Marchers Demand Halt to Foreclosures in Sacramento

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Editor’s Notes:  

If more people from all walks of life came to life in California and across the country, the changes would happen. The reasons these protesters are right is that they got screwed on loans that, thanks to Wall Street chicanery, have already been paid several times over. This is an opportunity for government to step in and save the day for homes, businesses, counties and cities who were all duped into these crazy loans based upon fictitious figures used in fraudulent calculations. It is obvious that these criminal acts are tearing apart our country, ruining our economy and destroying hope and prospects fro the future. Even if you think these homeowners are getting an undeserved “windfall” you should STILL be supporting them because (a) they are the victims of fraud and entitled to restitution and (b) it’s going to hit you one way or the other in the pocket book.

Which would YOU rather have — satisfaction of the doctrine of personal responsibility on facts which you know virtually nothing about (even Allan Greenspan admitted he couldn’t understand these derivative mortgages) OR would rather have a healthy economy with stores opening and money flowing. It’s your choice. I could understand why the 1% would be against giving these people a break even though they are going to get hit too by the decline in the economy, but for people who are one paycheck from eviction to oppose this on some ideological fiction based upon the wrong facts is just plain stupid.

Why would you want the banks, who already received $17 trillion (minimum) to get even more money when the total of all mortgages is only $13 trillion? If you hate these banks why are you supporting them with the false ideology of personal responsibility?

Protestors Flood the State Capitol Demanding Foreclosures Halt





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  4. Basic education should be mandatory law, readying, writing, math and the Wizzard of Oz video”.

  5. I am always learning and will never know enough or I would not be on this web and others trying to learn. I have been trying to self educate myself since mod fraud against me November 2009. It is a pitty one has to be educated in law and the financial world to protect your family against bank crime due to economic crimes. Very overwhelming and numbing.

  6. @shelley – you’re using words that you don’t understand the meaning of



    More proof of no possession no ownership, no reason for freddie to have the authority to send anyone but a con to steal the note. CONS CALLED DEBT COLLECTORS.

  9. Here is a suggestion from a blogger on another web site and she makes sense to do this if you have not.

    Just want to encourage each of you to visit the Register of Deed’s office and the Clerk’s office at least every two weeks.

    I did yesterday, and discovered by Lis Pendans has never been noted in my file with the Register of Deeds; although the one for the substitute trustee certainly has.

    The power of attorney for the substitute trustee is robo signed by Brandon Sciumbato.

    And of most importance, on June 20, 2012 MERS released my Deed of Trust to Bank of America, who claims to be the holder of my note…. proving the Deed and Note were seperated thus the note might be of full force and effect; but it is no longer secured by my property:

    The Note and the Deed are inseparable

    Because the MERS system separates the note and the Deed which is evident since both documents name different entities, the Deed of Trust is rendered unenforceable because it is in violation of Carpenter v. Longan. In 1872, The United States Supreme Court announced this classic statement in this rule:

    “The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.” (quoting Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. (16 Wall) 271, 274 (1872))).

    Also In re BNT Terminals, Inc., 125 B.R. 963 (Bankr. N.D. Ill. 1990) (“An assignment of a mortgage without a transfer of the underlying note is a nullity. . . . It is axiomatic that any attempt to assign the mortgage without transfer of the debt will not pass the mortgagee’s interest to the assignee.”

    In another ruling, First Nat’l Bank of SACO v. Vagg, 212 P. 509, 511 (Mont. 1922) “A mortgage, as distinct from the debt it secures, is not a thing of value nor a fit subject of transfer; hence an assignment of the mortgage alone, without the debt, is nugatory, and confers no rights whatever upon the assignee. The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while the assignment of the latter alone is a nullity. The mortgage can have no separate existence.”

    In Southerin v. Mendum, 1831 WL 1104, at * 7 (N.H. 1831) (“[T]he interest of the mortgagee is not in fact real estate, but a personal chattel, a mere security for the debt, an interest in the land inseparable from the debt, an incident to the debt, which cannot be detached from its principal.”)

    Another ruling was in Barton v. Perryman, 577 S.W.2d 596, 600 (Ark. 1979) and also in Kelley v. Upshaw, 246 P.2d 23 (Cal. 1952) (“In any event, Kelley’s purported assignment of the mortgage without an assignment of the debt which is secured was a legal nullity.”)

  10. If we were not all strong willed, we would not be searching for the truth and sharing. Strong willed people conflict with each other. We all have the right to exspress our views and we all have the right to agree or disagree, even if you are wrong or right. Course I am always right arent you?! We dont have to insult people for it.

  11. Yes, Shelley—makes total sense.
    The people that get “heated” have a lot to lose if the truth comes out…well, too bad—bring it on.

  12. I agree Shelley good points.

  13. Yes am I incorrect in believing debt collectors are sent to con the debtor into believing they owe a debt no longer owed after the debt has been discharded or charged off. When the PSA is nullified the debt is charged off ? The debt collectors are sent out to steal the mortage and put it in the hands of Freddie who has no ownership?
    I dont know why so many are getting so heated at each other on this web site. The law states a charged off debt is not owed anylonger to anyone. .If a credit card is charged off, the party that owed it can tell the judge if it goes to court, due to the statutes of limitation, all charged off debt is uncollectable I do not owe this alleged debt and the judge throws out the case? except the mortgages have not been looked at that way but should be. The same thing. Looks to me Freddie and Fannie are sending out debt collectors due to they have botched the deal and have no proof of owenership. Like little soldiers “go out and get thiese mortgage at all cost, by fraud or fraud upon the court.” Whatever it takes to coverup the botched mortgage crimes. Then get quiet title or bulldoze the house down and pretend the house never exhisted mortgage and all.

  14. i think this laws should be challenge because it doesn’t adopt to securitization mortgages. my credit report discharged all the debts through chapter 7, even if we assumed that it was only the personal liabilities is discharged how could we justify the deed of trust ? the deed is void because the lien or the debts has been discharged. deed of trust is not a debt instrument it is only collateral to the promissory note (IOU) so when that IOU was discharged so with the collateral itself, the deed of trust. has power of sale only when borrowers were in default and the trustee or the beneficiary could foreclose the subject property. on a case on a discharged debt on a deed of trust, how could the deed suffered default when the debt of the collateral has been extinquist by operation of law.?
    if we apply the deed and note together as all the statue in any states. then once the note is discharged so was the deed and has no legal affect as a matter of law. the only recourse for the pretender lender is to do judicial foreclosure and sue the homeowners debtors to prove their interest in the deed. since, they cannot prove any interest on the deed, they would resort to a scheme using a debt collector to collect on a debt by exercising the power of sale.

  15. @carie – i’m not going to engage in hypotheticals and mental masturbation with you on this. you did nothing to prevent your foreclosure before the sale and you haven’t filed anything after it. i don’t presume to understand your motivations, but i would caution that this kind of behavior can make a person crazy.

  16. @tnharry

    (“Even after the debtor’s personal obligations have been extinguished, the mortgage holder still retains a ‘right to payment’ in the form of its right to the proceeds from the sale of the debtor’s property.”)

    Okay—so WHO is the “holder”? They never tell you the truth…because it’s collection rights only.

  17. I don’t understand how so many people are still trying to debate whether a Ch7 discharge should result in a release of the lien. the personal obligation on the debt and the lien are separate issues and while the discharge deals with the personal liability, the lien remains.

    When a debtor thereafter receives a discharge, or fresh start, the debtor is relieved of in personam liability for the unsecured portion of the secured creditor’s claim. In re Pratt, 462 F.3d at 17 (stating that the purpose of discharge “is to ensure that debtors receive a ‘fresh start’ and are not unfairly coerced into repaying discharged pre-petition debts.”); Arruda v. Sears, Roebuck & Co., 310 F.3d 13, 21 (1st Cir. 2002) (citation omitted). The lien, however, survives the discharge and the secured creditor retains in rem rights which it may exercise in accordance with applicable state law. Arruda, 310 F.3d at 21; see also Johnson v. Home State Bank, 501 U.S. 78, 84, 111 S. Ct. 2150, 115 L. Ed. 2d 66 (1991) (“Even after the debtor’s personal obligations have been extinguished, the mortgage holder still retains a ‘right to payment’ in the form of its right to the proceeds from the sale of the debtor’s property.”)

  18. @ Martha: great work. Was this in California, or where, and where did you complaint to that resulted in indictments?

  19. I was lied to by the escrow agent DONNA DEMELLO on 7/12/2007 and she is NOW IN PRISON.

    The fraud occurred inside the office of FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY.

    They then forged a set of deeds on another lot, and switched the min numbers.

    I urge everyone to check the MERS DATABASE, and take your MIN number off your deeds., then change each last digit of the min number, going from 0-9 and see if there is another loan number that was done consecutivley, with the note signing date the same.

    That is how I found the loan numbers of the ones they switched.

    We can only stick together, and continue to fight the fraud on us, and not let people who attack us, stop us from our fight for justice.
    The BANKS created this massive fraud and the loan pools are all empty.

    all those refinances of the years -2000 through even the present,. they did NOT pay off the loans you refinanced, they just created new ones, hence the pools became empty, and this will catch up to them.
    They cannot hide this forever. And minions trolling about on forums attacking those who want to help others only show their true colors.

    I do not need to defend myself, their name calling shows you the truth about who they are.

  20. i think i agree with martha that all people who were involved in this foreclosure scam should be put to jail period even those who auction foreclosure properties who also involve in rigging the auction bids. please stop name calling. we are here to support each other not to divide each other. love you all. i love this website and it gives me more knowledge about foreclosure fraud

  21. Please someone send the poor woman her haldol and lithium a.s.a.p. Otherwise, she’ll pull a cubed2k!!!

  22. LOL, I even read the post from @tolle, not “reading” that there was no “NOT” word before “everyone”, in the post, and it seemed Tolle was stating that I did not undertand that it WAS… EVERYONE who was lied to on here”, but then as I read the post further,
    Still the posts intent is questionable, as why would Tolle think its important that I think EVERYONE was LIED TO?

    What value in this would there be, in making the statment that “you do not understand”? How would this affect what I write about? I see no effect of any relation to the post of mine.
    Does it matter that I must think “EVERYONE was lied to?
    Why? What basis do you even use to support the fact that you claim

    “you do not understand”

    Please point out what part of my posts is relevant to the issue, and how this would have any direct relation to the FACTS in PC048289?

    I, know for a FACT that EVERYONE on Here was NOT lied to, as some on here are the ones who work for the banks, as it’s just logic after all, and common information that this is a method they use… to put out dis-info, they infiltrate the sites that will harm them, and they are moles.
    No sci-fi there, its in all the US documents publicly available right now, as to the tried-n-true methods of such purpose.

    Anyway, one would have to wonder why I am being personally attacked, in such a vitreous manner.

    The people who did this to me are in PRISON, and others belong there with them.
    DONNA DEMELLO and JAMES MCCONVILLE sitting in CLUB FED is not some imagination of a “unstable person” or “loose cannon” its a FACT.

  23. Someone seems to have run out of Haldol and Lithium…

  24. To the name callers and BANKSTERS.
    I don’t type so well sometimes, and you will see lots of errors, I love how the ones who want to attack me jump all over those silly typos.
    Nora C, on July 8, 2012 at 4:34 pm said:
    “Martha dear, you missed my point. Whether you think enraged is a “man” working for the banks is entirely unimportant…”

    (Nora dear,why do you even waste time with this, I mistyped the SHE, and left of the ” S” a simple error, and It’s interesting if you examine the EXTENSIVE posts and pastes of enraged, as you’ll be hard pressed to find any mention of gender in them, yet you jumped on this as though it really is actually important?

    What recent post of Enraged even points out that enraged is a FEMALE? I could not find one, (did not look more then five minutes) but I got this from my sources.

    Sources who tell me exactly who enraged is working for, and why the long rambling cut and pasting on this site, a site that has been virtually hijacked to dilute the info available to homeowners by many posters. –that’s POSTERS, not posers, and this was another typo jumped on in the very personal attack of me.

    And @tolle said ,
    “@Martha Raysik, what you seem not to understand is that everyone here was lied to by various agents working for the dark side….”

    ( Tolle, where do you possibly get the absurd idea that I think EVERYONE on here was lied to by various agents and work for the dark side? Alas, you read too much literary works of intrigue I would think. I am working on a Sci-fi novel set in 2070, and it’s ..well its sci-fi, so take it with a grain of salt.

    If I write in it that “Aliens came to the U.S. in 1920, and started the mass overtaking in secret” I can only guess you will try and make it appear, that I really believe this absurdity.

    I post only the TRUTH of what happened to me in the fraud of FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY, in the hope it might help others, and this is a THREAT to the Banksters.

    Some of the people who did this to me are in PRISON, and others belong there with them.

    Donna K. Escamillo, the person on about 500 DEEDS OF TRUST in the County of Los Angles…. She uses the alias of STAYCEE BLAND, and all her signatures signed as “Donna K. Escamillo are suspect.

