Another Small Fry Thrown Under the Bus

Editor’s Comment:
It is a familiar playbook in drug enforcement, police corruption, and now corruption arising out of the millions of faked, fraudulent Foreclosures — find a guy low down in the chain and throw him under the bus. This guy was making millions on False Inspections. But the government is complicit in an active way in public settlements like the Missouri settlement announced yesterday when they forgive and condone the continuing fraud arising from those who made False Appraisal Reports, false loan documents, false loan assignments, false Notices of Default, false monthly statements on loans that were paid in full several times over.
And the system will continue until we, the people stop it. We are divided politically by concept, polarized by slogans when we agree on virtually all of the details that our current elected officials refuse to acknowledge. It is destroying the social and business fabric of our country. But as long as politicians can be bought without going to prison, the Banks will get to keep both the money advanced by investors for loans and the homes foreclosed after the loan balance had been
Paid in full.
As long as we focus on our differences — even where there are none — they keep us from discovering our similarities and the pension funds, savings and 401k funds, the city, county and state operating funds will be cut slashing budgets in a country that can afford it except that we let the banks hold the purse-strings of power. It is too late to assess blame individually. It is time for a clean sweep.

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Thousands of Foreclosure Inspection Reports, Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison

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  1. When the title co releases the title to public, isn’t that an admission they have no idea how many investors there are…? I asked the clerk at the Recorder of Deeds office….who is public…? The clerk said it could be anybody. Doesn’t that say it all?


  3. Hi Neil…I was going over this latest filing there seems to be a dispute going on within a dispute….The current plaintiff appears to be arguing with themself about who has first priority lien..the plaintiff claims they have first priority lien over one of the defendants by the doctrine of conventional subrogation…they are trying to claim that is a legal assignment…they claim because the previous “lender” “paid off” the existing liens to the previous “lender” that gives them…the servicer… first priority lien.. there is no proof anyone paid off anyone…they are trying to say the HUD 1 is PROOF the previous “lender” was repaid….(that’s not a receipt) the deed was released to public by the title co…..then the previous “lender” released the mortgage to me…then there is a recorded mortgage from me to “lender”… an assignment from MERS to servicer (current plaintiff) 9 mos after the foreclosure lis pends was recorded… It does not appear to me that the doctrine of conventional subrogation would be a legal assignment if a legal assignment never existed…..Why would the plaintiff be arguing with themself over first priority lien…? I have never seen this so called debtor in the courtroom…I have so far denied all claims and they have shown me nothing in the way of discovery…I think they are trying to confuse me…Should I tell the Judge I object to their motion to enter a third amended
    complaint..? They are really digging deep now. They literally look like they are trying to cop an insanity plea… They have given me less than 1 week until the court date…..I think they have to give me more time than that…..I am going to file a motion to compel my.
    requests for discovery…they told me in court last week they never got it… I have the receipt that says they did…What do you think…?

  4. BOY OH BOY! WHAT NEXT. PROTECT THE BANKSTERS AT ALL COST. Is there any humiliation with these crooks. Protect the banksters not the consumers.

  5. I so believe this is true. Exsposure is the only way to stop a criminal. Criminals like secreacy and concealment. Exsposure makes awareness and stops the criminals. As long as you aloow them to hide they not only think they are getting away with it they are getting away with it and the one concealing it is enabling them to get away with it.

  6. Page 260-261 in the Lawrence Nardi deposition. These pages are not the only pages that prove fraud.

  7. Was it a WAMU or Long Beach loan or always Chase? Look at the Lawrence Nardi deposition. The transfers of any king allonges notes loans simply do not exhist. WAMU to Chase assignments nor loans? If they were WAMU first they can deposition Lawrence Nardi again for their case.

  8. I do have a CHASE story. They did this to close relatives of mine. After their loan mod failed…CHASE foreclosed on them without a day in court in a judicial state..they were then swiftly sent by CHASE to the title company to sign their house over to CHASE…They have since hired an attorney who has requested docs from CHASE…CHASE said once they foreclose…they don’t have to comply…CHASE has sent some realtor over to their home on numerous occassions to harass them and tell them they better start packing …their house has been sold to a maintenance co…Now CHASE is telling their attorney “they” might be able to modify the “loan”….!

