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Life Coaching is for people who are mostly sane, normally neurotic people who want to move on with our lives in constructive ways. Life Coaches, on the other hand, are dominated by people who have opinions and don’t know what they want to do with those opinions. Mentors often fall into the category of life coaching, but the presumption there is that the mentor has your interests in mind and is not following an agenda that merely justifies their own poor life choices.

I think a lot of people can do this themselves, perhaps with the aid of a qualified therapist, but without the assistance of a life coach whose credentials, education and experience are very limited at best.

So here are my thoughts on a Saturday morning about life coaching yourself. The first step is taking a ruthless inventory of your life in which you identify all negative and positive outcomes.  If they were negative then contemplate what was it about them that you perceive is wrong. If they are positive, then contemplate what was it about them that you perceive is right. Now you have your basic standards of right and wrong. Use them as your guide posts.

This plan may or may not work for you. One way you can make sure it doesn’t work is by skimming, cheating on the answers etc. If you think you are unable to be ruthless enough in your self inventory, then go to someone who knows, loves and respects you and ask them for help. Simple example. When considering two failed marriages in 2001 and other failed relationships, it became obvious to me in my ruthless inventory that the outcomes were remarkably similar. Two possibilities arose: one that the world is filled with crazy people whom you can’t avoid and the other, recognizing the consistency with which these negative outcomes appeared, was that the common denominator was me — not them.

I realized I was attracted to people whose flaws were fundamentally unacceptable to me. The outcome was obvious but I ignored it out of laziness and stubbornness. I made a list of what I could have looked for in business and personal relationships and what I wanted now and realized that the people who would have been good for me were getting a knee-jerk reaction from me as “boring” whereas the people whose drama would make my life miserable and filled with betrayal were somehow exciting and attractive. So on my list I wrote I want to find an exciting path with a person with their own good ideas and their own thoughts and their own independence who possessed a modicum of sanity and a desire to avoid unnecessary drama. When I was done, I had a pretty long list and within weeks was dating a girl who became my wife in a wonderful marriage, may she rest in piece (I still miss her).

Next do a checklist of things you feel you should get accomplished in the next five years and take money out of the equation. Who do you want to be and how do you wish to see yourself? Today, to use and overused phrase, is the first day of the rest of your life.

Now use this checklist borrowed or paraphrased from a variety of courses including the late Johnny Carson, Stephen Covey etc. This is important because the decision to stand and fight must be a total commitment even if it is subject to change later on when you have more information — whether it is for your home, your spouse or otherwise.

