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Editor’s Comment:

The name of Max Gardner has become a trademark for effective confrontation and dissemination of information about the greatest economic crime in human history.  His work includes “Boot Camps” which are composed of small groups of lawyers in training for the purpose of saving the homes and lives of millions of homeowners who were deceived into purchasing corrupt loan products.  Those Boot Camps are about to come to an end although Max will continue to teach in larger forums.  I suggest that any lawyer who was considering attendance at one of Max’s events decide in favor of it and to sign up immediately.  

Max has been quite open about his health conditions and while they are different from my own, I find a number of areas of commonality between us even as we approach the Wall Street monster from different angles.  I know how he feels when he has heard from the physicians that there is, “one more thing” with which he must deal.  Like Max, I am also reconsidering my role as I get older.  

Max has made it clear that he’s not going anywhere just yet but that he considers time with family and his effort in battling the banks and servicers to be his remaining priorities.  I support him in his endeavors and so should we all.

Max Gardner Personal Message to

Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduates

The following message was sent from Max to his Boot Camp graduates on May 9, 2012.

Dear Boot Campers,

I have always been candid with you about my health issues and I will continue to be candid throughout this very personal process.  I last updated you on my health shortly before the San Antonio NACBA conference when I was suffering from symptoms consistent with previous malignant tumor growth in my lungs and bladder.  Testing did, in fact, confirm a new tumor growth but this time it was in a new organ, my liver.  My medical team has confirmed that it is the same type of tumor in the bladder and lungs, known as a Typical Carcinoid—a relatively non-aggressive cancer. After running more tests, my doctors laid out the different options for me, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.  After much thought and discussing it with Vickie, I have decided that I will not undergo any type of surgical intervention with respect to the liver tumor. Rather than surgery, we will only take the necessary medical steps to deal with the negative symptoms related to this type of cancer.  The doctors can cite national statistics for survival rates with and without the liver surgery, but because the progression of my cancer has been so unusual, they simply have nothing to compare it to and the statistics are meaningless.

I want you to know that despite the above news, I remain very optimistic. And, quite frankly, I feel very good about the decision we have made.  Life is certainly important but the quality of the life we have left may be more important.  I also want you all to know that this is not the end of the road for me.  I have a job to do and I plan on finishing what I started with your help.  Part of my purpose for fully disclosing my health situation to you at this time is to let you know the reasoning behind two decisions I’ve made.

First, I don’t plan on traveling outside of North Carolina to conduct future seminars.  Getting on a plane to travel can only increase my chances of getting sick so I plan on traveling only when necessary.  Second, beginning this fall, I will discontinue holding boot camps at the farm and hold only larger sessions where I can teach more people at a time and also take some burden off of me and Vickie.  The five-day seminars at the Farm are both physically and mentally draining for both of us.  The June 7-11 Boot Camp will go on as planned and then I will hold either one or two more  Boot Camps at the Farm this summer, which can include another re-boot if there is enough interest.  Right now the other possible boot camp dates for Lizmere Farm are July 5-9 and August 2-6.

I’ve made my decisions based on what I believe makes the most sense for me, my family and the goals I want to accomplish and I’d like you to accept these decisions without second guessing or offering advice, no matter how well intentioned.  I received hundreds of emails and calls when my health situation required me to cancel my April appearance in San Antonio and you will never know how much each one of those emails and calls meant to me and to Vickie.  We consider all of you to be a part of our extended family.

Many of you know that the late Marvin R. Wooten was my all-time favorite Judge and person and friend.  Judge Wooten had so many historic quotes that it is hard to know where to start or end with any of them.  However, when he could not grant you the relief you requested, he would always say “I’m sorry but you have come to the Goat Man for Wool.”  Well, I really and truly have goats at the Farm so in fact and in truth I may now qualify as Judge Wooten’s proverbial Goat Man but I want all of you to know that this Goat Man still has a rather large supply of wool and he intends to give it all out before the goats finally go home.

Thank you for all your support and kind words over all of these many years.

