The Banks, Rushing To Foreclose So They Can Sit On Vacant Homes

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Editor’s Comment:


These damn judges here in Florida, they really need to wake up, start working harder and grant more foreclosures more quickly.  Hurry up already, and stop whining about budget cuts and staff positions cut, and who cares that the entire state court system is funded by less than one percent of the state budget, and shut up about case loads that have tripled to 3,000 or more cases per judge and frazzled judicial assistant.  Just grant those damn foreclosure judgments….after all, everyone knows the economy cannot recover until these damn slacking judges push through this foreclosure backlog….right?

Oh wait a minute, there’s apparently a bit of a fly in this ointment.  You see, apparently the banks are cancelling foreclosure sales just as quickly as our good judges are able to sign those damn Final Judgments of Foreclosure…yup…apparently, now wait just a dadgummed minute.

You mean to tell me our elected circuit court judges are busy throwing families out into the streets just so the banks can amass ever larger portfolios of vacant and abandoned properties that they are apparently not responsible for taking care of?

Well shut my mouth!  You don’t say?  Really!  No way?  Do you mean to tell me we can’t blame all this on our under-funded judges and this ain’t the fault of those damn ethically-challenged foreclosure defense attorneys what with all their delay tactics and pesky rules and those absurd arguments about THE LAW…blah, blah, blah.

When exactly will this nation wake up and start directing appropriate anger and rage at the real evil that’s hard at work, everyday all across this sleeping nation?

From the Tampa Times:

It’s an oft-repeated pattern.

In the last 12 months, lenders have canceled auctions on 4,204 properties in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Sales have been canceled two, three, even nine times on some homes.

In many cases, banks delay seizures to avoid having to pay maintenance bills or homeowner association fees. Meanwhile, neighbors fend off vandals and thieves and worry about property values falling because of the deteriorating houses.

The repeated cancellations burden the court system.

“These never seem to go away,” said Thomas McGrady, chief judge of the Pinellas-Pasco County Circuit. “It’s a nuisance.”

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  3. Thanks joann…wish I could help somehow…

  4. Carie

    I am glad you keep posting. It aint over. Fat cats will sing. The day will come if it hasn’t already (BEVILACQUA) when many if not all foreclosures by certain “lenders” in certain counties and states if not all will be deemed “wrongful” and how that gets dealt with is anyone’s guess.

    The settlement bribe to “banks” to go back to business as usual already has funds earmarked for teeny tiny bits of settlement peninies to be doled out to those “wrongfully foreclosed”. JD had better things to do with 2 billion. The right thing is for those wrongfully foreclosed to move back into their vacant home (if reo) and receive restitution for vandalism and decay and other “wrongfulness”. Where a new “buyer” or renter has moved in, the rent should be paid to those “wrongfully” foreclosed. ( In our dreams).

    You live in a state where 99% of foreclosures proceed without a questlion from the homeowner or anyone else and if questioned it is in vain. If you have money – why waste money (to broker a mod with a pretender and get foreclosed anyway still owing the other guy?) and if you don’t have money (a ton of money) no hope anyway so why try? I really get that and may follow in your steps. May have no choice and am considering options – even have a short sale buyer perhaps (this goes deeply against the grain – actually think it is participating in a fraud on the buyer or at the very least legitimizing the fraud of the pretender on that buyer even leaving any fraud on me out of the equation- I am determined not to do it but if “lender” offered a big enough bribe….does everyone have a price??? Today I say no way no how. Tomorrow or two days from now????).

    It isn’t homeowners who say it is hopeless – they are full of hope and have done their homework until an attorney says it is hopeless and the homework is bunk. Attorneys are the ones who say it is hopeless and tune out to many breaking opinions where there are clues on how to proceed and be paid their fees.

    I was told you must have “plenty” of money to litigate in court for years and spending your last funds for a few initial actions by an attorney is pointless (this was an honest response by an attorney who has tried and failed in local court). By far the vast majority of attorneys will not take foreclosure cases of any sort. Even bankruptcy attorneys will not actually defend a foreclosure and say so.

