How a County Recorder’s Office Should Not Be a Crime Scene


Blazing a bold trail in the fight against unlawful foreclosure are those elected officials who’ve taken seriously their oath of office. Amongst the few but growing number of these who believe in integrity while in public service, are Salem, Massachusetts County Registar of Deeds John OBrien and his close assistant Kevin Harvey. Public officials especially our nation’s County-level Recorders, Clerks, Assessors and Registrars urgently invited to listen in.

We’ll hear a live presentation for about 40 minutes – and by the end of it we’ll understand “DeFacto Foreclosure Moratorium” and why each County in America needs this sooner rather than later. Followed by Q & A and comments. To save time please re-ask your questions to these two County Registrars below. And visit some of the links in the body of this description to prepare yourselves thank you.

We are in unprecedented times of foreclosure – most of it unlawful in one way or another. How big is the problem? In Alameda County alone there are over 4,300 sales pending on homes between now and February 2013. Increase that number three-fold (very conservative) to estimate how many active foreclosures are on the books but have no sale date scheduled on official record yet. That’s 12,000 + potential foreclosures in ONE County in the next few months. And this doesn’t include Underwater Value mortgages putting households at high risk of falling behind, straining our community’s financial well-being, so double that number to 24,000 troubled household minimum in Alameda County alone! Evidence from recent audits in at least three Counties in the country suggest that over 80% of these are highly likely to contain documentation problems that challenges the lawful claim of the foreclosing party. We say NO to fraud-closure: keep people in their homes until we unravel what really happened.

See SF County 2012 Audit of Assessor’s Public Records: Full Report: and article

The first line of defense a County CAN do even without a formal lawsuit filed is REFUSE TO FILE DOCUMENTS EVIDENCING FRAUD AT THE COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICE – resulting in a De Facto Moratorium on Foreclosures while moving forward with a HOMEOWNER-POWERED AUDIT of public records pertaining to lawful process of foreclosure.

Two main goals of this call are 1) to hear from County officials who insist on lawful process and integrity of documents and compliance in several aspects of property transfer process under their watch in their Registry; and 2) we on the call are invited to connect with one another and speak to how we can optimize the alliance between ourselves as homeowners and concerned citizenry partnering effectively with our own County Elected and Appointed Officials especially in the Recorders office. This is so whether your State is a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure State, because document scrutiny and lawful process calls for the auspices of the Office of the Recorder / Regisrar.

Go to and be inspired and on fire. See OBrien Registry sample affidavit used in rejection of suspect docs to require validation by bank manager or supervisor. Also on Salem Deeds site learn about filing OCC complaint ASAP if your home is in active foreclosure.

On future calls we look forward to hearing from:

*Nancy Becker, Montgomery County, PA Recorder has recently filed Quiet Title Action against MERSCORP et al for unpaid recording fees and to hit home on the issue of fraudulent assignment processes that not only rob County revenues but rob constituents of their homes by forgery and allegedly unlawful means.

John OBrien speaking plain (we listened to this on the first call)

LANDMARK LAWSUIT December 2011 by Attorney General of Massachusetts – Hear the demands made of biggest banks, MERS. Coakley is the model AG for the country on this issue. (video press release)

Jeff Thigpen and NC community organization

Write in questions for our presenters or host, below. You will have the opportunity to signal you have a comment or question during the call but we will do our best to address questions sent in beforehand here. For more information see (Homeowners for Justice) and and on Facebook Register on FB and invite others:

35 Responses

  1. Look at schedule B in the title insurance policies. Schedule B states the title insurance does not cover non recorded assignments and anything to do with slandered title. I have two copies one from Ticor Title and one from Chicago Title both using schedule B to make title insurance worthless. I am having trouble scanning it and pasting. Once I get this done I will scan and paste for you. The CEO of Old Republic Title stated verbally in a senate meeting I witnessed, that the modern age is here and recording land records is not necessary. So if clear title is not necessary or records of it why is he selling Title insurance? Oops it appears to be worthless title insurance to give the effect the home owner is covered until they read the entire package after it is to late and they need help.

