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Editor’s Comment: If you read the mainstream media instead of the actual complaints being filed by agencies and consumers, you get the message that it is foreclosures that are dragging the economy down because of how slow they are in judicial states. They present a compelling case consisting of half truths about diminishing property values, lower lending, overwhelming servicer capacity, resistance to modifications, and delays in the “inevitable” foreclosure caused by judicial backlog.

The message is clear — let’s get this over with and move on with our economic recovery. With consumer purchasing weakening and the threat of huge lawsuits against the banks that caused this mess, the spin is that if we just forget about the whole mess, everyone would be better off.

My message is that the foreclosure mess is the result of compounded fraud, Ponzi schemes and unethical behavior by the Wall Street banks — and that the victims of that fraud deserve restitution just like any other fraud case.

Those victims include almost every part of the economy but the focus is on investors (pension funds providing lifeblood to people on fixed incomes) and homeowners who were coerced, enticed and deceived by the values used at their loan closing certified by appraisers who under threat of coercion (never working again) gave the banks the values as instructed.

Both sides of the transactions — the investors who loaned their money and the homeowners who borrowed money were deceived and economically devastated by the same lies and false documentation created to give the appearance of a proper mortgage-backed bond, a proper mortgage and then a proper foreclosure.

None of it was true. The bets were made against those mortgages because the banks knew the loans were bad and that even if they were not bad, they had unconditional power (through the Master Servicer) to declare that the “pool” was impaired. The fact that the pool was never funded and never received any of the loans escaped the attention of most people.

Neither the investors nor the homeowners ever had a chance. And the “burden” now placed on the banks of coughing up hundreds of billions (trillions) of dollars for their fraudulent behavior is said to endanger our economy. My message is that the economy, the dollar and our standing in the world is far more endangered by letting it be known that if your fraud is big enough you will never be prosecuted. It creates an uncertainty in the marketplace where trust and reliance on such checks and balances as appraisers and rating agencies is used as a principal measure as to whether to get involved in a deal.

If the banks were using the investor (pension) money, why did the banks get the bailout and other  forms of relief totaling more than all the mortgage loans put together, whether “in default” or or completely current in payments? Why didn’t that money go to the investors and the resulting credit inure to the borrowers whose loans were improperly priced by fraudulent and deceptive means?

My message is that the economy will recover far more quickly when people recognize that the government and the judicial system requires that everyone play by the same rules. If you have a case, then prove it. That is why I keep harping on Deny and Discover as the principal strategy for foreclosure and mortgage litigation.

The facts are that most of the loans were bad — defective as to who they named as payee on a loan the borrower never received, and defective as to the principal due based upon fraudulent appraisals. The borrowers received loans from third parties in table funded loans that were not only not disclosed, they were hidden from the borrower and the source of the loan money, the investors (pension funds).

The loans that were funded were undocumented intentionally because the banks wanted a window of time within which they could claim the loans were the asset of the bank instead of the investors. The documentation enabled the banks to pretend to be the lender and therefore reap the benefits of large bets against loans that increasingly were doomed from the start. After they made their money they pitched the loans, contrary to the express terms of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, over the fence and told the investors that THEY had lost money while the banks had made trillions of dollars.

The reason why foreclosures proceed more slowly through those states requiring a judicial process is that the banks don’t have the goods. Most of the loans were never funded by the party whose name was placed on the note and mortgage. And it is no different but easier to circumvent in the non-judicial states.

The borrowers, completely ignorant of what was done to them at closing and completely ignorant of the trillions paid on the loan liability and received by the banks assume that they owe the amount demanded by the bank — when in fact the overpayment received by the banks as agent for the investors might well be an overpayment that is due back to the borrower after the investor is paid.

The only reason things that gone so far astray is that the bank strategy is working — blame the borrower and admit to some negligence and some paperwork problems. But forgery, robo-signing, powers of attorney, false endorsements, false beneficiaries, false substitutions of trustees and false affidavits are not “paperwork problems.”

False documents would not be necessary if the loans were real secured loans in a real fair and free market. If the investors and borrowers knew what was really being done with the documents and the money, they never would have entered the deal in the first place.

These are crimes that should be prosecuted. THEN the economy will recover when restitution is given to investors and homeowners, the banks assets are written down to true market value (excluding loans they never funded or purchased).

PRACTICE TIP: Attack the lien first without regard to the outstanding obligation to avoid appearing that you are seeking a “free house.”

Don’t limit your Discovery to the Subservicer. You are only getting a small slice of the pie of the information that way. Demand the same discovery from the Master Servicer and the “Trustee” of the “trust.”

Only the Master Servicer has access to information regarding third party payments. And only the Investment Banker (the brokerage that sold the bogus mortgage bonds) can account for the bets they made using insurance and credit default swaps.

And don’t forget to ask the Trustee why the “trust” was not administered through their trust division or trust subsidiary. You might well find that that no trust account was ever created for the trust and that the “trustee” did not administer the affairs of the trust because there was nothing to administer and the trustee’s powers are claimed by Deutsch, Mellon, and U.S. Bank to actually be that of agent rather than trustee with fiduciary responsibility — when it comes time to assess damages against the losing pretender lender.

Upshot of the Foreclosure Backlog

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  1. You two are really taking this way out of context but whatever. If what you want to do is spend your time blasting me over nonsense then that’s up to you. I have bigger fish to fry.

  2. @DONNA

    I know–i wish the same thing about the collector that gooses me each xmas—this is the last string im signed on–so ill be fading away shortly –im tired of her –wading through etc—she will not quit–she is baiting me to go to another string or two—where if i put up anything useful much less pose a question–she will swamp the site with posts to stop the to-fro

    so im gonna stop—iv got to prepare —i cant get anything more here–shes blocking me—goodbye

  3. @DONNA

    there was a whole motley crew that disappeared on November 19, day before the announcement of the indictment and plea of LO Brown. All gone that last day—never heard from under any name since—this STRIPES was one of the three or four –as “IVENT” maybe one other

    they were good and even gave out info–great actors—this one came back –her tactics are obvious–

    what happened to the others IVENT? contracts get thinned out? or reassigned? or coming up with heavier guns?

