Ron Ryan Takes to the Next Level, Taking the Offensive

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For assistance with presenting a case for wrongful foreclosure, please call 520-405-1688, customer service, who will put you in touch with an attorney in the states of Florida, California, Ohio, and Nevada. (NOTE: Chapter 11 may be easier than you think).

Ron Ryan , Esq. lives and works in Tucson, Az. He has been working, analyzing and writing and representing people whoa re the victims of this huge scam which the banks and media call securitization that never actually happened. He practices almost exclusively in bankruptcy and while he understood the basic elements of what was happening he struggled to put it into wording and allegations that the Court would be hard-pressed to ignore.

I think he succeeded in these two pleadings, and I suggest that you read them carefully. While he admits that a “loan” existed he takes apart the origination, assignment and securitization piece by piece leaving US Bank naked in the wind.

I congratulate him on a job well done.




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  1. Beware of judicial foreclosures in non-j states. It may allow for deficiency judgment after some yeahoo makes a low credit bid it’s not even entitled to or even if f/c sale is to a third party. Check state statutes for a one-action rule. If there isn’t one, the bankster may be using jud f/c to come back for a deficiency judgment (which I believe they can’t do with non-j f/c). Here’s a link to some info, but don’t take it as gospel. Ask a lawyer:

  2. Hell with Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Washington. Occupying WS sends the wrong message and is used to make us look like we merely resent our lots in life. Our real enemy is the government whose duty it was to prevent this bull and where that has failed, to take real action to
    ‘fix’ it. How would it look to the world if the country which enters if not creates war after war has so abused its own citizens, they have to picket and march on Pennsylvania Avenue to be heard? This country is benefitting in international relations from fiction. We need voices so loud and strong they muffle any other protests or demands ever heard.
    The only real sign change has come at last is when MERS is taken down. Until then, it’s ALL make believe.
    I’d like the courtesy of an explanation of what was meant by “it might have been immoral but not illegal”, which is the entirety of the nod we got from Obama. Anyone else? How is RICO activity merely immoral, I do so wonder. Washington needs to grow some and take care of its OWN. Yes, hell with Wall Street – Occupy Washington

  3. Dear Poppy and Guest:
    I have had 2 loans with the names of ALL that you stated. Both in the same month and year-2006. They were never sold before their BK and when Select Portfolio-took over in April of 07′, we have from our 4 cancelled checks (2 months worth) NO ENDORSEMENTS! Over 10 thousand missing and of course SO
    much more. I’ve also learned about an agreement with the treasury that Ocwen did NOT honor!
    If you both could send me your emaill address WE could learn and do so much more!

  4. No bankers aunti em ….
    No ….no bankers.

    Recent & Past Archives –
    In and out of Court

    2008 -Wells Fargo’s attorney vehemently attacking the broker on the stand at trial while his client Wells is the alleged foreclosing party…

    wazzz up

    2009 -In another worm burner , its the last day of deposition, and counsel for (big time f/c mill) foreclosing party concludes the two day session asking me over and over…(as expert….)It’s a fraud, my client commits, mortgage fraud, say it, it’s a fraud … My client is a fraud’. Say it, just say it… This is a fraud, the trust trstee, etc..Say it, it’s a fraud…

    wazzz up

    2008 -In another case the attorney for the plaintiff pleads, begs and surrenders to the judge beseeching her to please release her from the case…she is done with the homeowner client ….she will attest the homeowner has been in the home long enough …please release me from the case (No. California Superior Court 2010)

    Judge say nope and rules for plaintiff – with prejudice

    wazzz up

    2011 In yet another case the attorney for the plaintiff pleads to be released from the case…he is done with the homeowner client ….the homeowner has been in the home long enough …please release me from the case (Oakland California superior court 2011)

    Judge says SURE No Problem —-thus ended a four year trial – ruled for the lender….

    So wazzz uppp !

  5. This is not about U.S. marshals and conventional foreclosure mills – it is the subject matter for controversy for claims brought by United States financial agents. The Financial Agency Agreement’s (FAA) were entered into as of December 22, 2009 (Effective Date), by and between the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury), and designated “Agents” LLC (Financial Agent). The purpose is to implement the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Act), the Treasury may designate Financial Institutions as financial agents of the United States to provide all such reasonable duties related to the Act as may be required.

    These financial agency agreements are for asset management services for equity securities, debt obligations, and warrants. Now, let’s do this again … United States financial agents working with the color of badge and authority under financial agency agreements for asset recovery management services and systems for (1) equity securities, (2) debt obligations, and (3) warrants.

