British Government Getting Tough on Bankers

The Barclay Libor rigging scandal is apparently the straw that broke the Camel’s back in Great Britain. With various investigations of their co-conspirators in artificially creating moments in interest rates, the scam is unraveling. And in the balance, lies between $500 and $600 TRILLION dollars. How could that much money be effected when all the money in the world amounts to less than $70 Trillion? What the hell IS money anyway?

All these things are becoming less exotic and increasingly the subject of investigation, prosecution, conviction and sentencing in every place but the United States, where at this point in the savings and loan scandal of the 1980’s more than 800 people were already in jail. The British authorities are leading the way in Europe taking their cue from Iceland of all places, where prosecution of bankers has become the nation’s goal — bringing justice to the marketplace and bringing back certainty that those who play with the free Markets will be punished.

Iceland’s surge back to prosperity has been painful but they did it it because they forced the banks to accept “debt forgiveness” which is to say they merely forced the banks to admit that the debtors had been placed so far in debt with no assets or income to pay for the debt that it was
NOT going to get repaid anyway. That meant some of the assets on the balance sheets of the three biggest banks were worthless. Three banks failed and everyone held their breadth. Nothing bad happened. In fact the rest of the banking sector is prospering along with the rest of the Iceland economy.

In the U.S. Regulators and prosecutors seem to remain completely invested in the myth that bringing the banks and bankers to justice will bring down the entire financial system. It isn’t so and we know that because wherever the governments have cracked down on the financial services industry the economy got better — Iceland being only the latest example.

Back to the question: how could some reptilian behavior create more money than government allows and why is the government allowing it anyway? How could all the currency in the world be $70 trillion and the amount of money effected by the Barclay manipulation of Libor be ten times that amount, which is to to say ten times all the money the world? The answer is that it can’t. And the longer we pretend that it can, the longer and deeper will be the recession. The more we pretend that those exotic securities sitting in bank balance sheets are actually worth all that money, the longer we prolong the agony of the society that allows banks to exist. Those banks relying on fake assets should fail. It is that simple.

See Gretchen Morgenson’s article in the Sunday business section of the New York Times for a clear explanation of right and wrong and how the British are trying to get it right.

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  3. ALERT! Bankers and fellow Corporations getting tough on Governments: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ( A pro forma NWO Golobalist Corporate Bill of Rights)

    Excerpt from HuffPost article on the subject:

    “Under the agreement currently being advocated by the Obama administration, American corporations would continue to be subject to domestic laws and regulations on the environment, banking and other issues. But foreign corporations operating within the U.S. would be permitted to appeal key American legal or regulatory rulings to an international tribunal. That international tribunal would be granted the power to overrule American law and impose trade sanctions on the United States for failing to abide by its rulings.”

    Didn’t I warn everyone about those Public-Private Partnerships, well that warning is now coming to the fore.

  4. Oh, sorry Jeff–I thought you were addressing me with that—oops!

    Anyway, in case somemone didn’t see it—here is the video of Dr.Lan Pham describing how she was fired from the CBO for starting to uncover and reveal the extent of this fraud:

  5. I’m not saying it’s an “argument”..I’m saying it’s the TRUTH.

  6. A Master Servcier collects dividends . . .get it ?

    No. And neither do the judges as in the Chapter 13 BK Objection to the Proof of Claim. Do you remember what the judge said about these types of arguments. Would you like to try again?

  7. @Martha said:

    “…yet the majority of the issue is all the past re-fi’s that were not actually satisfied…”

    Indeed. I am posting this information (excerpts) again for everyone who still doesn’t get it–(including Neil)—read and learn—the REAL truth:

    “…He got Wells Fargo (Master Servicer to his prior “mortgage” supposedly securitized into a trust) to admit that they never received payoff by our subsequent refinance… He wrote to SEC — that investors were never paid — never expected a response — but, they forwarded a complaint to the OCC (Comptroller of Currency) — on his behalf. OCC sent him on wild goose chase. Then he contacted FDIC (there is connection to WaMu — which he did not know about). FDIC sends another complaint to OCC — on his behalf.
    OCC comes back in a letter and tells him that his Freddie Mac loan (which he paid-off by a refinance) — was never paid off — BY HIM — but, rather by a “pay-out” by INSURANCE. OCC tells us him he is currently in default on Freddie Mac loan!! Normally, you cannot access any checks older than 7 years — so the banks would not have record. HOWEVER, he had the CANCELED CHECK in his files!!!… Not only the canceled check — but all closing documents — AND prior mortgage payments. All was in order –Wells Fargo was paid off — by him — and Wells Fargo was supposed to pay Freddie Mac!!! But, they did NOT. Wells Fargo claims no record of pay-off by him– -no record at all — he is missing from the system.

