Banks Keep Winning, But Borrowers Are Picking Up the Pace

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Editors’ Analysis: Based upon reports coming from around the country, and especially in Florida, Nevada, New York, and other states, it seems that while the tide hasn’t turned, borrowers are finally mounting a meaningful challenge to the improper, illegal and fraudulent practices used at loan originations , assignments and foreclosures. As I have discussed with dozens of attorneys now, the strategies I suggested 6 years ago, once thought of as “fringe” are now becoming mainstream and the banks are feeling the pinch if not the bite of homeowners’ wrath.

The expression I like to use is that “At the end of the day everyone knows everything.” By using DENY and Discover tactics or strategies like that, borrowers are shifting the urden of persuasion onto the would-be foreclosers who in most cases do not have “the goods.” They are not a creditor, they didn’t fund the loan, they didn’t buy the loan and they don’t have any legal authorization to pursue foreclosure, submit a credit bid or otherwise trade in houses that were never subject to a perfected lien, and never owned by them.

It is becoming perfectly clear that something wrong is happening when the foreclosure strategies of the Wall Street puppets results in tens of thousands of homes being abandoned, blighting entire neighborhoods, towns and even cities. The banks are not stupid, although arrogance is not far from stupidity.

In ordinary times in any ordinary recession, the banks would do almost anything to avoid foreclose. They simply don’t have the money or the desire to acquire a portfolio of properties and they certainly don’t want to foreclose where the the end result is that the value of the collateral is diminished BELOW ZERO. And they certainly would not pursue policies that they knew would tank housing prices because it would only decrease the value of the loan and the likelihood of getting repaid for the loans they made.

But these are not ordinary times. Banks DO want price declines, so they can create REITS and other vehicles to pick up cheap properties. They DO want foreclosures even where the value of a blighted neighborhood is not worth the taxes, maintenance and insurance to keep the properties.

The reason is simple: if the loan is a total failure and under applicable state law they are able to create the appearance of a valid foreclosure, then the case is closed. Investors have not questioned the foreclosure process, mostly because they think that the basic problem was in the low underwriting standards which  certainly did contribute to the mortgage meltdown. If you look at most of the mortgages they have fatal flaws which increase the likelihood that the loan will fail — especially with blacks and other minorities who have been deprived of decent education and couldn’t possibly understand the deals they were signing.

Disclosure was required — but never made in terms that the borrowers understood — that the loans were being priced too high for the income of the household, and priced higher that the rates for which the household qualified. Blacks were 3.5x more likelihood to be steered into subprime loans when they qualified for conventional loans. People of Latin decent were treated like trash too being presented with documents that not only went above their education or sophistication in real estate transactions but also used words they never learned in English.

But the real reason I learned in my interviews was unrelated to the defective foreclosures. It goes back to the study made by Katherine Ann Porter when she was at the University of Iowa. Her study of thousands of mortgages and foreclosures came to the inescapable conclusion that at least 40% of all the origination documents were intentionally destroyed or claimed as lost. Other studies have shown the figure to be higher than 65%.

In ordinary times the  promissory note executed by the borrower in a conventional residential loan is a negotiable document supported by consideration from the payee who loaned money to the borrower. These notes were given to a custodian of records whose job was to preserve and protect these papers because they were considered by all accounting standards as CASH EQUIVALENT.

So on the balance sheet of the lender the cash was added to cash equivalents as total liquidity of the lender or bank. [What you are looking for on the balance sheet of the “lenders” are “loans receivable” and corresponding entry on the liability side of a reserve for bad debt. You won’t find it in the “new mortgages” because they never had the real stake or risk of loss on that loan and therefore was excluded entirely from the balance sheet or placed in a category in loans held for sale along with a footnote or entry that zeroed out the asset of loans for sale because they were committed to third parties who had table funded the loan contrary to the express rules of TILA and Reg Z which state that the loans are presumptively predatory loans if the pattern of lending was  table funded loans.] See My workbooks on

The notes were considered liquid because there was always a secondary market in which to sell the notes and mortgages. And there, the proper chain of authorized signatures, resolutions, and endorsements was carefully followed, same as they would require from any borrower claiming an asset as proof of their credit-worthiness.

So why would any bank or any reasonable person intentionally destroy the original documents that constituted by definition the origination of the loan collateralize by a supposedly perfected lien? In my seminars and workbooks I answer this question with an example: “If you tell someone you have a hundred dollar bill and that they can have it if they buy to from you for $100, but that you will hold onto it because you will make some more money for them by lending it out, then the fraud is complete. And there you have the beginning of a PONZI scheme.

