BUYING PROPERTIES: Pitfalls and Remedies

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We had an expression when I was on Wall Street that in an up market everyone thinks they are a genius. The apparently oversold properties being sold in short-sales and REO sales by the banks are subject to serious pitfalls that won’t surface until the buyer seeks to sell or refinance the property.

  1. All evidence, despite the spinning of Wall Street, realtors and others whose vested interest in seeing sales, is that property sales will both slow down and property prices are still 15% over the real value of those properties when measured against the benchmark that every economist uses: median income and overhanging inventory.
  2. The corruption of title that is becoming increasingly evident, especially with the Oregon decision two days ago, is completely evident. Practically every property sold has the potential of a lawsuit brought by either the “former” (still legally the owner) homeowner, prior lien holders etc.
  3. No deed from a stranger to the chain of title, even if there is an intervening deed on foreclosure, is safe from attack. We have numerous reports of junior landholders re-establishing their rights and homeowners regaining the title, possession and use of the property.
  4. Virtually no title policy being issued today covers claims arising out of claims of securitization or assignments off record.
  5. The answer is to take steps as part of your purchase to as sure that title is not now and won’t be considered clouded later and to obtain through negotiation a policy of title insurance that does not exclude such claims and names MERS and other third parties that are excluded by current title policies.

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  2. @ Nora, Let’s hope so. And as matter of fact I do have bullets, perhaps not the type you are thinking, but they are very effective.

  3. It actually has been on MSNBC. That Drake guy claims main stream media talking heads will be replaced with legitimate newscasters and a History Channel like program detailing the cabal’s demise will play on TV stations across the country. I did some digging, and Murdoch has resigned from the board of a bunch of printed news outlets. He is about done-for in msm. Yeah, I’m a hopeful idiot, maybe. I could use a good night’s sleep tho instead of grinding my teeth. The Bank of International Settlements has been locked down, just as he said. So, as usual I’ll hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Got bullets?

  4. ~waves to used car guy~~~ *grins*, @ Nora, I have been hearing this also.. nothing concrete to back it up yet thou.

  5. Benjamin Fulford is well known. just YouTube him.

  6. Nora. all this cabal stuff will never be public.

  7. Bout the only use I have for tampons “nowadays” is soaking up oil spills off the jag in the garage. LOL!

    Nothing like a real-brite man to call out, and do the same-ole dumb Joe Bob call-of-the-wild of “who lit the fire on your tampons” routine, to get us girls riled up.

    I bet Hillary hears this tampon crap–well, at least once a month…lol!

    And what’s with the DUCT TAPE REMARK?
    Sounds like a “sicko” comment to me. Are you on meds? Is this BLOG about FRAUDULENT FORECLOSURE the place for this?

    This is why our world is screwed up, because anyone (or a lil’ baby man at least) that takes the opposite political position to another’s…in tis case a WOMAN’S, just resorts to TAMPON clauses, or if its not a man, and the person is a mole like that B.D, KC, they just want to reach over and grab our “Tigers eye” out of the pit and run off to the soccer field, or toss sand on our tater tots.

    Duct tape? and TAMPONS? come on DUDE! I now actually am missing Soleman’s soctretes posts that are so in depth that I cannot even understand (still knowing he is BRILLIANT)

  8. usedkaryou’reanidiot.
    Someone tell him we hit menopause a LONG time ago, and the forum fight was over six hours ago. Side step this road kill, and move on.

    NOW: anyone hear about the STUFF I asked about?

  9. @UKG

    Hopefully they got it out of their system by now…but I think I’ll have to keep my bullet-proof vest on—just in case…since I seem to be their favorite target for some strange reason.

  10. girls…….girls………GIRLS!
    I don’t know who lit the fuse on your tampons, but I can certainly envision the duct tape going around your heads! I don’t know WHAT your problems are, but I bet they’re hard to spell. Please take it out in the hallway.

