Whistle-Blower Has Anonymity Compromised by IRS Employee Against Large Bank

Editor’s Comment and Analysis: So here we are with trillions in unreported profits resulting from illegal trades. The setting is almost identical to AL  Capone who went to jail for income tax evasion and died there from syphilis.

Based upon information in the public domain and those subject to disclosure through freedom of information laws, a clever guy went to the IRS, identified the bank and told them that the bank made a great deal of money without ever paying taxes, as was clear from their regulatory filings. The whistle-blower gets a percentage of the recovery and his/her name has always been kept strictly confidential. This is the first breach of confidentiality I ever heard of in connection with the IRS whistle-blower program.

The recipient of the information at the IRS was a 59 year old veteran employee who saw this as his “ticket” to a better life. He went to the bank and told them who, what, where and when and presumably collected a bunch of money for the information. The Bank then set out to make life miserable for the whistle-blower and the proceeds from the report might never have been subject to a legitimate claim because the crook or mole in the IRS killed or tried to kill the report.

Fortunately, the IRS as big and lumbering as it is, has checks and balances and the whistle-blower was not without some resources in the media. End result? Both the mole and the Bank are being charged with criminal conspiracy etc., the mole is getting paid and there is an opportunity for enterprising accountants or other people good with numbers to make such claims.

If you want my help in filing claims against any of the mega banks in connection with “trades” on which they profited ) by stealing the money and the house), just call customer service at 520-405-1688 and ask for Danielle. I’ll be happy to split the reward with you — IF you actually do the work. My role is edit, strategize and re-write the allegation. Your role is identify the target and the transactions about which you want to make a report, and to provide some indication that the Bank never reported the income much less paid the taxes.

The fascinating outgrowth of this development, which I have been suggesting for 4 years, is that upon finding that they didn’t report the money as income to the Bank their only possible defense is that they were making money for the investors, and as co-obligors, they had paid, in fact overpaid the mortgage bond and therefore overpaid the promissory notes for homeowners that thought they had a balance due.

So when the Master Servicer defends against your allegations saying that the transactions are none of your business because the insurance and credit default swaps and federal bailouts were for their own accounts they are admitting to tax evasion. When they defend by saying that they were only a conduit handling the money for the investors, they are admitting to receipt of payment of the obligations.

Former IRS Examiner Charged With Leaking Whistleblower’s Name To Big Bank Target

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  1. Danielle, Thanks for your offer to help with our documents, pleadings and our strategies. Please review my Title 42 documents and give me suggestions what to do now to get the bankofficersunder oath of their theft by deception without due process of law and fraud. I will be happy to split the rewards with you in getting my property and just compensation for my injury.

    Thanks, DeVon Childs 435-705-4711

    Title 42 suit filed 4-10-12 without exhibits.pdf 2.8 MB Title 42 suit exhibits only filed 4-10-12.pdf 28.4 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss 5-8-12 .pdf 1.9 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss exhibit 1 5-8-121.pdf 2.5 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss exhibit 2 5-8-12.pdf 12.5 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss exhibit 3 5-8-12.pdf 1.6 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss exhibit 4 5-8-12.pdf 1.7 MB title 42 – steve’s motion to dismiss exhibit 5 5-8-12.pdf 3.5 MB opposition to dismiss title 42.doc 35 KB opposition to motion to discovery 7-2-12.pdf 2.1 MB reply to my objection to dismiss & submit for decision 6-24-12.pdf 2.4 MB motion for discovery title 42 6-19-12.pdf 752 KB Your file(s) will expire in 30 days Powered by YouSendIt – The simple way to send large files within Yahoo! Mail. Try it!.


    Thanks for your offer to help us in our litigation.


  2. Has anyone here called in and received a call back. It is going 3 weeks now and I have not received a call. Appreciate your input.

  3. 520-405-1688 and ask for Danielle I called this number and received a voice message that said someone would be calling me back in 24 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. I am willing to do the work. This is what I know so far regarding my note. Per the prospectus I know my note was insured at least 13 times and was over collateralized.

    My property has already been foreclosed on and the mortgage was assigned before auction. The attorneys for the Plaintiff used a note that had no allognes attached to it nor was the note endorsed not even with a blank endorsement but the mortgage was assigned. Note and mortgage were split. So much for the argument that a blank endorsement is the same as a bearer bond.