    People have to look to their own survival and the happiness of their families. Advice from all sides except on the foreclosure fighting blogs is let it go, get on with your life. That could be homeless for many though and for what? – they spent their assets while unemployed to pay “responsibly”? Even those people are not a lost cause. A job could turn it around but they must rebuild and still cannot afford an attorney.

    I am glad you continue to post. I am sure there are a huge number of others who have lost homes who still read and post here. And if any of them say it is hopeless in certain states I get it. Just days away from joining them. Maybe the legisllators will hear them. An attorney told me an average person just doesn’t have the money. It’s a waste of time and money to start if you can’t stay in the game and the bankers know that. It is also a county where there is no legal aid for homeowners only renters.

  5. Why Banks aren’t reselling? Hmmm….

  6. Also- enraged—you said “for want of a strategized fight”—uh, in California? Yeah, right. My FAKE, FRAUDULENT loan “situation” was exactly the same as Brian Davies…same players…have you read his docs? Do realize how much money he has spent? That’s California.

  7. Oh come on—give me a break. I HAVE moved on…but I’m still on the Grant Deed…and the house is still mine…if our laws are ever followed again…I don’t comment on everything YOU post—which is a LOT—geez!

  8. @Carie,

    Blowing in the wind…

    Whatever you do after the fact cannot and will not change the course already taken. Hence the need some of us here stress to everyone in difficulty to FILE SUIT OR FILE BANKRUPTCY.

    Looking at people who lost their house for want of a strategized fight, it appears pretty damn hard to move on, regardless how high their appear to keep their chin up.

  9. I told real estate investor Steve Leitner of Seal Beach, CA over and over that the sale/auction of my house was illegal—I told him why—I informed him of the fraud and all the fake paperwork…he didn’t care, and stole my house…ignored me…he is a vulture—these people know about the fraud and don’t care…they make me sick.

  10. This is a good article because it’s proving my whole point about the massive “Price Fixing” that’s still taking place in the entire real estate market.

    What’s purposely not reported my mainstream, but should remain painfully obvious, is the enormous glut of EMPTY HOUSES known as “Shadow Inventory” being kept off the market for the purpose of justifying higher rent and higher real estate prices. (YouTube: MERS & The Forclosure Crisis by eyewitness043)

    If Millions of people lost to foreclosure, and unemployment is still at record levels, what happened to all those empty houses? Why can’t the general public see them in MLS listings?

    This is yet another function of the MERS fraud.

    Not only did it forever blur identities of borrower, lender & investor – it serves the real estate vultures who work off Commission.

    Like the 2009 LA Times article by Celia Chen of stated, “massive inventories of foreclosed homes would drive down prices.” Really?

    But she nor the LA Times ever indicated who would benefit and who would loose from such an arrangement: Poor people (economically challenged) would win and the real estate players, banks, & foreclosure mills would loose.

    This is all manufactured by greed and fraud still rampant in the real estate game & judiciaries.

    Banks still getting credited for touchdown, without even having possession of the ball.

  11. Search Michael Tellinger u tube 7 minute video about case.
    Some word I’m using must be triggering my post for blockage.
    Search divine cosmos g7 banks and see images of documents filed against major banks

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  13. The banks are doing very poorly, everywhere. Here too….

  14. Banks everywhere are being dismantled and broken apart. Expect that to happen with our…

    The Irish Times – Friday, May 11, 2012

    NIB chief steps down as bank set to be rebranded as Danske
    The banking hall, National Irish Bank, College Green, Dublin. The NIB name will cease to exist under changes announced yesterday and the continuing part of the bank will be merged with Northern Bank. The changes were unveiled as NIB reported a loss of €184 million for the first quarter, up from €161 million on same period in 2011In this section »
    NATIONAL IRISH Bank chief executive Andrew Healy has resigned after seven years in the job as the bank’s parent unveiled plans to move more than half its loans


    Small country. 30 in day is still a lot.

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  17. This makes no sense……..who is the ‘intelligence’ behind this ignorant mess if an article.

    Background, woman can’t afford mortgage, hires an attorney, gets a TRO in county court but lender goes federal to Superior court and has it rendered invalid. Case commences, some judge give the home to the ‘pretender’, 30 days later woman is evicted at 3am with dozen of police cars, a locksmith who drilled the house lock off, guns and flashlight, stolen property by unprofessional movers, 7 hours later her goods are on the front lawn.
    That should mean that by 10am, her home looks like she’s having a garage sale.

