Why Hasn’t De Marco Been Fired?

Editor’s Notes: It is already well -established that write-down of principal is the only sane thing to do in these circumstances. De Marco standing as head of of the GSE’s refuses to consider that and even refuses to push for modifications, preferring foreclosures instead. Foreclosures are what is killing the economy, destroying lives and providing windfall upon windfall profits to Wall Street. Who is in charge — De Marco or Obama?

He is still talking as though there are deserving homeowners and undeserving homeowners. In any PONZI scheme, there are people whose greed is more than other “investors.” But they are all treated the same when it comes to getting restitution. It’s time to level the playing field. Fire DeMarco and start forcing modifications and settlements where people can pay some reasonable amount of monthly payment on a reasonable balance that does not carry forward the appraisal fraud at origination of the loan.

AND by the way, when will Obama or Romney address the criticism that they are not talking about foreclosure, which is the elephant in the living room?


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  1. Such gangsters & their crimes are fixtures of the nationwide criminal system established to loot everything in bulk as they established in California from the get-go: http://www.pbs.org/kpbs/theborder/history/timeline/7.html

  2. Happy to hear the judge ruled permanently against that fascist act..the NDAA. We need to get rid of OBAMACARE…We The people have to fight against terrorism.

  3. @eule – I followed your link and this also showed up (2011):

    “Banks may soon take another blow if the Federal Housing Administration were to start denying banks’ insurance claims for money they lost in home foreclosures, Reuters reported Oct. 3.* The FHA is under political and finance pressure to deny claims, which could cost banks $13.5 billion in mortgage-related losses.**

    Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase likely would face the greatest losses, Paul Smith, a bank analyst with FBR Capital Markets, told Reuters. Miller estimated potential losses for Wells Fargo at $3 billion and losses at Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase at $2 billion each.**
    At issue is the FHA’s resolve to deny claims from banks that have made mistakes in foreclosure processing or in lending processes. FHA also could seek punitive damages from banks by alleging that lenders made false claims for reimbursement of losses on foreclosures.
    Currently, FHA insures about 10 percent of all mortgages.”

    *jg: FHA is already denying claims from non-approved FHA servicers.
    Wonder if that should hold true for FNMA and FHLMC, and if not, don’t know why not (think s-bucket default servicers, etc.)
    To the best of my knowledge, non-approved entities are not supposed to be “servicing” any loans of GNMA (fha & va), FNMA, or FHLMC.
    What could that mean to us? I don’t know, but it’s worth exploring.

    **If the investors have the recourse, why is it the banks taking the
    hits? Would someone be so kind as to explain this to me, succinctly?

  4. I don’t t feel screwed. Unless of course there is a complete commie take over by these imposters. I can’t see the military allowing that b.s. I was in fraudclosure court today. They still can’t prove an injury in fact with particularity. Or any negotiation occurred RE:…the note. The third party debt collectors …the imposters… withdraw their motion. Chalk one up for US..!

  5. From Mark Stopa:

    “Selling hundreds of houses to one rich guy for pennies on the dollar is better than giving hundreds of homeowners a principal reduction … how, exactly?”

    Well, of course it isn’t. For us. But the banksters may not see a choice or at least a choice they want to live with. I mean, if they actually had a choice, why wouldn’t the bankster want to make a prin reduction to say 50k or even 100k? For one obvious reason, the bankster gets CASH and cash NOW, and then the apparent reasons: The bankster retires some obligation, (and collapses more trusts?) probably collects some insurance, juggles its books around including the addn of the 12 million, and it’s a new dawn…for them. The question was “how, exactly?” Imo, that’s how and it’s why, but of course, the author must know this. And it’s all inherently wrong and crap: the business model,
    never minding the fraud, etc.
    From everything I’m seeing at this site, including the collapsible nature of trusts, I don’t believe the investors have a right of recourse against the homeowner. If recourse is subject to the existence of a trust, and these trusts can apparently collapse, I don’t see how there is an actual right of recourse by the trusts. What, they have it til the trust
    collapses? That’s messed, but even if so, then what? It just doesn’t read, to me. It seems like one big, rotten, smelly case of double-speak to everybody, borrowers and investors alike, from the get-go
    (all enabled by “MERS”).