    Do you see the word “mortgage” anywhere? No, of course not! The mortgage was materially altered into an alternate form of valuable consideration made marketable by rating agencies certification for purposes of a private placement registration.

    Now, upon the securities having been charged off allowing bond holders preferences the US Treasury has authorized the appointed Financial Agents to pursue (Aka manage) these balance sheet write downs that are in part being restored as qualified assets, acquired under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Act), in accounts established by the Treasury (Account). These accounts are being maintained under a nominee MersCorp through the Treasury department as a Custodian.

    The Financial Agent will act as an asset manager with respect to the Accounts pursuant to the offset mortgage “so called” linked accounts as established by the Treasury (Account).

    These accounts are being maintained under a nominee MersCorp through the U.S. Treasury having determined that it is in the interests of the United States to designate financial agents to provide asset management services for this portfolio of securities and obligations.

    All assets asserted in claims are managed by the Financial Agent for the Treasury are pursued free from any security interests, liens, or encumbrances exercisable by any third party against such assets, and the Treasury will not grant a security interest, lien, or encumbrance on any such assets for the benefit of any third party unless it notifies the Financial Agent.

    Pursuant to the Act, the Treasury established this home reclamation program under which the Treasury is seeking the return of charged off derivatives to receive back senior preferred shares, senior debt, and other equity securities and debt obligations, in addition to warrants for common stock or debt in lieu of warrants, from public and private Financial Institutions, that somehow stand in for mortgages.

    The Treasury and the Financial Agent retain information subject of any security interest, lien, or encumbrance they create against any assets managed by the Financial Agent.

    write if you like (or don’t like)

  6. CNBC bank murders:

    Apparently the CNBC did pull the above article above. But it has become much talked about elsewhere like here:

  7. This crime of power and greed goes back farther than 1930’s, it goes back to the days of Ceasar.

  8. One thing a lot of people miss is these trustees and or banksters foereclosing are not legally licensed to be doing business the state you are in. That is unlawful. They are attempting to try to change the law, However if you look them up unless theyare very recently transferred to due to people are wising up to the unlawfully unregistered statis of these foreclosers so they are transferring to registered foreclosers now. Deutsche Bank Nat’l trust and MERS and RECONTRUST are not registered to be doing business. Can you open and do business in your state without being registered and licenesed? National law does not preempt State law.

  9. I keep records here to send to attorneys and homeowners across the U.S. to help them Please send me a copy and I will keep it to help homeowners. I get request on a regular basis.

  10. @ Guest

    If you have Duestche Bank on wiring instructions, RBC noted as Lender on HUD, Credit Suisse as the party who seized the note (DE. bankruptcy file), Select Portfolio Servicing as the servicer on the day of bankruptcy filing of New Century, Ocwen as the servicer within weeks, US Bank as trustee, MERS as beneficiary, an amended repurchase agreement (never filed with the SEC for 2007), stating Ocwen needs to return all monies to Select Portfolio and doesn’t, a zero balance QWR from Ocwen, a private attorney, Hunoval law Firm as Substitute Trustee, representing Ocwen transferring the note into his own company, a Steve Nagy stamped page (no dates, actual signature, etc…) not an allonge, with CSMC as the trust that I cannot find, lines of credit cut off with New Century in the same time period, the Hunoval Law firm asking the court to remove Ocwen as a defendant of the case…the list goes on and on…any ideas? What the hell is going on?

    Every bit of this is on paper, even the judge is confused. Oh, then there is Scott Anderson signing for Ocwen in 2010, with a POA dated in 2005, handwritten except for one typed sentence. This is the small story…

  11. Just a reminder of why we’re where we are.

    “According to our history:

    The foreclosure crisis helped to bring about the present recession. This, too, was a deliberately planned fiasco. I quote the Bankers Manifesto of 1934:

    “Capital must protect itself in every way, through combination and through legislation. Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible. When through a process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of wealth, under control of leading financiers. [i.e. – the USA, Inc.] People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expand their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd. Thus by discrete action we can secure for ourselves what has been generally planned and successfully accomplished.”

    The Bankers’ Manifesto ties in with the U.S. Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1934), which states: “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere ‘user’ and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

    Because Americans know so little about our history, we have allowed ourselves to be the victims of repeated fraud. The best way to hide a fraud is to place evidence of it in plain view. A good example: Look at the deed for your home … you are referred to as the tenant, not the owner—whether or not you have paid off your mortgage. As the U.S. Senate document quoted above states: “Individual so-called ownership … amounts to mere user.” Tenants can be expelled for a variety of reasons.

