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  1. Missouri Indictment: One County — what About the Rest?
  2. What are the final terms of the multi-state AG Settlement? Amnesty? Immunity?
  3. Why are we dealing with the banks when they didn’t fund the loans?
  4. When will the settlement be effective. Court Approval required
  5. What effect does it have on homeowners seeking to recover their homes taken in wrongful foreclosures
  6. What effect will it have on new buyers and lenders?
  7. Will Fannie and Freddie finally encourage principal corrections?
  8. How will it effect future foreclosures in an election year and beyond?
  9. New Investigation team starts up to assist Livinglies readers
  10. MERS: How will Title Collapse be Averted? Legislation?
  11. Arizona moving towards help for certain homeowners and proof of ownership of loan

4 Responses

  1. Thank you, ANONYMOUS—succinctly right on, as always.

  2. Answer to #3 — maybe you can address. Because the subprime loans were not mortgage loans to begin with. The banks purchased collection rights to (falsely) classified default debt/non-compliant loans — and modified them by a false refinance. No funding necessary, thank you. unless there was a cash-out — that was all that needed to be funded — and, if to pay credit card debt — you were doomed with this one.

    AGs targeting the banks because the banks were biggest debt buyers of all. Subprime — it is debt collection — modified debt “loans.” That is all. Also, feel bad for the security investors, they invested in securities to default debt. Were wrongly told — triple A rated. Insurance fraud — over and over. What a bundle these guys were making. Until all collapsed. Discovered in Europe — not really mortgage loans — and not really mortgage backed securities. Whose fault? The banks.

    DEBT collection —-with a capital D. And AGs have stalled to allow SOL to expire. Discovery rule as to SOL? Yes, but no longer with AG help — we are on our own.

  3. Neil: what’s the number we call for the conference today? Tx

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