Bank Lobbyists Attempting to Get Amnesty Through State Legislation

FROM Nancy Koerber, someone I deeply admire:

I won’t mince words:  If we’re going to win this thing, we need everyone to double-down on their efforts.

The big banks are targeting state capitals and city mayors…

“The bank registered more than 150 lobbyists in 31 state capitals in 2012, according to an Observer review of state lobbyist registration rolls. That’s an increase from the 47 in 10 states it had five years ago — or 60 in 14 states if you add in Wachovia’s lobbyists.”

We know they are gearing up to be in Salem after the first of the year and we need to be ready.

The only thing that stands between big bank money and backroom deals in Salem is ongoing organizing work and we need your help to do it!

Your donation today will drive the following:   

  • Start up funds for a part time staff organizer to continue the powerful work done by our organizing interns this summer. You made this happen!  We have grants written requesting ongoing dollars for this organizer in 2013. Help bridge the gap until then and keep your voice heard.
  • Part time office staff to help more people and add more solutions for homeowners such as our new HUD Complaint and LLRAP programs that are very time intensive but getting great homeowner results.
  • Travel money for gas to cover the state for important coalition building meetings this fall, to have your voice heard

Unlike some other non-profits dealing with foreclosure, we receive:

  • No government funding (if we did, our hands would be tied on solutions for homeowners)
  • No big bank or large corporate funding (Many non-profits have sold out and now work for the banks!  we won’t)
  • We rely on the support of members and supporters like you as well as the generous volunteer time of many of our staff to drive this work

When you give today the impact is doubled thanks to generous donors offering matching funds for all donations up to our $7,500.  Netting us our goal of $15,000 finishes off 2012 and gear up to Spank the Banks in 2013.Give today to fund the fight for homeownership.

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Thank you for being part of the solution!

We’ve already raised $1,225 toward our $15,000 goal! With matching funds of $2,000 – that’s $3,225!

Thanks to our fantastic grassroots supporters. We can’t do it without you. 


Nancie Koerber,
Executive Director
Project REconomy / Good Grief America

“REclaiming an economy that works for Main Street, not just Wall Street!”

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2 Responses

  1. Amnesty by legislation is just a logical extension of the “pass” the banks have received at all levels of government to date.

  2. Amnesty…? They deserve the death penalty… They make Bernie Madoff look like a saint…!

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