Politics Diverting Us From the Real Issues

“The bottom line is that conservatives don’t conserve anything. They have their hand deeper into the public purse than anyone else. Liberals don’t liberate anyone either, providing the tools to prospects for progress and prosperity. The terms should not be used because nobody means what they say.” Neil F Garfield livinglies.me

Editor’s Comment: Romney’s latest gaffe is only a mistake in terms of him having said it, not that that he didn’t mean it. To set the record straight the 47% pay payroll taxes that the rich don’t pay, have incomes under $50,000 per year, and one third of them are seniors and disabled with incomes lower than $20,000 per year getting Social Security and similar benefits that they paid for when they were working. But isn’t really the problem.

The problem is that what Romney gave voice to was a feeling amongst the elite Democrats and Republicans who look at the bottom economic half of the country with disdain. Although they are working, paying Social Security and Unemployment taxes most of these people are treated as though they are trash to be taken out and cleaned somehow. Those taxes amount to over 12% of their income whereas the income from wealth, escape those taxes altogether.

And THAT is the reason it is so easy for banks to manipulate politicians, law enforcement and regulators into doing nothing about the cancer growing on our society — fake mortgages, fake foreclosures, fake evictions, and fake income and assets reported for the banks. Some of the media are picking up on the fact that the stolen money from investors is not being recognized as taxable income, which it is, and that the IRS isn’t pursuing hundreds of billions of income taxes that are due from the Banks. Talk about getting a free ride.

Today’s conference call (7 PM EDT) with members will touch on this along with the usual report on what is getting traction and what tactics and strategies might be used to confront the banks who are faking ownership of the loans when they neither loaned the money nor purchased the loan with money.

My take on the political landscape is this: I speak with people from the so-called far right political spectrum to the far left political spectrum. I speak to members of fringe groups too.

The overwhelming consensus amongst all of them from one end to the other is that government is corrupt, banks are corrupt and that our society is in the wrong hands mostly without candidates who will speak to these issues. We need a new crop of politicians who are no so encumbered with loyalties to the bank oligopoly because at some time, the ticking time bomb is going to blow. I speak of economic meltdown, caused by fabricated transactions and assets that our counted as part of our national wealth and GDP.

If you ask people specific questions about what is fair, just, moral, ethical and legal nearly all of them respond with the same answers. So why are we a divided nation? Why to we listen to sound bites instead of forcing the candidates to speak to us about our issues, about our stress and anxiety — whether we will have a roof over our heads, whether we will have food on the table, whether our children will be educated well enough so that they can fill the jobs that are ready to be filled. Right now there are 3 million such jobs.

You would think that someone would want to do something about it. Obama tried to put through a bill to do something about that but he didn’t push hard enough. Republicans scoffed at it because of their allegiance to the super rich whose boatloads of money are floating nearly all the republicans and many of the democrats in local, state and Federal elections.

But we can’t blame one or even a group of politicians if we, the Boss, as the voters who control who governs us, don’t do our job and get educated about issues, educated about candidates and exercise our absolute right to vote in the elections.

The current crop of incumbents doesn’t worry about our reaction because we don’t have any reaction tot heir stupid policies, bills and laws. We are a nation of apathy where vote turnout has been going lower and lower. The reason is the same as the unemployment situation. The figures would be worse if we added those back who simply gave up. Don’t give up your vote. Use it and mean it!

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  1. DCB,

    30 years ago, I drove cross-country from San Diego to the East coast. For more than half the way, all I saw were fields. Farmland. When i moved to OH a few years ago, I honestly wondered: “Holy smoke! Where has all the farmland I remember gone?” It is something I have asked ever since.

    I think we ought to consider one thing. With intensive agriculture and excess use of pesticides, we have systematically destroyed the arable soil in the past 100 years. So much so that we need to replenish it constantly by adding chemicals: minerals, nutriments and what not. On the other hand, most cities have grown from farmland over the past 300 years and have slowly built upon it. Chances are, the soil under those cities is cultivable since those towns started developing before pesticides..

    Could it be possible that the idea behind this insanity is, in fact, simply to reclaim that farmland and start using it for cultures, in order to feed populations? When you look at it under that light, it almost makes sense. Eminent domain would then be “the” solution: kick people out of their homes, create massive collective farms and resettle people elsewhere, in those areas where cultivating is not longer possible and soil has been turned into sand?