  1. Get educated on life’s options. Start reading fiction and non-fiction to widen your perceptions of opportunities of ways to be different (if you want to be different).
  2. Start making small decisions and test your decisions in small increments, so you don’t repeat past errors with different wrapping paper or commit new errors that you could have avoided if you took it a piece at a time. As my former wife Joyce was fond of saying, look for what is there and if you don’t like it “nip it in the bud.” It’s less painful than the prolonged withdrawal from an uncomfortable relationship or path that  you’ve been following for years.
  3. Correct your course of action based upon feedback whether you like what you are hearing or reading or not. Jack Canfield is fond of reminding us that neither a jet flight nor a cruising ship is ever “on course.” You don’t have to be exactly right. You need to be generally right and make course corrections zig zagging over the projected course you intended. You’ll get there just like any cruise-ship, jet or even space ship without ever having been exactly on course.
  4. So if you’ve started out the door without a fight against the pretender lenders, think again and make sure you are doing what you want to do. There is no right answer. But part of the your information is that you literally giving a gift to the banks that should be given to your children or heirs. If you decide to fight and you or your lawyer have mucked up the case with too many admissions of things that turned out not to be true, and the judge is sticking you with your admissions, then you need to think about whether you want to continue the fight or to change venues and  file a complaint with the OCC review or other regulatory agencies, file a complaint with state agencies and a demand a hearing etc. But get advice from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Most lawyers are looking at the accounting provided by the subservicer and even there the subservicer is only telling half the story — not reporting that they are continuing to make payments along with others on your loan despite the fact that you have stopped — perhaps because the loan has already been paid off. Here is an example of new information: your loan might have already been paid down in principal and interest without a “principal reduction” or modification. Consider that when you consider what you are doing when you make the decision or stand and fight or move on and leave.
  5. Ignore unsolicited advice: usually from people justifying their own screwed up decision making in their own life and trying to get you to agree that the world sucks and there is nothing you can do about it, or that you should play strictly by the rules (like the Banks did?) And by the way don’t give unsolicited advice or criticisms unless you are ready for a marathon to pick up the pieces (see books by Sidney Simon on negative criticism).
  6. Johnny Carson the late night talk show host was asked the secret to personal financial success and his answer was simple: never feel trapped in a career. You can always move on and you can always clean up the debris from the last career while you are pursuing the new one.
  7. Just Say No: If your gut tells you something is wrong do NOT proceed and don’t beat yourself up if you later decide that you “should have” taken some opportunity. You don’t know how that would have actually turned out if YOU had been there. If your brain doesn’t understand the “opportunity” you’ll never make it work, even if it is a personal relationship. If you don”t understand it well enough to explain it to someone else and answer some simple questions about it, this is not a path you should take.
  8. Continue to research and educate yourself — it is the only path that will lead you to vital, promising and rewarding results. It is no less important than breathing. Like if you are buying bargain properties in the US without consulting KNOWLEDGEABLE professionals who can look after your interests — getting CLEAR title and right to possession without later challenge in 2-5 years, you are ignoring information that is all over the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV about the corruption of title in the U.S.
  9. Say YES: Take a risk if the other components feel like they are in place. It is an abyss — a dark unknown — but those who follow it are glad they took that one more risk. Whether it is calling a relative you have not spoken with in years, following a new career path or starting a new business, this is the step that ends paralysis caused by the trauma and shock of financial stress and relationship stress that happens in households.
  10. And the last thing is the the most important: get your own information without it being filtered by “someone you trust”, the media or any other news source. Dig deeper, give yourself time to think about what you are reading. process it ( it might take days or weeks). It is ONLY then that you can correctly use the the steps above. With the internet children are getting unfiltered information rather than just hearing from their parents and teachers. the world is changing (from my friend Don Streets).

Get help if you need it or want it. A good professional counselor, therapist etc can help you the process of grief, trauma and disappointment faster than you can do it yourself.  But in terms of making life choices, it is all up to you.

Neil F Garfield 7/28/12

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  2. @ the A-MAN re Lawsuit:I want to know how they serve all those parties. Impossible.

  3. I should just stand clear of that lawsuit, but I’m not very good at that.
    He named MERS, for instance, which is a guarantee of at least two to four attorneys just for MERS. There is very little recitation of MERS’ sins to support them being a defendant. Then he named everyone and its brother, which is a guarantee of a gazillion other attorneys.
    He’s going to get a lot of motions to dismiss, if not sj’s. Hope he has the staff. If not, what is he doing? At the heart of the complaint, imo, is conversion and breach of good faith and fair dealing. If he has not adequately tied the defendants to the acts, can he? Someone needs to. And, if I got it right, at one point he says the actors were always acting if not for themselves, than as the agents of others. But later, I thought he said they weren’t agents at all………

  4. @The A Man

    from that lawsuit you posted;

    “…accepting money, transferring alleged assets, and foreclosing upon alleged assets in instances where the alleged assets do not exist, and in which these defendants have no right, title, or interest upon which they can act.”

    Right on!

  5. Major Lawsuit By California Homeowners against MERS Banksters etc….
    Go Get’em


  6. johngault: got a contact from a fellow Wisconsinite who can obtain those Carlsen transcripts. The person wishes to remain anonymous, but would like you to contact me via e=mail so we can forward.

    let’s do it…..

  7. Are Fiat Currencies Headed for a Collapse?
    Published: Friday, 27 Jul 2012 | 5:27 AM ET
    Text Size
    By: Lisa Oake
    Anchor, CNBC Asia-Pacific

    As the investment world eagerly awaits more stimulus, a debate on a previously unthinkable topic has started to emerge – can fiat currencies survive round after round of debasement?

    Some heavy hitters say the answer is no.