  11. Have any of you guys heard of Benjamin Fulford and some dude who calls himself “Drake” describing the process of declaring sovereignty as a nation state? I listened to an interview with this guy (about 3 hours long) and if what he says is legit, which I’m not sure either way if is mind you, all the banking cabal members will be arrested. The nation-state thing is done by sending some sort of declaration packet to the Hague, which is the international court. It’s the equivalent of your local legal notice newspaper on a global scale. He says all 13 of the original colonies have the right, (and apparently all 13 have already done so) to declare themselves sovereign. That meas they can refuse Federally mandated ObamaCare, refuse to surrender any authority to Federal troops, and the citizens can call upon the military to arrest anyone trying to impose Federal law within the boundaries of the sovereign state. In fact, the governors of Florida and Oklahoma have both refused to set up an ObamaCare Exchange in their respective states, and a senator in OK has drafted legislation that would make any attempts by the federal government’s agents to enforce it, subject to criminal prosecution. It hasn’t gone up for a vote yet, but the bill has been written.
    The other thing “Drake” claims, is that the banking cabal’s members worldwide are jumping ship, heading to other countries to avoid their impending arrests and prosecution. He claims that almost 80 nations sent high level representatives who collaborated on the takedown of the cabal on a shipboard meeting in international waters which deliberately and purposefully excluded all members of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and NGO’s. The latest count suggests that over 200 countries have now joined the cabal task force, and have signed agreements stating that they would not permit any members of the cabal to resist arrest & prosecution if found hiding on their soil. I’d like to think this is legitimate! Anyone here know about this?

  12. Yup.

  13. Martha
    you hit the nail on the head

  14. Carie, they are in full attack mode. Now they are getting very personal and its obvious this site is hijacked by the BANKSTERS, and paid lobbyists. The situations we PEOPLE face can no longer be brought forth on here without direct attack with all the weapons, as they are not even pretending anymore to be moles.

  15. Neil: is this a forum for private affairs, like Facebook??

  16. I only wish it WAS the last direct communication from you—but you just can’t stop attacking me…I have no idea why. Does it ever occur to you that there is a reason ANON would be saying that? She is an ANGEL, and is very upset that this is happening. For the record—you attacked me first—I was just defending myself…always. And I thanked you for your advice—always. If I couldn’t follow it—I had a reason—but your ego is so involved that you just can’t let it go.
    Thank goodness I have a loving, supportive family. I feel sorry for you.
    Everyone knows your true character if they just read the threads. Sad.

  17. Carie,

    This is the last direct communication I’ll have with you.

    Why do you keep lying? Why are you trying so hard to impress people? I just got an e-mail from Anonymous. There has been no contact between the two of you (we already knew that, didn’t we?) What makes you believe that, even if you did, anyone might find it “impressive’ and why do you have to lie and discredit anyone else?

    I knew you were consumed by fear when i saw that, after I spent hours and hours doing research for you, all you could do was shoot off your big mouth and insult me over and over. I knew you had a very mean streak when you started snarling and biting for no good reason, after all those e-mails, documents and links I sent you. I did it for you. Not for me: I’m not the one losing my house. I never expected anything in return but certainly not the nasty attitude you keep displaying. I didn’t think you had it in you to lie as much either. This is pathetic. Keep treating people that way and you will die alone. What goes around comes around.

    Carie, you are currently flipping. Do something about it. As for me, I couldn’t care less about anything happening to you.

  18. … NEVER! I want them prosecuted! Its the only way to restore faith in our Justice System and Banking System. If your looking to me to help you get a free house … keep movin! Its not going to happen!

  19. @marilyn lane

    i agree, something fishy

  20. reading over the comments on this page, KC seems like a front for a Bank.

  21. Oh, and she told me yesterday there is no “project” with you. Now everyone knows you are a complete liar. You need to wake up.

  22. ANONYMOUS told me not to talk to you anymore—now I see why. And since this section has turned into a complete nightmare nuthouse thanks to you two—I’ll take my cue from ANON.

  23. You two are ridiculous—berating everyone and butting in with your insulting 2 cents when it isn’t even asked for. Everyone sees how nuts both of you are—just leave me alone—PLEASE!!

  24. @Carie,

    You really don’t get it! KC is so right.

    Baste in your self-inflicted misery. No one else wants in. I pity you more and more every minute I see how insecure and needy your are. I pity your kids. And as much as it kills you, I personally know Anonymous. Deal with it. I’m done with your attitude. Many of us are.

