JPM Dimon Gets $23 Million, Losing Money While Jiang Jianqing at ICBC Gets $308,000, Most Profitable Bank

JP Morgan, because he can, gets $23 Million for mismanaging a bank with fake assets and losing money hand over foot, while the head of the most profitable bank in the world gets paid $308,000. That means Dimon makes 70 times what a good bank manager makes. The worse you get, the more you get paid. That is our system. And Dimon still gets to sit as the industry “expert” on the NY Federal Reserve Board. Any more questions about our dysfunctional financial system? Why do stockholders stand for this?
This shows that the banks are being managed for management and against the interests of the shareholders . This is the tip of the iceberg. Having diverted hundreds of billions of dollars through off shore transactions in Bermuda, the managers of our banks are able to pick and choose when and if to repatriate that money. In China, where the most profitable bank in the world pays it’s top manager 3% of what Jamie Diamond, they would not be ignoring the PONZI scheme, they would not be ignoring the diversion of funds from investors into “off balance sheet” transactions controlled through layers of entities ultimately responding to Dimon and other key players personally. No, they would not ignore these people. They would most likely shoot them in the back of the head, like the old Soviet days when someone’s hands were found in the cookie jar.
This time the cookie jar contains our life blood. Without seizure of these assets, neither investors nor homeowners, as victims in the scheme, nor the taxpayer will ever see even a portion of their money back. And this is all known in the public domain and in inner circles. The longer the cover up of the crime, the longer we pretend the assets on the balance sheet of the TBTF banks are real, the deeper we get in our complicity with that crime.
It is time to figure out the right thing to do rather than the politically acceptable alternative, which guarantees that the banks still have the spigots running on taxpayer, investor and homeowner money and if anything will take any action that will enhance the flow of that illegal and unconscionable profit inuring solely the personal profit, wealth and power on the nation’s largest banks.

Without question, Obama’s failure to see the obvious here, combined with his apparent lack of interest in the subject is the major flaw in his economic stewardship, and lacking the resolve to challenge the banks with teeth to claw back those off shore funds, may well be surrendering his second term as President. Because the rest of us — from all sides of the political spectrum already know what Obama is ignoring. We know the banks cheated, lied and stole money and we understand that is a crime. In this case, considering the horrific consequences, it might be treason.

West vs East Banker Pay Comparison: JPM’s Jamie Dimon: $23,000,000; ICBC’s Jiang Jianqing: $308,000

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  1. Or D**k-head!

  2. JPM made his fortune purposefully selling defective armaments to the US Military (see Hall Carbine affair.) This man should have been placed in prison. Treason is the word that immediately comes to mind here.

  3. Folks. Javaheri got slammed down in CA. There were big hopes for that case. Wish for case discussion on this. Just wondering – if you could point to your actual mortgage account number in the FWP for the trust (not that it proves the actual transfer/ownership or that the trust even still exists but it may prove the initial sale anyway and the unjust enrichment of the “servicer” pretender) – would that ruling have come down differently?

  4. It doesn’t stop. Banks did not leave one stone unturned in their frenzy to stick it to investors and borrowers and make more, more, more. New scandal: swap — a form of insurance designed to protect from a rise in interest rates. People paid and paid and paid and… lost their properties to increasing interest rates and… increases in premiums as well.

    Coming soon in a theater near you. If it happens there, it happened here, right?

    British banks face scandal over toxic insurance products
    August 23, 2012

  5. Dimon looses 9 billion and regulates himself, ridiculous.

  6. Only in America!

  7. Damnit! I should have learned to play. To think that I don’t even gamble…! My parents forgot to teach me all the important stuff.

    Oh well. It’s suppose to collapse in the next few weeks anyway.

  8. Jamie said, “It’s a free fucking country!” That can also mean that we the people are free to storm his home in the Hamptons, his ivory towered corner office, and the offices of his cronies in D.C. when enough of the people awaken. He’ll end up eating those words, I have no doubt about that.

  9. The problem is Neil, we cannot expect anything better from the other side. I am not a politician and do not subscribe to any party politics. Whether it is Obama or someone else we can expect nothing from them. There is a good reason but I will reserve my comments at this time. Everything is in the hands of the people. If they do not wake up they will repeat what our ansestors did: Give away our country to those who manipulated the people in 1913 through 1930. Did someone say we are expecting another bankruptcy. Yeah! Yeah! Bermuda, and other tax havens these people operate from? Whose money? Bailout? AIG? Insurance fraud? Our children and grand children? Who pays? Europe? War? Where? Why? Oil, Dollar? Families, Kights? I see there is a lot of confusion here. I may be talking in riddles now? This is just some food for thought. Are they receiving $ from the very same people who are messing with our economy and our citizens? Oh! someone has to win the elections and someone has to fund it Right! So Hmmm! Let’s just keep our trap shut for the moment.
    Unless the people act for themselves, nothing is to happen. So ACT NOW! Now is the time.
    Satish Shetty

  10. Is he related to Romney…

  11. All I can say is that everything that goes up must comes down. GOD will handle Dimon oh real soon because the bible says in Proverbs 13:22 “the wealth (wicked) of the sinner is laid up for the just”…….His time is short and he’s too stupid to see it.

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