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Editor’s Comment:

Executive departures at Fannie, Freddie and Investment Banks

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are all buzzing about the departures and layoffs of high placed investment bankers at Fannie and Freddie and the huge layoffs at BOA, Citi, Chase, and Wells of formerly high-priced (stupidly high salaries and bonuses) of major players in their investment banking divisions. These people have intimate knowledge of the actual flow of money, securities and the alleged  securitization of millions of loans.

If you are looking for fact and expert witnesses, this group of people contains at least a few hundred whistle blowers despite contracts they signed for their benefits package on leaving the GSEs and the Banks. Many of them are waiting to be contacted and believe they can make far more money busting the banks or agencies that hired them than the bloated severance package they received.

If you ask the right questions and follow up with them, you will learn that from the very start the documents used at closing with borrowers were even more misleading than the documents used at closing with the lender investors. They will also tell you names of investors and investor “pools” and the fund manager of each. And of course they will tell you that the pools are either empty, non-existent or hydrogenated so that their existence and contents are a complete mystery even ton those who sold repackaged mini bonds or mortgage bonds using the dissolution of the old “trust” that purportedly claimed ownership over the entire loan.

Most important is that these people can tell you why “bankruptcy remote” thinly capitalised entities were used to originate the loans rather than the lending pools. And they can tell you where to find the money that was received, but not allocated to reduce the loan balances or the balances due on the mortgage bonds.

15 Responses

  1. @Nabdulla,

    Three times, huh?

    Do you go alone or do you have an attorney? And doesn’t there come a point when it crosses the line and becomes pure harassment?
    Should you start attacking the mill for abuse of process or something along those lines? I suspect the mill’s client(s) has no standing, right? Otherwise, it would have been foreclosed, no?

  2. @ All Chase “bedbugs”….

    You MUST follow this site RELIGIOUSLY!!….

    “Multi-District Litigation against JPMorgan Chase Bank Regarding The HAMP Program

    Imagine That, One Of My Few And Far Between Personal Blogs, Instead Of Just A News Feed. BUT FOLKS THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    All State Cases Against JPMorgan Chase Bank With Regards To The HAMP Program Have Been Consolidated And Were Transferred To Federal Court In Boston, Massachusetts On October 12, 2011. States That Are Currently Listed With Plantiffs Are: California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia & Washington.

    You can find this case HERE

    I contacted the lead council on this MDL Case# 2290, Mr. Gary Klein in Massachusetts, and left a message to contact me and let me know if others can join as named plantiffs, and I also sent an email of the same. Mr. Klein’s phone and email – 617-357-5500 at Ext. 15, and

    I urge anyone in the above mentioned States to contact Mr. Klein if they are interested in being named as a plantiff. I am also trying to find out if other States can join, because I am in North Carolina. As soon as I get more information I will post it.

    Other Important Links:

    You can find a list of pending MDL’s HERE

    You can find a list of current MDL’s in the District of Massachusetts HERE”

  3. @ EULE

    “EULE, on May 2, 2012 at 2:14 pm said: THE FORECLOSURE FROM HELL”

    Because, “the Sacramento Superior Court (unlawful detainer division) entered an order authorizing service of the unlawful detainer by posting and mailing” – the plaintiff’s are dead meat. As long as defendants can show compliance with the order. My money on the defendants.

    Also, “YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET”. Every since that cop and locksmith got killed, (like everyone here, pray it wasn’t cubed2k), you’re going to see “evictions” performed in this manner. 20 deep, SWAT down, helicopters, tomahawk cruise missles, 60 cal gatlings, coroner and undertaker – all right there. So if the foreclosure action flys, and the successful bidder at auction moves into Landlord/Tenant Court to evict – you’re “dead and stinking like Abraham Lincoln”.

