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  1. I am finding the Opposing counsel (I have represented myself Pro Se here in Nevada for over 3+ years against Deutsche Bank) never – NEVER – addresses the Causes/merits but, tries to give the judge an “out’ with a procedural technicality such as “causes of Action were not clear” or “Not providing service correctly” or “lack of jurisdiction” or accusing me of trying to ‘re-litigate’ an issue which I am careful not to do… The Judge will ALWAYS take their “out” – they do not want to adjudicate this mortgage fraud hot potato here in Nevada – So now I make sure each cause of action is listed separately, in numerical order, caps, bold and underlined with the law clearly stated. Even so, the opposition STILL came back and tried the “Causes aren’t clear”‘ routine….. which is totally bogus. We’ll see how I fair with my latest filing in Fed Dist Court – Nevada. Just being Pro se you’d think we would get a break of some kind huh ? geeeeeze……

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