What Are You Doing About Injustice?


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Where is the outrage?

From 1936 through 1946 a war was waged against the citizens of Athens and Etowah, Tennessee.  Led by Paul Cantrell who was elected Sheriff during rigged elections, the citizens of McMinn County were subjected to unparalleled abuse.  False arrest was common.  People simply passing through the County on buses were arrested on trumped up charges and held until they posted bail or paid fines.  These fines were taken by Cantrell and his deputies as personal income.

The rigged elections of 1940, 1942 and 1944 were reported to the U.S. Department of Justice, which in a striking parallel to election violations in more modern times, did nothing.  In the early 40’s the Department of Justice simply looked the other way as the crimes being committed by public officials.

What Sheriff Cantrell (later Senator Cantrell) did not expect was the return of thousands of World War II veterans who had just liberated Europe from the Nazis.  These courageous veterans took up arms in 1946 against the Cantrell cartel, removed him from office by force, and restored liberty to the citizens of McMinn County, Tennessee.  Not a single veteran was prosecuted.

Today, citizens are facing yet another Sheriff Cantrell cartel but this time it is the large financial institutions with the backing of the United States Government and the support of legions of corrupt lawyers.  Where is the outrage?

Commentator Charles Davis reports in Al Jazerra on March 17, 2012, “…If you want to make a lot of money in a less than honest way, the way to do so lies not in stealing purses or cars. No, the secret to getting rich and staying that way is by controlling the commons: control the land and natural resources, with a few armed guards or the world’s only superpower backing your claim, and one can charge a hefty fee for the necessities of life…”  Where is the outrage?

Homes are stolen by banks wielding documents made from vapor.  Lawyers enter hundreds of courtrooms daily waving fraudulent documents before the court, attesting to the validity and truthfulness of documents they themselves authored during a spiritual eventide.  Notaries Public misuse their public trust by improperly attesting to documents (as was seen in the recent case of Ms. Paula Gruntmeir, a Tiffany & Bosco employee – suspended for a second time by the Arizona Secretary of State).  Judges by and large accept the lies of the lawyers – resulting in a massive transfer of property from American homeowners and the new landed gentry – the banks and their invading Knights Templar: corrupt lawyers.  Where is the outrage?

In 1831 a twenty-six year old French nobleman, Alexis de Tocqueville, travelled to the United States.  His purpose was to study the American system of laws and that he did.

de Tocqueville wrote about his views of American Society and its laws in his 1835 book Democracy in America.  de Tocqueville noted that in America the aristocracy “…entertain[ed] a hearty distaste to the democratic institutions of their country.  The populace is at once the object of their scorn and their fears.  If the maladministration of the democracy ever brings about a revolutionary crises, and if monarchial institutions ever become practicable in the United States, the truth of what I advance will become obvious…

And, what was it that de Tocqueville ‘advanced’?  “The two chief weapons which parties use to ensure success, are the public press, and the formation of associations.”

Our public press has become impotent.  The investigative reporters who in the past would challenge unfounded statements of our political and public leaders have all but vanished.

How is the public to vent their outrage?  It is our constitutional right to form associations.  Sometimes we call associations towns, cities, counties, political parties or just clubs.  From an early age Americans have been taught to rely upon their own abilities in order to resist evil and the difficulties of life.  Lawyers and bankers lying in public and court are creating the death knell for honesty in our judicial systems.  It is up to individual citizens to associate and recover the loss of truth in our society.

The time has come to take dishonest lawyers to task.  To recover from the outrages taken against homeowners the task at hand is to complain to your State Bar Association each and every time a lawyer steps in court and propounds or argues an untruthful document.  The Bar Associations will be inundated with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of complaints.  Much like the WWII veterans who faced down Sheriff Cantrell at the steps of his jail in 1946, sooner or later the will of the people will be heard through their association at the front doors of the state legal licensing authorities.

Where is the outrage?  It is in your hands, your pen and your paper.  This is your call to action.

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law




57 Responses

  1. We all need to establish the case against judges (obviously because of prejudice) and other public officials who knowingly bought into the MBS Ponzi scheme seeking extortionate ROIs.

    Start with some MSM telling them if they don’t pick up the story alternate media will. Maybe WND.