  4. @DONNA
    Its talking to opposition—studying them…….shes not here for fun or education–shes purposeful–its all about proof of intent

  5. You wish you could discredit me Donna, but you can’t. Being dragged down to the root of all evil is being dragged down to your level and I will never go there.

  6. Great…..I hope you continue to avoid me. It is one less oddity that I have to contend with.

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  11. We can all nitpick. I try to do my best but, no one is perfect.

  12. @STRIPES

    My point is not your content which I dont care about usually—–but the last 3 posts would have easily fit together if you had some point or points you wanted to make–its about process—please consolidate if there is aany possible way you can self discipline yourself to put off hitting that send button

  13. However, I am incensed at the food and utility prices. These investor crooks, both foreign & domestic are slowly turning America into a third world nation because they are simply greedy hogs. We are living on a Hog Farm …. a slave plantation ran by these greedy crooks.

  14. Thankfully, I have never been on food stamps in my life. However, there are many Americans who have been forced into that horrible situation. Many are being forced to go to local food pantries as well. It is sad. I always donate what I can.

  15. What is it that you want to know D.C….? The whole story about the last 5 years of my life? My scope is limited. I am not rich or powerful so I do what I can.

  16. Yeah and you probably are incensed when they ask for payment at the grocery too—–oh though –theres the foodstamps —you should leave those to families that need them–that work and cant earn enough to feed their kids—

  17. Thats all you CAN SAY on the subject……you are so full of it..

    i wish thats all you would say…

  18. What these State and local politicians and banks are doing is no less than criminal extortion to cover up for their FELONY CRIMES….. disguised as taxation, fees, fraudclosures, mortgage payments & food & utility bills. This is unacceptable when WE THE PEOPLE are who pay for everything upfront.

  19. I am certainly not in this for myself D.C… We have all paid our fair share of taxes through the years to support our communities & States. However, the politicians decided to to take unfair advantage of their positions, and use the U.S. taxpayers money as their own personal credit card and the banks used us as their own personal casino chips. As a result of all of this fraud, they now believe they have a right to bankrupt us for their crimes. I will not be a party to that in any way that I can avoid because these people are absolute felons. Our roads and towns are falling apart and that is unacceptable.

  20. Yeah right D.C…as if I owe you an explanation. I am certainly not in this for selfish reasons. My time is as valuable as anyones. I do believe citizen reporting & blogging has had a positive impact. That is all I am going to say on the subject.

  21. @STRIPES

    YOU said “I believe iv done my fair share…” the operative words here are “I believe” and “my fair share”

    i belive you have done nothing but spout “i believe” —and subjectively assume sitting there banging on that keybd every 4 minutes is your “fair share”

    you are the worst i have seen here in 4 years–if that is your objectiv—you are there–AGAIN

  22. @STRIPES


    nothing to do with IRS—-have you never paid taxes–dont you know states and cities and schools etc collect income taxes—-dont you think the local school should get its evaded taxes??

    just you—you are the only one that matters…right—quit using the word “we”—you are only 100% out for yourself

  23. Please allow me to correct my spelling error….If people are not paying attention, or they do not want to believe this is going on, then unfortunately, that will be to their own peril.

  24. BTW….D.C…..I believe I have done my fair share of whistle blowing on these crooks. However, one person can only do so much. We can’t wait around for other people to save us. If people are not paying attention to what is going on or they don’t want to believe it’s going on then, unfortunatly, that will be to their own peril.


  26. hmmm

  27. Thank you for sharing your story. We’re working to make markets for consumer financial products and services work in a fair, transparent, and competitive manner and your story is invaluable to that work.

    Are there others we should hear from? Forward this message to them and ask them to tell their story:

    If you need help, file a complaint:

    If you have questions about consumer financial products or services, visit “Ask CFPB” at

    Thank you,

    Office of Consumer Response
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    (855) 411-CFPB (2372)

  28. @STRIPES
    you said in context of reporting the opportunity for state and local authorities to collect taxes rightfully owed; “Forget the tax fraud”

    yeah you are no shill —thats for sure—-just let them have a pass right? that is exactly what i figured you would say—does anybody that reads this smell a skunk with “STRIPES” ?

  29. @STRIPES

    you said ” I wouldn’t be blowing the whistle on the crooks”

    When and how are you blowing any whistles?

  30. @DC….If I were a bankster I wouldn’t be blowing the whistle on the crooks. Forget the tax fraud…these crooks need to right us a check for collecting excessive and illegal usury & other criminal frauds they committed in our names.

  31. Unfortunately, there is so much corruption, we have to fight for our own justice Pamela.

  32. @STRIPES–if you are not a bank shill place the income tax piece i found on other threads—along with this guide to properties taken with fake documents created by DOCX——-these are all void and REO can be recovered–

    THANKS TO LYNN 12-12-12——day of reckoning

    By Lynn Szymoniak, Esq., December 12, 2012

    On November 20, 2012, Lorraine O’Reilly Brown, the former president of mortgage-document mill, DocX, LLC, a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services, pleaded guilty in federal court in Jacksonville, Florida to conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. DocX produced over one million mortgage assignments. These assignments were used in foreclosures across the country. Brown admitted that she knew that these assignments were being prepared to use in foreclosures.

    In tens of thousands of cases, these fraudulent documents were used by mortgage-backed trusts to show that the trust acquired a mortgage. The information on these assignments was false – the trusts did not acquire the mortgages on the date set forth on these DocX Assignments. Signatures were forged, notarizations were wrongly added to create an appearance of authenticity. Job titles were falsely claimed.

    Which trusts used these phony DocX-prepared mortgage assignments? The trusts that used these Mortgage Assignments to foreclose include those listed below, with the name of the trustee following the name of the trust.

    Investors were promised that these trusts would obtain valid mortgage assignments by the closing dates of the trusts – but the DocX Assignments were prepared years later, often showing the trusts acquiring non-performing loans. Now that Brown has confessed, the trusts and trustees need to explain their need for and use of these phony documents.

    This is a partial list. Many more trusts will be identified that used fraudulent DocX documents. DocX was closed – but the many other document mills that also falsified documents for mortgage-backed trusts and lenders have not yet been held accountable.