  6. What if default servicers (or others) don’t have access to your private info? Do they? Why should they? When one is compelled by their shananigans to “apply” for a loan modification, one is giving them rank, file, and serial number. Even if they did have access to your old loan file, they now have a picture of your current financial situation and is that part of the real goal? If they don’t have access to your
    old file, they’ve got your private info now. I still say anyone alleging
    to offer a loan modification must have a lending license in any state they operate because, if for no other reason, they are taking your financial information for the purpose of modifying an existing loan on real property or just plain making a new loan. And how does one know that the old loan is modified? Get the old note back and a new note, a note which validly supercedes the old one? We really don’t have to speculate on this one. There are prescribed answers: I just don’t know them.
    I also think that Reg Z TILA applies to loan mods. I don’t know why it wouldn’t. If it does, you have to get the same disclosures as the first time round – amt financed, total of payments, A.P.R., etc.

  7. Thanks Shelley—let me know—I’ll be all over that.

  8. Carie, in the end this will all work against them. Keep every paper and contact with them. The details you keep will help in a CPA action of treble damages litigated against them. Our state has opened a huge can of worms to take them down. I will send you the contact of an attorney who is working with a firm I will bet all I have on to pay them to fight this crime agaisnt us if my case comes back not in favor of me. I still have hope my case will come back in my favor. I should know soon, if I need to hop on board with the attorney I will send you by email. She will win this for us.

  9. I agree! Abosule theift and unlawful unconstitutional seizure of our property.

  10. Who are they tapping? They dont prosecute the criminals, so why pay to tap them. The government supports the terrorist, so why tap them? I believe that leaves US!

  11. Commercial property is rental also.

  12. The criminals are taking the MERS DOCS OFF THE COUNTY REGISTERS to conceal the crime and to make it difficult for the new-be party just learning of the crimes, trying to find out if MERS has fraud docs on their titles here in Washington State probably Oregon to, due to the Oregon Supreme Court is exspected to follow the Bains V MERS case in the Wa Supreme Court . Not all the docs have been removed only the ones in litigation or in short sales, or being forclosed on. Without notice the RECONTRUST docs, from RECONTRUST that was thrown out of the State of WA August 18, 2012, are withdrawn to conceal they are involved.[ http://www.ocregister.com/articles/registry-371166-santa-act.html ] Now this jerk lies through his dentures stating MERS has cleaned up their act, When it is a blantant lie. They have covered up their crime as best they can. The crime can not be undone with out legal litigation and quiet title. MERS has destroyed the land records in every state. Everyone needs to get a combed through title search done looking for all defects and proof of a crime on the country records and on your title. All details of dates that can not be, photo copies submitted to the courts and not the wet stamp note], every little detail proving the corrupted titles. The last meeting I attended with investers, homeowners, attorneys, realtors, there were angry people on all sides. The speaker told the group to investigate and look for MERS docs on their titles. That in itself will not do it. For one the country and the banksters are concealing the docs. I am still finding some proof of MERS and fraud docs, but a lot of unscanned unveiwable docs now that I personally know were viewable and scanned. You need a professional combing through the docs that can testify their expert testimony and show the proof of the broken title and fraud docs. Also not all fraud docs have MERS involved. Mine dont. Chase and WAMU have done a good cover up of this. Clouded title can still be proven if MERS is not involved. So just looking for MERS is not the solution. The average person does not see the crime. Possibly asking the closing company for a copy of all parties involved will help. However I would spend the money for a professional to do this work and make sure they are someone you can trust and not taking your money for doing nothing.

  13. This is the response I got from the servicer (or “default escalations specialist”) at OneWest Bank (who foreclosed on me), after I sent him my email (show below response):

    “Dear Ms.——-,

    We respectfully decline to provide you the requested information as it does not pertain to a dispute concerning the accuracy of the servicing of your former account. ”

    (here is what I said to him):

    You NEVER showed me a LOAN SCHEDULE with regards to securitization.

    You NEVER showed me a MORTGAGE LOAN PURCHASE AGREEMENT with regards to securitization.