  25. And I call it how I see it. And everyone here sees how horrible you are.

  26. @Carie…. Sue Me! hahahaha

  27. …You always have to get in the last word … even if its another one of your lies. Just to name a few names to refresh your memory….NEIL, tnharry,nancydrew, enraged …. shall I go on? Anyone who does not see things your way is attacked. Its always about poor lil Carie. Your poor daughter must be so neglected with you setting here all day. On the other hand she might think it is a Blessing … @ least your not critizing her! You spend more time setting on you carcus and complaining, hoping someone will come along pitty poor Carie and do for you what you are to lazy to do for yourself. Sheesh! I’m not Cruel, I’m just straight forward Honest! Your actions speak for you! I call it how I see it.

  28. Cruel
    adjective, cru·el·er, cru·el·est. 1. willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others. 2. enjoying the pain or distress of others.

  29. The only thing I got out of your “reality check” is that you are extremely cruel—and everyone here sees it now.

  30. Ditto.

  31. Ok Carie … do you see yourself treating others here the same way? I do! Treat Others as you would have them treat you. Sometimes people need a reality check with a dose of their own medicine. What I am saying is …. your going to get treated the way you treat others. Its your choice, make it a good one.

  32. Deliberate cruelty is unforgivable and shows the true character of a person—who will have to answer to their Maker—eventually. Thank you to those here who are civil and kind.

  33. stress is the silent incidious killer, i see it every day in my work, disease is dis-ease. and i think express dont repress (watch French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline- yeh shame i know lol,) but it will make you laugh…fester fester fester- express dont repress, no one means to be mean, this chit is so damaging to those of us going through it. but we must, and that is that. peace all.
    from fraud – nothing can follow under law. and the court is for the people THEY ARE OUR COURTS, the judges are there for the people, demand it expect it and settle for nothing less.
    I never contacted the new owners of my home- i almost informed them that they may be party to a lawsuit, but i do not want to stress them unecessarily at this point, but fact remains im still in court.

  34. KC,

    Holy smoke! You must have a hell of a perspective on life! And I was wondering what kind of a person could be so cut-through-the-chase, as in: “Shit happens. Handle it and get over it.”

    This thing about going through adversity making us stronger is true, isn’t it? Most people face adversity and they stay there, staring at it and not making a move. The main thing isn’t the adversity (we all face it, one way or the other). The main thing is GOING THROUGH. Not too many of us out there…

  35. Its all true Enraged, … except for that lil dose of sillyness at the end looking for sympathy. My motto is … Live, Love, Laugh & Learn.

  36. KC,

    I still haven’t gotten your brand of weirdness… So forgive me if I misread you. Are you being tongue and cheek or are you serious?

  37. I am a Cancer survivor of 15 yrs, I had a stroke 10yrs ago. I had a heart attack this past January just to name a few of my ailments. I’ve been eligable for disability since the stroke …… but I choose not to go on disibility. Why you ask? Because I can still be a valuable asset to my community without being a burden on them. Can I get a lil sympathy here? If your feeling really generous, I’ll take free legal advise and a free house while your at it. *SLAP”

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  39. Thanks, marilyn—I’m working on it.

  40. Is there a medical treatment that could help with your meningioma ?Have you looked into that?Also look at that Gary Null’ssite about alternative.medicine.Let’s start there and maybe you can live long enough to see your house back?

  41. funny.

  42. gosh Carie, I thought i had my share of illness.

    Maybe TN has a friend out there who is looking to repent and can
    give some money for medical assistance for now.


  43. Thanks, Marilyn–I had shingles too…and in addition now I have arthritis and TMJ and a meningioma in my head but I can’t afford surgery—sheesh! Life in the material world…going to the next one will be quite the relief…

  44. @Carie
    I too once had fibromyalgia but for me it was just before the bank fraud but I remember the awful pain. Go onto to Gary Nulls website and press in fibromyalgeria.

    what I got from the fraudclosure stress was Shingles.

    It does take a hiastus from being active in your fight.

  45. And again, I am not making any demands about anything except just that they did this crime, and it has caused me distress.
    They even bribed my husband and got him involved it seems.

    These are just facts. And I have told this to over ten attorneys, and the facts are the facts.

    I did not “imagine” that FBI interview with Agent Mitchell. It happened.
    I did not imagine testifying to all this.
    I did not imagine all these events. and I did not imagine them actually giving me a altered copy of the notary journal with name after name repeated in it, just like I said it would be.

    How are you trying to help me? In what exact way? You have not made any offer of help, so do not pretend that you did.

    Send me an attorney, but quit telling me that “I am making demands.” Because I am not demanding anything except a jury.