    ABFC 2004-OPT4 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    ABFC 2005-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    ABFC 2005-HE1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    ABFC 2006-HE1 (U.S. Bank)
    ABFC 2006-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    ABFC 2006-OPT2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    ABFC 2006-OPT3 (Wells Fargo Bank)

    Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2004-OP1 (HSBC Bank)
    Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006-NC1 (HSBC Bank)
    Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006-OP1 (HSBC Bank)
    Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006-OP2 (HSBC Bank)
    Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2007-HE5 (HSBC Bank)

    AHM Assets Trust, 2005-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2005-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-3 (Citibank Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-4 (Citibank Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-5 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2006-6 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-3 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-4 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-5 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Assets Trust, 2007-6 (Deutsche Bank)

    AHM Investment Trust, 2004-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2004-3 (Citibank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2004-4 (Bank of NY)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2005-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2005-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2005-3 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2005-4 (U.S. Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2006-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2006-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2006-3 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2007-1 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2007-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    AHM Investment Trust, 2007-SD1 (Deutsche Bank)

    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2003-5 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2003-8 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2003-AR1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2004-R3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2004-R7 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2004-R9 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R4 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R5 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R6 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R7 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R8 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R9 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R10 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-R11 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust ARSI 2006-M3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-R1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-R2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-R7 (Deutsche Bank)

    Argent Securities, Inc. 2003-W3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2003-W6 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2004-W10 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2004-W11 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2005-W1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2005-W2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2005-W3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2005-W4 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2005-W5 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-M1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-M2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-W1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-W2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-W3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-W4 (Deutsche Bank)
    Argent Securities, Inc. 2006-W5 (Deutsche Bank)

    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series 2003-HE6 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series 2004-HE3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series 2005-HE5 (U.S. Bank)
    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series OOMC 2005-HE6 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series OOMC 2006-HE3 (U.S. Bank)
    AB Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series OOMC 2006-HE5 (U.S. Bank)

    Banc of America Funding Corp. Mort. PT Certs., 2008-1 (U.S. Bank)

    Bear Stearns AB Securities I Trust 2006-AC3 (U.S. Bank)

    Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2005-OPT2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2006-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)

    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2004-OPT1 (Wells Fargo)
    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2005-OPT3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2005-OPT4 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2006-AMC1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2006-HE2 (U.S. Bank)
    Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2007-SHL1 (HSBC Bank)

    Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2006-AR6 (HSBC Bank)
    Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2007-1(HSBC Bank)

    Deutsche Alt-B Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2006-AB2 (HSBC Bank)
    Deutsche Alt-B Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2006-AB3 (HSBC Bank)
    Deutsche Alt-B Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2006-AB4 (HSBC Bank)
    Deutsche Alt-B Securities Mort. Loan Trust, 2007-AB1 (HSBC Bank)

    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-6 (U.S. Bank)
    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-9 (U.S. Bank)
    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-10 (Deutsche Bank)
    GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006-11 (Deutsche Bank)

    GSAMP 2004-OPT (Deutsche Bank)

    GSR Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-AR1 (U.S. Bank)
    GSR Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-OA1 (Deutsche Bank)

    Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-7 (Deutsche Bank)
    Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-14 (Deutsche Bank)
    Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-5 (Deutsche Bank)

    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2005-OPT1 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2006-OPT1 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2006-OPT2 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2006-OPT3 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2006-OPT4 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2007-HE1 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Securitization Corp., 2007-OPT1 (Deutsche Bank)
    HSI Asset Loan Obligation Trust, 2007-AR1 (Deutsche Bank)

    IXIS Real Estate Capital Trust 2006-HE1 (Deutsche Bank)

    JP Morgan Acquisition Corp. 2005-OPT1 (U.S. Bank)
    JP Morgan Acquisition Corp. 2005-OPT2 (U.S. Bank)

    Luminent Mortgage Trust 2006-7 (HSBC Bank)

    MASTR Adjustable Rate Mortgages Trust 2006-OA1 (U.S. Bank)
    MASTR Adjustable Rate Mortgages Trust 2007-1 (U.S. Bank)

    MASTR Alternative Loan Trust 2006-2 (Bank of New York)

    MASTR Asset-Backed Securities Trust 2003-OPT2 (Wells Fargo)
    MASTR Asset-Backed Securities Trust 2004-OPT2 (Wells Fargo)
    MASTR Asset-Backed Securities Trust 2005-OPT1 (Wells Fargo)

    Merrill Lynch Mort. Investors Trust, 2004-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Merrill Lynch Mort. Investors Trust, 2006-OPT1 (U.S. Bank)

    Morgan Stanley ABC Capital I, Inc. Trust 2004-OP1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Morgan Stanley ABC Capital I, Inc. Trust 2005-HE1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Morgan Stanley ABC Capital I, Inc. Trust 2005-HE2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Morgan Stanley ABC Capital I, Inc. Trust 2007-NC3 (Deutsche Bank)

    Nomura Home Equity Loan 2005-HE1 (HSBC Bank)

    Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust 2007-2 (Deutsche Bank)

    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2003-1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2003-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2003-3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2003-4 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2004-1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2004-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2004-3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2005-1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2005-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2005-3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
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    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2006-1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2006-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2006-3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-4 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-5 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-6 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-CP1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-FXD1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-FXD2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, 2007-HL1 (HSBC Bank)

    Quest Trust 2006-X1 (Deutsche Bank)

    Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2005-2 (Deutsche Bank Americas)

    Securitized AB Receivables, LLC 2004-OP1 (Wells Fargo)
    Securitized AB Receivables, LLC 2004-OP2 (Wells Fargo)
    Securitized AB Receivables, LLC 2005-OP2 (Wells Fargo)
    Securitized AB Receivables, LLC 2006-OP1 (Wells Fargo)

    Securitized Asset Investment Loan Trust 2004-4

    SG Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-OPT1 (HSBC Bank)
    SG Mortgage Securities Trust 2005-OPT2 (HSBC Bank)
    SG Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-OPT2 (HSBC Bank)

    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2005-OPT1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2005-OPT2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2005-OPT3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2005-OPT4 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2006-OPT1 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2006-OPT2 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2006-OPT3 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2006-OPT4 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2006-OPT5 (Deutsche Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2007-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2007-OPT2 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2007-OPT3 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2007-OPT4 (Wells Fargo Bank)
    Soundview Home Loan Trust, 2007-OPT5 (Wells Fargo Bank)

    Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust 2003-BC9 (Bank of America)
    Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust 2004-11 (Bank of America)
    Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust 2005-3 (U.S. Bank)

    Structured Asset Mort. Investments II, Inc. 2006-AR5 (JP Morgan Chase)

    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2003-BC10 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2003-BC11 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2004-3 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2005-OPT1 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2005-SC1 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2006-BC2 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2006-BC6 (U.S. Bank)
    Structured Asset Securities Corp. 2006-OPT1 (Wells Fargo Bank)

  33. I so agree but in my estimation there is only one side the side of right and might and justice.Since there is little to no justice for a great many of us we must at all costs provide a united force to take back what is legally and rightfully ours and always has been.It is a fact that the way that things are going we are making headway but really just taking baby steps.Drastic measures are going to be called for soon as this is going to slow to save the majority of people.We have become a nation of homeless people our next generation is being very adversly affected.Look into the eyes of the children and you will see what I say is true.The time is fast approaching.