As long as you are paying them as though they had $100 invested, they are happy. But what if you were holding a $10 bill and not a $100 bill. What if they took your word for it that you were holding a $100 bill. AND what if now they want to see the $100 bill? Now you have a problem. You have no $100 bill to show them. You never did. For a while you could take incoming investor money and then show the original investor the money but when investors stop buying new deals, then you don’t have the $100 bills to show everyone you dealt with because all you ever had was a $10 bill.

So better to say that you destroyed it under the premise that the digitized copy would suffice or lost it because of the complexity of the securitization process than to admit that you never had it to begin with. If you admit it, you go to jail and you are ordered to pay restitution, your assets seized and marshaled to return as much money as possible to the victims of the PONZI scam.

If you don’t admit it, then there is the possibility that after probing why the investors didn’t get their money back, they start discovering how you were using their money, and what you were doing as business plan. The only way to shut that off and make it least likely that investors would ever question whether you had represented the deal correctly at the beginning, to avoid criminal prosecution, is to COMPLETE the FORECLOSURE Process which gives the further appearance that there is an official state government seal of approval on a perfectly illegal foreclosure and probably an economic crime.

See below for the suffering and light and lives lost because of this incredible crime that nobody seems to want to prosecute. A crime, by the way, they has corrupted title records that will haunt us for decades to come.


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  1. @ANY?ALL

    Is ther no way to cut through the website to share the SARBOX letter and get a consult ASAP——the forces of evil are placing me under siege

  2. George Bush in his own defense:

  3. Same criminals running similar scams:
    The Savings and Loan Banking Crisis: George Bush, the CIA, and

  4. White House Petitions
    Petition the Obama Administration to:
    Halt Foreclosures Nationwide & Prosecute the Financial Criminals

    As of 11/21: 48 signatures 24,952 more needed
    Created 11/14 25,000 signatures needed

  5. my point was negative points like threats of harm to those fighting doesnt serve. i have backed up my files and my freinds know what to do for me. i know what a big fraud this is, dont need reminding its the money they do it for the money thats all that matters, oh and to win, my god of a pro se won how aweful would that be.

  6. guest…you bite back, for the love. whatever

  7. @DW
    Im not sure what aspect of G’s piece or pieces you found objectionable? i dont care for the vague allusions that do cause me fear—-the physical risk however can be very real. The louder and more effective you are in causing problems for the seizure conspirators–the greater your risk.

    If you are just an average person that physically gets in the way–it may be no worse than running into an unannounced preserver in your front room –on the pretense the house is abandoned and emergency steps need be taken to secure it.

    However–if you were assembling documentation to provide to FBI agents AT THEIR REQUEST——and encounter an unusual amount of coincidental difficulties—then maybe there is interference with a witness to a federal crime–eg Lorainne Brown indictment announced today

    A 2nd implication is unusual and egregious attention given your case–or property etc etc—-retaliation for reporting the federal crime—or for providing info relevant to that crime.

    There are many parties participating in this rampage–seizure and liquidation of properties for cash any which way—casualty insurance claims—sales of homes for salvage—-there are bad people that can get mixed up in the collection end—anybody who doesnt grasp that is a babe in the woods.

    you are pretty safe if all you do is go on the internet and whine–even file an answer or motion or two—–but if you start reporting serious misconduct to appropriate govt officials –expect that the fact will not be missed by the seizure conspiracy group

    i have been reticent to use that term—because so many people toss around these words without any real basis but their speculation–or upon hearsay—today i use the terms in echoing the 1st federal criminal indictment to date of a high profile player involving bad foreclosure procatices

    Maybe if this one -Brown –agrees to testify as to the nature and purposes of why assignments of mortgage were used instead of UCC proofs re notes—-maybe the larger aspects of the conspiracy might be revealed.

  8. The Lights Go Out and the Party is Over Dec 31st 2012. Is your FC’d property still vacant?
    yes —–struggle to force open gates by early december——what happens 12/31

    what does it mean lights go out?

    these cryptic comments just raise my bloodpressure—please be specific

    i notice Feds finally indicted Lori Brown–on conspiracy—so my complaint no relates to disclosure of info relating to a federal crime and retaliation against me and my assistant is now covered by federal law—–my assistant suffered from manipluation of her prescrip meds in August 2012 while we were gathering info to provide to FBI—-she was hospitalized on 3 occasions—over a couple weeks–nearly died

  9. thank you neil, nice not to thought as “fringe” anymore.