  2. It is interesting there are so many homeowners who are about to be, or in foreclosure or like us have lost their homes. Most of these homeowners have strong evidence to prove fraud against the banks. We thought we had a very strong case everyone said we did. We went through UD court & were evicted. Filed a complaint in court against the Lender, Mers, the title co.MTC, the investor who bought our home. We wanted our day in court! Then our attorney called and said there was a new precedent which stated our freddie mac loan mod was invalid because it was not signed by the lender even though they accepted 2 payments. She said our case was not as strong as it was and every case was being dismissed. She was hitting a brick wall at every turn saying the opposing lawyers would greet the Judges like they were at a golf game. She said she couldn’t take our hard earned money when the courts are throwing out most of these cases. So we ended our once “strong case”.
    The only idea I was able to come with is to put all our evidence on websites for everyone to see.I believe if everyone with a “strong case” would do this with their story and names and dates and try to get it out in the mainstream….who knows? Class action? Im in. I am continuing to research and add to my documents and have it ready to go when it is needed.

  3. chris,
    Which is what I’ve been trying to convey here to everyone else.

  4. @ DyingTruth

    Do we really have a choice? Many of our suits are being thrown out or dismissed. Something has to change…a new approach maybe?

  5. E. Tolle,
    As I’m sure we all have . Actually, we (commenters) most likely are the ones who have expended probably a good majority of the footwork, research and objective that results in the “valueable” posts that informs others. I know this for a fact, which is why I advocate for us to channel that effort at more political goals that have a broader affect on everyone’s outcome and their perception of it. Because the way things are going now (and I can tell just by reading your posts you r feeling this way too) everyone is being systematically made to feel that all hope is lost and there’s nothing we can do to change that.

    The Brief thing was an example, but if you wish u would need to find cases currently on appeal that have unresolved issues of law which we could successfully persuade judges to consider.

  6. Just saying it’s funny watching someone take victory laps when we’ve all watched the same race from the same stands.

    And yes, wordpress is free, but Neil’s invested a ton-o-time in trying to educate. Just a tip of the hat to him, that’s all.

  7. @ DyingTruth

    Okay, let’s file an Amicus Brief…I am ready. More needs to be done. The entire global economy is in the dirt and mostly due to Wall St. Does anyone think another country will ever by triple rated investments from the USA again? Not in this generation. Wall St has made bumbling fools of us and the court system is perpetuating it.

    Let’s do something more!

  8. E. Tolle,
    First of all, WordPress is free, livinglies costs nothing for hosting here. And I’m not saying ‘oh it’s too late, u should of listened 2 me’ type of sh*t or some cookie cutter infomercial miracle garbage like Nancy Drew, I’m advocating for us to organize together NOW (better late than never), but all I’ve been arguing is the longer we delay such an effort the less we accomplish. Even if we worked on filing Amicus Briefs to help judges understand what the facts are and let them know we know of their being compromised because of their pensions and state budget, at least it would be objectably productive. I mean look at how long before Neil accepted the truth about what I’d been trying to shove in front of his face about Judicial Conflicts of Interests Pensions invested in MBS (and corporate stock too). Which is THE PRIMARY reason why we are losing this war (the game is rigged if the referee is paid off). Don’t you think they would rule differently if we forced a media spotlight on that issue? (plus it would garner support and bring awareness to others).

  9. The last thing we need is fear and guilt heaped on our already heavy shoulders….they do no good whatsoever. Remember, we’re fighting for our right to live. To right to exist. We will not go quietly into the night!

    This is our St. Crispin’s Day, our assault of the black gates of Mordor, complete with fearful odds and the like. But we also needn’t be full of fear….we few, we happy few, we band of brothers….let’s kick some banker ass!

    Said with deep embarrassment at the abuse of the good poet Shakespeare….

  10. @ All

    You know even I the village idiot have said: I will put my name on anything…I need help. For me, I think anything is possible.e.g.suits against the Fed, the AG’s, the title companies, the lawyers, etc…the bitching is great to purge, but we need results in numbers. Send a message, we are not going to sit silent. Agreed, we can join a coalition, but we need results and just “my humble opinion”, we need to go on the attack an “in your face” approach is needed.

  11. BTW, what’s with that crack about Neil retiring?

  12. @E. Toile,

    For a minute there, it looked like you were deep into a pity party and I feared you had lost your wit…

    I know: coulda, shoulda, woulda ain’t gona get things done.