    I just wanted back the money my community estate paid into this fraud, and you just refused to even give me this? Instead you chose to pretend this never happened? You just continue to make threats.

    This is a very simple case of a massive crime, and I was one of the victims, and it’s still under investigation.

    I did not do all this, they did it, and nothing is going to change the fact that I never got the grant deed on the OLD house, and they told us this in writing, and it is MISSING from the records.

    What am I supposed to do with this new information? I really do not have any idea, and am stunned that we never got a grant deed.

    What is the way you would have me handle this situation?

    What should a person do when they find out they NEVER got the grant deed on the house they had legally in there name (but just put on county tax record, not the title records)

    What is the logical step?

    I have zero idea on what the logical step would be?

  46. @marilyn

    Thanks, marilyn—I hear you. I started to unravel the fraud when we applied for a loan mod after our businesses faltered and died from the (intentional) financial crash in ’08…long story—but, I did what I could do while suffering from severe fibromyalgia and perimenopause symptoms, which both developed after my son was born years before…it started when I had strep throat and he got impetigo, while we living in a mold-infested apartment by the beach—before we moved to the house we lost…anyway, I have had horrible, and at times completely overwhelming—health issues since then, and have coped in my own way…but—I did what I was able to do to try to save my home from the crooks—but—the things that I thought sincerely thought would work to save our home—which was advice I took from someone—didn’t work. I had to think of my kid’s well being first—and I had to do what I had to do. Everybody’s story is different, and sometimes there are things in people’s lives that we know nothing about that plays into their actions—or seeming “inaction”…and I don’t think anyone has any right to judge or condemn or attack or treat someone unkindly, because we never know the whole story of their lives. Nobody’s perfect—and everyone has faults. My dilemma is—what am I physically and mentally able to do right now—based on the (most important) principle of justice. Good luck to you—and God bless.

  47. “I am suing for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS of what THEY DID.”

    I’ll say… Might even be the understatement of the century…

  48. Attack Poodles, are you from the same inbred litter?

    Like I said I AM NOT MAKING ANY DEMANDS about TITLE, I am just stating CLEAR CONCRETE FACTS, and your same old bs songs does NOT change the FACTS.

    I am suing for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS of what THEY DID.

    The FBI sat me INSIDE the FBI office, on my THIRD INTERVIEW and grilled me about THIS NEW HOUSE STRAW MAN FRAUD.


    I have told them how the builder gets the buyers to give them a check, and then they alter the checks, and switch the lots, in the STRAW MAN FRAUD

    I told them how the builder forces the buyer to give them a “lease on their old house with a family member” and how they use this to alter the applications and change the income ( in my case though I made it clear the lease was VOID, and they still used it)

    I told them how they make the wives sign interspousal grant deeds, and they convey the SECRET lot to the husband and then they make the husband( or somtimes the wife if her credit is better) sign two sets of almost duplicate deeds of trust documents, one in his full name, and one using just his initial.

    I told them how the builder does this to CORNER LOTS, and then after they have the buyer on the hook, they change the direction of the house, so they can change the name of the street on second set of the documents.

    I told them how FA created CONSECUTIVE SECRET LOANS ON MERS, and changed the last digits on the duplicate loans so the SECRET LOANS are hidden

    I told them how the have one sales agent get the buyers check, in the begining and then make a different agent sign the contracts with the buyer.

    I told them how they have they buyers sign the notary journal, and then call them back a week later, and ask the buyer to sign it again with a different notary, “after making an oath they had did the transaction a week earlier) and this is so they can have two notary entries, and a separate one on the SECRET HOME THEY SOLD THE STRAW MAN.

    “Ma’m you WERE defrauded” the FBI AGENT TOLD ME!

    I have a FORGERY EXPERT, back me up, that I NOT sign the FORGED DEED they recorded on the NEW HOUSE.

    I SWEAR on the holy bible, and under the law if the United States of America, I DID NOT SIGN THE FORGED DEEDS!

    THE FBI ARRESTED THE WOMAN who had me sign the notary journal on July 12th, 2007.

    SHE IS IN PRISON…. THESE ARE ALL ….JUST FACTS, And your calling me Crazy?

  49. KC,

    It’s beyond straight jacket… Lithium anyone?