    A fiat currency derives its worth from the issuing government – it is not fixed in value to any objective standard. That means central banks can print as much money as they want. If an economy is struggling, injecting more notes into the system juices activity but lowers the value of the currency in question.

    With major central banks all desperate to stimulate their economies, some say currencies have entered a dangerous new phase often described as a race to the bottom.

    Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, says investors will soon start to demand fiat currencies be backed by gold or other hard assets.

    Read the rest here.

  8. Neil are you saying to …. Play Nice and Fight Clean? Are you suggesting that if you can not handle the heat and your melting down … its time you move away from the fire? Good Advice!

  9. @iwantmynpv, Thank You and Good Luck to You! May God Shower You and Your Family with Many Blessings in your future endevers! When you find a solution, please share it. I know what happened and why, I am also looking for solutions and protections to make sure no one party can rip anyone off blind via retirement, equity in home and now tell them they will have to pick up the tab as a taxpayer. I believe most civil cases should be limited and others should be allowed to proceed. However, I disagree that it would be a waste of our taxpayer money to prosecute them criminally. All people inside these institutions that were involved need brought to justice. You can not restore trust in the investment banks unless our goverment shows us they will Punish those who violate our Laws. I do not want to see our banking system fail … it would be devestating to our country. It is now in the hands of the officials we elected, we shall wait as the Good Officials battle and Expose th Bad Officials who are less than Honest and Greed driven. God Bless You and Take Care

  10. ToLLe,

    The system has been on life support for 5 years. Iceland allowed a bank collapse. Its economy took a 3-year-long dive and it is now flourishing. We wasted five years kicking the can down the road over and over and allowed 32 trillions to vanish.

    Mandelman today was, once again, pointing to what we all collectively have said for a long, long time: a crisis is a situation in which not one but many urgent problems must be tackled all at once, lest nothing be handled and resolved. Somehow, by refusing to talk about foreclosure while focusing on everything else as the answer, our government rendered the situation even direr. What was a possibility we could have easily weathered, had there been any money in the country’s coffers, has become an urgency we will have to face if we ever hope to get back up. And even then, it will never be as high up as we used to be…

  11. A-Man,

    Maybe Neil intends to invite the guy to one of his interviews and give him a chance to publicly speak out…?

    Naaah! That would be too easy! 🙂

  12. So, over 350 banks have difficulty paying back the loans we, taxpayers, extended to them. Meaning that we are yet more on the hook. Lovely!

  13. This should convince anyone in the know that Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama are two heads of one beast! Vote Ron Paul!

  14. I agree again, this country is so far out of control now that it will take a total collaspe and a lot of pitch forks to clean up their acts! I hold one of those pitch forks! The banks slow death has caused more harm than if they had been put out of their misery in 2008. These phsycopathic bankster cartel and their advocates and enabllers,, the devils advocates need a WOODEN CROSS AND A WOODEN DAGGER PITCHED RIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THERE CRIME. People constantly ask me What happened to America. I answer it was an illusion. We have to fight to make it real.It is an obligation as far as I am concerned to build the America we illusion into a reality. i dont want my children and grandchildren, nor anyone elses to live as slaves. Making any deals with the devil is enabling it. No deals with these crooks I am after their throats. I will help everyone I can fight this battle. I have lots of proof of fraud docs of Steve Bratvich(sp), Linda Green, Brian Bly,jDeborah Beard, Chrystal Moore, G. Henandez, Dominique Johnson and more. I email them out daily to many homeowners looking for help. I am looking for more copies on one I just have two copies of Jeff Stenman if anyone has his. I have multiple copies of all the rest I listed. We will win this battle one house at a time. I am building my nest egg up to give to my new attorney, if I need her.

  15. Ha—I’m with YOU, E.Tolle…I don’t believe coming up with a new and improved way to RE-BOOT FRAUD is the way to go…if you have a system built on injustice and fraud and immorality it WILL implode—just a matter of time…we need to just hang on and continue our search for truth and justice—where ever it may be!!!

  16. I look forward to a total collapse. How can you say that, E. Tolle? Do you understand the implications? That would be a disaster! Everything would be totally out of control!