    At least you are here in Kings County, NY – because no matter how meritorious and good your evidence, L/T Court will not address defective title or fraud by the “Landlord” in the Supreme Court foreclosure action. BUT GOD BLESS AMERICA!! On three occassions, upon my tenants being served with eviction petitions, I immediately moved back in the Supreme Court for stay of L/T Court proceedings and TRO. On two of the occassions, the mill (Rosicki & Rosicki) didn’t even show up – because the matters were before Justice SchacK. Oops 🙂

  4. @ neidermeyer

    “neidermeyer, on May 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm said:
    @ nabdullah ,
    That link is to a case in Cotabato City in the PHILIPPINES which is what the “.ph” after the “.gov” indicates … I am interested in what you wrote.. do you have the correct link?”

    That link is to the case where the quotes were taken out of, and yes, it is in the Philippines. But the location is irrelevant as to the notary issues. I think????

  5. Five different deeds, five forms of my name and property description. Fact my true title company policy is Fidelity Title. When I called them. They told me it is still in ffect from date of closing of May 8th. 2002.
    My question is. Why are there different filinngs on my house with Web Title, Intracoastal, First American? I have them all. Not one of my filed documents are signed by me. ZERO!
    The reason why fighting this in court is a losing battle? It is the court clerks Judges law clerks attorneys etc. Who set this mess up and benefitted from it. Not an allegation but a fact. It is my former husband who is doing the filing etc in both NY & Fla. likely even more locations. I know his signature, the dates, tthe people involved. Many of these loans not going through traditional applications etc. Ex has been empoyed At various car dealerships in NY. He was the Finance Manager. Had bank access, access to car lein satisfactions. Ford motor Credit, GMAC. Suffolk County National Bank, Chase, Citi etc.
    Using this bank access for more than auto finance. Beginning in 1988.

  6. My $30,000 down payment also. My conventional loan no insurance. How did I wind up with at least four title companies? and a phony Deed. That has the wrong address on it.
    I know a lot. Found out by expeiencing issues with my own house. Exactly who the ROBO signer is and what is being done.
    Going to send some documents for Neil to post. Anyone with a New York or Florida mortgage. Go to your county clerk and check your recordings on your property.

  7. Perhaps they cant pay anyone enough money at any price to forge notes now they are in the public eye.

  8. OK —this is what the class action attorneys need. maybe a better way to put it is that if you are a mortgagor supposed to be in a pool, then if you have a claim–ever party in the pool should also. it is not economic to attack these cases one by one——even for a pro se attorney. But class actions which rely on 2-3 indiduals sets of facts can be economic and those persons who have laid out the facts and created the trail fot the class action attys to follow—supported by “evidence” provided by these guys can provide both economic recoveries for the activists as well as the whistleblowers. The vaste bunch of homeowners that were defrauded will not get more than minimal recoveries to be sure–but it is incumbent on activists to make sure they send the signal “crime does not [always] pay”—-the role of the newtwork that is frequently mentioned here–should be to match activists to lawyers and these whistleblower “specialists”. Of course, the effect of the confidentiality contracts will be to create a basis to get a Court ORDER to either enforce silence by the whistleblower, or to strike evidence at the trial which is subject to these contracts.

    So people need to be looking really hard at 1st amendment cases and public policy against silencing whistleblowers. Ie that in your state or federal court the confidentiality clause is not enforceable because it s against public policy. Examples along this line would be a contract action by a gambler or drug-dealer seeking to collect on a debt. Not enforceable because against public policy–so that is the sort of thing you are going to be involved with—the issue of pre-judgement comes to mind, thus if the court imposes a gag automatically without hearing the public policy argument then next step is to join the judge under 42 USC 1983 –infringement of civil rights under 1st amendment as to the whistleblower and 5th amendment as to the named homeowner.

    This will be nasty stuff–the lawyers will earn every penny—and 99% of the legal profession will not touch it because it may require challenging the courts–forcing them to look at ugly things and recognize that they may have unknowingly caused payment of monies to the wrong people–ie not to their own pension funds but to an offshore hedge fund–they wont agonize over premature evictions–forget that–this is about investors being cheated.

  9. NOT-4-U Jumping ship is best SOS tactic after packing $billion sacks

  10. Isn’t that funny how everyone is for sale if you pay the right price…?

    Anyway, I have been repeating over and over that things were going to move and I’ve been diligently posting bank resignations, just to keep my spirits up and my faith alive, as well as instill some of it into the downtrodden ones amons us.