  50. Its that kind of attitude that gets you no where. If I were an attorney.. I would not accept you as a client either …. Who needs the Drama! When you Snap on people who try to help you, your bound to fail. You sound like someone else on this thread … Ask yourself why she can not get an Attorney either… When you go in making demands and do not hear what you want to hear … SNAP! We have Attorneys and we have Straight Jackets … your choice. 🙁

  51. KC,

    I understand that my situation is very different from a lot of the “foreclosures” and there two homes involved, ( as the OLD one just came up as having fraud involved, and the other one I have been in the courts two years now)

    but the one I am talking about that “I hate,” I am not demanding title to free and clear. (actually I don’t make this demand on ANY house!)

    YOU are the one that sends a mixed message, and just like all the rest of the corrupt CROOKS out there, you read explicit words in front of you and then start piping up that same old crap song of “you keep demanding the title free and clear” and this is a bunch of tired bs that we all are sick of hearing.

    Where do you get off stating that same old BS of “I am demanding title free and clear” on this house, (the one here in the post at issue, not in a lawsuit, but in the post we are referring to below that started this thread.?)

    And btw I don’t give a rats ass about repairing my credit record for the most part. WHY the heck do I need to repair a credit record? why? WHY?

    I have lived without credit cards for years, and the stores are still taking cash for food and whiskey (for now)

    You Attack Poodles are now even out in full force ,no longer hiding as moles on these sites, and pretending to be a victim, as if we did not always know you were here.

    Ok, Now That was a RANT.

    But back to the point in question, about the OLD house, of that I posted on here, as this IS a post thread about corrupted and bad titles remember?


    This OLD house, was the house I lived in for ten years, prior to becoming ensnared in the fraud of FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY, who have altered a notary journal and erased my name from page 94 of July 12th, of that was when I signed it with DONNA DEMELLO, the minion of JAMES MCCONVILLE, both now residents of Club FED for a few years.

    So, here I am, in court, for two years on the fraud of FA and DONNA DEMELLO, in which It was about a NEW home (no realtors, guest)

    and I decide in January to look at all the history on the OLD house, of that a crooked attorney told my husband to default on, and then the bank would EASILY modify the loans on it.

    So… I start tracing the transactions on it , and when I get back to the original escrow of the house with me, I find out the TITLE COMPANY, told us IN WRITING that we were NOT GOING TO GET THE GRANT DEED!”

    That it “WAS MISSING” and they asked my husband if he still wanted to get a loan, knowing the GRANT DEED COULD NOT BE OBTAINED FROM THE “seller”
    and this was as the seller…. did not have TITLE.

    So, despite my two year battle over NOTARY FRAUD , on the NEW HOUSE, here I am just discovering the complete FATAL DEFECT IN TITLE, on this old pile of crap.

    I HAVE NOT MADE ANY DEMANDS, about this house in any court, and where do you get off (rant) and claiming this fallacy?

    ANGER? not about this OLD house, I am laughing my head off!
    It’s a completely defective title, and there is no fix for this? NONE!


    What IRONY is this! A house I hate, and do NOT WANT, I have paid TEN YEARS of loan payments on, and I DO NOT EVEN OWN IT, and I NEVER DID!

    I just made this discovery though, and am stunned and perplexed on what to do… or NOT to do.

    I also found out the “seller” was making insurance claims on the house still two years AFTER we “went on title as the owners with the county” and that Insurance PAID him FULL value for the house, claiming it was a TEAR DOWN, from an earthquake, and this was TWO YEARS, after the county put me on “the record” as owner. (which means nothing, as I never got the Grant Deed!)

    I am not demanding anything except CASH for my EMOTIONAL DISTRESS of the fraud of DONNA DEMELLO, STAYCEE BLAND, and FA,

    I am NOT asking the court to make ANY decision about the titles, I am just flat out saying I was DEFRAUDED, and I DID NOT SIGN ANY DAMM DEED on the NEW house,( I signed one on a DIFFERENT NEW HOUSE) in this STRAW MAN SCHEME and here is my EXPERT FORGERY DECLARATION, and here are the INDICTMENTS of two of the CROOKS that did this.

    I did NOT sign, or CONVEY the NEW house, and that is just a fact, and they know this FACT, and the people who did this were arrested for the schemes.

    If a DEBT COLLECTOR, wants to falsely claim they have a right to SELL this NEW house, knowing full well I did NOT SIGN A DEED, and knowing I have had an EXPERT back this fact up, (and persons have been arrested)then I do not know how to stop them.