  9. i BELIEVE THE HOMEOWNERS WALKING AWAY FROM THEIR HOUSES ARE GOING TO BE THE FIRST ONES IN THE PRIVATE FEMA CAMPS. Everyone of them need to prove quiet title so they did not walk away from an alleged debt.

  10. Speak of the little guy being thrown under the bus. All of us are this little guy too. WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY OUR GOVERNMENT!

  11. @Jeff Barnes & Neil…..I have a good one for you guys that you might even find a little biit amusing….It’s not about Chase directly, but they are in my title history. I received a filing of a motion by the Plaintiff to amend their foreclosure complaint for a third time today…..This time they want to subrogate a Plaintiff …. a mortgage refi from 2003 for $300,000.00! This is nuts…! The title co. Released the mortgage to public in 2007…after a refi not with the current Plaintiff…the current plaintiffs are repping a “failed”bank and trying to join me and others trying toforeclose on MERS…! ..This so called new plaintiff has other paid liens in the filing that they say I still owe…..I have these in my possession…..they are stamped paid. …! The criminality is becoming obscene…Could they make the rampant fraud and insolvency of this mortgage any more obvious to the Judge…?

  12. Chase told me over and over to stop making payments in order to be approved for a modification loan. After three Chase employees telling me this, I allowed one month only. Only because I was toldl by the bank to do it three times. Then I am approved then unapproved five mod payments later. One of my customers at the day spa told me she was approved for only a six dollar reduction so she refused it, but was told by Chase she had to pay only the amount approved they would not accept anything but on the payments. Nine months later she gets the same letter I get and is in foreclosure due to a six dollar reduction payment. she was forced to pay against her will. Last I heard they were walking out on their house. I hope they did not.

  13. The WA State Bains V MERS En Banc also states:They essentially said that only the real creditor (“the actual holder of the promissory note”) and who therefore has the power to appoint a substitute trustee could be a lawful beneficiary.
    The WA Supreme Court rejected all arguments to the contrary, and reaffirmed that the power of sale is a “Significant Power” and thus the deed of trust should be liberally construed in favor of the borrower. The Court also reaffirmed the many decisions about the duties and obligations of trustees that have been routinely ignored by the banks and servicers. “… the process should provide an adequate opportunity for interested parties to prevent wrongful foreclosures.”

  14. @Shelley Erickson…Thanks for speaking out Shelley….! It sure gets more shocking everyday. Right now the inmates are running the asylum …if we let them have their way, the next thing they will be doing is, running the country like a giant penitentiary…! Who would want that…?…not me..

  15. @shadowcat…that is what alot of us are trying to do…..fight the rampant corruption. We are all learning. What I have a problem with is, why are you so defensive…? That makes it seem as though you have an agenda. I made a choice to expose the fraud when I see it…There have been enough cover ups…that’s why this country is a train wreck.

  16. I’ll post anything bad anyone knows about Chase. Call me biased…


    September 20, 2012

    September 20, 2012

    After our post as to the Lawrence Nardi deposition, and after reviewing the admissions therein and the admissions of JPMorgan Chase in the Deutsche Bank Federal litigation and other information recently uncovered, we have been receiving a multitude of inquiries as to how JPM can possibly succeed in any foreclosure case involving a WaMu originated loan, and where has the money which homeowners have been paying JPM (including monies paid to its former servicer Chase Home Finance), gone and under what authority. After reviewing this information with our banking and securitization experts, some realizations are crystal clear.

    The WaMu mortgage loans were “off balance sheet” at the time of WaMu’s failure, and thus JPM could not have purchased something which was not on WaMu’s balance sheet. Nardi has testified that there is no schedule of particular mortgage loans which were purchased from the FDIC as Receiver for WaMu. Yet, after the alleged “acquisition” of whatever was sold to JPM by the FDIC, JPM directed the homeowners with WaMu originated loans to make payments to JPM. Although JPM admitted that it was only acting in the capacity of a “servicer”, JPM has never advised who they are the “servicer” for other than to amorphously state that they are the servicer for an “investor”.