    Exactly. Totally out of control. The question becomes, out of whose control? Out of the control of extremely sorry excuses for government representation….out of the control of financiers who believe that ripping off pensioners is a good day’s work….out of the control of big pharma making us all sick so that they can hit us up for med dollars….out of the control of an agriculture system paying millionaires to grow nutrition-less food….out of the control of a media system operating as the ministry of truth….out of the control of a predatory home loan scam predicated upon a framework so fragile as to bring tens of millions to a tent called home….

    This entire system built upon the sweat of Main Street can blow up, dissolve, and kiss my ass on its way down. And no I don’t care to buy credit default swap’s or naked shorts to profit off of the misery of all on the way down. Good riddance, shysters. Don’t be frightened by all the folks with the pitchforks….they’ll see to it that your mess is cleaned up and that you’re put away for a very long time.

    (Not directed at NPV)

  17. To all; I never realized how much money could be made off a blog, if you have access to all the information and a solid understanding of of how credit works, in secondary markets and conduits.

    In my final farewell to a bunch of great folks – I wish each of you the best of luck, and may God hold you close during the approaching moments that will change America as we know it.

    Durng 2006, when i publically disclosed the impending disater caused by private capital creation (mortgages,credit card, school loans, auto’s etc..) and that we the people were authorizing the creation of this leverage by signature – my wife told me to write a book. Instead of doing the right thing – I spent all of 2006-2009 shorting the banks and monoline providers. the investent banks were the easiest target because of the risk allowed merely through personality.

    I have decided to do the right thing – for profit of course and wouldencourage you to seek out my book during 2013. It will be complete with charts and websites you can visit via access codes.

    It goes right to the point and discloses the truth about the GSE’s and the capacity and rolethey play in global markets and political campaigns. They have always played the same role and had a ponzi monopoly for years, whcih ended with the repeal of Glass Steagall.

    It will disclose the corruption at the FDIC and FHLB’s, which by now everyone knows are quasi to the extent that real losses need to be socialized to the taxpayer.

    I have been testing some unique software with several law firms and one NPO and it is ready to launch for free. There will no longer be any modification scams or Servicer deception at trial. We have the numbers and so will you – if you are willing to sign a new Note with your lender – you will have the tools to show a benefit exists to modify (old note /new note) and provide relief. Remember, modifications actually disclose the real lender on the final documents and if you fall behind again, you will find no sympathy at the Court.

    I have visited this site for 3 years now and feel that many have gotten stuck with old knowledge focus, instead of seeking out new solutions. For those of you that took my last recc. – and shorted MS at 22 – this is the last tidbit – they are secretly shopping the street for a successor to merge with because they will not make it throguh 2013 without a 15 billion capital raise or a partner with a liquid balance sheet to offset counter-party prop trading.

    I have personally helped many folks here through private e-mails and have set many others in the right direction. I wish Americans had made better decisions during 2009, the resultsof not paying attention and insisting on criminal charges has cost us the dollar reserve and eventually (just like most of Europe) our sovereign rights and God given rights.

    Finally, Citi executives will be indicted soon for their role in Li-More scandal, that is why not one of the reserve system banks participated within this one week rally on the DOW. get involved with energy stocks and and ESCO as soon as possible, many fortunes to be made overthe next decade as the use this final asset class to bend us over the proverbial barrel

    May God bless each of you, and happy trails Neil. Oh yeah, flying around the Country giving second hand advice is tiring, and you will become bored quickly.

    Signing out….

  18. The AG’s are all bought off. Everyone is hiding and kicking the can and ignoring and playing dumb. I’ve come to realize this is a process—the truth coming out is unfortunately a very slow process—but it WILL come out …eventually.
    The battle is far from over when a judge says to someone (happened recently to someone I know):
    “I will NEVER grant a foreclosure dismissal with prejudice—people NEED to lose their homes!”

  19. I had that same thought yesterday A Man….was there ever a reply? And if not, why let him off?

  20. What ever happened to the Arizona Attorney Generals Response to Neil? What happened to the Days Until AG response?


  21. “The security interest (right to enforce the mortgage) does not attach to less-than-ownership rights. It is not as simple as the mortgage follows the note; rather, the security instrument follows the ownership of the debt.”

