Where are the People?

We the People: Is the Constitution Relevant Anymore?

When each state made the irrevocable choice to join the United States of America, they agreed that the law of their land would be governed by the supreme law of The Constitution of the United States. Political disputes arise as to the meaning of a word, phrase and provision of the Constitution — but the deal is that the citizen of every state becomes a citizen of the United States, subject to the Constitution. A loosely aligned group of states had been tried. It didn’t work. So they got together again — all sides of the political spectrum and wrote the Constitution “in Order to form a more perfect Union.”

The “preamble” to the Constitution says it all about why it was written and what purposes were to be served by writing it. Ben Franklin told a woman when exiting Constitutional Hall” that we had “A Republic, if we can keep it.” We are not doing a very good job of keeping it. The preamble says it is for the “general welfare” and yet our  country, from the beginning has veered sharply away from this essential element that is mentioned in the Preamble stating the purposes of the Constitution. If they had said that it was for big business and big banks, nobody would have joined.

General welfare has been replaced in large measure by corporate welfare, and welfare of the rich and powerful. The boss of this political enterprise (our Republic), the citizens, have failed to keep tabs on their representatives in government and give them the boot when necessary. The reason the Republic is not being maintained, is that the bosses (voters) are not on the job expressing their views in public assembly and the ballot box.

The writers of the Constitution, contrary to popular myth were “we the people,” whose thoughts were put into writing by the scholars of the day. So the boss starts off as the people and ends with the people. Being a citizen of the U.S. makes you the author of the Constitution, and once it is written it can only be changed by amendment according to the terms written into the Constitution.

It can’t be changed by by one person, a local government, state government or even the Federal government. But using the code words “regulation”, “interpretation” and “states rights” we are regulating citizens rights out of existence despite protections guaranteed in the Constitution. If those purposes and rights were not in the document, nobody would have signed on. So now, with great political force some people are electing to stay a citizen and deny the same rights to other citizens. They open one door without realizing that they are opening all doors.

The first purpose of the Union after stating the desire of forming a more perfect one, is to “establish justice.” Between the Bill of RIghts and some “amendments” that never should have been required in the first place, everyone without exception qualifies as a citizen if they were naturally born on U.S. soil or if they are otherwise allowed to become a citizen through immigration rules.

Establishing justice, I submit, has been the trickiest part of executing this prime directive of the constitution. Justice has turned out to be more a matter of convenience, power and money. It’s the first order of business in the Constitution and the last order of business in our everyday reality. Justice is later defined as the absolute right of every citizen to keep their liberty, privacy, property and lives unless it is taken from them through “Due process.”

So for example, you could no longer come in with a “witness” and accuse someone of a heinous crime and if the Judge agrees they probably did it, they hang or go to jail. That is the way things were before the Constitution. You couldn’t require a person to shower in public or have sex in public or otherwise share their thoughts in public because of privacy. As long as you are not hurting someone else, what you do with your body or your time is your own business. Oops. We screwed that one up too in a hundred ways that I won’t elaborate on here. But just as a teaser, I would say that if a law or regulation can be passed that requires the use of your genitals in a certain way, then laws and regulations could be passed about how you treat or use other parts of your party within the privacy of your dwelling, office or other private place.

As for life, we made sure that nobody could simply kill someone else without going through due process of law. Killing someone means of course shooting them but it also means not giving them the water they need when it is three feet away and they can’t reach it, when your intent was for them to die. And your intent according to scholars and jurists across centuries is to be determined by the obvious outcome of your action or inaction.

The protection of private property is essential which is why it too was added along with life and liberty. You could hardly establish a credible economy or ensure freedom and life or liberty without allowing people to continue to own what they own.

In a world where this right was not preserved any person could be deprived of their property, life or liberty through bullying by people with more power and money; so it was put in the Constitution to make sure we didn’t allow that. But we do. Everyday we have a variety of ways in which the rich and powerful pass laws that redistribute the meager wealth of each average citizen, collect it up into one big mass of money and property, and take it for their own.

Ask anyone if it is OK for someone to stick their hand in your pocket, take your money and then claim it as their own and be backed up by the government. I don’t care which end of the political spectrum they are on, you will agree that is wrong. And we do know right from wrong, but we are easily deceived when the thief uses indirect means to pick your pocket.

If a thief hires another thief to steal your money, then we can all agree they are both wrong and should be punished and the money returned to you, if it is still there. And they will be punished, the money disgorged and given back to you as the victim. But the longer the chain gets from one thief to another, the more difficult it gets to prove what happened, but we certainly can get the person who actually stuck his hand in your pocket. As the chain becomes more complex, it is possible for the crime lord ordering thousands of pickpockets to ply their trade to escape punishment even though it was his order that caused the theft and his pocket that received the proceeds.

It becomes even worse when our perceptions are distorted through the passage of badly worded legislation and the crime lord attains the status of being called an institution. LIke a bank or servicer. You can call it what you want but the fact is that if they stole money and if they reaped a reward or part of it, they should be punished, and the money should be disgorged and repaid to the victim of the theft.

With the advent of “big business” and “big banks” the concept of justice, right and wrong has been warped by our devotion to the accumulation of “money” which upon close inspection is absurd. The definitions and forms of money have been changing constantly, sometimes daily, for thousands of years. While many people, especially in the U.S., profess their faith in a higher power, almost everyone professes faith in money and yet none of them can really tell you what it is. All we know is that it is a substitute for something we value or want and that if we have money it will most likely be accepted by someone else in exchange for the things we want. “Money” unfortunately seems to have a much larger following than God does.

We have allowed mega banks with hundreds of subsidiaries all over the world, to steal money from honest investors that include retirees and others who paid for the funds that are under management. We have allowed them to create massive profits using the money of those investors and keep the money in the bank as if it were in the bank’s portfolio. That is theft.

And then we are allowing the banks and servicers to initiate foreclosures on loans they neither funded nor purchased, and take the property too. The result has been worldwide mayhem and central bankers around the world no longer trust the Untied States to live up to its Constitution, which means that a change of reserve currency is coming and our world domination will be coming to close, like all empires before us.

My objection to world domination as a goal is that we already know the ending — eventually it is over. My worry is that nobody is asking the right questions or even thinking out the possible answers for what happens when our 15 minutes is up. In this case kicking the can down the road, should mean taking the lead and dismantling the thieving banks and thieving businesses that suck all the sustenance from the general welfare. That would restore confidence in U.S. leadership.

We are a house of cards waiting to fall. The foundation has become soggy and weak as pretend that the water is not rising. Most of the house of cards is under water and it appears from the rising oceans that most of the city centers of commerce will literally be under water within one or two generations. Will we re-write a new constitution learning from our experience or simply enforce the old one, which appears to have all the necessary ingredients?

Under the Constitution you cannot legislate, regulate or otherwise take any action that abridges the basic rights enunciated in the preamble of the constitution and the rest of the constitution. But our Supreme Court justices regularly ignore that even though they consider themselves fundamentalists or originalists. Legislatures and city councils ignore it, and the courts regularly ignore the requirements of due process which incorporates strict rules of evidence.

I remember a time when on Motion Calendar, in the Judges’ chambers lawyers would ask for a final Default Judgment setting a sale date would be turned down simply because the Judge looked a the paperwork and deemed it incomplete. The borrower didn’t even need to be there. Now we have essentially lost that judicial function and replaced it with speed tracking to get it over with, whether the taking of the house is right or wrong. What are we doing? And where is the elusive voter who could change things?

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  2. Well DC…if the truth is too much for you & you enjoy handing every dime you make to their freak show by all means do….you will be bankrupt & getting in line for the microchip mark of the beast soon…it will all be done by FRAUDULENTLY INDUCING a GIANT FLAT TAX….SWIPE YOUR HAND…YOUR A SLAVE..

  3. Agreed DCB …. I only get the post to my phone … no stream. You have my Email address if you need to talk or I if I can help you in any way. I have alot of free time on my hands now. I need to find something to keep my busy before I get myself into trouble.

  4. @SC
    When i looked at your responses I had to go back to the thread and I am set aback—–the IVENTs have converted this site into the online equivalent of a freak show

    It is too far out and disgusting for me to continue –guilt by association etc——-i just feel dirty looking at this material–ill be signing out

  5. Now, if that makes people want to drink….play lotto…pop pills & watch dancing with stars…they are officially brain dead and they will go to the FEMA CAMPS..


  7. So sc how does it feel to go to work for ZERO…..? Does it make you want to pay the crooks even more tax….? It could put you out on the curb too….just saying…BTW…..Our commercial business property was our livelihood & our future retirement money…. We have always been self employed but you know that already.

  8. Nearly every dime we make is being collected as a tax to keep this ponzi scheme going for the benefit of the investors and that includes you sc…Well guess what…..? We are running out of money to pay all of these greedy crooks…& then what is going to happen….? You can’t pay with what you don’t have…That is why there should have been audits a long time ago & these crooks shut down. BOTTOM LINE…In the end…..NO ONE IS going to go along with Obamas commie scam…

  9. One Bottle of Rum, Two Bottles of Rum, Three Bottles of Rum Missing From the Wall……………….. Sombodys gonna Fall!

  10. Everything we pay has been turned into a tax for the benefit of the investors including the mortgages….so that would be about 70% of our income..that doesn’t leave much to income tax now does it…? If Obama does get in again he will tax us 100%….now …that’s COMPLETE COMMUNISM….RIGHT….? THEREFORE….THERE ARE NO FREE PROPERTIES……WE ALREADY OVERPAID FOR THEM…

  11. Sooooo. Again, I ask! How does that entitle you to a free house? And who is it exactly are you asking to pick up that tab for you? Did you have a pension? Did you have a 401k? I find it odd that you never mentioned your line of Business? Was it a Porn Shop or a Liquar Store? How much in income taxes did you pay annualy or did you forget to sign those to? Come On Now… dont play Romney on us. Tell the Truth!

  12. Quite the opposite is in fact true … The Originator borrowed money from the Treasury…..never paid back that loan….pocketed all payments as usury & committed securities fraud by selling investments in forged, counterfeit instruments…..nothing is secured to anything because of the ORIGINATION FRAUD….Any act of fraud in a legal contract…like …hmmmmmm….lets say…..non disclosure of all pertinent aspects of a financial transaction….destroys the legal contract……

  13. its time to love your BANKSTERS, you ain’t got a choice: http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/episode-351-max-keiser/

  14. What is to cover up? You borrowed X amount of money from the taxpayer and promised to pay it back. To seal the promise … You Signed It! Used the Collateral to Secure It,.. Right? Convienent Memory Failure or Rum!

  15. Hmmmmmm…….I don’t seem to remember signing anything……because I didn’t ……but strangely enough there are numerous liens on my home………and some other really crazy shit.

  16. Well shadowcat …. non disclosure to cover up fraud & forgery is not a signing now is it? Unless you are a crook of course.

  17. I like the fancy ones myself shadowcat….anyways…it’s the bad moon rising & all those secrets, lies and deception to defraud all of us into a tizzy …..the great social upheavel these cult members want to bring about to usher in their Luciferian one world government/religion crap…did you see what’s going on in Spain today…? They have 7000 police on hand to protect frau Merkel from the people…..
    Good article here on the evil plot….

  18. .. a Homestead Waiver Release giving the refinancier a Secured Lien for an unsecured debt and a few thousand more to spend on rum and porn…… Who’s decision was it to take the Cash and sign the dotted line? Let me Guess …. You dont know, but not yours. Right?

  19. Ho Ho Ho …. and how many Bottles of Rum?

  20. Hmmmm…..Now, what could be in or, not be in those loan files that the banks would not want US to know about…..? Sounds like it could be something scurrilous…yo ho ho & a bottle of rum….!

  21. No Need for Mr Bankster to Hold a Gun to my Head. The Lil Black Book has already been conficated. Freedom is a Beautiful Thing!

  22. Imagine all the dowloaded loan files that were on my old comp? Yep! Yep! Better Yet …. Imagine the current ones? I’m not violating privacy laws or fiducary duty. Its the Long Arm of the Law Peeking in … who am I to stop them?

  23. @DCB..FYI… Yes, you will find my co name on DocX as an outside vendor. (2007-2008). Dirty Birdies ….. never played with a full deck.