    I wonder how many people on this site have physically taken action like… I don’t know… send a couple of bucks to http://www.the99declaration.org or OWS. Made a call to say “Jeez, i have a free day. Anything i can help you guys with? Need things written? Printed? Errands to run?”

    Getting a tad weary of that bitching and moaning. Funny how so many people still life as though it were a life-or-death situation intead of getting it once and for all: it is a life AND death situation. The minute we’re born, we’re at risk of dying. Let’s make the best of it in the meantime!!!

  13. For three years, Anonymous tried to tell us….but we failed. If only we had formed a coalition like she said….yet we did nothing. How could we concern ourselves over our own little struggles….our own legal issues against this fraud? We are short-sighted and self-serving!

    And what of Neil? He dares to fund this site single-handedly all the while writing daily pieces aimed at piercing the corporate fraud and yet, he could have, nay, should have done much more! He let us all down. How dare he retire just because he could!

    And now, due to our lack of movement in the direction we were admonished to go in….all is lost! The settlement came and went, due to our carelessness in not doing exactly what posters here have told us to do.

    If only we had discerned the devil in the 385,375 pages of FASB as it relates to derecognition that Maher scolded us about, we’d be fine. If we’d simply pooled our funds and run Nancy Drew’s computations through a JPL Cray supercomputer, we’d be able to figure out the underpinnings of the fraud. If only we all had gone over to Anonymous’ website to see exactly what she’s done to form the coalition to stop this….huh….what? There’s no website address? How can that be? It’s all just been talk and admonishment?

    Ditch the guilt and defeat the banks….one at a time. That will bring them down. Precedent is building. Ponzi schemes always fail. It’s not necessarily about how many fraudulent foreclosures have gone down so far….it’s about the one coming up that will turn out to be the one too many.

  14. @chris,

    I believe that you are right: it will end up very poorly and, unfortunately, it may very well be what our government needs to give this scandal the proper perspective. This is exactly what Matt Weidner, Marc Dann, Bruce Levitt and many other defense attorneys are stressing day in, day out. There will come a time when people have lost absolutely everything and have nothing left to lose. Then, they will uprise and it will be sudden, explosive and unusually violent.

    You can stretch the rubber only so much. Eventually, it will snap. As a society, we have reached the snapping point, as evidenced by the drastic increase in senseless violent crime and suicide. We want leaders we can trust, we want justice, fairness and what this country representd for so many decades: a crack at a good and productive life. Our jobs have been taken away. Our retirement has been taken away. Our homes have been taken away. Our freedom has been taken away. Dangerously close to snapping point. It’s going to come soon.

  15. @ guest

    I don’t know about that. I had an inspector come to my home to see if the place was occupied and winterize the property. No ID, no papers, not in foreclosure. In NC, it’s 70-80 degrees.

    Is this okay? I think not. If this continues, someone will get hurt. There are plenty of folks that are outraged. Just a matter of time. The banks are arrogant and breaking more laws. The police will do nothing. They do not care. If the guy says he’s from the bank it must be true. Unbelievable!

  16. The system is outrage-proof this time around.

  17. Hey I’ve asked this question before, but never really got a straight answer,


    Do people really think that ‘robo-signing’ has been limited to the foreclosure process, are they that naieve?

    Yeah, I’m sure most of us know Neil passed up a great leadership opportunity. But WE all could have taken the initiative (like I’ve tried to do many times) organized a movemant and made things happen, instead of individually putting all the ‘case law’ together we could find to bring to the courts, only to have it all slapped down and stuffed in the trash by judges. Which is why I’ve made it a constant issue here. Their future financial security is being intentionally threatened right in front of them in order to influence their decisions against us. All the laws in the world would be useless if there is no one who will faithfully enforce them.

  19. @Anonymous,

    Sorry, I just realize that I misquoted the FBI statistics. There re 192 millions forearms in the US. Doesn’t mean that there are that many people owning one: quite a few people in places such as Montana, Nevada, Utah, California and other have an arsenal while many don’t own any.

    The point is that those firearms are out there.

  20. @Anonymous,

    If you have access to Justia, compare the number of lawsuits filed by individuals against the majors banks in 2009, 2010 and in 2011. Then, look at the numbers since 1/1/2012. You’ll see that people are taking action. And there are a few reasons for that: they are fed up, they now know what they didn’t 2 years ago (thanks to 60 minutes) and… more and more defense attorneys at taking up that fight and going to the diffrent boot camps offered by Max Gardner, Jeff Barnes, Matt Weidner, Liz Chaney and others nationwide.

