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Editor’s Comment: 

Tuesday April 17, 2012                                                                                                                            Guest Speaker:  Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett                                                         We will be discussing notarizations and all that is associated with that.  More details will follow.

Meeting: Tuesday, April 03, 2012

There is much confusion (and lots of disinformation!) about what QUIET TITLE is and what it is not.  We will closely look at what quiet title is and what you can expect from a quiet title action.  Perhaps, even more importantly, we will look at what quiet title is not and why it may not be the answer you are looking for.  It is very apparent to me that too many people are putting too much faith into a fundamentally misguided quiet title effort and they are being very disappointed with the result.

Quiet title is a tool.  It is only one tool in your arsenal.  A mechanic uses many tools to get you the result of a repaired automobile.  Would you trust and employ a mechanic that only had a hammer to work on your car?

Why are you expecting a better result in your foreclosure defenses if you are only willing to use the quiet title tool?

To supplement your efforts, I’ll be digging out my Pro Se homeowner defense Tool Kit.  We will discuss all aspects of what you need to assemble and assimilate to increase your chances of getting closer to the result you want.

This meeting will prepare you with a solid understanding of what you need to learn.

If you know someone just starting their foreclosure defense, this will be an excellent opportunity for them to get up to speed.  Please invite them.

Thank you to all attendees at last week’s meeting!

The long and short of last week’s meeting is that there is a change in the wind but the powers that be are exercising every tactic possible to deny us the benefit of those changes.

Diligent efforts on our part will keep the pressure on everybody.

We meet every week!

Every Tuesday: 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Come early for dinner and socialization. (Food service is also available during meeting.)
Macayo’s Restaurant, 602-264-6141, 4001 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012. (east side of Central Ave just south of Indian School Rd.)
COST: $10… and whatever you want to spend on yourself for dinner, helpings are generous so bring an appetite.
Please Bring a Guest!
(NOTE: There is a $2.49 charge for the Happy Hour Buffet unless you at least order a soft drink.)


I have set up a MeetUp page. The page can be viewed at Please get the word out and send your friends and other homeowners the link.

We’re quickly approaching 50 strategists on MeetUp!!

May your opportunities be bountiful and your possibilities unlimited.

“Emissary of Observation”

Darrell Blomberg


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    This is a very important case and good case law to follow: This judge goes on the list of the honor system. He has class!
    Attorney Bickerton faced off in court and explained to the Judge in oral argument that the banks didn’t just miss the date to file their assignments or needed to tidy up paperwork, this was a ‘Business model using the loans for overnight lending.’ Bickerton told the Court that if this wasn’t dismissed, his first line of discovery would be geared to uncover the outside financial advantages being derived from the use of the Williamses’ loan.

    Understanding the premeditated intentions of these banks, how they pledge, collaterize, swap, sell, lease,and trade these loans that are SUPPOSED to have been in a static trust will open the eyes of lawmakers to the real moral hazard – the fraud upon the homeowners, the courts and the state.

    Jim Bickerton profoundly says that, “every foreclosure in the state is a victim of this shadow banking scam.”

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