    So her dumb attorney, excuse me, her attorney figures out the one who foreclosed on here was not assigned the mortgage. When did Sherlock (not his real name, a sarcastic reference ) decide to check the property records for his client (term used loosely)

    And it says she could get the foreclosure reversed. Yay, and punitive damages for the wrongful eviction. Another Yay, and then she can and I quote from the article “obtain a new affordable 30-year mortgage.”

    Now I’m going what the …………?

    She’s 63, no job, paid for the home for 18 years, paid over $240,000 for it, the ‘pretender’ dropped the value to $40,000 and stole it, and now she can get the wonderful opportunity to finance it for another 30 years.

    Do they think we are that stupid? Do they?
    There is some false ‘you know what’ in that article, and it doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to know there is something wrong when all the facts just don’t match up.

    All those resources for three women, a child, and one Occupy Georgia man sleeping in a tent on the front lawn of the property.

    The sheriff is supposed to protect and serve the people and all those people and guns to kick out the women and child.

    This was a terroristic act, to cause the evacuation of a building using that type of forces.

    read this mess for yourself and just dictating the facts will not add up.

    Oh, and the woman supposedly says,

    — When asked if that was what she was seeking, she replied, “Exactly. Work with me.” —

    Huh? Really? And one final straw, if the Sheriff said this, he should not be Sheriff any longer.

    It’s quoted at the end of the article.

    He said “”because somebody wants to make a statement that in their minds that corporate America controls 90 percent of the wealth in these United States of America. ”

    So the Sheriff KNOWS America is a corporation.
    He KNOWS this…most people don’t and if you tell them, they’ll think you are lying that its a business and the President is the President of the corporation and it has stockholders and is just one big business, and the ones who choose to be US citizens are the shareholders and bound by the terms of the corporation so they can’t rely on the constitution to protect them, it is irrelevant in their position…they are displaced from it by being citizens of the corporation.

    Then he says in the same sentence, “Whether that is true or not, I don’t know and I don’t care. I have a constitutional responsibility to uphold the peace.”

    So is this a Sheriff of the corporation? Not a sheriff for the people? If so, he needs to be removed when the corporation is dissolved. He doesn’t serve who they think he serves and they don’t even know it or are too busy watching their ‘regularly scheduled ‘program” to know they have been programmed.

    There is a request for donation that pops up, you can look to the upper RIGHT AND select the link to SKIP that page.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free and independent state, allodial, by divine right (jure divino), in one’s own right (in jure proprio)

  18. JD is the darling of wallstreet and the Obama administration. Sell in May. I hope this is another Lehman. Trigger event?,0,4625412.story

    “The blowup at the nation’s largest bank came amid a heated debate in Congress over how much regulation is needed to rein in the risk-taking that caused the near-meltdown of the financial system in 2008.

    The crux of the argument had been whether the so-called Volcker rule, which limits how much federally insured banks can risk in trading for their own accounts, had gone too far.

    Indeed, Dimon acknowledged that the trading losses might lead to more calls for stronger banking regulations.

    “It’s very unfortunate, plays right into all the hands of a bunch of pundits out there, but that’s life and I’ll have to deal with that,” he said.”

  19. In California the Judges salaries are also paid by the Banksters. Dont forget California the counties in California and the Cities are all in Debt.

    If it werent for the banksters the Judges and their crew including the sherrifs would get IOU’s instead of money.

    never again

  20. The biggest dead beat in the Universe.




  21. They are ALL the “court of fraud”…Their pensions are tied up in all this…why aren’t the judges getting foreclosed on?

  22. I think the satire here is the incompetence of the JUDGES IN THE 4th & 13th Judicial courts to SLAM through BOGUS Foreclosures.

    I mean I just saw one SUPER FRAUD “STERN ” case get a SJ by JUDGE ARNOLD cuz the Bank Atty CLAIM they couldn’t find the DUDE??? So they posted a “we cant find you” in the SUNCOAST BIZ Paper?? Well, I found him in 3 seconds! He lives NEXT TO HOUSE THAT GOT THE SJ! DID JUDGE ARNOLD bother to ask a dumb Question like ” Mr Banker, your affidavit claims you tried to SERVE HIM the Un-Served Defendant, how many times? WELL? DID YOU???