    Who is this investor? Is it JPM? If so, what did JPM invest? Surely it could not be the mere pittance that it paid the FDIC for whatever it purchased, and it cannot be for the mortgage loans which it did not buy. To date, the true owner(s) of the off-balance sheet WaMu mortgage loans remains unknown.

    Thus, the conclusion is inescapable: the monies which homeowners have been paying to Chase Home Finance and JPM over the years through payments to CHF and JPM as a “servicer” have been are are being pocketed by JPM, even through JPM does not own the WaMu mortgage loans and cannot identify any person or entity who or which owns the loans for which JPM is allegedly collecting payments as the “servicer”.

    Any wonder why JPM was so easily able to recently allocate $400M for attorneys’ fees to oppose foreclosure challenges and spend enormous amounts of money on marketing its various credit card promotions?

    There is a lot more to this which is being uncovered every day, and it is more insidious than we ever could have thought possible. Take, for example, the conviction yesterday of ex-WaMu subprime lending unit Long Beach Mortgage’s sales executive John Blanford, who was found guilty of six counts of mail fraud for his involvement in a scheme to falsify loan documents. As reported, Blanford paid a loan coordinator in cash to falsify documents, provide false verification of borrowers’ employment or professional licensing status, and to turn a blind eye to fraudulent representations contained in loan applications and other documents submitted to Long Beach Mortgage, all in connection with his scheme for which he earned more than $1 million in commissions between 2003 and 2005.

    As also reported, from 2003 to 2006, WaMu and its Long Beach mortgage unit increased mortgage securitizations from $4.6 billion to $29 billion. That’s a $25 BILLION increase in securitizations in 36 months. As also reported, in 2005, Long Beach was forced to repurchase $875 million of non-performing loans from investors, and an audit done in the same year (2005) found that 83 percent of the loans approved by Long Beach were fraudulent.

    Now one asks: how could JPM “purchase” mortgage loans in 2008 which, statistically, had an 83% chance of being fraudulent as of 2005 (assuming the loans were even in WaMu’s portfolio as of September 25, 2008)? How could JPM purchase, in 2008, any mortgage loans which had been securitized and thus transferred to third parties from 2003 to 2006?

    It goes on and on. Stay tuned.

    Jeff Barnes, Esq.,

  17. Matt Weidner is very, very ticked off…

    Ben Bernake, The Federal Reserve And The Treason of QE3
    September 20th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

    Remember QE3? QE 3 announced last month was supposed to be a shot in the arm to the US housing market. But then a funny thing happened…..Wells Fargo actually raised its rates….and the banks are so far behind in processing loan applications they’re talking 90 days to close.

    And so I started digging …..turns out QE3 will do next to nothing in the short term for guys and gals like you and I….the taxpayers who are burning $40 billion a month….that money is being turned over to Goldman Sachs and the investment banks of the world who will filter it through Fannie and Freddie.


    Starting this month…$40 BILLION A MONTH JUST LIT ON FIRE!
    Scridb filter

  18. Didnot mean to make it look like I was calling you a whiner. I am not a whiner. Angry as H-E-L-L! And willing to expose it but not a whiner. I have sent the proof to the FBI, to the King County Sheriff, after the Cheif of Police said it was a conflict of interest, being the mayor is his boss. The Sheriffs department refused to give me a case number, and after a friend State Patrol asked the Sheriffs department how my case was coming along, he was told to keep his nose out of it. I sent it to the Federal prosecuting attorneys office and recieved a letter stating I had to go to the Sherrif fist, which I did with no action there. The federal prosecuting attorneys office told me they dont have the means to investigate a crime. I sent them a letter back, that I handed them all the evidence they need without an investigation to prosecute the city officials. I have not heard back yet. So I am hiring an attorney that has a reputation of winning against city corruption. I have tried everything, including citizen arrest per statutes I have the right to do a citizens arrest and am giving notice of the citizens arrest and the the right to send the federal procecuters office the hard copy of evidence of a crime and notice of request to prosecute. I have had no response from them as of yet.

