Public outrage turns spotlight on bank regulators

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Editor’s Comment:  

It has taken six years for the public to absorb the enormity of the bank scandal, the lying, cheating and stealing. Now the spotlight is finally turned on the regulatory agencies whose employees shuttle back and forth between the agencies and the banks. They work for the banks, then they work for the agency that is supposedly regulating the bank. They work for the agency, then they work for one of the banks or bank associations regulated by that agency.

It isn’t the fault of the public, and it is only partly right to blame the press. The enormity was made possible by making the crimes so complex and hidden in the shadow banking system that the information and explanation took six years to come out. If the regulators were truly regulating instead of setting up their next job, the shadow banking system would not exist and there would be nonsuch thing as an off-balance sheet transaction.

If regulators were doing their job the shadow banking system could never have grown to ten times the real money banking system which is now scaring the crap out of everyone. The transparency required by existing law would have been enforced, which would have made it impossible to take the money of investors (depositors) and apply it on the Bank’s whim for the benefit of the bank instead of for the benefit of the investors. They couldn’t have sold the loan products multiple times without everyone knowing about it. They couldn’t have claimed the losses of the investors as their own for insurance bailouts, and then make the investor absorb the losses created by an intentionally corrupt system of loan underwriting.

Using industry standards as they existed for centuries, we would not be staring down the barrels of a shotgun, with one barrel containing the documentation of a transactions that never occurred and the other barrel carrying financial transactions that did occur but were never documented. The gap was a playground for bank criminals, as we are now seeing with increased clarity each week.

So who is to blame? There is plenty to go around. But those who make laws could fix the problem in a moment by prohibiting employment shuttling, in addition to the standard payoff or bribe. The promise of employment is a bribe. And that is why under current laws the banks and the individuals employed by the regulatory agencies who conspired with them can be sanctioned, indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced torsion and required to disgorge I’ll-gotten gains. This would release more than enough money to reduce all household debt including mortgages at the expense of the culprits who fixed the appraisal prices and suckered innocent people into really bad deals.

And just like Iceland, we could be enjoying renewed Economic growth, increased spending, decreased unemployment and restoration of a market that is free and fair. If you take the referees off the playing field and leave it to each player to make and change the rules as they go along, you can ALWAYS expect chaos and criminal conduct. The cry for less government interference or less government regulation can fairly be translated as PLEASE KEEP US OUT OF JAIL.

Bank Scandal Turns Spotlight to Regulators As big banks face the fallout from a global investigation into interest rate manipulation, American and British lawmakers are scrutinizing regulators who failed to take action that might have prevented years of illegal activity. 

Politicians in both London and Washington are questioning whether regulators allowed banks to report false rates in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis and afterward. On Monday, Congress stepped into the fray, requesting information about the role of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, according to people close to the matter. 

The focus on regulators and other financial institutions has intensified in the last two weeks after the British bank Barclays agreed to pay $450 million to resolve its case. British and American authorities accused the bank of improperly influencing key interest rates to deflect concerns about its health and bolster profits. 

The Barclays settlement is the first action stemming from a broad investigation into how banks set key benchmarks, including the London interbank offered rate, or Libor. The pricing of $350 trillion of financial products, including credit cards, mortgages and student loans, is pegged to Libor and other such rates.

Barclays Chairman Criticized in Parliament Over Rate Scandal During tense parliamentary testimony, Marcus Agius, Barclays’ chairman, was repeatedly questioned about the leadership and culture at the bank in the wake of the Libor scandal.

Diamond to Forgo Up to $31 Million in Bonuses From Barclays Robert E. Diamond Jr., the former chief executive of Barclays, will forgo deferred bonuses of up to $31 million, as the British lender looks to quell public anger over an interest rate-rigging scandal.





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  2. […] Public outrage turns spotlight on bank regulators ( […]

  3. @Tresspass
    “Our Creator at least gave notice before a flood.” Good one.

  4. I appreciate you too, Neil—sorry about my harping on your “creditor/investor” spin…it’s just a peeve of mine.

  5. Thank you Neil I appreciate all you have done all these years. Are we in the seventh inning yet, cause I could sure use the stretch.