    @et- you crack me up ” harry potter cloak of invisibility”

  10. cheers jG

  11. TheTruth is the Devil is the Outlaws operating behind MERS. No need to attack me, people dont help and people dont talk because they get attacked. Be Warned .. I Bite Back! Lets agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  12. and mers is the devil

  13. like i said guest “in the nicest possible way…its the toughest battle of my life so you hit a nerve.

  14. Short version:

    This might be a good site to bookmark because they will likely post new developments, new cases.

  15. In relevant part, Restatement § 552 provides:

    (1) One who, in the course of his business, profession or employment, or in any other transaction in which he has a pecuniary interest, supplies false information for the guidance of others in their business transactions, is subject to liability for pecuniary loss caused to them by their justifiable reliance upon the information, if he fails to exercise reasonable care or competence in obtaining or communicating the information.

    (2) . . . the liability stated in Subsection (1) is limited to loss suffered

    (a) by the person or one of a limited group of persons for whose benefit and guidance he intends to supply the information or knows that the recipient intends to supply it; and

    (b) through reliance upon it in a transaction that he intends the information to influence or knows that the recipient so intends or in a substantially similar transaction.

    Hmmm…when we were induced to sign a dot which stated MERS
    was (both) the nominee and the beneficiary, we weren’t told that MERS is only a utility and a club used by its members and that the real party in interest would be forever hidden from us and that without a law degree if not accounting degree or five figures for an attorney or 10, we would be helpless against claims against our homes. In short, our ability to reasonably settle or litigate any contract dispute was removed and we were further banned from knowing if our payments were being applied to any debt. This imo is what everyone was induced to agree to in every MERS dot or mortgage:
    an unconscionable agreement. The information suppled in the document was false because MERS is only a utility and would never perform the duties we were induced to give it the right to do. Others would, with no oversight in any format or by anyone, not by public record and not even among themselves.

  16. Deborah, I’m not sure I understand your comment. I was not trying to put fear into anyone. What happened, -happened and there is no changing that. I tried to post here with my real idenity and was sent to moderation and the posts were blocked. MERS is there to help you! The Party of Greed was held behind the Doors of an unregistered company. You and I, the investers, taxpayers and homeowners were duped. Dont fight MERS! Embrace It! Save a Home! Possesion and Abandonment. The Two Most Important Terms of Law you should be familier with! Did You Stake Your Claim?

  17. roger cook is a freind of mine

  18. @guest- shut up ( i mean that in the nicest possible way) trying to scare people fear – false evidence appearing real.

  19. DCB, I was told over and over that I was going to get shot because I was pissing off the wrong people ( the mob). I didnt take it seriously, we live in America. After witnessing the Thugs hired by HUD as home preservers violating law after law, fraud docs, vandilism, ins fraud, theft, intimidation, unlawful seizers, and most of all the mysterious deaths of those preparing to testify. When I realized who I was up against, it almost cost me my life (stress, heart attack). We were prepared to walk away, take our mortgage money and pay cash for a trailer because it was not worth our lives. We are the Fed/Mers, Taxpayer, Invester and Homeowner fighting our selves. The ironic part was the Banksters Profited More from our litigating ourselves over the frauds they created and profited from. The lack of prosecutions left this country in turmoil..NO TRUST! The Fraud/Party was committed behind MERS, As Master Serviser says …. The Lights Go Out and the Party is Over Dec 31st 2012. Is your FC’d property still vacant? Are you still living in your home fighting the Outlaws? Have 3yrs have passed since LP filed by Outlaw and still no FC, mod or Refi? Just wait for the lights to go out at midnight.

  20. case law 9th circuit case – sage V blagg

  21. i maintain that the bottom line is that the borrower homeowner (which infact was short term renter might i add) was induced into signing by the belief and reliance on the value placed on the property- no appraisal no”loan”, if there was no equity who would want to pay for an expensive rental, if the property/collateral reflected a true and honest market value the deal would not have been viable TO ME,
    of course im not nieve enough to think that thats the only facet to this mess but the biggest deciding factor was loan to value in inducing a signature.It may have looked very convincing at the time but there are holes in their argument, and we know it could only be possible to build a bubble that big by stretching the numbers over and over when the economists knew the origionators knew all the insiders knew but took the money.
    well the consequences of that were so harmful we may never recover.