  19. Silly Shelley.. you know who the whiner is. hahaha! Have you spoke to a Federal Prosecuter?

  20. So far I have found corruption in the court system. I have gone after corruption. I have proof of fruad upon the court with the local government. I am focusing on earning money to pay money to the next attorney and not continue this pro se. For my house nor the government crime. I hired an attorney that threw my case under the table on a contingency. The judge told his attorney I had proven breach in color. and he through my case under the table. To long a story to discuss. I have depositions declarations and hard copy proof of crime in this city proving city employeed the city mayor and the city attorneys should serrve time in jail. The courts are so corrupt they push pro ses around. I wound up suiing my own attorney. His attorney (my ex-attorneys attorney) asked the court to concider my self taught. self learned experience learning to fight against my own attorney, to give giving me no consideration as an unsophisticated attorney pro se, due to the hours of investigation on how to represent myself against my own attorney throwing my case under the table, therefore the court should not concider me an unsophisticated attorney. WTF? The judge tells her (ex attorneys attorney) I have proven breach in color, therefore he will reinstate my case on my motion for reconsideration. This was done on a cross complaint from my ex-attorney to pay attorneys fees for his attorney and fees to him on a contingency case he through under the table that I proved. His attorney asked the judge if they dropped the cross complaint if he the judge would withdraw his reinstatement? They filed for a non suit dismissal which I objected to and another judge came in and signed the paperwork to dismiss my case without prejudice. I am hiring help next round. I have blantant proof of fraud upon the court by city attorneys perjury by the city mayor in his depositon, on depositions of city employees. I have emails proving my case. I do not whine. I have acted and found fraud deciet and crimnials to deal with at every turn. I havwe found two different attorneys in WA that love cases like this. I am earning money to hire them next. There are no statutes of limitations on fraud upon the court. Next time I will have multiple witnesses in the court. I had one winess in the court when the judge told me she had not bothered to read my case against the city nor go through my exhibits. My witness was a paralegal whom told me she was not going to be a paralegal anymore, she could not understand how I deal with all this crime. I just had an attorney who read my mortgage case, tell me I am one brave woman. I exspected her to tell me I am one crazy woman. It was flattering to hear this from her. I trully exspected her to think I was pretty crazy for battleing this crime after reading my case. So whos a whiner?

  21. @Shelley, There are those who have gotton away with being above the law for so long beause they intimidate people. Dont Whine about It … take Action! I have personally been involved with a Principal being removed and demoted. Recently another Principal was repramanded with Permnant marks on her record and her long time girl friend (buddy) a 1st grade vetern teacher was ban from teaching grades K-3, in addition the State Board of Education will be giving Her and the School District unannounced .. unscheduled visits once every two weeks this Entire School Year! Actions speak louder than Words. Go after the People corrupting our system … not the system. Get It?

  22. I personally know four school superintendants of local schools in my neck of the woods. Three out of the four have told me of the corruption inside the school district and one told me he was involved and the god father of it. While threatening me to not run for a government office. Corruption is rampant in every layer of the politics and public money. They dont put a label on their heads and most would think there is no way. One of the attorneys beginning to help homeowners here was threatened not to speak at a clouded titles meeting by a friend of his on the bar and he is now afraid of loosing his license. A judge in a county we plan to expose here soon told an attorney that is helping the homeowners the Bains V MERS En Banc is not significant in his court room. He ran on an add stating he wanted to bring justice to the court room. He did not state he meant justice to the banks. The power and politics are deep in mud inside the schools. Our schools are set up for educational failure. Most students can not even read when they graduate. I have witnessed a good education go south for the last thirty plus years. I helped in the class rooms. The children have such an overloaded agenda, the teachers dont even have time to grade the papers. Parents are called in to help in the class rooms. Very little time is spent teaching reading writing and arithmetic. If the child does not get some outside help from parents or other source they left behind. The teachers are required to well. Looked to me to be purposely confusing and backwards of giving the children a good education.

  23. Sorry to this attorney, but from what I have discovered …the bank owes more than my properties are worth….they committed too much fraud with my signature and the debt on my properties far exceeds the value of my properties….EVEN IF THE PRICES WERE STILL AT THE BUBBLE PRICE….This debt created by WALL STREET ON OUR PROPERTIES IS INSOLVENT…UNSUSTAINABLE AND CAN NEVER BE REPAID…..There is no fix for $700 trillion dollars in mortgage fraud…!