    Looks like i was right after all: I could feelt something was brewing. I think it’s going to get better and better.

  11. If true …. there is much info to back it up
    you will see a lot of thieves GLOBALLY going down
    wayyyyyy past time this happened

    Time will tell ALL

  12. HPN – Headlines

    City of St. Petersburg wins $10.4 million verdict against big bank – Tampa Bay Times

    on 03 May 2012. Posted in Consumer Protection


    TAMPA — In a major victory for St. Petersburg that further feeds into a backlash against Wall Street, a federal jury ruled Tuesday that Wachovia Global Securities breached its contract and owes the city $10.4 million for not notifying it sooner about a failing investment.

    Seven jurors spent more than four hours deliberating in a case that pitted city officials against financial giant Wells Fargo, which bought Wachovia in 2009. After six days of testimony, jurors sided with city officials who blamed Wachovia for losses they incurred when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.

    “The bank was the professional,” said juror Michael Gross, 62, of Pinellas Park. “The city might have been negligent, but the city hired the bank to manage those investments. That’s what they were paid to do.”

    Two jurors interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times said both legal teams presented strong arguments in a case that is bound to have ramifications nationwide. About a dozen lawsuits are set for trial in which large investors, including Sarasota County, are seeking to recover losses in Lehman Brothers bonds from the financial adviser who managed the portfolios — Wachovia Global Securities.

    While the jurors agreed with Wells Fargo attorneys that the city should have done a better job overseeing an investment portfolio of more than $400 million, they sided with city attorneys in concluding that such negligence was moot because the investments ultimately were Wachovia’s responsibility.

    “We weren’t happy with how the city managed its portfolio,” said jury foreman Bill Jotham, 61, of Sarasota. “But the evidence showed that Wachovia didn’t do its fiduciary duty.”

    City officials expect motions related to the trial to be filed in the coming days, and offered few words for comment.

    “We’re pleased with the verdict, the verdict speaks for itself,” said City Attorney John Wolfe.

    The verdict was undeniably good news for a city that had spent $1.2 million to fight a case that was far from a sure bet.

    “Nothing is ever certain in litigation, but we were always confident in our legal team,” Mayor Bill Foster said. Handling much of the litigation for the city were Rob Marcus and C. Bailey King from the Charlotte, N.C., law firm Smith Moore Leatherwood. Helping them throughout was assistant city attorney Jacqueline Kovilaritch.

    If the city recoups its money from Wells Fargo, Foster said it will be put back into the city’s investment portfolio.

    Shortly after the verdict, Laura Fay, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman, issued a

  13. Yesterday, the FBI in a press release announced the sentencing of James Delbert McConnville, to NINE years in prison for a straw man scheme. What they do not tell the public though, is that a woman, arrested with him (rat?) DONNA K.DEMILLO, (AKA DEMELLO-indicted under this name) who also admitted to over eighty straw man loans, they won’t talk about her. WHY?

    This woman, Donna K. Demillo, acted in conspiracy with Donna K. Escamillo in a MASSIVE straw man scheme, at the escrow company called FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY, in that they had DEMELLO do the straw-man closings, then they FORGED the buyers names to a different LOT number, then had them ACKNOWLEDGE the days-earlier signing with DEMELLO in front of ESCAMILLO, and then they placed the notary stamp of DONNA K. MCWILLIAMS ESCAMILLO on the forgeries, and then when the “MARKS” oops, I mean the “BUYERS” found out about the scam a couple years later, they got confused by the names, the actual dates they signed, and such, as they intentionally confused the MARKS, and had them come back over FIVE times to FATCO to sign SHIT! And this is the correct word.


    What would be the “ODDS” of a person signing a notary journal with BOTH these women four days apart?

    This was not a COINCEDENCE.




  14. As well as my $30,000 hard cash down payment and no PMI!

  15. Where did my $100,000 hard cash deposit go ??????

    The good news is there was no PMI because of the large down payment, so perhaps they do not get paid on a default !

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