    This is obviously a big threat to the people I am suing.
    I invite anyone to look at this exhibit and tell me they do not think the same person signed this?
    escmillo forgery exhibit

    It’s apparent who people work on behalf of, when they resort to NAME CALLING, and try to make it seem as though I am crazy, by even going as far as to use my book as “proof.”

    And the book, is what it is, it’s not a BLOG, it’s an online e-book. And I guess there is no such thing as bad publicity, so call me all the damm names you want!

    You can google the BOOK if you are reading this and do not know what enraged is referring to as “proof” of my “unstable” mind, in her… DEFAMATORY writing.

    I don’t have all the answers, and I certainly do not have time to cut and paste all the dis-info that some do daily on this BLOG, and if you will examine in detail the postings on here, 99% IS useless info.

    There are others out there…like me… LOL, and they might find some bit of use by my own experience and so I will not be swayed by the SUDDEN INTENSITY of the ATTACK on me.

    A person who would take my posts, my writings on here that are about the cold hard facts in my PC048289 case, and then call me names and make very defamatory statements, is obviously intent on harming me. Be it with trying to discredit me, or to stop my message to others.
    I invite anyone to look at the facts in PC048289 and tell me this is NOT WRONG, and that it’s not an attack on the AMERICAN PEOPLE. As this is what it is, because this did not just happen to me, but it happened to thousands of others.

  25. RE: TinyDot video fakery: real dot includes several millions people, including all fed+local gov. employees & retirees paid mainly by fake, phony dollars, printed, or stolen, through Eisenhower’s identified “Military Industrial Congressional Complex” somewhat explained in bits and pieces of videos which come up with these links. It is not our tax dollars which amount to only a fraction of global theft committed through forgery of value into U.S.$ by ongoing murders around the word in the name of “Military operations for national interests” only to force the world to honor fake US$ as real money and that way subsidizing this country since this fakery began in 1945, and backed by the Fed’s creation in 1913 . The few millions of sheeple in the “real dot” have done everything possible to beat the rest 90+% fellow American’s on their heads to accept whatever is inflicted on them. After all the “real dot” includes all armed forces of fed. + counties & cities, & mercenaries, & have left nothing you can really do about it but to suffer or join the “real dot” and make your fellow Americans suffer under the gun…

  26. @enraged

    I’m not looking to sue, I’m trying to give my spouse hope. The never ending frauds just sicken me.

  27. @Las Vegas,

    Chances are, we’re all in the same situation: we were all screwed on the interest rate. What we don’t know is how this will play out in court since it is brand new territory. Also, the investigations into American banks having fixed/rigged Libor are only starting. Until there are actual findings against the bank (and most particularly against yours) I think it is premature to think about suing.

    My take on it.

  28. @Nora c

    Thanks, I haven’t ruled out anything. That’s the problem, just when I think I have gotten to the bottom of this mess it just get more smarmy. Okay so I’m back to origination, fine. How about the fact that the “loan” we were sold was based upon the libor. So they gave us the “teaser” rate, kept int rate low and AFTER the docs were signed int rate went up. My spouse is having a nervous breakdown from all of this. I am continually asked when it will all stop and like a helpless fool, I say I don’t know.

  29. Another good site.

  30. Another excellent site to learn what is going on here…

  31. This is a good source of info. For example, we haven’t heard here of some of the things that will be voted on… here, tomorrow! We never learned ahead. Always after the fact.

  32. @Deborah,

    Don’t underestimate the BBC. I listen to it all the time.

  33. @Deborah,

    There is more control of the press in the UK than there is in France, Germany or other countries. I speak and read both fluently, which gives me access to Swedish and Dutch (very close to German) and Italian press (close to French). Australian and New Zealand press is also pretty rich in important news and we are one day behind them. Lastly, bi-lingual Canadian press goes at it as well.

    If you really want to have an idea of what really is going on here, read the English version of Russian and Chinese press (hey! ours is always more than happy to talk about everything that is going on there. They are doing the same thing. Fair game.) and google it a couple of days later. You can be assured that it will have been picked up by some European or American newspaper and checked out.

    But for Chinese and Russain press, i wouldn’t have known how bad Fukushima was and i wouldn’t have learned that both Japanese and Chinese scientists had confirmed that the earthquake (and resulting tsunami) were manmade and deliberate. Those conclusions were based on actual seismographic charts taken of real earthquakes, compared to seismographic charts taken of manmade explosions. There is absolutely no doubt about Fukushima.

    Internet is the best thing since sliced bread.

  34. enraged, your so funny . what about” PEOPLE’S POWER” ITS WORK IN OTHER COUNTRIES.

  35. i would like to share with you re barclays- my father banked with local bank in a small coal mining village, midlands, he had great respect for the manager and shared a cigar with him whilst they did business, my father got loans based on his character, personalised attention. it worked. you borrow a pound you pay it back with interest. i know it was a different world then, but not that long ago…
    im also a great believer that strong family and peace in the household mean strong communities that makes strong nations….one wonders if the goal is the reverese. well bring on the paradim shift of conciousness
    that is my prayer.

  36. enraged, i wondered why the interest. i hear things too and i ask questions, i feel that the media control is just as bad there, i ask what have you heard , and im told “oh theres no reporting on that”

  37. Yes, hope gives us strength and inspires us to action, and yes carie, to act in the best interest of others rather than the psychopathic type of action demonstrated by the oligarchs who care for nothing and no one except themselves. That point is important; we must march with a smile into congress and handcuff them, and then march the lot of them to jail where they belong. The relationship between congress and the banks is at the root of the problem. If we don’t act now to get these exacerbators out of the situation, we and our subsequent generations are doomed to a life of total tyrannical domination. Leave only those members who have voted their conscience and abided by their oaths, who have the guts to stand up to the banks. We have to stop the river of money flowing to the banks! Stop paying all debts and stop paying income taxes. Research how to sue the IRS for all the money they’ve taken from you. Look for Joe Bannister’s directions on how to file the suit. If you’ve believed for all your life that income tax is just, you owe it to yourself to ferret out the truth; the federal reserve implemented the income tax to bankrupt you. The IRS is nothing more than a collection arm for the fed. Our government and the fed have been joined at the hip for 80 years. Stop it now, because even though we are short on time, we are not OUT of time. We have to organize and apply our power as a collective front to put a stop to the NWO. The way we do that is to STOP FUNDING THEM, and spreading the truth. Help it go viral. Boycot the corporations they use for capital like Coca Cola, GE, Walmart, HP, the list goes on…

  38. You guys need to watch this!!!

  39. Las vegas-
    dont rule it out. the signature.
    (not legal advice just dont rule it out)

  40. @Deborah Wynn,

    I’m from Europe too and I hate that “doom-and-gloom” thing. That’s why I look to the world in its entirety to resolve this worldwide mess. Hence my posting every good news from wherever it takes place: it tells me that many, many people are at work doing their thing. I’m busy enough as it is with mine…

    And just like you, I’ll be damned if I go back. I chose it here for a reason and I’ll stick with it, by golly!

    The World’s Biggest Bank Just Got Thrown Into The Lieborgate Mess
    Posted on July 8, 2012

    When on Friday news broke that German regulator BAFIN (which is just like the SEC except that it also regulates, investigates and actually prosecutes, instead of just watching porn all day) was launching a probe of the biggest bank in Europe, and actually, make that the world, Germany’s Deutsche Bank, the shares took a quick, brisk hit, sliding 5% with everyone anxiously expecting to find out just which bank will follow Barclays into the scapegoat abattoir (because nobody had any clue Liebor manipulation was going on until a week ago). Yet while external inquiry into banks is to be expected (everywhere but in the US of course, because in the US no banks manipulated anything. Ever) as a proactive act on behalf of regulators to cover their back, things get a little more tricky when the bank itself admits there was an obvious supervision problem.

    From Reuters: “Two Deutsche Bank employees have been suspended after it used external auditors to examine whether staff were involved in manipulating interbank lending rates, German magazine Der Spiegel reported, citing no sources.” Now what can possibly go wrong if the biggest bank in the world, with just shy of $3 trillion in “assets”, which just happens to have a 1.68% Core Tier 1 ratio, is suddenly thrust smack in the middle of the scandal that the Economist just aptly named the finance industry’s “tobacco moment“?

    From Reuters:

    A spokesman for Deutsche Bank on Sunday declined to comment on the article, referring to its quarterly report, which said it has received subpoenas and requests for information from U.S. and European authorities in connection with setting interbank rates.

  41. Now there’s an idea…

    Warren Buffett: “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes, you just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.”

    Let’s get ready to hit the booths! 🙂

  42. And Katherine Austin Fitts said in the podcast with Mandelman that homeowners can claim fraudulent inducement. So we are back to square one, origination.

    Oh my, my head just spins from all this.

  43. yes i read all this on here when im not at work that is, or dealing with debt collectors trying to raPE ME SOME MORE, i also understand that the world is ugly depending on your perspective, but god this site is depressing, be it reality or not, if im going to be locked up for having an opinion i better drop my lawsuit right now, yes- and my complaint about the misconduct of a certain judge and his utter conflict of interest, which incidentily in AZ the comission for judicial complaints is for public information now, then they post the outcome of the investigation. (yes i know)
    so my question is apart from blog until the wee hours WTF else should i do, many people on here seem quick to tell others that they are wrong and just plain wrong and wrong again, who cares if im wrong, we cant all be right but i want to have peace, do you think anyone who bloggs here has real peace. so do i just say oh go right ahead sir rape me to death.
    im a legal alien but i embraced the culture, for 13 years i paid well over quarter of million dollars in taxes, im English American, what difference does it make we are all in this together -my family want me to return to uk, ill be damned if i dont finish what i started, they have been planning this for decades whilst we were given the mushroom treatment. so if the currency is going to be chinese yuan perhaps we might consider the old barter system seems fair – esp since i can save a life for under fifty bucks an hour in just about any set of circumstances, then theres mr couch potatoww decides he needs a new TV. ooo there will be hell on. (sorry- i get to rant on here too, but honestly, to all of you ,who at least have” some fire in your belly” im glad you do what you do, its better than festering away and keeping it all inside lol,
    from my bible- ” The most powerful force on earth is the soul on fire”
    Ferdinand Foch,
    no i did not make that name up.
    still think a national strike would do it if it could be organised.
    after watching the youtube (@Guest) maybe there may just be a few good men… shocked me right outta my daisy dukes.

  44. Hmmm…wonder what would happen to the global “situation” if we all had true purpose in our lives (which didn’t involve selfishness and materialism), a healthy fear of God, saw all mankind as one human family, tried hard to live life with good morals and high values, didn’t need or want narcotics or alcohol, learned from our mistakes instead of running and/or escaping from them, realized this physical life is but a blink and is only the beginning of our journey, and had patience and kindness and deep compassion for humans and animals and all of creation…yes—I DO believe pigs can fly!!!

  45. it is so unimaginable yet to find our government has forsaken us and been taken over by the cartel. It is sure becoming a sad reality. I dont know how so many people do not see what is happening.

  46. What we need to hang on to is that, a couple of years ago, no one would have talked about “cartel”, “illuminati”, any connection between drugs and the appropriation of world wealth by a very few. To hear Catherine Austin Fitts (a former government official) throw in the same conversation the words “chemtrails”, “pharma”, “OGM”, banks and drugs is HUGE! It means the emergence of a sudden conscience among the people that what we had was artificial, fake and detrimental. She was part of the problem for years… until she became part of the solution. But what it took was for her to get a taste of what we all, on this site, are going through: dealing with an unfair and inequitable justice system.

    For Pete’s sake, the first people who mentioned “chemtrails” (and I wrote extensively about them in 2006 to be called lunatic and be shunned by all my friends) were laughed at. Why? because we couldn’t imagine that our own government was, in fact, working against us. We were all functioning with the solid values our parents taught us and functioned with. we all believed in them and could never have imagined that a new generation of shark had long done away with them.

  47. @Nora,

    I couldn’t have expressed it better myself.

    And yes, you are Oh so right! I post a lot of stuff all the time (did you miss me during the 5 days i had no electricity?) only because I am convinced that no one with solid values would ever have been able to imagine the kind of fraud being perpetrated on such a grand scale. No one had it in him/her to commit those acts. Therefore, we couldn’t anticipate them. We were all blindsided.

    AND to see it uncovered day in, day out, is really, in my views, the proof that it is unraveling. I post as much to convince you all that hope is alive as to convince myself of it. Hope is pretty much all we have. When that goes, every chance of winning this battle is lost.

  48. Catharine Austin Fits was told in advance that the banks and the government were going to transfer all the wealth in the world in exchange for “worthless paper” and that’s exactly what they did. Here’s a recent article by Vermont Trotter which touches on this very subject.