    All I can do is tell them I did not Sign any deed, show them the LIS PENDENS and say they have no more right to sell it anymore then the my neighbor JOE BOB has a right to walk over, take my lawnmower, and sell it.

    If JOE BOB, does suddenly walk over here and take my lawnmower, I will tell JOE BOB, to take his hands off the damm thing, but JOE BOB is not in my garage trying to do this.

    SHUT THE HECK UP, about this tired old song to US of ‘ you cannot demand title free and clear”
    Stick it where the sun don’t shine KC.

  52. Carie is right. Never give up your fight for the properties that were stolen from us. I have had one of the longest fights and I am still not in possession of my two condos . I regret having to had this exhausting fight but what I would have regretted the rest of my life would have been
    not to have fought back.

    This damm fraud against me started in 1994 when the bank’s corrupt attorneys hid four of my mortgage checks to fake a default, accelerate
    and collect legal money for the bank’s fake money (credit) but I have
    lived longer enoght for the Bank Astoria Federal S & L to admit they
    never owned my two condos when their previous attorneys auctioned off my properties. (namo dat)

    Corrupt Fidelity National Title and a scam title company created by Corrupt attorney David K Fiveson think they can change all these corrupted transfers with forged deeds. But the Judges are starting to get this.

    We have to keep going. As Winston Churchill said never never never never never never
    give up. It worked against the Nazis and it is still going to work against the Nazis.

  53. Martha: which companies were the realtors involed in your fraud case??

  54. @ Martha .. what I was trying to say was, you need to re-direct your energy to something more productive, letting off steam here is not getting you any results. I’m not criticizing you .. You must 1st accept your loss before you can continue your journey. You state you hate the house and you want to move, yet you keep demanding title free & clear? When you approach the Attorneys and Judges with such mixed emotion and demands, … your not likely to get much help. .. make NO demands and expect nothing in return. When you have no expectations …. you can move past the anger stage and you will finally see the light. Honestly if I were in your shoes, I would submit to them a list of RICO violations. Bring the butts to the table and basicly say … here is the deal … take you toxic waste and use it wisely in a place where the sun dont shine. Request they repair your credit record …. and CASH settlement for your losses. Remember .. approach with no expectations and no demands. Only Requests …. this will open the door to the next path in your journey. Then and only then can you Truely put this behind you and help others. I wish you all the Best! May your Blessings be Many!

  55. KC, I am not sure why you think this is ranting, could be that tendency of …if its from a man, “He’s “aggressive” and if it’s from a woman “She’s a whiney bitch.”

    I am posting… Not to rant, (at least not in 90% of posts) but to keep putting the word out…. to alert others out there as to what a complete pile of crap our land title recording system is.

    And stop telling me to get a lawyer, as I tried, and none were smart enough, to figure this out. Just got turned down last week again, by someone who has already sued FA.

    You might as well tell me to grow a penis for all the good that will do.

  56. Affect. Not effect.

  57. @mkd… had the buyers had disclosure… Do You Think they would have signed the purchase papers. My daughter had her own Attorney at the table (smart girl), no one … Not the seller Ocwen/U.S. Bank .. not the Realter selling the property … not her Realter … Not her Attorney … Not Lawyers Title (where they closed). They All went home with Paychecks. Had I done their Title Search and Title Abstract Report (their attorneys job) that loan would not have closed.

  58. Right on, mkd.

  59. “Attack Poodle” proudly taking a “BITE” out of Crime. Gotta Run here comes my babysitter. *Grins*

  60. @tn

    Thanks. I’m not going to go into detail here about my tactics, because the attack poodles will come after me—but I am definitely working on getting the home back that was stolen from my family—and I am going to help others do the same, if and when I can.

  61. Lots of people worrying that the foreclosed home they bought may one day no longer be theirs could be solved by the simple act of not buying these foreclosed homes. People make the decision for whatever reason to buy these homes then worry. Why??? Who forced them to buy that home? That was their decision. Just sayin.

  62. attack poodle—again.

  63. <—— has been misbehaving, she is being sent to timeout corner by her babysitter. 🙁 ~~Waves Goodbye~~ … Many Blessings to All!

