Wrongful Foreclosure Creates New Official Diagnosis


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Legal Abuse Syndrome: A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Editor’s Comment: 

Dr. Karin Huffer writes in the Preface to her book, Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome:

*If you are deeply disillusioned and feeling oppressed as an American citizen, resulting from experience with our justice system you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome.

*If you’ve been a litigant in court and justice was not to be obtained at any price, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you fantasize about an act of vigilante vengeance because it seems like the only resource, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you’ve reported a crime and found that you were punished instead of the criminal, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If creativity and dreams have been left in the past because their development was ripped from you and torn to shreds by your protective systems, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you feel numb, disconnected, and vulnerable, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you feel that the “system” will defeat you at every turn and there is nothing you can do about it, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you feel that you have been victimized twice, once by a perpetrator and then by your protective system, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

*If you feel that you are a decent and honorable taxpayer who’s been subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” by lawyers, judges, and officers of the court, you may be suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome

Anthony G Sousa, Esq. former United States Trustee for Region 17 covering bankruptcy administration for the Northern and Eastern districts of California and the district of Nevada who writes the Foreward to Huffer’s book, states, “Competent, confident, outgoing entrepreneurs are reduced to “shell-shocked” paranoia, unable to make the most basic decisions.  Polite, law-abiding individuals are transformed into raging extremists, after being lulled unsuspectingly in many cases into believing that they will emerge from bankruptcy able to pick up the pieces with a fresh start.  Karin Huffer’s book, in my opinion, is a most timely and worthy effort to explain the trauma and pain suffered by those who have been victimized by legal abuse.”

While this book covers a wide spectrum of legal abuses, every homeowner enmeshed in this legal quagmire, in this maze of foreclosure issues, would benefit from reading this book.  It is a testimony to our struggle.  Huffer understands and describes what we live on a daily basis.  The roller coaster feelings of devastation, isolation, confusion, betrayal, shame, anger, terror, overwhelm, grief, pain, fatigue and much more has finally been heard, analyzed, validated and given a name, Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS), a subcategory of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which falls in statutes under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  While writing in detail of the eight steps to recovery, Huffer’s book gives empowerment to our efforts.  She holds back no punches to the lawyers and legal systems who betrayed us at every turn.  She includes an extensive bibliography, a comprehensive listing of Resources for the Empowerment of the Ordinary Person, questionnaires and worksheets for those who have been victimized, a news release from Congress in reference to the corruption in the federal bankruptcy system, sample letters to be used, and definitions.  Huffer’s work is a tremendous resource and a beam of light.  Further information can be found on her website: http://www.equalaccessadvocates.com.   To purchase her book go to:  www.amazon.com/Overcoming-Devastation-Legal-Abuse-Syndrome/dp/0964178605

Dr. Huffer conducts “Beyond Rage” seminars and also serves as an expert witness.  To request specifics you can write to her at: legalabuse@gmail.com and khuffer@lvaallc.com  As stated in the Reader Summary of Diogenes the magazine, Fall edition, 2005, “Courts are accepting diagnoses of psychiatric injury as a subcategory of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and respecting psychological treatment provided by distance services allowing for more accurate diagnoses and needs to be communicated to the court.  Both Daubert and Frye standards have been met by focusing on access to the court using creative means to accommodate PTSD sufferers.  Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies recognize and approve distance therapy by qualified professionals as compensable.”  It is encouraging to know that the American Disabilities Act includes the category of PTSD with LAS as a subcategory.

There are millions of us who have been ripped to shreds, lost everything we held dear, had the paths of our lives immeasurably changed by a system that was supposed to protect us. What this means to us as members of this society, and where this will end up, I’m not sure.  But I am sure without a doubt that slowly, there is recognition of what we are living.

Dr. Huffer includes a firm warning to those who would use the information in her book to damage or discredit any citizen in any manner:

“Legal Abuse Syndrome is a natural and normal response to an abnormal, unnatural, cumulative trauma, as with all post traumatic stress disorders.  Any attempt by any person to discredit an individual’s testimony, character, or actions due to their suffering from LAS is to clearly demonstrate the aberrant nature of our system of problem-solving.  Any ally of civilization must clearly identify such behavior as abusive, put a halt to destructive actions, and devote their energies to restoration of victims of the “system”.