    Because Americans know so little about our history, we are easily led into fights over matters that have no relationship to banking or governing a nation, such as: abortion, planned parenthood, gay marriage. As long as we fight each other over what amounts to religious ideologies, those who would perpetrate fraud upon us are free to do so in plain sight—as stated above in The Bankers Manifesto of 1934.”

    Nancy Detweiler

  12. RE: Helped a homeowner in 2007 with a recission of a purchase loan shortly after closing.

    Owner: U.S. Bank
    Seller: Ocwen
    Lender: Home 123
    New Servicer: New Century Mortgage

    Have evidence of many conversations with Scott Anderson regurading the recisson and the fraud, he represented himself as Attorney for Ocwen, owner of the Note. He was also contact for by New Century Mortgage/Green Tree. HMMM

  13. I have only one Scott Anderson for now, will look for more and sent a bunch of articles on the web to look his docs up, one which does not match my signature I have to send at all. Sent it to the email on this site asking for it. I am having problems with my computer so can not pull it up however gave the exact site to pull it yourself. Also the one I have will come soon. I am having it scanned and sent by tomorrow. Am looking for more. Sure thought I had a bunch of his not just one..

  14. Lisa D-
    Re: Scott Anderson- “MERS v. Ocwen” notes that Scott Anderson (if he exists) is the only person to sign for Ocwen. This from Ocwen’s own attys. He is also known to have 42 different signatures, noted in Pew Charitable Trusts mortgage fraud reports. Sorry don’t have location will provide later. Ocwen is at the center of it all, especially since they bought Aurora Loan Servicing from Goldman Sachs. Judge (Arthur) Schack, Kings County, NY (Brooklyn) reamed Anderson in absentia to prove who he worked for via W-2s,. 1099s etc, nothing was forthcoming from Anderson, his attys., Schack dismissed the fclosure with prejudice. Keep plugging.

  15. I will say this, all are cases are different, but the same. My “note” was defaulted on in early March of 2007, by New Century, per lines of credit they were given to fund loans, before I was having issues. My loan was seized, by a non-lender entity and now I have Ocwen and the Hunoval Law firm all over me. There is not one piece of paper that indicates a loan was ever funded or resides with any of these people and we did get discovery from New Century at an evidentiary hearing in Delaware in July of 2012. There is so much more…hate to post all here, moles are in here.

  16. As I agree with all here, the problem is so large. My paperwork is forged right from the Special Proceeding. I was told the hearing was postponed and went forward without my knowledge, believe it or not. The actual mailings to inform me of the sale date were sent 11 days after the date of hearing, when I had 10 days to appeal the decision AND the dates on the exterior of the envelope are missing. The date of the letter, inside was the 11th, of July 2007. I went to the postmaster and called the folks at Pitney Bowes, the maker of the machine, they told me the only way that could happen is if the dates were manually removed. This is how bad this is. That takes a lot of Ba!!s…excuse the comment.

  17. The best results by attorneys are deny and objection and discovery due to they can not prove chain of title. The economic harm has to be a plus to use. It is a report for the Senate by experts. Proving the banks the serviciers, S&P and the rating agencies are the direct cause of economic harm that is the direct cause of the alleged defualts.

  18. The crooks are filing in courts in non judicial states due to they can ask for fefiency judgements if they do. Also some of the new laws make it hard for them to foreclose without making it financially impossible for you or impossible for them to foreclose without a corrupt judge now. Is my opinion. The judges dont even look at the docs. They just say off with your heads Have your attorney bring up the Wall Street and the Financial Crisis; Anatomy of a Financial Collaspe. to prove economic harm to you. It is on Wikepedia also. I have some Scott Andersons I believe I will look it up.And send messages to everyone to send these docs to you if they have them.

  19. @ Poppy,

    We are a family of 7 and have been fighting foreclosure for over 8 years. Now they have filed judicially in a non-judicial State.

    ANY info you might have on Ocwen (i.e. Scott Anderson, Priscilla Langlois, Thomas Hicks, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

    My email is

    Thank you~

  20. I have documents from Ocwen, New Century, TRS Holdings, et al and BOA, compelling stuff too. Like you, much of my legal complaints and pleadings are public in Pacer, so I don’t care much who knows. I am very willing to do what I can and help. We certainly need it and can use all the help and support one can get. Honor and decency are in very, short supply.

