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  1. You have it right Nancy, now tell the names of the subsideries doing thier dirty work for them. You know I cant ….. but the Nation has at least one Star LLC…. “I so love my nations stars and and it angers me to see some WF smear the the view of my Nations Stars. They are the Brightest at Night! An amazing view when un smeared by dirty hands. Blessings to All!

  2. <—- Is Flippin Out! Where on Gods Green Earth is the Disclosure to these former loan mod scam victims in these Refinances? Wake Up People and Check Your Title before you sign a dang gone Thing! GRRRRRRRR ……….. Its the Title! Its the Title!.. Where is the Disclosure?

  3. I have been working with people facing foreclosure. They are susceptable to almost anything as they are desperately seeking help to save their homes. I offer my services for a very low fee and sometimes free, depending on the financial situation. But, in their desperation they bite my hand- you know like, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” It stuns me how it isn’t just their titles that may be clouded, it is their judgment. Those that are honestly helping deserve to be treated with respect but today’s entitlement philosophy causes them to demand and disrespect. It is as sad as someone taking advantage of them in this foreclosure mess we are ALL facing. This fiasco hits us all sooner or later- how you may ask? Families getting foreclosed means local community is affected by their moving away or inability to contribute financially. Families lose community ties. Churches, schools, local infrastructure, and small business lose members and much needed revenue. This is the biggest issue that NO ONE running for office in this once great nation is talking about. It is a sad day to be an American.


  5. CNBC’s Rick Santelli telling it like it is this beautious morning in Chicago….The U.S. TAXPAYERS PAY FOR EVERYTHING….THE FED JUST PRINTS THE PAPER AND HANDS US THEIR BAG OF IOU’s…

  6. An attorney told me a long time ago..don’t sign or agree to anything regarding the mortgage. It is a set up to fail because, the banks debt is unsustainable and can never be repaid. These entities claiming to own your mortgage are IMPOSTERS. He told me they plan on taking every property away from the people. I said that is Communism…He said no, that is Complete Communism and that’s what they want.

    It’s sounds like another Hitler Plan America…!

  7. Consumer cites:

    Beware big bad wolf …

    CREDITOR who conceals credit is for order of cash for simultaneous second trust they are beneficiary thereof;

    NMLS # 12345 is a Sponsor of Originator’s and their employees and/or affiliates and their non-affiliates;

    Originator Secondary Trusts

    Real Estate Attorney’s who instruct ‘Mortgage Broker’ MEGA’s like Wels Fargo to remove mention of the real estate attorney name from the letter so that their client does not know the lawyer is involved in the transaction

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