    You NEVER showed me a LEDGER or a BALANCE SHEET with regards to my ALLEGED loan and/or payments going to a securitized trust.

    You NEVER told me WHO actually OWNED this “loan”—OR WHO THE REAL CREDITOR WAS.


    So—the servicer is 100% responsible for “servicing” AND foreclosing—a foreclosure which is BASED ON HIS OWN STATEMENT TO ME PREVIOUSLY THAT “ONEWEST IS FORECLOSING ON BEHALF OF THE SECURITIZATION” (his words in writing)—yet he says to me my questions have nothing to do with their “servicing”—


    I think they want us all to be institutionalized—but, there’s no money for those institutions any more—so they would be REALLY happy if we all just committed suicide.

  14. Watch this FDIC lawsuit , if you have a HELOC account :



  16. Remember…Eric Holder said they believe we are a nation of cowards. They don’t believe we will put up a fight… That’s what they are counting on..

  17. History shows empires fall because those at the top become too greedy. Here is an example….The greedy crooks at the top believe they own OUR WEALTH…THEY HAVE HIJACKED THE TRUST FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLES MONEY…THE U.S. TREASURY …
    Read about it here:
    Our Newest Investments (VIA THE U.S. TREASURY)

  18. The Beginning of the End?

    Posted on September 13th, 2012 by Mark Stopa

    America is the greatest country in the world and has been such since long before I was born. Will that continue forever? If history is any indication, the answer is no. Consider the Roman Empire. The Soviet Union. Germany. Is America doomed to the same fate? If so, will it happen in our lifetimes? If it does happen, will we be able to tell? Will there be warning signs?

    I don’t consider myself an alarmist, a radical, or anti-government. I’d imagine, though, that if America’s existence as we know it were to end, or were to be fundamentally altered, the beginning of the end might have headlines which look something like this …

    California Company Buys 700 Florida Foreclosures in a Single Sale

    Nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this, so please take a few minutes and think about the ramifications of this story. Think about what’s going on in “our” country.

    It started, in my view, when “our” federal government insured millions of mortgages (guaranteeing it would pay the banks the full loan amount in the event the borrower defaulted), inducing banks to lend at unprecedented rates. The big banks committed all sorts of nefarious acts along the way with an eye towards increasing the bottom line. The biggest real estate bubble in world history resulted.

    The bubble burst, helping to destroy the American economy.

    The big banks and corporate America were bailed out with taxpayer dollars, but those same taxpayers – lower and middle class America – got no such bailout. The corporate crooks who committed the nefarious acts faced no punishment.

    Millions upon millions of Americans lost the equity/wealth in their homes, and, ultimately, lost their homes altogether to foreclosure.

    Meanwhile, the bailed-out banks refused to negotiate with homeowners, and “our” government refused to do anything to force them to do so. Hence, the cycle continued, as the economy remained in the toilet, banks kept foreclosing, and homeowners kept getting thrown onto the street.

    Now for perhaps the most outrageous part … what has happened to all of the houses? You know, all of the houses that were taken from middle class America via foreclosure instead of giving principal reductions? “Our” government is selling those houses in bulk sales to private investors. As the headline reads … California Company Buys 700 Florida Foreclosures in a Single Sale.

    That’s 700 of my fellow Floridians who lost their homes … why? So those homes could be sold to one, uber-wealthy investor for $12.3 million? Do the math, folks – that’s $17,571 per house.

    Are you seriously telling me that 700 of my fellow Floridians were foreclosed upon so “our” government could sell these houses, free and clear, for $17,571 each? Seriously? Selling hundreds of houses to one rich guy for pennies on the dollar is better than giving hundreds of homeowners a principal reduction … how, exactly?

    I could sort of understand, maybe, the argument that our government can’t give principal reductions on a widespread basis because it would induce everyone to default. I don’t agree, but I could at least understand that. However, even if you accept the argument that foreclosure was/is the only option, there are certainly options for the re-sale of these properties other than selling them in bulk to the uber-wealthy.

    For instance, why doesn’t “our” government set up public auctions for each property – one at a time – so anyone can bid? Isn’t that the American way? You work hard, save money, buy a house. Why exclude 99.9999 percent of the American population from buying the houses that were foreclosed, allowing only the richest of the rich to buy these houses? Why set up a system where the houses are sold for pennies on the dollar instead of something closer to their fair market value?