Social Security Disability damages are awarded by the Social Security Administration.  If there is a dispute, then there is a hearing.  While you can also take the information about the emotional and psychological damage that’s been done to you into court, if you begin with this, it will not help your case.  Dr. Huffer’s research will never prove wrongful foreclosure.   The wording of the new diagnosis might permit the award of social security disability benefits without any proof of a wrongful foreclosure, but it’s important to know that she only provides information on the personal toll the legal fight has taken on your life.  This is a very important distinction to make.

This is not a magic bullet.  If you want social security disability benefits you can’t simply say you have been injured.  You have to have been injured as of the time to the point of filing for the benefits and as of the time of the review or the decision that you are unable to work.  And the claim is not that your work is not as good as it was, but must be that you are unable to work.  So for example, if you’re a lineman for the electrical company and your job is to climb a ladder and you lost your leg, there’s a good chance you’ll get disability.  That’s why you need a good and experienced attorney for these disability claims as well.

There are other facets to consider in how these disability claims may affect your court case.  For example, if someone is being medicated can they testify?  It puts them in a catch-22.  On the other side of it, there’s the, “we’ve got to take a break” strategy due to the stress and the lawyer and client talk during the break.

In closing we recommend you buy and read this book.  Is it required reading for all the classifications of people?  It depends on the context.  In the sense that everyone should read the book to understand the impact on society of this crisis, is one thing, but if the implication is that this information might change the results of foreclosure hearings, it won’t.

Here are some other reviews of Dr. Huffer’s work:

“As a trial attorney for over 20 years (principally plaintiff cases involving legal malpractice), i can unequivocally state that this book is mandatory reading for everyone coming into contact with the legal system”  Philip A Putnam Esq

“The intangible health problems associated with the legal system in America have created a social malady.  Physicians must respond now to this legal cancer which has driven this nation into economic and moral bankruptcy.”  Cary Savitch, MD, FACP Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine UCLA

“Huffer describes how many victims of white-collar crime, court abuse and bureaucratic bungling have come to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of having brushed up against various phases of our legal system.” – Alan M. Dershowitz, Professor, Harvard Law School

“A must-read self-preservation guide for anyone who is caught up in civil litigation.”  Ken Johnson, Victim/Litigant

“All courthouse personnel and public interest lawyers who wish to see citizen litigants given the proper opportunities for their day in court will find some background material and answers to help in solving this growing problem through the device of Karin Huffer’s treatise, Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome.” – Frank Alan Herch, Esq., Director Clark County Law Library

“Should be required reading for all attorneys, judges and jurors, bureaucrats, regulators–all those who work for the legally instituted protective systems.” Lorne Quigley, Veteran of Viet Nam War

31 Responses

  1. hman sounds like your a consumer in secondary market part of title, closing ‘settlement’ scam between buyer/seller who executes settlements short-sale & deed-in-lieu foreclosure scam . A good lawyer would recognize through looking at actual transactions why you may be lawfully entitled to trebel for your troubles.

  2. @ enraged – it is the horse race to no place. Right now, we are all horses racing toward a finish line and the rules are changed as we go. Folks like James Dimon steer the horse in the direction of winning because their job is to keep you believing you can win if you just do this, or that, and than this…

    At the end, the whole race is rigged, and despite your best effort the Judge overseeing the race is going to place you dead last. You can go on to try and win other races to avoid eviction, but it gets more costly to enter those races with legal fees rising every day.

    I have personally watched lenders withdraw their state action and refile in federal court to circumvent state law. I wrote about this months ago. the lender will sell, assign, convey, do something for a dollar and other valuable consideration to a hedge fund / lender who has no banking operations in the State where the loan is located. They will refile in Federal Court. This process will pick up after the elections, regardless of the outcome.

    So, the moral of the whole race episode is to show that you can fight all you want, and believe their is some chance of being that first horse across the finish line, when ultimately we are all in a big race that we created in our own minds. We are fighting about NPV Tests, assignments and a bunch of other horseshit (pun intended) while they collect swap proceeds and send some per diem schmo in to tell the Judge that they have a right to collect, and they do.

    As the illusionary horse race unwinds, we will all be shipped off to the glue factory while the true winners of the race sit in the same winners circle drinking and toasting one another on the great job they have done saving the financial system and capitalism.

  3. @Ian,

    I know. I have no frickin’ shame! Must be that European blood and upbringing…

    Hey, you know what they say: I’d rather ask for a lot and get some of it than ask for nothing and get all of it!

  4. enraged- what? you are being given back the tax money which was paid by your servicer? Next thing you know, you’ll be wanting a free house. I, for one, am deeply disappointed by such self-serving behavior. A sad day on LivingLies.

