RoboDeal: Mullti State Settlement Neither Signed Nor Drafted When Announced


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Many hat tips to Yves Smith and others who have pointed out that the grand settlement has neither been drafted nor signed in any form. This leads me to compare the entire securitization scam process with this settlement process and to highlight the “moral hazard” in front of us.
Now that everyone has announced the settlement and talked about it, they are done milking it for the PR value. At this point what actually goes into the settlement document and approved by the Court in North Carolina is as good as — well — any robosigned document. Nobody has released any formal summary or any documents that actually specifies the wording of the settlement.
The opportunity to “define” something that it is not, or to release something that wasn’t announced, or to provide preemptive wording that would enable the banksters to argue in court that the individual cause of action is blocked, at least in part, by this settlement or that there is no private right of action, or that the the AG of a state can’t charge them with crimes is a clear and present moral danger.
The very fact that the settlement is with the banks and excludes the investors and the borrowers is a problem.
The settlement implicitly ratifies the idea that the banks own the mortgages and when it is written down it might say it explicitly thus eliminating the central issue in the corruption of the title registries across the nation. What law enforcement and the media fail to grasp is that the banks did not loan any money to anyone.
They first got the money from investors and then took out huge amounts for fees that were not adequately disclosed to investors and then funded loans as conduits for the investors. At no time did any of those bank conduits possess a loan receivable or reserve for defaults because at no time was the loan ever owed to them.
The banksters kept the wording of documentation with the borrowers and the wording of the documentation with the investors vague and conflicting so that they could claim, when they wished, that the loans were owned by the banks, thus collecting on taxpayer bailouts, insurance, credit default swaps and other credit enhancements — and even claim losses on defaults that were nonexistent on loans they didn’t own. We are now left in the same position where the announcement or representations are one thing, but the wording of the settlement is unknown and could include anything.
The Banks are still running the show. The situation is left vague so they can grift their way through this settlements just the same way they the previous settlements and orders. At some point, it will be nice if someone did some arithmetic on the back of a paper napkin and realized that everything the banksters are saying and doing is wrong — not just from a technical legal standpoint — but from the standpoint of who has the money, who gets the money and who gets credited for payment.
Or, maybe we can all use a page from the playbooks of these giant banks. Each of us can announce we have losses of over a trillion dollars and that we won’t be able to meet our commitments unless the Federal government or the Federal Reserve provide the deficiency we created out of thin air. It doesn’t matter whether we have any actual losses or if we do, whether the losses are in the amount we say or that they were incurred in the way we said or even if the losses were already covered by other bets we made. We just want the money. And when all is said and done, after we get the money from the Federal government and Federal reserve, we will then seek to collect “debts” from consumers who know they have those debts but are completely without information as to whom the debt is owed. If we can get most people to pay, it is  windfall again — all starting from a point where we conducted no business, did no transactions, and suffered no losses.
This reminds me of a scam that is still going on. It seems that if you send an official looking bill for medical or business services of office supplies to tens of thousands of businesses and you keep the amount due low — like $35 or so, you will find that most people would rather pay the bill than contest it. Some people have gone to jail for mail fraud as a result of this — but most of the people out there doing this scam are free as a bird and stuffed with cash like the bankers on Wall Street. The business is simply about sending out false bills and collecting on them — same as Wall Street is doing with mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, student loans (the next big debt crash) and other consumer loans.

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  2. @katheryn – there is something in contract law and probably also
    applicable to notes, altho maybe found in diff areas of law for each: If one party has no copy of certain documents, it can be found there is no enforceable agreement. Also, even if you haven’t denied signing the right of rescission, which imo has nothing to do with rescission for something like TILA violation, the fact that you weren’t given copies is the ticket on that score. It’s the notice of right of rescission form itself which provides the info for the “how” to rescind. If you didn’t have a copy, in my lay opinion, you didn’t really have the requisite right. The behavior you have described by the person getting your autograph
    makes me really angry. He or she got to your home, the docs were wrong, they didn’t want to wait til copies were available for you as required for any number of their own reasons. If you’re up[ for it,
    you can add research about not getting copies of these instruments and docs to your ever-growing list. As you know, your opponent is going to turn this into you got the benfit of the loan and just want a free house and damn the law.