    He has informed OCC that this fraud likely involves millions — or more. All that stands for him — despite the two refinances — is collection rights to a FALSE default Freddie Mac loan. Coordinating this information with SEC documents that he has been researching for years, it is apparent that most — if not all — subprime/alt-a/jumbo loans — were manufactured default GSE loans – for which collection rights were purchased by banks (acting as debt buyer) — and could not be securitized into any pass-through security trust. This is why trusts are empty — there is no funding necessary for collection rights. They are not a mortgage, not a loan. They are unsecured (false) default debt — which was fraudulently presented to homeowners as a secured mortgage.

    When the system was operating — the bank — as debt buyers of non-compliant (manufactured) GSE loans — would sell collection rights to third parties — via swaps or direct sale once the time for collection passed a certain amount of months (usually 180 days). However, at the financial crisis height — even sale of collection rights came to a halt — leaving many bank debt buyers with collection rights on balance sheet (falsely removed by off-balance sheet transfers that were fraudulent). After TARP bail-out — banks continued their process of sale of collection rights — and, no one will now state who actually owns them — attorneys in court will only name original creditor — or trustee to falsely securitized trust. Trustees have NO RECORDS.

    Federal Reserve Bank in NY (he talked with top officials (Director) for Maiden Lane — for months) cannot tell him if they are receiving his CURRENT payments — even though the trust his adversaries claim he is in (he is not) — is part of Maiden Lane portfolio. They are not receiving pass-through from supposed trustees. Fed Res — tried to help him for months — but, finally sent him to legal department — who stated they could not help.

    Many participants on LL are working for distressed debt buyers — by purchasing distressed loans — and refinancing with undisclosed parties. He has consistently emphasized to Neil — that the Investors in the subprime — where junk debt buyers (including banks) — that did not fund anything (except excess cash in refinance) — these “investors” were the credit enhancers to the false securitizations of collection rights. Security pass-through investors were victims — but, they have been paid out by swaps.

    We are dealing with nothing more than collection rights — and this information is in hands of government…

    It is tremendous fraud — with huge power that we are up against…”


  8. @ Nora C., the only place I know to get handcuffs is Madame Desirees, and I’m a little uncomfortable going in there and asking for 4,000 pairs. Consider me old fashioned.

    However, the thought of ball gagging Mitch McConnell, Jamie Dimon and our fearless commander in chief might just be enough to get me over the embarrassment. This just might be fun.

  9. eTolle you hit the nail on head, and you made me laugh. I say we buy up 4,000 pairs of handcuffs and drive to D.C., then head to N.Y. to finish the job. Luckily they’ve built FEMA camps all over the place to put our prisoners in, nicely equipped with razor wire and shackles.

  10. Your loan was originated by two seperate interests.Look at your instument . Was it ever delivered to a trustee or custodian? (discovery).

    If the loan is orginated by a lender who is not a benficary,
    If MersCorp is the beneficairy,
    If the transfer to the seller is for a conveyance,
    And the seller transfers for consideration,

    Then how does a lender claim to be a servcier. Who is he servicing under the terms for a sale of a whole loan asset.

    What is delivered into the REIT as an asset is irrevocable and cannot be pierced. . .look at substitution and delete in your P&A agreement.

    A Master Servcier collects dividends . . .get it ?

  11. IF you even ATTEMPT to show the judge how YOU think this MATTERS, your done… Are you a banker

    Juridcition – this is a juridcition issue as a Federal Agent has issued obtained a summary judgement. You already got a 30 day notice and did not respond . Deal DONE! Foreclosure is inabstention.