  5. @carie and Ian,

    You guys! The things i learn here! So, PNV would be “present” net value, hugh? That tells me how arbitrary it is… Iwntmypnv might be better off jut wanting his pie after all… At least, that’s something he can sink his teeth into!

    I don’t have the foggiest what my pnv is. Three months ago, I asked for my real estate taxes to be re-evaluated to take into account the home value decrease and I got their response: jacked up by $1,000!!! So, I choked it down on the account of a bad move on my part and let it go.

    Two weeks ago, I get a certified letter. The tax asessor where i live is inviting me to a revision hearing. I’ll go. I even expect to get a refund on what the servicer I no longer pay has overpaid in the past two years.. Now, that will be a windfall! I’m ready to go argue the value of my property. Nothing to lose, right?

  6. enraged- iwantmynpv- the npv would stand for net present value, which is a convoluted, byznatine, easily gerrymandered, constantly moving indicator of a mortgage value both presently and in the future. It is referred to glowingly by those in the know, yet I have found no one, myself excepted, who knows how to calculate it, after poring over the indicia for days and weeks. Another meaningless bone tossed to us peons.

  7. npv is “net present value”…has to do with qualifying for a lovely “loan mod”…

  8. @Iwantmypie (or whatever it is you want… still not sure what “pvn” stands for),

    Sure I’ll root for you. Just as soon as I have gotten from the “galactical army of white knights” the translation of what you wrote. It sounded full of action but I couldn’t make out who the characters were. then again, never been much of a treker… I always found them too fugly for my taste. I like pretty and beautiful.

  9. trespass, love your posts you transcend the bs the cf the confusion. very refreshing and much needed. thankyou

  10. @enraged, it sounds as if you are rooting for me? ” As we enter the top of the stretch,and make our way to the finish line, “you are already crazy” is now being challenged on the outside by ” fringe lunatic”. The Jockey ( James Dimon) on “fringe lunatic” appears to be hanging a “dismiss motion” in front of his horse, and the horse pounds forward, not knowing that they will refile in federal court.

    They come to the wire with “fringe lunatic” leading the pack by six lengths, “and oh wait” the Judge is disqualifying “Fringe Lunatic” on a technicality and places this great horse dead last. He will have the run the next race without “blinkers” and the race will be held at the Federal Couthouse whcih is a huge disadvantage for this NY bred pony.

    Oh wait, the trainer now wants 20k to enter into the federal race against the bank and “fringe lunatic” may be headed to the glue factory along with “already crazy” and the rest of the homeowners stuck in the race to eviction.

    In other news, shares of “Elmer” have spiked for no apparent reason, this, despite the entire board stepping down and disappearing into the abyss.

    Do the true shareholders of America have something planned? Are we all racing toward something that was never there? Is America at the top of her own stretch and running third with a tired horse? Have we already been “Claimed”

    Damn,what was in the coffee this morning?

  11. @Bill

    All that happened to you was a test for your soul, and that is the ONLY thing we take with us when we go to the next world…You passed the test by not ending your life, and by hanging in there and getting through it. All the things you went through are not bad things…because you have an inner strength that you didn’t have before. You may not understand this now, but some day you will.
    We live in unprecedented times, and we have to keep searching working for truth and justice and reason…and love. God bless you.

  12. My life was trashed by a mortgage lender, illegally, with malice and forethought, then a judge made sure I never got it back. Now, 12 years later, I realize I should have committed suicide and saved myself from enduring the last third of my life in poverty, shame and humiliation.

  13. @James,

    Even if she did get a judgment for $8.1 M., I would bet the house that it will appealed. And on appeal, it may very well (and more likely than not) get lowered to… let’s say… $50K or something more reasonable and commensurate with the actual damages sustained.

    Happens all the time in runnaway jury awards.

  14. I should have said it was “reported” that she won $8.1M. I don’t believe much of what I read nowadays, no matter the source, but still some of the comments might help.

  15. @Huey Reed

    You might want to check out this case in Texas. I’m confident that it was appealed, but you might find a few comments helpful. This woman won $8.1M for a $9000 debt.


  16. @iwant,

    Stick around long enough and you might get your wish… 🙂

  17. @ian yeah, but the devil is always in the Minor Premise! I want to be a fringe lunatic when I grow up.

