Foreclosure Strategists: Meeting tonight in Phoenix AZ 7pm


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Editor’s Comment: 

Meeting: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is there a change in the wind?

There have been a lot of recent developments in the Foreclosure Strategists’ effort.  Tonight we’ll be looking at:

RECENT COURT ACTIVITIES (local and national)





            Surprise Future Guest Announcement

We meet every week!

Every Tuesday: 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Come early for dinner and socialization.                          (Food service is also available during meeting.)

Macayo’s Restaurant, 602-264-6141, 4001 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012.                       (east side of Central Ave just south of Indian School Rd.)

COST: $10… and whatever you want to spend on yourself for dinner, helpings are generous so bring an appetite.
(NOTE: There is a $2.49 charge for the Happy Hour Buffet unless you at least order a soft drink.)


I have set up a MeetUp page. The page can be viewed at Please get the word out and send your friends and other homeowners the link.

May your opportunities be bountiful and your possibilities unlimited.

“Emissary of Observation”

Darrell Blomberg


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  2. @ marilyn lane

    “Are you going to be going to any of the groups assembling that are giving support to the OCCUPY Movement?”


    “….unprecedented national nonviolent direct action training”

    Be careful Marilyn. The NYPD IS NOT a “nonviolent” organization. They are very and extremely violent. They have already geared-up for the OWS. Their worst acts will not be shown in the bank owned mainstream media. You will not hear of the people beaten, tortured and shot by them. It’s the college kids we most worry about – strong, brave, on a mission, determined – but controlled by emotion instead of wisdom. Please be careful. I pray to Allah for your safety.

  3. @ neidermeyer

    “In about 1 week I will be foreclosing on a delinquent tax certificate….I need the best way to halt issuance of new building permits and occupancy permits for homes under construction and force the builder/HOA to come to the conclusion that he/they need to buy the land back from me….” without getting caught up in legal trouble myself,, I want to avoid attorneys as I have been sold out by them in the past (my current foreclosure defense team however is outstanding)… I’m looking to ask for a substantial amount $15-$25k per acre (1/3rd acre lots sell for $35-40 in this sub with houses starting at 300k).

    Bear with me….going to try and give this a shot. Don’t know where you’re at – but where I’m at (NYC) tax liens are not sold to the general public. They’re sold to and “securitized” by the Bank of New York Mellon (Maybe one day I’ll have time to tell you about the fun I had in the Supreme Court on THAT issue). Anyway….

    “force the builder/HOA to come to the conclusion that he/they need to buy the land back from me….” – Sorry dude, they’re NEVER going to come to that conclusion at this point because they know that you DON’T OWN the land to sell. Upon foreclosure, the Court will direct the property to be sold at auction to satisfy your tax lien. All HOA has to do is outbid you at the auction.

    “I need the best way to halt issuance of new building permits and occupancy permits for homes under construction….” – Remember I said that all HOA has to do is outbid you at the foreclosure auction? Well, there’s a better way for HOA, (As Foghorn Leghorn would say, “Pay attention son, I’m trying to teach you somethin”). Lets go down the rabbit hole for a minute – if I was HOA, I’d hunt down the owner of the property, (in NY “common” merely means easements), throw him some grease delivered by a 5’8″ 38D-24-38, get a quitclaim deed, and tell you to kma. Well, that works two ways – why don’t YOU get a quitclaim deed and tell HOA to kya. They can get all the building and occupancy permits they want. Look around the rabbit hole. These guys and their “attorneys” don’t do ANYTHING lawful. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    Do I need a disclaimer here? Anyway, whatever legal advice I give has the same value as a $1 Federal Reserve Note

    Say what? – the owner is a 300-pound 60-year old Woman? Just ain’t your day. Beam me up Scotty.

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