  24. Here is an excerpt from the book that explains this evil conspiracy by Wm Guy Carr entitled….Pawns In The Game…

  25. If the link posted below is blocked here is another link or google it….

  26. Sending out an S.O.S. to the American people…..read all about the WORLD REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT and how they planned to release the atheistic communists to control the people and the Vatican to control 500,000,000 souls until the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN decided it was time to involve ALL Christian people in the final social cataclysm along with all people controlled by atheistic communists. They want no less than complete world domination & the destruction of all Governments and religions to create a one world luciferian government and religion…….Today we term this a “Totalitarian dictatorship.”….this will be brought about by satanic despotism……The control of GOLD controls every aspect of the WORLD REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT…….

    That is why the Vatican gold backed dollar is a scam they want to use to control US….Ron Paul is a secret freemason via the John Birch Society who is pushing this Vatican Gold Backed Dollar-World Revolutionary Agenda….We need to restore the U.S. Constitution & issue our own currency….

  27. DC….eyes shut….ears covered….holding breath….stomping feet…

  28. Colleen…remember the Obama “swearing in?”…..We saw just how its done….

  29. Wait a minute….whose site stalking here DC……?…. playing the pot calling the kettle black… ? I have to hand it you though…..you have taken fraud & deception to a whole new level. Disinfo campaign 2012…..the pot calling the kettle black……Tell me… is the Bank Internet troll job paying you well….? I like to know just how the U.S. TAXPAYER MONEY IS BEING FRAUDULENTLY WASTED ON ABUSING THE U.S. TAXPAYERS….

  30. @ sc—i see your resonse to her but not her comment—you have to go to your web secuity people and describe it and they call it site stalking—people harass and bully on the web—say stuff “like i will not let you do this or that “—its stalking—and they can send those to spam—and ten they will watch to see if that address comes up under a different name or on another site–apparently its common–but usually teenagers that kill eaxh other with the internet

  31. Oh… Ivent, I’m sorry you felt I called you a derogatory name. I didnt mean it that way. I was just doing what I was learning in the enviroment. You Pompus Role Model You ….

  32. Very Nice DCB! Whink! Its over their Head .. dont worry about it! LOL!

  33. Ian says there is a Bk law that allows a creditor to use another note to collect on another note… Now, that really sounds just heinous Ian…shame on them…!

  34. Thanks colleen…my below comment is for shadowcat of course because she called me a derogatory…..honestly….some people never grow up. Is this what they teach you in college these days…? Sheese.! I feel like I’m on a grades school playground…!

  35. How evil to blame the American people for the politicians secrets, lies, deceit & coverups to create a rigged game for themselves & their uber rich cronies…you are a traitor.

  36. well, Ivent, I think your on a role for the good! I’ll keep reading you! Here’s more to what what your writing I found..The definitive proof of the Masonic takeover of government is found in the document called the Constitution of September 17, 1787. This is the document produced by the secret Constitutional Convention whose presiding officer was George Washington himself. Planted throughout the Constitution are countless clues to its real meaning. Washington and the other Mason concealed these cl
    ues in plain sight for any Mason of the highest degree to see, but which have remained invisible to non-Masons.

    We start with the oral oath George Washington took at noon on April 30, 1789, because the oral oath is the key that has locked the clues within the Constitution, when he takes the oath the Masonic secrets of the Constitution of September 17, 1787 are locked up tight. Everyone should know that an oral oath is insufficient in law to support adherence and obedience to a written document such as the Constitution of September 17, 1787. The manner and means by which this was done was the prime Masonic secret that Washington carried to his grave. Washington took this oath in a whispered voice, while his left hand rested on a Masonic Bible borrowed from a nearby Masonic Lodge:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Washington added: “So help me God” to the oral oath to make it absolutely clear that he was marking the Office of President of the United States, as the beginning a new order of the ages, which is what it has turned out to be. Article VI Clause 3 of the Constitution prohibits test oaths, and here we have George Washington swearing an oath to a Masonic god and nobody gets it. April 30, 1789 was a day of celebration and apparently everyone but the Masons had turned their brains off for the inaugural. Americans had just lost their freedom and they were cheering.


  37. interview, City Council Member_______is working hard to find ways to broaden the tax base. It is a laudable but controversial long term goal to sponsor legislation to accomplish this purpose. In these days of impending economic pressure upon local government budgets—schools, municipalities and at the state level, it is incumbent upon tax administrators to be sure that the departments of taxation are actively seeking full enforcement within the bounds of the current law. There are several opportunities presented which have been underscored by certain tax and fee evasion schemes affecting title recordation by certain debt collectors through use of the MERS “sham”.

    The debt collectors engage in systematic courses of business directly and through agents in many communities. They have ownership interests in numerous homes both occupied and vacant. They generate service fees that may be subject to both local income tax as well as sales taxes. In fact the failure to impose appropriate taxes on the contractors encourages the collectors’ use of non-resident service providers—who must pay the taxes and report their interactions with these larger contract procurement operations. More potential taxpayers to be located by audit and/or reporting.

    Another larger segment of the tax base is interest earned by out of state investors with respect to local situs income. In past much of this active business interest income was received by exempt organizations. So called exempt pass-through passive REMIC trusts were authorized by Congress to encourage home ownership, local lending and community development. However an infamous few entities took advantage of the loophole to operate business associations that did not meet the passive standards for REMICs. These associations continued to buy-sell and trade mortgage promissory notes and other assets for years—engaging in numerous active arrangements necessary to accomplish the servicing and post 2008 debt collection activities in combination with servicers. In short, the so-called trusts failed the REMIC exempt federal status. Not all trusts failed—but there is a bright-line litmus test. The qualifying entities were required to file mortgage loan schedules under general trust and UCC law. See UCC Art 9 to document the timely conveyance of a passive, stable, loan portfolio.

    A significant proportion of so-called private label trusts—those not sponsored in origination by major banks—failed the same public recordation requirements met by banks. The private labels took advantage of these breaches of reporting to obtain advantage over traditional banks and often also engaged in predatory lending and collection practices—including the recorder fee avoidance scams. The failed trusts are thus readily ascertainable upon request made as a matter of practical administration. The so-called trust can either provide a link to SEC filings or otherwise provide proof of official recordation on a public record of the UCC Article 9 filing. This is basically an excel schedule with loan and property information. It is or is supposed to be public information. This should be readily provided upon request by the association to prove its exemption.
    The default taxable status for such organizations is as unincorporated Joint Ventures. Under IRC 7701 and the regulations thereunder, the failed trust—joint ventures are taxable as tax partnerships. There is entity level taxation for such associations in Ohio—in respect of the taxable income attributable to out of state investors. These are often offshore hedge funds as to which federal withholding taxes apply. Domestic investors may be able to claim exemptions—or pay tax in their home jurisdictions. It is not appropriate that streams of locally earned income pass untaxed to foreign investors. In Ohio, as with many states today, local jurisdictions are empowered to levy tax upon the association that has active income producing assets located in the local jurisdiction.

    I hope that this letter will stimulate consideration of applying the tax burden on a broader and more level basis. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

  38. You trolls take issue with me but, I am not who allowed the opening up of Pandora’s box….Now that it’s open, it can’t be closed…I agree with what JFK said in his speech entitled….SECRET SOCIETIES….That the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free & open society….We are, as a people inherently & historically opposed to secret societies, secret oaths & secret proceedings…….

  39. what a relief they are still pouring crap onto the site—but at least i dont have to suffer from its moronic postings

  40. SC
    OK —good news–there is a name thread that allows you to block the line from certain identified peple thru the web service–i have successfully blocked ivent–the ivents still post if one looks at all comments but it does not come up on my list anymore

  41. Of Course you Blame Everybody Else .. Duh! Buttwipe!

  42. I blame the politicians. The FED & their banks & Wall Street are their robberbaron perps. The banks don’t own the place…they are proxies, they use to rob us, like taxes for the politicians. They are all for themselves & the uber rich control freaks. This is all about ownership……Complete Control of the masses.

  43. We the People’ … Our Perfect Union was not formed for the Banks to stick their hand in one pocket and Buttheads to stick their hand in the Other just because the Banks did!


  45. It appears to me that the only bloggers who are fishing at this site are the disinfo campaign 2012ers….The disinfo campaign is in high throttle now but you forget, I chose not to be a victim of this scam and I have already been to campaign headquarters many times……..its a war zone….a house of shards….sc…you sound much to young to be a grandparent. DC…you need to put the throttle down…you are going to spin out of control & crash & burn…& all that ugly stuff.


  47. It seems we have some very thin-skinned folks on here. The big battle is on and some of you cannot handle comments. Hey, sticks and stones….remember that? I wonder how you are doing with the big bullies in court, if you can’t handle the comments here? Wow

  48. @DCB.. Sorry, I never got it. AGs have it Sealed. Could only prove my own. Never needed the depo …. These kids have been fishing here on this site a long time … dont waste your time with Greedy and Greedier … you know … Blame someone else for all their Poor Choices to get some $$$. Give It Up! Save Your a Headache! You have your Own Battle Ahead of You in Ohio! A Brilliant Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste!

  49. DC….your acting like a selfish child…I can visualize you holding your breath & stomping your feet..

  50. IVENT

    I have a great idea—get another screen name –then you can really have a conversation that somebody wants to hear—with youself

  51. Of course Aleister Crowley continued to promote the evil agenda…The Book of The Law…”Do What Thou Wilt” actually came from Benjamin Franklin who was a devout occultist…..This plan & agenda is all occult based disguised as something that it is not. It is sinister in its origins & in its agenda for mankind.

  52. Oops…allow me to repost that link…I missed a letter….

  53. Extra…Extra..read all about the philosophy behind the morals & dogmas of Albert Pike…

  54. DC…I’m not mean in spirit or mean in anyway……I’m a realist….I am talking about how this evil thinks and operates. It is not by rule of law……it is by the morals & dogmas of Albert Pike…..it is the opposite of how we were all taught to believe. Think of it as a false religion hiding behind the scenes of everything….then you get the real picture..

  55. ……..and most importantly…..they hide behind politics…….these people are IMPOSTERS…!

  56. Calm down DC….you can try & shoot the messenger but the message of TRUTH rings loud & clear……These are the morals & dogmas of Albert Pike. Adopted by all religions…..and hidden behind a cloak of secrecy….it is hidden behind the meaning of “IN GOD WE TRUST”… in the money they print & on the courtroom walls….They are secret oath keepers, liars & deceivers who hide behind religion, law, education, the judiciary, the media & finance to further their communist agenda.

  57. @IVENT

    You are a mean-spirited moron–I would NEVER look at anything you place up. You are a total waste of time. You harrass people driven by a paycheck or insanity. Go get a job you worthless ……

  58. @IAN
    In 2005 Congress made it very difficult to walk away from debts if you have a job. You must pay and pay for years even if you are insolvent when you file. so the 1st claimant siezes your house and dodges proof of note—and ignores the deficiency. Then 3-4 years later the 2nd claimant comes forward with the original note in a judicial state and chases after your other assets and income–you bankrupt but must keep paying the 2nd claimant under the new version of bankruptcy.

  59. CNBC reporting……GLOBAL ECONOMY IS “ON THE ROPES.”…..Sure it is…the crooks never thought they would get caught stealing everything from the people……Go to plan B…abort this mission…because no one is buying the lying bullshit anymore…

  60. SC Do you have a cite or site for me to hear/read exactly what he said?

  61. Come on DC………free speech is as American as apple pie…..you have to admit this is just starting to get really interesting…You should google search some of what I’m telling you…you might change your attitude….unless of course you already know this stuff is true…and in that case you have some other hidden agenda.

  62. DCB,

    I don’t know. I do it the old fashioned way: I declined the automatic notification that someone had posted. Serves me well… And I do as you: skip a lot of it. Especially the pointless, negative elucubrating…

  63. @Poppy

    You are exactly right as to the problem—the courts are pushing this crap through because all the fake docs are being “accepted as truth”.

    Nothing will change until that changes.

  64. Enraged…..control freaks are weird.

  65. @ER

    Yes its very weird–anomalous conduct. the IVENTs are trying to crater the site—fairly successfully. It occurs to me that they may be contracted to intefere with somebody that might be inclined to reveal something that occurred in recent days. Smother it even if it is posted.

    If garfield doesnt regain control–the site will go down.

    Im already skipping IVENts–however many there are–but they are crushing the interchange–now im going to have to simply hit delete for all LL entries w/o opening —and my guess is so are many others.

    I wonder if there is a techncal way to block posts by identified persons???