  18. @Ian,

    “…a number of the fringe sites are full of halftruths, misnomers, verbal inaccuracies and terminological inexactitudes…” How magnanimous of you to speak only of the format. I was talking about the substance… And why is it that, on many of them, you see Ron Paul’s face? And a few svastikas? That reminds me that Adolf, with his bad hair day and little nose broom, was also very much into that stuff. And no one can ever accuse him of having been… shall we say… enlightened? Didn’t finish well for him either.

    Anyway. I like Mandelman. A lot. The guy knows how to put things into perspective. The right kind of perspective. Better than Krugman (I’m the only one who know), Yves Smith (doom, gloom, doom, gloom) and many others who finger point from morning to night but conveniently fail to offer solutions. i guess, offering solutions is too darn difficult and… there is a risk: what if you’re wrong?


    We know they’re not evil, because they’re simply not smart enough to be evil.

    In Hollywood movies, we’ve been introduced to villains that have real game. In the Harry Potter films, for example, there’s “Voldermort… The Dark Lord… He Who Shoud Not Be Named.” In the movie, “Star Wars,” we were introduced to the infamous and intergalactic, “Darth Vader.” And few will ever forget “Dr. Hannibal Lecture,” telling Clarice that he was “having an old friend over for dinner,” in “The Silence of the Lambs.”

    Most everyone, I would think, has at one time or another, seen a “James Bond” movie, maybe it was “Goldfinger,” a story with a villain whose elaborate plan to use nerve gas to rob Fort Knox and ultimately steal the world’s gold, was first released in 1964. Or perhaps it was, “Live and Let Die,” in which a villain attempts to hatch an ingenious scheme to addict the world’s population to heroin, after seizing control of the drug’s world-wide production and distribution.

    In real life, we’ve never had to worry about such evil actually destroying our world, because throughout our collective history, we’ve never seen a villain show up with that kind of game.

    Adolf Hitler was looking somewhat promising for a few years during the 1930s, but after the Battle of Stalingrad ended in a disaster for the German troops in the early part of 1943, he was little more than a screaming lunatic with bad hair and genocidal tendencies. We’ve had our share of “empires” that for a time, appeared capable of dominating our planet, but regardless of whether we’re talking Roman, Ottoman or British… they all ultimately fell like flan.

    And, although I realize that at the moment, we’re very concerned about our TBTF financial institutions having the power to destroy our nation forever, it occurs to me that it’s probably not the case, even if it does seem like it at certain moments. As far as our corporate dynasties go, if history is any sort of guide, they’ve proven to have shorter lifespans that some MLB player careers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all happy about how our government seems set on providing us with tangible evidence of its ineffectiveness on at least a monthly basis. But, it does remind me that it’s at least reasonably likely that the TBTF problem will be overwhelmed by the general incompetence of man, long before it destroys our world or way of life.

    Like, it’s not at all inconceivable that five years from now we could be laughing at how we were so worried about Goldman Sachs… before the investment-bank-turned-bank-holding-company in 2008, quietly filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Remember Lloyd Blankfein, someone would say? And someone else would reply, “Was he the bald one?”

    I can remember when the Vietnam War was never going to end… and then it did. I can recall a time when drugs were sure to be on the verge of destroying our country’s youth, and then they didn’t. Without an Equal Rights Amendment we would never survive as a great nation, or maybe we would. Our hostages would all die in Iran, unless they wouldn’t. And the crash of ’87, which soon morphed into the S&L crisis, was reported so severely at the time, that I never even questioned but that it would be my grandchildren that would be worrying about paying its astronomical bill… until that wasn’t the case anymore.

    After that, the Internet was going to change absolutely everything… even replacing our old economy with a “new one,” or not. AOL bought Time Warner… for a year. And Enron was the corporate Titanic, that along with Tyco, HealthSouth, Adelphia, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen and a myriad of others, had led us to Sarbanes Oxley, a bill that was sure to signal the end of American business… until it didn’t.

    Years ago, the Sears Catalog was a permanent institution in this country, and so was the airline, TWA… and bicycle maker, Schwinn… or camera-maker, Polaroid… and we bought albums, 8-tracks and CDs, but always at Tower Records. And yet they’re all gone today.

    Remember when we might not survive Y2K, and when the president said he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, and when Larry Craig said he had a wide stance, and when we knew there were weapons of mass destruction… even though we didn’t know for sure, but it didn’t matter because that’s not why we went into Iraq anyway, and besides al-Qaeda had cells around the world that would end our lives soon enough anyway?

    Remember when Wall Street had investment banks on it, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stood for fairness? When membership had its privileges, when the Catholic Church and Penn State were both safe places for boys to be, when you could press five to increase your credit limit and there were things called usury laws that made charging more than a certain amount of interest illegal?