    Bear in mind … it’s our taxpayer dollars at work here. Our taxpayer dollars are what paid the banks the full judgment amounts. So when we’re all footing the bill for it, why is it that only the mega-wealthy stand to gain?


    Because that’s how America operates in 2012.

    If you’re mega-wealthy, you get high-level positions in government, and you create the system in a way that it caters to the mega-rich. That’s what we see in national politics from both Democrats and Republicans. That’s what’s happening with these foreclosure sales – Fannie Mae is selling to the uber-wealthy because the high-level executives at Fannie are uber-wealthy. You scratch my back, I scratch yours … and on and on the crooked system goes, catering to the whims of the sociological elite while the 99% get left behind.

    I don’t know that this is the beginning of the end of America as we know it. For all I know, this could be a blip on the radar. However, if we look back in 20, 30, or 50 years and realize this was the beginning of the end, we can’t say we didn’t see the warning signs.
    Mark Stopa

  19. why hasnt DeMarco been fired…why has there been zero prosecutions…why hasnt Holder been fired….why has the FBI been grossly undermanned….its the how that matters

  20. @mass resident. I know what you mean and you are not alone.

  21. Why is no one talking about the fact that Bank of America and Wells Fargo ( from what I read) contributed millions to the DNC, and that if they hadn’t, the convention might not have happened for the lack of funds? There were other corporate contributor’s so says the article I read. Also, during those days the BofA and Wells buildings were closed for security reasons ( no work )…..

    I can’t really say what I want to here… too much profanity.

    Charlotte North Carolina sure is an interesting place…..



  24. The TRUTH IS…there isn’t enough wealth on the planet to bailout these greedy jerks and we can’t afford to support them anymore. The new APPLE I PHONE WON’T SAVE THEM…PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD THOSE OR THEIR PONZI SCHEMES ANYMORE….! Their products and fraudulently induced taxes are just too high because they committed too much fraud. If we fail…they fail.

  25. @Riccio…that could be because commercial property has a revenue flow. However…they don’t have the notes on those either…I would have held out for at least a 75% principle write down..As far as our homes go..they want a nation of renters…to that I say, screw them..! I will make the scene of the century out of this….I will embarass them until they wish they were dead….I will sue them all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. These crooks have stolen too much from us already.

  26. We on MAIN STREET aren’t esp happy because we don’t want to feed a ponzi scheme and be dining on cat food when we are old so the PUBLIC SECTOR CAN HAVE NICE PENSION FUNDS.

  27. Maybe Demarco knows the banks are failed institutions and no amount of loan modifications are going to sustain $700 trillion dollars in mortgage derivatives fraud debt they created. Maybe he thinks the banks don’t deserve to pocket anymore (USURY)…..bailout money and they should have been AUDITED and shut down like ENRON…and JAILED and NOT bailed out. WHY DID THEY GET BAILED OUT…AND WHY DID MAIN STREET GET THE SHAFT…? Because they are ALL PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS IN DISGUISE…GOVERNMENT SPONSORED SUCK HOLES …..THAT THE U.S. TAXPAYERS FUND AND PAY FOR….FANNIE/FREDDIE……GOVERNMENT MOTORS…GOVERNMENT BANKSTERS…GOVERNMENT INSURANCE CO. AIG…..STOP PAYING FOR FRAUD AMERICA…!

  28. Soliman gave you the proof of eminent domain and right on track – two weeks to the day ….you start . With another effort to look like researchers and contemplation of new ideas that can turn the defaulted homeowners interest. . into a money makers next Spring l.

    Bring this site down You use others info and make money . Civil forfeiture …okay . In Rem proceeding in split jurisdictional demands

    Get it right .OLD NEWS ….

    You people are so far behind the 8 ball and listening to a ATM salesman ‘

    Loans never made it into trust – this is how insane Garfield is …..No corpus Neil ….they never formed the paid in capital account Neil

    How the hell else are you to make an argument against their contention of a conventional loan .

