Foreclosure Strategists-Meeting Tuesday-AZ Legislative Update & Case Review & CA Bill of Rights Passes

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Editor’s Comment:

Contact: Darrell Blomberg  602-686-7355

Meeting: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, 7pm to 9pm  $10

AZ Legislative Update                                                             Case Review: Henrietta Eaton v FNMA                  California Bill of Rights Passes

Legislative Update: New Arizona Laws

Well, were down to the last enactments from the last Legislative session.  We’ll be exploring a few enactments that will affect Real Property in Arizona.


Henrietta Eaton v FNMA (Massachusetts)

We will review the Eaton v FNMA decision from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


California Homeowner Bill of Rights

California Homeowner Bill of Rights passes the Legislature this week.  The component bills are designed to offer protections for homeowners and reforms to the mortgage and foreclosure process.


Ninth Circuit Appeals Court Audio – Beth Findsen

Local foreclosure defense attorney Beth Findsen argued in front of the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court in San Francisco in the Mariusz Buchna, et al. v. Bank of America NA, et al. ( No. 10-17651) case last Friday.  Here is a link to the audio of that proceeding.


$50 Million Sweep is ON HOLD!

On Tuesday, 2012-06-12, the plaintiffs and defendants in the Morones – Hernandez v Horn (Az AG) & Ducey (Az Treasurer) case stipulated that the $50 Million Sweep from the Attorneys’ General Settlement Funds will not be transferred to the State of Arizona General Fund until at least 2012-12-31!  The Minute Entry can be found at this link:

See “COURT WATCHERS – Upcoming Hearings” section below for next hearing information.

We meet every week!

Every Tuesday: 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Come early for dinner and socialization. (Food service is also available during meeting.)
Macayo’s Restaurant, 602-264-6141, 4001 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012. (east side of Central Ave just south of Indian School Rd.)
COST: $10… and whatever you want to spend on yourself for dinner, helpings are generous so bring an appetite.
Please Bring a Guest!
(NOTE: There is a $2.49 charge for the Happy Hour Buffet unless you at least order a soft drink.)


I have set up a Facebook page. (I can’t believe it but it is necessary.) The page can be viewed at, look for and “friend” “Foreclosure Strategist.”

I’ll do my best to keep it updated with all of our events.

Please get the word out and send your friends and other homeowners the link.


I have set up a MeetUp page. The page can be viewed at Please get the word out and send your friends and other homeowners the link.

Home Defenders League

The Home Defender’s League supported the Lilly Washington event.  They are building a nationwide coalition to support underwater and distressed homeowners.  Here is a link to their website:

They have a feature story about Lilly Washington at this link:

May your opportunities be bountiful and your possibilities unlimited.

“Emissary of Observation”

Darrell Blomberg


2 Responses

  1. The following was sent to me, and explains false default fraud for those of you who still don’t get it:

    “I have the proof that subprime is only collection rights. No prior loans paid off by subprime refinance (and some new purchases) — because all that survived was collection rights from GSE documented (false) default.
    The key is, that I did not sent the government agencies this info — THEY SENT IT TO ME!!! My SEC securities investor fraud “tip” was forwarded from the SEC to the OCC. When the OCC got the referral from the SEC, they researched… and THEY tell ME my Freddie Mac (of 10 years ago) was never paid off by me and is in DEFAULT!
    What the OCC did not bank on is that I have the canceled check!!! Highly unlikely after 10 years that anyone has the canceled check, but I HAVE IT. And, I have my payment canceled checks too. When I told the OCC (after they told me that I am in default) that I have the canceled check, they went DEAD silent. They did not know what to do. They were dumbfounded.”

    Wake up, Neil.

  2. I love it, we have amdassadors of foreclsoure defense. I had a guy yesterday who wanted free access to software. he originally claimed he was an attorne,then stated, he worked for an attorney, and finally admitted he was a client ambassador.

    I want that job. I wil “ambass” (sic) to the massaes!

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