Mission Statement

I believe that the banks have committed crimes that have caused the suffering of homeowners and non-homeowners alike through lying, cheating, stealing and forging documents that were improperly recorded with county recorders offices. I believe that the suffering of the citizens of our nation is the most heinous crime against humanity since Hitler. I believe that the Foreclosures should stop. I believe that the five million plus Foreclosures should be reversed. I believe the homes lost should be restored to the rightful owner. And I believe that if there is a windfall that comes out of all this it should fall to the homeowner and not the banks.

I believe the banks lied to us when they said they had lost money on the loans just to get public money as bailouts. I believe that the the sources of the funding on the Loans are mostly gone now and that the only thing left is a web of bets and counter bets whose volume is ten times the volume of all the currency in the world. I believe the government is allowing the mega banks to maintain false balance sheets, nonexistent assets based upon loans that never existed or were extinguished by payment in full.

I believe the loans were paid off and the investors were paid off. And I believe that the mortgages were never valid as they were never attached to a valid note. I believe the creditors have long since left the scene and that Foreclosures are a huge farce whose play is an act of treason against our nation and could be construed as an act of war by other countries if they deem the actions of the Wall Street banks as the acts of our government which was clearly complicity in this crime.

And so my mission is nothing less than getting to the truth, allowing the mega banks to fail since their balance sheets are nearly pure fiction. My mission is to provide an adaptive environment allowing homeowners to keep their homes without risks of attack based upon a foreclosure by entities with whom they never did any business. To do this my strategy is to educate as many people, judges and lawyers as to the truth about the securitization scam, and force any forecloser to present evidence in the same way and under the same rules as has been required for centuries. And I believe that faced with this prospect they will give up in many cases and modify the mortgages to match with the reality of the marketplace. In either case there is not nor ever was any merit to their representations to the courts, recording officer, trustees, or administrative agencies.

It is my hope that lawyers from across the land will perceive the profound injustices that are perpetrated upon the American public every day by banks and servicers who did not make or purchase a loan with the borrowers they are attacking, corrupting our markets and government records forever. I pray lawyers will be motivated to see the merits of challenging the pretender lenders, the need to do justice, the need to restore confidence in our justice system, and the opportunity to earn significant income from this endeavor.

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  2. Amen, again!!

  3. It’s all an illusion. Our government has outgrown its usefulness, has no creditbility, and it has been established that the governement, who you claim has the power to modify, is a corrupt and criminal party to the great fraud. If you doubt this, read G Edward Griffins book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. If you aren’t a “reader” (what are you doing here?) watch the video series on youtube. He lays it out that the government and the banks are in cahoots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7auQEXTWomA
    We aren’t going to fix this, without fixing government first.

  4. @iwantmynpv,
    I beg to differ, sir; see National Bank of Commerce v. Atkinson, 8 Kan. App. 30, 54 P.8 (1898) : “Among the assets of the state bank were two notes, secured by mortgage, which could not be transferred to the new bank as assets under the National Banking Laws.”

  5. I’m content to envision what will happen when they meet their maker…which is coming sooner than they think…and it won’t be pretty.

  6. ToLLe,

    You wana be the judge or the prosecutor? I could see myself holding the gavel and saying: “Borrower, you proved your case. Banker, sign the note over to borrower as fully paid and pay his legal expenses plus damages.”

    I’d be good at it too 🙂

  7. After the collapse, I say we initiate a kangaroo court system, much like the ones that they have us arguing in presently, only a bit harsher if you can believe that that’s possible. We’ll have the borrower tell the tale, the bankster will lose to a citizen judge with a follow-up sham appeal allowed, but with no hope of prevailing, and the banksters will absolutely not believe how unfair the court system is. To think that these borrowers are simply taking homes with nothing more than a decades worth of payment proof. How dare they?

    Oh, and when they lose, they and their enablers in congress will get tossed in the slammer for life. That’s the ticket. Things are looking up!

