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March 21, 2012. Phoenix, Az. Neil F Garfield had emergency open heart surgery on Wednesday, March 7.  The surgery was successful and he has been discharged from the hospital.  He is now recovering at home.  Many thanks to our guest bloggers who filled in during the time that Neil was “under the weather”.  Neil has started writing again, and is hoping to return to his usual output soon.  Services have continued without interruption.  A former Wall Street insider and trial attorney, Neil Garfield has been the editor and author of the blog for nearly 5 years and has served as expert witness across the country.

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  1. George, I share your sentiments about Neil. Had it not been for Neil, I would have lost my home four years agonad my family would heve been in the streets. Through this blog, I learnt how to fight back at BK court making my loan unsecured after rescission. Our Chapter 13 trustee at the time was unaware of such a loophole and she was very hostile to us as pro se filers. Every attorney we talked to prior to filing, tried their utmost to discourage us from making our loan unsecured as they think it’s an untenable situation. However, we were very confident of what we’ve learnt on this blog as a result resisted the naysayers and file pro se. Well, the battle is still ongoing but I must thank you for your tremendous help to struggling homeowners all over the United States. Because of your resilience, other lawyers who were not believers in your mission are now joining the bandwagon. More options are now readily available to homeowners especially those of us who resides in non-judicial states like Maryland. Thanks to you and may the Almighty keep you around for many years to come.

  2. Thank you Neil for all you have done and will continue to do. You helped me enormously. I wouldn’t have my house if it weren’t for you.
    I am happy your procedure went well, and pray that you continue to stay healthy. God Bless. George… East Stroudsburg, PA

  3. Neil I can’t tell you what a resource this blog has been for me for so many years. I am glad you are better. Please take good care of yourself.

    I was poisoned by Pharma. I highly recommend reading this blog for the truth.

    and joining the Canary Party. I think predatory healthcare is the next bubble to burst.

  4. Thanks for all your help Neil. It is very much appreciated. You are blessed to have 2 daughters that are helping you and helping homeowners. Your family compassion is such a great gift to everyone.

  5. So glad he’s ok!!

  6. Hello Friends and Supporters –
    My name is Chelsea Garfield and I am Neil’s “other” daughter, I know many of you know Danielle who also works on this site to provide customer service to those purchasing memberships, services and products from LivingLies. I’m the “behind the scenes” daughter that helps to maintain our online store ( and am working on restructuring the blog so that readers can find the information they need the most.
    I am touched by so many prayers and messages to my father. He is not only needed to help homeowners but also to continue being the amazing father that he is. I’m proud to be a part of this “family business” to help homeowners all over the country.
    On behalf of our whole family, I thank you for your continued support and prayers. He is a strong man that will not be held down by some pesky heart problem but he is made even stronger by your support and appreciation.

    All the best,

  7. Good health Neil!!! tough as nail! 🙂

  8. Omg Neil you are so lucky, and so are we that we did not lose you !!! Get that no fat no cholesterol diet going and live to a great age of 100 plus.

  9. Neil-speedy recovery dear sir! Keep away from stress. We all need you and you are appreciated.



  11. Hello Neil,

    Sorry to hear that you had another health setback. But I’m so glad to hear that you made it through the surgery and are back at home recovering! My prayers and well wishes are with you and your family!

    I lost my home in 2010 and my hope is that one day myself and others will be vindicated in this fight and those that caused this mess will pay. It took alot out of me both physically and emotionally, as well as losing everything financially.

    Your site has been a ‘beacon of light’ for those of us who knew something was wrong, but felt alone in all of this mess and corruption. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of those of us fighting this war.



  12. Neil, may you live forever, my prayers are with you, God speed your recovery and with a heart is big as yours, I am sure he is watching over you.

    Bob M

  13. My prayers are for your speedy recovery. God has not taken you because you still have work to do helping those in need. Be assured we are all praying for you and your family and look forward to continuing good news. Take good care, follow the doctors instructions, and keep the faith!