    Footnote: I knew a gal who worked for Wells Fargo and she said in less than week, she had an entire desk of keys homeowners had come by and dropped on her desk? Who ever heard of such a thing?

  21. Good to hear you are sharing also. Every case is a win for all decent human beings and a nail in the coffin of the evil greedy SOB’s. A friend I met in this jungle told me she did not know a party well enough to send info to them. I did not know the Vos family from Adam. I did not know her and I have not met many I have helped. From NY to WA. We are all in this together. I have been told by two out of many they dont want my help. Most appreciate it. Dont know why they do not want help, but that is their choice. Some are to distraught to even deal with it. I have a list of many robo signers and their entire docs. For anyone that needs them.

  22. Hooray for you, Shelly. I, like you, have given documents to many and even if I fail, it is great if others make headway. Watching greed eat up my countrymen distresses me, but you are one good person for sharing what you know. Character is tough to find these days.

  23. Those who procrastinate are left behind. I have pushed everyone to file it. Telling of all the fraud and income loss due to the fruadsters. Fraud docs everything. Even if you are in litigation or already foreclosed on you qualify. If you dont the crooks are liable to use it against you. They gave you the chance and you ignored it. Can not go wrong filing it and speaking of it as an alleged debt you object to I filed the 650 page Wall street and the financail Crisis; Anatomy of a Financial Collaspe with it . Or at least the wikipedia version of it. That is just my opinion. Would not want to kick yourself in the hiny for not doing it. Taking chances not doing it, as far as I am concerned.

  24. Down to end of year filing for Independent Foreclosure Review Form Online. However, case on appeal Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rumors have it the review process is controlled by the Bank Of America…should I tip my hand and layout the case on the form, No original note, excessive late charges, failure to exercise 115% mortgage balance rider, loan modification flawed 6 months then denied, no follow up with in 30 days. Should I file the review form or hope for favorable ruling from COCA?

    Final file date 12/31/12

    Harold Milhisler
    Oklahoma County
    Harry Milhisler

  25. Unfortunately Poppy we are among millions of swindled income earners and property owners. Our story can be repeated all over the globe. Gee, What Took You So Long? (REMICs w/o Notes)
    And of course if there are no notes that are transferred this explains many things. Like robosigned documents, “lost document” affidavits and allonges that magically appear on a document years later.

    18 U.S.C. 4: Misprision of a Felony
    What have you done to report the Foreclosure Crimes
    YOU witnessed?
    Foreclosure advocates should draw motivation from this story.
    Meet the Man Who Has Been Battling Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years
    As an officer of the court, and 18 USC § 4 – Misprision of felony, Mr. Haas, having knowledge of the commission of a felony had a duty, as soon as possible, to make known the same to some judge or other person in civil authority and if he failed to do so, he risked being fined or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. Haas fulfilled his legal duty and reported the malfeasance to the proper authorities.
    Shortly after reporting the crimes, in August 2001, George W. Bush appointed another Bain Capital lawyer as U.S. Attorney and he refused to investigate or prosecute the crimes throughout his tenure; despite the U.S. and former Bain attorney’s malfeasance, Haas continued fighting for eToys shareholders and to bring the criminals to justice.

  26. I beleive we have good news coming for a family in my area, that wound up on national news. Due to me sending their attorney the proof of fraud docs by G,.Hernandez and leticia Quintana, The RECONTRUST case and the Bains V MERS case in WA supreme court and more, before the cases were consent orders and En Banc. I saw a copy of the complaint BOA & RECONTRUST sent to this family in a non judicial state asking for quiet title. I informed their attorney of the fraud taking place and asked why would the bank ask for quiet title in a state that is non ;judical through a complaint to the court if they owned the loan? This family has been told by their very smart attorney that read it all and filed for quiet title that the bank is sending a settlement agreement to them. I feel this family will celebrate a wonder holiday season and a happy new year. There attorney had no idea this was going on and was attempting a mod for them then turned to quiet title mod. The bank does not want the discovery process. So they bit themselves i the ass by sending a BOA rep to them toting a gun and scaring the H out of them. So they wound up on the news. I and a friend caught it and contacted them to give their attorney all the weapons she could get from us. I am so happy for this family. Their attorney mentioned this information would help several of her present clients not only this family. This will make my X mas for me. I am sure they are getting quiet title. They may not be able to disclose it. This is an attorney in Eastern WA.

