Az Sheriff Spends 2200 Hours on Birth Certificate — None on Foreclosure Docs

I know this is a very hot political topic and that to some people it matters a great deal where Obama was born. I question the idiocy of an Arizona sheriff spending 2200 hours of cold case time on a birth certificate from Hawaii. The amazing revelation to me is that this sheriff has shown that he could take apart the “layering” on hundreds of thousands of recorded documents filed in support of fraudulent foreclosures.

So here we have a sheriff sitting on mountains of eviction papers, serving those papers, and even forcing homeowners out of their homes at gun point, knowing full well that the evictions are based upon false declarations of fact in fabricated documents. And he could prove it and charge the culprits. Instead he limits his inquiry into a Hawaiian birth certificate. What am I missing?

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  1. @Bob – Hey Bob. Nice to finally have another on here who gets it!

    Maybe if 250 other citizens got together and agreed to somehow fund the investigation without taxpayer money the good Sheriff would look at the foreclosures.

    Most miss the fact that it wasn’t even the Sheriff who spent the time but it was the Posse

  2. What you are missing is that the Obama Administration is after the Sheriff for enforcing the law. What you are missing is that we have a sitting president who is screwing up our system day in an day out and has decided to let every Mexican who wants to come to the US in. Drugs and all and Arpio is the scape goat. He is fighting for his life with any and all he has available to him and the Birth Certificate is his ace in the whole against the President of the United State. I hope he embarrasses the hell out of him, if nothing else.

  3. HI MariK on your inquiry about meetings in AZ, every Tuesday evening in Phoenix at Macayos Restaurant downtown, Darrell Blomberg hosts a “Foreclosure Strategists” meeting. People start to gather about 6:30pm. The meetings are $10 and you can also buy anything you want off the menu during the meeting as well. He has excellent guest speakers from lawyers to legislators and many others with practical, beneficial information to share. I have copied and pasted information about tonight’s meeting below. Once you get onto Darrell’s mail list you’ll be kept up to date with what’s going on in the Greater Phoenix and Arizona areas:

    TONIGHT’S MEETING: 7pm, $10

    I’ve been getting lots of feedback about this guest. This should be an excellent and eye-opening meeting. This is an opportunity to see the Arizona Attorney’s grant money in action.

    Please bring guests that you know will benefit from hearing what Mary Ellen Natale and Kyle Robertson have to say about fighting egregious foreclosure.


    Mary Ellen Natale who is the Director for the Homeowner Advocacy Unit at ASU’s Civil Justice Clinic will be our guest speaker at this meeting. (Here’s a link to Mary Ellen’s Bio: Mary Ellen will be sharing the ins and outs of the Homeowner Advocacy program at the Civil Justice Clinic. (This is a great time to introduce other homeowners to options available to them; please invite them.) I have asked Mary Ellen to share her insights on Arizona’s foreclosure situation as compared to both New York and Ohio where she has previously been involved in assisting distressed homeowners.

    Mary Ellen will also be bringing Frank “Kyle” Robertson, the ASU law school student who helped argue the JOHN F HOGAN v WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK et al (CV-11-0115-PR) in front of the Arizona Supreme Court in the Hogan case. (No decision has been published yet. You can check the Arizona Supreme court website by clicking “Active Case List” on this link: Kyle did a great job maintaining his focus while being barraged with questions from the Supreme Court justices.

    Here is the link to the ASU Homeowner Advocacy Unit:

    Here is a link to a video about the Homeowner Advocacy Unit:

    Here is a link to a story about Frank “Kyle” Robertson:


    May your opportunities be bountiful and your possibilities be unlimited.

    “Emissary of Observation”

    Darrell Blomberg


  4. Calling all you smart people out there!!!

    Ever think that Obama refuses to have Holder or anyone else go after the banks or Wall Street is because they have the goods on him?

    Ever think that’s why he pushed the AG Settlement AKA LMAO settlement before the election is he had to show banks they had no worry?

    Since they had no worry, they’ll cover his ass as well.

    Watch the videos they released with Sheriff Arpaio’s announcement on the 1st.

    You would not believe how stupid they were when they tried to forge the documents.

    The one that is the funniest is the Selective Service Registration. All postal stamps use the complete year, like 1980 when stamping docs.
    There were none to be found in 2009 that had the 1900 stamp on them. They had to take one that said 2008 and cut out the 08 and reverse them into 80 which would have been the year he filled out his registration form.

    So now instead of it saying 1980, it just has 80 and even that is all out of whack when compared to 3 other real ones from 1980.

    This guy has to go…

    This may be why he isn’t going after Wall Street or the banks because they have the goods on him as well.

  5. @mario – you are another of the ignorant ones!!!!

    You saw a video at the white house…laughing my ass off!!!!

    Guess what – and all the docs submitted by the banks are real…why don’t you make your payments.

    You have the typical Democrat response who’s been or is looking for a handout or maybe even amnesty, just like Obama wants…Of course, no one will challenge those feeding them…..

    Now go hide in the corner….

  6. and I am not responding to any more posts on this subject, its a dead issue and worthless, I have far more pressing issues to ponder.

  7. I saw the long form at the last white house annual press gala, not only was the whole world present but so was Donald Trump, Obama showed it on video for the universe to see, World Press Daily? I have more credibility than them, and so does my dog, but he died. Bet yuh I can get a Granny in Kenya too, its really very inexpensive, as a matter of fact I can get 100 for even less.

  8. @ Mario – again, where did you see the long form? You didn’t see it a few years ago. They only posted a phony fraudulent one online last year.