  49. Well said and more importantly your right.

  50. Martha dear, you missed my point. Wether you think enraged is a “man” working for the banks is entirely unimportant, and I didn’t speak up for her, she’s quite capable of defending herself. My point is that we have to pick a side and work together without ripping each other up on some minor differences of opinion. OUR enenmy is corruption embodied in BANKSTERS and a rotten-to-the-core government run by them. Focus on defeating them rather than taking swipes at those of us who are actually your team mates. “We shall all hang separately if we don’t hang together.” (John Hancock) Avoid their divide and conquer trickery. You have made some excellent posts, I don’t think you’re a loose canon. e Tolle is both wise and funny, and enraged is a good lady who has posted a wealth (and perhaps a bit excessive?) list of links, articles and on-point comments, that a spammer wouldn’t bother to. Spammers aren’t going to invest the kind of energy we do, at all hours of the day and night, with the kind of dedication we have to exposing the crimes. The indignity we have each suffered at the hands of the corrupt is easily readable between the lines–as visible as a log in Cyclop’s eye. We are birds of the same feather, and I suggest a peace treaty! Disagreeing is human nature, working for a common purpose in spite of our differing opinions is a brilliant move our opponents don’t expect.

  51. It’s like the sharks are coming in for the kill again this just gets worse as we go along.Keep your eyes wide open to these scams.

  52. Matt is quoting part of the Mandelman Podcast with Catherine Austin Fitts. Good read.

    The Mortgage Meltdown- The Coup d’Etat/Leveraged Buyout/HostileTakeover of the USA.
    July 8th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

    First, learn who Catherine Austin Fitts is….a high ranking official from the Bush I administration…next, read the very complex, yet conceptually very simple description of what’s happened here in this country in the context of larger financial warfare that has been waged on America, for decades now. Our country suffers from fundamental economic collapse due to patterns of fraud that has been subsidized and ongoing for decades….

    The banks were used as vacuum cleaners to steal $27 Trillion dollars of Amerikan wealth…From her report:

    Clearly, there was a global financial coup d’etat underway.

    The magnitude of what was happening was overwhelming. In the 1990′s, millions of people in Russia had woken up to find their bank accounts and pension funds simply gone – eradicated by a falling currency or stolen by mobsters who laundered money back into big New York Fed member banks for reinvestment to fuel the debt bubble.

    Reports of politicians, government officials, academics, and intelligence agencies facilitating the racketeering and theft were compelling. One lawyer in Russia, living without electricity and growing food to prevent starvation, was quoted as saying, “We are being de-modernized.”

    Several years earlier, I listened to three peasant women describe the War on Drugs in their respective countries: Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. I asked them, “After they sweep you into camps, who gets your land and at what price?” My question opened a magic door. They poured out how the real economics worked on the War on Drugs, including the stealing of land and government contracts to build housing for the people who are displaced.

    At one point, suspicious of my understanding of how this game worked, one of the women said, “You say you have never been to our countries, yet you understand exactly how the money works. How is this so?” I replied that I had served as Assistant Secretary of Housing at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the United States where I oversaw billions of government investment in US communities. Apparently, it worked the same way in their countries as it worked in mine.

    I later found out that the government contractor leading the War on Drugs strategy for U.S. aid to Peru, Colombia and Bolivia was the same contractor in charge of knowledge management for HUD enforcement. This Washington-Wall Street game was a global game. The peasant women of Latin America were up against the same financial pirates and business model as the people in South Central Los Angeles, West Philadelphia, Baltimore and the South Bronx.


  53. Wrongful Death Lawsuit against EMC and Chase

    Full complaint

    Mr. Engel got up and dressed but the stress of the wrongful foreclosure/eviction situation overwhelmed him and he collapsed onto a chair and later died.
    Another case where Defendants used the well-known tactic of advising the homeowner to miss a payment so they could qualify for a loan mod; claim they are now in default and foreclose.

    Bank Killed Minister, Evicted Wife in Foreclosure Horror

    Harry Engel died in July 2010. His widow and his adult children sued the bank, EMC Mortgage and LPS Field Services, on a host of charges, including wrongful death, wrongful foreclosure, trespass, gross negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The family also sued Chase alone for fraud, fraudulent inducement and deceptive trade practices

  54. @John Gault,

    You haven’t come on in a while. In the light of everything I posted a couple of weeks ago about IMF, Strauss-Kahn, BRICS, etc., what do you make of the Libor scandal? As I said a numerous instances, the extent of the fraud is such and so far-reaching that only an inside-out, worldwide revolution (be it violent or not, it makes no difference if it is radical) can and will leave the required room to rebuild on healthy bases.

    The piecemeal approach of Frank-Dodd is a joke. Adding useless laws to system rendered too complex and complicated by design (the idea being to “drown the fish”) is useless and counterproductive. The answer is not in new laws but in simplifying those we have and allocating the necessary manpower to enforce them.

    And since every time we turn around, a new scandal of worldwide proportions emerges, it is pretty safe to say that we are on the right track: the mere fact that, within the past 6 months, so much was discovered/uncovered tells me that more and more people are willing to poke their noses into it. That’s progress. When loosechange911 first came out, no one wanted to give it any weight (although the kids who made it did a terrific job of investigating and using their brains). Since then, it has become known (and scientifically proved) that Fukushima’s earthquake was artificially created by way of a sub-oceanic explosion. And we know humanity is perfectly capable of sacrificing thousands of people to fulfill its agenda. Look at Pearl Harbor…

    I really feel that we are on the right track: up until recently in history, the scandal of the discovery never erupted until years (if not decades) after the fact. For the first time in history, the discovery and the scandals are contemporaneous. That tells me that there is a push for quick action on TPTB and a push of equal strength for reaction from the rest of the population.

    It’s all good!

  55. @ D.W.: The Italian Mafia may be possibly be the only “right figure head” available in this country to organize peaceful campaigns, only if they are really in control of working unions, like truck drivers, etc. But, the catch is that the lending and real estate crimes have been so broadly organized and uniform ac cross the country, that probably every major U.S. Mafia played a significant role in its making and in preventing its stoppage. Sequence of events probably proves their direct involvementssss… So, probably Americans are totally on their own in this mess and will go down as Iraqis & Afganies did by the U.S. Army, as this guy revealed long ago (1997)…

  56. Not only do I believe our government is involved with the drug cartel and the weapons but more disgusting they are deep into organ and human trafficing. Oregon is held only second in place to the organ and human trafficing.

    This has all gone way to far!

  57. @ToLLe,

    Thanks for sticking up for me buddy. We do have a few loose cannons on this site. Don’t waste you time addressing them. When you have a chance, check that woman’s blog out: she’s not functioning at full speed…

    In the meantime, the Libor scandal is taking a life of its own. it might very well be the last nail that shuts the coffin close. Once way or the other, the banks are going down.

    As Catherine Austin Fitts explains, though, the danger is that, since the banks already own everything, their going down makes no difference whatsoever. Even if they go down, all the wealth of the world is already in the very few hands that control it. What is most important is not only for the banks to go down but also for all that wealth to be TAKEN BACK.

  58. The best way to educate anyone is not to “tell” them and shove info that scares the s*^# out of them down their throat but rather to “ask” them. As an example, asking someone who’s just done harping on the economy being the doing of “irresponsible” homeowners and borrowers: “Do you owe a house payment? You do? To whom? Chase (or WF, B of A, anyone)? Are you absolutely sure you owe to THEM? What makes you so sure of it? You mean you got a letter telling you to start paying them two years ago? But what document do you have confirming that they’re really entitled to your money? Nothing? You’ve only got that letter from Chase and the monthly statements? Who signed that letter?” Once the person has been somewhat destabilized, that’s when you attack.

    “I tell you what, you’ve got one of the MERS atrocities, right? You want to check it out, just to see whom they say you really owe the money to? Sure we can do it right here on internet! And then, we’ll check if your county recorder knows about Chase being your servicer. “Cuz they probably forgot to tell the county recorder… Saved them $35.00. Sure we can check the whole history of you loan and even verify if you paid people you had no obligation to pay because they were never recorded on your docs.”

    By that time, the person is ripe to start poking into his own documents and make all kinds of noises with the bank, especially when he/she realizes that he/she paid Citi for 3 years but they’re nowhere on the paperwork and… they show up on MERS as being still active!

    Some people have to be scared silly into using their brains… Gotta instill the fear of the lord in them. But once they’ve bitten, they won’t let go. They become your biggest ally and your biggest mouthpiece against the banks.

  59. WARNING! A woman from Nevada called me in tears while driving down the freeway. I told her to get home safe and email me her letter. She recieved a scam letter telling her she was in dire jepardy of loosing her home to an auction on this monday. Which was totally false. This scammer told her if she would pay $1,200.00 for an analysis they may be able to avoid the sale at auction. to send immediately to avoid the auction. Then in tiny print at the bottom the letter said we are not associated with BOA. I told her to email or call her senator and the AG office and to look on her county records. She said she had not been served any papers. The AG and senator would help her find someone to support my conclusion that this is a scammer. It says they are not associated with the alleged forecloser. She also had an attorney who told her he would take over for her due to the bankruptcy attorney she paid had abandoned her. I hear this a lot. He confirmed she had no sale date and due to her FDCPA letter off of livinglies notices and letters, she had sent to the banksters, the banksters have postphoned the BK date in the court room from July 12, 2012 to August. Which she knew nothing about. So she is now in touch with the new BK lawyer. She may be withdrawing the BK. She has lots of proof of Dominique Johnson and his side kick in crime fraud MERS, RECONTRUST, and BOA robo signed docs. This letter is another crime depending on the vulnerable victims to be in such a distress they send $1,200.00 to a con scaming the already distressed victims and their families. She was almost ready to do this and pay them. How many victims like this are being vicitmized again from these unconscionable creeps? ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

  60. Extremely enlightening podcast with Catherine Austin Fitts. A former government official, she explains how tied to drugs this entire scandal is, she also ties it up with “illuminati” (a cartel of rich people worldwide who already own everything), big pharma and pretty much everything that destroys people, including and especially MSM.

    A must hear.

  61. So true Carie! They dont seem to get it if it does not effect them directly in the face and some need help they know they have been harmed by the corruption but dont understand how. We all need attorneys, however finding an attorney that gets it or is a good one is rare and a lot of the victims have been so victimized they have lost incomes due to this crime and have no money to pay attorneys, with a government that has left them in the dust. There needs to be a moritorium on all foreclosures since 2006 at least, with no significant help yet to date. The HAMP program was used to decieve and still more properties. It was no help but a tool to steal! It is very hard to get the word out. The Wizzard of Oz video is one good tool to use.

  62. @E.Tolle

    One of the problems is it takes a lot of explaining for the average person to understand what these bankster criminals/government have done and are still doing…I’ve tried to explain it to my father over and over and he still doesn’t quite get it and keeps calling them “mortgages”…I mentioned to someone else the other day about massive fraud in the mortgage/housing industry and he just laughed. They either sort of “get it” and shake their heads, or think you’re a nutty “conspiracy theorist”—or they just look at you cross-eyed like you’re from Mars…

    How do we “unleash the dogs of hell” when so many are still ignorant?

  63. More proof we have all been victims, every man woman and child:
    “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer, Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone contributing editor, and Dennis Kelleher, president and CEO of Better Markets, analyze the Libor interest rate–rigging scandal engulfing the banking industry.

    Barclays CEO Bob Diamond recently resigned after the bank was fined $453 million for its part in the scandal, which involved manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), a key global benchmark for interest rates, by essentially “faking their credit scores,” according to Taibbi. And as Taibbi explains, Barclays couldn’t have acted alone.

    “It can’t just be Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland. In fact, it can’t even be four banks or even five banks,” he says. “Really, in the end it’s probably going to come out that it’s going to be all of them … involved in this. And that’s what’s critical for people to understand: that this is a cartel-style corruption.”

    Kelleher argues that the Libor scandal is proof that the financial industry “is corrupt and rotten to its core.” “The same executives [using] the same business model that crashed the entire financial system in ’08 are still running these banks,” he says.


    The one above gets me good! Our governments see the crime and makes sure they get away witht he crime for peanuts !

  65. I forgot the http and there are so many they are in moderation before being added so I will put just one on here. For now.

  66. Watch the first http and see what the banking cartel has done to us since the days of ceasar and then watch the rest including the corruption of our AG’s. Rob McKenna flat out is two faced on these videos and blames the homeowners for victimizing the banksters. He of all people should see the light, but chooses to support the corrupt. The crooks are embedded in every peel of the onion in law, the judicial system, government and the banking industry. How do you think it is multiple banks doing the same crime? And if our government and judicial lsystem was not corrupted we would not be loosing our houses and in debtors prison up to our ears. We are all victims of this crime.

    Name calling and negative responses here are not helping it is depleteing the good of trying to help each other. We can disagree or have different points of view, I even ask my children to have their own points of view, without degrading each other for our points of view and disregarding the importance of putting our selves out there for discussion to seek the truth and to seek the best route to go to help each other.

  67. I dont support name calling! And accusations PERIOD! We have all been screwed by these criminal cartel cabal illuminati. It has been going on since the days of Ceasar. We are not the first generation to go through this hell.