    They tried 1 time, before posting to the paper.

    Not only that, the FORECLOSURE BY NEWSPAPER article in the file was Fraudulently Notarized as was the Affidavit!

    Judge Arnold is a incompetent PRO BANK FOOL! Screw the BANK, and David Stern! The COURT OF FRAUD here JUDGE ARNOLD in TAMPA FL!

  23. @Joann,

    Don’t worry for little Jimmy boy: that won’t stop him from getting a $20 million bonus… Look at the hoopla Moynihan’s 9.1 million created in NC (or was it just 7.1?) The shareholders still voted to give it to him.


  24. Chase in the news:

    “JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said the firm lost about $2 billion on synthetic credit securities after an “egregious’” failure in its chief investment office, which the bank says focuses on hedging…..

    ‘Flawed, Complex’

    Synthetic credit products are derivatives that generate gains and losses tied to credit performance without the owner buying or selling actual debt. The losses occurred as the company sought to unwind a portfolio of the instruments used to hedge JPMorgan’s credit exposure.

    “In hindsight, the new strategy was flawed, complex, poorly reviewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored,” Dimon said……”

  25. Harry, they shouldn’t be removing residents to let the house rot. Especially when they fail to take control of the asset. The abandoned home becomes junk. It’s great if you want the housing stock destroyed. Maybe that’s the grand plan after all. Wreck the housing inventory, tear it down, and get those union guys back to work!

    Never heard back from you on those assignments. what did you think?

  26. As usual, Mandelman has the goods. Now, i feel a hell of a lot better about having turned down their services… Prevented me from getting screwed… again!

    Former NACA Home Save Counselor Says Commissions Create Complaints

    NACA stands for the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America; a nonprofit that provides “Home Save Counselors” to assist homeowners trying to get their mortgages modified. They put on really big shows at convention centers and have lines of homeowners waiting overnight… that sort of thing.

    I’m not sure why, but meeting with a “Home Save Counselor” doesn’t make me feel like I’ll be talking with a commissioned salesperson who will be potentially making up to $1,000 on my loan modification case? A “Home Save Counselor” is on commission? What’s next? Does the nurse in the Emergency Room get a bonus if I get an MRI?

    Well, according to a reader of mine who wrote to tell me that he or she had been working at NACA and, among other things he or she found objectionable, was the compensation structure… or, the commission plan would be a better way to phrase that.

    Here’s what my reader, who shall remain anonymous, had to say after working as a NACA “Home Save Counselor” for almost a year…

    The pay structure at NACA is unbelievable. They start you off at $12.00 and hour until you finish your training. You’re told that within four months you should have built your pipeline. Most of that pipeline consists of files transferred from those who have left the company’s employ.

    After training ends, your hourly pay drops to $8.00 an hour and becomes a draw against future commissions, the thinking being that by this time you should be closing loans – YEAH RIGHT. The commissions could be anywhere from $750 to $1,000 – depending on the target (credit).

    If you are licensed you get the 100% commission – if you’re not licensed you get only 80%, with the other 20% going to the mortgage consultant that pulls the bank application. I could never figure out what happens to the percentage that I would think would be given to the mortgage consultant that qualified the member initially.

    The turnover rate is very high. And they don’t appear to care who leaves or stays – they profit either way. You can’t imagine how many mortgage consultants leave the company and never get that 80%.

    And you have to re-pay what they call, “The Draw.” There are countless employees that owe NACA thousands of dollars, and are constantly fighting to receive their commissions.

    Now, to begin with, I checked the NACA website and found they recruit for open positions right there. Here’s what it lists as desired experience, just in case you’re interested in becoming a NACA “Home Save Counselor.”


    a. Counseling

    b. Call Center

    c. Loss Mitigation

    d. Strong computer skills.

    e. Community Involvement

    f. Financial Services

    g. Mortgage brokerage, origination, processing and/or counseling is preferred.

