Sheila Bair Paints Picture of President concerned with borrowers vs Team Concerned with Banks

Editor’s Note: Sheila Bair might have been thrown under the bus but she is still alive. Get her book if you really want to know about Obama and his team — it was a war in the White House. When Obama gets a second term I think we are going to see a large shakeout of old economic advisers who care about banks and new economic advisers who care about the country the people who live in it.

Sheila Bair Bashes Obama’s Economic Team — Here’s What She Has To Say About The President

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  1. Just want to add a comment to the link below about the masterminds of this scam. In that article, how many can see the lies and intimidation tactics they are using to try and make us believe lies. They are interwoven with what can not be verified to be true. I can believe some of it is true, however, the part about Lincoln dissolving our Constitution because we owed some tyrants called the old Virginia Company of London a debt is just a bold faced lie. We won that war against this tyranny fair and square and sent these British tyrants running home with their tails between their legs. They were made a laughing stock by our soldiers and never forgot it. They have been trying to usurp our Constitution ever since. They want us to believe they own us. Well they don’t, and if they think they do, they have another war with the American people on their hands the likes of which they haven’t seen since the last time they tried to tell us they owned US.

  2. Enraged…Am I for real….? I am as real as it gets. However, this Govt Corp are a complete work of fiction. Created from fraud so therefore they are a giant fraud. That is what they are trying to cover up.

  3. “that would be the media’s job”

    Really? Are you for real or is it an act?

  4. We are slowly connecting all of the dots and the truth is being more concisely compiled regarding who the real players are behind this evil plan for world domination. Read about the latest revelations here:

  5. @Enraged..that would be the media’s job and the truth is, they don’t ask the real tough questions that the American people want answers to. Like what is really hiding in OBAMACARE…??? Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the President to ask him anything, or I would. I have emailed and called the White House with questions & comments for him on several occassion. I always get the standard response. BTW….The last time I called the White House comment line to express my opinion that Obama should not sign the Patriot Act and why I thought it was wrong. The switchboard lady was nice & told me I agree with you and she told me that would be the right thing for Obama to not sign. She told me she would relay my message to the President. Well, needless to say, not only did he sign it, but he signed it from overseas with his robopen. Obama doesn’t answer to the American people or give a damn about what the American people think is right or wrong. He is not working for US..

  6. I would like Obama to explain why he has signed 923 executive orders in the last 40 months…..???? More than any President in U.S. history…

    Ask him.

  7. Bloomberg news reporting business shrinks in U.S. for the first time since 2009. The U.S. LABOR DEPT. says more jobs have been created under Obama than under Bush. They fail to say the economy didn’t stink under Bush and this whole crisis was caused by what the Clinton Administration did…Namely the repeal of Glass Steagall and the signing of NAFTA. Whether Clinton or Obama write these b.s. legislations or not, they signed them. The devil may be in the details but they signed the deals. CNBC reported a while back that Wall Street made 60 trillion dollars in the year 1999 selling mortgage derivatives..The year Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall…..I would like Obama to explain why he has signed 923 executive orders in the last 40 months…..???? More than any President in U.S. history…

  8. Carie…you will never guess who “owns ” the Sears Tower in Chicago now…called the Willis Tower….? Larry Silverstein.

  9. Put on your Boots … LUPUS is spreading like Wild Fire and using Notaries to do it Again! Homestead Waiver Releases … Notaries Acknowledgement “personally known to me to be the same person”? Watch Out Notary Closing Agents … Read what you sign!!! Give me A Friggin Break … using the Notaries Again. Not under my Watch! Pffft!

  10. Today is September 28th, and once again I celabrate my 28th Birthday. Happy unBirthday to Me! Happy unBirthday to Me ! …….. Feeling 28 is Great until your 30 yr old daughter comes in and says “GROW UP MOM”. *giggles*


    (looks like he only got 4.577 billion)

    “…The insurance policies obtained in July 2001…”

    “Silverstein has said on interviews that he usually spent his mornings in breakfast meetings at Windows on the World on top of the World Trade Center North Tower, and with new tenants in the building. However, the morning of September 11, 2001, his wife insisted on him to attend a medical appointment with his dermatologist. He was at his home at the time of the attacks…”


  12. Yes, @Ivent—starting with the total deception of 9/11—which coincidentally was when the home prices started rising…hmmm…
    The guy who owned the Trade Towers got 8 billion in insurance…hmmm…

  13. John McCain and others heavily questioning the Obama administrations unwillingness to call the attack on our Embassy and murders of our citizens in Bengazi a terrorist attack. They are saying openly this could be another failure of this administration to tell the American people the truth.
    There certainly seems to be a pattern of secrets, lies, deceit & coverups aimed at the American people by this administration about a lot of seriously bad things.