  68. Carie and Nora if you have not picked up Kevin Trudeau’s book debt cures it is a good book to read. After realizing the banks are corrupt I decided the right thing to do was not to think in the box of being accountable for my debts but to screw them. I did what Kevin Trudeau said to do in his book and the only two debt besides my house I had owed to a bankster I allowed them to go past the discharge date and told the new debt collector to put it where it hurts that it was uncollectable debt I did not owe them. and a total of $32, 000,00 in debt vanished. Nothing I would have done under normal curcumstances, but the banks have gone to far. I have given that book to many and there is no other debt to have to do bankruptcy. My credit score was a joke after the banksters pulled the mod fraud. So no worry there. I plan on never giving the banksters anymore money than I have to and never having a card of any kind. I will earn the montey for everything I purchase before the purchase. If everyone would do thid it would help tear the banks to their foundation. I dont promote not being accountable. I promote screwing the unaccountalbe and the corrupt. People need to keep their heads on straight. There is always a way to fight this sensably. The more my customers have their paychecks cut back and the interest rates go up for an over draft on the card the more are cutting up their cards. I promote fighting back in everywhere humanly possible with out violelnce.

  69. @Martha Raysik, what you seem not to understand is that everyone here was lied to by various agents working for the dark side. I was lied to every step of the way, it was and is simply their way of doing business, but early on I chose to try and listen and separate the wisdom from the bullshit on this and many other forums on the net. No doubt your tale is a storyboard for how collusion occurred and how you were ripped off from the get go…..but so was mine, and I’d be willing to bet most likely everyone here can state the same.

    As to Enraged being a banker, that’s laughable. Second to me, she’s the only one that’s been calling for pitchforks here and neither one of us is talking about gardening, if you catch my drift. I have no greater hero than Gandhi, but I’m also a realist, and since no one with an ounce of power is willing to step away from the TBTF feedbags, we are going to have to threaten their livelihood, with every intention of taking it away from them. “Please sir would you kindly stop raping us all?” isn’t getting very far with the financial services industry, and by that term I mean congress, for they’ve become self-admittedly the servants of the central bankers and seem mighty proud of it.

    I also have no idea where you folks get the idea that banksters are posting all over this blog. Besides tnharry, who many here seem to worship when he tosses tidbits of meaningless bankster affirming law, and Pat, who considers himself a powerful force to be reckoned with, when I consider him to be a pitiful excuse of someone trying to play both sides of the war, there are simply folks who wander in here bleary eyed from reading to much about the atrocities and can’t wrap their heads around the fact that we’ve all been systematically picked clean like carcasses in the desert landscape, by fat vultures with absolutely no fear of predators on the horizon.

    Until we decide that it’s time to unleash the hounds of hell on these assholes, and tell them how it’s going to be, we can all just bitch and moan about how bad they were to us. We can keep writing our legislators who don’t read the mail, because they’re all at K Street getting their weekly checks. We can keep calling our AGs until we realize that they’re trying to figure out their new budgets considering the monies that are going to be coming in from the settlements based upon our reaming. We can close down our banking accounts until we realize that the banks don’t make their money from us, the lowlifes directly, as in deposits. They make it in huge chunks through HFT stocks and futures and skimming seemingly tiny increments of quadrillions of bucks of derivatives. They can only be stopped in a manner that has proven itself throughout history.

    Their Overdue Comeuppance

  70. Thanks Nora. Let it go: you can’t argue with unstable people and more and more are going off the deep end anyway. Remember cubed2k? We’re going have a few more on this site and others before long. It is to be expected.

  71. was thinking about what Mahatna Ghandi did, being comitted to a principle greater than himself he poineered non violent political resistance, what happened was all religions stood as one for human rights, there was a general strike- unification for tthe good of all. non violent retaliation. that would work if it could be organized (as nieve as i am) and with the right figure head.

  72. Indeed, Nora—I had to make some quick and serious decisions and one of them was NOT to file BK—for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into again…and almost $600,000 in “debt” is gone…with no BK.

  73. @Nora,

    I understand the human inclination to speak out for another, (especially if that’s your JOB) yet I wonder why? What basis do you really have to state ” I know your not working for the banks” really? Think deep about this, and I say this not as an opposition to your apparent pro-enraged side, but as a person who has been utterly lied to by escrow agents to my face in the office of FACTO.

    UTTERLY LIED TO, and I have the fact that the people who did this to me are sitting in PRISON.

    DONNA DEMELLO sitting in prison is not some figment of the imagination from a “loose cannon.” It’s about as real as it gets.

    I saw her. I touched her. I was there. I know exactly what she did to me.

    They are not there (in prison) because they needed a break from the Rat Race… they are there because they ( AS ALL THE BANKS ARE) are complete CRIMINALS

    I would love to hear exaxctly what support you have to state this.
    Too many Americans will be lulled to sleep by the subversive and active anti- informatio they feed us, in the news, in blogs and in forums.

    Enraged DOES work for the banks, and this is very apparent if you analyze his responses to me, a housewife, who was snookerd by the MCCONNVILLE GANG.

    I am not making this up, and FATCO does not deny any of this, so why do guys like ENRAGED try their harderst to get me to FILE BK?

    Why is this forum FILLED with useless info for the average homeowner? It’s called anti-info for a reason. Taking sides is fine, but get the facts before you claim hard-core that ” I know your not working for the banks.”

    So do you support the side of people who sit in PRISON, and the POSTERS you attempt to spoon-feed the public anti-info or do you support the victims, who are the AMERICANS totally screwed by the system?

    ( it was a spelling error to say “POSERS” earlier, as I meant POSTERS” but I suppose…if the shoe fits?)

  74. Enraged, I know you are not working for the banks. You’ve hogged the forum a bit, you must admit. You’re one of us (the oppressed and aggrieved by the banks) and not a “poser” anymore than I am. You’re also not a MAN anymore than I am. We must work together and be ever mindful that divide and conquer is a favorite tactic used by the psychopaths to scatter our energies. Don’t let them win by engaging in senseless infighting. You can’t get anywhere if you attack your team mates.

  75. Bankruptcy won’t save you from foreclosure. It will discharge all your unsecured debt and even some past due utility bills, but these slimy lawyers who try to con you into bankruptcy are not looking out for your best interests. They get payments every month for doing very little. I was advised to surrender the asset (!) and they never told us that we could challenge the pretender lender with an adversarial motion. In my opinion they were nearly as criminal as the banks. We never met or spoke with our attorney untill after the Meeting of Creditors, because he couldn’t be bothered with a face to face. For those of you in the Atlanta area, avoid Clark & Washington. They are the largest filer in the state by volumne and the worst as far as customer service or competency. When I tried to reopen my bankruptcy, they were required by law to represent me, yet they didn’t show up. I got slammed by a judge who allowed Chase’s lawyers to object to the reopening, when Chase didn’t even own the loan!!!
    Don’t file bankruptcy. Spend the money on a good attorney who has won a few cases on the theory of “non-perfected lien”.

  76. shelly,
    i just received the order denying my motion to vacate the order, this is the only thing i am be waiting so i could file an appeal to district court, if the district court would denied that appeal, i could appeal it to 9th circuit court of appeal. the only thing that bother me most is how could a judge made an order on a closed case? not only violates my due process it violates public policy. the sprit of BK is to give a debtor a fresh start, but when a judge overreach his authority i think its abused of discretion. i can’t even find any cases when a judge sua sponte in a closed case because judges never do this.
    it is so funny because his decision is to smack me on my face for asking a clarification about a discharged debts on my three properties because the lenders are aggressively collecting a debt that has been discharged already. the court response, proves the adage ” be careful what you ask for”. i knew the judge would denied it and i expect that.

    two things i would ask for an appeal:

    1. can a judge sua sponte a closed case even if there is no request from both parties to reopen the case?

    2. when the secured debt/liens were discharged in the bankruptcy, could a creditor can still foreclosed on a deed of trust when the lien has been discharged by operation n of law? how could a deed of trust suffer a default when the underlying debt has been discharged?

    like i said, this is not a good law if we don’t challenge it. it’s not a good [public policy if the court should all discharged the debt, and then creditor should allow to inflate again the debt and foreclose the property. in my case, the creditors did not perfect the lien when they filed their proof of claim because i objected those claims on my chapter 11 organization plan and since i becomes a nuisance to the court according to them LOL, the judge instructed me to convert it to chapter 7 and the trustee will abandon my estates and i could proceeds my state or federal case which i stupidly agreed and therefore my chapter 7 was discharged. $ 8 million discharged and the trustee closed 17 months ago without distributions. my understanding if the creditor wants to object the discharged they could file an adversary proceeding only allowed ” Fraud” cause of action, creditors have only 60 days to object according to BK code, since these pretenders lenders lack standing to sue , they never objected. one more thing is that these pretender lenders should file a judicial foreclosure against my property so they could obtained a lien judgement if they wanted too, but since they are just pretender can’t do it. any one is welcome to give their opinions. this is a bad law and again debtors will be put back into the same position prior to filing the bK.

  77. I have tried over and over to get it from him with no success.

  78. @Shelley

    Sure wish that guy would share that letter!!

  79. Martha a lot of people are keeping the house and have won this battle. A lot of them can not publically tell the public what happened. I plan on keeping mine. I will fight with every penny and breath I have. I have a customer from my day spa that has his house back in his name and the property taxes back in his name, and no one harrassing him on a three and a half miillion dollars home. They have recinded the foreclosure and the sale and put everything in his name without going to court.

  80. Boots what the judge forgets or does not get it or is enabling the crime, is the note is unsecured debt. The note is discharged debt. This should be discharged in BK. They either dont get it or they are making their own rules, which is usually what is happening. When the judges make their own rules it is treason against the United States Constitution. The judges either are slow at learning or seeing out of the box and seeing the unsecured debt, or they are enabling the criminals. Another issue that gauls me is the fact we have all been victims of the economic crime of the banksters. Each and everyone or us. That is never brought up in any of the cases I see. I brought it up in mine. This is a huge issue. As far as I am concerned most of our government officials are enabling their crimes.

  81. @ Neil: counties & states, and rest of government bodies, were not duped by lenders but they had always played major roles in this criminal scam. these marches have hardly accomplished anything. I have heard the best way to protest against foreclosures is that people threatened with it quickly record free & clear grant deeds to their nearest love ones. at least they should record ” at least they should record “QUIT-CLAIM” deeds to someone. quit-claim deeds transfer only any legal interest the grantor may have, nothing in excess. The immediate effect is that it automatically halts nonjudicial fraudclosores, then claimants must file suit against the new grantor & Grantee and hopefully show up some documentation. At that point if necessary, borrowers can remove cases to Fed-court and force them to prove their standing, ownership, legitimacy, etc.
    It is critical to know that recording laws, foreclosure laws, and most other applicable laws, are run by state legislators, such as the Mafia in Sacramento, so if they didn’t want any of these criminal activities of lenders to continue, all they needed to do was to order their fraudulent county recorders to reject all documents sent by lenders. it doesn’t matter that some of their documents may be proper and legal, what matters is that they have intentionally used the fraudulent state/county systems to record millions of robo-signed documents, therefore creating a distinctive pattern of criminal forgeries, not a one time offence. Under RICO, and many other laws, states can mandate injunctions against them, as the OCC supposedly did against most lenders and even against LPS-DocX-Fidelity Title robo-signing works, but what came out of that, nothing, because lending crimes were engineered at top levels of the government, plus state, and counties didn’t prevent fraudsters from recording forged documents by a simple injunction against them, followed by possible criminal indictments, and prosecutions against them…
    Neil, one more thing: a handful of your readers hop on every daily editorial page just to continue their ongoing web-chats which usually have nothing to do with that editorial. they even cut and past pages long writings of others, which they could add by a simple link. If possible, please dedicate one page for continued web-chats so that the routine commenters don’t need to hop-around like this, which also distracts the purpose of each editorial. Thanks.

  82. shelley,
    i did filed BK and was discharged all my secured debt against the pretender lenders and loan servicer. min my credit report all the debts on my mortgages has been discharged with zero balance. when i asked some stupid lawyers about the discharged lien against the property, the lawyers said i was only discharged with my personal obligation not on the mortgage itself. from chapter 11, it was converted to chapter 7 and the trustee abandon all my bk estates. what i did i asked for deed of reconveyance in all my property because the lien has been discharged and the deed of trust is void by operation of law. my deed has no more liens. when i asked for a deed of full reconveyance, i started to received a notice of default from the loan servicer and said that i was only release on my personal liability. what i did i go back to the bankruptcy court and ask for clarification on this matter. wow! the court filed a Sua Sponte on a closed case, making an order that any discharged of my debts , the deed is not affected- meaning that the lien still attached to the discharged debt.

    in other word,even if your mortgages has been discharged , you could still lost your property. it doesn’t sound right. the thing i hated most with the court is that , the judge made a decision based on a closed case which i did not ask to reopen my BK case, instead the judge abused his discretion to made a decision on a closed case, however i filed a motion to vacant the order because of lack of jurisdiction until now i have not heard from them yet.

    i was back where i was 4 years ago before i filed my BK, my debts on my property are more than what i owed. well, anyway i filed a new case against bank of america. let us see what happens.

  83. @Shelly,
    I would hate for you to get flak for taking my side, but thanks….and ENRAGED, well, he works for the Banks. Nuff said.
    He wants to attack me via my book, of that is a “Literary work of art” and I liberally use writers prerogative. That’s all fine, they will go after you any way they can. No questions there.