  21. @Anonymous,

    Actually, the settlement hasn’t come and gone. As Yves Smith stated today on Naked Capitalism, the damn thing is still not written. Abigail Field disected it a few days ago and it looked very, very bad but… she also conceded that it still hasn’t been written, hence submitted to the court for approval.

    Further, and because the extent of the bank fraud was thoroughly described in its every details in the complaint (filed, as we all know, AFTER the settlement had been announced with great fanfare), there are more and more questions as to whether a judge can and will sign off on it without the banks admitting to wrongdoing.

    Lastly, a number of seasoned foreclosure attorney on a mission and a crusade have openly questioned, in their blogs, the constitutionality of such a settlement (assuming that it does end up being drafted). You can bet your boots they will attack the settlement all the way to the Supreme Court.

    I wouldn’t throw in the towel so fast. And spring doesn’t start until Wednesday. I keep reminding everyone that sales of firearms have tremendously increased since 2008 and official records indicate that 192 millions of them are currently in the hands of Americans. People don’t buy such toys without an idea of using them if push comes to shove. Well, push is completely overwhelmed by shove. The bank have gone too far. They’ve foreclosed on too many of our military and banks can’t buy every police force in the whole country. Those people have mother, father, sister, brother who have been foreclosed on and have gone through hell and back.

    More people than ever are fighting foreclosure in court. More people than ever are actually going on the attack BEFORE the bank has a chance to initiate foreclosure since in non-judicial states, it is the only way to get your day in court. And more and more people insist on a jury trial.

    I know it is only a question of time before things turn around.

  22. Martha Raysik,

    Ha – HA — thanks, Martha. Going on all over the place.

    Thank YOU!!!

  23. For three years, I have been saying that you need a coalition. You have none. Nothing done. Settlement came and went.

    President election — no hope on either side. All want foreclosures pushed through — without question.

    And, the fraud will remain undisclosed to the public.

    Neil, you had a whole lot more to go into then you ever went into here. Perhaps, you really believed it could be accomplished by taking the side of the “investors.” Failed to realize — the debt buyer investors — were your enemy. And, that they have tremendous power across the globe.

    Not in foreclosure, friends, tried to tell you.

    Forever victims.

    Oppose the settlement, even if you have no standing. Oppose it anyway.

    No investigation — should be no settlement.

    Form a coalition to oppose. Work together — before completely too late.

  24. @ Eric

    Good for you. I am in NC non-judicial…maybe that can work for me. Must check it!

  25. After TWO YEARS in COURT, suing FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY, and arguing to the court that the jesters before it, who represented FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY had NO STANDING. As I said, over and over, Your Honor, I never sued THEM! Why are they here your honor? Who is this entity that are strangers to me? FATCO HAS NOT ANSWERED!

    Yes, after TWO YEARS, and three amendments, finally after I request the clerk enter DEFAULT against FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY… This entity suddenly files a demurrer, saying, ooopsy, I guess we were sued after all….AFTER I REQUESTED DEFAULT????


  26. @ Chris, during my court proceedings the judge told me several times that there is no defense against a UD! I cannot bring up any title issues etc. So i asked the judge for his financials. Duly elected officials by law are to have financials posted AZ law. He did not. I also asked the judge if he would gain financially by my loss. Next thing i know, I get a judgement in the mail in my favor for showing good cause! Now they cannot get me off the property!!! I have possession.

  27. The truth will always be heard last, but not least. Remember your ethical vows. There will be a better crop coming out of law schools because of this.

  28. @ Chris A nonjudicial state. Arizona.

  29. Shays’ Rebellion is the more appropriate occurance to draw parallels with. Excerpt >

    “[D]ue to insufficient funds, the central government was forced to coin money without any reasonable financial backing, instantly devaluing the national currency.

    The flooding of the commercial market with what was essentially worthless currency sent the central government spiraling into financial ruin. In addition, foreign investors and British landholders were unanimously demanding the repayment of all debts. … As a result, farmers (and other working class merchants) were unable to participate in commerce on account that they could not afford the heightened tariffs. As their property became foreclosed, their families starved and their loved ones were forced into debtor’s prison, Daniel Shays saw no other option but to rebel against the sovereign Massachusetts State Government. His rebellion was known as Shays’ Rebellion.”