  2. In Oklahoma the title companies are owned by the main mill partner. He owns a handful in OK. And it goes much deeper.

  3. I suggest you learn the differance between title co and title ins co. Then I would suggest you find out who the owners of the local title co’s are. Then you will face an enemy. I would also suggest you find out why so many title co’s went under and filed bk. Why were the title companies filing Bk and not the title ins companies?

  4. The problem becomes we are operating off of Bankrupcy. These people ( corporations ) are pushing the homeowners into Bankrupcy. Heres the problem in St.Louis. The Judges are all working for The Private bank Wellsfargo. We have the Belanger family hard at work here aiding and abetting the fraud. The Attorneys are all networked together. They are told to lie , misrepresent with trading as many securities behind MERS as possible. They are clearly broken the law. Bank of America is allowing Wellsfargo to hide behind them. MERS assignements are fabricated with Re-Affirmation Agreements , forged. These documents are coming from Re-Contrust. Once again the name behind the MERS assignements are Judith Belanger. These created documents are coming out of Danville Illinios- MERS.
    The Judges see nothing wrong with these assignements why…. The City is controled by the Treasures department , Jones,
    Father ex RealEstate Manager for the Roberts Brothers, currently holding MBS in the Bankrupcy courts of Missourri , how many of these homes will go into foreclosure? They will push these homes into foreclosure. Bank of America orchestrated this mess with The Roberts Brothers. They are anow controlling all of stlouis , County is controlled by Doole. Once again , investors with the Robertss Brothers.
    I do not beleive the banks are acting alone. They are unable to control the State, They must have approval by the Mayors office,
    Slay why is yur office foreclosing on homeowners who really do not have a loan? These are all defective loans whos Trust were Voided. The loans were then resold . Who were they resold to Slay?
    ***********Lets see Presiding over the Bankrupcy is Paul Randolh right ?
    The Roberts Brothers family friends.
    Presiding over the Roberts Brothers Bankrupcy is Judge Cathy Surrat States , oh she presides over the Chapter 7 bankrupcies.
    St.Louis is a fraud City that feels better trying hard to forge their position. Terminate your employment to make you appear unstable.
    Aligned with Steve Wideman , Credit Control – MSD to steal your home, I would say it is safe to assument Deborah Beard -Notarizer is related to Kate Beard – Wolff properties . Someone out there look that one up. Oh yea…… This is also Steve Wideman , previously Wolff Properties. They are also associated with the Unemployment division.
    They work really hard to sabitage you .

    Beyond Housing Members – Reed Realty is fraudulently stealing homes with these people. Our Mayor backs this fraudulent not for Profit organization. This is State Driven based upon fraud.

    ****** I wish I could attadched my documents so you can see for your self the level of fraudulent assignements.
    You will find your self stalked and harrassed by these people. Yes Citibank is part of the fraud as well. The employees are really one of a kind. I have learned half of the employees are active in fraud. It is not just one or two. This is the nature of the Company.

  5. Link to presentations of this article:

    At the beginning of the first link O’Brien confirms that he records every robo-signed document which he is sure is robo-signed “because it is required by law”. What damn law??? He just made that crap up because the law is the opposite!!!

    On Nov 8, 172 people signed up for the call with John O’Brien, Registrar of Deeds in Salem MA and his key aide, Kevin Harvey. It was a great call and is now edited, uploaded, and linked.
    O’Brien Presentation:
    Q&A1 with John:
    Q&A2 with Kevin and later:

    Nov 5, CJ Foreclosure Update on KPFA Flashpoints:

  6. I have seen enough, even ran for mayor and was told by a man everyone trust here in this little town, whom had a hgh up position, well known and credible for every word out of his mouth, telling me I did not want to run for mayor, due to this town is ran by the _____, _________mafia with his name in the blanks. I have unfortunatley been in the courts fighting the mayor of this town and have witnessed the corruption first hand. I am sure I have not seen but a tip of the iceberg. The recorder that recorded my depositions rolled her eyes when the city officials testified about the mayor. All she could say was Oh MY! Oh MY!


    The recorders roll their eyes.