32 Responses

  1. Trust us, if anything was done by boot camp attorneys they would have let us know by now – even the website doesn’t admonish any victories – call every attorney on the list and see if they’ll rep you – if we are wrong – please prove it – otherwise as far as we are concerned and we are the heart of the issue – boot campers have proven nothing demonstrable out of the training – otherwise there would be countless reports of wins; it sounds to me like the case mentioned was handled in pro se with little or nothing by an attorney.

  2. […] Filed under: foreclosure Tagged: Boot camps, corrupt loan products, Judge Wooten, Marvin R Wooten, MAX GARDNER Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  3. Feds Slam Deutsche Bank But Next Day FINRA Nominates Executive To Its Board My computer is not allowing me to pick up and copy the http for this for some reason. Find it on mortgage servicing fraud web site. Never ends. Hire the wolf to watch the hen house.

  4. Forgot to tell you that house is worth over 2.6 million.

  5. Shelter1banks0; There are a lot of homes saved without exposure to the public, that none of us are aware of due to the secrecy demanded when the banks settle with them. We dont have an accurate figure to say nonthing has been done by attorneys from Max Gardners camp. Neil mentioned a home worth over three million is debt free now due to litigation, that can not be disclosed to the public. I know of a man personally in Enumclaw WA that has had his fruadclosure and unlawful sale at auction recinded due to an attorneys letters without litigation, and his home and property taxes put back into his name, however has not gone in for quiet title and is in limbo, due to being afraid to make the next move. He was walked off his property by a sheriff. He has been back in his home for over a year and a half. He is to peranoid to discuss what is happening publically. I know because I asked him to do what he did and take the info to an attorney and put this doc together to try to save his home. He thought it would be futile, however did it. This man is shocked at what happened. Within six weeks the forecloser was recinded and the sale at auction. He has told me he has never heard of such a thing before. He fills me in with what is happening, due to his would not have his home if I had not given him speed caught up on the fraud and begged him to take it to an attorney, to send a letter of unlawful foreclosure and sale at auction and FDCPA letter of debt dispute. The only thing the attorney did was to add loss of equity. The bank sent him a letter that they would put the house back in his name if he signed the letter acknowledging they own his loan. The attorney told him to sign it. He refused and fired that attorney A year later the alleged foreclosers put the house back in his name anyhow and the property tax bills to go to him. There are a lot of settlements and houses being forgiven their debt with a zip it or lose it claus.

  6. They are the Nazi’s and we are in the camps…

  7. what horrible evil people to drive people to this. Deutsch Bank is the evil non depository bank from hell. Duetsche is in this business for the kill and nothing less..

  8. @ Shelley

    Not just for Chase. OneWest/Indymac also. I called the Deutsche number in Santa Ana CA over and over with all kinds of pertinent questions…their answers (if they even ever answered) were always (rudely): “Talk to your servicer…”

    We are/were the patsie’s of a totally rigged con game.

  9. Deutsche bank is the forcloser king for Chase bank.

  10. @Toile,

    “Maybe going vegan will fix the Eirozone crisis as well?” Monsanto the savior of genetically modified humanity!!!

    Bring on the little green guys with big eyes. Let’s phone home, E.T. Maybe they’ll come and get us out of here…

  11. Someone else at ZeroHedge GETS IT … copied from the comments without permission ..


    Huuuullllllooooooo – – – Earth to everyone, that’s how JPMorgan Chase set up the model, doods! !

    (Perhaps everyone’s been napping lately? ? ?)

    Excerpted from my usual rant below:

    JPMorgan was responsible for structuring the securitized-mortgage-foreclosure profit cycle:

    they profit from lending the mortgage, then profit from its securitization, then profit from its foreclosure (especially the FHA loans, where they automatically are reimbursed almost all of the original amount), then profit from its reselling, then profit when it’s securitized again.


    JPMorgan Chase (this applies to Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley, but more so to top rat JPM) was responsible for lobbying congress for the overturning of Glass-Steagall, while it created the credit default swap, and countless variants of CDOs. It has enjoyed the strongest derivatives position since that time.

    JPMorgan was responsible for structuring the securitized-mortgage-foreclosure profit cycle:

    they profit from lending the mortgage, then profit from its securitization, then profit from its foreclosure (especially the FHA loans, where they automatically are reimbursed almost all of the original amount), then profit from its reselling, then profit when it’s securitized again.