  24. I like you Mandelman…I believe you are looking for solutions. I don’t love Romney, however, I see evidence another 4 years of Obamas “fixes” and “failures” will lead us into totalitarianism. These folks and their nanny control freak policies that are supposed to be “good” for US..are not accidental. They are tyrannical control mechanisms….Marxist socialist policies instituted with other frauds were meant to fail…The poor economy and inflation along with progressive taxation and other hidden taxes to cover up for the massive “failures” of this UNCONSTITUTIONAL & ILLEGAL SYSTEM OF CREDIT WILL BE USED BY OBAMA TO CONVINCE US TO ACCEPT TOTALITARIANISM. WE DO NOT NEED 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA “FIXES” & “FAILURES”…

  25. Attorney John Long’s podcast interview by Mandelman. Click on the link to hear it.

    Attorney John Long – State of Washington Foreclosure Better for Homeowners – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

    My trusted attorney in the State of Washington is John Long of John Long Law. John has been practicing law for over 30 years, during which time he’s represented both banks and now borrowers. He earned his J.D. with honors at the University of Southern California.

    And he’s just a very smart and exceptionally caring individual who is passionate about helping homeowners get through this crisis. He works with Washington State’s homeowners every day and follows all of the cases and legislative changes that matter when it comes to saving homes from foreclosure.

    Recently, there have been three significant developments in Washington, two from the State Supreme Court, and one having to do with the state’s mediation program. And all three fell in favor of homeowners, which is a refreshing change.

    In Bain v. Metropolitan, the State Supreme Court dealt a blow to the MERS way of doing business when foreclosing.

    In the Albice v. Dickinson and Premier Mortgage case, the court ruled in favor of the borrower, changing a long-standing state law to make things much more equitable for homeowners who lose homes to improper trustee sales.

    And changes in the Notice of Pre-Foreclosure, the triggering event under the current law which provides the homeowner the option to elect to enter into mortgage mediation now says that once received, the homeowner will have 30-days, from the date of the letter, to respond to elect to request a face-to-face meeting with the bank to discuss the situation.

  26. @ Enraged! If Mitt said it .. it must be True! Right? *smirks*

  27. I never could figure out folks who Get Happy or Happier over a Tragic Situation involving such a young Life. I’m sure the Motive is Greed Driven. Enough Said! Pfff!

  28. I mean “The republicans do not, under any circumstance, WANT to win…”

  29. I said it a year ago, when all that Perry/Herman Cain/Bachman/Santorum nonsense was going on: the republicans do not, under any circumstance, win the elections. Why? Because they would rather do the “American” thing of bitching, moaning and creating chaos after the fact than actually tackle in any meaningful way the mess they have created. Why? Because it is so far gone that they have no clue how to fix it. And they know that the unraveling of the world economy is going on as we speak. I was onto something then and it was the only explanation for that ongoing and obscene display of stupidity, bad faith and moronism. Mandelman appears to be of the same opinion, a year later.

    Okay, So Now I Appreciate Mitt Romney

    Today, for the first time, I appreciate Mitt Romney.

    The text and video of his speech at a private fundraiser in Boca Raton, which was released yesterday by Mother Jones, and I’m sure is going to be run in the media almost as much as the footage of 9-11, answered every conceivable question one might have had about his candidacy, the GOP, and its platform.

    Here’s what he said, in case you haven’t already read it a hundred times already…

    “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…these are people who pay no income tax.

    My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    Oooh, SNAP! Well, that makes Mitt’s views pretty darn clear, I’d say. He wants to be president of 53 percent of this country… fair enough. I suppose, if we’re ever looking to fill such a position, we’ll know whom we might consider.

    Mitt sees 47 percent of the people in this country as deadbeats unwilling to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” I wonder how Mitt would want to correct this problem with 47 percent of Americans. I’ll bet you he’d be okay with taking away their right to vote, or maybe even sending them to work camps… perhaps some sort of indentured servitude would be in order, right Mitt?