  27. My story is very ;much like yours. Made just under a million a year gross, then after taxes to the thiefs I grtossed 155,000.00 a year. My business began to see the drop in 2006 and dramatically dropped to date. Seeing my friends relatives and customers in the same situation and I agree with all the above. This is a crime we must do our best to make the banksters and the enablers accountable for.

  28. Poppy
    You are stronger then you know. And David Smacked Goliath in the exact right place to fell him We know we need a miracle and I know I’ve been laughed at which Is fine
    But I’m telling you miracles happen. Maybe not quite how you figure they would but they do. You don’t fight fire with fire.

  29. @ Shelly,

    Worked hard all of my life, done well, educationally, financially and health wise. Done all the things the system, marketing agenda tells you too. In 2008 that took a horrible turn.

    Didn’t matter I was honest, good at what I did (’cause I really worked hard at it), made money for all around me and did share with all my family, donated my fair share, help many in need, etc…

    Pity party over, one day I got a letter from BOA, closing my account and I wasn’t late? The real estate market had begun its REAL collapse, father was ill, I was his caregiver, son lost his job, the phone stopped ringing. Saw the beginning of things to come and tried every way possible to stave-off the what I thought would be a blip in the road. After selling all my personal-paid-for property, except my house, things continued to spiral…tried getting a new job, to no avail, as my credit score was rearing its head, over and over. And I started to see All of my self-employed, very well off companions and friends, were also falling victim to the same problems. Many of them have lost their businesses, homes and most are begging the bank to help them with a modification, as they fall deeper and deeper into the abyss.

    I was the only one willing to take on the fight, no hero here, just pissed off. It has been over three years and the damage I have seen over this time is incalculable. Decent, hard-working, human beings are being sent to slaughter. An entire lives body of work gone, for them and their children.

    This situation is one of calculated, greed and sociopaths making. Our government is enabling it, our legislators, our AG’s, DA’s, judges, etc…they are pandering to and protecting their own interests. This is a very frightening time in America, our own Government is committing treason on its citizens. I have few answers. There is little to do. In my life I have never seen so many in power “betray” a entire citizenry.

    The only thing I can do is continue to scream, holler, tell everyone who will listen, go to every court in the jurisdiction that I can avail myself of and fight until I drop. Which I can assure you since the inception of this, my health is irrevocably changed.

    We need big guns to fight these guys and they have all the guns (figuratively speaking)…I am in a gun fight with a pea-shooter, just like the rest of us.

  30. Shelly. Omg
    “homeowners need to be driven to make sure the banks are held accountable. The homeowners are only accountable for making sure the banks are held accountable.”

    What about our elected state officials
    Our atty g. And agencies paid to do a job to protect its constituents and In the public interests. This is what I mean when I say where are the gatekeepers, looking the other way, they pander to the. An with the gold and compromise their public duty. How many average joes understand what happened Or ever will. The few that are trying to damage limit are getting beaten up but I believe eventually, the truth will prevail and there will be indictments . Probably low hanging fruit but it’s like that saying there would be no bad men if there were no bad women and there’s no right or wrong – only consequences, And accountabity of those who were paid to do a job under professional standards and those who relied on this were harmed and so that needs to be rectified. God speed.

  31. The banks and all enablers of these bsnks have blood on their hands and unlawful property seizure. Treason!.

  32. All to easy for the banks to conceal this crime well documented. The homeowners are victims of these banksters. We homeowners need to be driven to make sure the banks are held accountable. The homeowners are only accountable for making sure the banks are held accountable.

  33. It is not that simple. The banks criminal acts have caused millions of us lost incomes that paid for those debt. The banks are criminals that need to be made accountable. The people are the victims of these criminals. loosing incomes and then homes due to the banks corrupt ponzie schemes. My income is down 90 percent. I was in a room of millionaires two months ago and everyone of them were discussing their businesses are down the worst in sixty years. My customershave lost incomes and houses. The crime is massive.

  34. Really, E. Tolle

    I don’t know how you can use any of it for a complaint or pleading? Worthless information….

  35. “Take what I say and use it for your own good.”

    I wish I could. I’m sure, applied liberally, it’d grow a hell of a garden.

  36. I certainly wouldn’t take it as a compliment, each to their own.

  37. are we sure he is not one of them? He knows far too much about the “inner” workings of things only a handful would know.

    This is a compliment – thank you …you made my month !

    Take what I say and use it for your own good.


  38. This government is giving you all the resources to prevail. It is you who elect to spew voodoo and racism and talk of prisons and chatter of liquidation, incarceration and political fortification. Foolishness…..