    I still remember when there was an impenetrable Iron curtain across Europe, and on its other side lived the people who wanted to kill us with their collective thinking. They’re gone now, replaced by a smaller, nuttier guy in a Members Only jacket that makes him much harder to fear.

    I can remember when none of those things were thought of as fleeting… like the blips on an ever-changing landscape that time would flip, shake and erase like an Etch-a-Sketch whenever we turned our backs to enjoy a moment.

    The Worst Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression…

    We are now six years since the end of a real estate boom that was only around for some four years anyway, and we’re going on four years since Hank Paulson said that he needed $700 billion in unmarked small bills by morning or our gig would be up.

    Since then, we’ve all watched as Secretary Geithner… his trusted ward, Lawrence of Summers, and the Professor sans MaryAnn, all ran about shoveling trillions around Wall Street, while engaging in crazy tea party inspired chatter about how, as far as U.S. homeowners were concerned, there was too much “moral hazard” involved to consider offering them any real help.

    Obviously, their thinking was that by bailing out the deadbeats who borrowed the money for houses that they had now lost trillions on, collectively speaking, they would rush out and do the same thing again thinking they’d be bailed out again. And don’t laugh… that’s pretty much what they thought… and still think for that matter.
    So, the announcement went out across the land in so many words. For America’s homeowners… the beatings would continue. And so they have.

    The Rich Getting Richer…

    About a week ago, a study showed that 93 percent of the gains since President Obama took office went to the top one percent.

    By anyone’s standards, that statistic is alarming… no one can be in favor of that continuing, not even the top one percent. It’s not like it’s debatable to say that enormous income disparity between rich and poor is a problem in any society.

    The question, I suppose, is whether all that’s occurred since 2007 has been part of some nefarious plot perpetrated by evil villains that might have starred in a James Bond movie, or whether the guys in charge have simply been wrong… you know, handled things badly.

    Well, I think the picture is becoming ever clearer that what we have are over-confident leaders who think certain things based on what they’ve been taught and learned in the past… but they’re wrong. What they view as precedent isn’t applicable to the economic situation we’re facing today.

    It’s not like the administration wouldn’t have preferred to have created more jobs and stopped more foreclosures, right?

    To those in charge it’s a duck because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck… but it isn’t a duck… it’s a goose, and a flightless one at that. In the parlance of business books, it’s a “black swan.”

    The Geithner/Summers/Bernanke clan believed (and continue to delude themselves into believing) that by pumping trillions into the financial system and into the TBTF banks, two things would result:

    1.The banking system would stabilize.
    2.The economy would start to grow again, as measured by GDP.

    The funny thing is… and by funny I mean inconceivably sad… that you could argue that neither outcome materialized, or you could say that the first objective was achieved, in an accounting-rules-don’t-matter sort of way. But, no one could argue that the second goal was reached in the least.

    Basically, Geithner and Bernanke thought that lowering rates pumping liquidity into the financial system would stimulate growth because it has in the past. They sacrificed homeowners thinking that once the financial system was stable again, the rest of the economy would be pulled out by the health of the financial system.

    So, here we are… the growth they counted on failed to materialize, as I’m sure they would phrase it, but of course what truly failed to materialize were their critical thinking skills because there was no chance that their plan was going to work in terms of creating real growth.

    It’s simple really.

    There are fewer of us working, so we’re producing less and therefore we’re earning less… and so we’re spending less. And that means we’re paying less in taxes to both state and federal coffers, which means the states are spending less, and lower state spending means reduced GDP… do you see the dynamic at work here?

    Take a quick peek at what’s happening in Spain today and you’ll see clearly the fallacious nature of banker-think.

    Unemployment in Spain is now 25 percent… among the country’s youth, it’s 50 percent, but the European banks to which Spain owes money are demanding that Spain reduce its deficit spending by 5.5 percent over the next two years. Now guess why.

    They want Spain to do that so that the country will have enough money to make its payments to the bankers of course.

    But, you might ask… if Spain reduces its GDP by 5.5 percent over the next two years, which is the same as reducing its spending by 5.5 percent, won’t that cause unemployment to rise even higher?

    Well, of course it will… and very well done there indeed.

    And if the country’s unemployment goes even higher, won’t that reduce the country’s GDP, as fewer people will be working, and won’t that also reduce the revenues that go into the country’s coffers?

    Yes, that’s right again!