  66. BSE…we know FDR laid the groundwork for their evil end game plan. People are confusing Obamas intentions…he is not here to institute more socialist policies. He is here to fraudulently induce complete communism…make no mistake. Re-socialism of insolvent debt is the direct result of the intended failure of socialism…..There is nothing kind or human about this man or his intentions. It is all rotten to the core. The stage 4 cancer of the failure of socialism is fascism….Conform & Comply….accept failure as a fix for massive fraud….or face the severe consequences is totalitarianism …We cannot accept anymore “fixes” for fraud. That includes Obamacare..

  67. This is getting weirder and weirder…

  68. The morals & dogmas of the Justinian society in some cases……a branch…..of the society of Jesus…being raised Catholic has its advantages.

  69. Show me where the contract reads it is a morally binding contract….? Better yet….by whose moral standards are they enforcing these contracts….? That’s the kicker….anyone with any moral standards would say…..I cannot be a party to this evil….On the courtroom wall it says IN GOD WE TRUST….while they undermine & blaspheme him…

  70. Or more over…a religious issue…that flies in the face of separation of church & state….WOW..

  71. By jc I mean juris corpus…they are not considering this a States rights issue but a moral issue…isn’t that a hoot…?

  72. The problem I am personally finding is: A Substitute Trustee shows up with a forged piece of paper, and a DocX note, at the Special proceeding hearing with a Magistrate from District Court and it is accepted as truth. Now, I am in Federal Court appealing and the entire thing has changed. It is not that easy to get a summary judgment under 12(b)(6) which states; there is no basis for the trial. The judge in that court is not buying what they are selling.

    So, for me, the higher court is not as easy to swindle and the probability of the chance to be heard is greater, where the special proceeding is almost 99% for the Defendants, with no chance of being heard beyond that hearing.

  73. Shadowcat…I have had a suspiscion for a while.. jc is here. Anyways…Are you saying the newbie differs from the original…? Guess what …? They covered that.

  74. dcbreidenbach- could you pls explain what you meant regarding “the 2005 bankruptcy laws revision” as pertains to someone showing up at a later date with another note- to collect on the same note? I infer that this would be in a judicial foreclosure state?
    Also, regarding a holder in due course, there don’t seem to be an awful lot of these around. The people foreclosing aren’t originators, lenders,creditors, mortgagees,holders, nonholders in possession, nonholders with the rights of a holder, or HDCs. They are usually referred to as “banks” in the mainstream media, and unfortunately, on alot of sites like this one. The banks are long gone, unless we are talking the non-securitized mortgages which make up about 2% of mortgages outstanding. Where the bricks-and-mortar banks are actually holding the mortgages and notes in their building, on their own balance sheets, for investment.
    I take it that the foreclosing entities all purchased whatever it is they purchased, for pennies on the dollar, and are seeking to collect on the full balance of a mortgage which has been charged to zero on someone’s balance sheet. Let me know if you think I am mistaken.

  75. But I had the Origional … compared it to the Newbee produced a few years back and Walla …. what depo? what court case?

  76. YES!!! DCB YESS!!!!!

  77. @POP
    ” where they NEED to produce…”
    are you speculating on this? in my limited experience–the courts seem to defer to the unsupported word of the atty for collection agency—-practice and theory are very different—some courts do require that the attys certify that the docs are real etc—but minority

    and back in 2009 2010 —you were simply perceived as a deadbeat slowing the inevitable to get a free ride—-90% or more are uncontested —people do not realize the urgency of recovering the note—–they suffer from the illusion that either the collection agencies will not attempt to collect twice—or that the courts will somehow protect them—but even the most consumer friendly court cant do a thing to stop collection on an original note supported by a set of docs establishing something looking like a trail—–the courts discount the risk of double collection too—oh my the collector would never do such a thing—

    in short it may cost you 20 k easily to demand the note—-the ct will always assume that the note is held by the collector if there was a UCC Art 9 filing of a loan schedule—sufficient to survive MTD—-so the 1st chance you get is motion for summary judgment when a mystery note appears and is purported to be the original—and the collector starts leaning on the presumptions under the bank-friendly UCC Art 3

    YOU must prove with hard evidence that there is some good reason why the presumption of note authenticity is rebutted—and they should prove a chain of assignments by real people –not robosigners—i observed a mediation recently where the debtor handed everyone a copy of the docx price list —–but its not evidence—even though the case already had a failed assignment of mortgage [on the pricelist] –and the list had the typical offering of the “entire” loan file [aka includes the copy of note] as well as production of an allonge –which seemed surprising to me —an allonge? how does a stand alone allonge get created legitimately by the robosigners at DOCX?

    Point is that the evidence rules in court are so rigid that the presumption is hard to overcome —in my opinion the evidence rules should be relaxed for mortgage cases—-they certainly are relaxed for the collectors—–their attys act like they ae witnesses –even while asserting hearsay if the debtor produces an online copy from someplace—not debtors business records–the docx pricelist is hearsay–must be verified by a docx employee —good luck there—they were scattered to the winds in 2009

    anybody have a nice deposition attaching the pricelist? if so maybe that can be certified and used to rebut the presumption….???? this is important if you are in a judicial

  78. You All should see the James Bond cast for the Upcoming Episode. Althou … Catwoman will Always be my Favorite!

  79. YES! Enraged! My Police, Firefighters and Especially the Military stand Beside Me! Here to Enforce the Law and the Constitution of our Country! I save there bacon and they save mine.

  80. I read that the cops can’t default on their mortgages or they will get fired… I know they aren’t defaulting if the contract was fraud ridden in the first place but it is a horror yet to come. What they did to the servicemen did not surprise me. They never get any respect from these megalomaniacs. I have seen that first hand & it boggles my mind why they join. I think for many they see it as their only option. The truth is, the madmen & women behind this plot hate everybody.

  81. It sure makes my job alot easier when they dig their own Graves. Just Sayin …

  82. The most stupid move banks made was to go after the military. Now, the cops, the two professions they most need to keep the status quo. It is taking place, exactly as I predicted almost two years ago… For all those currently in foreclosure: sit tight and hang on. It’s unraveling faster and faster.

    “There ought to be one day — just one — when there is open season on senators.” ~ Will Rogers

    That day is coming too…


    The Associated Press
    Occupy members join police in bid to save home
    Associated Press / October 8, 2012

    ATLANTA (AP) — Nearly a year after Occupy Atlanta members clashed with police in riot gear in an Atlanta park, they’re now drawing support from officers in their efforts to help a longtime detective avoid losing her home to foreclosure.

    Demonstrators say they’ll join active and retired Atlanta police officers Monday at the Fayetteville home of retired Atlanta police Detective Jaqueline Barber. Group members say Barber was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, after buying the home about 20 miles south of Atlanta. She now faces eviction.

    Tim Franzen, one of the leaders of the group now called Occupy Our Homes ATL, says police officers are among the 99 percent of people they aim to help.

    Representatives of U.S. Bank, which is involved in the foreclosure proceedings, couldn’t immediately be reached.end of story marker

  83. The judge should realize you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. If you know the truth, what you see going on these courtrooms is so outrageous it boggles the mind. To say these judges look bad is an understatement of mass proportions. This is treason being committed by IMPOSTERS right in the faces of …..not to many people. All I see are mostly attorneys in there. It’s a disgrace how many people just don’t give a damn…or how much they trust their attorneys. Someday someone is going public with this and all of this treason and who these traitors are is going to be revealed to the American people and personally it I can’t be soon enough for me.

  84. When they see behind the Shadow, they will see the Couger they left for dead a few years back. Happy, Healthy, Playful and Full of Vigor. You go ahead you lil weasel pop up agian … I have the shovel now!

  85. shadowcat…We have something in common then…you won’t comply & conform with fraud & either will I.

  86. Sorry shadowcat but the only scurrilous liar here is Obama. He took an oath (???) to uphold the Constitution. He did not do that. Elizabeth Warren had me fooled for a while but she is pushing the commie agenda under the guise of helping to save humanity…..that is horrid. The bankers were right about one thing, rejecting her. She has an agenda and its not freedom & independence. Its Government dependence to “fix” a quadrillion dollars in credit fraud committed by Wall Street AFTER THE FACT…..that is the move on…progressive agenda and that is commie propaganda of the highest order. She is a commie shill just like Obama and the entire staff of MSNBC….

  87. Ivent, Noone forces me to do anything. But it is kinda fun .. you know… them trying to Bully me. Blackmale me with? .. You wont get no more work? . Cough Cough


    I am posting your question here (from another post) and the response below it:

    johngault, on October 5, 2012 at 9:51 pm said:
    “Also, carie, the borrower would not remain in default with the GSE because the scammer used the scammed insurance proceeds to
    buy the loan back from the GSE. Right?”


    “WRONG — the borrower does not remain in default with the servicer and/or mortgagee that advanced the payoff funds to the GSE — because the servicer/mortgagee reaffirms/modifies the default debt by the bogus refinance. The borrower REMAINS – as reported to the GSEs —- as in default. GSEs records reflect default —- and borrower never told. And will likely never again be eligible for GSE loan.”

  89. Shadowcat…what’s with all the riddles? I get you are hinting about mass corruption but you are becoming a bit hard to decipher. I realize they are trying to “clean up this mess.” Now are you saying that you are being forced to commit fraud & produce a phony chain of title? Now what if the defendant subpoenaed those who swore & attested to those phony docs…? In my case, not attaching the legal assignment to their original filing is a fatal flaw they cannot “fix” by producing things now. All of the fraud committed after the foreclosure was filed is even worse. I know most attorney’s are not going to ask for a full accounting of the loan file but if worse comes to worse I will demand it. That is the rule of law & that is my right no matter what they want us to believe. Now the FED & the Treasury want it to appear to the American people that the FED are “BUYING BACK” insolvent mortgages and the FED now “owns ” our property. Those who know the truth know that is a FRAUDULENT TRANSFER because of THE ORIGINATION FRAUD. Let’s be honest here, there is nothing they can legally or monetarily do with this mess except commit more heinous acts of fraud. These people need to be arrested starting at the top.

  90. It had something to do with the 2010 halt to forclosures in these states with lien theory states. HMMMM?

  91. And with that said DCB …. Not everyone was willing to get pushed in to BK. That is why when Beernankie (hehe) said … we must write off all mortgages that have multiple 1st mortgages and can not be proven .. must be written off. Did you see his face when he said it? Must be somthing about the titles in lien theory states vs Title states.

  92. this story




    Submit this story

    FDR transformed the nation when he was confronted with the Great Depression and World War II. He famously welcomed the hate of the banksters. President Obama wanted the love (and the contributions) of the banksters. He chose Timothy Geithner to be his pipeline to the banksters because Geithner shared Obama’s lack of passion for holding the banksters accountable for their frauds that drove the ongoing crisis.

    We have known the core of these sad facts for years, for they were revealed (irony of ironies) in a May 22, 2010 article whose theme was that we had all done Geithner and Obama a terrible injustice by criticizing them for their servile approach to the banks. The key facts that the article disclosed can be summarized in a sentence: Obama developed a “man crush” on Geithner and decided to follow Geithner’s policies to bail out the banksters rather than hold them accountable for the frauds that made them wealthy and caused the Great Recession. Obama’s “man crush” is particularly odd given the fact that Geithner is a Republican who, as a fig leaf, became an independent.

    I emphasize that Obama is the President and the man who chose Geithner to head Treasury and, eventually, become his principal advisor on finance and economics. While this article focuses on Geithner’s role, the responsibility and culpability lie primarily with Obama.

    I find the May 2010 article’s sycophancy towards Geithner so appalling that it is acutely painful to, in the interest of brevity, ignore its defects and simply report its disclosures. Books published recently by Suskind, Barofsky, Bair, and Connaughton have confirmed and expanded these disclosures about Geithner’s all-encompassing dedication to the interests of the banksters.

    I argued in my first appearance on Bill Moyer’s in April 2009 that Obama’s acceptance of Geithner’s advice to serve the interests of the banksters rather than America could cost him reelection. Romney and Ryan have been such terrible candidates with awful policies that recent polls have indicated that Obama has a substantial advantage in the electoral vote. Wednesday’s debate, however, has exposed the political insanity of Obama’s embrace of the banksters. (I have often explained why the policy is substantively insane and provide only the briefest summary here.)