  64. @carie – “I’m working on it, tn”. i know. i meant at the time of the sale though. no one was one “notice” such as would defeat BFP status

  65. @carie – it’s a valid question. don’t you think it might come up if you file some sort of litigation? not that it matters to me, but did you claim the pretender lender defense after you were in default or before? there are plenty of valid defenses to foreclosure, but people not in default rarely are aware of them or have a need to be aware of them.

  66. I’m working on it, tn—and then maybe I can help others get theirs back.

  67. @carie – how long of a time period do you think you have for you to be “put back in your home” 1 year after foreclosure? 5? 10? 20?

    at some point the sanctity of a property transfer has to be final. traditionally, that finality is accorded to a bona fide purchaser without notice. i know we’ve discussed this before, but if you don’t have a lien lis pendens, a file complaint, or something of record in the register’s office, you haven’t put “the world” on notice.

    you’re latching onto words and trying to bend them to give you some sort of peace. Neil’s a nice guy and all, but I take issue with ““We have numerous reports of junior landholders re-establishing their rights and homeowners regaining the title, possession and use of the property” isn’t entirely accurate. if by numerous he means “can count them on one hand”, then that’s not exactly taking the country by storm….

  68. Wow—again with the “you weren’t paying your mortgage” crap—typical.

  69. Thanks, attack poodle.

  70. ummmm… the differance between you and my daughter Carie is she making her mortgage payments …. were you? I thought not! Dont compare Apples to Sour Grapes!

  71. Neil.. anyone Please second my nomination as to who needs to be wearing the Straight Jacket here! There is no cure for Greed or Stupidity! @Carie Good Luck!

  72. Me and my “young family” were “forced from my home” by fraudsters—and I did fight back in my own way. They lied to me and sold my home. Then they lied to another hapless buyer…that’s not my fault—do you see how this fraud never ends? if the people who were kicked out illegally start fighting to get their homes back—maybe something will change.

  73. And I didn’t “walk away” and “do nothing”…I did something—that didn’t work…my home was stolen by con artists—and if I want to try to get it back—that is my right.

  74. Well—you can see how the bankster’s crimes effect everyone…what is justice? That is what we need to ask.

  75. @ Carie … you waived your rights to your former property. You told us you did what you thought was best for your family and you walked away. Now you want to make yourself a threat to the innocent homeowner who bought your property. Are you kidding me? My 30yr old daughter would like to discuss this with you face to face. She is one of the victims who bought one of these properties … imigane the fear she lives with knowing she and her young family could be forced from their home. She has no debt to speak of and she can afford her mortgage! Who is the real victims here?

  76. @tnharry

    you said:

    “…suggested before that you may have irreversibly waived your available claims on this property”

    but Neil said:

    “…Practically every property sold has the potential of a lawsuit brought by either the “former” (still legally the owner) homeowner, prior lien holders etc.”
    “We have numerous reports of junior landholders re-establishing their rights and homeowners regaining the title, possession and use of the property.”

  77. Martha, for Heavens Sake Sweetie! Stop ranting your rage here and get a lawyer! I know of others in your situation and they are now in the Drivers seat! Your going about this all Wrong! B.I.N.G.O………………… R I.C.O . was his name bo…. sheesh woman! I can not make it more clear to you than that without saying to much here.

  78. @ Neil, Not to compare Apples to Oranges … but reading between the lines I also see this Headline…… “Loan Mods & Refinances” Pitfalls and Remedies”.

  79. Just when I was getting to the heart of the fraud done to me by DONNA DEMELLO, I decided to look into the old loans and such on the property in my name in Thousand Oaks, a property that I went into ESCROW on in 1999.

    Over ten loans in the past years since were made on it, and when I got down to the year 1999 ORIGINAL ESCROW docs, I found a letter from the title company that said, Do you still want the loan to be funded, as we AS WE ARE MISSING THE GRANT DEED?”

    WOW, I went to the recorders office, and even though the County put my name on record, (via the crooked title company no doubt) WE NEVER GOT THE GRANT DEED!
    I am just astounded! Shocked that this could have happened, and the banks had to have seen this obvious DEFECT, yet they made loan after loan!

    I NEVER OWNED IT!, there is no way I could continue to pay a loan for sure, as why? I do not OWN the house, and I will never get title. I could walk into the the bank and pay FULL TENDER, and will still not OWN the house.