    The only thing I have been, I think, opining differently than this is that the collateral instrument is subject to a writing pursuant to the statute of frauds. I have literally been hunting for support of both issues (coll does not innur to ben of note non-owner and dots sub to st of frauds) for hours. Lots of distractions. There are about as many different spins on the UCC as there are days in a year (now throw in securitization). As to the “sec instrument follows the ownership of the debt” verbatim, it’s not all that inconsistant with what I think is true, fwiw. The right to the coll instrument follows the ownership of a note; the actual transfer reqs a writing.

  22. for Colorado, try this attorney. He has some interesting articles, also.

  23. @guest – do you have a link to the participation article you mentioned?

  24. @ukg
    ok—can you post your email again instead? I don’t have it.

  25. The woman in Texas won 8.1 million, not 81 million. Still not shabby. 🙂
    The debt was only $9000 and belonged to her deceased husband. She did not sign the note.

    Now to another matter. I just came across an article about “optionality” provisions for the originating lender in participation agreements. I’m more interested in the part about FDIC classifying the interest sold by the originating lender as “…’secured borrowing’ rather than constituting a ‘true sale’…” as mentioned in this excerpt below. As I understand it, negotiation of an instrument depends on a true sale.

    Here is how I understand true sale: The security interest (right to enforce the mortgage) does not attach to less-than-ownership rights. It is not as simple as the mortgage follows the note; rather, the security instrument follows the ownership of the debt.

    Carpenter v Longan is often cited, but in reading that decision fully, I learned that the BONA FIDE buyer of the loan paid FULL FACE VALUE of the note. Of course, the mortgage would follow the note with a true sale like that!

    June 4 2012

    In recent examinations, the FDIC has focused on the existence of “optionality” provisions in participation agreements that provide the originating lender with the option of repurchasing the participated portion of the loan upon a borrower default. Such “optionality” provisions have been determined to cause the interest sold by the originating lender to be classified by the FDIC as a “secured borrowing” rather than constituting a “true sale” of the participation interest under applicable accounting guidance. Accountants and auditors may well react likewise in recommending restatements with respect to the institution’s previously issued financial statements and call reports, and categorization of the participation interests as “secured borrowings” in future financial statements and call report filings subject to amendment of participation documents discussed below.

    In these circumstances, the FDIC has also required participation originators to file restated call reports to reflect the change in classification. Call report restatements can, in turn, lead to the determination that the financial statements included in filings made by publicly traded financial institutions and financial holding companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission and/or state securities regulators, or in pending registration statements or made available to potential investors in connection with pending offerings, must be restated and the related securities filings amended.

    Reclassifying the participation interest as “secured borrowing” by the originating lender can also result in “loan to one borrower” issues as well as, in some instances, Reg O issues depending on the nature of the credit, the impact of aggregation rules, and nature of the borrower.

  26. carie, thanks for that. Good catch. She’s been fighting for eight years and still in her house.
    I think the Plaintiff state her claim eloquently enough that the judge had to allow the case to proceed. The attorneys can only fool the courts for so long. One you get to the Federal venue, their bullshit normally won’t be tolerated. Thankfully the judge had the intellect to see through the fog. These Federal judges don’t screw around. Our jurist is also quite interested. Adversary suit, and subsequent actions of bank attorneys, have opened a huge can of worms.
    We’re 4 and 0 against their MLAS. Big day is 8/7.
    carie, you have my email, send me yours and I’ll send you my adversary complaint and motion to disqualify.