  34. December 12, 2012

    Income Tax Department
    ATTN: Whistleblower Division

    The City of __________needs revenue. The wells that it is accustomed to dipping have declined to offer more. I have some rational suggestions for “broadening the tax base” by administrative extension to reach those who are subject to local income and sales taxes—but presently avoid or evade those taxes.

    There are three classes of persons that take advantage of local competitors by evading taxes.
    1) Mortgage loan servicers
    2) So-called seized property “preservers”
    3) Debt collectors that seize and dispose of homes

    In this category the most predatory entities are so called “private label” operations not associated with traditional financial institutions, and thus tend to be fly-by-night operations prone to bankruptcy filings on a 3-5 year cycle. They have headquarters usually located in tax-exempt states Florida or Texas, so they pay no state or local income taxes if they escape taxation if they can escape tax by source of payment jurisdictions—such as Findlay and rural School Districts. Ostensibly they collect payments from homeowners, skim a sizable portion of those payments, and remit the remainder to investors, who are often offshore hedge funds—also insulated from Federal Taxation.

    Traditional banking operations pay taxes. The predators operate on the fringes and demand equal or greater services by local communities—due to the predatory nature of their operations, further described below. These entities make filings in local courts, obtain title to real estate (REO), employ agents who are usually foreign to the local jurisdiction—and generally have nexus with local communities. They should file income tax returns and apportion their income like any other multi-jurisdiction entity. They should bear the cost associated with the receipt of local revenue earned with the full support of local governmental institutions. Quid Pro Quo. The flip side is the anti-competitive effect on honest tax-paying financial institutions, as well as the added unpaid burdens on citizens who must otherwise bear the burden of the shortfall in costs of services rendered to these free-riders. Such entities include private companies and small public companies, among others discoverable by review of Clerk of Court records and County Auditor and Recorder’s records. They hide in plain sight.

    There is usually a group of “out of town” operators who work in close association with servicers and collectors. These are self-styled “preservers including small public companies and sub-contractors. Often the fly-by-night servicer debt-collectors engage the services of these foreign “arrangers” who subcontract sometimes nefarious activities by out of town subcontractors. The class of preservers may also include less controversial preservation contractors of local origin performing legitimate but taxable services on behalf of traditional financial institutions. The fly-by nights however create the greatest burden on the local government resources at all levels.

    A typical sequence may involve the seizure of a home upon a foreclosure complaint which is either completely unsupported or supported by DocX-sourced forged documents. The fly-by-night operators are particularly prone to these predatory collection techniques. See for example the November 20, 2012 Indictment and Plea Agreement on state and Federal Conspiracy charges of Loraine O. Brown, formerly CEO of DocX and VP of Lender Processing Services Inc. a public company. A November 20, 2012 Press Release stated in part:

    “WASHINGTON – A former executive of Lender Processing Services Inc. (LPS) – a publicly traded company based in Jacksonville, Fla. – pleaded guilty today, admitting her participation in a six-year scheme to prepare and file more than 1 million fraudulently signed and notarized mortgage-related documents with property recorders’ offices throughout the United States…. Many of these documents – particularly mortgage assignments, lost note affidavits and lost assignment affidavits – were later relied upon IN COURT PROCEEDINGS, including property foreclosures and federal bankruptcy actions. Brown admitted she understood that property recorders, COURTS, title insurers and homeowners relied upon the documents as genuine….”
    The use of forged documents is indicative that the homes are in fact seized by a person in possession of account information—but lacking ownership of the actual loan documents. This aberrant activity triggers unusual activity by the preservers acting on behalf of the pretender-claimants.
    Due to the flimsy character of the claim upon which the collector seizes property after having intentionally or unintentionally committed fraud upon local courts, the collectors seek to maximize cash-inflows as quickly as possible—before their schemes are discovered. This may involve conspiring with an out of town preserver to seize possession of a vacated home—then actively cause or passively permit the freezing of the homes piping—followed by extensive water damage. The houses often are covered by the foreclosed homeowners’ casualty insurance policies which survive 90 days after vacate date. The servicer–collector grabs the insurance proceeds which may easily exceed the fair market value of the home. The homeowner was required to carry insurance to cover the loan amount—while the house value may be far less.

    The out of town preservers that facilitate the destruction benefit by having 1st opportunity to salvage the destroyed homes’ fixtures, pipes and wiring. In some instances—depending upon the age of the home—the salvage may reach to door frames, windows and other building components. Obviously, the preservers profit from both payments received by performance of legitimate preservation services by legitimate financial institutions while the shadiest operators receive lesser payments made up for by rich salvage profits. In any event the services are performed locally and are subject to both local income tax and sales tax under certain circumstances.

    As touched upon above, the class of fly-by-night servicers doubles as debt collectors. There is a twist that has come to light in the past year. The servicers-turned debt collectors tend to focus on properties and promissory notes held by sham entities long-ago economically abandoned by legitimate financial institutions.