    The single most important thing that Obama could have done to respond effectively to the crisis and to prevent future crises was to take on the systemically dangerous institutions (SDIs) whose fraudulent CEOs drove the crisis. The SDIs inherently put us constantly at risk of systemic crisis, are so large that they are inefficient, make “free markets” impossible because they receive a huge, implicit federal subsidy, and pervert democracy into crony capitalism. Leaving the banksters in charge of our largest banks also guarantees recurrent, intensifying financial crises. Taking on the SDIs, particularly their CEOs who grew wealthy by looting “their” banks would have also been the single most just and politically popular action Obama could have taken.

    I want to emphasize the “just” aspect. Holding the banksters accountable for their crimes has nothing to do with “pitchforks,” vengeance, or scapegoats. Holding elite criminals accountable is a minimum condition for a democratic state that aspires to be a great nation. Americans yearn for a president who demands that we live up to our best natures. The May 2010 article unintentionally demonstrates the author’s, Geithner’s, and Bill Clinton’s inability to even fathom the concept that justice requires holding the banksters accountable for their crimes. Indeed, the article descends into this loathsome slander of the American people.

    [Geithner’s] objective was to rescue the economy from ruin, and if the price was that a bunch of bankers benefited, he was happy to pay it. But Geithner was smart enough to realize that the simmering wrath of voters could complicate the politics around his efforts considerably. So the secretary ventured to Harlem to ask Bill Clinton’s advice as to what might be done to cool the cauldron. According to Jonathan Alter’s new book, The Promise, Clinton told him that his options were limited.

    “You could pull Lloyd Blankfein into a dark alley and slit his throat,” Clinton said, “and it would satisfy [people] for two days, and then the bloodlust would rise again.”

    Note the depth of their contempt for the American people. The American people did not want any executions of banksters, much less their murder in “a dark alley.” Geithner, Clinton, and the author cannot even consider the compelling evidence that accounting control frauds led by the banksters drove the crisis. They have no understanding of accounting fraud, justice, or the damage caused to a nation when elite frauds can grow wealthy (and massively destructive) through fraud. They have no conception of what any competent regulator, economist, criminologist, or attorney would understand about a “Gresham’s” dynamic. If cheaters prosper, then bad ethics drives good ethics out of the marketplace and fraud can become endemic.

    The “price” that results from allowing elite frauds to become wealthy with impunity is endemic fraud, recurrent financial crises, grotesque economic inefficiency, and the perversion of markets and democracy through the descent into crony capitalism. Geithner will not bear this “price” — America and Americans will. We were not informed of this price or asked whether we were willing to bear it. There was no legitimate need for us to bear the price because Geithner’s grant of impunity to the elite frauds was unjust and harmed the economy and nation. The banksters are the most undeserving recipients of a U.S. government bailout in history. The odds are strong that the banksters will eventually share a portion of the massive bounty they received from the U.S. due to Geithner’s policy recommendations with Geithner. They may hire him, arrange for him to run an international organization, or give him Larry Summers-level (massive) fees for speeches on the wonders of faux “stress tests.” There are numerous ways for a senior government official to cash in.

    No regulator would ever believe that leaving fraudulent CEOs in charge of banks produces economic stability. While Geithner, as President of the FRBNY, was supposed to be one of the nation’s top regulators he, by his own admission, refused to regulate. Like Clinton, Geithner was a strong proponent of the financial regulation that helped to produce (with a huge assist from Bush) the intensely criminogenic environment that caused the crisis. Geithner and Clinton would be two of the last individuals in the world that one would ever select to create an effective program of regulating or prosecuting banksters.

    It is amusing that Geithner would choose Clinton as his go-to guy on how to neutralize the public’s outrage at Geithner’s successful effort to convince Obama not to prosecute (or even seriously investigate) the elite criminals who grew wealthy by causing the crisis. First, it’s not exactly a socially desirable expertise for which one wants to be known. Second, Clinton was the subject of the criminal investigations. He was the elite guy that much of the public was demanding be prosecuted. Third, Clinton immediately displayed his contempt for the American people by describing us as eager to murder bank CEOs by slitting their throats in a “dark alley” without any trial.

    I am sure that that all Americans will be delighted to learn that Geithner decided that we should bear the price of his recommendation (accepted by Obama) to give the banksters who grew wealthy by causing the crisis de facto immunity from prosecution plus a bailout that would save their jobs and reputations and make them even wealthier. How convenient that the banksters were, as the May 2010 article shows, Obama’s leading contributors (and Geithner’s most likely future employer). Our saying as regulators during the S&L debacle remains true today: “the best return on assets is always a political contribution.” In our day, the political contributions were used to influence politicians who sought to block us from holding the banksters accountable. The author’s effort to render Geithner noble and Clinton sagacious for braving the public’s (fictional) bloodlust in order to protect the noble banksters (aka: contributors) from the murderous public is revealing and comic.

    Taking on the banksters would have required the Obama administration to rebuild the vigorous regulatory system essential to prosecute the banksters and prevent future crises. Obama, however, followed the advice of Geithner and Orzag (Obama’s OMB appointee and another leading foe of regulation) and attacked regulation and regulators as the problem. Geithner’s answer to Congressman Ron Paul’s question about his role as the chief regulator of many of the nation’s largest bank holding companies was “I was never a regulator.” So true, but you’re not supposed to admit it. Geithner was a catastrophic failure as a regulator.

    Obama followed Geithner’s advice and did not shape Dodd-Frank to target the true causes, particularly accounting control fraud, of the financial crisis. Obama did not appoint vigorous regulatory leaders and he appointed Attorney General Holder, whose failure to prosecute any elite white-collar Wall Street CEO involved in causing the crisis has continued the national disgrace of the Bush administration.

    What does the Obama administration stand for with respect to the greatest financial crisis in four generations? Obama stands for bailing out the banksters and not prosecuting them. The administration’s most cynical act was claiming that programs that were actually designed to bail out the banksters were programs to help distressed homeowners. Barofsky’s (SIGTARP) book reveals the sickening details.

    [Elizabeth] Warren asked Geithner repeatedly about HAMP. After several evasions, Geithner said about the banks, “We estimate that they can handle ten million foreclosures, over time… this program will help foam the runway for them.”

    Romney lied repeatedly when he claimed that the Dodd-Frank Act creates a safe harbor for the SDIs. Obama failed to rebut the lies, but the greater problem is that because he listens to Geithner’s advice Obama has done nothing to end the SDIs, which would have turned Romney’s attack into Obama’s triumph. Dodd-Frank should have ended SDIs and it would have if the President had rejected Geithner’s advice. If Obama had pushed for Dodd-Frank to end the SDIs it would have smoked out the SDIs’ defenders – which would have included Romney and Ryan. The continuing failure to remove the threat posed by the SDIs has nothing to do with (non-existent) Dodd-Frank safe harbors for the SDIs. But that actually demonstrates that the fault lies with Obama listening to Geithner. The administration, prior to and after the passage of Dodd-Frank had and has the statutory authority to shrink the SDIs to the point that they no longer pose a systemic risk to the global financial system. The Obama administration has followed the Bush administration policy of refusing to use that authority and the SDI problem increased greatly under both administrations.

    During the debate, Romney changed his positions when he backed away from his plan to repeal Dodd-Frank and its financial regulations. Obama failed to point this out or explain why greater financial regulation was necessary. But we need to step back and consider why Romney would think he could get away with his lies and evasions on these points. If Obama had appointed vigorous regulators and prosecutors and made it a national priority to remove from office the banksters who control our SDIs and prosecute them Romney could not have attempted these lies. Obama would not have been on the defense — he would be presenting himself as the president who led the successful campaign against the banksters.

    Similarly, if Obama had appointed vigorous regulators who reestablished the criminal referral process that is essential for prosecuting elite banksters and adopting and enforcing the rules that would prevent future crises he would have been on the offensive taking credit for these successes. If Obama had fought to establish real relief designed to aid distressed homeowners rather than “foam the runway” for the banks Obama would be the hero. Instead, Obama followed Geithner’s and Orzag’s advice and derided and reduced regulation and cynically used programs purportedly designed to help homeowners to as yet another means to bail out the banks. Obama is incapable of reversing fields and endorsing vital regulations and real programs for the homeowners because of his “man crush” on Geithner — the banksters’ pipeline to the Obama administration.

    The debate revealed that Obama does not stand for anything positive when it comes to the banksters or distressed homeowners. Geithner is not a banker or a technocrat. He is an American apparatchik who rose by attaching himself to powerful political patrons and telling them what they want to hear. That reflects badly on Obama. Geithner gave Obama the answers Obama wanted to hear — we must not act against our largest donors (and Geithner’s most likely future employer), the banksters, by holding them accountable for their frauds because if we were to do so the economy would collapse. Geithner’s answer, which became administration policy, was to lie about the banksters’ role in causing the crisis and the financial condition of the banks.

    Obama should hold Romney accountable for his endemic lies during the campaign and debate, but he would be in a better position to do so if he fired Geithner and Holder, ended his administration’s lies about the banksters, and reversed the administration’s unjust and destructive financial policies. Obama needs to stand for something – he should stand for the American people against the banksters and the SDIs. The irony is that by following Geithner’s advice Obama acted dishonorably and foamed the runway for Romney’s lies about the financial crisis


  93. For me only…rather have a judicial foreclosure hearing, where they NEED to produce…I am non-judicial and it is a nightmare. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork claiming to be authority and the judges are listening. So, for me, I’ll go the judicial route. Each to their own!

  94. E Tolle….Ian & others….you are taking issue with others who are speaking the truth. Yes, this is about fraudclosure and that is a big part of this. However, what happened, why this happened and who caused this to happen is as important as fighting the foreclosure. This is about a lot more than the stealing of our livelihoods, wealth & property. This is about completely diabolical people who want us to believe they own not only everything but they own US…I was told that by the State AG’s office a while back….That means the complete loss of our freedom & independence. Now if you want complete psychopaths to steal all of your God given rights from you, that is your choice. I don’t and millions of others don’t either. An attorney told me early on, you can’t go into battle when you don’t know what the enemies plan is & who the enemy is…then you are unarmed. I take professional advice seriously and that was good advice IMHO. Common sense doesn’t always apply to this. If you know who your enemy is…you already know that.

  95. SC
    What are you talking about????

  96. @POP
    I have no experience as a practical matter with the nonjudicial states–operating on hearsay and academic conceptualization. [IE CAVEATs]

    However thereappears to be a double-edged sword here. Absolutely the idea that some supposed independent title trustee can stick a note on your door and sell your house seems light on PROCEDURAL Due Process to me. However it appears to me that the tradeoff is that when they sieze your home that way—you have no deficiency judgment to worry about.

    That is a profound diference.
    I have had continuous difficulties understanding the thought processes of some writers here who hale from the “walkaway states”.

    The mortgage DOT is their focus —and they largely ignore the note–ignore the UCC—because the debt is basically in rem. Thus the residents of walkaway states have some benefits; In a typical judicial state, the plaintiff alleges it holds the note and there is a mortgage–attaching copies of note and a created for the purpose assignment of mortgage.

    It is difficult to obtain surrender of the original note from amidst the confusion of bankrupt originators and servicers. Even when they tell you the document coming off the servicer-atty desk is the original note—you cant be sure. And if you screw up and adopt it –accept that it is the original and turn out to be wrong—–too bad for you—-you owe it twice.

    Traps for the unwary at every turn. You could easily lose your home –have a deficiency judgment lodged against you to enable a collection agency to garnish your wages–levy on your bank accts, etc——see all that paid——then have a holder in due course show up with the original note and take another run as an unsecured creditor. With the current bankruptcy laws as amended in 2005 in anticipation of this exposure, you may have to seek approval from the collection agency to use your IRA distributions for anything but immediate cost of living—no aid to your college kids—no travel—no new car–just watch the wealth channel on tv .

    This is not a pretty picture–but its a real one. The UCC allows it.

    In the non-judicials with no deficiency —-you can go to sleep w/o obtaining the note —nothing worse than renting a new olace to live. No lingering uncertainty. Peace of mind is assured.

    And in a very practical way–there are other implications.that flow from this distinction. Hypothesize that you reside in your underwatr home in California. You lose your high paying job. There is no similar replacement job except in a distant part of the state or another state. You shrug your shoulders and say –too bad Iv lost my equity –if i had any—and hop in the moving van and have nothing more than a blemish on your credit record–which is not so bad if you have obtained a high paying replacement job. No deficiency hanging over your head or hammering your credit record. You are in not much worse shape than if you just lost your job.

    contrast to the judicial result. You lose your home almost as fast. You owe a deficiency —-its on your record—nobody will lend you anything–you are a pariah. And thanks to the UCC, you are at risk of having an original note–or a good copy—pop up years later. You have risk of double collection hanging over your head for several years–you have little choice but to file bankruptcy—become subject to years of control by your friendly collection agency.