  14. Neil,
    My prayers are with you for your speedy and full recovery. You are blessed for the good things you do for your country and your fellow man. Be blessed.

  15. Neil, I pray for your full and speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.

  16. Neil, it is so great to have you back and to read these caring messages written to you.

    I have been thinking ever since this mess started (and with all messes in life, really) about something missing in this conversation. And then when I read the thoughtful sentiments expressed to Neil, it became clear.. I am just as angry as the rest of you that is appalled by what is happening to our property and our country and I will keep fighting. But in the midst of the battle. let us have love and joy in our hearts, as often and as best we can, and let us tell the ones we love that we love them while we and they are here. While it is most important to continue to fight the good fight, let us do it with as much equanimity and serenity as we can muster. I know, not an easy task and I am not a model of this virtue yet, either. But I know it is the right path. There is a spiritual component to all of this, and I believe we (collectively) are more powerful than we know. As one of the best bumper stickers says, “let us be the change we want to see.” So while we are taking fire and lobbing back our own, we need to remember to take care of ourselves and those around us. Be good to ourselves, take care of our health, pray, meditate, exercise, and find things to be happy about and to love. If not, then “they” have already won! As Victor Frankl said while imprisoned in a concentration camp, (and I am paraphrasing) “the only thing they CAN’T take away from me is my peace.” I don’t know if I can ever get to that level of mastery, but it’s worthy of striving for. I believe that our collective right action can change the world…but even if it doesn’t, it will preserve US, our peace, the quality of our lives and the ones around us. Don’t let them win by breaking our hearts..and that goes for you, too, Neil.

  17. We are so with you Attorney Garfield…and wish for your speedy recovery!
    Take it slow….One day at a time……You’ll get there!
    Love and Blessings,
    A Big Fan

  18. God Bless you Neil, glad you are home and hope you make a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!

  19. Sorry to hear that, Mr Garfield. Take care of yourself and take lots of time off. We will all still be here when you get back!

  20. GET WELL SOON, SOON, SOON!!!!!!!
    We need you and we LOVE you

  21. You shed light on the grandscale thievery by Wall Street long before anyone else I know. I would never have known, the livinglie, that was happening then.

    Thank you for the courage to come out and expose the complex scheming by the banks – the securitization of mortgages that mainstream media tried to keep under wraps but failed because of sites like yours.

    God Bless you, always, Mr. Garfield.. you have inspired many of us to do the same, in our own way, to help others, unconditionally.

    Take care, Mr. Garfield.

  22. Dear Neil: I am so glad to hear you are safely back home and hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for all you have done to help others understand the truth and how to fight back.

    I wish you the very, very best.

  23. God Bless you and may you have a speedy recovery! We appreciate all the insightful information that you have enlightened us with and we are looking forward to receiving our title and securitization information in the very near future. Thanks so much!

  24. Neil,

    Get well soon and Thank You for your passion for educating we who do not understand the law or even what hit us!

    We are gaining an education as read and learn and decide to fight the banks. I for one have been able to get sanctions and a settlement prior to actual foreclosure fight by going on the offense early once I read what was happening and why.

    UT thank you for the link we all know the stress of this fight. Our lives have been changed by this fraud and we will never get these years back! Our children have been changed as they live the stress and watch their parents struggle and then finally become activists for the fraud.

    Stand up and Fight!

  25. @Neil

    May God continue to watch over you and your family. We are praying for speedy recovery.

  26. Speedy recovery Mr. Garfield. In my book you are “Sir Garfield”. Thanks for all you do standing up for the little people. Get well soon.

  27. Get well soon Neil ….

  28. Neil, because of your videos, I decided to fight the banksters. I answered and now they are stumbling . They dont know what to do.
    You have informed me. Educated me. Motivated me. Your ability to cut through all the baloney is almost uncanny.
    Please have a speedy recovery and continue to help us.

  29. Neil May you have a speedy recovery.

    G-d Bless

  30. You have helped me get through a really tough time with great information so as to empower myself so I wasn’t a complete moron going through the court system in a crazy maze. You have helped so many people, thank you thank you thank you. Time to take care of yourself. Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts.