    In the heyday of the predatory mortgage originations, the private label operators such as American Home Mortgage group, Option One and many others now bankrupt created predatory loans which were supposedly sold once, twice or more often to federal tax-favored investor-funded “trusts”. The trusts, aka REMICs in IRS parlance, typically collapsed when the inflated and predatory nature of the loans was discovered by investors—often public employee pension funds. Subsequently, it has been discovered that the exempt status of the purported “predatory” REMICs never met minimum requirement for exempt status. A failed REMIC is properly treated as a taxable corporation under the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations under IRC Section 7701. So it is also fully taxable under State and local codes which piggyback the IRC. See Once a Failed Remic, Never a Remic, Brooklyn Law School Legal Studies, Research Papers, Accepted Paper Series, Research Paper No. 317 December 2012;

    The abandonment by legitimate institutions of swaths of homes and promissory notes involved in these predatory failed trusts has presented great opportunity to the predatory collectors. This drives the above-described rush to “seize and freeze” and otherwise dispose of homes ASAP to unsuspecting local real estate investors. Under companion cases issued by the Ohio Supreme Court in the last two months, the use of unsupported Complaints and forged documents to seize homes was condemned. The full ramifications are not yet known, however, the judgments seem to support the recovery of the homes by the defrauded owners. See Fed. Home Loan Mtge. Corp. v. Schwartzwald, Slip Opinion No. 2012-Ohio-5017. Decided October 31, 2012. ;and the follow up case Washington Mutual Bank, FA. V. Wallace Slip Opinion 2012-Ohio- 5495, decided December 5, 2012. The two highly unusual UNANIMOUS decisions by the Ohio Supreme Court relied heavily upon the academic input of Ohio State University Law School scholars including Professor Emeritus Douglas J. Whaley, an expert on the Uniform Commercial Code, upon which the case turned in part.

    One might speculate that this expectation has been known by the predators since at latest November 2009, when the DocX scam came to light—and fueled their casualty insurance schemes. In addition to the seizure of homes abandoned by collapsed fraudulently executed purported failed REMICS, the most predatory debt collectors have apparently also acquired access to collection accounts from legitimate banks and legitimate REMIC trusts, and upon those forged documents acquired title, albeit voidable, to many other homes. Sadly, because these debts were not abandoned by failed REMICs, the unrepresented banks are initiating procedures to pursue homeowners who in essence paid the wrong party by permitting seizure of their homes by collectors lacking authority from banks. See for example a discussion of pursuit of deficiencies—a known consequence of default—now expanding to include pursuit of claims collected by servicer-collectors without approval by the owner bank. See for example; “LOANS STILL DUE DESPITE FORECLOSURE” The Columbus Dispatch Sunday February 19, 2012.
    Those unscrupulous servicer-debt collectors that engage in the foregoing conduct—effectively condemned by the Ohio Supreme Court and the United State Department of Justice in re Indictment of Brown, above have substantial federal, state, and local income tax liability. More than 95% of foreclosures are not contested—ergo few costs are incurred to seize those homes. The full amount of the proceeds of insurance and/or any proceeds of sale of the seized properties to now effectively defrauded local investors—virtually all is taxable income. The collectors, directly or though “sham” trusts, may continue to own as “REO” [real estate owned] properties throughout the City of Findlay, County, State and Nation. These vacant properties are subject to attachment by tax liens which may be enforced upon issuance of Jeopardy Assessments.

    The Ohio Supreme Court has placed Ohio in the vanguard of efforts to correct and redress the abuses. It remains for local communities to levy tax on the culprits and take back those title-damaged properties for sale by clean tax-title. There is no other solution to the cloud that now hangs over these ravaged homes.

  35. May I add…if they are on our side they sure don’t act like it.

  36. These are mean people Pamela. They are not on our side.

  37. Wow you guys !!!Really? I mean seriously?Ya’ll are acting like a bunch of elementary school children that need a butt whoppin.We are all supposed to be adults with info. to share with one another.All this name calling and immature behavior just splits us and united we stand ,divided we fall.Never mind this is exactly what the banks and the government want us to do tear each other apart.Do you people get the fact that we are being constantly and consistantly observed by PEOPLE.We are supposed to be setting an example and getting the job done not splitting hairs about who said what and in what format.On top of all that it is supposed to be the season of giving,a joyful time and whereas alot of us don’t have alot to be joyful about we should all at least try.Would you want your children or grand children to see how you are conducting yourselves.Pull out of it ,regroup and lets get back to the agenda,All of us.Merry Christmas I hope.

  38. Got my answer…


  40. There is no bottom to the fraud ….!

  41. I had a feeling you were working for the Govt. DC…


  43. What….?

  44. Hey everyone…..Maybe we can all use a good laugh….I just watched the Matt Miller interview on Bloomberg with special prosecutor Lanni Breuer…Matt asked Mr. Breuer why no criminal prosecutions of HSBC for money laundering….? Mr. Breuer replied because HSBC did not actually do the money laundering….someone else came in the bank and did the money laundering…….

  45. All of this sqwak is really non productive. We need ideas, not criticisms of each other.

  46. 100 accumulated posts in one day….? I think you have way too much time on your hands DC…

  47. 3 minutes since your last one liner post

  48. 8 minutes since your last one liner post

  49. minutes since your last post

  50. Who voted you 2 the moral majority and told you 2 to set the standards for commenting at this blog….?

  51. I have heard enough of you Donna….you are giving your opinions about my comments. I am stating facts and have given a lot of valuable information.. So you and DC better knock it off or I will ask Neil to block you 2.

  52. My Religious commentary….? Where…? Political commentary is fair game IMHO…

  53. O.K. D.C…..You think I’m not fighting for mine…? I don’t know where you are coming from with your accusations. There is nothing offensive in my comments.

  54. YEAH—one of mine is like 10 of yours if you judge by length alone—that is my whole point

    Im not asking for a critique of my writing style or content—-35 years as a financecial/tax atty may from time to time render some cooments difficult to grasp for a lay person that is mostly focused on whet SHE IS GONNA say next

    Im asking you to consolidate your poiltical and religious commentary –thats all–we dont need 10 posts for every one posted by another

  55. @STRIPES
    I am fighting for my life literally—–much of my troubles likely stemming from intervention to shut down docx before another million forged documents were shipped out

    you are not helping mine nor others efforts by posting hundreds of opinionated remarks—

    when you attach links or citations clearly –i look at your stuff—-and iv had some helpful inspirations–ill give credit where due

    but posting hundreds of political commentary as one liners helps nobody=—-and in fact forces me for one to have to pass over all your posts –and miss anything useful you contribute–im sure im not alone

    you are hurting your own contributions—something about an old fable—the boy who cried wolf

  56. I don’t care how many times someone comments but if we are going there…..I count 9 lengthy comments from DC…that are not concise or to the point …. 1 comment by DC….is like 10 of mine.

