Another Small Fry Thrown Under the Bus

Another Small Fry Thrown Under the Bus

Editor’s Comment:

It is a familiar playbook in drug enforcement, police corruption, and now corruption arising out of the millions of faked, fraudulent Foreclosures — find a guy low down in the chain and throw him under the bus. This guy was making millions on False Inspections. But the government is complicit in an active way in public settlements like the Missouri settlement announced yesterday when they forgive and condone the continuing fraud arising from those who made False Appraisal Reports, false loan documents, false loan assignments, false Notices of Default, false monthly statements on loans that were paid in full several times over.

And the system will continue until we, the people stop it. We are divided politically by concept, polarized by slogans when we agree on virtually all of the details that our current elected officials refuse to acknowledge. It is destroying the social and business fabric of our country. But as long as politicians can be bought without going to prison, the Banks will get to keep both the money advanced by investors for loans and the homes foreclosed after the loan balance had been
Paid in full.

As long as we focus on our differences — even where there are none — they keep us from discovering our similarities and the pension funds, savings and 401k funds, the city, county and state operating funds will be cut slashing budgets in a country that can afford it except that we let the banks hold the purse-strings of power. It is too late to assess blame individually. It is time for a clean sweep.

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Thousands of Foreclosure Inspection Reports, Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison

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  2. Oh is that what that was? It was Hard to tell .. riding the short bus. *snickers* Life is All about Who can Color the Paper the Best … not who can run the fastest with the scissors. Or is It?

  3. @ E. ToLLe ,

    That’s why I labeled it a fantasy ,,, I have no doubt that it has a 0% chance of happening ,,, at least his reorganizations ended up saving the companies 80% of the time ,, he wasn’t just someone that assett stripped…. and his tax haven assetts were secured legally,,, not from rehypothecating the same loan portfolio a few dozen times…

    I’ve got my escape planned 20 acres of established farmland in an English speaking friendly country, enough portable PM’s to start a business and a few houses in the city for me and my relatives. If the communist gets a second term I’ll come back after the embers cool and the rebuilding starts.

  4. @ neidermeyer, after enough time one’s nose falls off after running into that brick wall every four years. No matter how much you fantasize about Romney doing the right thing, I’d suggest stocking up on gauze and alcohol. Both the rubbing and the drinking kind.

    Seeing as how Romney’s pilfered loot resides in the Caymans and elsewhere, the likelihood of that stooge demanding repatriation is lower than the Marianas Trench. He’s a pirate, a Wall Streeter, not worth the paper our money is printed on these days. They can all kiss my ass.

  5. “…And the system will continue until we, the people stop it.”

    How…specifics, please?

    In case you missed it:

  6. @ E. Tolle ,

    Japan’s been going down the same highway as us for decades and they’re just seeing the unfinished bridge ahead after they’ve passed the last exit… but we’re running at full speed in the left lane and just passed them… Our stock markets have been doing a Wile E. Coyote midair sprint ever since 2009 and QE1… And now we hear that China is crashing and that their numbers are fake (like we didn’t know already) and Europe is getting ready to be devoured by the former USSR with their oil and resource wealth and NO DEBT…

    My fantasy is that Romney gets elected (Obama’s had his chance and has sided with the banksters) calls in all the bankster chiefs and demands repatriation of all the profits hidden in the Caymans and destruction of the outstanding unregulated betting paper… or go immediately to Gitmo as an economic terrorist.

  7. What goes up must come down is only true in concept, it’s an earthly construct. In physics, what goes can keep on going forever, and that is exactly what’s going to happen if we don’t get in their faces and threaten them with annihilation and collapse.

    We have to be able to say enough is enough, to make them understand how serious we are and what we are capable of, that we will take the whole damned thing down unless the criminality stops here and now. Otherwise, they will simply keep on trashing the planet, corrupting politics, poisoning our food and soil, taking from the poor, on and on and on. They’ve proven that they do not possess morals and scruples, that’s been proven time and again.

    They must be stopped, plain and simple. And they will not do it of their own accord.

    REV 2.0

  8. This guy is like a microcosm of the huge, horrifying macrocosm of forged, fraudulent and felonious documents that hide the crimes of the mega banks and the financial sector. The simmering cauldron of unimaginable theft as a Ponzi scheme is still in place, and I see more phony appraisals and overpriced housing with a mortgage and note which does not represent the parties in the contract. What goes up must come down. It is getting closer and closer.

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