Please Keep April Charney in Your Prayers

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Editor’s Comment:

Hopefully April will make a full recovery. I had similar problems in 2003 and the pain, I can tell you, was “exquisite.” I hope the doctors have that under control for her. The whole kidney thing is always painful and discouraging. Send April some messages of good will and keep praying for her. We need her. I must say I’m a little weirded out by my open-heart surgery In March, followed by Max Gardner’s fight with cancer and now April ‘s challenge with her kidney.

As it turns out it appears as though my own recovery is going quite smoothly and that I have a new lease on life — so if the banksters think the seminars are over, think again. Max has made it clear that he will keep teaching and I am about to re-start the seminar tour I had to cut short 2 years ago. The real battle is just beginning.

April Charney’s Latest Battle

Most of you are familiar with Boot Camper April Charney and her tireless work on behalf of homeowners in Florida. Now, April is fighting another unexpected battle: she is hospitalized after complications during treatment for a kidney stone. She has been in critical condition for several days, on a respirator and undergoing dialysis. As of this writing, Max has just learned from April’s family that her condition has seemingly improved though still quite serious.  Please send your prayers, good thoughts, positive energy or whatever suits your beliefs to April and her family.

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  1. Can we get an update on April’s condition yet?

  2. I swear it’s as if the power of evil has attacked you guys, put good always wins. You are all such an inspiration to me. April prayers and best wishes and even a kidney if needed as you in many senses have given so many yours, I mean it to, if it matches and you need it its yours.

  3. Watch out for her safety in hospital as she is probably a target the LPS/DOCX robo-signer Tracy Lawrence, or like General Patton

  4. Esther you are right on the ball. So I come in agreement according to the Word of God believing with you and others of faith that April will rise up stronger and healthier and more alert and discerning of God’s will in her life in every situation. We also want her continue to help expose the fraud and able to guide others with right information they can plan their defense that will be acceptable in the court houses.

    I have shared a few times on these comments that this is all spiritual warfare. It may seem to be only in the natural but it is not. To disrupt the home in a fraudclosure is another strategic attempt of the devil to split up families…the family is important to God, He established the family structure and we see today more attacks on this structure both in the house itself and the people within the families.
    Am also familiar with that power woman of God Cindy Trim and her teachings and prayers,etc. Her Rules of Engagement does come in handy right now…
    I have prayed for April even before she got so well known…the Lord has caused me to pray for a hedge of protection around her as she ventured out boldly to exposed the banksters…so now others are also raised up…do not give up if you are committed to helping others in this situation. I have learned more law and other and about the political process in the US than I ever knew before…

    Keep drinking fresh water also….

  5. i am so sad to hear this she is amazing- everyone send prayer power
    to April and her family.

  6. Wishes for a speedy recovery for April from Virginia.

    I beleive that our bodies slow us down and yes sometimes put us in the hospital to save us from ourselves. Neil, April and Max as well as many others have worked non stop for years in this battle.

    We need to take care of ourselves so we can help others and many forget that when they are so focused on a mission.

    We are so grateful for all of you leading this charge to end this nightmare.

    Thanks to all of you!

  7. I am knowing for April that the Power of God within her is now healing her completely. With God all things are possible. Kathleen Holly

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  9. Thank you for putting it out to us. I most certainly will lift up April and your own still recovery process, Neil…If you understand, anyone who takes a stand, needs people that raise up warfare prayer, cause we now the enemy we face in first in the unseen realm. Someone sent me this, and I will send it forth to those who are intercessors, they will know who they are….Atomic prayer and more by Cindry Trimm….it is undoubtably a fight…the on going battle makes one weary..but in Ps. 91: around 11, it says that 1 by theirself puts 1,000 to flight, but 2, at least, where they touch and agree, Matt 18:19 moves heaven, thats the kind of deep prayer needed, to penetrate dark strongholds, that are behind that which we see. That is where the fight always is. Pray warriors arise!

  10. There are so few of you to help….. you all need to stay healthy. Positive thoughts coming April’s way from me and my family here in NYC. Get well April!

  11. neil, please let me know if you need any assistance in doing a seminar in las vegas (if possible).

  12. @ April

    Any friend of our fight (and Neil’s) has my prayers !

    Be strong, April, we need you ! I’m picturing you without pain and coming back SASSY like Neil has !

  13. There is a book called Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford,I believe is his name. Barns and Noble books. Drinking apple juice, eatting apple sauce and vinegar will help her keep the kidney stones from happening again. They are very painful. You can test this by putting a raw egg in a glass of vinegar for a week. In a week you can bounce the egg like a rubber ball on the floor. This is what this does to the kidney stones. It makes them soft and passable and prevents them.

  14. Off topic…but here’s a blockbuster case that is a showstopper…at least in NY. See 80 A.D.3d. 1061, 914 N.Y.S.2d 790 (3d. Dep’t 2011), citing Whitestone Sav. & Loan Assn. v Allstate Ins. Co., 28 NY2d 332, 336 [1971]. The only two cases and never cited before or since. In essence, NY says that if the lender has been paid from whatever source, game over. Needs to be applied within the context of securitization.

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