    The sheriffs say in response to observed casualty insurance fraud in a seize and freeze case –“there is nothing we can do”

    A whistleblower turns up dead from a strange drug overdose the day before taking a plea that would cause testimony against organizers of fake documentation fraud

    Another starts to fill the gaps—1st they slap a seal on that ones case
    within 48 hours after she begins to talk to Nevada AG investigators

    2nd she begins replying to contacts from Missouri AG—again w/i 48 hours she is threatened with retaliation though medical prescription change–loss of physician.

    3rd she begins replying to contacts by FBI—AGAIN within 48 hours she is cut off from life-sustaining prescriptions–interrupting the delivery of info and rendering her memory and brain impaired–a useless witness to key conversations

    Just 4 coincidences in a row—–why would anybody investigate that–even though witness dead and tampered—–waste of valuable time that could be better spent monitoring OWES.

  8. The FBI and the Sheriffs department are in charge of investigations of crimes. Mortgage crime, economic crime, economic terrorism, and they do nothing. This crime fits economic terrorism! The corrupt judges are committing treason and so are the lawyers using false fraud documents and making false statements by affidavits to the court, by filing and answering under false pretense to the be party of interest! Not reporting the fraud is a misdemanor and prison time. Knowingly enableing fraud and criminals to steal property and unlawfully sieze the property is treason on the U.S. Consititution. Not allowing peopel their due process with SMJ without discovery is treason. The courts and law enforcement that ignor fraud reported are committing a crime. Breaching Oath of office.
    This is not just in American courts as you can see it is global. There are good judges and good lawyers. There are to many corrupt judges and lawyers. The people have the right to do citizen arrest. I sent a letter asking the investigation of the DOJ here in Seattle. Their reply was they do not have the means to investigate this crime. I sent them back a letter stating they had enough evidence without any further investigation by just the hard copy proof I had sent them to justify the arrest. No answer! You can see what happened in England. The police arrest the innocent and enable the corrupt. They are crime enforcers with a big capital “E” not law Enforcers with a capital “F” for failure. I have sent proof and demands to investigate MERS defiance to the Bains V MERS caselaw. It probably has not reached them yet . So we will see. As you say the lights are off in the justice system and I would say the same in the Sherrifs department and the DOJ and so far the county registers in WA.

  9. The entire mortgage crime is a crime. Law enforcement including the Sheriff and the FBI are to investigate and enforce the law for crimes commited. The Wall Street and the Financial Cirisis: anatomy of a Financial Collape” report by expert is enough to cause the investigations into fraud assignments and mortgage fraud crimes economic treason, economic crime. Law enforcment and the judges are letting us down. I have sent the report in full all 650 pages and proof of fraud assignments by MERS and a brand new assignment by MERS after the Bains V MERS EN BANC was issued. all to the WA AG and Sherrifs offices of King County and Pierce County. And to all nine WA Supreme Justices demanding them to investigate MERS and Judge Dixon in Thurston County. It may go nowhere. But I did my best to have it investigated.

  10. @Shelley: TREASON as to judges? Judges obviously don’t work for you or the public according to this recent comment copied from one of pages:

    Most American judges are corrupt and receive bribes openly or discreetly as documented in the following YOUTUBE video clips and they can be lawfully arrested for TREASON by U.S. citizens as demonstrated by the arrest of a British judge for Treason:

    Judge DAVID O. CARTER’s Conflict of Interest – Sidharth VELAMOOR
    Judge David CARTER lied to us
    WAGENER on MURRAY Trial!
    MJ-REVIVAL- Berlin Germany BILL STILL & William Wagener

  11. @SE

    you said “because they can’t get law enforcement to stop it.”

    There it is again gthat “E” word——–what would that mean or imply in this context?

    Lets see if the mortgage brohker-down the street persuade me to sign up for a negative amortization 4 option ARM—-with a teaser interest rate as the bait to get me to refi with him—–and the teaser allowed on page one in bold letters is deleted at page 2 in small print—-would that have anything to do with the “E” word—-is there somebody supposed to stop that sort of thing? or is it pretty much pay your taxes but then every man for himself—what are you implying here?

  12. You are right about that! Absolutely lawless. Judge Dixon in Thurston County Washington State, told an attorney I respect and know that the Bains Case in Wa is not significant in his court room. Therefore her citing the Bains V MERS case would not bend his ear. Pretty sure that is treason.