  6. BTWY this is NOT slander, or defamation! This is TRUTH , KIMSEY admits (by a 12 b motion to dismiss) that she basically stole $75K from me and my senior husband and ALTERED HER NOTARY JOURNAL to DO IT!

    Ventura, CA is a small town Teri KIMSEY, I would watch your back!, and it won’t be ME you need to worry about, but the other HARLEY RIDERS out there who are getting SHAFTED by forgeries and NOTARIES-like you, who WILLINGLY alter their journals for a quick buck!

    YOU ADMIT YOU DID THIS IN THE 12B MOTION. What other Rider will find your involved in the attempt to take their home????

  7. @Trespass Unwanted, on July 11, 2012 at 6:41 pm said:
    The law of Inevitability means that at some point their fraud hit a family member or a friend of those that were doing the paperwork to steal houses.

    What a fine point you make. They will soon feel the PAIN. When they t watch their grandmother cry, and they find out their FRIENDS were the ones that forged to documents, and know that they were FORGERS too. Then maybe this will hit home.

    To, TERI KIMSEY, member of the VENTURA HARLEY OWNERS CLUB, I know WHAT YOU DID! and you harmed me with your intentional lies, and I bet you harmed MANY other HARLEY OWNERS, for it was not just me you defrauded, but your whole city!

  8. AMEN! AGAIN! I have wondered when their own families or themselves would wind up looking forclosure and this crime square in the eye and waken any compassion in their immoral bodiest or at least a lawsuit with the facts to fight the gangsters. What goes around comes around. However there is a great lack of compassion in the bankster cartel all to gether. Perhaps they are narcistic even to their loved ones and friends. BOA’s cartel stockholders should rip into them. And hopefully Jamie Dimon will be ripped into next and Chase cartel..

  9. @Tresspass-
    your belief system resonates with mine, keep posting, it inspires me.
    i agree at some point those helping to effectively screw their own kind will wake up, god i hope real soon. the fear must be broken, people live and work in fear- FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

  10. heres another example, i got john mc cains office attention (befor i grew up) and he wrote to Barbara shycoff, OCC, to look into the matter, she wrote to Alisha Bender of indymac, just one of many “loss mitigation”: gals there, she wrote me a few lines which said basically everything was in order…i swear, i got shycoffs fax number and well told her off for what good it did me.

  11. The law of Inevitability means that at some point their fraud hit a family member or a friend of those that were doing the paperwork to steal houses.

    Then there is the conscience, (if they have one), of what they’ve done to others that has come back to them.

    People working for BOA who did bad paperwork and stole homes, only to be laid off by BOA and then have bad paperwork filed to take their homes so they do the research because ‘now that it happened to them, they know people have said it was fraudulent’ and they know what is missing.

    Or law firms or attorneys who have friends or relatives or grand relatives who have been threatened out of their homes when the perpetrator has NO ownership papers what so ever!

    Or the judges who has ruled against homeowners because they are glad to get so much activity in their courts only to have a close acquaintance show them the lawsuit for foreclosure and then all the reasons that business should not be able to force them from their home and Voila! you’ve got the Law of Inevitability.

    Do a fraud long enough, you’ll get around to the people who are close to the people who helped you do it.

    We are witnessing the Creator in action.
    No one has a plan greater than the Original Plan for the living man.

    And all attempts to thwart that plan has it’s own consequences.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and the people you know and love.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, in jure proprio (in one’s own right), jure divino (by divine right)

  12. I wonder how Robby boy (McKenna) is going to skirt around this? Those lousey cities, counties and state dead beats have victimized the banks? Heaven help us if he gets elected our Washington State governor!