    And JPMorgan Chase has been involved, both directly and indirectly, in offshoring jobs and promoting massive offshoring of jobs — when then leads to economic problems and unemployment, thus leading to default on mortgages, resulting in foreclosures, further profiting JPMorgan Chase.

    And if those unfortunate souls then must put in for food stamps, JPMorgan Chase profits from that program, as it is routinely, nationally and locally, handled by them and their banks.

    And it doesn’t end there, as those jobs are offshored to countless foreign factories, and foreign production facilities, and state-of-the-art research & development laboratories and training centers of which normally are financed — over the past three to four decades — by US foreign aid (USAID, OPIC, various and sundry other programs, etc.). [And people thought all those executives doing stints at those former government agencies — they’ve now all since been privatized — were actually performing public serivice?]

    That’s correct, you the taxpayer and your descendants, have paid for the multinationals’ foreign enterprises — while they pay almost no taxes, or usually none at all (over 70% of American-based multinationals and corporations at last count paid no federal taxes).

    Just how rigged is it??? It’s completely rigged.

  12. I know there are lots of cures told to you by many well wishers. Another is lots of brocolli and red chilie pepper. Red chili peppers eat out cancer in your body where nothingelse can go, and leaves the healthy cells. So add red chile peppers to your diet in a juice like tomatoe juice and lots of fresh broccoli. Cant hurt ya. It is natural food. Another important item is kelp iodine and ten to fifteen minutes of sunshine for vitamin D. Vitamin D fights off cancer. Or ten minutes in a healty tanning bed, not a conventional old fashion tanning bed. Like a medium pressure bed or booth, moderately two or three times a week. I have cancer patients sent to my medium pressure beds by cancer specialist all the time. The patients are surprized their doctors recommend them to come here. Your body produces naturally in ten to fifteen minutes what it needs to fight depression and cancer, that Vitamin D pills can not do. Most people are depleted of Vitamin D and Kelp iodine, which is dangerous and cancer causing. Each generation is depleted more than the generation before it when the depleted body produces their offspring. This is for kelp iodine and Vitamin D. Both stop depression and fight cancer. Go to Terry Talks vitamins and look up information. Most people have thyroid conditions in a small to big way due to lack of kelp iodine. It effects the brain in a big way, and diabetis, and a huge fighter of cancer. I personally believe it has a lot to do with the autisim and alzheimers and dementia.

  13. I meant in the trillions of dollars heist. Not a trillion dollars.

  14. hman, this is a very important question. Looks like Duetsche bank capitalizes on securities fraud and insurance fraud. All the PSA’s being proven to be empty and sold over and over multiple times and the multiple insurance policies on each mortgage encouraging defaults, is a con game Deutsche has to be aware of. The biggest money is in the trillion dollar heist in the securities fraud and insurance fraud. Deutsche Bank is a non depository bank.

    Deutsche knows where the real money is:
    Noun 1. nondepository financial institution – a financial institution that funds their investment activities from the sale of securities or insurance

    Interesting there is no mention of any secured notes, just unsecured notes. Is this because they know the notes are all shredded and unsecured, sold into securities pools and stock market. The notes are cashed and void and shredded. So no real notes, just photo copies of unsecured debt for debt collectors to con people into believeing we owe an alleged debt to them Deutsche bank we do not owe them. Deutsche has collected from securities pool sales and insurance for preplanned defaults? Sure looks like this is the case.

    When Residential Capital Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week it left behind a trail of unsecured creditors with claims totaling well over $1 billion, according to court documents.

    At the top of the list is Deutsche Bank, which is listed as unsecured creditor in six different places and is owed a combined $952 million by the nation’s fifth largest residential servicer.

    Most of DB’s claims stem from senior unsecured notes that it holds on behalf of clients. The largest single claim is listed under the bank’s name for $473 million of senior notes due in 2013. The paper yields 8.5%.

    Other large creditors include Bank of New York Mellon, U.S. Bank, and several bond insurers including MBIA and Ambac. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is also listed as a top creditor. But in the case of the FHFA and the bond insurers no debt amount is listed.

    The filing only says that these debtors are owed money due to “contingent claim—securitization.”