    Look, listen and learn – (keep this before some charges you for it ….)

    A mortgage is a liability that you owe.

    The mortgage is a receivable or asset to the lender. The lender can A) sell the loan whole or B) finance the asset creating its own liability. So…

    The answer is C) non of the above.


  39. Can not spell tonight either! Elaborate!

  40. Sorry elaberate!

  41. I may be a little dense tonight but I need you to elerate. I am not following. Your talkng in short hand.

  42. its kinda desparate isnt it

  43. ditto ditto shelley E and poppy
    so girls, dot the is cross the Ts, do not file electronically, weigh the package and affadavit, you know when things go “missing ” 3 darn times well ya know

  44. i HAVE AN AUDIO OF THE JUDGE in my city case that tampered with the audio. I fortunaltely had a live witness that is a paralegal that wrote a declaration that is notorized that the judge tampered with the audio. The judge told me with her own mouth and voice she had not bothered to read my case, but only in part and gave it to the baliff to read and did not bother to read my exhibits. Now on the audio the judges voice says I have read your casin in full I even measured it with a tape measure. So I dont doubt what you are claiming.

  45. One thing I do think, Neil knows who I am and where I hang my hat, if anything should happen, let’s all hope he does the right thing, with the information.

    This is not unusual, in a court, which I cannot disclose yet, there are numerous missing communications from audio court hearings to the transcript. Now, how can that be? Any guesses. There are 5 people who have the audio…and that transcript. There is nothing beyond these people, including the court.

    It is just my opinion, but the reason they are getting away with murder and everything else, is because it is not made public…the reason; they are truly above the law and rich, beyond our wildest dreams…conceal it and it will just continue.

  46. The CEO pulled the article that exposed the banks immediately after his family was murdered. So he knows who did this and it was not the nanny.

  47. N o one believes the nanny did this. Just after this news media exposed the bank crimes this CEO’s children and nanny were stabbed to death.

  48. You’re right…get so angry, people really don’t know the debt of their hatred toward us. These are the real “entitlements” not our social security. These creeps are NOT entitled to steal, cheat and lie with our homes and bank accounts. It has and is being allowed. Actually, copies of the audio are in various places and states…they will kill people, they are every day with suicides, heart attacks, strokes and many more stress related incidents.

  49. I understand how you feel Tolle; However a revolution will put us in FEMA (concentration camps) or dead. There has to be a better way without war and blood shed. The American people have slowly come a long way since just two years ago. We need to continue to pound the dirt and contact our represenatives and find good attoneys to win cases and put case law on the books and what ever we can do to stop this tragedy. My attorney went to her first court room for a client and was told by Judge Dixon in Thurston county Washington, that the Bains V MERS En Banc in Washington state judged by nine Supreme Court justices was insignificant in his court room therefore would not bend his ear. An errogant judge that needs to be exposed and many winesses should be brought to court with every case to make sure the judge knows there are witnesses to testify against the judges if he or she does not follow the law. Invite relatives and freinds and co workers to be there or groups that are trying to protect you in your state. HAVE WITNESSES IN THE COURT ROOMS TO SUPPORT YOUR ATTORNEYS. EXPOSE THE CORRUPT JUDGES AND SUPPORT THE GOOD JUDGES AND LAWYERS. You tube the cases . Bogg and expose the crimes.

  50. Neil please delete my last comment to P. No need to expose evidence and witnesses. I am a whitey and I get very angry with the racist on all sides that judge human beings by their color wither we are white black red or blue 9on all sides0 and their bank account, how we dress or what kind of car we drive. We are all related somehow and on this world together. We need to help each other and our families to have the best of life and to survive this internal terrorism and betrayal of all humans on the globe, People treat their pets better than each other. So very sad.

  51. Poppy, would not mention what evidence you have an the son due to the banks are as corrupt as it gets. They may look up the caddy and his phone. These sights are monitored. May want to ask Neil to delete that messages here. We are dealing with organized crime. I am sure Lorraine Brown took the fall for all these banks due to fear and or pay off somewhere in a hidden account.

  52. Then there is a president that is either totally oblvious to the truth and insulting to the American people, (obviously not enough American people being re elected) that sees us as not responsible homeowenrs how ever he purchased a home that is robo doced. If he was not the pres he would be in foreclosure.

  53. You are exactly right! I filed financial terrorism, and have sent this to the Sheriff the DOJ the courts in my case. The glove fits. Economic war is one of the worst wars and easiest to battle if you are the economic terrorist. You will find this 650 page repoirt mentioned in a lot of articles and very few cases. It is at the bottom of the article and is a report of absolute evidence by expert witnesses of the economic crime that has happened to us. To the globe.