    The matter is already entered judgement against you …the judge knows this – you don’t get it…

    Do you have a bar license and for what state are you giving legal advice …

  12. From Enraged’s piece on the FED, “….that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed.” That should read: “The FED was aware that the global benchmark interest rates were fraudulently set, but through their global skimming program they were making money hand over fist”. Folks, this is a simple street corner Thimblerig, as Wikipedia says:

    The shell game is portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off.

    When all the banks are doing it, and the governments are in on the action, the only losers are everyone else in the world. We the people who aren’t in on the deceit and pilfering get screwed en masse.

    And from the same article on the FED, there’s also this: “….their struggle to keep the banking system afloat through the financial crisis….” therein lies the entire problem defined in black and white so that even an elementary school kid can understand it; CONgress and the FED love to keep moving around the shells in hopes that we won’t see what they’re really up to here. They are taking everything, and leaving nothing in its place….it really is just that simple.

    All of the world’s problems arise from this one issue….keeping the banking system (i.e. them) afloat at any and all costs, because they are all in on the scam!


    And as it pertains to Neil’s blog here, every single foreclosure that you and I are dealing with comes from this same root cause. Why else would each and every branch of the government, from state to federal, turn a blind eye to the taking of properties by the millions, all the while doing their best Sgt. Schultz impersonation, “I see nothing! I know nothing!”

    You folks who keep stressing that whatever actions we the citizenry take need to be nonviolent….I hear you, and I know where you’re coming from. But unless you are willing to cut out their cancerous rot and imprison them for their deeds, you might as well just settle in to a life of servitude. Usury and exploitation are all they know, and our children and their children will know it from the receiving end if we don’t stand up to their sick representation of how life should be.

    There is not ONE SINGLE REASON why we can’t have everyone housed, we have the money and the talents. It needs to be a basic right. No one should have to fear not having a place to sleep or raise their kids. Millions of homeless people, millions of peopleless homes, what’s wrong with that picture? Don’t buy into their moral hazard crap!

    There is not ONE SINGLE REASON why we can’t all eat nutritious food, or be educated, or receive medical attention when we’re sick. IT’S ALL A DECEIPT PERPETRATED UPON THE MASSES! Don’t buy into their lies. As Wikipedia also says, “When an individual not familiar with the shell game encounters a game on the streets, it appears that bets are being placed by numerous players, when in reality, the people around the game are shills who are all part of the confidence trick.” They are all in on the crime. They all need to be arrested immediately to face charges for the acts that they’ve committed (and continue to commit) upon the masses. Wake up! Don’t be lured in by their smooth talk. They are criminals one and all.

  13. @s.shafer “You must show the link amongst the Big Banks and demand for short term borrowing. The debt you’re alleged to owe is equity and that equitable interest causes the foreclosure matter to be heard as equity and not a debt.”

    IF you even ATTEMPT to show the judge how YOU think this MATTERS, your done. Do not go down the rabbit hole the press leads you into, as its am argument the judge is not going to swallow, and what FACTS do you have to support this matters in YOUR CASE? You will have NONE. You are going to get chewed up and pulverized in court if you attempt this, and then they will argue the points in motions, and you will spend time arguing meaningless matters.

    Instead look for irregularites in your papers, ARE THE LOAN MINS the ones you signed, as in my case they were switched to a different set on the forgeries they recorded after the escrow.
    Is your signatures forged< yes they might look like yours, as thats why they call it forged. Use a microscope, or bettter yet photoshop will allow you to zoom in and check for variations just as good.

    Start writing right now and find out if ALL the past loans have even been paid off, as they were just writing up "Satisfactions" and they were not paying the loans off and pulling them from the pools, whcih is why something has to happen soon, as they cannot hide these empty pools forever, but they still do, and they keep blaming it all on the homeowners and foreclosures, yet the majority of the issue is all the past re-fi's that were not actually satisfied. If its not fixed, then mass inflation wil be the way they hide this.

    Do not waste your time on any thing you cannot prove,

  14. It is principally affirmed where the Fed who sells U.S. Treasury securities was replaced by Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank. The fate of Barclays was implicitly due to the fact Barclays was operating independent of the Bank of England, the equivalent of the U.S. Fed. The same holds true for Bof A and Wells or at least the US homeowner was making that vision a reality.