    It’s almost like looking into a mirror, isn’t it?

  30. Wall Street Firms: Let Us Rent Out Fannie Mae’s Foreclosed Homes


    “…Wall Street firms including Paulson & Co., a hedge fund that made $15 billion betting against the housing market, have expressed interest in foreclosed homes being sold in bulk by Fannie Mae, The Wall Street Journal reports. The firms would likely rent out the homes immediately after purchase, simultaneously taking pressure off both the housing and rental markets (many former homeowners, forced to rent, have pushed up the cost of renting across the nation)…”

  31. @ Eric D.

    What state?

  32. I am fighting! I won as the defandant on an unlawfull detainer and am waiting for the Bank to start a quiet title!

  33. Must listen to: Mandelman’s interview of one of the most committed foreclosure bulldogs: Matt Weidner.


  34. […] Filed under: bubble, CDO, CORRUPTION, currency, Eviction, foreclosure, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, securities fraud Tagged: 60 minutes, affidavits • attesting • Daniel Edstrom • DTC-Systems • fabricating • false information • false sworn documents • foreclose • illicit business practices • improper statements • imp, AHMSI, appraisal fraud, attorney general, auction fraud, Battle of Athens, Chris Koster, credit bids, DocX Indictment, foreclosure fraud, FORECLOSURE SETTLEMENT, foreclosures, forgery, housing market, housing prices, investors, linda green, LPS, Missouri, mortgage fruad, mortgages, Robo-Signing, settlement, strategic default, Wells Fargo Livinglies’s Weblog […]

  35. @ Enraged

    A good start…now we need more from BOA, Citi, Wells Fargo, Ally and various others…

  36. http://www.facebook.com/MassResignations/app_2374336051

    12 more bank resignations today.

  37. Keep in mind that only a fraction (5) of the MERS members have yet been fined on foreclosure abuse. The list is very (very) long and i expect it to take a while before they all have to repay something

    Federal Reserve to fine eight more banks for foreclosure abuse

    From Our Press Services
    Posted March 19, 2012 at 2:57 p.m., updated March 19, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve said today that it plans to fine eight additional U.S. bank holding companies for improperly foreclosing on homeowners.

    The financial firms — EverBank, Goldman Sachs Group, HSBC Holdings PLC, PNC Financial Services Group, MetLife, OneWest Bank, SunTrust Banks and U.S. Bancorp — were not part of last month’s settlement over alleged foreclosure abuses.

    Suzanne G. Killian, a senior associate director at the Federal Reserve, called the fines “appropriate” during a congressional hearing in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Killian offered few details about the size of the fines or when they will be levied.

    The nation’s five biggest lenders — Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Ally Financial — last month agreed to a $25 billion settlement with state and federal government agencies last month after a 16-month probe.

    As part of that settlement, the five banks agreed to reduce mortgages for about 1 million homeowners. They also will pay into a fund that will send $2,000 to 750,000 homeowners who were improperly foreclosed upon.

    Separately, government regulators last April ordered 14 mortgage lenders and servicers to reimburse homeowners who were improperly foreclosed upon. Since then, letters have been sent to 4.3 million borrowers who were at risk of foreclosure during 2009 and 2010.

    The deadline for borrowers to seek money under the orders is July 31. So far, nearly 122,000 homeowners have asked for an auditor to review their foreclosures.


  38. @ john

    I see what you see…and we owe China a boat load of money too.

    If I only understood what our government is doing? Every value, moral and ethic has been sold to the highest bidder. Why aren’t more people seeing this erosion, it’s every where. From soup to nuts…the middle class is almost extinct, and by every indication, 50-75% of the country will need assistance of some sort, if this keeps up. People need not to fool themselves, this is going to affect all of us, in one form or another. I just don’t get the complacency and blaming average citizens for this breakdown. It couldn’t have happened that way. No answers here!

  39. @nedermeyor.
    Its no longer a matter of ‘IF”.
    Its only now about when
    China and Russia are already divesting themselves of US
    Tomorrow March 20th.Iran starts to sell oil in any currency except
    the US dollar.
    That’s the end of Pax Americana and that’s why both Russia and China will go to war for/over Iran.
    War or nuclear war is very close.
    We may all be glowing in the dark soon.

  40. Neil ,

    Seriously.. pen and paper?? the bar exists to protect lawyers income ,, by protecting them from accountablilty (professionally and legally) and to limit entry to the trade.