  54. @ E. ToLLe

    I have in my claim against New Century, TRS Holings, et al that exact language, treason, defined…complaint went to the Justice Department and never heard a word. This is “financial terrorism” it affects all of us. This behavior is on a scale no one can imagine, except those of us fighting. It continues as we speak here…the way these cats operate…they can take everything we have, if they want to.

  55. Going on a year ago, last December, the United States Senate Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs heard testimony entitled:

    “Helping Homeowners Harmed by Foreclosures: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency in Foreclosure Reviews” which was the testimony Of Alys Cohen, of the National Consumer Law Center. This testimony had the following chapters:

    I. Introduction

    II. The Mortgage Servicing Consent Orders Are Vague and Weak, Setting the Stage for an Inadequate Foreclosure Review Process

    III. The Foreclosure Review Process Is Ineffective, Fails to Target Key Foreclosure Problems, and Does Not Protect Homeowners from Further Harm

    A. The Process Allows Wrongful Foreclosures During the Review Process

    B. Outreach to Homeowners Is Fatally Flawed

    C. The Foreclosure Review Contracts and Materials Omit Many Typical Types of Harm,
    Steering Homeowners to a Narrow Review

    D. The Analysis of Homeowner Claims and Files Will Be Performed in a Vacuum

    E. Remedies Likely Will Compromise Homeowner Rights While Providing Uncertain and Inadequate Compensation

    F. The Process Is Primarily Supervised By an Agency Characterized by Bias toward Lenders and Servicers over Borrowers and Homeowners

    IV. Servicers Have Incentives to Ignore Directives to Modify Loans

    A. Interest and Principal Advances to Investors

    B. Fee Advances to Third Parties

    C. Fees Are a Profit Center for Servicers

    V. The CFPB Should Have Responsibility for the Reviews and National Servicing Standards Should Be Implemented To Fill the Continuing Void in Servicing Regulation


    Every single point of Mr. Cohen’s analysis has come to pass, exactly as forecast. I’m assured that whatever senators were in attendance, if any, had the typical dumb cow looks that they’re so good at as they feign interest in doing the right thing for their constituency. Then they exited the hallowed halls of power, took their payouts from GS et al, and sat in total silence while everything that was described to them that day came to pass like precision clockwork.

    There they sit to this day on their hands, silently, skillfully ignoring the death gurgles of each of us individually, while the country collapses around us. Whores.

    In times past, I urged all to write congress, their AGs, even the president. It has become painfully clear that they are all on the side of the oppressors, and no amount of reasoned pleas will alter their course. Check please.

    Many of you will still cajole me for suggesting that there’s no course save for revolution. Many here still hold out hope that justice will prevail, or that your fantasy religion will make it all better while you open yet another can of cat food and unzip your front door.

    As to the foreclosure review, I sent mine in just to hold them to their word… fight them on their battlefield. A year and a half later, all I’ve received is three letters confirming that they are reviewing my file.

    The Insider Business article that was referenced here recently quoted me when I said that my originator had sold my loan to two separate entities, and that they were now attempting to hide that fact through a perjured assignment…..that the OCC’s response to my allegations against B of A was to forward my complaint to B of A…..that the FBI said they had no resources….that the county prosecutor told me that they prefer to go after people defrauding the banks, NOT the other way around. And on the state level, my AG has been totally silent, ignoring my demands for prosecutions since further criminality is being perpetrated post AG-Sellout.

    Also mentioned here recently was misprision, one definition of which is: Wrongdoing in official duties: neglect or wrong done by a public official in the performance of the duties of his or her office. These entities I just mentioned…..each and every one are guilty of treasonous felony crimes. It’s a betrayal that mustn’t go unpunished.

    We’re left studying the board not believing what we’re seeing. But there simply aren’t any moves left. It’s checkmate. Unless we toss the whole board and start a new game.

  56. @ Deborah

    That’s rich…they made a golf course here in NC with TARP money. Oversight, hmm, not with our money. Pure insanity!

    My son is a caddy at a very expensive golf course and a lot of the fat pigs, that own these banks play there, believe it or not, make fun of us, totally racists (use the “N” word with frequency) and think we are idiots, ripe for the taking. My son has some of it on his cell.

    We will use it in court, when it gets to trial. Maybe we should send it to the media…don’t know if that would work though. People have been killed in this mess.