    If you’re pleading a foreclosure case there is something to know and it’s important. You must show the link amongst the Big Banks and demand for short term borrowing. The debt you’re alleged to owe is equity and that equitable interest causes the foreclosure matter to be heard as equity and not a debt. A mortgage is pooled by the underlying debt and it’s a fact (as the editor here says’ “I said it all along”) the commercial lines used for funding were converted into common stock and to launch five year bond financing.

    By doing this they created a zero coupon bond and from there could create a second note. The second note is affirmed as MersCorp under a shadow banking scheme that destroyed the security instrument in favor of three-mo. Commercial paper. )
    In pleading these matters you must consider the arguments for divestitures of assets and de-recognition of liabilities for a mortgage that was not only moved off balance sheet . . .but materially altered beyond recognition .

    Foreclosure is a summary judgment and the sale is used for recognition of value .

    For more info. write

  15. Federal reserve and Barclays

  16. enraged-PLEASE GO GET YOUR JD – 3 YEARS

  17. will US follows this, and, as some top economists have pointed out-will china be happy, when the goal of gov appears to be to run this country into the ground and devalue the dollar in support of the yuan… what say you bank of England…hmmm-if no heads will roll, the first being that smug ass jame then we must rid ourselves of this government,
    do you all remember Obama taking down that picture of Winston in the whitehouse, that gesture spoke volumes. actions speak louder than words. obamas job was never to represent the American peoples best interests. period. in my humble opinion. “whats he done for you lately” anyone …

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  19. Libor fixing,

    Just occurred to me how far reaching the Libor scandal is for all of us.
    I just got the written judgment on that JDB case I lost. They are looking for mucho money plus mucho interest, on the basis of an original contract that is flawed, taken with a company that went belly up (after pocketing 2.3 billion in bailout) and that had probably one of those Libor fixed interest rate. That damn loss forced me to empty my C.U. account and keep my money at home. A real drag. Plus, some guy keeps snooping around the house and I can’t tell who hired him: when I catch him, he climbs back in his Cadillac and drives off. I’ll have to call police on him next time and start taking pictures.

    Ditto for any and all student loan for the past… who knows how long!

    One more reason for which worldwide debt forgiveness is the only solution. Otherwise, no one will escape the hundreds of thousands of lawsuits, class actions and the likes. What a mess for an economy! Everyone who ever asked credit will have many reasons to sue banks, credit card companies and the likes.

    Divine justice at work… maybe I should go to law school real fast: definitely the next booming thing!

  20. Every day we learn how much was known and how much of a cover up was instigated… And every day we have more and more reasons to ask our government to resign “en masse”.

    Insight: Fed knew of Libor issue in 2007-08, proposed reforms

    By Carrick Mollenkamp

    Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:17am IST

    (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have known as early as August 2007 that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed. Following an inquiry with British banking group Barclays Plc in the spring of 2008, it shared proposals for reform of the system with British authorities.

    The role of the Fed is likely to raise questions about whether it and other authorities took enough action to address concerns they had about the way Libor rates were set, or whether their struggle to keep the banking system afloat through the financial crisis meant the issue took a backseat.

    A New York Fed spokesperson said in a statement that “in the context of our market monitoring following the onset of the financial crisis in late 2007, involving thousands of calls and emails with market participants over a period of many months, we received occasional anecdotal reports from Barclays of problems with Libor.

    “In the Spring of 2008, following the failure of Bear Stearns and shortly before the first media report on the subject, we made further inquiry of Barclays as to how Libor submissions were being conducted. We subsequently shared our analysis and suggestions for reform of Libor with the relevant authorities in the UK.”

  21. Musings on our society.
    Since certain ones on here want to drag into the fray “my “unstable” writings” then tonight I will muse.
    Why is it that… we could watch (secretly) a man, or a woman even, perhaps behind a mirrored glass, as though we were somehow privy to the private human events of such a person. We could watch behind this mirror, and we would condemn, oh yes, that is for sure what we all would do. Even me I dare say. Yes, me too.
    We would watch this human be…. an animal, and we would not value them for these animalistic traits, as we watched them pick their nose, or scratch their behind or fart… or even just stare vapidly into a mirror of narcissism.
    We condemn all around us for human traits, and we give no offer of redemption.
    Yet.. we could watch our little dog tear apart a rat, and then the next day eat its own poop (something my Maltese has a fondness for) and we then allow.. no, we actually welcome its eager kisses the next day, and all is forgiven.
    For it is just a beast… but are we not all beasts?
    How do we begin to forgive those who did these vile things?