    I challenge anyone to watch the videos the investigators posted on from the sheriff’s investigators hat show why they are fraudulent. You well absolutely laugh when you see how they forged his selective service card. Anyone who thinks they are real after watching needs their head examined.

    @Neidermeyer – they have a sworn affidavit from his grandma who says she was there when he was born in Kenya.

  9. @Mario @Mike @Enraged ,

    Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate …

    It’s on WND … from the election official that should have seen it …

    Can ANYONE say they know where he was born ? … I believe he was born in Kenya, Obama himself said so; his wife said so; his grandmother said so. There is a Kenyan birth certificate online (one that is 1000 times more believeable than the one Obama says he got from Hawaii).. I BELIEVE OBAMA…

    Just assessing the facts and evidence as presented.

  10. xcuse me? I won my fight for my home and yes I saw the long form it was very clearly displayed a few yrs ago. I been fighting when most of you all were sleeping, check this blog you will see my name here from the first day it started.

  11. @ Mario – where did you see the long form?

    How you call anyone willing to do their job and go against the fraud is beyond me..

    Anyone who believes that Obama its legit deserve all you get, including the loss of your home!!!

    Obama is allowing the banks to continue to rape and pillage and destroy and as long as you continue to allow it you all get what you deserve.

    Oh, I go against the banksters everyt day.
    I’m just so tired of all the sheeple out their that don’t have a clue what’s really going on.

    I fight

  12. The lawman is like any other, a coward at his core and he is a racist as well, and many like him are too. The lawman`s State has been plundered to its core and as he talks about a birth certificate from a state in the union, he is also stupid and ignorant too, we saw the long form.

    The sole reason you are all fighting with each other is because, you are not fighting the banksters, these are the people who did you wrong, u need to save your fight for them. In fighting has always helped the banksters.

  13. @mike

    You’re a pig. Go somewhere else and play…you’re not wanted here.

  14. @Allison -and who does Holder take orders from?

    That’s what most of you seem to not get…Obama who is not a lawful president has done everything in his power to destroy this country!

    we are actually in worse shape than Greece!!!

    He has not done a thing he said he would do when elected, he its running the country as a dictator and has continued to let the banks and the Fed do whatever the hell they want!!!

    Obama must go!!!!

  15. @ Carie – judge not, lest you be judged!!!

    How’s that!

    My salvation its guaranteed… and you’re right I am materialistic because nowhere does it say God wants you to be poor.

    What’s your excuse?

  16. @ Carie LMAO

  17. @mike

    At least I’m happy, with a beautiful family that loves me…and not a sociopathic materialist who’s going to hell…like you, unfortunately. You better get your act straight before it’s too late…

  18. Maybe someone can tell me why news of such importance is on on a ticker floating across the bottom of the screen on late Fri. afternoon. “Greece drowngraded” “Foreclosure Settlement……..” was flying by so fast I could barely read it. Clearly to obfuscate news of great importance to the markets and the citizens well being, just a ticker floating by. Remember what happens in Greece does not stay in Greece. I don’t know if Obama is a citizen or nor and at this point frankly do not care. What I do do know is that our Atty Gen. worked at a law firm that helped create MERS and we will get no investagations from him. This was all very well thought out and when they run into snags, they just change the rules in the middle of the game. We will only know what we search out to know, not what they want us to know because they own the media outlets, the judiciary, the ag’s, did I leave anyone out? Now they are working on the internet. I say prepare yourselves spring is coming.

  19. I keep saying that it is moving and shaking…

    Geithner ws arrested last week in connection with his actions as the president of the federal reserve…

  20. OH ,, Where’s the gold? well we were stupid enough to give it away to foreign countries at ridiculous prices … France basically financed the USA’s involvement in Vietnam … ( trying to save a colony for the French that they wouldn’t fight for themselves! ) buying our short term bonds ,, then demanding payment in gold when they matured… Gold prices spiked up 1000%+ shortly after the US went off the gold standard ..

    Fort Knox is presumably empty as nobody has been allowed to look inside for decades .. Any gold on US soil is under the NY Fed building in Manhattan ,, but most of it is probably owned by foreign countries.

  21. @neidermeyer lmao!!!

  22. @Carie – YOU’RE an idiot!!

    Did I get it right?

    Its called spell check on a cell that auto corrects.

    You losing your house? Bet you are!!!

  23. @Enraged ,

    Here’s a story you’ll like … confiscated chest with $6TRILLION in USD bonds … dating to origin of the Bank of International Settlements ,,, bonds declared “forgeries” but the chest they were in was authentic… Seems the US took in gold in return for bonds to start the BIS in the 1930’s ,, the bonds were always expected to be held in perpetuity .. of course nobody alive knows for sure what the bonds were supposed to look like .. so are they really fake?

    chase this one down awhile … it’s educational..

  24. “I bet your a foreigner…”

    Again with the “your”, instead of “you’re”…sigh.

  25. @Mike,


  26. @ any AZ people

    HOW do we get Sheriff Joe or Gov Brewer to respond ?

    HOW do we organize and meet to share ‘how-tos’ on quiet title, litigation against mortgage companies for people who are ‘legalese-challenged’ ?

    HOW do we get financial backing so legal fees or a ‘look-see’ at mortgage documents is available to SOMEWHAT level the field ?

    I’m tired of being a ‘slingshot-impaired’ David against these Goliaths !

    Think this is Sheriff Joe’s e-mail but he seems to respond best to straight forward talk not useless complaints – maybe ask him to stop enforcing foreclosures and evictions ?