    But, won’t fewer people working result in property values falling even further causing more people to go underwater and into foreclosure driven by fewer able or ready to buy homes?

    Very good, right yet again. This is so exciting…

    And if property values fall, and more people default, won’t that cause further harm to the Spanish banks that made the loans that are increasingly defaulting?

    Yes, yes, yes… keep going…

    Well, the more the Spanish banks lose as a result of property values falling, and while unemployment rises, the less credit the banks will provide, and won’t that also reduce GDP even further?

    I think you’ve got it… now bring it all home for me…

    … and won’t all of that combined actually reduce the amounts that Spain will have to make payments to the central and EU bankers who are the ones demanding the 5.5 percent reduction in government spending in the first place?

    Thank you, Lord! Why yes, I would have to say that would be the case.

    Do you see ANY OTHER OUTCOME that was POSSIBLE?

    Please… take you time… the answer is NO, NO, NO.

    So, why are the EU bankers doing this? Isn’t it stupid?

    Yep. It’s stupid.

    So, why are they doing it? Are they evil? Do they have a nefarious plan?

    No, it’s just stupid. But the EU bankers are just like Geithner, Summers and Bernanke, they are forecasting Spain to have GDP growth this coming year because they are being bailed out.

    But the bailout funds are only to repay the EU bankers that are lending them in the first place.

    That’s correct.

    So, how can Spain grow its GDP as bankers are forecasting they will?

    We already covered this point… THEY CAN’T… and wont.

    And we’re doing the same thing here at home, the only difference being we can print money… or rather the Federal Reserve can… and then it can lend it to us and charge us interest, albeit a small amount of interest… it’s still interest.

    That printing and lending to the U.S. government machine is what gets called “quantitative easing,” or a “twist,” or whatever new not-in-the-Scrabble-dictionary type word they come up with next. It has a tendency to prop up the stock market, which is why the rich are getting richer as the rest of us die on the proverbial vine.

    And just like the EU bankers, Geithner and Bernanke are forecasting GDP growth once again for the U.S. but once again none of us will feel it because we’re not rich and making trillions as the stock market remains artificially propped up by the Fed’s money creation and lending scheme.

    The best part is that, all the while, foreclosures will accelerate and continue unabated… actually much faster than before, now that the banks have their settlement and to large degree can’t be prosecuted for their foreclosure related improprieties… not that such prosecutions were going on anyway.

    The European bankers are no different than is the FHFA, which is led by Ed DeMarco, the guy stopping Fannie and Freddie from reducing principal balances of mortgages. He says he won’t do it because his job is to return Fannie and Freddie to profitability, and all that means is that in his forecasts… even if principal is not reduced… we’ll all still pay off the debts, or at least enough of us will that it’s not worth writing down the amounts owed.

    Translation: He’s forecasting growth in future years, just as the European bankers are for Spain and elsewhere. He’s wrong, and so are they. He won’t share his assumptions used in his forecasts, but if he was forecasting that more and more will default if principals aren’t reduced, then he’s be concluding that they should be.

    So, you might ask… what should we do?

    Well, for one thing, I’d suggest yelling out: “Look out below! We’re coming down… and coming down fast,” in order to avoid hurting those below us on the economic ladder… you know, the poorer people.

    It’s not that they can actually do anything to get out of the way, so they’ll still get crushed by our fall, but I still think it’s rude not to yell. “Look out below!”

    But, that wasn’t my point…

    What I wanted to say is that we shouldn’t despair. We should keep up and even intensify the fight because if you understood what’s going on, then one thing should be clear…

    They’re not evil… they’re wrong. And we can know they’re not evil, because they’re simply not smart enough to be evil.

    Mandelman out.

  19. Enraged- at least the paranoids aren’t after you…. Not yet, anyway. You are correct in that a number of the fringe sites are full of halftruths, misnomers, verbal inaccuracies and terminological inexactitudes. And that, of course doesn’t include the Aristotelian syllogisms. For cryin out loud.

  20. Trespass,

    I’m all in favor of looking for info where you can find it and reading the fringe sites but… the same way that i don’t trust most of what i hear on TV, those fringe sites are very often strange, to say the least, and quite inflammatory. And I draw the line at stuff such as “cabal”, “illuminati”, “black dragons”, and anything written by some loony who hears first hand from the “galactic army of the white knights”.

    If I ever come across some alien telling me what’s going to happen, I may listen but the Fulford of this world creep me out. And so far, everyone seems to see those UFOs… but me! And it’s not for want of looking!