    Well, I was glad to see that they, at least, did include “counseling” on the list. But, I can’t help but wonder how many people out there have a resume that looks like this:

    “Mortgage brokers” who have worked for “financial services” companies…

    Who have “loan origination” experience, having worked in a “call center”…

    With strong desktop underwriting… no, that’s not right… I meant, “strong computer skills,” and know what the term “loss mitigation” means…

    Who are also “counselors involved in their communities?”

    I only ask because I’ve known quite a few people in my 50 years on this planet, and I’ve personally never even heard of a… “Computer literate involved community counseling mortgage broker with telemarketing and loan originating experience in the financial services industry,” have you?

    Do they even make those?

    “Hello, Central Casting? Yes, I’m looking for someone to play the part of a “Computer literate involved, community counseling mortgage broker with… CLICK. Hello? Hello?” Huh, we must have gotten cut off… don’t you just hate AT&T?

    Come on… I was born at night, but not last night. Once you put “mortgage broker” on that list, you’re looking for a mortgage broker, right? You know any mortgage brokers with diverse skill sets that you’d consider “many and varied?”

    Why don’t they just say they’re looking for a mortgage broker to work on commission and sell people on applying for loan modifications? They should let me write their ad on Craig’s List, I’d have the phone ringing off the hook.

    Here’s what else it says on NACA’s website about working there…

    “NACA staff have a passion for and commitment to community advocacy and the delivery of excellent services to working people.

    The Home Save Counselor works directly with at-risk homeowners across the United States by providing comprehensive phone counseling. The Home Save process requires homeowners to complete information and submit documents through NACA’s website. The homeowner can obtain comprehensive counseling either face-to-face in a NACA office or by phone through the counseling center.

    The Home Save Counselor should have experience with counseling, calculating income, budget preparation and traditional loss mitigation workouts. While NACA’s Home Save solutions are not the same as traditional workouts offered by lenders/servicers, we need those individuals skilled in traditional workouts so we may teach the Home Save process.

    Home Save Counselors work from the Counseling Center and will be counseling homeowners over the phone. The Counseling Center is operating from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Employees work on two shifts. NACA, at its discretion, may change the shift hours. All Counselors may be required to work longer hours or additional days to accomplish the work. Some staff are provided the opportunity to participate in NACA’s Save-the-Dream events which occur throughout the country.”

    Well, the long hours are no problem… they’re working on commission right? Commissioned sales people never mind working late as long as they’ve got “Ups” or “Leads” to “close on a loan mod deal,” after all they’ve got to cover their “nut” and “pay back their draw”.… is that about right for how I should be phrasing that?

    It’s funny too because a few months ago my wife and I bought my daughter a new car for her birthday, and we both have such fond memories of the “Vehicle Attainment Counselor” we worked with at the VW dealership. Actually, by the time we left in our new car, he had also helped save our marriage and made me understand my inner feminine child… oh, shut up, shut up, shut up!

    He was a car salesman, which was fine by us as we were looking to purchase a car. And I couldn’t pick him out of a line up today if there were prize money involved. I can, however, describe the car we bought… it’s a Jetta TDI, black and tan leather… sunroof… gorgeous.

    “Counselors,” is that what we’re calling them now? How stupid do they think we are? I don’t have a stockbroker, I’ve got a “Monetary Separation Counselor,” is that the deal?

    Look… I have wanted to like NACA ever since I started reading about how Bruce Marks was delivering old furniture to the front lawns of bank CEOs… he seemed like a guy after my own heart for a while. But all I ever hear from homeowners is that they went to a NACA Revival Show, and either nothing happened, or something bad did. It’s never a positive experience… never.

    And now maybe I’ve discovered why… commissioned mortgage brokers masquerading as “counselors from the community,” making up to a grand for selling loan mods. You know, I’ve been wondering where all the mortgage brokers who used to sell loan mods went ever since the FTC’s and AG’s task forces started shutting them down a few years back, and the MARS rule pretty much put anyone out of business all over the country, if they weren’t already.

    So, now I know… they’re at NACA… of course… why didn’t I think if that. I should have realized that they’d all end up as “counselors” at a nonprofit housing counseling agency largely funded by HUD or other tax dollars of mine. That is a truly lovely thought… now if you’ll excuse me I’m feeling some projectile vomiting coming on.