  31. My prayers to you for a complete recovery.

  32. i pray for your speedy recovery.God bless.

  33. Best of Luck Neil. Hope you recover fast! Look forward to reading your posts often. Thanks for sticking up for the little guy and giving us all a place to generate ideas and share information

  34. God bless you Neil, and get well SOON. Thanks for being a beacon in the dark. I think I might have lost my mind without this site and the commenters/friends I’ve met here!!!

  35. mind body spirit. we are spirit having a human experience. as a critical care nurse i know the body to be resilient but the soul is perfect and whole always. mind is the key, collectively with mind and a conciousness of truth and what is right and good then the paradim shift that is needed in society will start to happen, but it starts with the individuals responsibility, each of us. there are a lot of good people who try to contribute here on your website Neil, we learn from each other and we all bleed too. you created something that helped us stand up and fight. Thankyou.
    get well.

  36. @ Neil

    I’m just hearing of your operation.
    I pray to Almighty Allah for your health, safety and peace of mind.
    When I kneel before my Lord this Friday yours will be one of the names that whisper between my lips.

    The Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (sws) has directed the Believers to be diligent and steadfast in battle against the disbelievers, liars and hypocrites. The lines are drawn and we (OWS) are getting ready to go into battle. No doubt, blood will spill and the lives of good, innocent people on both sides (OWS & NYPD) may be lost. So, get well….you, carie, Enraged, Anonymous, Shelly, joann, usedkarguy….All – we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do.

    Holy Qur’an: “The Devil plans a plan and Allah plans a plan – Allah is The Best of planners”.

  37. Thank you for all you do, please take as much care with your health as you do fighting injustice.

  38. Glad to have you back sir! Wishing you a swift and pleasant recovery.

  39. @ut – glad to hear of your win as I think I missed it and also your kudos to NG were touching. I can’t believe there is such material as you linked, even tho I can attest there is a need for it. thanks
    It could also be called: “How to rejoin the world and overcome isolation and depression after getting so low you need a ladder to see over the curb”.

  40. God Bless you Neil, wish you a speedy recovery and rest too Neil no sneaking staying up late at night to post or I am going to rat you out to your wife rest we need you.

  41. Neil, I am sad to hear of your need for surgery. I am VERY happy to hear that it was successful and you have returned home safely.
    I am concerned that you are back to work. Please pace yourself.
    Try not to do too much! You have an awesome daughter. Allow her to do some of the work. Just, please……, rest, rest! We need and want you healthy & strong. Prayers are with you and your family!
    Take care.

    In California praying for you.



    I could not have pulled off the “Onewest Bank Gets A Spanking For Being a Pretender Lender” without your information posted on your blog/and homeowner seminar in San Diego that I attended.

    I know I speak for thousands of others who have found you to be an inspiration and fountain of insight into this huge global scam. Thanks for highlighting my win of getting sanctions against them for filing a bogus motion to compel discovery against me. Quite stressful and that leads me to key message here I would like to share.

    I have posted a link for a document that has good information on
    Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS).

    I came across a book about this subject at the Los Angeles County Law Library a while back.

    Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome by Dr. Huffer (associate Professor of Forensic Pyschology at Kings University)

    I am sure many of those fighing the banks can relate to the physical and mental symptoms that come with LAS.

    Be well

  43. Hey Neil, is it true that someone snapped a picture of you blogging from your hospital bed, before, during and after your surgery?

  44. Blessings that you heal quickly.

  45. Neil, glad to hear you are in recovery mode, just don’t overdo it. Like so many others, I wish you good health.
    You, and the LL blog, are an oasis of reason, truth, and common sense in a world gone mad.

  46. Neil it is wonderful to hear you are doing better. I wish you a very fast recovery and I want you to know how much your hard work is appreciated. My God bless you for all of your wonderful work you do for others.