  14. I did not know they were selling contaminated homes that were crystal meth labs to unsuspecting buyers. It’s sad for me to say this but, this doesn’t shock me. Nothing really does anymore. These crooks have done a good job of shocking us into not being shocked. They have managed to turn shock into suspicion. That could be why alot of us are acting like detectives. That’s not a bad thing for us to be doing in our spare time. I hope everyone gets the justice they seek.

  15. That is an uplifting story carie. I read somewhere that when an American citizen is a defendant, fighting pro se, that forces the judge to defend the defendant. I was never able to confirm that, but if that is true, that could explain a few things like, why the bank attorney wants to join me, the defendant, to foreclose on MERS, judges want us to hire attorneys or negotiate with the banks. Everything depends on what we know. They are counting on what we do not know.

  16. @Enraged, last year a local family rented a Realter Owned property. Freshly painted, new carpet etc…. family paid prime rent only to get sick kids. After talking to neighbors and verifying police records … they discovered it was a Meth House. Family broke lease and moved, Real Estate Agent/owner said it was a lie threatened to file suit for breach of the lease. She never followed thru. But its been big discussion around here about disclosure of these properties previously used as meth labs. There Needs to be DisclosureTo Buyers and Renters Both!

  17. I’m a gambler in my old age, I figured if they gambled with my money for 30yrs … Why not take a gamble of my own. …. I’m gambleing they are not going to risk getting hit with that $1-5 million fine. I have Friends who are just itching to Prosecute them.

  18. If you want to sign the petition, click on the link.

    Freddie Mac: Stop selling former meth labs to unsuspecting buyers
    Petitioning Freddie Mac Media Relations
    This petition will be delivered to:
    Chad Wandler Freddie Mac Media Relations Donald Layton CEO,

    When my wife and I learned that we could afford a home, we thought it was too good to be true. It turned out that it was.

    Within weeks of moving in, my wife, my two year old son, and I all started experiencing terrible dry-mouth and mouth sores. Then we started to have trouble breathing, and I developed sinus headaches and nosebleeds. It was so hard watching my son scream in pain when he tried to eat or even drink water. That’s when we learned why we were getting sick: our new home used to be a meth lab.

    My home was contaminated with methamphetamine. But even worse, it was filled with traces of the toxic stew used to cook the drug. In a sense, my family got off easy – we learned why we were getting sick early on. Other families spend years unaware that their homes are making them sicker. Children my son’s age sometimes develop lifelong illnesses and developmental disabilities as a result of their exposure to these chemicals.

    Freddie Mac advertises “Our qualifying homes come with a reviewed title, and a repaired living space making them easier to sell and improving home values in your territory. We sell our homes responsibly. Freddie Mac is committed to having the best property maintenance and sales standards in the country.” We had no reason to expect otherwise. Instead, they irresponsibly sold us a ticking time bomb of dangerous chemicals without even telling us. Meanwhile, we’ve had to make our mortgage payments in addition to renting a new home and replacing all of our personal items that became contaminated from being in the house.

    Freddie Mac won’t take any responsibility for misleading us about the safety of our home, and attorneys just tell us that we should’ve read the fine print. Tell that to my son. Simply walking away will not only negatively impact our credit, but would enable banks to continue this trend of severe negligence.

    My family is drowning, and we need your help. Please sign my petition demanding that Freddie Mac cover the cost of decontaminating our home, in addition to covering our housing costs and cost of replacing our furniture and other household items. Most importantly, we want Freddie Mac to start regularly testing the homes it sells for meth contamination, just like it would for lead paint. Even more than our own woes, we are deeply concerned that this could happen to you.

  19. AAAHHH! That infamous settlement will make people… rich? Whole? Not a chance! Still the joke of the decade…

    Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Update: Checks to Victims, Servicing Standards, Ongoing Lawsuits
    By: David Dayen Thursday September 27, 2012 6:56 am

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    A number of states have announced that they are sending out claim forms to foreclosure victims who are eligible for a one-time cash payment under the foreclosure fraud settlement. $1.5 billion has been earmarked for roughly 750,000 homeowners (depending on takeup) who were foreclosed upon between Jan. 1, 2008, and Dec. 31, 2011, by one of the Big Five servicers in the settlement (Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi and GMAC/Ally). The plan is to pay out the claims in mid-2013.

    If this works and they get the target of 750,000 responses, then the payout will amount to $2,000 “sorry your home was stolen” checks. However, the challenge will come in actually finding these homeowners, who after all lost their home and experienced an upheaval in their lives. They may have left a forwarding address, and presumably that’s where these claim forms are being sent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the families still live there. Moreover, foreclosure victims may be wary of anything through the mail that has their old bank’s name on it and references their past foreclosure. Hopefully the packet doesn’t look like the bank going after them for a deficiency judgment.