    By the way, t’s not as if I’m the only one who feels the way I do about NACA… check this out…

    Cleveland, Ohio — Homeowners should beware of an out-of-town housing assistance group that claims to help people get better mortgage terms, local foreclosure prevention groups say.

    The groups — Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People, Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland, Community Housing Solutions and the Cleveland Housing Network – issued a statement Wednesday against an event planned in late June, saying the sponsor jilted homeowners last time it came to town.

    The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, in Boston, has scheduled an event June 28-July 2 at Cleveland’s Public Auditorium. The organization held a similar event in June 2009 at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center.

    “NACA claims to have the best homeownership and foreclosure prevention program in the nation,” the local group’s statement said. “But that is no consolation to the hundreds of homeowners who were jilted by the organization the last time they came to Cleveland.”

    Bruce Marks, NACA’s founder and chief executive officer, said the local groups were threatened because his organization has serviced 650,000 clients nationwide.

    “It is just petty organizational jealousy,” he said. “It should be about the homeowners.”

    Yes, Bruce it should be about the homeowners, but you’re not exactly the one to be on that particular soap box, are you?

    Can’t you just see an ex-mortgage broker telling some homeowner that they’ll get a principal reduction and all sorts of other garbage because he needs the commish to make his Benz payment on Friday? Close that loan mod, close that loan mod… good Lord.

    Lou Tisler, executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services, said NACA staff assured many Northeast Ohio homeowners in 2009 that they would get mortgage modifications to keep them in their homes. Often, the “guarantee” didn’t materialize, and the homeowners ended up at the local agencies, he said. By then, months often had passed, making it more difficult to prevent homeowners from going into foreclosure, Tisler said.

    “I have nothing against Bruce Marks,” Tisler said. “I have something against an organization coming in and building up expectations for people and then leaving town not making people whole.”

    Yeah, I understand that sentiment… actually, no I don’t. See NACA is Bruce Marks. He set this thing up… made it too big to be competent, and now it’s causing homeowner harm and setting them up to be closed like they’re attending a time share presentation.

    Oh, and there have been 19 complaints filed since 2007, as far as the Ohio Attorney General’s Office knows, and that includes the complaints relating to telephone solicitations and foreclosure counseling. Gee… so what does that tell us? Maybe it’s that fewer people complain when they aren’t paying anything for the service they didn’t receive? You think that could be it?

    “Nineteen is a very, very small percentage given the number of people we’ve helped,” is how Bruce Marks responded, and he should try that argument out here with the State Bar or BBB. I know firms with fewer than 19 complaints over the last four years, and thousands of satisfied clients… and they have a D- with the BBB.

    No matter anyway… the complaints did not result in any action against the group, and why would they? NACA’s a nonprofit with Home Save Counselors. Now, if they were just a traveling circus of a high-pressure sale show hawking loans and loan mods, well, that would be another matter, right?

    Oh, shut the front door.

    People, I don’t know what to tell you about whether you should go to NACA or not… but if it were me and I was going to check it out… I’d keep my wallet in my front pocket so it doesn’t get picked, and I’d be every bit as suspicious as when talking to any other kind of commissioned salesperson.

    For the record, I tried sending a couple guys to one of the events once, but the NACA goons spotted them looking like they might be cognizant of their surroundings and they threw them out. It would seem that Mr. Marks doesn’t think his show is ready for prime time.

    Too bad. I wouldn’t mind slamming a few seniors into some crummy mods in order to pick up a quick Ten Gs for this weekend. Come on, Bruce… I’d make one heck of a “counselor.” (Wink, wink.)

    Mandelman out.

  27. the problem i see with this article is the implied hypocrisy. there seems to be resentment for the failure to follow through with the foreclosure based on the neighbors having to defend from vandals and thieves while watching their own values deteriorate. however, the same sources despise the banks for foreclosing at all. good news for a reporter or blogger to be able to complain no matter what the bank does, but it sure appears to be a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation.

    what does Weidner want? I know he’s anti-foreclosure, but he appears to be in favor of foreclosure if the homeowners have vacated and abandoned the property….