  22. Clean yp continues…

    Korean Lawmakers to Handle Arrest Motions on Corrupt Politicians

    During the National Assembly’s first plenary session, which took place on Monday after a month-long delay, ruling and opposition lawmakers agreed to respond to the arrest cases of two politicians involved in scandals last week.
    Both independent lawmaker Park Joo-sun and the ruling Saenuri Party representative, Chung Doo-un have arrest requests by the court.
    Park has been convicted of illegal campaigning while Chung is charged with receiving money from the former head of the troubled Solomon Savings Bank in 2007.
    Authorities believe the money was given to Chung for bribing politicians like President Lee Myung-bak’s elder brother Lee Sang-deuk , to help prevent the bank from being suspended.

    JUL 10, 2012

    Reporter :

  23. It’s starting to shrink… Money going back to their respective countries…

    5 foreign banks shut down Philippine offices
    By: Michelle V. Remo
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    1:53 am | Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

    “In a circular notifying the local banking industry, the BSP said the five foreign banks have already packed up and left. Apart from American Express Bank, the others were Societe General, Union Bank of California N.A., First International Bank and Fortis Bank.”

  24. @enraged reposts, very shortly this time, with a link to the article

    “JPMorgan Chase Employee Allegedly Steals $100,000 From Man With Alzheimer’s”.

    The odd thing I find about this, (not in relation to the poster) is that its big news.

    I allege my husband is senile, and that SUNTRUST via an escrow agent-JAMES STOTT-stole $75,000 from us, and we even went to the police, and we are ignored. Then STOTT filed a 12b motion to dimiss. That means they ADMIT it.
    We walk into Stotts office (LIARS TITLE)on January 15th, 2008. We sign a DOT on a $75k LOAN, and SIMA KELLY notarized it, and it was dated the 15th.
    Stott, why he prints up a blank check and says, “Mr. Nali please sign this check payable to cash, and I will go to the bank and cash it for you, and I will pay off the countrywide loan.
    I did not like it, but STOTT said “that’s how loans are funded nowadays, Mrs. Nali, TRUST ME”
    He made my husband POST date the check.
    On the 18th, a person-TERI KIMSEY- from a social club that my husband used to belong too, (he claims he did not know her) shows up AT MY HOUSE and tells me they “forgot to have me sign the PUD” and by-the-way, can you sign these AMENDED escrow instructions stating “ALL MONEY IS TO BE DISBURSED TO MR. NALI” just in case we overcharged him and need to give you some money back Mrs. Nali.

    Three years later I find out about the entire scheme, as I find out they HID the loan of 1-15-08, when I tracked down SIMA KELLY, who verified we did that 1-15 escrow, and this was after I offered them 75K to remove the lien. They HID the lot 256 DOT, and created a freaking LINE OF CREDIT dated 1-17-08 and made it look like my loon husband Cashed the 75k check!
    KIMSEY then altered her notary journal to claim I SIGNED A DOT, that night and I did NO SUCH THING!
    This was why we found it odd that blank checks were sent to our house (sorry, a mistake Mrs. Nali, just destroy them.)
    This fraud is happening in MASS proportions, and the police will DO NOTHING, and the courts do NOT CARE. They ADMIT IT ALL by the motion to dismiss

  25. If this is true, it is getting very, very ugly… When all is said and done, I’m afraid we’ll have stooped very low in the human psyche.

    JPMorgan Chase Employee Allegedly Steals $100,000 From Man With Alzheimer’s

    The Huffington Post | By James Sunshine Posted: 07/09/2012 5:56 pm Updated: 07/09/2012 6:03 pm

  26. @Carie,

    I don’t poo poo what you post. I just have a different perspective on things. Certain postings of yours teach me something. Others don’t. In case you didn’t notice, i hardly ever comment on what people post. It’s nothing personal. I know you know.


    “…Sidnetta Smith had to uproot herself and her children and move to North Carolina, leaving half of their belongings behind, when Bank of America foreclosed on their Atlanta home and evicted them.