    Which is better?

  97. Post was censored once I put in the link.
    Neil said,
    Establishing justice, I submit, has been the trickiest part of executing this prime directive of the constitution. Justice has turned out to be more a matter of convenience, power and money. It’s the first order of business in the Constitution and the last order of business in our everyday reality. Justice is later defined as the absolute right of every citizen to keep their liberty, privacy, property and lives unless it is taken from them through “Due process.”

    Comment was at nesaranews(dot)


    —————post ———————-
    1 of 2
    EyeAreEss has turned it up a notch. You get rid of them for on tax year and they come after you for another. I had a recording where I stated the call was Under Duress, and Under Coercion. That I do not owe them, and I don’t want to do business with them. She said because I won’t contact them is why they issue the levy. I said, lady, I send a form to request a refund, some agent charges $5000 civil penalty and the letter says send another form and if we don’t like it we’ll charge another $5000. I cannot in good conscience communicate with a business like that. I told her. I submitted forms and explicitly put, not subject to lien or levy and they were accepted, yet here and again someone creates a debt out of thin air and now they want to affect my life and the life I created. Their levy will leave me without food and shelter and will interfere with the obligations of contracts I am already entered into. Their levy will make me fail to perform the obligations of other contracts. I said I demand lawful money and I convert the salary, reward or recompense for services rendered, into lawful money or US Mint dollar coins. I said when I convert the recompense at the bank, they do not give me money of account. The agent would make an agreement to life the levy only if I agree to make payments. I told her, I don’t want to agree to pay what I don’t owe, but I will to life the levy. The she says, It has to be your agreement. I told her, it will be your agreement and you will say that on the letters you send for payment, but I’ll accept it to get the levy released. She says. I can’t let you accept the agreement unless you really want it and I can’t release the levy without an agreement. You don’t sound like you agree. I said, okay. I agree. Since the call is recorded and beginning of this call states I am calling under duress and under coercion and a contract under duress is not a contract anyway, I agree to make the payments. She says, I can’t accept that. You’ll have to call back. I can’t let you accept under those terms. I say, no. The reason I call is to have the levy release, whatever I need to do to release it I will because I can’t live with that levy. It will prevent me from having shelter. I can’t live my life if that levy stays. She says she can’t continue because I already indicated I didn’t want to call them, but the levy stays. She’ll give me time to think about accepting payment and call back. I keep her on the phone, telling her, I agree, I will pay, then she asks what can I pay. I make an offer and she accepts only if I don’t have any other levy’s. She sees I didn’t file a 2011 tax return and I’m due a refund. I told her, lady, if I file and someone doesn’t like it, I get charged $5000. I do not plan to file any more returns with your company. It’s against conscience to send forms with a company and get penalized for sending them.
    2 of 2
    She sets up the payment plan but she wants more if I give her a bank account. I say, I can’t I don’t have the proper id for a bank account, can’t I send a cashier’s check or something. She says it has to be a bank account or if don’t do that I have to give her financial information so she can determine what I pay without an account. I say, I don’t owe you and I don’t want to tell you anything private about me. So she gives me until the 9th to call back and either have an account or disclose private and confidential information about myself. I told her, to pay when i don’t owe is involuntary servitude, can’t they review the standing I provided on the docs? She says it’s already determined. I say can’t they refer it to a court, even though the court won’t have jurisdiction over me. she says I have to put it in the court. Laughing out loud how someone can create a document before I am born alive and then enforce the provisions on that document without validating status. Clear as day, the status is not that of a person, individual or taxpayer.
    I eventually responded in writing. There are things ‘life’ can do that a corporation can’t. Life does not pay taxes to live. And a financial instrument is not money nor income until converted. Banks do not convert to money of account as per The coinage act of 1792.
    How can one garnish a portion of an instrument that isn’t wages nor income before it’s converted at a bank to some subsistence. Banks don’t convert recompense to wages nor income. I don’t provide ‘personal’ services. I need the recompense converted something to live life. I need to purchase energy (food) so I can produce more energy with my corporeal body so I can get more recompense for this vicious circle in life.

    I am who I’ve been waiting for.

    My experience with the EyeAreEss is that they are business of Undue Influence and no one in good Conscience would want to contract and re-contract with them on a yearly basis. And if you don’t contract with them on a yearly basis because it’s against conscience, unconscionable, they will come after you and MAKE you contract with them.

    Who in their right mind would agree to that?
    It’s Turpitude. It’s involuntary servitude when you don’t owe and an unknown agent has the power to create a civil penalty contract and a new debt, bring into existence $5000 that did not exist before. They have the powers of Congress and the Federal Reserve to create money out of Thin Air.

    Who knew?

  98. Neil, although this post is not about foreclosure, it is chock full of clues, that the People can see, but it seems you have citizens on this blog to.

    Neil, why didn’t you break out your legal dictionary? You are interchanging the word People and citizen and they cannot be joined into a single definition.

    The People are the state. The government derives it’s powers from the people, from the state. The constitution was written by the people knowing they gave powers to the government and whatever powers were not given, were reserved to the states. Legal definition of People is state. We can go further into a state of life, a state of conscience, but it’s still a state that the government derived it’s powers from when the people united, the states united.
    The Declaration of Independence was written while there were still colonies, and legal scholars or not, they indicated they were free and independent states.

    (Note this post may have grammatical and syntax errors. The Creator created perfection and imperfection and I choose to walk between the two and experience the whole of creation. I am a life, not a computer. I am dynamic and that’s the experience I want right NOW.)

    A citizen derives their benefits and priviliges from their consent to be governed. (in layman’s terms).

    The people are sovereign and have unalienable rights that are not privileges, but rights and they can govern their selves or choose to be governed without accepting the role of a citizen.

    We have a right to be here by birth, in the territory of the state without having to be told we are absorbed into the federal territory. Both share the same territorial boundaries, but the state is supreme.

    As for your post. It is excellent, sans the interchanging of two words that are not similar at all.

    I was on a different blog and saw a post that has to do with what you discussed. The poster, with their typo’s and all expressed the epitomy of control, theft, violation of property rights without due process.

    The post should have gone viral, but it’s one of those; well it didn’t happen to me so my jaw won’t drop from what they are saying happened to them.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

  99. Yikes! Speaking of Babysitter … I gotta Run! Many Blessings to All!

  100. Did I mention, I gave acess to my computer to the Authorities 2yrs Ago? Why the Heck do you think I have so many Babysitters? Watch the Airports …. I see the scuttlebuttin and dust flying over there …. Dirty Snowballs ….PFFFT!

  101. Your gonna do What? Report me to Who? the Scheduling Dept? Is that the best you can do? hahahaha ….. I dont need your Blood Money.

  102. Here poochy …. I got some E&O for you. Its All Yours! Of course you’ll have to go to court to get it. *Snickers*

  103. I told you I tested the waters to see if things had changed, and they hadnt. KneeHigh in BullShit Still- Oh Boy … funded the loan almost a month ago. Desperate Times demand Desperate Measures …

  104. You didnt … You wouldnt… I cant believe it. You funded the loan anyhows …… Ut OH! snorts’

  105. Guess I’m a Lil to Spicy for their Blood. LOL Fear Not … Daddy is the Sheriff, and Sis is a Federal Prosecuter. uuuuuhhhhh … I’m shaking! “Splat”!

  106. Eye have my I on youuuu …… I also wait patiently with a Shovel in my Hand? Did I forget to tell you … who was getting buried? Oh ..Sorry about that …

  107. Yes.. its True! They already did it …… and they want me to fix it? ummm ….. NO! GAG ON IT!

  108. The Devil wants me to commit a Fraud? Should I do It?

  109. Ut Oh …. Everytime I post …. the Devil Rings a Phone, its Stalking Me. Wait til it gets stuck in my White Out ……. snorts

  110. Coming out of LPS is like a Frankenstien. You have a 606 leg, and a 202 arm plat,. Lots of stitches and an Empty Head.

  111. I don’t know about the rest here, but I think we need to moving against the non-judicial foreclosure states. Also, leaving closing work blank is large problem. If we could lobby to get at least these 2 loopholes closed, it would solve many of these problems. Thoughts anyone?

    I am filing a complaint to my recorders office locally, as originators are not lenders, my deed is fictional and void. Thus anyone working off that paperwork, does not have proper authority to do anything.

  112. LPS,DocX,LSI……. where the Dead go, to be brought back to Life.

  113. LSI Title is doing headstands for the NNA and yet they still send Blank Title Docs to Closing (knowning the borrower does not have the info). Borrower signs and LSI is happy to fill in the blanks. hmmm Lets not forget the fraudulent use of Notary Acknowledgements still on Going. When the Greedy is Hungry ….. It will eat anything marked Free… including the Bait! *snickers*

  114. Mr Bankster hires LPS to clean up its mess …. LPS used DocX and LSI Title (both divisions of LPS).

  115. Instresting … just like the old days, students did not do there homework … so they Bullied others for the Answers.

  116. There is nothing new here. I posted a DOCX document reproduction price sheet last week.—the “entire loan file” is the priciest at $95…

    go googloe DOCX price list

  117. @ E. ToLLe

    Yes, you are right. Many of the posts are copy and pasted from newspapers…Oh Boy! Constant back-biting and criticism of others situations, inflated intellectual synopsis of things they merely regurgitate, endless babble about the historic rise and fall of other countries evolution and demise, which in no way reflects what we are doing here, and the answer period, where a few here decide they are so elevated in financial theory they know what is best, while they sit at their computer instead of getting actively involved.

    I have been on here for years and have left from time to time because of this and had to change my screen name after being insulted by same folks, who pretty much censor this blog.

    In the beginning it was very helpful, now a place to ponder one’s situation and discuss the inequities in the world and no disclosure of the facts gleaned in each case that could or may help someone else. As you know, the newspapers are fair and unbiased, so you can always trust what they say. If you just tax the wealthy all our problems will be solved! LOL

  118. hman- (per your request from last week) You are correct in stating that when an SEC 15D is filed, (under 300 shareholders in REMIC) there is no longer any obligation for said REMIC to file. However, under IRC, they must file IRS Form 938. If they didn’t file, they are either out of business or in violation of the IRS. Type in IRS 938, scroll through to year of REMIC, (Fraud2006-3,etc) and look through all the listed, reporting “Trusts”. They are not necessarily in alphabetical order, it takes awhile.
    Note: 2008 is BLANK. Nothing there. Let’s hear some conspiracy theories to start off the week. Or some good solid information. Is this the year that the Fed/Treas bought every mortgage in the US? Hint: it has long been suspected that the rings around the planet Saturn are not exploded asteroids, but rather lost airline baggage. A recent study suggests that these rings now contain all the lost mortgage notes, although certain well-regarded academics maintain that the rings contain only the mortgages/deeds of trust, and that the notes were shredded and recycled into blown-in insulation for the 80,000 trailers set up after hurricane Katrina. This is why people living in these trailers are always seen sitting, they have no standing, due to bifurcation of the mortgage from the trailer.

  119. Exactly Ian. This site, originally created as a platform for foreclosure litigation discussion and techniques, has been seized by a New World Order theorist on the one hand, and a sound effect junkie who loves to hear her self think out loud*gasp*. These two hang out 24/7 believing that everyone awaits their next post like it’s a news flash.

    There hasn’t been a legal case discussed or dissected in weeks or longer. One wonders how many people arriving here in hopes of a legal lifeline have turned away in disgust with this constant nonsensical chatter. The need to express one’s opinion on every single topic displays a neurosis that runs much deeper than the need for legal help. Is there a psychiatrist in the house?

    Neil, is there any chance that you could install a moderator, or barring that, an ignore feature?

  120. Face it: it’s pretty much a done deal. Wasn’t that something I predicted last year? I took quite a bit of flack over it too… Better learn a few foreign languages fast!


    Yevgeny Fyodorov

    Russia to liberate the world from US occupation

    A State Duma deputy, the head of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Russian State Duma, Yevgeny Fyodorov, told Pravda.Ru of his impressions from visiting the APEC summit in Vladivostok. According to him, the meeting showed that the U.S. gradually loses absolute power in the world economy and politics. The power and influence of other countries, such as Russia and China, grows against such a background.