    And by the way, that “whoa to ye lawyers…” was strange too. Did you mean “woe to ye”? I miss cubed2k: i could relate to his brand of insanity…

  21. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/22/susan-sarandon-white-house_n_1444374.html?ref=mostpopular

    At times, the event had the cheerfully combative feel of an old-time labor rally, and toward the end Sarandon asked Moore to give the audience some concrete advice on how to make the world a better place. After hemming and hawing for a moment or two, Moore warmed to the topic: “First of all, be part of Occupy Wall Street,” he said, before urging those in attendance to run for office and “get involved with any organization that is working to get money out of politics.”


  22. Those that had no compassion, will find out that they will be seeking compassion from us when the time comes.

    Things are being flipped on their head.
    I’m going to sit back and enjoy the change-over.
    I wonder whether the ensuing changes will feel like darkness to us.

    There is nothing but Love left, and those that have kept things dark will find out they have no more power because what they relied on for the power, is no longer there. (They left us…they left us)

    Well whoa to ye lawyers and judges, because the just-us will be dispensing the justice, and by their own signatures they will seal their fate.

    Attorneys, I feel sorry for, they joined a group to earn a living and then had to play deceptive games because they only way to make money is in the court where they live, and if they move, word would follow to a new court on whether to help them win cases or lose cases.

    If a judge or court decided to make sure an attorney lost all cases, then for all that studying they could not provide for their family because they’d get no clients…their reputation would proceed them.

    Sticky situation in deed.

    I believe a lot of judges may be judged more harshly than lawyers and attorneys, because judges have choices that attorneys and lawyers do not have in the courtroom.

    The system is changing, the undercurrent is happening now.

    People can feel something is going on and they are looking for the answers in the news. My suggestion is seek rumor sites, or secret blogs or alternative news sites, and as people post, you’ll find links to other sites, to get the ‘other side of the story’.

    There’s a group of us noticing the closures, resignations, firings, and people stepping out like the recent BOA shareholders finally saying the settlement they are forced to pay is too low..

    MSM belongs to the group that had the most money, so the anchor people are not going to deviate from the ‘scripted’ news and the ‘scripted’ ideas or fear they are supposed to convey to those that watch the ‘program’ for their minds to be ‘programmed’ with a specific fear, or belief, or hate, or idea.

    When we are no longer hypnotized by the tube, it will be a great world. We will meet our neighbors in our neighborhoods and in the grocery stores and at gas stations and at parks, and see our neighborhood is bigger than the piece of land that has a name, a few houses, and a Homeowners Association governing its use.

    Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, state, People, free, by Divine Right (Jure Divino), allodial

    Bless us every one for the journey we have taken together and still have our sanity and still share our thoughts, ideas, and still address the wrongs and make visible the theft by conversion, and economic terror acts.

    Thou shalt not steal.

  23. @Huey,

    The way I would look at it is this: if one entity dragged me to court and the case was dismissed on standing, I would immediately file for violations of collection statuses. (Immediately as, in many states, you only have a limited time to attack. in others, you can’t even bring up that kind of action except as a counterclaim. You need to find out about your state. or you might be able to go federal).

    As soon as another entity sued me on the same loan, I would countersue. And win if the case gets dismissed on standing, even if it is without prejudice. You can make a few bucks that way. if you do answer by way of an attorney, you include attorney’s fes in your counterclaim.

    And systematically, you should do that each time.

    The alternative is to see whether there already exist class actions against your players and find out how to jump on that bandwagon. Unlike what some on this site keep saying, class actions are not always a losing proposition.

    Whatever you do, defend and assert all your rights. Banks and servicers play a wearing-out guerilla. Do the same.

    My advice. Not for everyone, though: it is a wearing game they play.

  24. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/23/fannie-mae-freddie-mac-live-on-government-criticism_n_1444670.html?ref=business

    “…Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner this month said the United States is lagging on reform of the housing finance system, which he called the “biggest source of unfinished business in the financial reform effort.”
    In February 2011, Geithner predicted it could take five to seven years to transition to a new housing-finance system.
    Garrett argued that Geithner “has shown absolutely no interest in trying to figure out a future for housing finance and resolve what will happen with Fannie and Freddie. It just hasn’t been an important item on his agenda.”