    Whaddya think? All of a sudden, it would, indeed, explain a lot and especially government reluctance to help homeowners keep their homes… Think about the states most affected (FL, CA, IL, OH, NJ, NH, MI, OK, WA, OR.) Of course, under that theory, arid NV and AZ don’t make sense except to the extent that there is a need to keep that M.O. going all across the board…

  2. I am assuming the empty lots with bad titles will become public gardens (rent a space of course

    yes thats what the plan called for—shared community gardens—-to reduce the pressure on farmland an etc—i always wondered who would guard the plots at nite from thieves—but i guess in the make believe world al gore lived in—you could impose divine enlightenment on the most troubled soul

    or use the chaney method—–2 million dollars worth of chainlink, concertina wire , machine gun posts and around the clock guards

    so little the federal govt staffers do is rational—its true–did you ever lobby on the hill? You feel exhuberant if you hit a staffer that is over 28—-they have little life experience—no real sense of right wrong stupid or brilliant—-the dearth of congressional staff acumen contributes to the decline in govt as things become more important—the pols themselves are supposed to bring the element of real world-ness —but then you run into guys like paul ryan and mitt and you realize that too is a pipedream

  3. No you are not sorry –you are rude, disrespectful of others and are the sort of person that can totally undermine any sense of crdibility and respectability of any commentary associated with the rantings and manufactured lies you put up—-

    now I usually tend to write longer articles where there hopefully is some coordinated purpose of communicating some legal fact/consequences.

    So i put up a long post often———-people can do a quick scan–determine if its relevant and move on—if one in 5 finds it useful —then they typically reciprocate by adding something very helpful that i missed overlooked–didnt add

    recently as iv plowed the rules on what UCC requires of presenters of notes and the implications thereof —a very helpful reader added a piece on GSE-required data and format prior to acceptance of delivery of a negotiated note–exactly what a maker needs too—-although few get it–and it appears likely to become a nasty fight to impose the requirement on te industry

    i cant imagine how so important a matter as recovery of notes worth hundreds of billions has gotten lost in the past 8 years–and seemingly missed by press dont they pay off houses? hasnt it dawned on them that something is missing?

    so the foregoing is my little tirade——but i did it in one post

    not 6

    my ability to diseminate info is unimpaired–if someone wants to read it they can –if not its because its not relevant to them—–but if i did it in 8 diferent piecemeal posts it is not my right in question but their right not to be harrassed—that is what you are doing–you are not communicating info –you are harrassing site readers—dont wrap youself in free speach–you are the opposite –you interfere with free speach

  4. @dc…. Laughs and Smiles come Free with your Education. Unfortunatly so do the Hot Air Balloons. About those fields (be it corn, beans, wheat, hay etc…), the land is no longer covered by crops … but rather New Housing with continued building everyday. The Land has Good Title! I am assuming the empty lots with bad titles will become public gardens (rent a space of course).

  5. So to put it simply you post a lot of short and pointless notes for no other expected purpose but to annoy and frustrate the use of the site by legitimate- site info specific users? Right? You are simply paid to disrupt right? Thats fine–there are whores all over—just good to be sure exactly what you are.

  6. @ dc… Do you want to borrow my Shovel? I do not use it for buring money … but hey, Money? Bodies? Banksters? Whats the differance? 🙂 @ Enraged, he has not tangoed me yet. *Grins*

  7. Sorry Dc..I have as much of a right as you do to voice my opinions…you can easily research what I have come to discover is the ugly truth…and by just calling it ugly, I am being kind. How does it make you feel to hear there are cures for everything and these tyrants would rather treat the illness with stuff that makes you sicker or makes you die….? I see evidence of this being true and it does not bode well considering my sons best friend died at 19 of what the doctors called a highly curable form of cancer… That is abhorrent.

  8. DCB,

    You’re wasting your time. A few of us have already voiced our opinion, sometimes more than once. Hasn’t made a dent…

  9. @IVENT
    Iv said it before—Shadow politily noted: you take up a lot of space—do you realize that some people set the updates so they can see all items on a topic posted?

    Thus your comments show up as a series of incoherent, rambling space-grabbing lines in my inbox that i have to scan through–now iv reached the point that i immediately delete all comments with your name on them wthout even a cursory scan—-so just in case you have something worth saying–I and most likely 90% of other regular readers will never see it because you are posting in an injudicious manner apparently to no purpose—discernable to any but yourself

    do yourself a favor–become part of the solution and get substantive–quit the crap—or admit your purpose is to screw up the blog

  10. @SHADOW
    Not sure I get your point about corn—–i can see the fields here just fine–except they are pretty short

    on another note, although i avoid political comment because i have no faith in either existing us party—Romney has really ticked me off—-Im so glad he has clearly enunciated the Wall Street View of the people that it exacts a blood tribute from: but my last word is I want the $250,000 back in social security pmts—–im tired of giving welfare to us banks by allowing them the use of my money–ill bury it in the backyard where its safe