  47. I’m glad Neil is doing well. A “speedy recovery” for him from me. : )

  48. We need you alive! Get well Mr Garfield. Best wishes to you.

    Val Guralnik

  49. Get well soon!

  50. Get well soon Mr. Garfield. Don’t try to do too much, your health must come first!

  51. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Mr. G.

  52. Sorry to hear that you have experienced a serious health crisis… I did not hear about it until today… I know that you have been through a series of hardships–Just know that the greatest challenges tend to come to the greatest people. You are a great person. You have given a helping hand to many who had previously felt helpless and have given hope to those who previously felt hopeless…I pray for a speedy full recovery for you. You are cared for by many people whom you have never even met–myself included…So hurry up and get well…and get back to some serious butt kicking!! 🙂

  53. We need you, Neil. Take a little time, get your strength back, then get busy!!

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  55. Missed you and thought you were on assignment. Glad to hear you are out of hospital. Take it easy and get well.

  56. Glad to hear you’re home and back to blogging. So relieved!!! Take good care of yourself Neil. We rely upon you!

  57. Neil,

    I’ll probably never be able to appropriately convey the thanks that I have for you, your website, your insight and knowledge, your encouragement, and your perseverance in this fight against the wrongs perpetrated by Banksters. If not for you, I would have not been able to defend against losing my home, and therefore ending up on the street with my Wife and kids. Knowledge is Power! And you have been the conduit of knowledge for so many people, empowering us all to fight back. And for that I am extremely grateful. I wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless!


  58. I was wondering why the e-mail slowed down, I thought there was something wrong with my settings LOL
    Do feel better soon and take care, don’t over do it, we need you around to keep us informed. My husband made it through the widow maker on 8/8/10 our 12th anniversary of all things.

  59. Neil – Get better soon. You are a blessing. Thank you for all you do (and have done) to help those that need the most help.

  60. Get well soon, we need you back in fighting form!!!

  61. Speedy Recovery Neil……Keep Fighting !!!

  62. We’ve missed you Neil! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery so you can continue taking down the pretender lenders!

  63. Get well soon. We’ve missed you.

  64. get well soon Mr.Neil F Garfield .I hope you are feeling better .We really need you on here.God Bless always Lillian

  65. Oh Neil, I am so Sorry. I did not know! God Bless You and Prayers for a Speedy Recovery!

  66. Please Neil, take care and I will be praying for your quick recovery. You have done so much for me against this war against frauclosure. As a victim myself and now an advocate for a nationwide group, your blog is the first one I read in the morning and I’ve learned so much from you. But don’t let this fight ruin your health. I know it grips us and we can’t let go, but try. You must be healthy and enjoy your life too. God bless.

  67. This is more than material this is the loss of America and our future. I did not mean this is not important! I believe this to be a crucial time in our lives and allowing this crime to happen is unacceptable. It is not about the houses.

  68. My best wishes for a prompt recovery. The stress we all are under is taking its toll. I may not always agree with your recommendations but I have learned a lot since frist stumbling upon it and it was absolutely necessary for someone to step up to the plate and educate us. Thank you for making it your mission in life.

  69. Neil I hope you get better soon.

  70. Praying for your speedy recovery, you have been a beacon of hope to all of us for many years and we truly appreciate you and your undying diligence and education and fighting for all families out here, Take good care!

  71. Holy cow !! Neil, get well soon !!! And, thank you.

  72. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  73. Boy the same from me. We can not let this corruption kill us. Hard to keep from stressing, but very important to try not to stess. Take care of yourself first! Get well soon! This is all material and not worth lives lost. The corruption is what we need to stop! By hanging on to the material houses, however not worth anyones life.

  74. Get well soon, Mr. Garfield. Thank you for all you do.

  75. Neil , I am glad you made it ,you have to slow done , like all of us.
    we will all pray for you.

  76. Heal fast !!!

  77. So glad you are home and I pray that you will have a speedy recovery. Please take care of yourself . Thank you for all of the hard work that you do but we need you to stay well.

  78. Thank you Neil for all you do. I hope your doing well and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you again for all you do! Bless you <3

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