  57. You know what DC….you are acting like a real turncoat. Getting banned for speaking out against tyranny & oppression is unamerican & unconstitutional. I don’t comment under numerous names …just one name..stripes. So…stop lying about me.

  58. @POPPY
    Im sorry but yesterday i had to wade through over 100 posts accumulated in one day—vast majority from IVENT-STRIPES

    It is extremely frustrating when we are preapaing and trying to keep up–and it is not necessary–a little respect for other peoples time is all i ask

    She was banned once for this as IVENT—but she has several psuedonyms–so you could be seeing several persons appearing to talk back and forth and really its just she

    its strange—-and it serves to frustrate most users–its not even conversational–shes just as happy telling me to shove it for BEGGING for a reduction in the stacatto posts—not deletion—consolidation

    im not saying dont say it–im saying consolidate it

  59. @ POPPY

    I do not think DONNA is being insensitive–just frustrated—-i hate to have to plow though literally dozens of one-liners that may or may not have content—it is not necessary for self-expression or catharsis to post 100 one liners –it can be aggregated so if we see the topic we can chose to pass over easily and quickly–or if it looks interesting drill down—-STRIPES—you have already been blocked once for this conduct–wise up will you–be respectful of others–thats all i ask

  60. WOW…

  61. @STRIPES

    ALL I ASK IS THAT ACCUMULATE YOUR COMMENTS WITHOUT CITATIONS__IE EXPRESSIONS OF OPINIONS—-INTO A SINGLE POST –so we do not have to wade through a multitude of your indiscriminate and rehashed thoughts in order to locate things which we find useful—is that too much to ask?

    you personally are responsible for more than 70% of posts—-one liners–cant you simply aggregate these thoughts rather than spitting them out like a machine gun–is there some mental disability that prevents you from remembering what you are thinking past 3 minutes–the average time between your posts

  62. I agree, DC has given out good info. But, why call me out by name and hurl accusations at me…? I will admit, I don’t shrink from controversy….& I also believe that no one should.

  63. I don’t hear anyone moaning about how bad America is…it’s the traitor politicians who are ruining it.

  64. You are absolutely right stripes…look deeper into the conversation. Donna does not have the right to decide what is informational and self-indulgent. Immersing in one’s situation and a pity party goes a long way in gaining clarity. What is going on with DC is unthinkable to most of us and that situation is compelling in the power these thugs have. It also makes most of us move in a direction.

    DC has provided over time plenty of solid information and is entitled to have moments of despair. No apologies needed here. If I were not able to reach out from time to time, I wouldn’t make it through this.

    If Donna is that insensitive…hmm, so be it.

  65. Right DC…As if all of your posts are highly informational. We all do our best to stay on task.

  66. I have to question the agenda of those who call speaking the truth ranting. Sounds like more false & controlled opposition. If you look around there is a lot of great info here. Sometimes you need to look a little deeper than what’s at the surface.

  67. @ALL
    Re DONNA’s Comment vis “RANTS”

    Shes right actually—–but ill distinguish description of anecdotal events with which an individual has personal experience from a pure “i believe thus and so stuff”

    the former is anecdotal evidence–albeit cathartic POPPY —and im sorry im being self-indulgent myself on that account—but yes the pure rants make it hard to find useful things

    in the past couple days there have been some extraordinarily helpful things posted in line with DONNAs purpose—but geez i had to plow thru 10 “rants” about belief systems—in order to see the true anecdotes and legal citations—

    In a moderative effort–perhaps those inclined to want to spout their beliefs could at least assemble them in one multi-paragraph catharsis–rather than 25 one liners?????? please ivent-stripes

  68. Poppy….they never thought we cared about our freedom & independence. Thankfully, they were wrong.

  69. Okay Donna, who decides what is informational? You? People’s plights are important and the circumstances each and every one of us is suffering through. Just knowing one is not alone is very helpful and eases much of the despair. Maybe you should consider going elsewhere, as no one needs your critique of the content here, except Neil. It is his site!

  70. False and controlled opposition sets out to control the minds of the American people. They will tell you alot of truth to gain your trust so they can make you believe one big lie. The truth is, they want us to believe they own us, so they can control our lives and our actions. The truth is, they can’t own what they never paid for no matter what they tell you. They don’t own this country, WE THE PEOPLE do, because we pay for everything upfront at the Origination and the Issuers of the Credit never pay us back and that is fraud. The politicians now want to tax us into oblivion to pay for all of the fraud. There will be a tax revolt because the middle class can’t afford to pay for anymore fraud. Don’t be fooled these tax hikes will not only be on the rich…that is another dangerous lie. Financial experts have made clear…..AMERICA IS NOT BROKE & WE NEVER WERE…..The U.S. IS THE RICHEST NATION ON THE PLANET…THIS CRISIS IS ALL MANUFACTURED by the traitor politicians who are holding all of our wealth hostage.

  71. I do agree the entities behind the scenes of this torture are evil and this is an evil plan for mankind. These self appointed rulers have been control freaks all throughout history. It will be up to the strong to take care of the weak. I believe there will be a day of reckoning for the unjust and the righteous will be blessed. We have to have faith.

  72. The animals have done nothing to deserve what they are doing. It proves out what kind of “pathological” sick creatures they are.

    I’d be calling my cousin Vinny. Fortunately for them they are dealing with a rational, decent human being, as many people face this type of tyranny and dictator-type force it will not be that easy.

    It stuns me that people will do their dirty work. All cowards, every last one of them. I know that doesn’t help, but I assure you this is cooking and as more and more of us ind ourselves in your type of situation, the anger can go nowhere but directly at them. And rightfully so. They will reap what they sow. That is how it should be.

  73. torture animals to punish their owners–

  74. lies..the mortgages that crapped out were meant to fail and they can never be cured. These crooks owe us a lot of money.

  75. So sorry to hear about your animals DC. There are way to many innocent victims. I am hoping some good luck comes everyones way who was harmed by these greedy jerks very soon.