    I have property in Hancock cty Illinois ,, notable because that’s where Abraham Lincoln had his first outing as a lawyer ,, defending a murderer… he would be jailed today … the bar is one of the types of associations DeTocqueville warned about .. they have wormed their way into society as the only authority and gatekeeper for becoming a lawyer or appointments to the bench.. Time to disband and outlaw the bar. If not the old “5,000 on the bottom of the ocean” joke may become reality if our currency collapses.

    To repeat Johns EXCELLENT Question :

    What happened to the conduit you were setting up for direct
    communication between RMBS investors and “mortgagee’s” ?

  41. Our local Occupy Wall Street group on March 12, 2012 protested at the Ventura County courthouse showing up at a Foreclosure Auction (same court where our house was sold) and asked the auctioneer if she was bonded repeatedly with no response. The auctioneer eventually walked out without continuing the auction. I wasn’t aware that if an autioneer wasn’t bonded it could be an illegal sale. How can one find the name of the auctioneer who facilitated the auction on the date of the sale of their home and if they were actually bonded?
    When we were being illegally evicted from our home in Simi Valley court I did research on the opposing attorney and found a lovey picture of him on the steps of the courthouse participating in a foreclosure auction.
    The house flipper by trade lost his home just months before he bought ours for 260 thousand cash.The Unlawful Detainer
    court Judge (looking like she was ready for retirement any day) was rude and ignorant to our out of town attorneys while they were presenting our case and very cozy with the local attorney for the house flipper. It was obvious she was going to do whatever she could to knock down all our strong “robo signed” as well as other evidence. She ruled in favor of a Jury trial and would allow almost no evidence the jury could even hear so we knew it was done and the Judge ruled in favor of the “innocent” bona fide purchaser in the eyes of the court. I think if we all post all our illegal documentation from the start of the loan and where ever it has taken you in regards to the loan mods and court docs and even the Independent Foreclosure Review it won’t be hidden or secret for the banks or the courts or the government to hide anymore.

  42. Good for you, john…we need a new approach, don’t you think? Everyone knows about the felonies and is covering them up.

    Let’s go in another direction!

  43. @ Chris,

    It may have to do.
    I’m waiting to Florida Supreme’s to rule on Pino.
    That may well set the direction and hopefully give us
    a big bazooka to use.on the lawyers here,and
    set the precedent everywhere.
    The longer they take however is beginning to worry me
    that they are trying to weasel out of a clear ruling.

  44. Well, john maybe if we flood them with suits, someone will pay attention. As I see it the lawyers are “Definitely” the problem.

  45. @ Chris,
    Yes I have tried in a matter different than the present issue.
    I tried it after making a complaint to the bar in the first instance.,
    that was dismissed and my consequent lawsuit was
    dismissed at the first hearing by the lawyer using the Agent
    I am not trying to negative at all.
    I have been involved way too much with the Law(its not the same as Justice) too many times over the years.
    I have painfully learnt my lessons in those encounters,
    and I’m only trying to help everyone else avoid that pain
    and frustration.
    I’m sorry if that appears negative that is not my intention..

  46. I ran for mayor trying to put this mayor out of office last election, and I am doing everything I can do to bring him to justice, and the judge told me I was harrassing the mayor and through the fraud upon the court case out and sanctioned me for petitioning for my substantive due process.. I am ready to put the case in the Appeals court next and am looking into going directly to the U.S. Supreme court in Olympia with this, and sending the case and factual proof to the prosecuting attorneys office. Besides fighting the crooked banks. I only ran for two months because I investigated if I could run for office when I was suing the city or not! Found it was not a conflict of interest and only had two months to run. I did not do bad for two months.