  13. lets talk about PUBLIC DUTY… (and the most good for the majority- justice)
    i always look to my own standards and my public duty- my fellow man deserve the right to rely on me because i promised to adhere to certain standards- written easy to understand BASIC standards that a lay person could understand, let me give you an example ok- this would be a complex situation that demands an expert nurse in that field- if i sedate a patient and also paralyse them to make artificial ventilation therapeutic and they have a gaping chest wound, my standards state i must hang an opiate drip to make sure they have no pain- its a no brainer the body has a phyiological stressor,, pain whether expressed or not, in this case not, right, the patient can not tell me he hurts because of the aforesaid, so what happens if i do not do as the standards dictate, ( bear in mind those standards are PRIMARILY THERE TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC) 1. no one would know unless he remembered which he most likely would not, 2. i know the standards but family and patient may not be aware they exist, but if they find the standards and see that under section 1a whatever it clearly states , i must do a certain thing- and the record shows no evidence that i fulfilled my duty to the standards and my client, well my point is “if the breach of standard is so “gross” that a lay person would have no problem deciding that negligence was a liability for that professional, i ask you- do you need an expert- im refering to appraisal negligent misrepresentation in thoery- if appraisal is biased to accommodate a loan to value ratio, that is the booked value of the collateral and so on and so forth, hat tip maher… the appraiser has a public duty to 3rd party users of the report, there are those that should have known that did know but controlled the market, (toxic underwriting) and those who did not know until the home was already stolen and recission was a thing of the past… where were the “stop gaps” to protect us and the investors,

  14. I would think BOA shareholders fighting a battle in the courts would tear BAO apart as well HMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm. That would cause me no lost sleep. Perhaps even enalbe sleep. The banks have caused me months upon months of lost sleep worrying about my family and friends and even people I dont know.


    Wow, nice links posted here.

    What BOA did was unscrupulous, and desperate times called for fraud in their case.

    There is no way you can run a company that causes harm, theft, conversion, undue influence, terror acts (causing people to evacuate their homes under force of arms from a Sheriff (who is sovereign) by making false claims of loss of right or property.

    The rabbit hole could not get this deep except for the people who did not play.
    They wanted us to hire lawyers, go to court, fight, and have to accept judgment as final as if this was a t.v. court case.

    People went to court pro se, they filed answers to the suit that contained the details of the fraud, some didn’t go and let them rob them of the home, only to find out the new home owner could not get quiet title because the chain of title was corrupted.

    I know the banks think they can hand what was it $2000 at first, and when no one bit after those stupid articles claiming people said they couldn’t wait to get the settlement cause they could pay a down payment on an apartment or some bogus reporting…when people held out and didn’t file for a ‘review’ in the ‘fox guarding the hen house’ mortgage review process and they extended that from March to April to June to September (I just know they extended it a lot of times but I don’t have the months right), and when people didn’t bite by filing appeals when their homes were stolen, well well well what have we here? The second half of the process.

    People who purchased these foreclosed homes are probably filing bankruptcy or losing them to tax sales, homeowners association liens, IRS liens, or lost their jobs or any number of reasons, and now when it’s time to clear the title for the next ‘greater fool’, it’s a hot potato and they realize they can’t do anything about it.

    All that property condemed, don’t cost as much as it used to.

    Neighborhoods where houses would net over $50,000 or $100,000 are ghost towns and if you tear down the homes, the ready equity is gone…the lot is not worth what a house could make it be worth.

    Bankers never ruled the world, they just controlled it.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences has caught them and they can’t wiggle free.

    They always thought the price of houses never went down, but the masses they educated for free, thought that too and wrote outrageous loans on the chance the house would keep going up until the day it didn’t.

    I’m am smiling and enjoying the show.

    No….there is no offer that will make me walk away from the home stolen from me.

    When it’s all said and done, I’m expecting fine and penalty for theft and oppression by forcing me into a system I didn’t belong in, in the first place. I want the home returned and that fine and penalty better be enough money for me to return it to the state it was before someone was allowed to shack up in it, and I better have some left over for the character assassination I suffered from my neighbors viewing my plight from the comfort of their homes, time and trouble and mental suffering my and mine had to deal with, and loss of property I had to sell or give away for being forced from my home.

    I had equity in that home that was wiped out with the stroke of a pen in so many ways, it’s dangerous paper and ink can cause that much hardship against the living male and female.

    Our Creator at least gave notice before a flood. Someone built an Ark and those that would be affected could get on. That was their remedy. Someone did the work to protect the rest from the destruction.