  15. -Eat NOTHING but FRESH, RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES until it goes away-

    Until the foreclosure crisis goes away? That’s all it’ll take? Cool!

    Maybe going vegan will fix the Eirozone crisis as well?

  16. I amongst many appreciate all Max Gardner, Neil and many more are doing for us and all Americans, even the Americans who dont know it. To many heads in the sand, some on purpose and some just not seeing what is happening around them yet..

    Written by Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. on May 18, 2012 07:36 am

    Hat tip to Nye Lavalle and Jackie Mack! In my mind, JPMorgan ranks among the very top of the most aggressive and abusive litigators in the whole fraudclosure arena. They surround themselves with monster paid lawyers then attack the whistleblowers and those who dare to challenge with the ferocity of an out of control criminal …

    Another mother daughter homicide suicide due to foreclosures. Suicides in many neighborhoods not even brought to public attention. I have seen houses retrieved back after foreclosure and sale and being walked off the propery by sherriffs. Dont give up there is always hope and our lives are more important than a house. Yes devastating and numbing as it is to have this done. We all have numbing sleepless nights. While you are alive there is always hope. The banks win with this tradgedy and many like it. Dont let the banks win. Fight this. I know many who lost there houses two years ago, that are fighting now to get them back with much more hope and proof of evidence and an improving enviornment daily to get the houses back. Your health and loved ones and you are more important than a building. I am not disregarding the trama of this all. I know it well myself. Hang in there and fight in any way you can., Dont give up the ship. The story is on Matt Weidner blog. So tragic so insane and so wrong and EVIL! We have attorneys and people in our corner helping us. Now is a better time than in the past to win this battle. And homeowners are winning a battle at a time.

  17. Eat NOTHING but FRESH, RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES until it goes away. Maranantha

  18. Prayers are sent to you Max and Family, thank-you for your outstanding dedication to this fight…Our thoughts will be with you throughout your journey. ~~Blessings~~

  19. Mr O’Max Gardner, you have given us hope and inspriration. Your teachings are notable and have value. Thank you !

  20. Tell Max to start taking “Serrapapetase” It is natural enzyme that helps you immune system remove tumors , takes 6 to 8 weeks for it to start working but after that he will be amazed. Take 4 pills 3 times a day with a full glass of water one hour before meals or two hours after eating. Serrapeptase has done miracles with me and my family. Works very good for cleaning arteries too !!!

    It is a little frustrating the first two months because nothing happens until after that time period. But after that you will see improvement on a weekly basis. The stuff is amazing. Excellent for your heart too!! ! And it is cheap !!! Google it !!!!

  21. Sorry off topic but I read an article about GMACs bankruptcy claiming Deutsche is it’s largest unsecured creditor. Can anyone more knowledgable inturpet this.It’s a quick 1 paragraph read.

    Does this mean that Deutsche as the trustee has an unsecured claim? on the securitized loans with Res Cap. Res Cap was my sponser and “funded” the loan. It transfered it’s rights to the Trustee “Deutsche”.

    I’m probably not asking this correctly because of my limited understanding of this but I am trying to determined if due to the GMAC BK is it leaving Deutsche’s claim (as the trustee) unsecured.

  22. To Max Gardner

    PLEASE try massive amounts of “wild grown” oil of oregano…it has been proven to destroy cancer cells…and it is natural—you have nothing to lose by trying this—God bless! (Google Dr. Cass Ingram oil of oregano for more info).

  23. God Bless Max Gardner and all who help defend homeowners from injustices!

  24. Only heard max on the radio. Great personality and hilarious. I understand this disease process and I am happy to see max has mastered the “living WITH disease ( dis ease) ”
    He said it himself he has a job to do
    This attitude/ mind will slow the growth
    Mind is the most powerful form of attack on any physical weakness. The life force will make sure Max Gardner gets to do the
    Job he set put to do . It’s the law.

  25. That’s good to hear zurenarrh, I love to be corrected in a positive vein like that. I wish I could relate, as my face hurts from the brick walls I’ve encountered.

  26. E Tolle, I totally agree with what you’re saying. However, I was assisted in my fight by a bootcamp grad. This grad helped me for free behind the scenes. I still lost, but in many ways I actually won, due in large part to this grad’s assistance.