  27. @enraged – prove what?

    I don’t have to prove anything… The constitution stands on its own. You obviously have never read it! I bet your a foreigner a well.

    The sheriff is a duly elected official who knows the laws and you obviously don’t…

  28. @Mike,

    Prove it. So far, your argument doesn’t stand. What a waste of time and energy…!

  29. @enraged – you need to do some more research about the constitution and supreme court cases before you speak.

    Wiki is nothing more than people like you posting information about what they think thing mean. Then someone comes along and changes it.

    Natural born for the president means BOTH parents must be citizens and neither can have dual

    Get your facts straight. Its people that say oh, well Congress must Havre done their job. They don’t do anything but write laws they don’t have to follow and take money from wall street, most off them anyways.

  30. I meant “Anyone who dares NOT think like them”…

    America has given the word “intolerance’ a flavor of its own. Who lives by the sword perishes by the swords.

    Do not judge or you shall be judged. Ans as you measure onto other, it will measured onto you.

  31. @Suzan,

    “Natural born” is either born here with one or two non-citizen parents (except for diplomates serving their own country while here) or people born in a foreign country from American parents.

    Questioning Obama’s citizenship is the lowest possible form of racism and arrogance I have seen (and I am not pro Obama. I simply use my brain). If our own congress ratified his election and if that issue was put to rest, reopening it is as intelligent as some fat-ass psychopath calling a law student a “slut” for speaking about hormone therapy as being a necessity for certain women with recurrent ovarian cysts.

    What is happening to this country is unbelievable to me. The level of crass ignorance, nastiness, meanness and arrogance has gone so far that, should the US blow, I don’t think i would cry much anymore. Looking at it, maybe, just maybe, what we’re going through is well deserved… Le venom used by many to judge and disqualify anyone one who dares thinking like them is is so toxic that it pollutes the entire country.

  32. Suzan, this is different and what most people don’t understand. You can be a US citizen if at least one parent is US Citizen or your born in US, etc.

    In order to be a US President you must be a natural born citizen. In other words, both parents must be US citizens and they can not have dual citizenship.Obama, not his real name, his mother remarried and he was adopted by mother’s second husband.

    His father was not a US Citizen. We don’t want people running the country who could have allegiance to another country. It is quite apparent that Obama is definitely not American by his actions as well.

    He received student aid as a foreigner and traveled on a tourist VISA Immigration records for travelers are missing for an entire week when he supposedly came here.

    His selective service card is a fraud and I’ve heard his social security number comes back as suspect through I verify. He has spend millions to seal all his records, there are none anywhere. He is an enigma!!!

  33. I never heard that both parents had to be U.S. citizens. I have friends with citizenship here with only one parent a U.S. citizen.

    Is someone trying to muddy the waters again?



  35. I agree with Charles and BMacDonald…What is happening in the White House is no different than is what is happening in the courthouse and the recorder’s office. The same people are pulling all the strings.

    If Obama can pull it off we don’t have a chance against the banks. That’s why the banks and the CEO’s aren’t worried at all and we don’t have a whole lot of whistle blowers. They ain’t worried! They pulled off the biggest fraud of all. We have a foreigner in the White Hose working for the MAN!!!

    Hell, his top right hand guys have come from the banks. Do you think he’s going to do or say a thing that goes against Wall Street?

    A lot of money was raised by sites like to pay for the posse. Charles is right, we need to have a bunch of peeps raise some money and go with the evidence and see if he sicks the posse on the banks as well. Maybe he would listen to those than intend on voting for him for Sheriff if he’d investigate the banks.

    To all of you spreading the Lord James of Blackheath rumor, please do more research. It looks bad for all of us when we spread stuff that’s not true. Lord James was duped as well into believing it was true. People have been warned about this scam for some time now There’s not anywhere near the amount of gold ever mined this guy supposedly owns.

    Obama has to go!!!!

  36. @Joann,

    This is what revolutions are made of… Ignore a rotten situation long enough and it will explode. Look at what is currently happening in Europe. And make no mistakes: it will keep on spreading.

  37. It is easy (and in many cases instrumental) for all sides with all kinds of viewpoints about things to divert their own attention and the attention of all others away from foreclosures, mortgages and housing and that has been going on for the last 6 even 7 years (some areas hit peak value in the Spring of 2005 – 7 years ago and foreclosures started at the end of that year – data is never included in surveys but true in my county and many others for “mid-priced” homes – the writing was on the wall).

    How often do you hear candidates for anything mention foreclosures other than one liners to speed it up one way or another so we can get back to “normal”? How often is the “responsible” word used in discussing homeowners? How often is the word “responsible” used in discussing banks? How often is anything and everything debated by talking heads except foreclosures?

    Personally have the opinion that the Bush admin digressed and the Obama admin digressed and dancing with the stars digressed. Wiping out the debt payers, throwing out the homeowners, usury rates on all debts to all including credit cards and students, slashing the assets of all who had assets mostly those over 40 including seniors, wiping out the consumer and thereby business will prove to have been a permanent set-back for any and all programs cherished by both sides, the banksters themselves and those still dancing with stars.

    With all respect for everyone who passionately beleives in issues of any kind – we have been in an emergency that has been ignored which will not just run its course if left alone which will in the end affect everyone if it has not already. The cause has not been acknowledged and it is rooted currently in mortgages, foreclosures and mbs fraud. Just wish the button pushing and polarizing could go away while we either save the sinking ship or send in the lifeboats.