    Pooling and Servicing . . .Yeah thats smart….. The lender is the investor . So what did they breach; their own reps and Warranties

    Posers ….nothing but internet researchers …

  29. it is plane and simple, De Marco continues the cover up, he pads his pockets with money stolen from the poor and the middle class.

    FIRE DeMarco’s ASS !!!!!
    FIRE DeMarco’sASS !!!!!
    FIRE DeMarco’s ASS !!!!!
    FIRE DeMarco’s ASS !!!!!

  30. Although Eminent Domain is an excellent idea, it is not viable for one salient reason: the Cities have no money. Upon entry of a Judgment of Eminent domain, the City would have to deposit the appraised price with the Court. Cities cannot even pay for new textbooks; the idea that they can do eminent domain on any scale at all is not realistic. Ain’t gonna happen; another nice theoretical idea with no future.

  31. The article Shelley Erickson links to relates to a speech issued by MERS’ chairman, held at the premises of First American Financial. this outfit is the octopus that owns First American Title Insurance Co., which is the amalgam of First American and First American Title Insurance Co. of New York, Inc. First American Title is deluged with claims, so their new business model is to file 3rd-party lawsuits to obtain indemnification (and make it look like they have clean hands).

    A classic location for MERS to show up; the offices of a co-player.

  32. Someone (ms fraud?) has an interesting case today. It got me thinking about trustees originally named in dot’s. They were title companies. Title companies, businesses who have now wrongfully been pitted in a battle for survival, businesses that by and large
    were heretofore anchors of our real estate industry, of our rights and interests as well as the rights and interests and duties of lenders; they were pillars of the community. It makes me sick. They either got onboard the MERS’ train or they have been forced to participate to some degree to stay alive.
    About those title company trustees: title companies have staff attorneys and examiners. Real estate is what they have done for years and years. The dot trustee is to non-j f/c pretty much what a court is to judicial f/c. And what is going on? Alleged bens are substituting trustees and are making parties who don’t know S from
    shortcakes the sub trustees, and this is no accident, of course.
    And those yeahoo are themselves foisting this critical job off onto
    yet other yeahoos and with zero evidence of the relationship (agency) between yeahoo 1 and yeahoo 2, which must exist as a matter of law
    and possibly which agency right might need to be recorded prior to acting in that agency. Whether or not the agency must be “apparent”, or proof of which may just be demanded, I don’t know.
    It occurs to me that we might include if not file distinctly an action
    to preclude this substitution of trustees to these yeahoos. Now, the dot says the ben may sub the trustee and states have diff laws on
    who may act as a trustee. Some states see dot trustees as debt
    collectors and require appropriate licenses. That license is a joke and even if a yeahoo has one, that’s the argument: it’s a joke. Got a pulse, you can probably get such a license with some kind of minimal bond. What do they know of real estate? Nothing. What license, what experience, do they have which qualifies them to make critical decisions about the rights of the guy telling them to foreclose? NONE. Even if they have an attorney, he suffers the impairment of lack of experience that title companies have, resulting in a rather large
    prejudice against the homeowner. Yes, we acknowledged in the dots that the ben could sub the trustee, but given that the orig trustee was a ‘tried-and-true’ title company, it’s a joke and imo improper to sub a guy in whom as I said doesn’t know S from shortcakes. We reasonably relied on the fact that a title co. was named in the dot to
    perform this most critical task; we reasonably believed any sub
    trustee would be of the same caliber and these yeahoos and their
    sub-yeahoos don’t fit the bill. Protest. Challenge, even if it means
    challenging any bankster-inspired legislation re: trustees in their favor. I think I can safely say using these yeahoos as (sub) trustees is not, not at all, consistant with the legislative intent in allowing non-judicial foreclosure. Like everything else, I suppose the courts will
    be slow to come around, but I believe they’ll get it sooner or later, esp if they hear it often enough.

  33. .The fact that the government thinks this is a solution indicates they are totallyuninformed. If they knew the truth they would know this is not doable and they would be seizing property owned outright by the homeowners.

  34. This man is smoking crack! Or the lies are so bad they cant stop. Who is he kidding. This is denial or plan flat out fibbing. The man needs to be injected with truth serum. Or water boarded! Where we can all watch. Sorry to lose it with this guy. But he and MERS need to go.