    These bankers were nothing like the Creator. No notice and total destruction of life, liberty, and property.

    All for some pieces of paper or digits in a computer that have no value other than what we give it when we use our energy to recieve it.

    With no options to receive anything else, it’s hardly like they did us a favor making us work for nothing to get the nothing to pay for something for them to come take because they wanted more nothing and the nothing didn’t belong to them in the first place because they didn’t have any paperwork to support their claim they were owed the ‘nothing’.

    Who’s ignorant? Judges and lawyers.

    Bible said what would happen to you.
    YOu don’t have to be in any religion, but prophecies are what the ancient civilizations knew were a future truth, and let’s just say…that is a prophecy that has a future truth for them.

    The Creator is in all of us..that’s why all men are Created equal. Yet they acted like they were superior, or more equal.
    As in a Creator against Creator battle.
    The only way two equal opponents could end a battle where one wins, is if one makes a mistake and loses, or the other cheated to win.

    We didn’t make any mistake.
    They cheated to win and made mistakes (in their case gross errors) along the way.

    Game over, let the judgement begin!

    They are known by their deeds and those papers hold the energy of their signatures. The Universe knows who signed and where. They wrote their own story in the book of Life.
    Just gather the pages and start reading what they did.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, in jure proprio (in one’s own right), jure divino (by divine right) – these are legal words in a law dictionary, more superior than ‘all rights reserved’.

  16. Here is a law that may cause them to kneel and pray.

  17. These crooks have done this ever since the days of Ceasar, they just got caught, due to our computer networking and easy access to the truth. The banksters and their accomplises became so greedy with greed they thought they were to large a corrupt cartel to fail. They believed and still believe they will not pay for their crimes because they own us, own the government and all their little soldiers boys and girls enabling and protecting their interest. Who would care what we discovered if they believed it would not matter and they could get away with it. No accountablity at all. There were no boundaries set for them. Every peel of the onion is tainted with greed and power.

  18. Shelley,

    It blows me away that banks continue to heap heinous acts on top of heinous acts. Perhaps they know their days are numbered, so may as well get all you can get ??

  19. To add to what I am trying to get across. Washington is a non judicial state. To recind the FRAUD CLOSURE, the banksters must recind the fruad closure in court. In a non judicial state the banksters BOA have filed a complaint against this family asking for quiet title for this mortgage, they obviously dont own, or they would not have to ask the court for quiet title. Am I making any sense to you. The complaint states the family is in agreement with BOA to recind the fraud RECONTRUST foreclosure and has agreed to a mod, ( which is saying the family has agreed they owe BOA money, when they did not know they did not; (the family owned the mortgage now undisclosed to them), Therefore the court should grant the banksters that have pulled this off, on an unknowing innocent family (repeat without disclosure and so sneaky they could not tell) The family being tricked while desperate, were just happy to see the recinded (undisclosed fruad closure) foreclosure happen. “[Like]” the bank was being the good guy and recinding an undisclosed fraud closure, then unscrupulously request to be granted quiet title due. Then ontop of it they have mod, (money they did not have coming) and property they did not own and get out of a fraud closure crime all in one. If BOA owned the debt in a non judicial state, WHY WHY WHY would BOA have to ask the court for quiet title whilel asking the court to recind the (unlawful RECONTRUST (who is unlawful in every state) foreclosure? Talk about a crime and an unscrupulous scam to get out of the already committed crime and gain the house by a judges order. WELL WITH JUST THIS ONE HOUSE THEY WERE CAUGHT AT IT. THE FAMILY HAS A GOOD ATTORNEY WHO GETS IT.