  38. I also agree with Neil as it is vital at this time in history to have clear priorities as to what can actually be accomplished. This sheriff in Az
    Is part of this continuing problem and not part of the solution. By evicting people from their homes sometimes at gunpoint is unconscionable! Shame on this “Sheriff” for wasting time and money, he should be fired! I do believe in karma.

  39. I think what you might be missing Neil, is that Joe Arpaio was alegedly responding to 250 of his constituents that demanded he look into this issue apparently not originating by his own volition. Contrary to the arrogant “questions” asked by “journalists” at the end of the press conference; this issue has been largely ignored by the “mainstream media” as fringe stuff which I beg to differ. I think the larger picture here is how fraud has crept into every aspect of society, government and politics apparently all the way through to the president. Producing fraudulent documents and lying are apparently like breathing is to some of us.

    As in foreclosures, where is the rule of law in all this. If, as it appears in these documents; Obama has ensocnced himself fraudulently all the way into the presidency, how does it bode for the rest of us attempting to litigate the fraud by the far more powerful banksters we’re up against in foreclosure defense?

    Perhaps if at least 250 people petitioned Sheriff Arpaio to look into the fraudulent documents related to foreclosures, particularly now that he’s indicated that’s why he did what he did (and by the way, he didn’t spend anything on this investigation according to him…it was allegedly volunteer posse time); this could open an opportunity for just that…to pursue demanding he look equally into the foreclosure fraudulent documents with just as much, if more vigor than he did into the fraudulent Obama documents.

    I say, jump on it…see if he acts in political lockstep with the fringe or is he willing to actually look into the biggest fraud in history on his oath. After all, we do have plenty of avaialble evidence and reports like Phil Ping, John O’Brien and Jeff Thigpen have acquired already as models. Certanly the attorneys general haven’t adequately done so, on any of these fronts. After all, at the sheriff level, where writs are executed to throw people in the streets, is perhaps where the rubber meets the road and we might actually find someone willing to honor their oath of office for a change.

  40. I agree with Neil–2200 hours on Obama and 0 on foreclosures is a travesty. Yes, the Obama investigation is important, but Obama is only a figurehead. If Arpaio’s investigation succeeded in toppling Obama, he would be replaced by Biden, who is no better and is probably much worse.

    The point is that we the people are more important than whichever figurehead for the corporatocracy in sitting in the White House at any given moment. So Arpaio’s time would have been much better spent going after the banksters which could have the effect of helping us much more than finding out whether Obama is a “natural-born citizen” or not.


  42. It is astounding to me that folks trivialize the topic of Obama’s eligibility to be president. The people behind Obama are the same arrogant, psychos that control the criminal global banking cartels, the same people throwing folks out of their homes and stealing property.

    The issue of Obama being a fraud is no different than foreclosure fraud, except that it has far deeper and far reaching implications. Many believe these same vermin murdered Kennedy right in front of our eyes. Now they install someone is totally ineligible to be president right in front of our eyes. And one of the most astounding in-your-face aspects is the first black president is the president that returns us all to total and utter slavery! This is the kind of crap they LOVE to do to us. It’s more of the same arrogant prancing they do day in and day out which amounts to “We can do anything and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

    To say that law enforcement is wasting its time to uncover the facts about whether we have a fraud in the White House or not is amazing. The oath they take is to defend and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. If the Sheriff produced evidence that this Presidential is a complete and utter fraud, it will be HUGE and it will draw attention to “who arranged to have the fraud put in that position.”

    Guess what? I will be willing to wager it’s the same scum that control global banking, the same scum stealing homes. Exposing the presidential fraud will also, hopefully expose more about how desperately we need to through the criminal global banking mobsters in jail and remove any of their influence from our political process. It is that control of the political process that keeps any financial crime from being prosecuted.

  43. In many countries, banks were always public entities, owned by the people… until recently. Many banks, over the course of the 30 or 40 years, became privatized. The rest is history (in the making. We’re deep into it as I write)

    If we look at Europe, most banks before the EEC were still public. Then, the Euro was created and, interestingly, many became private. Canada is one country where it isn’t flying…

    They want their banks back!!! And so should we. It is OUR MONEY. It should be OUR BANKS. That is why N. Dakota is doing so well: it is their bank.

    We need to reclaim our money. We work for it. We pay taxes on it. We need it to retire. Lawsuit, anyone?

    Canadians take Bank of Canada to court – March 2, 2012
    [link to]

    Here is something very interesting – not a central bank resignation but a central bank court case.

    With one exception, all of the central banks worldwide are privately owned entities within the central bank system.

    The exception is the Bank of Canada, which is owned by Canada.

    The Bank of Canada has the power to make interest free loans to the Federal Government and Provinces, but this power has not been used and instead the Canadian Government has taken loans from and amassed huge debts to foreign entities – the global central banks.

    On DECEMBER 12, 2011, a constitution lawyer on behalf of a Canadian think tank took the matter to court.

    Following are:

    1. the Statement of Claim, dated December 12, 2011, Federal Court of Canada File No. T-2010-11;

    2. the Press Release, dated December 19, 2011 summarizing the case;

    3. a video that explains how the Bank of Canada should and used to operate, and what happened when it stopped doing that.