  13. I am an officer of court—-i reported under 18 USC 2————–a whistleblower retaliation to feds–hey–they arent taking cases—wake up lites are out over there at justice

  14. I have proven to courts that county recorders are Organized Crime:


    I listened to parts of the above presentation yesterday and recognized some of the speaker’s statements inaccurate and misleading, at least as relating to California.

  15. tHIS IS EXACTLY WHY THERE ARE SO MANY VICTIMIS. LAWLESS JUDGES AND LAWYERS ENABLING THE BANKS TO GET AWAY WITH THE BIGGEST CRIME EVER.Fraudulent loans, fraudulent securitizations, fraudulent foreclosures, fraudulent evictions, fraudulent fraud reviews of fraudulent loans,foreclosures and evictions, and now…

    Lawmakers allocate money for state’s foreclosure victims
    Lawmakers approved $6 million for counseling and legal services for mortgage foreclosure victims but refused to approve a new financial fraud unit within the Attorney General’s Office.
    If lawmakers would use part of the funds to hire rabid criminal prosecutors to go after the lawless judges and lawyers, people wouldn’t need legal services to defend illegal foreclosures. And counseling is needed only after people with certifiable evidence showing state jail felonies occurred, go Fruit Loops — because they can’t get law enforcement to stop it.

  16. we should be hearing something soon from the Oregon Supreme Court on the MERS QUESTION!

  17. I am sure the banks drug a lot of innocent people into their web of deciet,that had to wake up to the facts the banksters were not honest but decietful. The judges & lawyers are officers of the court alright, however they are duty bound to turn in and report fraud. They work for the people by taxes earned by the people. So they are not under the sec of treasury. They are bound by oath of office to the people. 18USC2,3, &4.

  18. So the bar can disbar any attorney that tries to help a homeowner due to they are under the secretary of treasury?That is crazy! A catch 22 if I ever!


    Lenders originate the loans through a Warehouse Bank, A Commercial Lender wire the funds under a Third Party Contract. If both companies are Bank of America owned one can see the reason for no early assignment.

    The false assignment is mandatory for preferential treatment in setting forth the investment scheme that converted mortgages into shares of common stock.

    The mortgage was liquidated for equitable shares transferred into the investors paid in capital account. A mortgage of $100,000 is equal to 400 shares of common certificates held in a demand deposit account – not a trust per say, but in trust depositors account backed by the United States government.

    Its all done on general assignment without any assignment of mortgage that was derecognized under FAS 140 and held that way under GAAP ASC 310 – et seq

    1099C Cancels out the consumer debt into paid in capital .The 1099 A is for the abandonment of the claims by the lender and failed repurchase you the consumer were eligible for during the year your attorney tied the case up in court

  20. @SE
    Interesting point or analysis might be –who would want to specialize on this for next 3 years plus—-its historical —no new people would want to dirty their hands with a history of dirty crap now theoretically outlawed.

    But —sure shes very biased–almost all lawyers who were really knew the ropes were bank insiders with a hand —

  21. The recorders offices and our courts are a crime scene. I emailed and wroth our King County and Pierce County deed of registers demanding they stop the fraud assingments two years ago and was told they would only follow the lead of our AG who is blaming the people for hurting the banks.

    Correct – The foreclosures are implemented by the Dept of Treasury. Attorneys are officers of the court . They cannot interfere with the Secretary s order to repossess homes. Lawyers taking cases for the plaintiff are taking money from clients they cannot represent. Lawyers representing foreclosure victims are officers of the court and barred fro these foreclosure defenses – they are subject to sanctions malpractice and being disbarred – I say Caution homeowners Caution Write your Bar or call ASAP for more info…Caution .
    (I wont be silenced as a fraud any longer NG – Get the truth out NOW )

  22. @LIZ

    isn’t that convenient that, that particular custodian gets appointed ”

    Of course if you are entitled to a demonstration of standing –you should be able to question the authority of this party–how do you know that its authorized–?

  23. DC, well isn’t that convenient that, that particular custodian gets appointed trustee, since that custodian got to oversee files that contain files with lost note affidavits. Weird huh. The other custodian handled the other 98…%. Now the prior Trustee just got sued. This is such a master plan at work.