  22. Anyone watching? Watch my posts disapppear!

  23. My previous posts have been deleted for no apparent reason…who does NG answer to?

  24. borrowers are finally mounting a meaningful challenge

    judging by the skyrocketing numbers getting the seize an freeze liquidation route, and the high rates of default judgments—–ie undefended–unanswered complaint—here at xmas in ohio you get the lump of coal from your servicer

    i guess its punishment of 10 year olds for allowing their oarents to vote obama—well obama were getting the crap kicked out of us out here for that vote–so i hope you think about that when you see holder next time–its good to not have to run again

  25. @JIM
    There are a lot of debt collector games—its always been an area that has been populated by highly innovative and aggressive people. That is why the FDCPA has such a long list–and what i read on posts —in local newspapers—and interviews of citizens and enfocement—basically its caveat emptor–anything goes–the nonbank debt collectors were identified by Fed reserve as operating outside the agreement—-they are expanding into origination—-restoring the integrated structures that allowed securitization fraud before—but this time by unregulated offshore hedge funds.

    when you look a the side of your screen–advertising of 2.3% 30 year mortgages pops up—-obviously this ARM will explode to unmanageable levels—so its not to be repaid—its predatory–no reasonabe expectation of repayment——seizure of house right her

    im in midst of some business that requires close attn to developmts —i hope i dont spend this much time longterm–its killing me—nearly killed my partner

  26. @iwantmympv-
    On Oct 23 @ 6:53 you said (hypothetical, I think it was):

    “One last example. I get a loan through Hudson Savings, one month later it is being serviced by Chase Home Mortgage. I find out later it is owned by Fannie Mae. Now we know Hudson doesn’t have a Participation Agreement with Fannie, and Fannie says they own the loan.
    I go late and try to modify with Fannie through Chase Home Mortgage, (loan Servicer for Hudson and now Fannie). After 18 months of Jamie Dimon and Fannie collecting on interest rate swaps – Chase tells me
    Fannie approved a trial period. I pay trial period for 4 months and get my final HAMP mod to sign. Why does it say the lender is Chase Bank, N.A….. “.
    That’s how it would work, I think. FNMA had to buy whatever it sold
    the trust (assuming that’s anything) in order to end its guarantee.
    Then FNMA could compel Chase to buy it back based on their
    agreement regarding default, but even if not, FNMA’s rules say a bankster has to buy a loan from FNMA before it can “modifiy” it. But I still say if any owner had default insurance, the loan was paid off.
    Why Chase Home Mortgage and now Chase Bank, N.A.? It’s possible that part isn’t nefarious, like if it were actually CB N.A. which had to do the repurchase. But if they’re messing around with affiliates or parent companies to avoid the reality of default insurance paying off the note, that’d be something else, I think we’d agree.

  27. Isn’t it amazing that carpenters, dental hygienists, zoo keepers, here on LL and at NC and other sites have seen through the smoke and mirrors of this extremely loosely organized Ponzi scheme defrauding millions upon millions of common folk out of trillions, as well as investors in MBS, and are 100% cognizant of the criminality, and yet, Eric Holder, and his handlers in the .001%, haven’t a clue of this racket? WTF and OMG! Are we simply idiot savants? Or are they criminally insane? Who are the drooling idiots here?

    Please, everyone, start to question the obvious….it’s about them taking what we’ve worked hard for, because they don’t work except in extractive forms of paper pushing and money channeling exercises. They only exist upon the sweat of our brows. I wrote the following at least two years ago, and nothing since has changed:

    While we worked, played, and slept, we were all betrayed by those in power and duped by the scheme that is securitization, plain and simple. We toiled away throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, watching our purchasing power erode due in large part to the wealth transfer that was already fully in progress. Our leaders were facilitating this secret cause by passing legislation repealing laws and enacting others, all without our notice. They were our leaders, we could trust them, right?

    Just like the lobster wondering why it was getting warmer in his new stainless steel home, it slowly dawned on most that it was becoming necessary for both partners working full time just to stay afloat, nostrils just above water. The gears were all in place and the bearings packed with Main Street grease by the time they created MERS….now the engine was complete. Full steam ahead!

    From then on, instead of a portfolio loan where the bank earned a safe and respectable interest on a relatively danger free bet combined with trust that their neighbor and client would continue to make their monthly payment, these bankers were now told by the Wizards of Wall Street of vast riches to be had by fractionalizing these same loans. Hmmm….like chum in bloody waters! Instead of a short trip to the vault with the loan for safe keeping, the process evolved seemingly overnight into something unrecognizable, a device that now tricked the borrower into believing he or she was taking out a loan, when in fact they were parties to a complicated securities strategy that allowed multiple investment opportunities to everyone, save for the borrower. Although at the borrowers expense and without whom none of this could transpire.