  27. @usedkarguy

    Did you see this—and what do you think:

  28. did it all the hard way. I let this battle become too much of my life. Not that the knowledge wasn’t worth obtaining; those long hours have paid off in being able to help others to understand (including attorneys I have lectured). Wasted a couple thousand $ paying attorneys and “consultants” (you know who I reference) until I got an attorney who “gets it” better than anyone else. Going on the fifth year of the battle. Please understand that:
    1) bank attorneys are unethical and will commit crimes to keep the charade going (that “Officer of the Court” thing is a myth for most). Bank attorneys will file multiple assignments, state outright lies in pleadings, forge and fabricate anything they think they need to further their “cause” which is to “WIN AT ALL COSTS!”
    2) many BK attorneys are not qualified to practice in a “lien avoidance” mode; or are not willing to work at it.
    3) these are not $3000 flat-rate BK cases; the first REAL qualified counsel said “Yeah, I’ll take this case: $20,000 up front! (thought he was nuts; turns out he was right)
    4) Attorney takes your case with a $1500 retainer and then gets stuck working a hundred hours and can’t get paid (you’re in BK, remember?)
    5) If you want to buy yourself time, then do it. If you want to keep your house, then make that decision and DO IT. If you run away, give deed in lieu, or short sell, YOU STILL NEED TO PAY AN ATTORNEY TO PROTECT YOU ON THE WAY OUT! (SEE #1)
    6) Don’t think for one minute that you can practice law. You can’t. You can get your case going, do the research, file an answer, that’s easy. It’s everything that comes later that will bury you. Save your money so you can pay the lawyer. Win or lose, you can say you stood and fought.
    7) And the most important thing to remember and share with your counsel: you are going in to fight a civil case against people who are committing crimes against you. False claims, false filings, fraudulent notaries, lies and fraud on the court, forgery, wire and mail fraud, all this shit we’ve learned about allonges and “endorsed in blank” (it’s currently in vogue for the note to come to BK court with the endorsement on the “back” page of the note: “Oh, it was here all along!?!); these people will stop at NOTHING to complete the crime of stealing your house.
    8) don’t take “No” for an answer from your AG’s office. File complaints with the Bar and the Judiciary Commission. MAKE SOME NOISE because you will never be heard otherwise.
    9) and don’t destroy your house on the way out. That’s a felony.

  29. I have absolute proof MERS Deutsche Bank and RECONTRUST are not licensed to be doing business in Washington state and I am pretty sure they are not licensed to be doing business as debt collectors in any state.

  30. Carie, I have believed this very thing. You are right onl as far as I am concerned. Charged off debt us imediately uncollectable debt by statute. Read the Kevin Trudeau book Debt Cures. He explains this. Debt collectors that con you on junk debts and these charged off mortgages are con sophisticated conartist, scum bags. No one shoujld have to negotiate with them. I tried posting the same post yesterday and it would not post of the lady winning the 81 million. Kudos to her. We should be able to do this with MERS, RECONTRUST, DEUTSCHE BANK AND MORE DEBT COLLECTORS. Charged off debt is uncollectable immediately. Unsecured debt not charged off is uncollectable after three years in WA and it varies per state. Breached contract/including promissory notes, deeds of thrust and all written contracts. Due to all the concealed fruad and non disclosure at inception of the contract/mortgage the mortgages were breached at inception so in WA the deed of trust and promissory note are uncollectable after six years from inception. Both my sons and my promissory notes are in that timeframe. Due to the LIBOR scandal the contracts are void at inception. Due to the PSA being left in blank and the securitization not being done timely the debt is void. I have filed all this in my case and on the county records.

  31. I like your statements! I am a stubborn risk taker and I dont belittle others and I dont accept the dirt they throw my way, they dig a hole for themselves. I am not affraid to go out of the box, and make changes in my path when I know it is necessary. I may fall sometimes but I walk the path my guts tell me to walk and if I fall I get up and try to figure out the mistakes and go a new path and make improvements and I seek information and education. I have learned so much from so many on this web and through out my life. I never walk away. Going forward and not letting evil take me down. I do my best to help others succeed and lift them up on the way and I appreciate the lift I recieve from others. I care. I am a survivor. I make a lot of mistakes I learn from those mistakes. Babe Ruth swung at all most every ball pitched to make sure he had that many chances to hit a home run. Babe Ruth no longer holds the record for home runs, he does hold the record for the most strike outs. He is famous for his homeruns! and few know of his second record. I am not afraid to fail but it is not my goal. I have gone Pro Se (propria persona) only due to not allowing the worst to happen to me while I have searched high and low for help. I know feel good about an attorney that will help me and my family, if I do fail. It is very comforting to have her ready to step in and take my case. I slept better last night knowing as of yesterday I have her expert support.