    Another element of the foreclosure fraud settlement kicking off in the next several weeks are the servicing standards:

    After failing to adhere to at least two separate sets of servicing guidelines since 2010, lenders are preparing for more than 300 rules that take effect next month on loan modifications, fees, foreclosures, and the treatment of military personnel. For the first time, banks face a watchdog dedicated to keeping them honest, Joseph A. Smith, North Carolina’s ex- commissioner of banks.

    The latest attempt by U.S. regulators to change the way the biggest mortgage servicers treat their customers will test how effective the $25 billion industry accord is in helping distressed homeowners. Previous guidelines, including those for the Home Affordable Modification Program, that required speedy responses for customers were ignored as banks lost paperwork or otherwise stalled applications, said Diane Thompson, an attorney at the National Consumer Law Center in Boston.

    “They have had some of these rules in effect for years now, they just haven’t complied,” Thompson said. “Smith will be crucial in holding the servicers accountable; he has the power to take them to court if they’re in noncompliance. But whether that is enough remains to be seen.”

    Smith has the ability to declare fines up to $1 million per violation and $5 million for repeated violations, and depending on how granular he wants to get, that could add up quickly. But Smith’s first report from the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight seemed designed to hype up how the banks engaged in consumer relief for borrowers, when mostly they just did short sales. So that didn’t inspire confidence.

    Big banks are also in court in Massachusetts, under a lawsuit that was allowed to continue despite the settlement.

    Seeking to have the remaining civil charges against them dismissed, five large national mortgage lenders and the Mortgage Electronic Registration System confronted state prosecutors in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston on Monday afternoon.

    Prosecutors during a hearing argued that lenders Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank and GMAC Mortgage, as well as MERS, should face state civil charges that they initiated foreclosures without actually holding the mortgages in question and that they corrupted land records by using MERS. Those charges were originally brought by state Attorney General Martha Coakley last December.

    Some of these charges were dropped with the settlement, but prosecutors in Massachusetts continued to seek damages on other grounds. So we’ll see how that progresses.

  20. Lets say I run to the recorders office and file a LP against Neil with a photo copy of a note I printed off, but I dont hold lien on title. Then I go to the Court and file FC claiming to own the note. Neil redeems his loan and pays me tens of thousands of $$. One day Neil wants to sell or refi his house but he needs to show that I paid off MERS on his title and that I dropped the FC against him. Neil gets copy of court dismissal takes to county recorder to release the LP. But county recorder can not accept a court order, it needs a release from defunct me who is Long Gone with the Neils dough.. Poor Neil ….

  21. (disregard first sentence on my last post! Typo…!)

  22. another!!!!! quite strange) is carrying nicely. Here is another win…QUOTE
    (story from video I just posted)

    Mike is the plaintiff and he sued Bank of America.

    He appeared in court as pro se (without a lawyer).

    The other side had 7 attorneys representing Bank of America.

    It was a 90 minute trial.

    The counsel for the bank went up and said “Your honor, we have the note right here. This proves that we are the real party of interest and therefore have the right to foreclose on this property.”

    The Judge looked the note and approved.

    Mike then stood up and said “Your Honor. I would like to motion the court to take mandatory judicial notice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in US Bank v Ibenez. In this ruling, it was decided that there must be a perfection of chain of title and that blank assignments were not acceptable.”

    Mike then handed a copy of the court opinion (included in our membership kit) to the Judge and opposing counsel. He then sat down.

    So, the Judge then read the case for about 5 mins. Everyone waited.

    Then he said, “Counsel, I see here that the note was assigned to a CT Corporation”. “It was then assigned from CT Corporation via a blank assignment. I am going to accept this Supreme Court argument to say that you are not the real party of interest.”

    Bank of America’s Counsel then said “If that is the case your honor, we woud like to have this case dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. We are not the real party of interest, and the party involved in this controversy is CT Corporation. But we would still like to foreclose on the house.”

    The Judge said “Not on my watch you are Counsel. How can you foreclose on this property if you are not the real party of interest?”

    Counsel: “We have a contractual obligation with CT Corporation that gives us the right to foreclose.”

    Judge: “I don’t see any proof of that. I’m going to tell you what I will do. I am going to have this case dismissed. I am going to let Mr. Waters amend his pleading, and name both Bank of America and CT Corporation together. I am going to admit all his evidence as well as everything that was said today in court.”