    All of a sudden, the hapless borrowers had unknowingly been transformed into becoming the sellers of notes into complicated investment schemes. These fraudulently procured notes, now bundled with others like them, formed MBS underpinnings that were also completely fraudulent devices, as the nature of these transactions were never once disclosed to the borrowers, either before, during, or after the closings.

    The pretend lender who appeared to fund this loan was in fact simply pimping these people’s brow sweat as well as their notes upstream, never explaining the truth behind the bogus transaction. In fact, in the vast majority of instances, this pretend lender, after being paid in full plus a large commission for the loan it did not fund stayed on as the servicer, giving the illusion of continuing in the role of the mortgagee.

    From then on, MERS acting as the nominee, with a heavy emphasis on the word acting, and utilizing its Harry Potter like cloak of invisibility, assigned beneficial rights to this fiction to yet more country club members who hide in the shadows while participating in the profiteering off of the middle class. What a perfectly tangled web of deceit.

    These mortgage securities form a large share of the daisy chained circle jerk commonly known as the derivatives market, which now totals $1.2 quadrillion dollars, or twenty times the size of the world economy. Let’s see if I can do the math because it’s really not that easy….that’s $1,200,000,000,000,000.00. And just what is it that this $1.2Q is derived from? You and me. We’re the worker bees. The debt underlying these derivatives is for the most part created by these banks in our names feeding this endless feedback loop of gain for Wall Street.

    Actually, a more apt analogy would be a host/parasite relationship. An examination of simple life sciences should show us what type of relationship we, the actual workers of society have with the financial class. Biology 101 teaches us that symbiosis is defined as “life together”, i.e., two organisms live in an association with one another. Science further refines these relationships as such:

    1. Mutualism. Both members of the association benefit. ~ I don’t see that here. The workers hoe the rows while the rentiers lease us the land and sell us the products that we produce in their factories. Nope, not mutualism.
    2. Commensalism. There is no apparent benefit or harm to either member of the association. ~ This doesn’t fit either. There’s plenty of harm when the lower and middle class lose their life savings and homes all the while watching their incomes drop and the cost of necessities like health care climb skyward, and the upper class could be described as the causation of all that nasty stuff.
    3. Parasitism. The term parasite refers to an organism that grows and feeds upon its host while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. ~ This explains it perfectly! By leveraging our toil and sweat, and buying swaps against everything we do in life in the real world, the elite contribute nothing of any value towards life on planet earth. Parasitic pathogens.

    So, armed with the biology behind this life threatening scenario, what does a society riddled with parasitic life do with this new found knowledge? It’s simple really. We have to foster lifestyles that will cause inducible defenses to kick in. This will cut off the energy flows that are supplying the parasites that are sucking the life force out of the masses.

    How does this come about? Immediately stop any and all dealings with Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and any other entity that is too big to fail or is even remotely menacing looking, you know….ivory towers and brass bulls and all. Oh, and vote out the incumbents, no matter the party. They’ve had their free ride and proven themselves totally unworthy of support, on both sides of the aisle. Better to start with nothing than to relive the nightmare over and over again, year after year. A civilization collapsing like groundhog day.

    Whatever happens, don’t buy into to the incessant talk coming from the Paulsons and Geithners and Dimons of the world, they’ll do or say anything to maintain privilege and status. They all share one commonality, a desperate fear of actually having to work for a living, shoulder to grind, all the while losing their gated communities and lavish lifestyles. Sure they can push deals that pillage and rape, but that’s the extent of their dog and pony show.

    Only by withdrawing the funding that feeds these freeloading bloodsuckers can we the people return to fair incomes; with ample time spent nurturing our children, caring for our elders, lending a hand to our neighbors, and stopping more often than not to smell the flowers and notice the clouds. Without all that it’s just not worth the trouble.

    Back to today, to 11/19/2012….nothing has changed. And it won’t. Until we demand it. Get ready to kick their ass. It’s the only way.

  28. NG – if you don’t mind a suggestion, maybe you could devote some of your energy to folks on the other end of this mess. It’s easy enough to pick some out. Just contact the attorneys representing the investors in law suits, if even with generic, non-case specific info. Sooner or later, you’ll get a hit, I would think. I was encouraged to see the first suit which alleged the loans didn’t make it to the trust, not a suit based on the quality of the loans. Course, I forget who that was. I’m making sure some of them are made aware of these assgts of the notes in the MERS’ dot assgts, fwiw.
    You know, Louise – you’re right. It was the lender’s duty to make sure people qualified to pay back the loans.