    To repeat what happened in the simplest words to me in PC048289.
    I appear INSIDE the FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY office on 7/12/07.
    DONNA K. DEMEILLO is the escrow agent- Currently serving time at CLUB FED. (aka Donna DEMELLO, aka Donna K. McDaniels)

    JAMES MCCONNVILLE, was the mastermind of this- or so they say, ALSO currently on a 93 month vacation at CLUB FED.

    DONNA tells me the deeds of trust I am going to sign are on LOT 256.
    I sign two deeds of trust on LOT 256. The lenders are INDYMAC and COUNTYRWIDE.

    I am then moved into a home, and I will not discover the facts for almost three years of what ACTUALLY OCCURRED.

    After I left that July 12th, DONNA flew back to San Jose, and the next day on July 13th, STAYCEE BLAND( aka Donna K. Escamillo aka Donna K. McWilliams) creates a grant deed that conveyed LOT 107 to me ( the true lot number of the house they put me in.)

    Then she creates a set of Deeds of Trust on LOT 107 and forged my signature to them, and on these she took off the INDYMAC and COUNTRYWIDE loan MINS, and replaced them with another set that was the actual set of loans on what is really LOT 256, a home down the road. These were the ones they recorded.

    The kicker is that I found the check my husband gave them and it says LOT 256, and I REMEMBER THE SWITCH BY DEMELLO on July 12th, , and I found ALL FOUR LOAN MINS, all created consecutively on MERS over SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO THE FRAUD.

    I presented ALL FOUR LOANS to the Judge, in my FAC, and still she dismissed the very parties who could have taken back LOT 107, and returned my money. (over $150K)

    By DEMURRING they ADMIT ALL FACTS, and these ARE THE FACTS. Still they wish to continue this, and so it goes on. They have now resorted to having the clerks set forward the date stamps and altering my TAC.

    BACK TO THE BK POINT, you said “ Unsecured debt that can be discharged at bankruptcy, and therefore you don’t pay taxes on the discharged debt.”

    You also do not have to pay taxes on unsecure debt if the debt is more than your assets. ( I am not a liar, and this is not legal advice)It’s called INSOLVENCY.

    Besides, the debt is actually completely FRAUDULENT due to the schemes of FATCO, McConville and DEMELLO.

    BK is of no use to 99% of people, my own personal belief. Don’t swallow that pill! It’s Poison, and you’ll be in no better position down the road I would surmise.
    You will NOT KEEP THE HOUSE, so why bother?

  84. Martha, I don’t like the BK way either, and I dont think I qualify for BK. However there is a positive to BK The mortgages are charged off debt. Unsecured debt that can be discharged at bankruptcy, and therefore you dont pay taxes on the discharged debt. Only problem most BK attorneys wont do it that way. They seem to have blinders on and or dont understand the mortgages are charged off debt. If you get the house by quiet title without having it discharged in BK we might owe huge taxes on the profit of winning the house and it may become income earned. Then we may be taxed out of our minds by winning the house out right. Something to consider and think about checking into. Never say never until you check into all the facts. We are all on this web site to help each other and no one deserves to be called names or put down for our opinion and ideas. This has been one of the worst web sites for this kinda of knocking going on with a few of the posters. We are all trying to figure out the best route. Even Neil has been trashed by posters on this site. Me too.

  85. Please stop attacking and judging…it helps no one.

  86. @Martha,

    I had a few opportunities to read your blog. I also had more than one opportunity to read your rants here.

    Loose canon. No name-calling here: just reality. Your attitude sucks like most people who are afraid and, in a typical American fashion, you’re paranoid. So, keep cooking in your juice. No skin off my bones.

  87. It will really come down to this: the first country to clean up its acts and give government its full financial power back will rule the world. The US is way behind the eyeball on this one and so is Europe (although most European banks are already nationalized, in part or in totality and money does not belong in government. In fact, some of them do go after their government officials for accepting briberies… Not something the US can be accused of).

    For the US, it simply is it. Done, finished, relegated to the rank of the once-powerful United Kingdom: a “has-been” country. Then again, it has been in the making for decades. Many people obscenely profited from it and now, they will have to learn to do without and even give it back… The country stolen from the natives will now be taken away from the thieves.

    It’s Not Libor Stupid, Central Banks Are The Problem

    The Libor scandal is about to get a whole lot worse. And, that’s the good news.

    Not only are at least twenty more big banks under investigation as part of a massive fraud to manipulate interbank lending rates that affect some $800 trillion in loans and derivatives, but the Bank of England is about to take center stage in the scandal.

    And that’s bad news for central banks around the world.

    Well, actually, it could be good news, as in really good news if it’s the beginning of the end of what central banks do to manipulate free markets to the benefit of their only real constituents, the world’s big banks.

    First the good news.

    It’s already come out that traders at Barclays with huge derivatives positions leaned on co-workers who sit on “panels” that submit internal bank borrowing cost data to Thompson Reuters, who averages the middle lot of submissions to determine Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) “fixings” (not my word, but actually the established nomenclature for what it apparently is that they do…as in “fix” rates) all under the auspices of the British Banking Association.

    What’s good is we now know for a fact that the traders (crooks?) were aided and abetted by their co-workers, the submitters (crooks?), who were overseen by managers and top executives, who design most of these schemes (crooks?), and were all blessed by the British Banking Association, an illustrious association of 200 some-odd banks, whose many members (crooks?) are panel members submitting crooked (no question mark necessary) data.

    Still don’t get why that’s good news? Because it’s proof there are crooks out there and this time it’s easy to see where the “fix” actually occurs. It’s also good news because according to one multinational banking executive, just quoted in the Economist, it’s “the banking industry’s tobacco moment.”

    He was referring to the potential mountain(s) of litigation being drawn up already to claim that gross manipulation of interest rates caused billions, maybe trillions, of dollars of harm to borrowers and financial players of all stripes. Back in 1998 big tobacco had to settle class-action suits that cost them over $200 billion.

    The bad news is the Bank of England, one of the world’s stalwart and oldest central banks, is about to face its own potential Lehman moment (at least we can hope). That’s on account of the fact that Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England (and its supposed next top dog), is going to have to come clean in front of Parliament very shortly.

    Mr. Tucker is apparently on record (according to Bob Diamond’s phone call notes) suggesting that the Bank of England wanted Barclay’s to manipulate it’s Libor submissions downward so as to not panic counterparties and the country who might view tight interbank lending conditions as a sign of stress across the entire banking system.

    So, here’s why the bad news for the central bank (encouraging, no, make that, demanding fraud) is really good news for free markets.

    Central banks have done nothing to countermand the trend (nothing but encourage) leading to big banks getting bigger; so big, in fact, that now all of the big banks around the world are all too-big-to-fail.

    The bigger the world’s banks are (bankers want size, because more size equals more power to price, to manipulate markets, and to pay bigger bonuses) the more important central banks become, both to the big banks, nations, and the global economy.

    Central banks are the saviors of big banks that get in trouble, especially when economies and systems are leveraged for profits that backfire and they all have to be bailed out.

    Central banks are supposed to be above what’s going on below their ivory towers, but, in fact, they are the puppets being manipulated by the big banks. It’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.

    Why are central banks pouring money into banks, really? Why aren’t governments printing money to pour into ailing economies but aiding and abetting central banks instead?

    It’s because central banks are independent supra-national bodies who have been ceded monetary power by governments almost everywhere to benefit banks and bankers the world over, who are their only constituents, and for all intents and purposes, effectively “own” legislators and governments.

    They’re pouring money into banks to keep them solvent. That’s what central banks are there for. The banks aren’t lending the money (massive reserves are sitting on balance sheets to shore up appearances) because they need it to meet reserve requirements and offset the illiquidity evident in the interbank lending market…the same interbank (Libor) market that the Bank of England wanted to make look more liquid than it was viscous back in 2008.

    But it gets worse. What will happen when the “multiplier effect” takes effect? I’m talking about the potential for massive inflation when all those huge quantities of reserves (stimulus) get lent out instead of shelved on balance sheets? How about massive inflation.

    Heaven help us if all these macro crises are fixed quickly. The flood of idle cash and credits globally will make past inflationary bursts look like a 40-yard dash compared to miles and miles of potential problems ahead of us.

    We need free markets not manipulated markets. We need to break up all the world’s big banks so they can fail when they overleverage themselves, and entire systems, nations, economies and the global economy aren’t all brought to their knees.

    If we break up all the too-big-to-fail banks we won’t need central banks. We can go back to what are supposed to be free markets dictating interest rates and creating honest, open economies and opportunities everywhere.

  88. I agree with you I filed BK over 10 years ago in an attempt to save the first home I lost to this crap.In losing my second home this was all lawyers wanted to talk about was filing BK.I told them that I would not file again due to the fact it didn’t save the home just drew out the eventuality.Don’t play into there hands and do this,it will get you no where.They don’t want to do the work this is an easy escape for them not to do thier jobs or think past the end of thier noses.

  89. LOL, I can only assume that you mean any person who does not FOLD, and do the BK route (that the Banksters want you to do) is a “loose cannon.” SO thats what you do when someone says something you don’t like? You call them names?

    I am clearly just stating FACTS about the BK route.

    BK is of no use to someone who has NO BILLS. No emotions in this, its just a FACT.

    BK will not give me a property someone else owns, and had a grant deed in their name forged on, even if it was ten years ago!

    You do know this right? (Pardon me, but I forget your “qualifications”)

    I am not sure that you understand that forgery VOIDS even a good faith purchase….as the retort is what, seems to me, a “Personal Attack”

    99% of the posers on here work for the banks, this is another fact, and 99.99% of lawyers are bought and paid for.
    But I would guess some might call that “crazy”… thats okay.

  90. Holy smoke! Some loose canons on this site…!

  91. @enraged,

    Now why would I want to file BK? I see absolutely no reason.

    No one is sending me any bills, so why would I want to do that. BK is for someone who has a lot of bills.

    I don’t even have a credit card LOL. What do I need to DISCHARGE?

    I have nothing to lose by litigation… or just waiting… and the distress, well that is the fault of the ones who did all the fraud, and until the appellate court rules,(talking about the other case PC048289) then it will just continue and I have to deal with it.

    BK won’t make it “all better”

    BK will NOT give me a property that some innocent person had their name forged to ten years ago, (as they did not know it happened)
    so BK is of of NO VALUE.

    Don’t sympathize with me on this NEW issue, sympathize with the 3 people in Israel who had their names forged to that T.O property.

    And if you really want to give out some sympathy , it should be to the poor sucker who does not hit up the recorder’s office, before that “Lien sale” and then gets slammed by the priority $60K from 1978 and the folks in Israel who might have an issue with the fact the property was forged out of their names.

    BK is for quitters.

  92. For those of you who missed that (I don’t have HBO…) this looks like powerful TV able to change many, many minds into taking action.

  93. @Martha,

    You seem to have run into quite a few problems in the past years over different properties and quite a bit of fraud on each one. Can you file for BK and get it all discharged once and for all? It’s obviously making your life miserable and you have a terrible time getting past all of it. Wouldn’t BK give you some respite and allow you to move on?

    I sympathize with you but maybe now would be the time to simply walk away from it all and start over…?Otherwise, it is going to chew at you for years to come and it is a horrendous price to pay just for “stuff”, be it a house or any other debt.

  94. There is a mistaken opinion out there, that if you have not been foreclosed on or are in litigation, you do not qualify for the OCC review. I just recieved a letter from the OCC stating I qualify for the reveiw therefore my docs are being sent to the independant review team. I have not been foreclosed on, just threatened. I am in litigation. I was mod defruaded, Chase is a servicer whom has assumed serviceing rights and does not own the loan, never was my deed of trust transferred from WAMU to anyone and still stands filed in Long Beach name on county records. Chase and Deutsch bank have claimed the notes are faulty due to not being transferred timely and Chase does not own them therefore Deutsche can not sue Chase. However Deutsche bank and Chase have threatened the foreclosure, Chase is the one that approved the mod payments then unapproved them both unlawfuly. I have given the OCC review 600 pages of detail of income losses proof and the entire story and proof of mod payments so forth. They know I have not been foreclosed on and I am in litigation. You may recieve funds to pay a good attorney to help you fight this crime. Recieveing these funds and fileing the review does not prevent you from filing litigation for more from theses crooks. Carefully read all documents and deny and object to the alleged debt and the foreclosers authority to foreclose on you in your review statements.

    A sale NOT OF THE PROPERTY, but of just THE LEIN!
    In 1999 Roscoe Henriksen Esq, steered me in the “purchase” of 961 Kingsley Circle. (for $210,)
    The owner was a man whom was allegedly a 1/4th owner and the other three ¼ owners were his siblings, citizens of Israel and they had inherited the property via probate, from their dad I was told.
    (Henriksen did not tell me he had filed a Lis pendens on it at one point, or that he was on special notice during the FIVE year long probate, with all the siblings accusing the one in the U.S. of improper acts, and “of having vowed to deprive one sibling of all their property” )

    I was then on June 3rd. 1999, told that the sister in Israel was balking at signing the grant deed, and they need to get the loan funded into the escrow account to preserve the interest rate. But they would not close of course without that missing grant deed.
    I was then made to sign a form, stating that I wanted the loan “FUNDED” still aware the grant deed was missing.
    Also on the PRELIMINARY title report it stated TWO EXCEPTIONS.
    1. The grant deed from the brother in the U.S. to his family trust,.
    2. Was a $60,000 loan made in 1978 that the dad had ( it look like he assumed it via a trustee sale, though I cannot figure how how that could occur, but the $60,000 to the same lender goes back pre-his ownership.