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  9. We don’t owe THEM—THEY owe US!!! Give me my money back that you STOLE from me, Mr. servicer of NOTHING but LIES!!!

  10. We don’t need no stinking mods. The damn death pledge was already “modified” (paid a zillion times over is more like it) before we even put pen to paper. The ink hadn’t even dried before the emtpty shell got shuffled off to iceland and norway and china and the paper money trail shredded to oblivion. Don’t force us to modify with a thief. Just say no Mr. Pres. I will pay what I owe. Show me what I owe.

  11. @iwantmynvp—it sounds like you are condoning “just a little bit” of fraud…let’s keep a “little bit” of the fraud going—just so we can all “get along”…NO THANKS—I’m with E.Tolle…

  12. Homeowners have a right (whether this right is trampled or not). Identify the beneficiary. Use the paper trail. Use the money trail. Use the UCC and use the federal and state statutes. All roads lead to Rome.

    Then tell me how much I owe the benefiicary. No one else is owed. No sham mod to bankster shamster brokered by anyone – AG’s or congress or hope/hamp or attorneys in bankruptcy or otherwise.

    Not going to legitimize a debt to a shamster and sign away my rights.

    Otherwise no deal – take my house and make my day. I’ll do my best to keep seeing you in court even if I can’t pay the attorney. If I get thrown out of court because I had no money and no attorney – history will tell the tale. It is plain as day and no one can hide it forever. When the shamsters eventually get foreclosed fat banksters will sing. This many people cannot suffer in silence forever. They have been ignorant of the injustice.

    It is just what I think and I am nobody. Troubled when Neil uses the M word but he of all people does get that thing about how much is owed who when and what has been paid to who and when. and for what.

  13. @ Enraged ~ you are ABSOLUTELY right. The WHOLE SYSTEM is unraveling. It is unsustainable…. and whether or not they want a Jubilee…one is coming ANYWAY.

  14. errr…I had not gotten to the comment Iwantmynpv posted regarding the modifications. If ANYONE came to me with an offer of a modication at this late, great date, let me tell you what I would suggest instead.

    I normally charge $17.50 per hr. for my time writing, drafting, editing and researching. Let me calculate (roughly) how much time I have now put in to the last two years of my life trying to unravel the unG-dly trail of bullsh*t and the clouds on my title and the duress and stress me and my entire family suffered because of it, and let me get back to you with a number…. and you can bet you sweet bippy, that they are in SERIOUS ARREARS TO ME.

    I cannot (and should not have to, because most of us are in the same boat) tell you how many sleepless nights I spent, staying up til the crack of dawn researching everything I could get my hands on, nor how many weeks and months of lost work I endured because I was at the county clerks office digging up everything I could find regarding this web of deceit where my ONE property was concerned.

    Nor the total amounts spent in audits, attorneys fees, court costs and filing fee’s, not to mention certified affidavits and depositions.

    I can GUARANTEE you that after thirteen years in my home, and over $183,000 ALREADY invested in payments on a $130k mortgage, I am not open to ANYTHING being “modified.”

    They have clouded my title seven ways to Sunday to the point that I cannot EVEN sell my home. I AM STUCK LIKE CHUCK until we go through this process of filing suit, ordering discovery, reset after reset after reset with them NOT EVEN SHOWING UP HALF THE TIME, and in the meantime, I am not getting any younger.

    This was supposed to be the best years of my life. My kids are done with school and moving on with their lives, while I myself, am stuck in limbo land. Modify my note??

    Me thinks not…..

  15. @ Iwantmy MTV ~ I think I LOVE YOU. Please tell me you are single.
    (wink – wink) Seriously ~ this is brilliant. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  16. iwantmynpv.
    i am looking at my note (of course only a copy) and it states lender is BOA NA !!!!!!!!……..it also has the wrong loan number !!!