  11. @shadowcat….no volcanoes….just faultlines..however, the faultlines are not me…the faultlines are the politicians …..those POLITICIANS who were & are ENTRUSTED with the AMERICAN PEOPLES WEALTH…. BLEW IT & THEY ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

  12. @DC & Enraged, I am a country girl who grew up in the corn fields here locally. A twenty minute drive back to my ole’ stompin grounds reveals no corn … only hundreds of new homes. Get It? @ Ivent, … I was not aware of any volcanos venting here in the Heartland …. are you lost?


  14. ER
    “They don’t own the land if securitization was involved and more than one party can claim ownership.”

    Absolutely you are correct real estate is land plus improvements—alll shadowed from the ground up.

    But the term is not vacant lots, its “greenspace”
    Honestly gotta go back to administration/Gore left wing group–civilization devolving to something more like the era of 1910-1920—ie a backward slide for the middle classes that ran to the burbs–gotta go back

  15. @Shadowcat,

    Tearing down the house to rebuild does nothing for the tile. The title goes with the entire property, including the land. Mostly the land. The title to the land itself is clouded. Think about it: you own a house and it burns down. The only reason you’re able to rebuild it is because you own the land.

    They can tear down and rebuild as much as they want. They don’t own the land if securitization was involved and more than one party can claim ownership.

  16. He wants to Collect the Ins proceeds and knock down the houses …

    the crew that was in chg of sustainable development in mid-90s –including financial types want to relocate population into inner cities to reduce traffic—reduce enviro impacts–centralized support systems——-and so yes i guess destruction after about 5 years rent is a possibility—usually the commercial REITs burn out after 10 years—they do not budget repair—places just deteriorate until resale—then refurbish with rolled in finance—but thats when you would cut the supply sure

  17. @dc, that is why on Gods Green Earth I can not figure out why they have not found a way to reset the titles. I would not buy a home with a bad title, I would buy a new construction first. I can only assume this was their origional intention. The Romney Plan … let the forclosures go thru… I will create 10 million new Jobs…. blah blah blah… He wants to Collect the Ins proceeds and knock down the houses … That would surley spur New Construction and Jobs, Right?

  18. “…we, the Boss, as the voters who control who governs us…,”

    HA. That’s a good one.

  19. Yes diversion. However as we go into this situation where banks and servicers scrape up the maximum number of potentially valuable claims to “open” accounts or loan numbers, without regard to whether or not a closed account existed if they digged deep—many associated with a piece of vacant property which can then be seized under aegis of Fed Reserve. Both recent buyers and sellers of any real estate subject to securitization lacks ability to achieve final releases of liability on notes which were not recovered by surrender after rigorous scrutiny of the form of the notes, authenticity, and authority after presentation for payment.

    If you were a bank teller, when you pay cash to or otherwise grant credit upon a bank-check presented at the teller window, would they give you the money before looking to see if the “check” is real, much less authorized, and authenticated as does FNMA vis homeowner notes? Would they give you the money if you handed them a photocopy of a check? Would you require the person that presents the check to you to identify himself?

    Absolutely–they come up with limitless excuses to delay until a check is assured not forged and are authorized by the payer. Any bank would fire a teller in a heartbeat if he acted as the banks and their several agents do —its a novelty to recover the original note. Regular borrowers who pay cash. Great deal—-homeowners so bluffed out and confused that they give the servicer a pile of cash without recovering the note—thereby keeping the house title also in limbo. Even a guy who pays cash to walk is stuck–hes not getting either a note surrender or an enforcable release of mortgage by an unauthorized out of jurisdiction person.

    The home mortgage industry since 2004 and continuing with increasing speed to an uncertain end is akin to a Biblical Plague upon this and other lands. Are all future notes and mrtgages safe?

  20. Neil ,

    Please don’t confuse conservatives with Republicans… or liberals with Libertarians …

    Romneys “gaffe” wasn’t anything of the sort , we have lost so much liberty and so many people MUST rely on the government that they have lost all hope of being self reliant FREE people ,, and they will vote for the socialist as his cage has such nice paint on the concrete floor and a tire swing in the island at the center of the moat.

    I just want the America I grew up in during the 1960’s.

  21. It’s important to find someone to vote for who really is for the people and not being funded by the banks. Obama and Romney both have banks as their top campaign contributors and serve their interests, not ours. A vote for the seemingly “lesser of two evils” is still a vote for evil.

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