  27. Max Gardner is a great man. He needs to see Dr. Burzynski about his tumors if he hasn’t already.

  28. @shelter1banks0
    I have to say that you are so correct.
    The true front line attorneys in the fight for homeowners “less than 2 dozen” are not grads of Max Gardners camps, however they do employ a lot of the methods taught, but not yet employed by the bootcampers, who don’t want to taint relationships with judges by being the first in their circuit to do so.

  29. Exactly shelter1banks0. If there’s any humanity left in this nation, it should be totally shamed at the utter lack of help available to borrowers who have been bent over rough in this fiasco, or better said, Ponzi scheme. The disdain for the laws that are supposed to aid the simple folk is not only appalling, it’s criminal, and has been perped by thousands who grow wealthier each day on the backs of the working class.

    This comment is not intended in any way to be aimed at Max Gardner, Neil Garfield, or others similarly situated, especially when health issues come into play. And I also understand that knowledgeable attorneys who “get it” are rare and hard to come by. Having said that, where is the law community as to how these complex situations relate to commoners?

    I understand well that many an attorney has learned a great deal from these boot camps. But has that trickled down to borrowers in any meaningful way? I ask that question sincerely. I know that I can easily sound like I’m asking for a handout here. That’s not my intention. But when it’s widely known that the dealer and pit boss are on the payroll of the casino banks, who’s there to represent the borrowers? These high priced lawyers who attend these trainings? Are they bestowing their knowledge affordably in the community?

    Where are the university law professors? Are they so busy with class that they can’t come out into a public forum and profess about the criminality all around? Why the universal reticence? I can understand the reaction from the dozen white-shoe law firms I approached….their steady income stream originates at the culprits here, they don’t want to offend the architects of the artifice while there’s still good looting to be had. But what of the rest of the law community?

    With a crime wave of this magnitude, I would have expected defenders of freedom in every state or better, in every community banging the drums and shouting aloud not only about the perverse nature of the crimes, but about how common folk can fight back. Instead, the attorneys who do attend these camps would appear to simply merge back into their practice having learned how to pitch an expanded product line to those who can foot the bill. Am I wrong?

    Let’s just be thankful that we have 50 attorney generals, one in each state, who will work tirelessly….oh wait….I forgot about the Great Sellout. Notice that I refuse to capitalize their title, just like I won’t take the same expected literary respect when addressing congress and the president. Fuck ‘em all. Blood money’s on their hands, each and every one. Treason.

  30. Max is a superhero – and will be remembered for many years to come even by those of us who fight this fight but are kept at arms distance from his works . . . now here’s where I’m sure to get a lot of flack but I’m going to express what I’ve been hearing for 3 years now:

    There is just one major concern – while Max has done an incredible task – his ‘legions’ have proven to be worthless to the homeowners – not one single person in this battle and there are thousands – has had assistance or help from a single boot camp graduate – this is sad – because the only reason for this entire process of trumpeting the boot camp was/is for homeowners – this army of attorneys needs to show their appreciation for all that Max gave – and start showing a demonstrable – I mean outright invasion – of attorneys coming to the rescue of thousands of homeowners needing their help – if not even just a few – this whole business is totally self-absorbed and meaningless if these so-called army grads don’t do anything for the parties they became ‘armed’ for in the first place.

    Max, while you are amongst us, reach out to each and every grad and demand they demonstrate they are in fact following your legacy – where it matters most with the homeowners – otherwise – create a wall of shame – as homeowners have for all these higher educated beings that have not done enough or anything at all – and no one asked them to do anything for free – just come forth and actually accept and handle these cases – I’d like to personally see a list of graduates and cases – in each state – otherwise while Max is a hero the bevy of grads is a dud and for the most part do not deserve applause if they are not helping homeowners – and so far, that’s all most of us have witnessed. Give Max life achievement award and kudos – but not the grads themselves.

  31. People like Max Gardner, who fight for the rights of individuals, will be remembered long after their gone.
    May God grant him the rewards he desirves when his time comes.

  32. What a wonderful person he is and you too Neil. May you both have great long healthy lives filled with love and admiration.

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