  17. Right on, Neil! And right on, E. Tolle! Let justice be done though the heavens fall! We gotta stop just going along to get along. If they want blood, they got it!

  18. Monsanto slammed with up to $7.5 billion in fees to farmers
    Isabel Lane | July 9, 2012

    In Brazil, Monsanto is facing up to $7.5 billion in payments to five million Brazillian soy farmers. Many have come together to sue the Ag Giant over a controversy regarding penalties placed on the farmers for reusing Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds. The Brazilian Supreme Court decided against Monsanto in mid-June, after a Rio Grande Do Sul judge ruled against the company in April. Since the decision, the number of plaintiffs has soared to five million.

  19. ToLLe,

    The whole system is unraveling. Check this out: big pharma being sued and fined left and right.

    “Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record

    Monday, July 09, 2012
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles…)

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036417_Glaxo_Merck_fraud.html#ixzz208pvKOJd

    What’s remarkable is that, all of a sudden, what was considered as loony conspiracy theories is being proven.

    Next, the undoing of Monsanto…

  20. @ Iwantmymtv, you appear to be negating a debt jubilee on the premise that they’ll never allow it to happen. Who here said anything about asking their permission?

    I, for one, and totally over the fear mongering…. “they’ll be tanks in the streets” …. “the food will vanish off the shelves” ….whatever. I’d rather force the issue through a day of reckoning in which all sides are torn down to zero and a rebuild started. When that occurs, if you maneuvered within the criminal framework, you are tossed like a petty criminal into the dark recesses (shiny FEMA camps?) and everything you own is confiscated….your family left to appeal to the kindness of others….which, I guarantee you they’ll find to their complete surprise when we’ve all gotten as far from Wall Street’s ruinous and diseased philosophy as possible.

    I’m serious when I say that I’d rather live in a cave than to see their wars and imperialism continue, their diseased medical and food systems pushed further on unsuspecting victims, their looting of everything financial go unprosecuted….THEY are all about their enrichment at everyone’ else’s impoverishment. It’s time for a global zeitgeist….it won’t happen any other way….and if you’re not a part of the current problem, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, fear the repercussions. We ARE coming for you all. Don’t ask for their permission. It empowers them.

  21. Nora, the National Bank act states banking associations cannot lend money or credit, states nothing about holding promissory notes and that is why you see all their servicing subsidiaries shutting and the loans being transferred to the N.A.s

    Neil is right, the majority of the pools are paid or bankrupted at this point and the rest is just collection efforts under the threat of foreclosure. If you believe for one moment that this mess will be cleared through lawsuits or likewise, think again. They have the money to buy the votes to keep us paying. They own the media outlets and can control public opinion. Short of locking them up, the only way to change the system is to force them out into the open.

    We must force the collection divisions to understand we know they are paid, and in turn we are sharing in their windfall through principal reduction and will sign a new note and mortgage, which factually we are doing through modification anyway.

    Pigs get slaughtered, and they will slaughter us in the media if told to just wipe the slate clean. Reasonable negotiations, which account for new terms allows us to pay something but still see the benefits of their ponzi scheme.

    Their must be a balance that all Americans can understand and agree with!

    Stop thinking on the individual level and think of the big picture. We all need to pool our resources just like the fearless leaders and lenders do!

  22. @iwantmynpv
    When did National Banks change the laws so that they could own or hold mortgages? The National Bank Act says they can’t.

  23. Well, he means well…and we know where he’s coming from.
    What about all the aspects of this mega crime wave like suicides, unjustified credit assasination, the murdering of millions of beloved pets who perished in shelters because their owners had to abandon them when they were made homeless by the heartless criminals behind this financial crime of gigantic propotions. Millions of children, (2.5 million by estimates) are sleeping in cars and shelters, ripped from the school and the friendships that made their childhoods good and happy? I hear outrage. I hear anguish. Desperation rocks our nation, yet the perps are still cash fat and living well, and still claiming our properties because we’re paralyzed. We don’t know what to do. We have no organization, YET. The key to ending this whole fraud is to act in unison, to refuse to allow this to go on any longer, and to act.
    Stop funding the criminals. Don’t apply for loan mods. Stop letting the banks have your financial information. Don’t talk to them on the phone. Refuse to let them walk off with another free house by filing a law suit. We are grating them to nothing but pulp without intervention by the lax regulatory agencies, who should be our next target after we put the banks out of business. That’s what our mission statement is, Neil. Ending the lies is a good first step, though.