  76. @POPPY –its bad enough to torture me–but to try to starve out my 3o year old horse is inhumane. I believe they want to press me till I either stroke out–or get arrested for interfering with trucks hauling out fixtures across what little I have left of my farm. They demand the rear down of my farm gates–and i dont know how ill keep my horses off the road if they get out of the barn as they seem to do naturally on ocasion. This will result in some family striking them in the dark on a frozen road–and deaths—but these people could care less. Since they are my horses–ill be liable and someody else dead or injured. Why should these collector lawyers care–theyll be on the beach in the Caymans.

  77. @ dc

    What a heart wrenching story. Telling the truth is not an easy thing to do. Everything is so convoluted. The betrayal of our public servants, legislators and even our fellow citizens is incalculable.

    This probably doesn’t help much, but you are a hero in a time of such despair. Character is a life-long trait that cannot be measured at times, in one’s lifetime. Rest assured those who purge this system will be welcomed in circles the sociopaths are not welcomed in. Your contribution will be appreciated. The end of these parasites is near, the citizens are awakened. Every day, more and more of us understand what we need to do and we are growing stronger.

    Every day, I tell one more person the truth, on any venue I can. People are listening.

    I sincerely hope your horses/pets are doing okay. I believe this is changing and you and I will live to see the change. They have highly underestimated us. Everyone here supports you and time will prove out, we have faith in the right purpose and the right people.

  78. talking about fraud!!! why are we the only ones awake ?
    seems odd a few people know whats going on and we cant stop them.
    what do we all know about modifications? foam the runway right, or highly profitable to these fraudulent banks. wells fargo bank na foreclosed on me after a dual track fine right. its ok i am part of your group i know whats going on. i googled lost paper work, fraud found living lies, foreclosure hamlet. have a good lawyer and am in discovery all good. here is the problem wells fargo home mortgage is still calling my home and sending me modifications. i was denied a modification a few months ago i never applied for. even my lawyers para legal asked me “did i send wells fargo my financila info”. of course not why would i pay to defend my foreclosure and work with the bank foreclosing on me?? any way, today i received another modification packet. i suppose in another month or 2 i will receive a denial. seems wells fargo home mortgage is applying for modifications for me at 1-3k a pop. this a very lucritive bbut fraudulent business. who do i report this too? i am in the middle of a foreclosure. seems someone needs to know abou this fraudulent use of my info. this is just crazy and over the top.

  79. @POPPY

    I dont know, but right now upon a docx forged assignment and 1st a copy of unindorsed—2nd an apparent forged sterling indorsement, not only have they seized my house allow it to be destoyed bt freeze, but now seek to simply take over my next door farm because its easier to access the house through my farm to permit salvage of the destroyed house —-my former home—-than use their own road access???? currently refuse to let me pass across the seized ground to feed my horses—and seeking to take control over my whole frontage and access to my farm–seizure followed by seizure–and my farm was never subject to the mortgage—basically they are demanding i stand there and watch them strip the house they seized with forged documents—–and carry the parts out over my farm and through my farm gates

    how bad is that????? that is called “retaliation’ in some circles–for turning in DocX and assisting prosecutors

    i would never have believed such things can happen in this country–but post election theyr unrestrained by public opinion–figure they got a clear straight run for one year before midterm election–simple political arithmatic

  80. Some interesting stories……

  81. Van Jones on CNN saying the American people want to be taxed into oblivion to (re)pay for wars and other stuff we already paid for.

  82. Poppy could be right. CNN reporting hatred of the U.N. is now a bedrock principle of Conservatives.

  83. @ dc

    This is going to explode, if it continues. There have got to be people that will stand their ground if this continues. The anger people have over so many things, Hmmm, It scares me, how this may play out!

  84. Short sales have got to make these banksters eligible for the death penalty.

  85. I agree these crooks are terrorizing the people & trying to force them to file Bk. My brother in law finally landed a job & in less than a month, FORD was threatening to garnish his meager wages claiming he owed a deficiency on a car he leased. They are acting like complete thugs.

  86. @ALL

    I have seen numerous different sources including Columbus Dispatch re aggressive pursuit of indebtedness on the so called “mortgage NOTE” —particularly strategic defaulters, anybody with furniture and a car. It will not be an income based test administered by the debt collectors but an assets test –like do you have any that would be exempt from bankruptcy. It is clearly their intent now post-election to push all defaulters into bankruptcy court.

    Certainly all default cases are being raised here where the “judicial state advantage” allows large deficiency judgements. It will be a struggle simply to figure out the justification for the amount of claim–which will exceed bk ct standards no doubt. In Ohio people can re-open thei cases now if they used DOCX documents–void—settlements void —so the collectors are going on offensive, attacking people out of the blue to squeeze money and waivers.

    I assume they simply certify the deficiency judgment however obtained after however many claimants line up to assert some manner of secondary claim or merely a rerun of proof of claim –with more care to execution–for good or ill.

    This is the day of reckoning for those who did not get their properly indorsed notes returned under UCC 3-301 possession of note claims or Art 3-309 lost note but great records of each others activities and business practices.or indemities—-but there must be an indemnity or promises are worthless unenforceable even if you spend a pile to get damages to which you may be entitled under any circumstances–as for example the collector employee or agent deliberately inflicts physical harm on you or your other property without justification or right. Basically gangsterism–combination of street thugs closely-linked to criminal activity, including theft of possessions house stripping and casualty insurance frauds–supported and acting in close communication with the attorneys for the collectors.

    This is what a huge swath of people face. A shakedown. Pay attorneys or pay the collectors–time payment plans for deficiencies–rent for a house you no longer live in—out of your retirement proceeds —childrens college money–health care–food and housing.

    There were constantly remarks by anonamous writers –nuanced carefully–looking forward to a turn from pre-election soft tactics. Starting January 1—firing up now test runs—-the deficiency chasing begins in earnest—the “leads” theyv been offering for sale will become collectible. And the worst is that the houses sit empty and frequently destroyed while people pile up on each other in new multi-family tenements. No dignity allowed no matter you worked 50 years.