    Item #1 – the Statement of Claim:
    [link to]

    Between: Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform ….
    Her Majesty the Queen, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of National Revenue, the Bank of Canada, the Attorney General of Canada

    …. the “Government of Canada, the Minister of Finance, and Her Majesty the Queen…” have “… abdicated their constitutional duty(ies) and handed them over to those international, private entities, whose interests, and directives, are placed above the interests of Canadians,

    “… the refusal to request and make (interest free) loans under s. 18(i) and (j) of the Bank of Canada Act has resulted in negative and destructive impact on Canadians by the disintegration of Canada’s economy, its financial institutions, increase in public debt, decrease in social services, as well as a widening gap between rich and poor with an continuing disappearance of the middle class;”

    Item #2 – the Press Release:
    [link to]

    Bank of Canada and Minister of Finance, Defendants

    TORONTO, ON., CANADA- 19/12/2011




    Item #3 – the Video:
    [link to]

    This video explains in simple language with charts and historical records how the Bank of Canada came to be owned by its country, how the country prospered when the Bank was used as intended, and how once that stopped in the mid-70’s, the country quickly amassed a huge debt.

    This video is very well narrated by a retired high school teacher and gives a basic education in how central banks ought to work.

    Pay attention to the end of the video, where they explain how the global central bank system gets the money to loan to all these countries . . . they acknowledge that they make a ledger entry, and that’s it! This is quoted from the transcript of historical proceedings.

    Finally, another interesting thought. This court case was filed in mid-December, 2011, but the Canadian public and most Canadian dinarians are not even aware of this.

    So here’s a thought: how many other actions are underway to challenge and change the global financial system . . . that we don’t know about?

  44. EMERGENCY INJUNCTION- Banks, Kicking Down Doors And Taking Property- IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!
    February 29th, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.
    It really is quite crazy and disturbing to know that in this country banks are kicking down doors, taking property, violating the most basic (formerly) American rights.

    It just drives me insane that I keep fighting these issues, and I keep hearing the banks argue that they have the right to break down your door…..

    But will judges step in and control this behavior before it gets even more wild and out of control or will someone have to get hurt first?


    Defendant (hereinafter “Defendant”), by and through undersigned counsel, respectfully files this Emergency Motion for Temporary Injunction, pursuant to Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.610, and precedent case law, and as grounds thereof states:


    This is an action for foreclosure of residential real property owned by Defendant.
    Despite this, Plaintiff, or its agent, entered Defendant’s property without Defendant’s express permission. See Defendant’s Notice of Filing Police Report, Motion for Declaratory Judgment and memorandum in Opposition to Lender Break-Ins.
    After filing the previously mentioned motion, Defendant’s counsel was given assurances by Plaintiff’s counsel that if this activity was occurring, that it be ceased. See the attached email.
    Despite this, Plaintiff, and or its agents, have again, on or around February 24, 2012, entered Defendant’s property and placed a note on her door that her property that they are going to change the locks on her property and winterize the home.
    It is important to make one thing clear, Plaintiff is merely alleging that it is a lienholder in this action and more importantly, this honorable Court has taken absolutely no action to allow Plaintiff to enter Defendant’s Property.
    This constitutes a gross and callous disregard of Defendant, this Court, and the laws of the State of Florida.
    Consequently, an emergency temporary injunction is necessary to bar Plaintiff’s further violation of Florida law and Plaintiff’s rights.

    A party seeking the entry of a preliminary injunction carries the burden of persuasion and must demonstrate: (1) a likelihood of irreparable harm and the unavailability of an adequate remedy at law; (2) a substantial likelihood of success on the merits or a clear, legal right to the requested relief; (3) that the threatened injury to the petitioner outweighs and possible harm to the respondent; and (4) that the granting of a temporary injunction will not disserve the public interest. Naegele Outdoor Advertising Co., Inc. v. City of Jacksonville, 659 So. 2d 1046, 1047 (Fla. 1995).

    I. Plaintiff’s continued and unauthorized trespass onto Defendant’s property constitutes irreparable harm to which no adequate remedy at law exists
    a. Legal Standards