    On or about June 6th, I am told the sister in Israel finally signed and we were given keys by the brother.
    There was no official closing and nothing else happened except we signed deeds of trust.
    We then paid the property off in full the following year.

    We then in the years following obtained various loans on it, going through the title companies, and so forth each time.
    In 2007 my partner wanted to get a loan on it, and I did not want to sign on the loan, but agreed to “pledge my share” I then signed a deed of trust.
    In 2009, wanted to cancel that deed of trust (not knowing they had substituted it with a differtn one and forged my signature) and I sent a TILA rescission letter in, and want to give themn back all the money, less the interest of course which was a LOT, of course they did not want to lose the interest, (and they knew title was defective) so they refused to correspond with me.

    In 2010, I hired a lawyer, and filed suit for fraud, ( he took my 5K knowing I would never get past the first demurrer due to strict pleading requirements) then I found out myself I would never prevail , and I dismissed the case.

    In 2012, if found out that the MISSING GRANT DEED was not the sisters, but was the one the brother granted to his trust, and that the $60,000 first, had not been repaid but that the title company had just forged a satisfaction.
    I also found out that the title company had forged ALL the signatures on the grant deeds of the siblings in Israel, and they thought they were collecting small pittances of rent on it via the estate the past years, (they are very wealthy, with many properties they all inherited)

    Wow. Henriksen, never told me about the horrid probate and accusations made over FIVE YEARS, and I am just stunned. The title companies knew all along, and then they made a loan after all that, and so then of course I stopped paying, as I would never get clear title.
    I was not going to continue to pay when I knew the moment I did they would come back and say guess what ? That 1978 $60LK loan, ITS STILL OUTSTANDING!!! Pay up!

    Now I am in limbo. Some poor sucker might buy that lien, but the true owners may have something to say about this, and I am not being given the opportunity to pay the $60,000 primary that I know was a forged satisfaction.

    Go ahead Quality, SELL THAT LIEN!
    This is property HELL!

  96. Well… Little by little, the covers are lifted.

    Audit Notes: NYT on JPM, The Guardian’s future, Big Lie of the crisis

    Jamie Dimon’s bank pressured brokers to steer clients into its own funds

    By Ryan Chittum
    TAGS: American Banker, Big Lie, JPMorgan Chase, The Guardian, The New York Times

    One Page
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    The New York Times reports that JPMorgan Chase pressured its brokers to steer its retail clients into its own investment funds—even when they were worse than others on the market.

    “I was selling JPMorgan funds that often had weak performance records, and I was doing it for no other reason than to enrich the firm,” said Geoffrey Tomes, who left JPMorgan last year and is now an adviser at Urso Investment Management. “I couldn’t call myself objective.”

    JPMorgan, with its army of financial advisers and nearly $160 billion in fund assets, is not the only bank to build an advisory business that caters to mom and pop investors. Morgan Stanley and UBS have redoubled their efforts, drawn by steadier returns than those on trading desks.

    But JPMorgan has taken a different tack by focusing on selling funds that it creates. It is a controversial practice, and many companies have backed away from offering their own funds because of the perceived conflicts…

    “It said financial adviser on my business card, but that’s not what JPMorgan actually let me be,” said Mathew Goldberg, a former broker who now works at the Manhattan Wealth Management Group. “I had to be a salesman even if what I was selling wasn’t that great.”

    And the NYT finds that press favorite Jamie Dimon’s firm inflated its funds’ returns in marketing documents.

    Very nice piece by Susanne Craig and Jessica Silver-Greenberg.

    — British GQ posts another good feature on Alan Rusbridger and the future of the The Guardian, which along with its Sunday paper, The Observer, lost $67 million in its last fiscal year, which was actually an improvement over the previous two (emphasis mine):

    “I think it’s being run a bit recklessly, the Guardian,” says a former Observer journalist. “This perpetual ambition to take on America is another concern. I just think it’s a slow-motion car-crash, that particular venture.” (In 2008, the Guardian hired a dozen staff in Washington and leased office space. Almost all of those people were jobless again after two years. Now, former editor Janine Gibson is leading another team in New York.)…

    Crucially, GQ was told by both Rusbridger and commercial director Adam Freeman that there are no revenue targets for the America project – just traffic targets. The advertising revenue, Rusbridger believes, will follow the traffic. “This is purely to build the audience.”

    Juan Señor, a partner at Innovation Media Consulting, is critical. “It’s the same old strategy of going for volume when they should be going for value. They’re obsessed with volume. They can’t see past the old digital fable that ‘if you build it, they will come’. It’s almost become a messianic mission.”

    He also says he thinks the New York Times paywall, which has just under 500,000 paying subscribers, is “an interesting model, which we wouldn’t rule out. But nor is it our priority at the moment.” In fact, profit, for the Guardian, isn’t a priority at all. According to Adam Freeman, the aim is for the paper division of GMG merely to make an annual loss of £15m in five years’ time. “That’s the sustainable point.”

    The Guardian’s website reaches a stunning 60 million readers worldwide. But it brings in just $69 million a year, or about $1.15 per unique visitor. And that’s revenue, not profit.

    — American Banker’s Jeff Horwitz takes on the Big Lie of the crisis, reporting from the American Enterprise Institute propaganda fest to try to claim that the gubmint, not Wall Street, caused the financial crisis.

    This is an actual quote from WSJ op-ed page favorite Peter Wallison: “We still read routinely in the press and hear on television that the financial crisis was caused by Wall Street. It’s stated as a fact as if there really wasn’t any doubt about it.”

  97. We have a case in Sacto Eastern Fed Dist Court re bankruptcy and Wells Fargo atty caught in misrep, attempted fraud, more, pls see There is a state case (5yr going) and the bk is almost 1 year. Thanls for reading! Wells Fargo has no loan on client’s land at all.

  98. Melissa Huelsman is the attorney also for the Bains case that a video is out on the web with Melissa asking the WA Suppreme Court justices “Does the Rule of Law still stand in the state of Washington.?” and is MERS legal in the state of Washington? We exspect to hear an answer to these sometime in the fall hoping no latter than September. I have not heard one word about AG Rob McKennas case WA State v RECONTRUST . I am in fear he threw it under the table somehow. He is as corrupt as can be.

  99. @Shelley

    “…she told me the judges were adjudicating by bank law and not the rule of law. ”


  100. Enraged, I am in hopes all the reviews will document just how many homeowners were tricked into foreclosure, one way or the other, what ever it took to trick AND DECIEVE US. Not to mention the ecnomic losses we have all had due to these dirty swamp scumb bags. I have lost enough net income a year since at least 2005 to now to almost pay of the house mortgage twice. I know I am not alone. We are all in the same [boat] cruise ship together.

  101. I trully hope someday these banksters are all held accountable for the murders they are gulity and accountable for. Massive murder! Suicides stress linked deaths, unconscionalbe crimes they have gotten away with so far.

  102. Washington state attorney Melissa Huelsman told me to stop paying them when I flew to her for help. I had paid them five payments, then I gave Melissa Huelsman the sixth payment and was going to continue giving all the payments to her, until she told me the judges were adjudicating by bank law and not the rule of law therefore I had to file bankrutpcy, which I was not happy with, so I went PRO SE.

  103. VERY IMPORTANT DECISSION: I would think this would be a no brainer since proof of chain of title and ownership of the note and Carpenter V Longan 1872 is law. The banksters are making last minute efforts to steal the house by any means including brazen enough, lacking morals and standing, for fraud affidavits to take the place of proof of the originals. Now if they had proof of the originals and were in fact the owners with proof why would they be asking for court approval of an affidavit that replaces the original. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness this judge did not take the bate and saw the light for what it is. and is an honest judge.

  104. @Shelley,

    Same here: when i first asked them for a mod, I got that infamous “You’re not behind in your payments. Get behind 60 days and we’ll talk some more.” (which is funny since Chase had “lost my payments and was already sending me default notices. The right hand had no clue what the left did and even their own F’d up computers can’t track down anything properly)

    I didn’t comply, consulted an attorney and decided to sue (for many other things). THEN I stopped paying them!

  105. Three different Chase servicers told me to fall behind when I wasnt inorder to qualify for the mod, and I could see the writing on the wall that my income was going down due to the economic spirallyin down, and the needed to protect my home by getting a mod loan. After three of them I finally decided it was the bank telling me this so it must be ok. I was then approved and paid five mod payments when I recieved an unapproval letter, then was told over the phone I was now unapproved due to Obama changes therefore my mod payments were now considered to be partial payments therefore I was in default and looking at foreclosure and have been fighting these criminals since It is the mod from hell. I warned many of my friends and customers not to do what I did after.

  106. Friday, July 6, 2012
    ALERT: Deutsche Bank Under Investigation Now
    Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 13:17:33 -0400
    Subject: ALERT: Deutsche Bank Under Investigation Now

    Word out today that Deutsche Bank is under investigation for LIBOR rate rigging has sent it’s shares down substantially.

    Of course we know that they were ALL IN ON IT so that means many more “announcements” are coming. Here are the 17 banks that form the committee to set LIBOR: •Bank of America•Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd •Barclays Bank plc •BNP Paribas •Citibank NA •Credit Agricole CIB •Credit Suisse •Deutsche Bank AG •HSBC •JP Morgan Chase•Lloyds Banking Group•Rabobank•Royal Bank of Canada •Société Générale •Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd (SMBCE)•The Norinchukin Bank•The Royal Bank of Scotland Group •UBS AGIt is important to note that of these 17 banks that colluded to set phoney LIBOR rates, 9 of these banks are “Authorized Participants” colluding to rig the gold and silver markets in the phoney Gold and Silver ETF’s (GLD & SLV).

    Barclays Capital IncCitigroup Global Markets Inc.Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLCDeutsche Bank AG HSBC JP Morgan Securities Inc. Merrill Lynch (Bank of America)RBC Capital Markets, LLC,
    UBS Securities LLC

    Like a tidal wave as it approaches shore the scandals are mounting.


    Harry Engel’s Death Caused By JPMorgan Chase Foreclosure, Lawsuit Claims


    “…The Engels lived in their home for 22 years and were current on their mortgage payments during that time, according to the suit. But in early 2009, they received a letter from the bank advising them to refinance their loan; the Engels went to their local Chase branch and spoke to a staff member who told them to “miss a payment” to more easily qualify for government refinancing assistance, the suit alleges.

    After missing the payment as instructed, the Engels received a bank letter telling them to immediately become current on their payments, Shaver said. Living on a fixed income, Wanda Jo and Harry Engel had already used the money allotted for the instructed “missed payment” for other finances so they went to the bank to inquire about a government refinancing program, he added. For a time, the Engels’ refinancing request was considered but then rejected; then the bank sent a letter indicating it planned to foreclose and still another letter stating it had indeed already foreclosed and planned to evict the Engels, according to Shaver.

    In the two years since Harry Engel’s death and the family’s eviction, the home has been vacant, according to Shaver. “Just the stress of the foreclosure process itself was too much for Mr. Engel who was a really good man,” Shaver said…”

  108. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: CALIFORNIA, Protestors Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  109. Very, very important. A tad big to cut-and-paste so you’ll have to look it up yourself but, in a nutshell, it explains one argument every homeowner must raise systematically and tells yoou how, regardless of where you are. You’ll have to check your state laws, of course but we already have underlying federal ones and the example of the check is all you really need.

    July 6th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

  110. @Matt Weidner-
    So fannie guidelines saying the servicer is NOT an agent- how does that work with the Eaton V. Fannie decision where the SJC says the Note holder must be the owner or agent?

  111. Pretty damn funny! The hunted hunter…

    Role Reversal: Ratings Agencies to Face Review from the E.U.
    By John Grgurich, The Motley Fool
    Posted 8:00AM 07/06/12

    Posted under: Market News
    Here’s a story sure to bring a smile to the face of every banker in the world who’s ever faced a credit-rating downgrade from one of the big three ratings agencies.

    Financial Times is reporting that the European Securities and Markets Authority, Europe’s markets regulator, has begun reviewing how Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s Investors Service evaluate banks, “to determine if the process is sufficiently rigorous and transparent.” Are the big three shaking in their boots? Probably not — but maybe they ought to be.

    That’s because, unlike many regulators, ESMA matters. For a credit-rating agency to do business in Europe, it “must be registered and in good standing” with the agency, as the Financial Times puts it. ESMA is only two years old, and this is its first enforcement action, but if things don’t go well for the ratings agencies, they could easily be shut out of one of the most important capital markets in the world.

    Ever since the financial crash, the ratings agencies have faced withering criticism from the press and politicians. But this is the first time since then that any government agency will get to have a say in how they do their jobs — or whether they get to do their jobs at all.