    State Duma deputy, the head of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Russian State Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov:

    “APEC is a very interesting and important event, although it seems to be an ordinary one. The leaders get together and discuss important issues, but in reality it is the key event in today’s global scenario. With the onset of the global economic crisis,with political and economic turbulence, the APEC is a key event in terms of the demonstration of new vectors of unity of the international community outside the United States.

    It is clear that it is not a split – everyone still plays by American rules, but the countries already demonstrate their independence in economic policy. I was there and saw how angry Mrs. Hillary Clinton was when she came from China, where several Chinese leaders – especially those who are to become top officials of China next year – did not even want to meet her. In China, Clinton was told no when she wanted to take on mediator’s functions in resolving China’s territorial disputes with Asian countries.

    She also heard no in response to her requirement to set the yuan rate. It is an annual requirement of the United States to China to set the yuan rate for political reasons to pump resources and opportunities from China to the U.S. It is an additional form of tribute from China, which China had to deal with every year for political motives. Nowadays, the U.S. was refused. The world is changing.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly expressed his attitude to the dollar as the world reserve currency. In fact, he offered the countries of the world to start building a large number of regional currencies as an alternative to the reserve system of the dollar. This is a strong step and a strong move, including the initiative to switch to mutual payments. He also said that Russia and China had already switched to the system and he urged other countries to follow the example. This shows that the world begins to change fundamentally, and Russia’s role at this point is to become the leader in changing the world. I would say that Putin as the leader of the national liberation movement in Russia, demonstrated himself at the event as a leader and provider of ideas for the world national liberation movement against the system of occupation, which was formed after 1991 not only about Russia but also China and many other countries.

    From this point of view, it is the key and turning meeting of the leaders of world’s largest economies, which creates conditions to reformat the entire economic system of the world – moving away from the U.S. Do not forget that the U.S. consumes a half the world’s GDP, despite the fact that there is only 4.5 percent of the population living there. In other words, they eat ten times as much as compared to the citizens of all other countries. And they eat at the expense of China, Russia, India, Brazil – all other countries.

    Today, the world begins to unite against the colonizer – USA. For the time being, it is a conceptual and preparatory process, but it takes place. In this regard, I would call the preliminary results of the meeting in the Far East the meeting of the future members of the world national liberation movement to free the world from the U.S. occupation.

    Elizaveta Lavrentieva


  121. I can’t believe how this site has degenerated from a first class self-help site to a “listen to my take on this issue” ad nauseum. Knock it off or you will still be spouting off when you are foreclosed by someone who doesn’t appear in your chain of title. (could have done something about that, if you weren’t so busy listening to yourself talk). And then you can stand and watch your property sold via “credit bid” by a non-creditor. And the blame falls squarely on you, because you didn’t do anything.
    -“some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people don’t know what the hell happened.” Wake up.
    Note: there are no spelling or grammatical errors in this post.

  122. There are reports QE 3 by the FED is the biggest land grab in U.S. HISTORY and they are using our wealth to grab it.. Do we need anymore proof Obama & Co. are deceptive crooks beyond human comprehension..?

  123. Name: Ray Shelton
    Email: shel3r@aol.com
    Feedback or Comments: Mr. Livinglies, Please get the word out ASAP, we now have proof that US Bank and SN servicing are involved in submitting forged documents to the court. Our deed is forged and we will be presenting the information to the FBI. I have found others who are claiming the same thing, we need everyone to join in this battle for a class action case. Please have them send me their names and address if they have some proof. Proof is what we need. Please have you readers take a real close look at the docs that have been submitted to the courts. Is the papper the same as when they signed? Is the ink in royal blue as signed or is it now black? Any change may be the proof needed to show massive nation wide fraud on the American People and our courts. The Board of Directors of US BANK and SN SERVICING, the managers and the processors should be charged with criminal racketeering. Our Attorney is JEFF BARNES from Beverly Hills Ca. He is a big pit bull who is winning all across this nation. Ray Shelton
    Phone Number: 352 274 8467
    zip code: 34432

  124. No D.C……I am just a freedom loving U.S. CITIZEN who is sick of the lies & the fraud…Now do you really believe you are going to see any of that tax money….? The only thing you are going to see is more foreign investors coming in here buying up the place. They aren’t going to do anything good for this country with that money. They never do. What have they done with ours….? Nothing good….! We have nothing but horrible economic conditions, crumbling roads & crumbling infrastructure. In Chicago we have gazillions in missing taxpayer & pension money….and Rahm Emanuel borrowing from unknown investors to “improve” the city & bringing in foreign investors to buy up the city. These sneaky crooks need to be arrested…they are IMPOSTERS who are stealing our country… Got that…?

  125. @IVENT

    you said: “Taxing the rich does not trickle down…..it goes into the hands of the very rich who want to control us.”

    Ok thats it –either you are a shill or a moron—lets leave room for both. You will not hear from me again.

  126. In my comment at 8:37 I may have misconstrued the reason why I believe the Government & its agents ARE protecting the large institutional investors, but it is not about protecting their wealth…. They are doing that not for any reason other than fraudulent control…It’s not about the money….it never has been…it is about maintaining the control mechanisms that oppress the people. I think it was Professor Bill Black who said it is called control fraud.

  127. The facts are clear, as long as TBTF can never fail and the SEC won’t reign in the broker/dealers & the hedge fund managers, than there are no rules & regulations. The die is cast for their institutional investors….they can never fail.

  128. Taxing the rich does not trickle down…..it goes into the hands of the very rich who want to control us…….regulations are a joke when no ones regulating the traitor politicians who write the laws like Dodd-Frank and repeal the rules like Glass-Steagall and they use Wall Street to buy the regulators and they appoint the Trustees of the peoples money at the Treasury & they instituted their own personal wealth siphoning credit scam called the Federal Reserve Bank…& Wall Street for their rich cronies. That is precisely why no one is safe. Obamas shooting his mouth off about how he is trying to regulate Wall Street while he is invested in one of the largest institutional investment firms in the country…VANGUARD…Its the politicians who are unregulated …..that’s the problem.

  129. @POP “creating complacency amongst the most ambitious”

    Obviously out of context—but i think the problem is very fundamental risk /reward system. If there are huge rewards for bad behavior —then there must either be a high capture risk——or keep the reward skinny. in the wake of 1929 collapse the tax rates grew —there was a flat war period—then high rates came into effect –up to 85% —the 50s and 60s even 70s were up and down but not catastrophe.
    Then 1980 Reagan voodoo economics——cut taxes. The frauders thatr were old said—i missed my chance at a 200 footer…ho hum

    The young ones in 1980s said lets go for it–anything goes–i get to keep virtually everything i beg borrow or steal….and even earn.
    Near-tax free. So they took off and moved into the financial system–jacking exec pay in finance-related jobs. It is easy to invent unscrupulous deals–its harder to do it w/o violating significant laws–but they were and are again in he rush to move paper.

    The high tax rates both on income and estates take away the incentive to set sky high pay and earnings for relatively smaller contributions of service. The young guys will go for it without ethical consideration–grab all you can while the getting is good. Low tax rates incentivize and reward shere greed. The past 20 years have seen worsening examples from S/L to ENRON to the depression we want to forget—-like a worsening nightmare from which you cannot awake. The contra-argument is : lets regulate it by seven different agencies thus and so. BAD. We neither need nor want to add enough diferent agency people to stop abuse if the abuser gets to keep 80% even if caught in a bad act uused to generate revenue–like LIBOR fixing.

    The banks buy loyalty. buy people who will take risks–then deny all knowledge.

    Gotta impose higher taxes enforceable at a single choke point—it worked well for decades—the alternative has failed–at least failed all but the most rich.

  130. Shadowcat…I haven’t heard you make a valid argument yet….The so called geniuses from Harvard & Yale are not coming here. The truth is, this scam is way beyond intellect, fact or reason. Did they break the law…? Of course. However, the reasons for that lawlessness defy most peoples ability to see their true intentions…COMPLETE CONTROL BY COMPLETE COMMUNISM. Those ivy league grads deal in only what is considered to be the norm. That puts them in a box. They are taught lies…..afterall…this is about protecting our investors …… we must maintain investor confidence…. that’s not what this is about at all. Those investors are not our friends…..they want us to believe they own everyone & everything….that’s a lie….a fraud. Now I am not talking about the little guy investors…they already lost most of their wealth….I am talking about the large institutional investors …..they are the scam artists here.

  131. Governments role is to uphold the U.S. CONSTITUTION…..not USURP IT in order to steal our wealth & dictate how we live, where we live, what we may spend and make & how we spend & make our wealth. They were entrusted with our wealth & they blew it & they all need to go. What good is a Government who would use secrets, lies & deception to artificially oppress its own people….? No good…they are traitors.

  132. I’ll make you a deal DCB. you go deal with the Knuckleheads from Yale and Harverd and Leave the Babies to me. DEAL?

  133. @DCB, Are you ready for that asprin yet? LOL

  134. You are right. Bill Gates has too much money & that is why own him. Just like all of these billionaire GLOBALISTS. Look at what they did to Steve Jobs for not doing as he was told…These Globalists like Buffet are GLOBALIST proxies. Even the millionaires don’t give back much of their wealth to the people who made them millionaires. They do what they are told & they are told not to do anything that benefits the American people. The more evil they are….the bigger the bonus.

  135. For me, government does have its function. No matter what country you would like to make comparisons of.

    When our government ceases to follow Constitutional law and monies are being generated from corporate and private entities solely for the purpose of changing the law for greed and self-interest, at the demise of ALL of the citizens, it is a large problem.

    Inequities exists everywhere and there is no possibility of complete fairness, as someone else absorbs the cost of that, thereby, creating complacency amongst the most ambitious.

    Our government officials are in fact “public servants” not paid employees with 30 years of employment. These people have lost their way and for me are total sociopaths. Long-term their behavior will not work. You cannot destroy an entire economy and tax base, borrow and spend and expect solvency.

    There are fixes to all of our problems, with REASONABLE, well executed changes in all areas of government. The people are the answer to these solutions and currently they are being used, abused, lied to, unrepresented and bankrupted.

    Now, where in the hell can you go from there?

  136. Oh hell no…DC..! The American people pay for EVERYTHING….Therefore…..NOTHING is an entitlement program. I am pointing out the HIDDEN poverty. IT IS BLASPHEMOUS….IT IS TREASON…IT IS CRIMINAL……The truth is, NOT ONE AMERICAN CITIZEN…. in the richest nation on the planet..the U.S.A ..the nation in which we all fund & pay for EVERYTHING….. should EVER even need food stamps. The FED collects trillions a month in mortgage money they are not even owed….while CHASE doles out food stamps to the peasants the FED VIA WALL STREET CREATED…..THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE……It is time to SUE & call an end to the FED….We need to restore our Constitution, our Bill of Rights & issue our own Currency. Socialism has failed as intended..

  137. Well Ivent im not so sure that i would take credit away from gates, he had something to do with my computer virus scanner—-but yeah hes like a rockstar that had one hit record and a really good royalty contract that allowed him to buy other people’s royalty generating inventions——now hes just a money snowball rolling downhill

    my argument with him is that i simply do not think its good public policy to allow people to have more than a billion–it distorts them–it creates societal inefficiency –even while this guy makes more because accumulated wealth took gates out of the invention room and put him on a yacht

    would that be the thing to do with einstein—say he sold his equation when he was 28 for a billion, kicked back and went finance-playing, and woman chasing on his yacht instead of physics—-hmmm–wealth diverts inventors from their highest value activity–wealth is destructive–think what a great capenter or shoewmaker buffet might have been? instead hes done nothing….accomplished nothing…leave nothing beneficial to humanity behind…. a footnote in history books for about 30 years—then gone

    hell probably have a taxpayer paid bridge named after him until a new richie comes along in 20 years and says —i want his bridge named aftet me and ill pay for a new paintjob—-all things in life are fleeting

  138. CNBC’s Larry Kudlow said many months ago he believes Obama wants to level US like Europe and I agree with that. However, I don’t agree with Larry’s defense of the banks. The TBTF bailouts need to stop and these crooks should be sued. Namely the FED & AIG ….they are the biggest crooks on the planet. They are the biggest welfare recipients of our wealth on the planet. TBTF is a massive entitlement program……They are the only entitlement program that I see.

  139. IVENT

    If I follow your line of reasoning here : If you give food to people it disguises starvation??? and therefore it is wrong and we are better off to watch people starve and die on the sidewalks so the rest of us know how good we have it? Am i getting it right? Ok well that fills a gap for me –i never could understand why Washington DC has so many people sleeping on marble slabs in doorways. We want to show that people can starve and be homeless in america too….then its easier to cut foreign aid to say egypt from x billions to y billions–?????