  25. I filed a UCC 301-3 motion demanding the pretender lenders prove legal status and our sale was cancelled again. QUESTION: If the people trying to foreclose on our property have no legal standing and have been harassing us to collect on a debt they do not own for 28 months, isn’t that collection harassment? And isn’t each incident to collect considered harassment? Such as daily calls, phone conferences, weekly mailing, emails, court appearances? And isn’t the Federal fine for harassment $1000.00 per incident and each State $500.00 (some states more). If I am correct in my assumption, Litton, Ocwen and Shapiro collective owe me nearly $2m for harassment alone. Would this be the same as punitive damages? Thanks

  26. Compassion can never be felt by anyone who hasn’t personally experienced what you’re going through. Sad to say but until attorneys and judges have their own brush up against the “justice” system, they can’t know what they inflict.

    Our only hope right now is to see more and more of them go through what we have to deal with. And since nothing is done to fix this tremendous problem of wrongful foreclosures, since, further, our own elected officials cave in and sell out, it can only spread until it reaches them. Then and only then will we see compassion in our courts of law.

    Ditto for all the bankers, middlemen too busy making a buck at any cost, members of congress and even… our own president who forgot where he came from.

    If anyone watched 60 minutes last night, it was enlightening: the reason no one at Lehman brothers went to jail (even though there is now absolutely clear and convincing evidence that, in order to cook the books, they transferred to England $50 billions of liabilities every quarter, prior to publishing their assets and liabilities) is because the feds and SEC worked in that same building, auditing the books and that it was done right under their nose, with their blessing if not active complicity. Near impossible now to go after the heads of Lehman without incriminating a large numbers of the the feds and SEC employees… Hence government reluctancy to engage in any type of prosecutions.

    When corruption reaches that level, everyone not a party to it ends up with one syndrome or another. And then, lose cannons start shooting from every angle. It will come.

  27. I always thought being a victim of extreme oppression was something only experienced in third world countries…but it’s here and it’s now and it’s all-encompassing.

  28. The lender on my deed of trust was found in default. As I was waiting for the judge to sign off I received a breach of contract letter and Substitution of Trustee. A lis pendens was filed but did not seem to matter?
    Anyway, how can you be in breach of contract when you have defaulted the lender? It doesn’t make sense to me. They are claiming it’s a breach for non payment. The crazy thing is that the servicer sued the originator for breach of contract less than a year ago, so they are aware that there were some defects with the loans.
    I think I will be able to knock out the servicer pretty easily, however, does anybody know how to tell if a securitized trust is still active? I’d like to show that the trust is no longer active and shut out the trustee also.
    Thank you!

  29. The lender on my deed of trust was found in default. As I was waiting for the judge to sign off I received a breach of contract letter and Substitution of Trustee. A lis pendens was filed but did not seem to matter?

    Anyway, how can you be in breach of contract when you have defaulted the lender? It doesn’t make sense to me. They are claiming it’s a breach for non payment. The crazy thing is that the servicer sued the originator for breach of contract less than a year ago, so they are aware that there were some defects with the loans.

    I think I will be able to knock out the servicer pretty easily, however, does anybody know how to tell if a securitized trust is still active? I’d like to show that the trust is no longer active and shut out the trustee also.

    Thank you!

  30. You contract your rights when you (you, you) file for Bankruptcy, benefits, any other filing making you a beggar.

    I’d rather keep my rights.
    I don’t want to be robbed. I don’t want my peace of mind interrupted; yet –
    I’d rather be robbed of my property than to give up my rights.
    I’d rather deal with the tresspass on my peace of mind than to give away my rights.

    Filing applications have consequences – known and unknown.

    Until this system is reverted back to one of honor; I do no plan to enter any agreements or contracts.

    Reverting back will seem like the abysmal Revelations people expect from the Bible. There is no need to Fear Drastic change because to enslave us the change was subtle and people gave up their rights for the promise (not delivery) of another day of life.

    A sort of sold your soul, promise.

    Why give up what’s yours for a promise that can’t be kept and why need a promise of one more day when you really live forever!

    No not in the same body; that would be Boring.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life. Free, state, Jure Divino, in Jure Proprio

  31. Through our experience with wrongful foreclosure and the process of how it was handled “psychological warfare” conducted by the banks and all who wanted to foreclose on our house, including being served by someone who pounded loudly on our bedroom window at night of course the proper title for this is~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder~ and it has and is being experenced by all who have gone through this including children and pets.That is why when we went through this craziness my family and I focused on taking care of ourselves not only physically but mentally and spiritually to survive the bombarding of the banks and their counterparts on our home that we were evicted from. And no matter how well you deal with wrongful foreclosure it continues to have lasting effects on you and your family as well as your friends and neighbors.

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