a form they sent to him approving the attorneys for Lane Powel to be representing only Countrywide, due to they are screwed for representing RECONTRUST, MERS AND BOA. Second Countrywide or any lender that is BK does not have to pay now for the lawsuit. My son sent a motion for affirmation of proof to represent, which put the attorneys on the line for misrepresentation. My son of course objected to the letter and sent it in as proof of admission they have been misrepresenting in court. His case is in the nineth Circuit and should have been adjudicated a long time ago. I think the Nineth Circuit either is really going over it wtih a fine tooth comb or they are afraid it will set off millions of lawsuits with case law to help homeowners. It is way past due to be judged. Perhaps the firm for the other side is attempting to get their clients and themselves off the hook for fraud upon the court and paying out, if they can stick the case on a BK company. Be careful Check it out with your counsel. My sons case is really strange and I think the lawyers and the other side are in hot water. At least I hopw so. Lane Powell firm advertises they specialize in mortgage fraud. I think that can be taken either way. We will see once his case is adjudicated. When ever that will be.

  88. Shelley Ericson- read your post. i think of my lifes work and what it means to me, im proud of my lifes work. can some of the judges and attorneys honestly and truthfully say the same about their lifes work, did they serve the people whom they were employed to serve. our professions are hard we are trained professionals and our decisions must be justified and accountibility for our actions accepted as a consequence of the choices we make as professionals.
    i digress im so outraged that HSBC can money launder for the drug cartels and i see the resuls of drug addiction- compares well to bankers love of money and power- insatiable incurable unless removed from the source and dried out- in jail. no punishment no problem- no wake up call, behaviour change.

  89. You may not be under default if the contract was void at inception! And not to the party foreclosing. So make sure you are not admitting a default that is not a default. You are done if you do Dont take my word check it out with counsel.

  90. I have an attorney I trully trust now for my mortgage and another with a record I trust that is talking to me about helping me file against the corrupt mayor in this city, I have an ex-attorney that I have absolute hard copy paper proof of that threw my case under the table in my battle against the city. There are great attorneys whom are good people. There are evil attorneys with no morals what so ever. You need to get references from them.

  91. guys so help me god…look at my case, the attys that represent HSBC,, “someone” tell them why…HSBC is long gone. USCA 9th circuit 12-16192 just filed my motion to declare hsbc as a party- they tried to plead they were not a party- WHY, LONG SHOT DONT YA THINK. im busting my balls here and they are getting away with this- its not just me, its millions of you… our courts ,we have judges as trespassers of the court, my docket history tells the story, start to finish. if i could find the ublic forum i would scream bloody murder.

  92. RE: earlier comment by stripes, on December 11, 2012 at 1:47 pm said:
    Just watched the Bloomberg interview with Lanni Breuer about the HSBC money laundering scandal. When asked why no criminal prosecutions Mr. Breuer said because HSBC did not actually do the money laundering…..someone else came in the bank & did the money laundering.

    So HSBC Bank ( the crooked bank that laundered the crime money), who is said to be the “Trustee” for the group of loans that make up the trust in which my home loan is “said to be” collateral for – and they can prove this by the (FRADULENT) document called the assignment that was made years after the trust was formed by a Litton Employee when Litton was owned by another known criminal operation called Goldman Saks (they also pay huge settlement fines). So I need to explain to a court that Criminal #1 was responsible for creating the false document that Criminal #2 is using to prove they have the right to foreclose on my home? (Forget that the dates on the document don’t match with the rules of the trust). When I ask for proof I get none – the servicer says “It is true because the 2 criminals say so!” I guess the courts think Banks only lie about laundering money…

    The BANKS did not make fradulent documents to steal homes the EMPLOYEES did! Silly me!


  93. Corrupt or ignorant judges are the real problem. Dig up the conflict of interest. All the dirt on the judges. Records on them. Focus on the judges.

  94. Sure do! Absolutely do. Pretty scarey and horrific. We are in the twilight zone erra.A nightmare we can not wake up from. We must be diligent to beat this by exposure and putting our heads together and battling back. Get the word out to the public that has not seen this. We are better off now than two or three years ago. Cases are winning and people are gaining. It is just a slow process. We need to find every avenue to expose this crime and help each other. Never give up.

  95. Stripes..I have been in sourt 3 times. Jusges refuse to hear the cse. All they do is protect the banks and forget the rule of law. My nieghborhood in AZ is nothgin but one big fat foreclosure. In fact I have foreclosures n top of floreclosures. There are 5 more coming. I am will be forced out becuse I am under water $ 200,000. plus at leats $ 180,000 cash out of pocket. I have bene in this home 8 yeard and I can mke the payment..But fuck these assholes and this corrupt government. It is time to move to Mexico where you know you are screwed with no suprises. It is crimlanl what thes dirty ass bastards have done. Heartless ruthless bastards..From the President down to the Congress up and back to the President. Someone needs to go to jail . It starts with 42 sentaors who votes to remove Galss Steigal. Nmaely Phil Graham

  96. These dirty S.O.Bs set fire to your neighborhood, burned down your home, and still get paid.

    WASHINGTON — A government report finds median pay for nearly 2,000 senior managers at government-controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exceeded $200,000 last year.