  32. It looks like election of remedies is relevant to the claim of a plaintiff, in which case, it’s not in play about write-offs and debt-selling. Still, i don’t know how a debt can be written off AND sold. Does anyone know? Is the write off the amt of the debt less the discounted sale price to the debt collector?

  33. Is there ANYone here who will explain how a debt collector, like the one in the case carie linked, can purchase credit card debt already admittedly charged off by the obligee (it doesn’t say at 100% of the balance, but imo that’s a reasonable assumption) can purchase that 0’d out debt? Was the write-off not an election of remedies for breach? How the hell many do they get? Apples and oranges? Someone here surely knows.

  34. Which is WHY on my 1099 tax form it has the name of the (admitted) DEBT COLLECTOR (OneWest) under where it says LENDER…lies lies lies yeah…


    Welsh runs an online forum where members share information with each other about their legal battles with debt collectors they call JDBs — “junk debt buyers.”

    Most, if not all of subprime refinances and subprime new purchases, are bogus mortgage loans that were falsely presented as a mortgage to homeowners. These were charged-off loans, with only collection rights surviving—FROM JUNK DEBT BUYERS. How does this affect homeowners??? One, not a mortgage — unsecured debt. Two, valid records as to payoffs, and payoff to prior trust and/or GSE(Fannie/Freddie) — is unavailable by public documentation. Three, the purchase price for collection right to unsecured debt is undisclosed to borrower. Thus, borrower is unable to ascertain how much a debt buyer paid for collection rights to charged-off debt — and, how that “purchase” price can be “modified” for principal reduction by the distressed debt buyer.

    Junk debt buyers fabricate and forge documents to steal your home…it’s very simple.

    Does Neil want us to negotiate with the junk debt buyers?

  36. @nomods


  37. Federal engagements of financial contractors, lawyers hired as financial agents and those subcontracts are not disclosed to the public are executing a civil forfeiture in local courts every day. These important aspects of a contractor’s work may be buried in paperwork that is never published in any form.
    Furthermore, the Treasury publishes no information on the performance methods of Gestapo like contractors during the life of the contract. In short, as work moves farther and farther from Treasury’s direct control, it becomes less and less transparent and thus impedes accountability.

    Come on NG Stop with the conventional foreclosure solutions.

  38. Neil stop censoring the truth . let the truth out . Is the Bar holding you back? The is civil forfieture and you know it. Stop harbouring the truth

  39. I recommend the web site, “Answers in Genesis” as a good starting
    point. Know the truth, and the Truth will set you free. Stop believing
    in lies!

  40. 3 years of legal has been awful, i go within, and question the whys, struggle to get it because of my limited exposure to that world my thoughts remain in truth and justice. attorneys have told me “there is no due process and there is no justice” – well thats is their belief, not mine , so as in ” what you think so shall you be.” we are responsible for our own thoughts think about good things and so they will become your reality, all the great minds knew this.
    nice post Neil. thank you.

  41. And ladies and gentlemen,

    While engaging in this recommended soul searching, don’t forget to factor in the incredible stress (and potentially lethal shortening of your telomeres) that will be the result of fighting the banksters

    Think of the anger or other emotional distress you will feel when you hear the banksters lies, and when the judge rules for the banksters

    And be sure to factor in hundreds of hours per week of your life lost to this battle., the research, the agonizing, writing pleadings. Yes think of it

    And remember there are no attorneys available for love money to help you

    And with all due respect to the late Johnny Carson that business about finding a new career was just bunk. Repeat that to the millions of middle aged out of work Americans. Then run for your life

  42. Does anyone know what case this is from:

    “The nonjudicial foreclosure proceedings were marred by repeated statutory noncompliance. The financial institution acting as lender also appeared to be acting as the trustee under a different name…and the trustee conducted a sale without statutory authority. Equity cannot support waiver given these procedural defects and the purchaser’s status as a sophisticated real estate investor or buyer who had constructive knowledge of the defects in the sale…We conclude the trustee sale was invalid…”

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