  35. i AM NOT PROMOTING IMINENT DOMAIN. The government has no right to attempt this. I believe if the government goes this route, they will find out they can not and expose the banks are not the owners. The governement would find themselves in massive litigation with the homeowners and investors. Think it is a mess now, this would just cause a bigger deeper hole to clean up. I just can not see this doing anything but bringing out the real owner, It is not the bank. The government would not be attempting to take underwater property they would be taking property that not only is not under water but owned outright and above water. None of the property is under water. It is all owned outright by the homeowner. Modifications with the fraud are a joke. They dont have the authority to do the mod. Clouded titles proven in the court will prove the houses are owned by the homeowners due to their (the banks) own hands in crime. Not the debt collectors that call themselves banks.

  36. Shelley – I don’t have an informed opinion of eminent domain, unfortunately. But it does seem like if the gov were to try to exercise eminent domain, three things: 1) the bankster would be much more likely to have to legitimately establish interests (good luck on that one, boys) and 2) to get eminent domain off the ground will take some real legal talent $$ and 3) I’m not keen on private interests being involved. It seems to me that the part the private interests are bucking for could be handled otherwise with good oversight and utilizing 100 percent color-and-gender-blind, aka merit not quotas, unemployed people with appropriate backgrounds, in a public, not private, ‘sub-agency’. We should not invite another devil in, even if it doesn’t appear to be a devil today. NO more lack of transparency, not one ounce. imo. That link I posted to the mba’s letter to fhfa contains an address to use to send our 2 cents. We should use it. NO nothing with NO transparency. And here’s my 10 (20? 30?) bucks to contribute to the effort. All those who applaud the use of eminent domain could write in with their 2 cents and a pledge for X amt of money. Crazy? I don’t think so, not in these times.
    I can’t believe MERS wants to be taken down the hard way. Instead of retreating, they appear to be gearing up for total electronic commerce, including notes with e-signatures. They can’t even get the system they’ve got now working right, to reflect FACTS, hence the deal they’ve made or are looking to make to try to “fix” the problems
    as demonstrated in the material I linked (at sot) the other day. A system run on carte blanche entries and carte blanche activities by club-members can never assure quality. MERS HAS TO GO.

  37. Why should DeMarco be fired? He’s not the problem. He’s only a symptom. Firing DeMarco would be tantamount to leaving the tumor intact and treating only the pain.

    The problem is much more simple: the world is preparing for a war. Libya today illustrates it very clearly. And I’m not so sure the attack originated from Libya… Some other country heavily supported by the US has been dying to get us involved in war… We’ve created monsters all over the planet. We can’t control them. Tough S*&#!


    “Third, while many U.S. companies are waiting to get their fingers on China’s infrastructure spend, this announced domestic expenditure may very well be the tipping point where China’s mandatory technology transfer strategy of the past two 5 Year Plans (executed by the NDRC) rears its ugly head. Few corporations in the U.S. or Europe have wanted to talk about this phenomenon. For the uninitiated, China has, for a decade, demanded that when it buys technology from international corporations, those corporations must frequently transfer technology, patents and know-how along with the purchase. What this means is that large companies like GE, Siemens, and others have assigned to or developed co-owned rights to their intellectual property with the Chinese government. Now, rather than dictating the price for goods and services, these same companies will be invited to grovel for whatever crumbs their customer is willing to share.

    We’ve got about 6 weeks before a new China emerges. The ascension of the “Fifth Generation” leadership will take place in October and the rising leaders of China will, for the first time, be represented by a number of senior officials who were trained in the U.S. and Europe. Many of the rising stars have real executive experience in companies like SINOPEC, China Telecom, several of the banks and industrial behemoths. With their business training and corporate acumen, the China that is rising is one that is more likely to be far more savvy than their predecessors. With an eye towards economic conquest for domestic “harmony” and pacification, the post-October China will be far less collaborative with those who seek to rely on historical hegemonic clout.