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees the two mortgage giants, also did an inadequate job monitoring pay, according to the report released Monday from the inspector general for the FHFA.

    The median figure means that half the managers received salaries above $200,000 and half received less.

    Those managers represent nearly 17 percent of the roughly 11,900 total employees at the two bailed-out companies. Compensation for senior managers at the companies cost about $455 million in 2011, according to the report.

    The report also says the top 333 of those managers are vice presidents who had median pay of $388,000. That’s close to salaries paid by private financial firms and exceeds pay for similar jobs at federal agencies.

    Because the FHFA doesn’t closely evaluate the compensation of senior managers, it is unable “to ensure that the costs associated with senior professional compensation are warranted,” the report says.

    The FHFA said Monday that it agreed with the inspector general’s conclusion that it should improve its oversight of senior managers’ pay. The FHFA said it plans to make a full review.

    Taxpayers so far have paid roughly $170 billion to rescue Fannie and Freddie, which suffered huge losses from risky mortgages during the 2008 financial crisis.

    Fannie and Freddie together own or guarantee about half of all U.S. mortgages, or nearly 31 million home loans.

    Under pressure from Congress, the FHFA earlier this year capped pay for Fannie and Freddie’s CEOs at $500,000 a year. The agency also cut pay for about 50 other executives, who were earning more than the companies’ senior managers looked at in the latest report.

    In December 2010, the agency imposed a freeze on merit pay increases and cost of living adjustments for all Fannie and Freddie employees in 2011. It later was extended to cover 2012.

    The agency and the two companies have said that the relatively high levels of compensation are needed to attract and keep qualified employees.

    “There’s a lot at stake for our country and it is absolutely critical that Fannie Mae compensation is competitive in the market for financial services talent,” Fannie spokeswoman Kelli Parsons said in a statement Monday.

    Compensation for Fannie employees has declined “substantially” from the levels of pay before the government takeover, Parsons said.

    Brad German, a spokesman for Freddie, said “We compete every day with Wall Street for finance experts, mathematicians, engineers and other professionals.”

    Freddie uses “a rigorous compensation process” to offer pay that is reasonable yet competitive, German said in a statement

  97. I’ve had 2 attorneys burn me and am on the third. They misrepresent their ability much of the time. Most of the attorneys are culpable in this too.

  98. That’s true Shelley. My brother in laws attorney threw him under the bus in court and would not speak up & defend him to the judge. My brother in law said he wanted to punch that attorney in his face yet, he is still consulting with him. I expect one day fists will fly.

  99. One of my friends overheard an attorney come up to another attorney and ask him how much it would take for him to throw his case under the table and he told him and they shook hands and the man lost the case for his client on purpose, and she was scared to say anything due to the corruption involved. I am so crazy i would have stood up and told the judge I would be a witness for the homeowner and tell the judge what i heard. Another woman I know had her attorney fail to show up. There are good people and evil people in every walk of life. You have to sort out the good ones and stay away and expose the bad ones.

  100. HSBC on Long Island NY. Blames the victim of bank fraud. My ex husband was allowed access to all of my accounts. Took out mortgages, credit cards used my checking acct to launder proceeds. What does HSBC do? Close my account and deny me access.

  101. Bloomberg news reported yesterday over half the country has not even started their Xmas shopping yet. Hopefully they won’t. Isn’t ridiculous that the media even knows that..? That’s alarming IMHO.

  102. BSE..You might be interested to hear my a story from the last time I was in fc court. While I was waiting in the hall for the courtroom doors to open, there was a woman talking really loud on her cell phone to someone about how she had their escrow money & how she had a group of investors coming down from Canada to buy up some foreclosures & a group of attorneys who were interested in buying some foreclosed house. I wanted to slap her because there were people sitting in that hallway who were losing their homes including one elderly woman in a wheelchair. Some people just have no souls. This treason is coming from the highest office in the land.


  104. End unethical corruption. Fire the US Government ! They are the real threat to this society.

  105. Shelley Erickson, on December 11, 2012 at 12:40 pm said:

    We controlled by the largest organized mafia on the globe, not by the peoples government. Refusing to purchase anything but the necessities in life and what you can pay cash or trade for and stop paying taxes and cut up all credit cards and do no loans. Would be effective but the masses would have to do it and that in unlikely to happen

    My thoughts exactly. The entire world must strike aginst world government and currency systems. Time to leave the corruption behind and start anew. Each of the 50 states should have diversity and it’s own currency. Abolish the FED and oil no longer backs the US dollar. We have other means of fuels. i.e. hydrogen peroxide can be separated by a silver plate . This method can be used in current engines. i.e. Telsa’s lithium battery car.. it is a great vehicle. upscale quality.

  106. Canada owns at least 1/2 of the fruadclosures in my neighborhood.
    Someone continues to collect money while I pay for the crime !

  107. It appears to me, we are all being denied due process and the right to not incriminate ourselves. Having read the Constitution numerous times…I have started to use pleadings that contain the FIFTH, SEVENTH and FOURTEENTH Amendments as my defense.