  57. Poppy,
    Nat city was refused bailout, and so PNC bought it, with tarp money.

  58. Interesting story about Hostess. No surprise. Pump and dump, New Century, Countrywide…all the same garbage. Then they run to the bankruptcy court to retain the money they stole and pay their indebtedness for pennies on the dollar or nothing at all, depending on the bankruptcy. NICE!

  59. Wow. The moles and egoists popped right out. To someone like myself, with an active court case, these pleadings are a GOLD MINE!

    The one caveat I can find is a lack of consideration that any lender that failed and went through FDIC receivership had their liabilities ‘washed clean’. But as Ryan kept to a question of law, and decimated the equity arguments, it probably has little bearing on the case.

    I found I could use most of Ryan’s points in my CA case that doesn’t have MERS, but now I need to find corresponding case law from CA appellate courts.


  61. Oh yes, Shelly…you are right. The greed is unfathomable, but control of all real property is what they have. This very, very scary. They have done me a favor, really, now I use money orders for all bills and keep minimal amounts in one account, just to cash and deposit checks. I refuse to “enable” them…I use cash 90% of the time and keep debt to a bare minimum. It’s funny because in the past, I was an investor and made them lots of money…no more. They will discard anyone and everyone for their own greed. It will eventually destroy them, but it will take some time…they are cowards and parasitic scum.

  62. Both MERS and DocX were invented to cover up the fraud and money being made out of thin air. Banks are used to making money out of thin air. They just became really greedy and increased the thin air products. Like the King who had no clothes. But he had an invisIble ward robe. In this case it was invisible money in trust funds, stocks and REMICS etc. Hard to believe the banks could get away with it. But when they cheated so many and conned so many, questions and digging and proof have brought out discovery of what was never dreamt could be true. Bankes were supose to be honest and trust worthy. How ever the banks have not been honest or trustworthy since the days of Ceasar. Our children should never forget this crime. And never trust a bankster. ever.

  63. Name calling is unnecessary…are we sure he is not one of them? He knows far too much about the “inner” workings of things only a handful would know.

    “$33 Trillion in Hedges , contracts, futures, Senior Sub securities , Common and Preferred, pledged collateral accounts , MBS and ABS, derivative offerings , 30, 60 90 day commercial paper, SWAPS”, etc… a really good question.

    It was “stolen” from hard-working citizens and investors…under the RUSE of securitization and real property rights for the homeowner’s. The manner in which it was done; is identities were used to borrow money they never intended to pay and sold the loan agreements multiple times…obtaining goods and services, under false pretenses, conversion, fraud, forgery…if the money went where it was supposed to and one mortgage loan was “properly” recorded for with one lender, there would no need to lie, and fabricate anything.

  64. Indicators are It never happened The con has been that big and that bad. Like the King that has no clothes. Name calling is not necessary. Banksters are not to be trusted at any peel of the onion.


    Ron Ryan, Esq. lives and works in Tucson, Az. He has been working, analyzing and writing …securitization that never actually happened.

    OMG Where did $33 Trillion in Hedges , contracts, futures, Senior Sub securities , Common and Preferred, pledged collateral accounts , MBS and ABS, derivative offerings , 30, 60 90 day commercial paper, SWAPS , LIBOR 90 day advance rate , Negative pledge, depositors holdings, …..Rated senior sub registrations, MBNA Duff Moody’s , mortgage collateralized bank holdings converted into depositors account . . . .


  66. These pleadings have some age on them

    Also wonder what it cost the “debtor” for this legal extravaganza

  67. Found this and it brings to mind, what a coincidence that MERS was formed in 1995 to move unmovable loans. As attorney Pratt for MERS stated in the video for MERS V Bains case in WA state. The banks invent MERS to skirt around unmovable loans. and I have asked why were they unmovable? No one has seemed to look at this statement by me. This mortgage fraud was going on in the 1980’s through to days date.
    An important point was raised regarding the DocX Plea Agreement.
    “There would be no need for DocX unless
    there was a HUGE problem to begin with.”
    The plea states DocX was created in the 1990s. This glaringly suggests that forged signatures and document fabrication were a premeditated part of the initial blueprints drafted by the criminal enterprise.
    It was in the 1990s when servicers were first caught manufacturing “performing” loans into default by manipulating timely payments and account records, and running those and other fabricated documents and records into our courts to steal homes.
    The embarrassing part is law enforcement has had the evidence for 20 years, and is now getting its first indictment.
    Lorraine Brown Plea Agreement

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