    Do I Sound Defensive?

    “This is not rating the ratings,” ESMA chairman Steven Maijoor told Financial Times. “We are not putting restrictions on the methodology. We only ask that their choices make economic sense and be logical.”

    Maijoor’s tone sounds defensive because he’s anticipating the backlash likely to come from the ratings agencies in response to ESMA’s action. Why? Recently, Moody’s downgraded 15 major global banks anywhere from one to three notches. In Europe, Deutsche Bank (DB), Barclays (BCS), HSBC Holdings (HBC), and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) were all downgraded. Credit Suisse (CS) was downgraded three notches, the only bank to receive such a severe credit-rating cut.

    “Bank ratings are very important,” Maijoor told Financial Times, “because there is an interaction with sovereign ratings and government bonds.”

    Something is Rotten in the State of Europe

    The bond market. There’s the rub. Eurozone countries that lose access to the sovereign bond market can’t sell the debt that keeps them solvent, and so instead have to be carried by the other members. Ireland and Greece are already shut out of or have limited access to the bond markets and are living off rescue packages to some degree.

    Spain is in trouble, too. Within the last few weeks, the cost of its benchmark debt touched 7%, an unsustainable rate. Italy’s debt costs have been up and down as well, as investor confidence in the country rises and falls. Is France next? What about the seemingly indomitable Germany? How long can the stable eurozone core remain untouched by the periphery’s rot?

    Will They Make the Grade?

    Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s acquired their bad reputations as the financial crash shook out, and deservedly so. Every mortgage-backed security that Wall Street sold had to be rated by one of them, and many of the most toxic received AAA ratings, the highest grade possible. So either the ratings agencies were incompetent, or they knew exactly what they were doing. Banks do pay the ratings agencies to rate their investment products, after all, and the better the rating, the easier they are to sell.

    ESMA says it will be finished with its review by the end of this year. Stay tuned to see what that means for the big three ratings agencies.

  112. Look Who’s Buying America Now!
    By Rich Smith, The Motley Fool
    Posted 3:38PM 06/29/12

    Posted under: Economy, Real Estate
    According to The Wall Street Journal, the most popular story on on Monday was a report about how Lennar (LEN) may apply for a $1.7 billion loan from China to help finance major multifamily housing developments in San Francisco.

    Valued at $10.5 billion in total, the projects to reincarnate two former Pacific Coast naval bases as mixed-use residential and commercial real estate have run aground over lack of funds. As a result, Lennar appears poised to open the door to China owning an interest in a big chunk of prime U.S. beachfront real estate. And that’s just the start.

    The Selling of America

    Turns out, while Americans are still reeling from the aftershocks of our housing bust, a whole lot of people from around the globe are eager to take advantage of the “bust-ortunity” in cheap American homes. The National Association of Realtors reports that over the 12 months ended in March, nearly 9% of all real estate purchases in the U.S. (by dollar value) were made by buyers abroad. In some markets, real estate professionals are seeing foreign buying at rates more than twice as fast. One real estate agent in Chicago, for example, observed that 20% of the deals he’s closed so far this year involved buyers from Canada, Australia, and elsewhere.

    It’s only natural that this news would scare some people. It raises echoes of the “Rising Sun” period of Japanese economic dominance back in the 1980s, when Japanese firms flooded the American market with bags of cash, buying up everything from Columbia Studios to the Pebble Beach golf course to Rockefeller Center itself. What’s different this time, though, is that it’s not just one country’s megamillionaires doing the buying. The whole world has embarked on a U.S. shopping spree.

    International purchases of U.S. real estate surged 24% over the past 12 months, with plenty of buyers coming from China, true, but also Canada, Mexico, India, and the U.K. (Indeed, as it turns out, Canadian buyers outnumber Chinese by more than 2 to 1.) But few of these countries bear any resemblance to the dominant Japan of the ’80s. To the contrary, Mexico, India and the U.K. each have significant currency weakness problems of their own, so this is anything but an attack on a “weak U.S. dollar.”

    What it is is a recognition that there are pretty incredible values available in U.S. real estate today. According to the Journal, international buyers are focusing their attention in particular on hard-hit real estate markets in Florida, California, Arizona, and New York (but also sunny Texas) — places where the U.S. housing market boomed particularly hard in the last decade, and places where the discounts to past prices now look particularly compelling.

    Is It Bad for America?

    On one hand, this kind of buying frenzy is likely to rub a few people the wrong way. “The foreigners are coming,” they’ll declaim, with all the jingoistic outrage this implies. It probably doesn’t help that a lot of Americans are out of work these days, can’t get a mortgage, or are underwater on their current homes. So even if they agree that there are good deals in housing to be had, they can’t participate.

    That has to grate.

    But on the other hand, it’s hard to get too upset over the prospect of some $82.5 billion (and counting) in foreign capital being poured into the country in a time of economic weakness. More so when you learn that unlike so many buyers back in the 1990s and early 2000s, these are not buy-and-flip purchasers we’re talking about.

    To the contrary, the Journal reports that 39% of the people buying up all this real estate intend to keep the homes as their primary residences. Add in the 23% who are buying vacation properties, and you’ve got a strong majority of good, responsible homeowners arriving in town. Folks who are going to keep the paint fresh and the lawns mowed — and consequently boost the property values of their neighbors.

    In short, if we absolutely, positively must sell America to foreigners, these are exactly the foreigners we should be selling to.

    Fool contributor Rich Smith does not own shares of any company named above.

  113. is there any one knew about the name Cindi Ellis of AHMSI in irvine ca? i got some info from scribb but want to find out if she is a california resident. is there anyone also who provide me an information if she has already a deposition done by any attorneys in regards to cases against AHMSI now called homeward residential mortgage.. need your help on this matter. i am on discovery stage and she was the signatory of the verification on the interagatories questions.

  114. I threatened to mail Saxby Chambliss’ voting record to every constituent in this district, and asked him to resign for being a traitor. He ignored my letter.
    I demanded that Johnny Isakson resign because of the atrocities he voted for like the Patriot Act and the NDAA.
    He ignored my letter.
    I have written to John Lewis, Sam Olens, the list goes on and on. No response, no accountability, only business as usual. These people are going to require action on a massive scale to kick out of congress. I’m done writing letters.

  115. I strongly suggest you all study the following, study your state reps’ recvords and write to each one who was found to have violated this code of conduct, starting with all the republicans who swore allegiance to Norquist. It is high time to kick them out.

    Then, go through the list, one by one, and see how many of them violated article 3: they all did, from Pelosi to McCain. Anyone who, while in function, made money he/she could never have made BUT FOR his/her position is simply in violation and must be kicked out.

    We have laws in this country. It is high time they were applied. We don’t need more of them. We only need to see the existing ones applied.

    The official code of conduct for member of the U.S. House of Representatives as enforced by the House Ethics Committee.

    There is hereby established by and for the House of Representatives the following code of conduct, to be known as the “Code of Official Conduct”:

    1. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall conduct himself at all times in a manner which shall reflect creditably on the House of Representatives.

    2. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall adhere to the spirit and the letter of the Rules of the House of Representatives and to the rules of duly constituted committees thereof.

    3. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall receive no compensation nor shall he permit any compensation to accrue to his beneficial interest from any source, the receipt of which would occur by virtue of influence improperly exerted from his position in the Congress.

    4. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall not accept gifts except as provided by the provisions of rule LI (Gift Rule).

    5. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall accept no honorarium for a speech, writing for publication, or other similar activity.

    6. A Member of the House of Representatives shall keep his campaign funds separate from his personal funds. A Member shall convert no campaign funds to personal use in excess of reimbursement for legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures and shall expend no funds from his campaign account not attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes.

    7. A Member of the House of Representatives shall treat as campaign contributions all proceeds from testimonial dinners or other fund raising events.

    8. A Member or officer of the House of Representatives shall retain no one under his payroll authority who does not perform official duties commensurate with the compensation received in the offices of the employing authority. In the case of committee employees who work under the direct supervision of a Member other than a chairman, the chairman may require that such Member affirm in writing that the employees have complied with the preceding sentence (subject to clause 6 of rule XI) as evidence of the chairman’s compliance with this clause and with clause 6 of rule XI.

    9. A Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives shall not discharge or refuse to hire any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex (including marital or parental status), handicap, age, or national origin, but may take into consideration the domicile or political affiliation of such individual.

    10. A Member of the House of Representatives who has been convicted by a court of record for the commission of a crime for which a sentence of two or more years’ imprisonment may be imposed should refrain from participation in the business of each committee of which he is a member and should refrain from voting on any question at a meeting of the House, or of the Committee of the Whole House, unless or until judicial or executive proceedings result in reinstatement of the presumption of his innocence or until he is reelected to the House after the date of such conviction.

    11. A Member of the House of Representatives shall not authorize or otherwise allow a non-House individual, group, or organization to use the words “Congress of the United States”, “House of Representatives”, or “Official Business”, or any combination of words thereof, on any letterhead or envelope.

    12. (a) Except as provided by paragraph (b), any employee of the House of Representatives who is required to file a report pursuant to rule XLIV shall refrain from participating personally and substantially as an employee of the House of Representatives in any contact with any agency of the executive or judicial branch of Government with respect to nonlegislative matters affecting any nongovernmental person in which the employee has a significant financial interest. (b) Paragraph (a) shall not apply if an employee first advises his employing authority of his significant financial interest and obtains from his employing authority a written waiver stating that the participation of the employee is necessary. A copy of each such waiver shall be filed with the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.

    13. Before any Member, officer, or employee of the House of Representatives may have access to classified information, the following oath (or affirmation) shall be executed:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will not disclose any classified information received in the course of my service with the House of Representatives, except as authorized by the House of Representatives or in accordance with its Rules.”

    Copies of the executed oath shall be retained by the Clerk of the House as part of the records of the House.

    As used in this Code of Official Conduct of the House of Representatives-(a) the terms “Member” and “Member of the House of Representatives” include the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico and each Delegate to the House; and (b) the term “officer or employee of the House of Representatives” means any individual whose compensation is disbursed by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

  116. I couldn’t agree with you more.Very aptly put as well.Nice to know real people have figured it out.

  117. @Pie,

    I’m not sure I like your news today… Let me rephrase: I’m sure I don’t.

    Whatever happens, with the huge Barcklays’ scandal (and I say “huge” because it won’t stay where it started and a few important countries such as BRICS’ are watching like hawks what will come out of it), pretty much every occidental bank is involved, plus South Korea, Japan and other capitalistic countries. Add to that Singapore, Hong Kong and most of anglophone Africa and it is really big. Interestingly enough, those are the countries where so many bankers jumped ship between last September and today. I can’t say how but to me, it is a clear indication that something has been brewing for quite some time and,. as I mentioned a few weeks ago, Interpol’s budget didn’t triple in 4 years for no good reason…

    We are at the last stage of the unraveling. If governments want to keep banks on eternal life support, we have the ability to stop it by refusing to make one payment to any bank until investigations have been conducted and concluded. Quite frankly, what is the worst that can happen? They file for BK, they can’t collect anything, they get in receivership until it’s over and we all get a well-deserved break in the meantime. While in receivership, they can’t foreclose on anyone since they can’t retain vendors to do their dirty work, alternatives have to be put in place to assure that wages are paid and goods are being transported.

    Personally, if the answer is “socializing” everything, i have no problem. My biggest gripe is to get up in the morning anf see gas at 3.20 and drive back home in the evening anf see it at 3.59. What happened in the interim? Speculation. Nothing more. Another get-rich-quick scheme we all suffer from. I would have no problem with tariffs in place for products of first necessity (and gas qualifies in a country where public transportation is inexistant…)

    My take on it. I’m sick of the instability. I think we all are…

  118. Matt is wrong on this one, FHFA has sued for the GSE certs they bought through the private securitization pools. On most of the agency pools Fannie & Freddie insured risk and collected the premium. So, if they go the suit route it will expose that Fannie and Freddie don’t have any notes either and than the whole ponzi unwinds too rapidly for them to transition all their losses on to our backs.

    Matt makes the case over and over, but this one is going to go no place.

  119. @enraged FHFA on behalf of the former GSE’s have filed suit against all of them already. They will all be quietly settled out of court for 20 cents on the dollar and the taxpayers will eat the banks losses through fannie and freddie and fha insured loans

  120. @enraged nice piece on BAC, but what the media put out about Ken Lay being caught off guard and market bottoms is inaccurate to say the least.

    Now, what really happened: the majority of CWABS flowed through BAC as the pool / sponsor, this while Merrill was filing the shelf registration. BAC was ultimately on the hook because both countrywide and Merrill were on their way out, this prior to the fallout. BAC was trying to stop the bleeding and Bernanke made them clean their own mess. Since many of our good-hearted politicians and their donors owned big stakes in Merrill, they were forced to absorb it at 8x book in a declining market.

    Most of the BAC pools are all registered under MLMI series, and the originator of a great deal of those loans, with other folks money of course, was Countrywide.