    The Judge turned to Mike and said: “Mr. Waters, you only need to win on just one argument. I want you to redraft your pleading to include the following causes of Action. 1) A Breach of Contract 2) Fraudulent Misrepresentation. I don’t care what else you put on the pleading.”

    Judge: “Mr. Waters has 20 days to amend his pleading. Case dismissed.”

    In this 90 minute drama, Mike spoke for all of 5 minutes. The Judge did the rest. The Judge hammered opposing Counsel. They had no where to hide. The Judge was particularly angry because Counsel brought fraud before the court. They came in claiming to be a real party of interest, and in fact, they were not. For a lawyer to bring fraud before the court is a BIG no no. ”

    Mike has since gotten an attorney to represent him for free (because the law firm wants a big win to establish a class action against Bank of America).

    The trick is, knowing what to say and what to present in court. This takes education and support.

    You can look at this story and say “Mike got lucky or you can say ‘Mike must have studied his ass off and received a lot of support from his network’” However you look at it, Mike stood up like David against Goliath and won.

  23. must watch!

  24. Unless Obama explains his actions over his past term, IMHO, he is a no good traitor to the American people. His failure to audit the FED, his Bush blame game, when Clinton is who repealled the strictest regulations in regards to how the banks are allowed to operate, his promises and all of his failed fixes garner no sympathy from me. All of his actions so far have worked against the American people, and those actions speak louder than his words. Imposing more Government dependency on the American people to cover up for a quadrillion dollars in bank fraud by instituting Food stamps, Obamacare, inflation of goods & services that are necessities, loan refis of insolvent debt, & fraudclosures are NOT SAVING THE MIDDLE CLASS and are NOT the proper corrections for a quadrillion dollars in credit fraud created by Wall Street. Forget Marxism…these impositions caused by recycling insolvent bank fraud are facscism disguised as “saving the middle class” that will lead to Complete Communism. Obama needs to step down. He is a disgraceful traitor. IMHO he is the sneakiest dictator in U.S. HISTORY. This Wall Street fraud makes the last Great Depression look like a bad cold. This fraud is massive and it is meant to destroy America and this administration is clearly in collusion with it. I have no sympathy for Obama…at all.

  25. Many of these stories (which are already in quite a few European papers) won’t make it to MSM until long after they have become obvious to the naked eye.

    It’s moving. A lot and very fast.

  26. At least, some prosecutions are going on somewhere in the world. If riot can spread, why not prosecutions…?

    RBS traders boast of making major $$$ by rigging interest rates

    27 Sep 2012

    Senior traders at Royal Bank of Scotland boasted about operating a “cartel” that made “amazing” amounts of money by rigging interest rates, it has been disclosed.

    Internal messages revealed in court documents apparently show how traders claimed they could manipulate Libor, which is used to set borrowing costs for millions of businesses, consumers and investors.

    The messages, some sent just months before the taxpayer was forced to bail out RBS at a cost of more than £40bn, suggest the practice was condoned and encouraged by senior executives at the bank, and have now dragged the taxpayer-backed lender to the heart of the Libor scandal.

    MPs have warned that the scale of RBS’s involvement in the scandal means it could face an even bigger fine than Barclays, which paid a record £290m in July after admitting attempting to manipulate Libor. The bank could also be hit with billions of pounds in damages claims.

    Tan Chi Min, a former senior trader at RBS’s global banking and markets division in Singapore, has alleged that managers “condoned collusion” between staff to maximise profits by rigging Libor.

  27. I don’t want to start dreaming but this has a nice ring to it. And who knows, it might even ricochet…

    Ex-Credit Suisse banker arrested in UK

    The Wall Street Journal
    27 Sep 2012

    UK authorities arrested a former Credit Suisse investment banker on yesterday in connection with US allegations that he and others at the Swiss bank conspired to inflate the values of mortgage bonds during the financial crisis.
    Ex-Credit Suisse banker arrested in UK

    Kareem Serageldin, the former global head of the Swiss bank’s Structured Credit Trading business, was taken into custody by the Metropolitan Police in London outside the US Embassy yesterday, according to a person familiar with the matter. The Metropolitan Police didn’t immediately have a comment when reached on yesterday.

  28. Sounds more like they are setting up Geithner to take the blame for everything so Obama looks good. They are both guilty. Period.

  29. Oh for Pete’s sake! Who chose that god damn team? I sure as hell didn’t!

    Who kept that god damn team for four years? Bill Black told him 4 years ago to fire Geithner, fire De Marco, hire regulators and investigators and break up the big banks. Those frickin’ banks have gotten bigger in the past 4 years than ever before! So, either the guy is a poor, incompetent judge of character and she must go or he is part of the problem and he must go. Either way, he must go!!!

    Quit the sob story!

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