New Mexico Now Showing Signs of Foreclosure Tidal Wave

Editor’s Note: When I first approached lawyers in New Mexico about joining with me and my helping them with their cases, their universal answer was that the problem didn’t exist in New Mexico. Oops. Now that things have slowed down in other states because those states are dealing with reality, the bar in New Mexico has to go through a learning curve at supersonic speed.

Lawyers here have not been paying attention to the finer points of securitization (it’s not real), pleading (Deny and Discover), and Motion Practice (affidavits signed by incompetent witnesses for competent companies, not authorized to represent real creditor) etc.

So homeowners and lawyers in New Mexico, if you don’t want to end up like Arizona and other states that were slow on the uptake you better start reading the blogs, newspapers and opinions dating back to Shack and Boyco in 2007-2008.

Or, while I am still in Phoenix area, if you want me to come out and do a one day seminar then there needs to be at least 100 of you coming to the seminar. It costs $695 unless you register early and the latest the seminar can be is the first or second week of November. I won’t hold my breath. If you are serious and realize the tidal wave that is about to hit (just like I correctly and precisely predicted in 2007-2008) call our customer service number and we’ll try to set up a seminar for you to get started. In the meanwhile you might want to catch up on the old stuff by going to and order the workbooks, the DVD’s etc. And start reading the blogs.

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Albuquerque-area foreclosure rates increase – New Mexico Business Weekly

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  1. I rest my case.

    Jeff, on September 5, 2012 at 9:56 am said:

    1. where are the WINS?
    2. where are the WINS published utilizing any/all assistance provided here?
    3. where are the testimonials from plaintiff/defendants that prevail?
    4. when the meat meets the metal in civil/circuit/federal court…where is the WIN published when the property owner prevails?
    5. where is the Win count, Tally board….Scorecard being kept?

    **there’s plenty to read on this site…but where are the WINS?

    **we can all read….and do…so…where on this site are the stories about successful strategies that have been utilized to provide relief kept?

    ***Publish the scorecard…

    The scorecard will show that there are no wins…..

  2. Values in NM are starting to drop. But nothing like Arizona.
    The hyperinflation did not really hit until AZ started to collapse. but still the values never tumbled like AZ, If a home increased 100 K in AZ then it only went up 50k in NM, The corporate banks and builders are limited in New Mexico . Therefore the homes located in NM never did participate in the Ponzi scam like in Phoenix. Further, the New Mexico economy is being held up by oil & gas located in Farmington and Eastern NM. Once Oil and Gas takes a down turn, then NM, TX , OK and LA will tumble just like in 1980. If Oil & GAs tumbles then there is a world of trouble located in Calgary and Edmonton, and Fort McMurry. The homes in these regions are severely hyper inflated. No matter the banks will figure out way to steal these as well.

  3. Well…

    Here is the problem: Brian, Steven and a few others have been asking to no end where the wins were. So far, Neil has been very quiet on that issue. So either his theories work and we should have some examples of that (people who won thanks to them would be too happy to come here and tell everyone) or they don’t have any traction, in which case…

    One of the problems is that many people have used those theories and… lost!

    But as i said, it’s the idea of my being a gold mine for everyone (IRS, banks, attorneys, etc.) and falling further behind that irks me.

  4. Its a small price to pay to save your home. Besides if Neil was a phoney he wouldnt stick his head in my neck of the woods. He knows our AG Lisa Madigan would eat him for Lunch.

  5. “…there needs to be at least 100 of you coming to the seminar. It costs $695 unless you register early and the latest the seminar can be is the first or second week of November.”

    Neil, I won’t begrudge you your hard-earned money but when we, fifteen-time-screwed over homeowners, see that and do the math, it doesn’t sit right. I don’t really cherish the idea that, as a homeowner, I am a frickin’ gold mine for everybody but myself and my family!!!

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