    Injunctions are available against continued trespass. See e.g. Hanna v. Martin, 49 So.2d 585 (Fla. 1950).
    b. Argument
    The gravamen of Defendant’s Motion for Declaratory Judgment was that Plaintiff’s continued trespass onto her property constituted irreparable harm to which she had no adequate remedy at law.
    Indeed, Defendant has provided that not only had Plaintiff trespassed onto her home twice, but that local law enforcement had refused to stop this unlawful behavior.
    Plaintiff, by and through its counsel, represented to this Court that it would “cease” these actions if they were occurring.
    Consequently, Plaintiff’s unauthorized continued trespass constitutes irreparable harm to which no adequate remedy at law exists. An emergency temporary injunction should therefore be issued.
    The note left on Defendant’s door stated that Plaintiff would again be entering Defendant’s property, this time to change the locks and winterize her home, therefore, she is in imminent danger of being kicked out of her home.
    II. Defendant has a clear legal right to the requested relief
    a. Legal Standards
    The granting of a mortgage in real property is “only a lien that transfers no title, right of possession, or interest in land.” Barclay v. Robert C. Malt & Co., Inc., 985 So. 2d 53, 55 (Fla. 4th DCA 2008).
    Florida is a “lien theory” state in which a mortgage only conveys a “naked lien” and therefore, as a matter of law, “a mortgage transfers no title, right of possession, or interest in land. Such rights accrue to the mortgagee only where there is a default, court foreclosure, and sale to the mortgagee.” Martyn v. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of West Palm Beach, 257 So. 2d 576, 579-80 (Fla. 4th DCA 1972).
    In fact, it has been the law of Florida for over 100 years that a mortgagee must seek a judicial remedy before depriving a property owner of possession. See Hull v. Burr, 50 So. 754 (Fla. 1909) (holding that in no case shall the “obsolete” and “antiquated claim in favor of [a] mortgagee to the right of possession of the property, specified in said mortgage, or any part thereof…be recognized or admitted in a Court of Justice in this state.” Id at 763).
    Moreover, the Florida legislature has expressly recognized that Florida is a judicial foreclosure state in which a mortgagee only gains possession of real property after default, court foreclosure, and sale. See generally Fla. Stat. §702, et seq. See also Folks v. Cheeser, 145 So. 602 (Fla. 1932) (holding that under Florida law “in no case will the right of possession to property by a mortgagee be recognized in a court of justice in this state, until due foreclosure is had according to the forms of law proving for foreclosures of mortgages.” Id at 603).
    It is imperative that this Court also note that Fla. Stat. §702, et seq. provides absolutely no provision which would allow a mortgagee to break into a property it does not own, change the locks therein, and therefore deprive the owner of possession.
    In other chapters, the Florida Legislature has specifically excluded the self-help remedies which deprive a person of possession of real property. Specifically, Fla. Stat. §83.67 expressly provides that a landlord may not “prevent the tenant from gaining reasonable access to the dwelling unit by any means, including, but not limited to, changing the locks.” Bold emphasis added.
    Generally, the owner’s consent is required for a mortgagee to take possession of a secured property without a Court order. See e.g. Joyner v. Bernard, 14 So. 2d 724, 726 (Fla. 1942) (holding that owner’s consent is required to take possession and collect rents); Bornstein v. Somerson, 341 So. 2d 1043, 1049 (Fla. 2d DCA 1977) (holding that a mortgagee may take possession of a mortgaged property only by consent of the mortgagor or through the appointment of a receiver in foreclosure proceedings).
    As if this was not enough, Florida courts have long held that where a mortgagee enters the property of a mortgagor prior to the conclusion of a foreclosure lawsuit, such action constitutes trespass and damages may be awarded to the mortgagor. See Mid-State Investment Corporation v. O’Steen, 133 So. 2d 455 (Fla. 1st DCA 1961).
    In Mid-State Investment Corporation, supra, the First District held that
    [i]n our opinion the contract before us was clearly intended to secure the payment of money and must be deemed and held to be a mortgage, subject to the same rules of foreclosure and to the same regulations, restraints, and forms as are prescribed in relation to mortgages, to use the words of the statute. This being so, the defendant had only a naked legal title as security for the indebtedness, had no legal right to repossess the real or personal property, and had no such right to trespass upon the real property or exercise dominion over the personal property. Id at 457.

    Bold emphasis added.

    The Fifth District has expressly affirmed the above holding of the Mid-State Investment Corporation court in Cain & Bultman, Inc. v. Miss Sam, Inc., 409 So. 2d 114 (Fla. 5th DCA 1982). Most notably, the Cain & Bultman, Inc. court went even further to note that “contract provisions relating to forfeiture and self-help possession (or “repossession”) violate public policy and are not enforced or recognized as valid as such in law or in equity.” Id at 120.

    It is also vital that this Court take note that other states which follow judicial foreclosure have repeatedly held that repossession by the mortgagee is prior to the completion of a judicial foreclosure is an unlawful practice. See e.g. Wells Fargo v. Tyson, 897 N.Y.S. 2d 610 (Supreme Court, Suffolk County, March 5, 2010) (penalizing Wells Fargo $150,000 in punitive damages for employing the unlawful practice of property invasion and lock-out in the State of New York); Russell v. American Real Estate Corporation, 89 S.W. 3d 204 (Tex. App. Corpus Cristi-Edinburg District 2002) (holding that Fannie Mae’s agent locking out tenant at sufferance constituted trespass and possibly constituted invasion of privacy); Wheeler v. Community Federal Savings and Loan Association, 702 S.W. 2d 83 (Mo. App. E. Dist. 1986) (holding that an action for damages will lie where a mortgagee or its agent enters mortgaged premises in mortgagors’ absence to change locks because mortgagees have no authority to do so).
    b. Argument
    Even a cursory glance at the case law, supra, reveals that Defendant has a clear legal relief to an injunction.
    The only interest Plaintiff might claim in the subject property is a mere naked lien in the form of a mortgage. This claim, however, should also be closely scrutinized in light of Defendant’s Motion for More Definite Statement.
    Even assuming Plaintiff could claim a lien against the property, any self-help remedies it might argue it is entitled to under the subject mortgage violate public policy and therefore cannot be recognized in either law or equity. See Cain & Bultman, Inc., supra,
    As a result, an injunction should be issued.
    III. Plaintiff suffers no harm as a result of this motion as it has no legal right to trespass onto Defendant’s property whereas Defendant has been continually injured by Plaintiff’s illegal trespass
    Because Plaintiff has absolutely no right, in either law or equity, to engage in the continued trespass onto Plaintiff’s land, it suffers no harm as a result of an injunction.

    On the other hand, Defendant has continually suffered by Plaintiff’s actions.
    Most importantly, Plaintiff appears intent on continuing its authorized trespass despite representing to counsel that this activity would cease.
    Therefore, an injunction should be granted. Granting Defendant’s motion will actually service the public as it protects same against illegal intrusions onto property
    The right to be secure in one’s property is a fundamental tenet of this country.

    Plaintiff’s atrocious conduct shows inherent disregard for this principle.

    The granting of this motion would thus validate the public’s right to be secure in its property.

    Therefore, an injunction should be issued.