  28. @Jan,

    I understand what you’re saying but i think that what we’re looking at goes way beyond borders, houses and fecundity. Here is my entire line of thought based on everything i have so far. Because I just came to the realization of it, i have to repost the whole thing and expand somewhat. It may help someone shake the abject fear that has been instilled in all of us. It may offend others. I’m not responsible for their reactions.

    What i believe is that we are looking at something much bigger than we can comprehend and Carie’s reaction tells me I’m onto something. My first instinct was to shudder. I no longer do because the whole picture is much, much bigger and much, much more positive than I thought.

    Our economy sucks and many, many jobs have been lost. I don’t believe that we can get them back at this juncture, nor that it is part of the big picture: manufacturing plants have been moved to Asia and our jobs feed people who, like us, need to eat and feed their own kids. In the Big Scheme of things, outsourcing was a necessity. India has not suffered a major famine in many, many years. China’s standard of living has greatly improved. I grew up looking for years at horrible famines in India, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Somalia, etc. It has been never ending and it’s still going on.

    Internet and telecommunication has made it impossible for any of us to ignore the fact that almost 2 billion people do not have one meal each day and live in abject poverty while others have more than plenty and can afford to obscenely waste food and earth limited resources. What if our economic crisis was only one step in the global redistribution of wealth? In the light of the clip below, it would start making a lot of sense. Obama’s push on disarming and getting rid of nuclear power as fast as possible, along with other nuclear countries’ cooperation (Japan among them: we probably had the closest call we’ll ever have) would indicate that big powers do not want WWIII. Big powers know that, should there be a world war, our species will not survive.

    That clip below has been bothering me for a couple of days. I couldn’t put it into context. Now, i can.


    Fed lets Chinese banks take stakes in US banks

    The Federal Reserve has approved applications by three big Chinese government-controlled banks to set up branches and take stakes in US banks after deciding they were adequately regulated in their home market.
    09 May 2012”

    What if we were in the midst of the largest cooperation movement and effort worldwide, of which we should not be afraid but that we should, instead, embrace? What if that movement had started right out of WWII and has been following its course eversince?

    There is a Big Scheme of Things. I think we’re in the middle of it.

    It goes way beyond devisive words people use without even understanding their meaning and the concepts behind them. It is not about ideologies which, all have, at some point in history, fulfilled a need and become obsolete or destructive when pushed to their extreme. It is not about politics and parties, countries and cultures. it is not about you or me. It is about the future of humanity as a species. It isn’t even about earth: earth is a big girl. She has in her to clean herself if we mess her up too badly. She’ll get rid of us first but she’ll survive. She was here long before us and she’ll be here long afterwards.

    It is about us: if we were going to become extinct, and by our own hands, what was the point in the first place? Breath oxygen and take up space?

    I am now fully satisfied that I have the answer I needed all along and I will no longer be afraid. It doesn’t mean that I won’t fight, on the contrary. The most elementary decency would have required that we be informed of what was in store worldwide. There is nothing decent in the obscene bonuses and salaries bankers have pocketed while subjecting us to the cruelest and most unusual treatement. There is nothing decent about the victimization of millions, regrdless where it takes place and by what methods. I will fight to the end the methods used to redistribute wealth without telling us anything, still recognizing the disparities and inequalities worldwide have caused havok and brought humanity on the brinks of anhilation. What it means is that now, I know why I fight. And I know what. Humanity doesn’t live in a vacuum. We are simply witnessing the end of “Me first. After me the big flood.”

    I still want to see prosecutions. It’s the right thing to do. But in my Big Scheme of Things, it will happen anyway.

  29. Responding directly to Matt Weidner’s article, I would advance the proposition that a major reason “foreclosed” houses (and I say that in parentheses as the term is inappropriate: “stolen” would be a better descriptive) remain in limbo is that it was never the purpose of the foreclosers to take possession. The real reason for the final Judgment of foreclosure is so that the Servicers can go to the credit-default insurers and make claim for cash payout of principal, interest, costs, and fees. It also allows the “trustee bank” to go to the “investors,” the saps who bought the Certificates in the Trusts, and say: “Sorry, guys, we tried, we have a foreclosure, there is no recovery,” and thereby make the final settlement deal, perhaps 3 cents on the dollar, with the investors and get them out of the way.