    What’s amazing is that his speech went on to say…

    Describing his family background, he quipped about his father, “Had he been born of Mexican parents, I’d have a better shot of winning this.”

    Contending that he is a self-made millionaire who earned his own fortune, Romney insisted, “I have inherited nothing. There is a perception, ‘Oh, we were born with a silver spoon, he never had to earn anything and so forth.’ Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon, which is the greatest gift you can have: which is to get born in America.”

    Okay, time out. First of all… Mexicans have a better shot at the presidency? That’s the kind of line that, no matter what I write to follow it, I can’t make any funnier. Why does Mitt think that? It sounds like Mitt has Mexican-envy.

    As far as him being “self-made” and not having been born with a silver spoon and the rest… his father was the CEO of American Motors, once one of America’s “Big 4” automakers, who also became the governor of Michigan and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. And do you know what that makes Mitt? An ungrateful little shit, that’s what.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a perfect example of someone being born on third base thinking they’d hit a triple.

    When asked how the group he was talking to could help his candidacy, he replied:

    “Frankly, what I need you to do is to raise millions of dollars.”

    Wait… I thought he was a self-made zillionaire. Doesn’t he already HAVE millions of dollars? Maybe if he were a Mexican he’d need to raise millions of dollars… I mean… unless he was a really rich Mexican.

    You know, when Mitt was campaigning earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he was asked about what he would do about foreclosures, he replied by saying that they needed to happen faster. Faster foreclosures was the answer… letting the market hit bottom… in Las Vegas he said this. While campaigning… ostensibly trying to get people to vote for him for President this November.

    It left me numb, unable to speak for over an hour. It was as if I no longer understood how things worked in this country. Maybe I didn’t understand what campaigning was all about. Maybe the goal of campaigning was to alienate as many potential voters as possible. Should I have been voting for the candidate I found most offensive all these years? Because if so, then I’d been doing it wrong since 1980.

    After further consideration I realized what was much more likely happening… the Republicans actually wanted Obama to win in 2012, but they also realized that actually rooting for Obama would be… well, rude. So, they’d run a candidate against him, but just make sure that their candidate said things that ensured that he or she couldn’t possibly win.

    First it was faster foreclosures in Nevada. Then he said something about letting the auto industry go bankrupt while he was in Michigan. I figured next he’d introduce a pro anti-Semitism platform in Miami, and then say he wants to make four years of college mandatory in West Virginia. I don’t know… the whole GOP thing has escaped me this time out. And I’d rather chug a gallon of spoiled milk than vote for Obama in 2012.

    But now at least we know the real deal about the apparent beliefs of Romney and his supporters: they’re real… they really believe them.

    They actually believe that too much regulation is the problem facing our financial institutions… that foreclosures are a good thing for the housing market… that tax cuts for the rich will create prosperity… that people on food stamps won’t get jobs until we starve them to death… that we should cut spending to stimulate growth… that Obama is a socialist… that they’re richer because they’re smarter and better… I don’t know what else at the moment, you can add your own to the list… they’re just entirely insane.

    But I’m less concerned that they’re actually dangerous, because I don’t even know any Republicans that think that the President of the United States should ignore 47 percent of the country’s population… at least I hope I don’t.

    Mitt’s words in Boca Raton demonstrate that the GOP is exactly what, in general, it appears to be: a party of intolerant and insensitive rich white guys. And I just don’t think there’s much risk that we’re going to elect anyone like that in a national election going forward.

    I mean, my daughter is 16, so she’ll be voting in the next election, and her generation sees nothing wrong with brown skin or gay marriage. The chances of her generation voting for anything close to what is produced by today’s GOP are nil.

    It’s bad enough that any Republican president has to get through the primaries by running as something close to a snake-handling Christian who wants to build fences and bombs before schools and electric cars, but beyond that, although there may be enough of “them” to hold a convention, I just don’t think that this country will ever again have enough people that see eye-to-eye with Mitt to elect a president.

    To check out Mother Jones’ full story on the Romney speech click below.

    SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters

    And remember… Mitt was the electable one. If he hadn’t been the nominee, who would have been the alternative… Newt? Come on… no way. Newt… the guy who wanted to eliminate the child labor laws so 9-year olds from poor families can work as school janitors?