  47. My small town is no different in 2012 than Cantrells. The mayor of this town has two sets of records, and the largest ammount of turn around of employees of any city in this state, which tells what is going on, .that leave if the are honest. I have depositions & declarations I have sent to Rob McKenna our AG that are testimony of the mayors policy lies and of his two sets of records. One true for the mayor and one false for the city. The courts conceal and block them. Rob McKenna has done nothing with them. The depositions talk of the mayors bullying city employees and me and causing the city employees to bully me. The judges block and conceal the evidence. I went through all the hoops to get the proof to the Sheriffs department and was refuse a case number. A state patrol friend went to the Sherriffs department to check on my case and was told to keep his nose out of it. That was three years ago and the case seems to have vaniished. One of the depositions states the city pays tax payer money out on land called Lewis town properties and Lewis properties, and when she asked where these properties were she was told never to ask about them again. The Mayor is Pete Lewis. Now rumors are flying Lewis is planning on running for governor. One of the city employees walked out of city hall and I was called by an inside city employe to call him, ASAP, that he had just walked out of city hall due to the corruption. I called him before he got in his car, and he told me he would testify to all the city had done to me., that he knew more than I did about what the city had done to me. My attorney refused to take his testimony and must have taken money to throw my case under the table. I have proof of breach by him. The judge said I proved breach of my attorney. Then the judge stopped this attorney for cross complaint and then dismissed my case, when he stated I had proven breach. I am having the audio transcribed to hard copy and going into the appeals court. The courts are lawless. Melissa Huelsmans question to the U.S. supreme court asking if the rule of law stands in Washington, is the Trillion dollar question!

  48. @ Sir Guy-Fawkes,

    Since I moved back here in the 90’s I have found the same
    about everything.
    The new national sport has moved from baseball and street rioting,
    to pissing and moaning about everything , and doing nothing.
    Our lives,freedom and country are being stolen right in front
    of our eyes.The majority will be still be pissing and moaning just
    before the poleaxe is applied.
    People are no wiser than sheep collectively ,and will be led to
    their slaughter by TPTB.

  49. @ john,

    Have you tried to sue them? No offense, but you are negative and no one has tried this yet. Geez, we need to turn over every rock , no matter how small. If one thing isn’t working, let’s try something else. We cannot be any worse off.

  50. @ john

    Who cares what they say? The commission of a felony or the aiding in one is a CRIME. This situation is one of deception, fraud and forgery…that is, they lawyers are to be held to the same standard we are. They are criminally culpable, as they know, like you and I, the fraud and all of its elements, all 5 can be proven.

  51. I will tell you what’s happening in my state…..the homeowners are sitting on their collective asses. They are happy that one person is working hard for them…..and they all sit around and say, “You should be doing this….” or “You should be doing that…..” Until I finally decided to answer those “you shoulds” with, “Well, since I am doing this…..perhaps you could start doing that and let me know how it goes.” Of course, then there is silence……because these lazy assholes are happy with one person tackling all the work. They have great ideas (or so they think) but they don’t want to get off their lazy asses to do it.

  52. I know the frustration about the lawyers.
    If you sue the lawyer he will say that in law he is but
    the Agent of the bank
    As the Agent ,he bears no liability for what he will claim are the banks action.The case will dismissed at the first hearing because that is
    the settled law.
    Just another variation of this evolving shell game.

  53. Hey john…sue them too!

    The more the merrier. The bar will not sanction them, but if we again, follow the money…who is getting paid the big bucks to commit fraud on behalf of the originators, servicers and banks…again: THE LAWYERS!

  54. Until the pain of doing nothing outweighs the pain of the fear of taking action, people will continue to vent their outrage individually to anyone who wants to listen but the proper parties.

    Expressing one’s outrage here is a good thing but… it stays here. We’re all united in our bitching and moaning but very little action results from it except at the individual level and with little chance to yield much result for anyne but oneself.

    If we can’t visualize taking the lead or if fear stops us, the very least we can do is join and support those who have. Contribute whatever you can to http://www.the99declaration.org. Contact your local OWS to offer your services to go occupy a homeowner’s house about to be taken away. It only takes a few hours of your time and it may very well lead to that homeowner getting a reprieve long enough for him to obtain legal help and save his house. Offer to help print and distribute pamphlets. Think of what you can do and offer to do it.

    Every little bit helps.

  55. I’ve been haring on the lawyers for quite some time. This defense of our property has to be two-fold…wherein, the lawyers are taken to task. These folks have perpetuated and enabled the fraud, many times committing it themselves.

    Let’s get it right here. Who made the contracts? Who did the title work? Who stands in court with forged documents? And who is it that owns the foreclosure mills? Answer: THE LAWYERS!

  56. I have painful personal experience of taking complaints
    to the bar.
    Do not waste your time or effort in this futile process ,designed by
    lawyers,run by lawyers,to protect lawyers from anything except maybe rape and murder !
    Way off mark here Neal.
    What happened to the conduit you were setting up for direct
    communication between RMBS investors and “mortgagee’s” ?

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