  24. @ Jim & Spitfire – The only folks who can modify the mortgages at this point are the FDIC, FHLB, FRC. What Neil is saying is; we the people modify the loans since they are all new loans anyway.

    The final HAMP mods go as far as too actually include the name of the NA, which realistically owns the loan after the pool is wound out our bankrupted. We the people, and an army of smart attorneys must make a stand today. We force these corrupt private bank / quasi judicial bullshit corporations to the mat, and insist on control or indictments!!!!

  25. I’m not a lawyer, but I know a thing or six from working a credit risk (hedge / casino table) desk, (don’t blame me, I was a kid, er.. well immature anyway). I can tell you that the fraud runs far beyond the reserve system banks, and the effort must be put forth equal across each state.

    First, we need a national referendum on the ballot to force banks back to FAS mark requirements to drain their residual interest in the pools. Next, we force BASEL III reserve requirements down their throat.

    Than we attack the FDIC and the FHLB’s to stop them from socializing private bank losses through Fannie and Freddie. Finally, we the people take it directly to them in Court. To equal the playing field we have to equal the wallets size and attention span. They have far greater resources, and thus, much more time to make us miserable and keeping us on the defense trying to keep our homes.

    I am considering running for the Clerk position in my County, just to start an investigation and begin indicting the folks signing the illegal affidavits and assignments of mortgage. In return for not prosecuting the officer of the banks and title companies, and the former GSE’s we the people get the MERS platform, which will be run by the county clerk offices. You would be surprised what else MERS does!

    Finally, we enforce the laws ultra vires. No credit bids at auction. Either they put up the money or it goes to the highest bidder at the steps, and we wan’t real cash, just like the rest of us must manage our lives. When they can’t unwind from the counter-party exposure, put up the actual cash value at auction, we start to gain traction.

    On July 02, 2012, the central bankers removed the sovereign rights of each of the countries whom participate in the common European Currency. We in America must act now because they will move quickly to establish a central global currency to unwind the derivative losses on our backs. A central trading currency is not bad, if we wipe the global debt (won’t happen) and it is managed by the people with public auditors rotating in quarterly to question the last firm.

    Policy by the people will keep the people free.

  26. While I agree with most of this, the last part I do not. WHO IS IT that you want to agree to “Modify” our clouded mortgages? WHO has that AUTHORITY now?? If they do not possess the note, have insured and collected on that insurance up to 30 or 40 times and in reality the note has been paid off OVER AND OVER again…. then PLEASE TELL ME ~ who in this shameful scandal that has brought our economy to its KNEE’s deserves to be paid even more by supposedly “modifying” a loan that they DO NOT POSSESS??

  27. I believe too. if bank does not lie how can CEO make so much money or bonus each year. if bank does not lie and steal homeowner’s properties how can banks build up its kingdom to make homeowners for its slavery in our country .The evil Devil want us to be his slavery …. NO DOUBT about his system…. SURE….banks go to continue stealing more and more properties across the nationwide in America without stopping greediness.

  28. More crazy making—I don’t understand why Neil fights for only partial truth…

  29. ” I believe the creditors have long since left the scene and that Foreclosures are a huge farce…” [and]
    And I believe that faced with this prospect [the banks] will…..modify the mortgages to match with the reality of the marketplace. In either case…

    Huh? How do you modify what you don’t own? This “mission statement” is conflicted to say the least

  30. AMEN !

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