    The problem is, that means all we’ve got are the Democrats, which means we’re completely screwed. We’ve lost the ability to govern ourselves.

    I’m telling you… if Canada was located where Mexico is… half this country would already be living there.

    Mandelman out.

  30. @shadowcat….this incident just occurred….I am in the process of discovering all avenues that I can use to pursue these individuals who have exhibited abhorant behavior and have abused their power to permanently harm a young persons future….it’s true and its despicable and I want justice for that young person because this IS NOT the first time this school has overstepped their bounds with students…but this time they really screwed up….and it couldn’t make me happier…

  31. It’s taking time but disclosure has globally started. It’s blowing everywhere. Hope it’s not too late for humanity to reverse the course it is on…

    Bain Capital Complaint Should Be Made Public, Court Rules

    A judge has ruled that certain information involved in a lawsuit against Bain Capital, the private equity firm where Mitt Romney made his fortune, should be released to the public.

    U.S. District Judge Edward Harrington said in a decision on Friday that the public has the right to see a new complaint filed as part of a class-action antitrust lawsuit that claims Bain Capital and 10 other private equity firms colluded with one another to keep the costs of leveraged buyouts low. The plaintiffs recently filed another complaint with new information, but that complaint has not yet been made public because of opposition from Bain Capital lawyers, who say doing so could hurt the company’s business because of increased scrutiny during the election news cycle.

  32. @ Ivent, for someone with so much knowledge, why havent you done anything productive with it? Could it be its all “Smoke” without any proof to back it up? Sound Familier? … And you want to run our schools ….. hahahahahahahaha! You couldnt even name the board members on the State Board of Education without Googleing it! Do not pretend to know everything about something you never gave a dam about before!

  33. CNBC reporting …….WALMART to stop selling the AMAZON KINDLE…WHY…? TMI GETTING OUT TO THE PEOPLE…? LOL..! EVERYONE SHOULD OWN ONE….! Grandma & Grandpa too…



  36. @shadowcat…..B.S….they are control freaks who think they are above the law. Was I sleeping in school…? ONLY FOR THE LIES…..I WAS OBVIOUSLY FULLY AWAKE FOR THE TRUTH…..THE TRUTH IS….ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN AND SHOULD BE CONTROLLING WHAT THE SCHOOLS DO…THESE ARE OUR KIDS….AND THIS IS OUR MONEY..!

  37. If you report .. they dont get away with Squat! Report to DCFS, School Board, Regional Offices and the State Board of Education! Did you Sleep during School? Every basket has a few bad apples … that is no reason to throw out the whole basket! We have Judges, Lawyers, Law enforcement officials and Politicions here in our state as we speak fighting to enforce our state laws while you B”””itch and vent” about it. Why arent you helping them? You can get more accomplished by helping than by Itching and Venting. Just Sayin ….


  39. @ Ivent! You crossed the Line! Shut Up unless you know what you are talking about! I know what our State Board of Education does here, and you are Way Off Base! You are Dag Gone Lucky to have these Folks fighting for our Kids and Grandkids! Trust Me! Put a Zipper on it While You Still Can!

  40. Anything that has to do with Government is sleazy. I learned something else that startled me yesterday. That the public schools have their own law..! It is called Educational law and there are attorneys who specialize in this type of law…! These jerks have their own law…! They are not working for the students, they are CONTROL FREAKS who are working for these tyrants who have hijacked America…..and WE THE PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR IT…..!

  41. Oh is that what that was? It was Hard to tell .. riding the short bus. *snickers* Life is All about Who can Color the Paper the Best … not who can run the fastest with the scissors. Or is It?

  42. Yes. This article ticked me off. No mention of how the servicer and later FM would then upcharge this guy’s fraud reports and then charge them to the borrower and secure a judgment on all that BS.

  43. I may add not just to save the roof over your head from atttempt to steal your equity and castle. but to simiply stay out of a seizer, arrest and prosecution and terrifing prison. Probalby a FEMA camp making license plates for the rest of your life. Your children in orpanzges.

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