  20. Remember 9-10-2001? (Day before 9/11) Rumsfeld begged on national TV for finding a few trillions disappeared by his Pentagon buddies. Solution: next day they got rid of the 100+ accountants trying to find trace the trillions. Forensic FAA examiner testimony of 6/18/2012:

    Jim, Just this obvious public wave alone, not to trust the banks and do the sheeple thing and write up modification agreements with an entity that does not own your loan, and up a debt to this fraud has come to the surface, proving people are aware of the fraud. Makes a difference. I dont believe it is because they are tired of the same old same old. They dont trust the bank cause they know the bank has no authority to do the mods. The banksters have counted on the mod to be signed so they can show the courts this is agreed by the homeowner and us. all sides are in agreement with this contract, so please give Quiet title to us(the bankster) now. This sceme is not working. I have a complaint filed in court in Washington state that staes just this. Only the family they tried to scam has caught on and they have an attorney who has put a stop to this scam. This so called help to modify and get a renewed contract from the homeowener stating they acknowledge they owe BOA money they did not owe them and the scam complaint to the court to get quiet title has blown up in their face. This is proof there is a waive of public fighting this scam and the crime that is a huge success in out favor. The banks thought this would be like taking candy from a baby. NOT!

  22. What linda points out about force is the first time I’ve heard someone state the cold hard facts. When you’re dealing with criminals who think they’re immune from prosecution because their buddies work for the regulatory agencies, another power must step in and take charge. It’s obvious that we have to act fast, and demand endictments from the DOJ or press charges against them for not filing appropriate charges against the Wall Street criminals. If we wait until Obummer gets installed for another term, and the last order of 500 million bullets arrives for the police, we who are outraged will die in large numbers when we march on the OCC, the CFTC, the OTS, and the DOJ with our pitchforks and tar. The use of lethal force to prevent the overthrow of the government has already been authorized by executive power, people! It’s officially a government run by criminals and protected by a police state. Wringing our hands, we wonder what to do. We’re paralyzed with fear and we wait for someone to do something, instead of realizing it’s US who needs to do something. How many of us are there? Billlions. How many of them are there? just a few thousand. Stop letting the bullies scare you.
    Get involved and take some sort of action, even if its only to call a community meeting on the matter of our criminal government, who will murder us in plain sight with bullets, instead of the stealth methods they been using like vaccines, poisioned water, pharmaceuticals, chem trails, radiation, processed foods with no nutritional value, etc. You’ve seen their total lack of regard for law, they’ve thrown millions into the streets in the name of profit and destroyed hundreds of years of private property rights by lying, deceiving and misleading our courts. Who will come with me to speak before congress? We need to get in their faces and tell them we’ve had enough. Write a letter that I can deliver at the very least, because even that is an ACTION.

    protections, what makes you think they’ll stop there?


    The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption

    “…The most pointed evidence that breaking the rules has become standard behavior in the corporate world is how routine the wrongdoing seems to its participants. “Dude. I owe you big time!… I’m opening a bottle of Bollinger,” e-mailed one Barclays trader to a colleague for fiddling with the rate and improving the apparent profit of his derivatives book…”

  24. Neil on spot: But, phony Regulators & enforcers keep selling you out to BanGsters (Banking Gangsters) repeatedly. Read their own words: “……the promised spike in foreclosures hasn’t arrived.”

  25. I blame it all on Larry Summers…WHY isn’t HE in jail? Grrrrrrrr….

  26. Dear mr editor

    This country is far far too corrupt institutionally to bother with (did you hear yourself?) 6 years later. The bankers securitization romp wasn’t so terribly complex. It’s just there is no one in charge now, nor has there been anyone willing to fix what has feathered all those democrat and republican nests

  27. Diamond should be forgoing freedom, wait til this blows up over here!

    On July 02, 2012, right on cue the central bank of Euro (lol) stole the sovereign rights of the member states citizens.

  28. Regulators are owned and operated by the culprits. Just like the governments of the world are. Hard to swallow, but this has got to be the problem. Apparently, the debt creator culprits that got us into this mess have to be taken down. I don’t see any other way, since every other attempt toward restoration has been lip service. They only respond to force. They are immune from the laws of the land and use their own laws to get what they want. And they do that through these agencies that they control. From what we have experienced, these agencies are nothing but money-launderers used to filter and squander their trillions upon trillions in paper assets. And…leave the rest of the planet with the clean-up. Hence, these agencies cannot perform on behalf of the people, even if they wanted to. That is not really what they are designed to do.

  29. Neil, please keep writing, don’t stop. You make the complex picture of what actually happened crystal clear.

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