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Even before the formal announcement of the commencement of operations for the Garfield Firm (, the firm has been inundated with prospective clients across the country. Fortunately, we had done some recruiting before, so we in most cases, we have attorneys and paralegals ready to go. Since this is a 50-state roll-out and the most populated states require multiple attorneys in the same geographical areas, the firm is in need of many more attorneys to join the firm. A staff of paralegals is required to support the attorneys and maintain primary communication with the clients.

If you are a qualified paralegal interested in joining with the Garfield Firm, click the link above. You will be directed to a short application form and instructions on sending your resume to Applicants will be screened and evaluated based upon experience, education, years of practice, discipline history, familiarity with the areas of practice in which the firm concentrates, and other factors within the sole discretion of managing partners. References might be required as well.

Address email inquiries to

This is an opportunity for paralegals to get involved in the lucrative business of assisting lawyers and clients in mortgage litigation, contracts and related matters.

Paralegals selected will receive:

  1. Free training and CLE credits
  2. Participation in weekly calls to update the team on legal strategies and developments.
  3. A steady stream of new clients for which they will be paid a fixed fee.
  4. Membership in the Livinglies blog.
  5. Supervisory support from the firms paralegal management team and the attorneys
  6. Analytical support from a national team of experts in title, securitization, accounting, securities, mortgages, liens, recordations etc.

Each paralegal will receive cases where all the basic information, analytical reports and forms for correspondence and litigation have been prepared.

The technology platform will of course require many changes before we have everything we want. But right now the firm is able to perform client intake, case tracking and correspondence with clients through an automated system. You will receive an email address at the Garfield Firm in which you can communicate with your clients.


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  1. @Brian,

    I have been asking the same questions over and over.

  2. Questions:
    1. where are the WINS?
    2. where are the WINS published utilizing any/all assistance provided here?
    3. where are the testimonials from plaintiff/defendants that prevail?
    4. when the meat meets the metal in civil/circuit/federal court…where is the WIN published when the property owner prevails?
    5. where is the Win count, Tally board….Scorecard being kept?

    **there’s plenty to read on this site…but where are the WINS?

    **we can all read….and do…so…where on this site are the stories about successful strategies that have been utilized to provide relief kept?

    ***Publish the scorecard…

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  4. Those with the knowledge and background here that Neil seeks are Not paralegals …. They are Cerfified Title Abstracters/Certified NNA and Background Checked Signing Agents familiar with the docs/Notaries. This is not litigated enough for already certified paralegals to have this experience or knowledge.. Others in the Industry ..(brokers for example) usually have the knowledge but their loyalties belong with the money, they have already proven that. Best Wishes to All!

  5. Recruiting Paralegals must be a good news who are looking for jobs in this field.

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