  140. @POP
    you said “Bill Gates? What? And why should he not put himself in our shoes?”

    Thats easy—he did try it, and decided all other things being equal he’d rather be a hundred billionaire.

    At the turn of the century 19th to 20th —–there was similar disproprortionate income which anifested by newport mansions etc uptown from grim slums –the system was nudged by richie rich TR—who had to do something about meatpacking scandals and child labor and telling the mega rich to donate to charity etc——the system roared on to 1929 and fell apart in part dragged down by the disfunction in europe [anybody feeling deja vu here] —-and just basically imploded with destruction of everybody’s wealth

    What came out of that was politcal and economic national socialism to some considerable extent in spain, italy, germany, austria, netherlands, sweden, japan and elsewhere. In europe they do social experimentation with Spain.

    Natl socialism i believe was sold as spain for the spanish as a whole for example–but they did not require all spaniards to be economically leveled like soviets purported. that brand of natl interest socialism is the ante-thesis of a supra-natl state of the wealthy–ie “globalism” for jet setters. It was a very threatening concept for the brits in particular–the original globo-jetters—

    Other concepts were tacked onto the basic spain for spaniards concept as the concept was adopted elsewhere–in germany it was germany [and anything else we can grab] for the germans as a people –not just for bertha krupp—although the krupps did ok–

    Today greece and spain are perched pretty close to disavowing foreign bondholders. The Brit bankers will call this natl sociaism–i dont know if it is or not.

  141. Selling investments as a proxy (disguise) to subsidize a a ponzi scheme in things that you do not own because you never paid for them is FRAUD….Wall Street broker/dealers & hedgefund managers were really selling investments in things that did not exist. THAT IS FRAUD BY DECEPTION AND THAT IS CRIMINAL…!

  142. Bill Gates is a NWO tool…so are the politicians & all of the heads of the multinational corps….we paid for and built everything these crooks claim to own…They didn’t pay for it….they didn’t build it…WE THE PEOPLE PAID FOR IT & BUILT IT….! THEREFORE…..WE OWN IT…NOT THESE CROOKS..WHO ARE ROBBERBARONS FOR THE RICH…PAYING SUBSIDIES THROUGH INVESTING DOESN’T MAKE YOU AN OWNER……..IF YOU NEVER PAID FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE…!

  143. Here’s food for thought….the only reason we are not seeing breadlines by now is because FOOD STAMPS hides the poverty of the American people caused by the so called TBTF….allowed by the politicians…There are $100 million Americans living in hidden poverty….Our grown children are forced to live at home with their parents …..more hidden poverty…..the stacks of fraudclosures in the courtrooms….more hidden poverty…..PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD HEALTHCARE OR HEALTH INSURANCE SO THEY WANT TO FORCE US TO ACCEPT……OBAMACARE MORE HIDDEN POVERTY…..People paying billions of dollars per year in overdraft fees to the banks….more hidden poverty….millions of americans have no savings accounts and no pensions…more hidden poverty……people are losing their homes for non payment of property taxes…..more hidden poverty…AND ITS ALL FRAUD……BEWARE…..this hidden poverty was well designed by our frenemies…..to get us to accept their fix for fraud….WHICH IS…….A FAKE WELFARE NATION…THAT WE ALL PAID FOR………THE LIFETIME COMMUNIST PONZI SCHEME THAT WE WILL PAY FOR FOREVER WILL BE WELL DISGUISED AS RESOCIALISM…. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE…..IT IS COMPLETE COMMUNISM…!

  144. DC

    “if you just could put yourself in his shoes for a couple minutes then you would understand” Bill Gates? What?

    And why should he not put himself in our shoes? Complete control of what we see, hear, buy, sell, earn, eat, etc…

    No financial regulation
    Genetically engineered food
    Oil prices skyrocketing, while dependent on the stuff
    Energy Department (Billions) with higher dependency than ever
    Education over $6000 per taxpayer, a social mess
    The ATF, when all those endeavors are LEGAL (Billions spent)
    Health Care mandates, no cost reductions (Trillions)
    Media coverage completely jaded, no honesty and disclosure
    Illegal immigration, free social programs, while spending Billions on border enforcement, instead of fining business who hire them
    Billions for airport security when less than 1% are crackpots
    The DC trough is full of Lear jet flyers, pensions, healthcare and lobby money…Public servants my A$$
    Imbalanced budgets (Trillions)
    Social Security; stealing excess money to pay for other things (money is not theirs)
    Foreign conflicts (Billions)
    Pensions going bust after employees worked for years
    No quality control standards on products
    Stagnant wages or reductions
    Fees for everything, even bad goods and services
    Massive Entitlements

    The list is so long…we live in a disposable society and many people think what they have bought makes them who they are. We are so far from “reality” that lies are okay if it benefits the liar.

    I guess I too am paranoid, but the behavior is in your face. The government does nothing well, to include dispensing our taxes for the benefit of all citizens, who pay them.

  145. DC…..They are working for these commies. They are GLOBALISTS that do nothing but but rob our wealth to build up our enemies strength and weaken US….Can you name one good thing Obama, Geithner Bernanke, Buffet, Gates Geithner Bush, or Cinton have done for the American people……? I don’t want to hear about the invention of computer technology b.s. either. That dweeb or that other dweeb Steve “Jobs” didn’t invent jack shit.

  146. @IVENT

    About the only thing Im CERTAIN of is that Bill gates and other similarly situated mult-billionaires are neither socialists nor communists—and frankly it is a matter of utter confusion to me that you continue to misapply these basic concepts. I wish you would crack a book and finf the proper labels

    Or are you seriously intending to suggest that Buffet, Gates, Geithner and Blankfein—-madoff etc are communists?

    Or national socialists?

    Or anything but monopolists–which puts them outside capitalists–which supposedly connotes competition.

    The free-market pointy headed economists that constantly banter about free markets and rail against regulation –if they work for private companies–spend about 50% of their time trying to figure out how to circumevent anti-trust laws—all private economists realize that the ultimate goal of any capitalist is to achieve a monopoly that enables them to exact profits limited only by the ability of the damand to pay.

    The free market guys all want to be utilities—govt granted monopolies—but they absolutely hate the idea of the regulation side of it that says —by the way monopolist —you can only demand that the captive market consumers pay you a reasonable amount.

    Thus the economists work all the time with govt affairs to try to obtain the ultimate —unregulated monopolies. The TBTFs have achieved this —–geithner and bernanke [actual names here ivent] are absolutely central to this. This is how you get CEOs that give 70% of gross cah flow to the managers—how you get a central bank to print apparently limitless amounts of currency and hand it to you at zero interest rate to use to buy las vegas and place bets—not only on your blackjack table—but wired in so you can simultaneously make bets on every other blackjack table in the world–on other peoples bets too—–and persuade the dealer to deal from the bottom of the deack every third hand

    Did you know people that just this friday–there were two inexplicable “flash” events. If you read WSJ —you read about the flash jump of Kraft stock –when apparently two machine trades accidentally overlapped teach other –ie the monopoly action failed for a few minutes—causing the price of kraft to go up 10/share soon after open—but since the two monopolists accdentally overpaid the friendly exchanges reversed the deals so the monopolists did not have to make good on their mistake—

    same day–another monopolist trader in india made a mistake –and doubled up on a trade [or somethin] and sent the whole market into a 20% drop over a few minutes—-and trading was halted—i suppose they have been arguing all weekend as to which guys should win and which lose—the exchanges now determine who wins and who loses—-after the fact—no opportunity for graft there

    My fear is that these events were not coincidences but are tests of the systems to determine how to cause simultaneous trades around the exchanges of the world to trigger a time-controlled global panic drop—wouldnt it be nice to know when that was going to happen so you can have your billions sitting waiting to target in on some good buys?

    But as these hedge fund guys will tell you easy come easy go—and you cant take it with you—-and you really only need about 200 square feet per person—with a tv feed, bread and water—–and a way to get to work–anything else is extravagance

    whats more the average person does not have the ability to appreciate appropriately the finer things—-the average guy just cant understand why its so much more important to have a 300 foot yacht instead of a 200 footer

    why a person really needs a 20000 square foor ski lodge instead of a lousey 10,000 foot cabin

    why a certain type of painting should sell for 100 million instead of 10 million

    you people just do not grasp the importance of these distinctions–and why these distinctions mean you should pay 300 for a i-phone instead of 200–if you only could appreciate the signoficance you would not feel so bummed out–knowing how much better bill gates feels in the morning if he knows hes got 200 billion dollars than a mere 100 billion—–if you understood just how quessy his stomach gets when he thinks about the possibility of having to live out his life with a lousey 100 billion…..if you just could put youself in his shoes for a couple minutes then you would understand why 100 billion is just grossly inadequate–intolerable

  147. It is time to break on through their facade … this is all a scam that has been fraudulently induced upon the American people by secrets, lies and deception to defraud all of us out of everything. These politicians are nothing but damned Imposters.

  148. ……and some really underhanded, creepy stuff too….read about it here…

  149. The Deep End of the Pool is now Closed. Due to another Head Injury.

  150. It’s the politicians & their TBTF bullshit. They are using that scam…that fraud… to put the American people on the train….

  151. Poppy….I agree…the majority do seem to be blissfully ignorant to the economic conditions that have been engineered & put in place to allow these criminals to get us to accept their “fixes” for fraud which will fraudulently induce COMPLETE COMMUNISM…..Resocializing of insolvent debt is their number one weapon of choice….They will use that to rob us into complete Government servitude. The willingness of the American people to give up everything they worked for their entire lives as a “fix” for fraud is startling…The next thing will be our guns…and then we are done…it’s off to Auschwitz.

  152. <—- Whinks!

  153. No it is not inarticulate D.C….when you know that the failure of Marxist Socialism was the method they used to create the conditions that they believed would get us to accept the fraud of complete communism….These communists knew we would never accept socialism so they created nice sounding names for it like THE FEDERAL RESERVE….SOCIAL SECURITY…MEDICARE……NEW TAXES….CREDIT LENDING THAT THEY CALLED MONEY LENDING….INVESTING……that is why I say beware the “fixes” for the engineered failure of socialism…..that will create complete communism….the economic conditions are already in place…

  154. @ Ivent

    I don’t think we are paranoid enough…Frankly.

  155. Mr Garfield

    We the people are not “allowing” anything. Stop blaming the victim. Okay? The justice system is totally corrupt. Get it?

  156. DC…the same control freaks have been trying to own the World all throughout history. They have appointed themselves Supreme rulers of the earth and now they want us to believe the BIG…BIG ..LIE that they OWN EVERYTHING & EVERYONE…. That flies in the face of the creators plans for mankind and the U.S. CONSTITUTION…. The framers of the U.S. CONSTITUTION knew this and that is why they wrote the Constitution so it was easy for every American citizen to understand…So that if we needed to defend OURSELVES we could do that, without an attorney. They warned us never to allow the politicians to AMEND the Constitution so severely….that they would weaken us as a republic. That is precisely what the traitors did.

  157. replaced by complete communism for the intended failure of socialism

    In a word “inarticulate”

  158. IVENt—cant you use names of people that constitute this amorphous conspiracy—-like a RICO description–why do you persist in using thes vague organization names stuff–im pretty well read–and have a long horizon and iv not heard these things and a facelsess organization can be a single nutcase—–or a throway front–the use of some front name conveys nothing–1 person–10 1000? what?

    or dont you know–you just repeat what somebody else said?

  159. @IVENT

    “You are obviously trying to lie and deceive people to cover up the true facts of this crime scene to try & distract from who our real enemies are and their diabolical plans for mankind”

    if you must wander into the conspiracy stuff—-and this post invites that–ill agree—cant you do it w/o calling people liars and etc—this way of making your point is not persuasive—-it makes you look paranoid—-i doubt vey much if the great internatl conspracy has hired ER or SC to impugn you on this site–it would be a waste of money

  160. That’s right poppy and who do we have to thank for the robbery of our wealth & hijacking of all of our unalienable rights….THE POLITICIANS…..Thanks to those jerks these GLOBALIST freaks are invested in all of our inalienable rights..our food ….our natural resources….our property….and they don’t own anything….because we paid for & labored for everything…..Now they want us to believe we should accept….the robbery of our livelihoods….wealth…and property With more fraud……..higher prices….higher taxes…….debauching of their crappy credit currency…….fraudclosures…..food stamps…..lousy jobs that stink & don’t pay the bills….OBAMACARE. It’s all fraud being committed by IMPOSTERS…they are crooks….!