  29. @dcbriedenbach

    Aside from enjoying the delicious irony of your post, I was intrigued by your allegations concerning the debt collector game.

    Wish you would start a blog of your own, and help us ” little people” learn how to analyze the predatory schemes you describe. Maybe we could finally develop a critical mass of knowledge sufficient to really take on the predators, whoever they turn out to be

  30. “….while the tide hasn’t turned, borrowers are finally mounting a meaningful challenge to the improper, illegal and fraudulent practices used at loan originations , ”

    Hardly reassuring after 6 years of misery all around

  31. @AUTHOR

    Iv spent a lot of time examining economics and tracing one particular large loan at huge level of detail—-from origination marketing to securitization investor fraud to settlement negotiation fraud in inducement–to breach—robosigned assignments—settlements–apparent forged original note—-originator bankruptcy -related scams—-casualty insurance claims for seize and freeze—etc

    Refusal of HUD to pay servicers FHA insurance–FDIC insured mortgages via backdoor asset insurance–bailouts

    At this point my conclusion is that the predatory private label debt collectors are known as such to govt—are repeatedly kicked by comments out of Fed Reserve and FDIC and HUD refusals to pay out insurance on Defaults—-but the DOJ will not enforce the laws against non-bank predation–even if it involves insurance fraud—the best that happens is that HUD etc refuses to pay insurance to the predators. So although HUD refuses to pay insurance to a predator for an FHA insured default on one side of the street—NOBODY will lift a finger to stop or limit the seizure by the very same predator on the very same facts if the predator is is battering a homowner borrower right across the street. Denial of equal protection—deprivation of civil rights as a result—loss of due process–double expososure to claims on multiple copies of notes etc

    yeah its boring stuff if you are an FBI agent or DOJ atty and instead you can bring the forces of govt to bear to pillory some woman that sent an unkind email to an agents girl-friend. Or that interfere with the volunteer party planner at a military base… really important natl security stuff—so i completely understand why DOJ and its investigators have no time to investigate patterns of insurance fraud that result in billions paid to debt collectors for homes intentionally rigged for insured events—yeah now its absolutely clearwhere the priorities under Holder are—gotta protect the party planner that services all the horney govt employees –even if shes so deep in debt that she probably sells info to any middle east intelligence guy on cue–even if shes an immigrant with a pass to wander at will in and out of military bases –pentagon–even whitehouse

    no appearance of impropriety there –hey govt boys will be boys—and geez on a tough duty assignment like Tampa where any number of important govt guys could get really serious sunburns without a cooperative party planner laying on sunburn lotion liberally —and delivering mint julips poolside—-obviously FBI must beef up the manpower if some “outsider” gets wind of this sordid crap and threatens to blow the whole thing–no time —–for these other minutaie when somebody is sending threatening emails—after all a massive insurance fraud scheme would require an examination of statutory authority to –and quite possibly there is a misplaced comma that calls into question the clear application of federal authorityto investigate an interstate fraud operation–not to mention the crippling effect of jurisdictional overlap—I mean on that it is entirely possible that more than one agency has jurisdiction–so it would be the utmost in bad manners to risk having two files opened—when it is so much better and less egregious to simply open no file

    and worst of all–what if one of the tampa scial scene folks is involved in the insurance scam—geez any agency that opens a file stands a real good chance of having its tampa office higher ups dropped from the invite list of the winter season party circuit

    and as the military authorities have clearly stated–its of utmost natl security interest that the federal employees keep up good relations with the local rich flks–and how are they supposed to do that if they dont get invited to those all you can eat drink and screw parties

    we liitle people just are too low down on the evolutionary ladder to understand the importance of priorities—why its so important for an afghan general to have a penpal to keep him informed of who is sleeping with whom—what the winning costume at the big hallowean party was–and other matters of natl security–who wore the most medals–what the cut was on the sexiest gown–wost of all–what could the effect of a cutback on military budgets –geez if the cuts are deep —they might have to cut back on party favors–then where would we all be???

  32. There are many people involved in this giant Ponzi scheme. If we could only go after some of the mortgage brokers, originators, title companies, appraisers and closing attorneys, maybe that would lead to nailing some of the larger and even more larcenous scammers going up the food chain. I am still hearing that people bought more house than they could afford–what???? Last time I looked that was predatory lending.

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