  87. The American people really need to file lawsuits to impeach all of these re-socialist crooks.

  88. Hostess just did the same thing…blaming the Union, bunk. If the bankruptcy court allowed millions in bonuses to executive, while they underfunded and took the pension money, per Congressional permission…where are we going with this shit? The pensions belonged to the workers, it was their money. And where did Congress get the authority to tell them that? The CEO’s get millions, while 30 year, loyal employees get unemployment checks after taking their own money and investing with Hostess. WHAT? This is so much bigger than I even thought…I cannot believe what is going on.

    Places like New Century got away with it too…I have the actual bankruptcy transcript, where you can see the selling off of stock prior to the bankruptcy…the Federal Judge allowed it. Countrywide too and GM…this is pervasive and huge. No one is safe!

  89. They burned their workers pensions and Obama stole mine & alot of other peoples businesses, wealth, property and pension money to pay for it. Obamas no hero.

  90. Poppy-
    I totally agree with your post about how the media is fed.

    We need to take the time to teach our children about corporate control through advertising. If you can x out all the sleeping around on MAD MEN – it is a good example of how it all works.

  91. Really, saved the car companies, who intentionally “pumped and dumped” their companies, while not reinvesting in technology. Again burning workers pensions, filing bankruptcy (Chapter 11, to reorganize) build 2 plants in China and keep their bonuses for skimming profits. This is the second time for GM in 11 years. Does our government ever learn? Let’s not forget “cash for clunkers” which gave down payments to people to buy new cars and go further in debt, while the secondary used-car market crashed and burned.

  92. Poppy

    I’m with you. All the victims are going over the cliff, whether the govt does, or not

    Eventualkt, with any luck there’ll be precious few left to victimize and the snake that is wall street/govt will devour itself

  93. Obama in Michigan today bragging about how he bailed out the criminal car companies who were committing the same credit crimes with tax payer money as the rest of the crooks… and saved the Public Sector while he let the Private Sector small business people fail….me & my family are some of the millions victims of Obamas TBTF ideology.

  94. Yes…the last election proves it’s a dictatorship but shhhh.. it’s still a secret to most of the country that they are living in a communist dictatorship and are being ruled by the reincarnations of Stalin, Mussolinni & Hitler. Their wake up call is coming.

  95. @ Jim

    Nor can the hundreds of thousands or millions of “elderly” in reverse mortgages, that are now the targets of these sociopaths. These bums are murdering people, with the emotional distress they put people in, intentionally. They are no different than the Charlie Manson’s of the world. They have calculated every move, with the intent to defraud all of us. Even people who are paying their mortgages are in peril. Who really owns that mortgage and can they ever legally pay it off and get a clear title?

  96. These turncoats only care about themselves. Notice how many of these media people resemble these crooks. The lifestyles of these top anchors are the mirror image of the people behind this satanic agenda that is being promoted. These phony politicians are espousing moral values when they have none. CNBC is telling the politicians to rise above and get a debt deal done. WTF..? WHAT DEBT….? THEY HAVE ALREADY STOLEN QUINTILLIONS IN OUR WEALTH & PROPERTY OUT OF THE COUNTRY & THEY WANT US TO PAY $16 TRILLION MORE….? WHO IS OWED ALL OF THIS MONEY & HOW DO WE OWE ANYMORE MONEY WHEN THERE WAS ONLY $12 TRILLION IN TOTAL REAL ESTATE TO BEGIN WITH…? WAKE UP AMERICA …..FIRST THESE POLITICIANS TOOK US TO THE CLEANERS & NOW THEY ARE BRINGING US TO THE FOREIGN EXECUTORS.

  97. The reasons why simply sweeping past issues under the rug will fail to corect economic woes of consumers and taxpayers are several.
    The incomprehensible mess that the financial community has made of tracking liability of consumer-homeowner debt disables certain release of the debt. Even for persons who simply sell or refi their homes—the foreclosure problems are the tip of the ebt mess iceberg.

    The titles to most American homes are tangled up with the debt mess. Only homes without securitized mortgages and brand new homes have clear titles at the end of the day. The ramifications for title insurers are shocking.

    Equally shocking is the mess that is made of seized homes. In the rush to liquidate hames–ie servicer-debt collectors cashing in–the homes are frequently rendered uninhabitable by events which permit the debt collectors to make claims on homeowner casualty insurance policies and/or on the collectors’ own policies with friendly force-placed insurers.

    Casualty and title Insurance costs go up with increased foreclosures.-vacancies. Credit shrinks. Hoese values drop –tax collections fall. Public servants get layed off and lose pensions. The cycle reaches their children and people who would otherwise provide goods and services. In short the financial industry has initiated an inexorable slide into a 2nd great depression.

    Despite the onus on relief from excessive debt–even if printing presses are required to make the difference–little time exists to halt the slide. It will do the bilionaires little good to own all the seized homes –and even interests in mortgaged homes–if there is no police protection to enforce rent collections——if few can pay the rents necessary to maintain–if public anger mounts such that the fortunes are exposed to seizure If the transgressions are deemed gobally to be so abhorrent as to require intervention by world courts for crimes against humanity.–to hunt the billionaires down as was done to post-war Nazis–the closest in terms of causing human wreckage in living memory to todays financiers.

  98. The media reporters are nothing more than organized paid liars used to heard the sheep. Never forget !

  99. NG is still correct . Unfortunately, the judges were summoned to protect the criminals (banksters ). As a side note, never forget that there were over 40 Senators and 3 US presidents who participated in molesting your finances. Never forget. Fear the those who head the seats on Captial Hill.

  100. I don’t understand how people have missed the obvious here, the media is completely “controlled” by corporate interests. Everything you see, buy, watch and ingest are at the sole discretion of a very small number of people who run everything. This is not a “democratic” system anymore. What we built to establish in the 1930’s and 1940’s the large corporations have spend 40-50 years tearing down. The only parties who are expected to follow the rules are you and I, not the elite…rich, owners of everything from paper to food products…information streams, etc…very well controlled.

    These people have bastardized the very essence of what we are as a society. They have gotten rich by stealing, lying and cheating. There are no accidents here, all of this is has been very calculated. The rule of law has been aborted. In this country we used to depend on the media for information about “FACTS” not stories generated and tweaked to skew our insight into what is happening to our system and government. Anyone who thinks otherwise is entitled to their opinion, but it is very naive.

  101. thank you neil

  102. Ps. The economy is not going to recover because baby boomers can’t start over

  103. It’s cues, not queues

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