    WHEREFORE, based upon the foregoing, Defendant respectfully requests this Court order a temporary injunction against Plaintiff barring it from entering onto her property or providing any direction to its agents to enter Defendant’s property; award attorney’s fees and costs to Defendant; and any other relief the Court deems just and proper.


  45. Maybe Sherriff Joe can put all the bankers in pink jumpsuits and make them live in tents in the desert which I actually like about him.

    I don’t care where Obama was born we can just as easily vote him out. Silly topic.

  46. I have a friend who could not renew his Florida driver license (which he has had for 40 years) because he can not locate his
    birth certificate (he was adopted). He has his discharge papers from
    the US Air Force and his Baptismal certificate, but they won’t accept
    those in order to renew. Welcome to the new Orwellian police state.
    I know another guy who can’t renew his DL (Florida) without his birth certificate,(Nebraska) but he can’t get his birth certificate without current ID, which is why he needs his birth certificate (Nebraska)!
    Recently, he was walking down the street minding his own business,
    when two cops stopped him and asked for ID. When he couldn’t show any, they forcibly searched him and found a joint in his pocket. So
    they arrested him and he spent ten days in jail. Maybe now they’ll
    allow him to get some ID since they now have a “mug shot” and
    finger prints which they verified through the FBI, since he’s a former
    US Army vet and had a building contractors license.

  47. If Sheriff Joe is correct, it only proves that this government allows false and fraudulent facts at all levels of politics and business. Corruption is a support function. Further Sheriff Joe, The AG and Jan Brewer need to spend their energy and time helping home owners in AZ rather than investigating the duff that pretends to be serving as our President. We know the facts, it is time to act…

    March 1st, 2012 | Author: Matthew D. Weidner, Esq.

    Another in the continuing series on how a Thief Can Steal Your Home.

    All across this country, the garbage Countrywide loans are being foreclosed on and Americans thrown into the street, many times based on nothing more than a simple endorsement. To be valid an endorsement must actually be authorized and valid. But far too often, the signatures and purported endorsements are not even challenged…


    The argument presented by the banks is that the endorsements do not matter, and that no one can challenge these signatures. By extension, this argument suggests that not even judges could question signatures when presented with obvious forgeries.

    The alleged endorsements were highlighted to me by my friend David at Case Clarity

    Look closely, it looks like two endorsements, two signatures, correct? Well, no, they’re not actually signatures at all….the “signatures” are just ink stamps. But that’s not what’s most interesting.
    See the notes at

    At first blush it looks like two separate stamps, but when you compare this stamp to many of the other stamps, they “both” line up perfectly and exactly. Which suggests that the figure above is really made by one singular stamp made to look like two stamps. Now did Meder stamp this? Did Sjolander stamp this? And if neither stamped it, did either stamp it?

    Oh, but right, we’re not even allowed to make such inquiry correct?

  49. What I find remarkable is that, as early as 2010, Blackheath zeroed in on Vatican’s money laundering.

    Come to learn a few days ago, 4 priests of Vatican were being arrested for exactly that.

    Coincidence or did he really find something?

  50. what a bum !

  51. “Sunday, 26 February 2012Quote of the Day: 26th February 2012

    “Fascism does not have to be jackboots goose-stepping along cobblestone streets. Fascism does not have to be an egomaniac with a bad mustache ranting from the rostrum. Fascism does not have to mean the end of fun. Indeed, the most sinister political program can easily conceal itself behind fast food, circuses and mindless amusements. Keep the masses distracted, dumb-downed and drugged-up and you can get away with whatever political system you want.

    To put it briefly, fascism is a black wedding between political and corporate power.”

    – Robert Smith, US entering Fascism, please fasten your seatbelts on”

    Well… when I listen to morons like Romney, Santorum, Palin, Gingrich, I know facism is very much part of the American psyche. The best way to implement it is by promising transparency and doing everything to hide the most minute and elementary decision while sending positive messages all the time. It worked for Mussolini and for Hitler (and I DO NOT comapre those men with Obama. What I am comparing is the METHODS: they are always the same)

    It is because so many people are like Romney and Santorum that Obama can act as he does.

  52. Maybe someone should file an official crime report to the sheriff regarding foreclosure fraud and see what he does with it?
    Of course, the media should be told also, maybe even go along when filing the report.

  53. Nigel Farage: Social Unrest could spell the end of the Euro
    UKIP’s Nigel Farage has clearly been watching the same news reports as us – social unrest, all over Europe, and it seems to be spreading week-by-week.

    Nowhere is this unrest more painful to watch than in Greece – which is now clearly the ground zero of the bankster-led, EU-jackbooted take down of democracy.

    If Nigel Farage is right – and we suspect that he will be proven to be – the day of judgement in which the people recover their own destiny cannot be too far away.

    Perhaps those Greek authorities who insist on carrying out orders and gassing their own fellow citizens on the streets might be advised to quickly start revising the findings of the Nuremberg Trials.

    Carrying out orders is no defence.

  54. @Enraged

    I’ve call and email several attorneys you mentioned. We need and an experience trial litigator with Federal Court experience.

  55. there’s news that lord blackheat is DEAD!

  56. Can’t see the foreclosure crisis for the foreclosures…can’t see the forest for the trees. Banking is not for the banks but for the people’s developement. Get down, get down 99. Come on down, Get down get down 99.