    ( I offered tender and recission prior to the 3 yr TILA point, on the last loan, and they refused to correspond with me, and ignored the letters, having another party send me a letter from an attorney saying they will not accept recission.)

    I cannot sue the owners, as they are citizens of Israel, and the U.S. has no jurisdiction over them of course.
    I literally am in shock this happened, and do not yet know how to approach this, and still investigating.

    I do not want to live in the house, and have been trying to turn it into a charity/sober home, but not there yet.

    How could a bank foreclose on me, when its clear by the record, I never even became the legal owner?

    Thats a riddle!

    They are selling the “NOTE” at an auction next week, but I have never heard of this, and they of course do not need anybody’s permission to do that, and they can sell the purported lien anytime on a whim.

    I suppose I have to file yet another lawsuit, just to get some time to figure out what to do.

  80. @iwantmynpv

    I can’t find the other thread where you asked me (I think it was you) about the posting from ANONYMOUS—but here is the response:

    Government not only purchased the toxic assets from Bear Stearns and AIG for the Maiden Lane portfolios, but also purchased toxic assets under the “Legacy” program directly from banks. Which means, the US Government could be perceived as borrowers current creditor. Servicers continue to service these toxic assets for the government. The government cannot answer as to whether current cash flows are being forwarded to them. They rely on the servicers.

    Government’s goal has been to sell off these toxic assets. Believe most of Maiden Lane’s 3 portfolios have been sold off to distressed debt buyers. Believe Credit Suisse purchased many of the AIG default swaps that were part of 2 Maiden Lane portfolios.

    The government hired 8 or 9 portfolio managers for the Legacy toxic assets. One of them is Blackrock. Which, as Abby has pointed out, also manages pension funds for judges.

    The Legacy program is funded 75% by TARP money. The rest is private investment. Pools of loans, and securities derived from the loans, are being sold to distressed debt buyers (Blackrock is well known for distressed debt).

    According to the TILA Amendment, the current creditor must identify itself, and provide contact information. This Amendment was implemented in May 2009. Thus, the government, when they established Maiden Lane, would not have been exposed. But, the Government would have been subject to the Amendment for many of the Legacy Toxic assets. And, the distressed debt buyers who are purchasing the Legacy toxic assets from the US Government are also subject to the law. The Legacy purchases, and distressed debt sales, are not publicly disclosed anywhere — thanks to deregulation. Many of the distressed debt buyers are hedge funds. Although the “pool” to the subprime trusts still exist, the trusts themselves are dissolved — as the toxic asset purchases demonstrates. But, borrowers and victims cannot get access to this information to submit to courts.

    When the AG settlement came down, the TILA Amendment was ignored. It does state that the “INVESTOR” must be identified. However, it allows servicer representation instead of direct contact with the “Investor.” I have addressed this with an Office of the government. Specifically asked counsel (had several conversations), who, in their opinion, is the creditor/lender for TILA violations and rescission purposes for securitized loans. TILA does not recognize security investors as the creditor. Both whole loans and securities derived are being sold to distressed debt buyers. But, in order to name a party for TILA violations, you must name the originator of the loan, any successor in interest, and assignees may be also held liable for violations evident on the face of the document. If as Neil has stated, security investors funded the loan, borrowers lose a party for TILA violation purposes. I also asked the OIG if “INVESTORS” can “refinance” a loan. Paying borrowers should a “lender” they can go to request a refinance. If loans are valid, and not in default, borrowers should be able to go to their lender and request a refinance. For subprime refinances, there is no lender who is capable to refinance. Thus, borrowers have also lost an important right. This is why the Federal Reserve directly addresses the TILA Amendment, in its Opinion — now codified Rule, as to why security investors cannot be the creditor. This law is not being utilized properly in courts. And, has not been adequately addressed on LL. I can only assume that it is not addressed on LL because it refutes LL “theory.”

    The office of the government has been unable to respond to my questions.

    Neil must start to realize that if his theory is promoted in court, consumers will lose protection under the few consumer protection laws that we have — including the TILA Amendment. I addressed this with Neil a long time ago and he shrugged it off. Never responded to me — although he admitted that it is a problem.

  81. “Practically every property sold has the potential of a lawsuit brought by either the “former” (still legally the owner) homeowner, prior lien holders etc.”
    “We have numerous reports of junior landholders re-establishing their rights and homeowners regaining the title, possession and use of the property.”


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