    That’s painful enough, but there’s an added rub: Smith’s home wasn’t BofA’s to take – because the bank wasn’t her mortgage lender.

    Her loan was with Freedom Mortgage, and, Smith said, she had been current on her payments. But a paperwork foul-up had BofA thinking it owned Smtih’s mortgage, and when the bank didn’t receive her payments, it snatched her house, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

    It’s a nightmare that’s been plaguing Smith since August 2009, when her original lender, a firm called Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, bellied up under a $3 billion mortgage fraud scheme. After TB&W closed, the government transferred many of its mortgages to BofA, but Smith had hers refinanced with Freedom Mortgage. Freedom resolved her debt to TB&W and issued her a new loan. But in the transfer from TB&W to BofA, many records of monthly payments and mortgage payoffs were temporarily lost. It wasn’t until more than a year later, in December 2010, that Smith’s mortgage transfer to Freedom was officially recorded.

    By that time, however, BofA — under the impression that it was the beneficiary of Smith’s loan and that it was getting stiffed on her payments — had foreclosed on her and hired a repossession company to remove her belongings and her family from her house….”

  28. Haha—right on, E.Tolle.

    @Martha—he/she does a good job…funny how every time I post certain truths he/she “poo poo’s” it…hmmm…

  29. Sing with me A Man….

    There was a country had a law

    and RICO was it’s name – o


    and RICO was it’s name-o

  30. BofA allegededly launders money for Mexican Drug Cartels

  31. enraged works on here on behalf of the BANKS.

  32. The (Cases) of The Faulty Default Letters Going to Trial- BANKS CANNOT WIN TRIALS WHEN THEY IGNORE THEIR OWN CONTRACTS
    July 9th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

    Yeppeeee!!! My own lawsuit is based on a faulty default letter (when i wasn’t in default). i wonder if it is the reason Servicer has been very, very quiet since the beginning of the year… I was supposed to be deposed a few times, it got rescheduled over and over and, all of a sudden, no more news at all! It’s all good.

  33. Most certainly, as a wall between appraisers and RE “Profeshnuls” was created right after the crisis erupted, so should a firewall between Congress and the NAR, NAMB and all bankers be implemented. Oh, and a wall between banks and judges, as well.

  34. I posted this yesterday. i think it’s hilarious! Shall we ask Warren Buffett to join the new team?

    Enraged, on July 8, 2012 at 8:24 pm said:

    Now there’s an idea…

    Warren Buffett: “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes, you just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.”

    Let’s get ready to hit the booths! 🙂

  35. Perhaps we can watch and learn from the British on how to kick ass and take names. Imagine if our elected officials put as much energy and outrage into crimes committed by Wall Street as they are putting into Fast & Furious and Eric Holder! If they did – we’d be well on our way to recovery. But since neither the ATF or Eric Holder fund their reelection campaigns their collective energy will be focused on them. People in this coutnry have very short memories.

  36. The answer to the question is obvious; the government and the banks are interconnected. They formally work in unison to relieve the people of their hard earned money, misinform them, oppress them and evict them from homes they have nothing invested in…because they can.
    So what is the solution to this situation, in which the banks have not only been allowed, but endorsed by our government, to steal all real assets by using fiat paper? Put this team out of power. They have no authority over us, unless we allow them to, remember? We established this government to serve a particular purpose; to protect our rights to freedom and due process. So revoke their authority. It says in our constitution that we have every right to get rid of a government that fails us and implement a new one. It’s pretty obvious the act of putting this government out of business is long overdue. The secrecy alone is enough reason for removal. We have a right to a say-so and a right to know, and a right to toss out anything they do if we are unhappy with it.
    So lets toss congress out on it’s ass, impeach Obummer and end his agenda, and sit down with some coffee and draw up a new form of government–one that absolutely is not subject to take over by a few rich psychopaths. Put Chris Hedges and Webster Tarpley in a room with Ron Paul and Catharine Austin Fitts. Then we’ll vote on what they sketch out and implement a new government where money and politics are forever separated–a little bitty one that has a single purpose; protect us from the establishment of any CENTRAL BANK.

  37. […] British Government Getting Tough on Bankers ( […]

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