    Since neither the Servicer nor the supposed “owner of note” actually had Penny One at risk, and since they now have been dramatically enriched by the insurance payouts, who cares about the house? Best to try to sell the “Note” [Remember that one? It never got stamped “paid,” so it is still floating around out there] directly to HUD, and let them try to clean up the paper and peddle the house off.

    Remember, folks: it is all about the paper. It is never about the house. Unless the house is a plum, and can be flipped. Then, and only then, do the goons go after the actual house. Solution: indefinite detention in Guantanamo for foreclosure attorneys and their employers.

  30. Before responding directly to the Article, I comment on “Enraged’s” posting, wherein he suggests that one possibility to the bizarre phenomenon of local officials razing houses is to create a future pent-up demand in the home construction industry, to re-start economic activity (a fantasy construct, but nonetheless to be addressed):

    The reason this will not work is three-fold. First, recognize that the US population is currently experiencing a low fecundity rate – now at 1.9 . A “fecundity rate” is the number of live births per fecund female through her life span. A population needs to be at 2.1 to “stay even,” and to go higher than that to gain traction. The only reason that the US population has been expanding (and thus increasing demand for housing) is due to immigration.

    Other societies are worse off. Germany has a fecundity rate around 1.3, which is leading to a collapse of the ethnic German population. Even Italy, land of lovers, has a fecundity rate of an astonishing 1.1.

    Beside general immigration, the more fecund sector of our society is the Hispanic community. As this migrant flow is choked off, the population will continue to shrink. And that leads to “Reason #2,” that the Republican vision of nirvana, a gigantic 16 billion-dollar wall on the Southern border reinforced by razor wire and attack drones to keep “those people” out, coupled with the deportation of 11 million Latins, will result in farm crops rotting in the fields, un-mowed lawns, and 3.5 million empty housing units (both houses and apartments). Apartment owners will lower rental rates to convince “whites” to move in, underwater houses will be abandoned, and the housing market will remain collapsed. Architects: you will be out of work.

    Reason #3 is the $45 Billion – yes, forty-five billion – that is now spent on “homeland security.” One piece of this is the fortification of the Northern Border, on the premise that Canadians are dangerous people. That border now also has active low-flying drone aircraft, men on horse, ski-doo guards with guns, and other Men In Black paraphernalia. More insidiously, Canadians can no longer cross without a machine-readable passport, to log movement both in and (soon) outgoing movements. There are perhaps 25 million undocumented Canadians living here, who “pass for American” and are invisible. They will be expelled. The impact of this dislocation is incalculable. Welcome to East Germany, Erich Honecker style, with an Appalachian accent.

    Hey, folks, you voted for it. Do you seriously think Janet Napolitano is competent? How about Janet Reno? Blame yourselves for electing these loonies, unreconstructed troglodytes all.

  31. Matt Taibbi:

    “…Wall Street has a dependable playbook for getting rid of any reform, no matter how small, that leads to greater accountability. “First, they hire a shit-ton of lobbyists to go to the regulators,” says Jim Collura, spokesman for the Commodity Markets Oversight Coalition. “Then, they beat the crap out of them during the rulemaking process. And then, when that’s over, they litigate the hell out of them.”

    “…The system has become too complex for flesh-and-blood people, who make the mistake of thinking that passing a new law means the end of the discussion, when it’s really just the beginning of a war.”

  32. Something has occured to me and I’m just going to throw it out and see how farfetched it is…

    Our economy sucks and many, many jobs have been lost. I don’t believe that we can get them back at this juncture: manufacturing plants have been moved to Asia and our jobs feed people who, like us, need to eat and feed their own kids.

    What if… foreclosing here and razing perfectly good houses was one way our officials have found to create jobs that cannot be outsourced? What if the idea was to create artificially a housing crisis requiring a serious construction boost? What if throwing millions in the street by any possible means was the way to accomplish it? What if our officials were, in fact, looking at England and Germany after WWII and considering how rebuilding their country was THE way they resolved unemployment and restarted their own economies…?

    It makes me shudder just thinking about it but it is becomeing increasingly harder to put anything like that past our government.

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