  24. Hopefully he is bowing out due to being pressured out. Should be thrown in jail. Spiot is innocent and honest. Holder is a criminal. So I agree Spot would do a better job. Is he up to it though?

  25. BALTIMORE (CBSDC) — Attorney General Eric Holder might not be sticking around for a second term.

    Holder told law school students at the University of Baltimore School of Law that he does not know if he will stay in his job.

    “That’s something that I’m in the process now of trying to determine,” Holder said. “I have to think about, can I contribute in a second term?”


  26. Is it a conflict of interest if the custodian of an alleged Securitized Trust is substituted in as the Trustee for the alleged Securitized Trust at summary judgment hearing, due to the resignation of the alleged Trustee???

    The investors might state that—–the custodian is supposed to examine the loan files —as an initial duty—-a check on the originator

    later the custodian is supposed to check the payoffs on prepaid notes etc to make sure the SERVICER is not cheating the investors

    im having some difficulty seeing how as a contractual matter the custodian acquires a right to enforce however—-unless the investors appointed it–in which case the conflict of interest issue is gone

  27. This is a forum to exchange experiences, knowledge and thoughts. Could someone please answer this:

    Is it a conflict of interest if the custodian of an alleged Securitized Trust is substituted in as the Trustee for the alleged Securitized Trust at summary judgment hearing, due to the resignation of the alleged Trustee???

  28. @DCB

    It’s all because of deregulation…it has allowed rampant criminality with no consequences. It is up to Congress now. Or sheeple waking up and making something happen.

  29. How come no update links on Facebook lately ???

  30. If there was really systematic fraud of the type described surely the volunteer bank attys at Department of justice would be coordinating with state, local investigators and the FBI to straighten in out— at least do something to prevent more of it by doing something–im searching for the word that is elding me—im afraid im having an elder moment here–what is that word im searching for????

    It begins with an “i” ——oh yeah “investigate”

    then if all this bad stuff is true as uncovered by the investigations —then there would be something else done—geez–not seen the word in so long—ill think of it—uh uh—oh yes “prosecution” thats it—after the “i” word —then the “p” word

    way back before Bush was elected all this was called by a more general term—now this one hasnt been used in years at the federal level—-so being old its really hard to remember–and all you young readers out there will be totally unfamiar with it hmmm what was that word???

    I may need help on this from dsomebody—what is that word??

    It begins with an “e” —-elude? no,,,,,,,escape? no….enrich…? no—

    im hurtin on this —ill bet some old timers could help here–its something they used to do when the S&L crisis happened maybe ENRON—–? No—-thats not it–but i think im getting warmer….oh yes.. i remember now—enron jogged my memory–the long missing never used term is “E..N..F..O..R.C.. E… M….E..N..T…..”.–is that right? is there an “E” in the middle —-???? Its been so long since iv seen it in writing iv forgotten how to spell it….

    Oh well Im just embaressing myself taliking about the good old days–reminiscing

    But yes young readers there used to be a word in the Anglo-american dialect called federal “enforcement” —-and it was applied to things other than drug use believe it or not—but that was a long time ago and its an obsolete term now—unless you threaten a federal official or post info that the govt doesnt like—like that guy hiding in the embassy in Britain that the uS is trying to extradite–julian something

    then you will see that “e” word—but if there is just billion dollar bank fraud—–dead homeowners killed by hit squads turning out at a debt collectors request—-injred or dead whisteblowers —forget it…

  31. The recorders offices and our courts are a crime scene. I emailed and wroth our King County and Pierce County deed of registers demanding they stop the fraud assingments two years ago and was told they would only follow the lead of our AG who is blaming the people for hurting the banks. Flies only one case against RECONTRUST and throws it under the table and does an Amicus Curie for Bains V MERS which has still left the homeowners in a situation to have to come up with money and an attorney to battle MERS and fraud closure. and most dont have the money. Our AG betrayed us by signing tghe 25 billion dollar settlement. He took funds from crab tree a foreclosing company for his campaine until it became public and only then refunded the money ten months after he had accepted the funds.

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