    What this means to the rest of the world is that the markets at week’s end bet wrong. Sure, there’s the irrational exuberance that is merely our modern incarnation of the Dutch Tulip craze or John Law’s giant swindle in the Mississippi Company. Astute investors should know that the Chinese infrastructure spend is a jobs and commodities play. Astute investors should know that the ECB concessions are neither new nor announcements – they’re a cheap magic act that accomplishes no structural benefit. And We the People should see through the pressure on the Fed to realize that greater intervention today will merely accelerate the harm to our social fabric tomorrow. Social Security’s creator famously said that, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet that it was planned that way.” Little did he know that his “sacred obligation” would fall prey to the hyenas who seek to pick the last sinews off the bones of system upon which they’ve fattened. Get used to rubber chickens because that’s what comes next!”

  38. Here’s why De Marco is not in favor of principle writedowns. He’s going to continue the bundling:


    by selling bundles of REOs. How many of these 700 homes are FRAUDclosures? How can he say he’s against ‘moral hazard’ on the writedown side to keep American families in their homes while fanning the flames of ‘moral hazard’ to foreclose on the real estate investment side by creating more bundles. De Marco’s no guardian of the People, he’s a RICO co-conspirator. How many more times will the US government ENABLE turning ‘jus’ one more buck’ on our families?

    Florida used to be famous for producing oranges. Now it’s famed for its latest product to rise from the dirt- the homes of American Families.

    …and Obama and Holder can do nothing with him? My ass.

  39. We are fighting back in Washington with meetings to inform the realtors attorneys homeowners everyone. The last meeting was on Monday. Janet told the crowd to look at their records and make sure they were not screwed. i stood up and told the crowd and Janet, everyone in this room that owns property is screwed already. With over 80 percent of the land records being destroyed by MERS and the bankster gansters, what they need to do is find out how their titles are clouded and unscrew themselves. To be blunt. And she told the crowd she did not want to put it that way but yes I am correct. Our county records are taking off the fraud affidavits and calling them unscanned and unveiwable. This hides the fraud from the homeowners. I told the homeowners those are the ones you want bad. Demand a copy of the hiddden from view docs.

  40. Texas Attorney General Abbott sided with foreclosure defense attorney Richard Roman’s open records request to El Paso County for all of their records on MERS, robosigning, etc. This letter specifically sides with Roman’s argument on all 3 of his major requests.


    Click on the link to read the letter.

  41. Hang DeMarco, so Fannie’s big A$$ and Freddie gigantic butt of BS will hopefully get straightened out in a decade or two. I would never have voluntarily put MY backbone into a gov B$ rip off like this, but somehow my loan is with this pile of rubbish. Yea got a lower rate for a minute (have heard this was to be the life of the loan) but not what the in-house mod (CHA$E) states. This was no easy task by the way with lawyer fees and staying on their butts to. So many of these lawyer are just not there in Mind or Spirit.I am pretty sure there is a little bookkeeping askew here. Will tackle that in time.
    Ahhh longing for the good ole days when a man or business was the word of the owner/person. And De Marco… skin him alive NOW is way too late!

  42. Johngault, my belief is the banksters are afraid the iminent domain will force the gansters to prove they own the property and they can not therefore they will loose out by the exposure. The people own the houses and this will come out. Therefore iminent domain wont happen and the banks will be exposed and that would be just aweful dont you think? For the banks I mean.

  43. Not sure why, but could be your signature to reup a loan with someone who does not have the authority to give you a mod or principle reduction of any kind due to they dont own the loan, is going to be grateful to get your signature on a debt you did not owe them, like some house principle reductions are being done. The home owner does not know when they pay this loan off one or more parties can come in and foreclose claiming you did not pay them. In todays world nobody is guilty until caught and no one goes to jail if they do get caught unless you are beneath the upper one percent class.

  44. They sure seem to be writting down comerical loans. I don’t understand how I had no problem getting over $200,000 cut off of a loan on a apt complex, but zero on my home. I only need a lower rate, longer term on my home, but so far one year of trying and I have got nowhere. On the commerical loan it was a done deal in less than three months. The 1% are seeing to it that the other 1% comeout of this mess better off than they were going in.

  45. The dreamer that I am and the possible fool inside me hopes that there will be a land slide write in for Ron Paul and the two evil doers will be shamed.

  46. yes fire Demarco and then beat the crap out of him !!!

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