  57. I really hope this is the beginning of the transparency. People, hold your fort a little longer. That should start moving things a little faster… That and the lastest Wikileak release of 5 million Pentagon e-mail (and by the way, we were lied to soooo much, including about what they did with Bin Laden’s body)

    History’s Biggest Heist?
    March 02, 2012 dave

    • British lord says Fed secretly transferred $15 trillion
    • Federal Reserve Bank of New York denies claims

    By Pat Shannan

    On Feb. 16, 2012, Lord James of Blackheath made a request for Parliament to investigate the suspicious findings of nearly three years’ worth of analysis and data, complete with the delivery of gigabytes of documents to support his position. What finally surfaces may expose the single biggest bank heist in world history.

    The secret creation and transfer of $5 trillion or more on three occasions to places and persons still unknown—a total of over $15 trillion—could precipitate the collapse of the U.S. economy. Is this the secret plan of those insiders from the beginning to destroy the United States?

    Released from the House of Lords were further examples that Lord James says “expose the betrayal of not only the British and American nations by this secretive cabal of international banksters but [betray] the whole world’s banking system as well.”

    In April and May 2009, according to Lord James’s report to the House of Lords, the situation started with the transfer of $5 trillion to Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC) in the United Kingdom. Seven days later, another $5 trillion came to HSBC and three weeks later another $5 trillion. A total of $15.4 trillion is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for transfer to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

    “I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and where it has come from for a long time,” he said. “It starts off apparently as the property of Yohannes Riyadi, who has some claims to be considered the richest man in the world. I have seen some accounts of his showing that he owns $36 trillion in a bank.”

    Lord James went on to cite an “astonishing” 2006 document—clearly showing the signatures of Alan Greenspan, as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Timothy Geithner as a witness on behalf of the International Monetary Fund—that confirmed the deal took place.

    However, a January report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York denies it is involved in any grant program and says that it does not maintain grant money or any funds or accounts for individuals.

    Although no mention of the secretive, mega-rich Rothschild clan has been made by Lord James, this is exactly the sort of scam that the Rothschilds have been pulling off for almost 300 years.

    AFP will report further on this as details emerge, but meanwhile, readers need not bother looking for any updated news on this subject from Time, Newsweek, CNN, NBC or CBS. For some reason the Zionist-controlled media is not interested in this story. Go figure.


  58. @Dee,

    Jeff Barnes has a website named “Foreclosure defense Nationewide”.

    I don’t know which state he is in (I believe FL but I may be wrong).

    Dee, for the past months, you have asked for an attorney.

    I had given you a few pointers on how to find one but you never got back to me.

    1) Do you need a BK or FD atty?
    2) Have you gone on Mandelman matters site? There is a list of trusted attys there.
    3) Have you research google for Texas homeowner who successfully beat the bank? If not, do that. Then look at all those cases (and I know they exist), note the attorneys, contact them. That’s how I found mine.
    4) Contact Dannlaw for a reference. All the defense guys are in contact with each other.
    5) Contact Matt Weidner for a reference.
    6) Contact Max Gardner
    7) Look on Abigail Field’s site if she has a list of attorneys. See if one from Texas is listed.

    I would give you all the URL for thos guys but LL is set up such way that, if you try to post too many URLs at once, it blocks the entire mail.

    To get on those sites, all you do is key the name of the guy followed by “blog”.

    Let me know how you make out.

  59. Neil , your bias is showing through with flying colors … the document produced was computer created and is a forgery , there is no doubt about that … that part was intentional to draw away attention from the real problem (a convincing document could have been created if that is what they wanted) , Obama is not eligible to be president because he does not have 2 US Citizen parents , his father , Obama Sr was a British subject. Obama does not deny that point and it is a killer. That is the reason why Pelosi and Reid refused to certify his eligibility to the various states … They changed the language of the “certification letter” they distributed rather than perjure themselves, they offered no evidentiary docs to the states when they were required to back in 2008.
    This problem is the same reason why Marco Rubio will never be allowed to run for president.

    Sheriff Arpiao is tackling a matter that our other elected officials are refusing to touch … good for him … Maybe the AZ AG should look at the foreclosure docs ,,


    In my chronic optimism, I would hate to be wrong and to have read something in those resignations that actually was completely the opposite of the truth… I hope that those resignations are part of the solution. Not the beginning of the real problems.

  61. @ Enraged

    Have you heard of attorney Jeff Barnes?

  62. @Jim,

    Actually, O’Brien will NOT allow that without a fight. I probably would contact him and ask if my own recorder is on board with him if I were in Mass. I would create a raucus!!!

  63. @Jim,

    Only way to get some justice.

  64. EXACTLY!!! How is that assisting the victims of foreclosure? How are they Protecting and Serving victims in the Community? This bank heist has really gotten way out of hand, who can you trust anymore? It appears the scale is VERY unbalanced in the system, but they are just taking orders, right? Are those paid selected Orders from taxpayers whom have been raped of their wealth? Just a thought for the day. “Turning a blind eye to crimes during the commission of.” Is that Protect and Serve, bannanas?

  65. Massachusetts and Florida are about to “fix” the foreclosure documentation mess (a la Ibanez) by legislation ratifying all fraudulent foreclosure sales. I predicted that they would never allow this foreclosure mess to linger and that there would be this type of solution. Hate to say I told you so…….the government doesn’t fix problems, it erases them. Probably won’t even require a quiet title action after they get finished.

  66. We need a transparent platform were eveything is disclosed. Homeowners, banks, judges, attorneys, NPO’s, realtors and politicians can all view a file to see if fraud was committed and start to fix this mess.

  67. Eric Holder must be removed now.

  68. Perfect analysis, Neil.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, Free and Independent State, People, Allodial, In Jure Proprio, Jure Divino

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