    After the fact I wrote a letter to the Plaintiff, the Master Servicer and the sub serbicer and the originator.

    The Plaintiff wrote a letter in response to my letter and stated they had no record of my name, they had no record of my property address and had no record of my loan number. Amazing, how did they foreclose. My guess is they most likely did not even know they were listed as a Plaintiff which raises another question, what were the attorneys doing in court if the alleged Plaintiff did not retain them. My guess is the sub servicer retained them.

    I also received a letter and loan history from the sub servicer. The loan history still shows I have a balance of $80,000.00. When I called and questioned the balance they told me not to worry about it. They asked if the loan was paid off and I told them yes. They said they would check into it. Two weeks later they said the mortgage was foreclosed on and said I know so why is there a balance. They said we don’t know but don’t worry about. I asked knowing the answer who was the loan sold to they gave the name but could not give me a working phone number. I responded that if the loan was sold shouldn’t this also zero out my balance. They said yes but don’t worry about it.

    I have done a title search and this loan was never securitized per the trust guidelines registered with the SEC and the state of New York.

    Danielle, I am willing to do the work. Is you offer genuine?

  4. Danielle,

    Thanks for continuing to bring the truth to light. I would like some help in my fight against my bank. It has been a few months since you called me back regarding my case but haven’t heard back from you or any of your partners. I need someone that will help me in Utah but have not found anyone yet. I have called many times trying to talk to you again but have not had any success. I will gladly share my reward with you if you can help me with filing and bringing them to justice. I have filed a Title 42 suit months ago and motioned to subpoena the banksters and their records (proveit ) for discovery but the Judge has not ruled on the opposing counsel’s motion to dismiss yet. I need someone with the knowledge of rules and procedures to get around the dismissal motion. How can I get the bank subpoenaed and get them to trial by jury that I have demanded? If I send my documents to you will you at least look at them and see if you can help in arguing my case? It will be well worth while for both of us.

    Thanks again for your honest and diligent work, DeVon Childs 435-705-4711

  5. The banks are Federally controlled by their foreign investors but funded by the U.S. TAXPAYERS. These crooks don’t pay tax. That’s how they got away with all of the fraud in the first place. It is a dual identity scam like the GSE’s….they are funded and “insured” by the U.S. TAXPAYERS VIA THE TREASURY but Bloomberg reported the biggest bondholders/shareholders in FANNIE MAE IS THE IMF….who are the foreign controlled WORLD BANK in disguise. This was the biggest credit swap and fraudulent investment scam in history by our foreign enemies.

  6. I’m with Rabi ….

  7. @Java,

    You’re right, in the absolute world of good and bad, right and wrong, legal and illegal, they can’t. There hasn’t been any absolute in this country for a sweet, long time. Our parents were grossly misled when they insisted in good faith on teaching us absolutes that, unbeknownst to them, had long disappeared. Our parents understood what immorality was (the opposite of morality). They never knew that a world could simply become amoral (the complete absence thereof) in all impunity and still function for a few decades, albeit with increasing difficulty and problems.

    Which is why, so far, bankers have been able to have it both ways.

    How long can it last? Probably not much longer: banks have been at it for centuries. Eventually, order prevails over chaos and everything falls back into place. Even assuming that the ruling cabal were successful in destroying half the world, order will come back.

  8. cant have it both ways Banksters…..although they still think its possible….pride goes before the fall

  9. Dirty rat. A thousand points of fire upon his ass. Weld shut these revolving doors.

  10. You all know who owns the gov…the banksters – sheer conflict of interest (gov on gov suing) and NO Fiduciary anything here just crap!!! Yep get the big bad IRS (again the gov) in on the deal as they do need the money due to the other evil entities killing us one dime at at time.. one home at a time, good for him but still bad for us, we get nothing as usual, same old bull of the evils in charge of blackness in your life bulldoze forward …so yeah if you are someone in the know you will get $$$ but again “not the home owner” that do and continues to pay the evils with our hard earned money, this is insane still is and always has been. Oh but hey “call me” if you want some help killing the evils so I can make more money, shame shame, no love for the fellow man falling as we speak and type. I find this disgusting for The People… truly disgusting as always.

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