    Before I even get into Federal Statutes and case law, the Constitution provided for a proper evidentiary hearing, not an ambush from the opposing attorneys. They are aborting and abusing rules of procedure, court proceedings and Supreme Court rulings that trump all of the other court rulings.

    I am also using contract law, breach of contract and the lack of assignment/authority to misuse the judicial system and fraud the court. There are a large variety of uncontested things that are being put into the court, that have no merit in our cases. Lacking in procedure I have crashed and burned, but am trying to take my lead from them. Watch them carefully and read everything. The answers are there.

  108. Gangsters, stripes, pathological liars and sociopaths.

  109. These people are professional liars. Is there a special school that teaches that…..?

  110. Lani Breur can show us how to do it….!

  111. LOL poppy…!

  112. Just watched the Bloomberg interview with Lanni Breuer about the HSBC money laundering scandal. When asked why no criminal prosecutions Mr. Breuer said because HSBC did not actually do the money laundering…..someone else came in the bank & did the money laundering.

  113. What hope do we have? If you can aid in the “pushing” of drugs throughout every community and get a fine…how do we save our own property in this country? These banks are aiding the drug problem and stealing things that don’t belong to them and nothing, absolutely nothing happens. Jeez, what can we look forward too?

    Maybe, we need to follow their lead and lie too. The truth is not working folks. Admit a default and you are done. I pleaded the fifth last week, as that means one has a right, under the Constitution, to not incriminate oneself. We’ll see if it works.

  114. This behavior is sheer insanity. Do we all understand how deep this problem goes? Our government is “completely” corrupt. How do you work with that?

  115. linda, WE THE PEOPLE are the Government so you are saying WE THE PEOPLE are a Corporation ….? Funny…. I don’t remember signing or agreeing to that contract.

  116. Why can’t they be hit with the RICO act ?Everybody plays by the same rules I think not.Seems to me if you have money you make your own rules and make your own playbook.What a farce our government and our fearless leader is.

  117. Some good news, though.

    If you go to this web site right now, you will get some info. on the LIBOR scandal arrests!!!!!!

  118. The government IS a corporation.

  119. The people are slowly waking up Shelley…In Michigan folks are raging against the machine at the State Capital today over the passage of the Right to Work slavery law.

  120. We controlled by the largest organized mafia on the globe, not by the peoples government. Refusing to purchase anything but the necessities in life and what you can pay cash or trade for and stop paying taxes and cut up all credit cards and do no loans. Would be effective but the masses would have to do it and that in unlikely to happen.


  122. If you are a thug and can supply employment, you can disobey any and all laws if it effects great numbers of people and their employment.

    Laundering drug money, hence enabling the millions of addicted folks and their despair. Death and destruction of families, neighborhoods…all while the HSBC’s collect Billions from cleaning up the money trail. So, in essence we have banksters assisting the drug pushers and their wares/trade yet they are not culpable, under our laws. Jeez, what the hell do you say to that? Unfreaking-believable.

  123. We have to try & stay off their grid as much as possible. These traitor politicians have allowed the foreign investors …..our enemies….to hijack all of our unalienable rights. Everything we pay & spend is going into the hands of these tyrants. We need a nationwide tax revolt…

  124. No, it’s not alright. That’s what they want us to believe. We are allowing the dictatorship by complying, conforming & cooperating with their tyranny & oppression. We are not unifying under one common cause…freedom & independence.

  125. What has happened to the small and big business that give jobs and incomes being paying the taxes and purchasing the mortgages? aren’t we to big to allow to fail? How does the cart survive without the horse? The people who are the consumers? My business sure does not survive without them? The banks getting away with this are drying up the well. Eventually they will fall once there is no tax base to support them and everyone below them has starved to death.

  126. These politicians are traitors and phonies. WE THE PEOPLE need to start planning for the next election and voting ourselves in. They all need to go. Executive priviledge, by Executive Orders by the President has been used as an excuse for these politicians to abuse their power. These traitor congressmen & senators can override anything the President or his administration does and that includes ejecting Geithner, Bernanke, Holder and anyone else that administration does that is tyrannical or abusive towards WE THE PEOPLE…..&. WE THE PEOPLE can override everything any of them do by invoking our Constitutional Rights. These politicians are all tyrants and are on a humongous power trip & it needs to be stopped by all of us. Nothing they do overrides the POWER OF WE THE PEOPLE. We need to stop being a nation of cowards & start invoking our Constitutional Rights.

  127. And yet our Perpetraitor in Chief says Wall Street’s done nothing illegal.

    One of these days it will dawn on all of us that everyone inside the beltway, as well as Wall Street, should be detained and prosecuted to the maximum allowed by law, what’s left of them.

  128. I guess the mega banks run our government. It is okay to launder money and commit any financial crime they want to with impunity. If this does not get fixed, we all go down.

  129. So sick of it!! NO REASON FOR THEM TO STOP!!! Pay a small fine and say YIPPEE we got a green light cause all we got fined was this little bit!!! WOO HOO! Let’s get that drug money rolling through here! AUUUUGHHHH! I hate this! It’s never ending the crimes they are caught committing and its never ending that nothing happens…….SAD!!!!!

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