  161. Do you know what my favorite game is … “Pop Goes the Weasel”!

  162. Welcome Back DCB, I suspected when you reached the light at the end of the tunnel … you saw the train wreck. A Brilliant Mind like yours should not go to waste. If there is one thing I know … your gonna push the rubbish aside and push on …

  163. The biggest theft in all of mankind, where in DC they spend our money like drunken sailors…where Obama has used executive privilege over 300 times to circumvent the Constitution.
    Corporations dole out regimented production with fixed pricing, monopolies abound by hiding and keeping the illusion of smaller single-businesses…we are being dispensed information run by the media Czars, who decide what and how information is dispensed like (Good Morning Vietnam), we have an energy department that costs Billions a year that was supposed to LOWER our dependence on oil….the list is so long and we now have companies whom we decide to stop using penalizing us for leaving their dysfunctional company and no one is outraged. This disregard and disrespect of American citizens is everywhere from education to grocery items and people keep tolerating it day after day. Go Figure!

  164. What are crumbs to these crooks are all we have left…..They aren’t crumbs to us.

  165. They are putting on the impression they are fighting over crumbs. They used us to pay for everything & build everything and now they want to burn it down by making us believe lies in order to weaken us mentally … that is their “new normal” crap….accept their “fixes” for failure they caused by committing massive fraud & brainwashing…. hand over your businesses….your jobs…..your remaining wealth & property……that will fix this……No it wont….!!! .it is just robbery…which they hope will cause us to accept their complete commie fixes for fraud…..our robbery…replaced by complete communism for the intended failure of socialism. Its all complete fraud & a lot of manufactured bullshit.

  166. @ER

    Ok im a history buff Er——without regard to morality—lets just talk facts. It is now fairly well established that the western hemisphere was settled by several waves from different places. The 1st that have been confirmed were actually CLOVIS peoples—common to midlatitude Europe–France /spain not later than circa 10-12000 BC. While the sea-level was 300 feet lower than today—artifacts common to European sources found from Virginia to New Mexico. When the sea-level is that much lower–there is a string of islands that goes from the caribbean across to the azores plateau—–which is larger than the british isles–now submerged—outside the pillars of hecules.

    At that time the ice sheets went all the way to Circleville. 1-2 miles high.

    Then the 1st wave of intense global warming arrived along with the circular orbit around the sun–the interglacial period. The Europeans may have been there for tens of thousands of years,.

    The Azores plateau and the european poulation of the americas were lost simultaneously by related events. the glacial melt was released in at least three great floods–as ice dams broke. The area south of the ice sheets was desertified—dust storms –hot hot. Largely destroyed the american euro-popluation by a intense dry period accompanying the warm period. Same warmth and water releases flooded the Azores plateeau.Homeland lost to the sea-farers.

    The withdrawal of ice sheets in siberia enabled asians to travel by boat along the sea ice edges—-as eskimos do—-not walk—the asian animals did not enter the americas–eg lions–tigers–grassland mega-fauna. eg grass-eating horses–land bridge obsolte concept–people travel long distances by water

    The asian waves came after the europeans—-east coast indians mixed—

    at the end of the Dark ages—long after inundation of the azores plateau came Norse–all the way to minnesota by waterways

    then Spanish deep into interior

    portuguese—-pope split western hemisphere between
    spanish/portaguese—-circa 1520

    then the english pirates came onto the scene to steal the glod that the spanish stole from the inca and aztecs

    Then french to St lawrence seaway–thence potage to Mississppi

    The english pirates needed bases and sent undesirables to americas–including dutch—when they controlled netherlands

    the people that ran from england and its continental possessions –or were deported as criminals continued to be brutalized by english aristocracy that moved in to steal lumber which was in short supply after the great forests of england, ireland and scotland were mowed down

    17th century Brits deported scots to make room for huge estates and english lairds—–made room for sheep whose wool was used to sell to captive colonies to support english lords factories

    monopoly—–colonials had to buy textiles–so the radicals made “homespun” illegally

    this business model worked so well that brits rhen committed genocide on irishto repeat the scot success–then on india after the brits monopoly on souther cotton

    TBTF—invented by brits British East India Company–same in canadthe brits gave control over whole continents to companies –same in australia

    brits always have been pirates–monopolists

    anywhere there is corruption slavery and abuse of human rights –chances are there is a brit not far away

    they RENTED germans to fight for them–they stole blacks to work for them–they exterminated irish and scots

    the devil has an english accent and grew up in london

  167. Sure they did Ivent.. I agree! Granma spent alot of time Baking the Cookies and Filling the Cookie Jar. The Bankster stuck his hand in without Permission and only Left crumbs … Now the roaches are honning in and fighting for the Crumbs.

  168. Who robbed their neighbor…? The politicians & the Federal Reserve via their perps on Wall Street did…! That’s who!

  169. Shadowcat….now you are beginning to sound a bit defeated with this nonsense you are spewing. You should know that is not the way to win arguments… You are obviously running out of ammo.

  170. “Oh Boy…. Pass the Popcorn, Their True Colors are Showing. Its ok to be Smug and Pretend I’ve Won, Youll all be my Friend, but I will Never tell you how I snookered the system for your money. How the Banksters did it was Criminal … but Looky here … what I am doing is Legal. Yeah.. you dont tell! Could it be that you know it is Morally Wrong to Rob Your Neighbor? But its ok … the bankster did it right? ….. Enraged Venting Volcanos sputtering BS!

  171. Shadowcat, you and a few others are the only ones spewing b.s. around here. You are obviously trying to lie and deceive people to cover up the true facts of this crime scene to try & distract from who our real enemies are and their diabolical plans for mankind. The truth is being exposed about the methods of this madness to create complete communism and who these commies are….The truth is slowly destroying all of their evil plans for mankind. That is what I see…and that is why I will not be deterred in exposing all of the fraud that I possibly can….I am the front loader…and a few others are the b.s….disinfo campaigners 2012….

  172. Who said the Indians didn’t contribute….? Of course they did. They were robbed by these crooks too. You are really overreaching now and looking for an argument. Lets stop the nonsense they created….the blame game ….and focus on the real enemies of our freedom & independence. The World Bank & these imposter politicians who put us here.

  173. “Enraged…I believe true blood Americans are those Americans who make a contribution to America to make America a better place.”

    So… the natives who lived here long before and managed to thrive for what now appears to be over 50,000 years, in peace, without destroying this land, and who managed to have children and teach them the true principle of harmony with the environment and with their neighbors, were not true blood Americans?

    Bullshit! What goes around comes around. You “true blood Americans” whose ancestors cheated, killed and destroyed and who stole the land from its rightful owners are now getting a taste of your own medicine. America is nothing in the big scheme of things. Its population represents less than 5% of the world population. And so far, its greatest claim to fame is to have waged endless wars and destroyed the planet. First against the natives, then the English. Then among themselves. And since then, against pretty much anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with Americans.

    America detonated the first atomic bomb. And knowing the damages it had caused, it had to go back and do it again.

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword. The greatest financial scandals ever visited upon humanity originated from America. Coincidence?

  174. Or Better Yet … Bring in the Super Duper Puper Scooper!

  175. Clean Up on Stream #1. BS Spilling Everywhere! Forget the Mop … bring the Front Loader.

  176. Enraged…I believe true blood Americans are those Americans who make a contribution to America to make America a better place. Not just for ourselves but for future generations. The traitor politicians by their proxies called taxes, socialist policies, the Federal Reserve credit lenders & their wealth destroying cohorts on Wall Street with their fraudulent investment scams …..are the wealth stealers & the debt creators…who have contributed ZERO…and have used the labor for value method….a communist tactic …..to used ou labor and want us to believe the BIG LIE we have labored for nothing of value…..It’s all bullshit…..brainwashing…..They are WHO ARE NOT true blood Americans….they are IMPOSTERS…and they are vampires….

  177. DCB,

    Extremely well analyzed. Every so often (and more seldom than not), someone with some culture puts things into perspective and context.

    Now is the opportunity for the “true blood Americans” (as if there were any… makes me chuckle when I read that. The most nonsensical counter truth bitter and resentful people keep tossing around) to create the true American experiment. Are they going to do it? Probably not. Not as long as they expect others to do their thinking and take action for them.

  178. Anyone ever here of the OITC…THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY….? The FED & THE U.N. apparently deny any connection to this international outfit…Some are saying they smell a smelly rat….Read about that & other strange stories of interest here….

  179. Wasn’t it the control freaks who killed Kennedy that said you can’t kill the snake by chopping off the tail…..? Well the head of this mess is the so called TBTF FED robberbarons and their cronies at AIG…CONTROLLED BY THEIR COMMISARS AT THE U.N/WORLD BANK VIA THE GLOBALIST POLITICIANS…..

  180. CNN reporting stockholders are taking their money out of the U.S. markets in record amounts and as a result the CFPB is trying to do damage control like making American Express pay their customers millions in restitution for fraud….The credit card debt is just a piece of the fraud. The mortgage fraud is the real crime here. Forget CHASE…AUDIT THE FED AND AIG …THEY ARE INSOLVENT CROOKS…SUE THEM.

  181. Even at the time of the writing of the constitution—the drafters did not really mean that it be taken literally. Slaves were not people–they were fixtures attached to realty. There were indentured servants—-usually Irish and scots sold by their families to fat-cat english-americans. White males had to own land and pay poll taxes to be allowed to vote. Women were treated as subhumans–no vote–somewhere —higher status than the family dog—but not as well protected or as valuable a slave. Male slaves were allowed to vote three generations before women were. This is the ENGLISH view of things—–it came as close as possible to englishMEN being the electorate and jealously guarding their advantage. So keep that in mind always when trying to understand why such deference is given to certain people no matter how bad they act–

    If you need proof–i refer you to the list of presidents—I believe there are only three that are not basically english aristocrats—and these are in the later day—Eisenhower, Kennedy and Obama—indeed they like to point out the degree of continuing intermarriage with english aristocrats—get all excited at the prospect of being knighted —there are no french or russian knights —too bad this anachronism surived in england—and america

    The high water mark for american “people” came around 1970—–when the constitutional rights were actually permitted—poll taxes knocked down in the 50′s —-women were actually allowed to decide what they would do with their own bodies

    So the RIGHTS that we think we have enjoyed for a long time are actually only about 1.5 generations old—–and frankly it seems as if the englishMEN that really run things are having second thoughts

    in their view It was a noble but failed experiment–allow everybody to vote and have middle class lives—but now in less that 2 generations they want to turn back the clocks—well they dont need to vote AND have assets—one or the other–unless they are part of the privileged english aristocracy.—women really need to have white english doctors and clergy decide what happens to them —-need to swell the prisons, [already taking 1st place in almost every category–percentage of people in jail—number of people in jail–ease of going to jail—-roll back bankruptcy protections—they really want those debtors prisons back

    It was a big mistake in england that there was no real revolution as in france and russia where the “people” went out and hunted down and killed the aristicracy—-so we are left with wanna be english overlords who yearn for the good old days when the serfs were tied to the land and could be shipped to penal colonies for missing a payment–if you keep that in mind, the actions of these people become very predictable

  182. They all vote for the same people over and over and expect a different outcome….the true definition of insanity. Our judge refused to even require the banks to show anything, just said they are assuming the bank is telling the truth. No impartial justice any more, all biased to big companies.


  184. The crooked politicians allowed our country to become a giant investment bank. That is where things went bad. The commie Chinese don’t allow foreigner’s to invest in their property but these crooked GLOBALIST “U.S.” politicians did. THEY ARE IMPOSTERS….DIED IN THE WOOL COMMIES…. As a result of this TREASON BY THE POLITICIANS……WHO CONTROL THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK….we have our enemies ….the Globalists fraudulently controlling the prices of things that WE THE PEOPLE OWN & PAID FOR….! These things are our unalienable rights ….! They are stealing our wealth & our freedom by fraudulently controlling the prices & quality of our food, our natural resources & the roofs over our head through social engineering by way of social programs, credit lending, fraudulent investment scams & progressive taxation policies…! The truth is they don’t own anything because of the ORIGINATION FRAUD….and what they are doing is CRIMINAL…UNCONSTITUTIONAL & ILLEGAL….THEY ALL NEED TO BE EVICTED…!

  185. Neil…. Your Wearing my Sign!

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