    Giethner and Bernanke forced BAC to absorb their partners in crime because it was expanding out the Wells, US Bank, and Chase, and these guys could never raise the capital necessary, and the FDIC couldn’t take the hit with them folding. The sad part is these guys knew it all along, and that is why they increased their FHLB borrowing form 250 billion average to 1.2 trillion by 2008. The FHLB fundings could not be wiped by the FDIC and thus the taxpayer absorbs it through bleeds out to fannie and freddie AND FHA.

    They are socializing the losses quickly and eventually, we the taxpayer will absorb 2 trillion in mortgage losses alone.

    July 5th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.
    Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

    That’s what our boy Willie said a while ago, and today we need to think about this in the context of servicers ramming down Amerikans all across this country.

    Despite all the light and happy press releases from the banks about keeping Amerikans in their homes, it ain’t their dog in the fight….in many cases…..The banks could care less.

    It’s that Fannie and her boyfriend, Freddie that really matter. Here’s a few choice words from Fannie:

    As provided in the Servicing Guide, servicers service Fannie Mae mortgage loans as
    independent contractors, not as agents, assignees, or representatives of Fannie Mae. The
    servicer needs to maintain the discretion to apply appropriate judgment in dealing with
    borrowers and loans on a case-by-case basis, consistent with Fannie Mae’s servicing policies.

    Issues have recently arisen with respect to potential defects with affidavits submitted by
    servicers in support of motions for summary judgment in states with judicial foreclosure
    processes. The issues pertain to whether the individuals executing the affidavits on behalf of the
    servicer had the required personal knowledge of the information contained in the affidavits and
    whether the affidavits were notarized in accordance with applicable requirements. (Whoopsie, the banks ain’t been following the law….)

    But here’s where it really gets good……

    Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless
    As stated in the Contract, the lender will indemnify Fannie Mae and hold Fannie Mae harmless
    against all losses, damages, judgments, or legal expenses that result from its failure in any way
    to perform its services and duties in connection with servicing mortgage loans or managing or
    disposing of property according to this Contract or the Guides.
    If any private entity or governmental agency sues Fannie Mae, makes a claim against Fannie
    Mae, or starts a proceeding against Fannie Mae based on the lender’s acts or omissions in
    servicing mortgage loans or managing or disposing of property, the lender’s obligation to
    indemnify and hold Fannie Mae harmless must be met regardless of whether the suit, claim, or
    proceeding has merit.

    But this one is the absolute best…..

    If Fannie Mae believes that the servicer is failing to comply with Fannie Mae’s servicing
    requirements, Fannie Mae may pursue a variety of remedies, either to correct a specific
    problem or to improve the servicer’s overall performance. One possible remedy is the imposition
    of a compensatory fee to compensate Fannie Mae for damages and to emphasize the
    importance Fannie Mae places on a particular aspect of the servicer’s performance. Sometimes,
    a compensatory fee will relate to the action the servicer took or failed to take for a specific
    mortgage. At other times, the compensatory fee may relate to the effect that the servicer’s
    deficiencies may have on Fannie Mae’s cash flow.
    Fannie Mae may charge a compensatory fee to provide the servicer a financial incentive to
    correct its servicing problems and improve the quality of its performance.


  122. @ToLLe,

    At least, you’ve got $20 you can buy someone cheap (really cheap) with. I don’t even have that much!

  123. You got B of A? Do yourself a BIG FAVOR. Get your money out and stop paying whatever they allege you owe them. Time to really put everyone out pof his misery: us, the bankers, the taxpayers (that would be us), the investors (us again…)

    How the Worst Deal in the History of Finance Could Get Even Worse
    By John Grgurich, The Motley Fool
    Posted 9:36AM 07/05/12

    Posted under: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Market News, Banking
    27 “It’s the worst deal in the history of finance.” So said University of North Carolina banking and finance professor Tony Plath recently to The Wall Street Journal, in reference to Bank of America’s (BAC) 2008 purchase of Countrywide Financial.

    At the time, Bank of America thought the mortgage originator, priced at $2.5 billion, was a bargain, but not anymore. One estimate puts the bank’s total cost of acquisition at more than $40 billion, and the fun may not be over yet.

    What They Were Thinking

    By late 2007, America’s real estate market was obviously on the way down, but no one knew it was about to fall off a cliff, or that it would almost take the rest of the planet down with it when it did. According to the Journal, Bank of America’s then-CEO Ken Lewis believed that the home-mortgage market was about to hit its low point and wanted to get in on the action while he still could.

    Countrywide Financial was co-founded in 1969 by Angelo Mozilo, a take-no-prisoners entrepreneur who was also the company’s CEO. By 1999, after 30 years of struggling to make a dent in the mortgage market, Countrywide had 7.3% of market share. By 2004, however, its share had jumped to 13.1%, making it the country’s No. 1 mortgage originator.

    Unfortunately for soon-to-be-owner Bank of America, much of that growth had been fueled by what turned out to be financial time bombs: subprime loans and adjustable-rate mortgages. Yet in 2007, Mozilo somehow managed to sell Bank of America a $2 billion position in Countrywide, and by July 2008 he had sold Bank of America the entire company.

    Mozilo was convicted in 2010 of securities fraud and insider trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission. By the end of 2009, Lewis was gone from Bank of America, replaced by current CEO Brian Moynihan. At the time of the Countrywide purchase, Moynihan was Bank of America’s investment banking chief.

    We Broke It, You Bought It

    “Obviously,” Moynihan remarked in 2011, “there aren’t many days when I get up and think positively about the Countrywide transaction.” According to the Journal, Bank of America has spent most of the estimated $40 billion Countrywide cleanup cost on real-estate-related balance-sheet write-offs, funds set aside for toxic mortgage-backed securities claims, and legal costs relating to the Countrywide purchase.

    Bank of America now believes it has gotten a handle on the Countrywide issue, though it acknowledges it’s holding out the possibility of another $5 billion in related losses. But is even that number to be believed?

    Too Big to Understand

    The superbanks, which also include JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Citigroup (C), have balance sheets so vast and so complex, it’s really anyone’s guess as to whether the mountain of irresponsible lending in any of these institutions that led directly to the worst financial crisis in generations is even close to being cleared up.

    JPMorgan had a $100 billion bet placed in the derivatives market that CEO Jamie Dimon didn’t even know about until it started to go unmistakably south. He’s still doing damage control on that one. Related losses were initially estimated to be $1 billion, but that quickly changed to $2 billion. Now, loss estimates range as high as $9 billion.

    If Jamie Dimon, almost universally recognized as one of the best bank CEOs and risk managers in the business, can be so stupendously wrong when it comes to what’s going on in his own bank, what about Brian Moynihan, then?

    Gallery: The Safest Banks You Can Trust
    Gillian Tett, who writes on the banking sector for the Financial Times, and who authored one of the defining books on the financial crisis, Fool’s Gold, recently wrote a column addressing bank size and complexity in relation to the botched JPMorgan trade. But it also applies nicely to Bank of America’s current situation: “If you want a reason to break up the banks, you do not need to worry just about ‘too big to fail’; the real danger today is that financial institutions and markets are becoming ‘too big to understand.'”

    That’s how the worst deal in the history of finance could get even worse.

  124. Documents and testimony obtained by the Committee show the VIP loan program was a tool used by Countrywide to build goodwill with lawmakers and other individuals positioned to benefit the company. A Countrywide lobbyist described the VIP program as a means to create a favorable impression of the company on Capitol Hill.

    Whew! Thank God. Now when I’m pulled over for expired license plates, I can wave a $20 at the officer and say, “How’s about a little goodwill?” I wonder if I’ll meet the same cozy fate from that “impression” as Dodd and others….

    Goodwill = Bribery

    Congress = Criminals

    Penitentiary = Where they all need to be.

    When? = Now!

    What are we waiting for?

  125. Are you sure that the US became independant from England at any time in history? Same picture on both sides of the pond. I swear, Diamond and Dimon are clones… Same arrogance, same bad behavior, same bad everything.

    UK Parliament faces vote on style of bank investigation amid sharp partisan division

    UK Parliament to vote on structure of bank probe

    Britain’s House of Commons is set to vote Thursday on how it wants to investigate the banking industry in the wake of the scandal of interest rate manipulation at Barclays.

    Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking approval for his plan for what he calls a “swift and decisive” investigation to wrap up by the end of the year.

    Opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has called for a longer inquiry led by a judge, though he has suggested this could follow the shorter probe backed by Cameron.

    The debate has been highly partisan. On Wednesday, Cameron said Labour politicians “want to talk about absolutely everything apart from their record of 13 years in government.”

    Miliband has accused Cameron of failing to understand the depth of public concern. Miliband’s proposal was defeated in the House of Lords, but the Commons has the last word.

    Parliament has been stirred into action by the rate-setting scandal disclosed last week which cost Barclays bank $435 million in fines.

    British regulators also announced last week that Barclays and three other big U.K. banks had agreed to a settlement of complaints that they had sold interest-rate protection products, some of them complex plans linked to derivatives, to borrowers who didn’t understand or need them.

    “People want to know that crime in our banks and financial services will be pursued and punished like crimes on our streets,” Cameron said Wednesday. “As well as people being held accountable, the public want rapid action to make sure that this cannot happen again.”

    Cameron stoked partisan emotions earlier in the week by saying he wanted to see Ed Balls, a Labour politician who was a Treasury minister in the previous Labour government, put on trial.

    “No one would like to see him in the dock of a courtroom more than me, but the job here is to get on with it, find the answers, and put them into law,” Cameroon said.

    Miliband argues that a parliamentary inquiry into banks wouldn’t restore confidence.

    “However able or distinguished they are, politicians investigating bankers will not command the consent of the British people,” he said.

    Miliband wants an inquiry like the current probe of Britain’s media industry, led by a judge with a senior lawyer questioning witnesses under oath.

    Members of Cameron’s Conservative Party ceaselessly note that Labour was in power when two big British banks were rescued by taxpayers and that former Prime Minster Gordon Brown of Labour had boasted of the “light touch” financial regulation when he was Treasury chief.

    Miliband counters that Conservatives, including Cameron, were demanding even lighter regulation before the 2008 crash.

  126. @Joann,

    It’s been my thing from day one: stop paying “en masse”. Everything, including our taxes, since they are so mismanaged! But you know what? People are still too afraid. And until the fear of losing is outweighed by the actual loss, nothing will happen on a national level.

  127. Stopping the foreclosures…good start, but the real problem is getting our present corrupt government replaced. We aren’t going to win any battles sitting in our desk chairs. Occupy movements did little other than to get a lot of people arrested, beaten, pepper sprayed and hit with fines. Better, more effective means are needed. We need our own major TV channel to broadcast the truth to the masses. A Truth paper with a circulation equivalent to the WSJ, the Wash. Post. or the Times. We have to ferret out ways to turn the tables on the criminal government, one of which is flat out refusing to accept their authority over us. We are not required to pay income tax. We are not required to ask permission to do any of the things outlined in the Bill of Rights, these are God given and not subject to revocation by any government, regardless of that government’s belief that it has the right. Heat the tar and grab your pitchforks! It’s time to take our rights and our country back.

  128. Not a single head has rolled over the criminality of it all the government has the power and are supposed to represent the people. The government control the police and armed forces and public services These people Are THE people the 99 percent think about it. These people all got screwed as Neil says
    Thr police the fireman the paramedics the
    medical professionals were targeted particularly
    The psuedo middle class with pseudo equity
    Induced into thinking they could afford sub prime and jumbo loans based on a hyoerinflatd market ” value”. Value as a derivative and a bet against. When the masses get this concept never mind detail it will blow. The government has the power to do something right here. But will they. Doubt it.

  129. Fire Obama !

    2 COMMENTS “Zero Accountability”: Glenn Greenwald on Obama’s Refusal to Prosecute Wall Street Crimes
    Four years after the 2008 economic crisis, not a single top Wall Street executive has gone to jail. “These executives knew that they could take these huge risks and even break laws and pay no real price, and that’s what happened,” says Glenn Greenwald, author of “With Liberty and Justice For Some: How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful,” and a blogger for Salon. “It’s not just a travesty of justice that we haven’t punished them for past transgressions. The real danger is that we’re continuing to send the signal to the world’s most powerful financial actors that they don’t have any fear of criminal accountability when they commit these obvious crimes.”

  130. […] See the original article here: Marchers Demand Halt to Foreclosures in Sacramento […]

  131. Civil disobediance. No violence. People need to stop paying mortgages in mass and file a class action or other action or form a union or such (make it legal somehow) in mass perhaps. Simple terms – enforce the existing laws re real property. Those paying on time are getting shafted too. They need to get the message. No more payments until payee is identified and amount paid and amount owed to that payee (pretender) is identified and lawful creditor/beneficiary is identified and what is owed that party is identified for one and all. If that is nothing so be it. If something show and tell.


  133. Sloe more thwly but surely change is coming the more people that get screwed the more people that will join our ranks.Wish it could happen sooner but it is happening.

  134. “If more people from all walks of life came to life in California and across the country, the changes would happen.”

    It is coming. Maybe not as fast as we would like to but it is coming. As sure as there is right and wrong, it is coming because this is the only right outcome.

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