  3. @JG

    Thanks for your help. I just got done printing out over 60 pages of motions they have filed with the court. So I have to read through them and get all my stuff together as well as anwers to file in court when I’m there next week. I’m not sure whether I cited any case law on rescission in my complaint and we didn’t deny signing the cancel notice. The problem was the closing agent came to our home later in the evening the day of closing. He then said he had to print a whole new set of docs as he couldn’t use the set that BoA had sent by Fed Ex earlier in the day for our review. He had to go out a bring in his printer and set it up then print out a whole new closing document package. Well by the time he got done with that it was already well after 9:00 p.m. so we had no time to review or compare those docs with the docs we had. To make matters worse, after getting through all the signing there was no way to make copies of what we had signed, including the right to cancel, so he promised we would get a complete package of copies in a couple of days. Need I say more… took me almost one year to obtain a copy of what we signed. When I finally got it I noticed that the mortgage from the package was not the same as the mortgage that was filed in the records office when I went and got copies out of the deed book. Then a third copy shows up that is, again, different, but yet also marked as true and correct copy. These people are crazy. It will take me all of today to get ready for them in court…but I will be ready! But back to the recission…I don’t deny signing it, but we were not left copies when he collected everything and left in all the confusion and lateness. I don’t really think the judge has the power to deny a rescission request, however, he does have the ability to structure the tender and what not. At least that is my understanding of the law with regards to that and that is what I used in my complaint. I will try to post some stuff for you over the weekend. Right now my mind is whirling on how to answer his latest motions and preparing for court.

  4. Found this in my files. It’s an excerpt from a PSA submitted in a case.
    Thought it might hold some interest:

  5. Katheryn,

    NO. Once you were caught in the subprime refinance fraud, you were finished — a victim. Does not matter what was “refunded”, or paid on your behalf. Your loan was classified as a default debt/ non-compliant for GSE MBS. Only debt collection survived. Refinance was a modification of the debt that they claim you owed as to false default. Insurance (servicer) collected. No mortgage title insurance remained available on property — could only modify the false default debt.

    And, yes, discovery extremely difficult on court. This is why we relied on the AGs. They failed.

    I am not bringing up rescission/TILA in order to defend/support banks denial. I am bringing this up as to identification of the party that you have a right to request rescission/TILA damages from — your creditor/lender.

    Servicers and REMIC trusts are not your creditor. And, neither is a “holder” for the benefit of another (MERS included). But, I am being told here that security investors “Put up the money”, thus they must be my creditor — and then I guess I have to sue them. Of course, security investors did not know, despite Triple A rating (and credit enhancement by the structure of a subprime REMIC trust), that they were actually investing in false default debt pass-through — not mortgages – which did not need to be funded as insurance allowed for purchase of collection rights. . . But, if as presented here, security investors were the “funders” — I have to sue them. No choice.

    TILA Amendment was supposed to guarantee me the identify of my creditor so that I could negotiate directly with them. Not according to the settlement. Not only does this deny foreclosure victims the identity of their creditor, it denies all the right to challenge TILA violations/rescission. Most important, we do not have a party to allege those violations against. Not only have I never seen security investors responsible for TILA violations/rescission, I have never seen trustees, nominees, “holders”, or trusts responsible. So then — who is really responsible?

    Some here are confusing “holder in due course” with creditor/lender as to TILA.

  6. @katheryn – I’m NO authority, but there was at least one case which held that when rescission is demanded by a homeowner, rescission is not discretionary. By their statement that you signed the right of rescission form, they are just playing games and trying to hold you to the three day right of rescission at closing. Lame. If I can find that case, I’ll link it. I have as it turns out quite a few TILA cases, but they are older, if that matters. If someone wants them and cares to tell me how to email a file folder, I’ll be happy to do it. Well, heck, I think I have it at scribd. go look right now…okay, here’s one:

    I called this the most interesting notice of rescission I had ever seen.
    Don’t know why, don’t even remember posting it! and not reading it now – no time:

    Can’t find another really instructive one I have from
    Bony v Upke, DC NJ, 09-01710. This case was great for a number of things: got rid of dual rep of “MERS” and Bony, got case remanded
    BACK to state court, and its ruling in DC on rescission, the depo of real MERS corp officer, Hultman. Pacer it and find the TILA rescission ruling on docket. Worth the effort, I’d say. Sorry, it appears Mr. Nobody ate it on my computer. I had it at scribed, and it’s gone from there, too!, least I can’t find it. Anonymous, there may be something of interest for you in these cases or others I have. I think you might want to spend some time looking at “assignee liability’? Also, want more TILA? Go to yahoo, in search bar type ” tender is not the first consequence of rescission” and have at it!

  7. @ Anonymous

    Last thing, they may try to avoid the rescission, however, they sent me a letter through one of their attorneys which clearly stated “our client, BoA is in receipt of your request for a rescission of your loan. You signed the Right to Cancel, therefore your request is being denied”
    so drop dead (my paraphrase). I don’t think they can get away with now claiming they had no capacity. In addition, if you read the notice to cancel it gives the address to where to send a written request; that’s where I sent it.

  8. @ JG

    I’m in on pooling the funds!

  9. @ Anonymous

    one more thing…..the basket; wouldn’t that be fairly easy to prove through discovery and wouldn’t that not make for a fantastic class action or whistleblower suit? I got suspicious when I inadvertently pulled up all these pre and currently in foreclosures. Each loan had the same aba routing number so I started connecting the dots. I have not heard or read anywhere that this connection has been made. The basket were the known to fails.

  10. @ Anonymous

    Just read your post about the funding. What really caught my interest was the fact that we did not ask or want any cash out of the refinance. We were given a check for $250 back and I wondered why and I knew there had to be a reason. After reading “answer to # 3. I’m wondering if they will use this as that they funded the loan? In my complaint I alleged it was a table funded loan. Can you straighten out my thoughts on this as to what their logic might have been?

  11. johngault,

    Same goes for MERS — can I hold them liable?? Are they a creditor? WHO can I hold liable?????? As to TILA violations and rescission????? Or, as you say, are rights gone? How does the other side have rights — and not us???

  12. Katheryn

    Hearing similar stories. Many dooseys like yours. Some claiming to be F/F refinances — but were not. Yes — a “basket.”


    Yes. And, remember, OCC has warned MBS trustees of false liability. Trustees hold (not own) bare legal title, trusts are pass-through — no assets or liabilities. Only one left then, if we are to assume that security investors have the right to foreclose, are the security investors themselves.

    And, just imagine IF you are not in default, not delinquent, and have big TILA damages. Can you hold the security investors liable??? Hey, these guys so badly want to be your “creditor” in foreclosure. But, what is good for goose — is good for the gander ( I think I get that cliche right).

    If cannot hold security investors liable, who do we hold liable??? If they are not the “creditor”, then WHO is the creditor to be held liable?? And, if they are not the creditor to whom I can hold liable (even when not in default), neither can they hold themselves out as the creditor to foreclosures.

    No case law, as far as I know. If anyone knows of any security investor liability, please post it here.

  13. Yesterday or so, I posted a mock Buffet-organization to handle this mess. Before that, I opined that the gang, I forget who, looking at MERS must have seen it for the racket it is, but the only things I can glean to come out of the ensuing Consent Order were 1) the secret contract between MERSCorp and Genpact (which is being shamefully ignored) and 2) foreclosures were stopped in MERS’ name. MERS is a racket; the way its members operate including taking our property is part of the racket. Okay.
    After all this time, we aren’t the only folks who get this, so then we have to ask why more isn’t done and this considers the slaps on the wrist in the form of monetary sanctions mol. One school of thought is everyone in the act including the gov are criminals, ruled by the 1% which the gov folks need to win re-election, etc. Okay, I can’t argue there’s some truth in this.
    But is there another reason more isn’t done? Is there another school of thought to be considered? Could it be the perception of bedlam which will likely ensue upon a finding of the illegitimacy of this whole sec’n and MERS deal? There’s no doubt in my mind that we here and now shouldn’t be the people to come up with solutions for that bedlam, although maybe we have to anyway. I do believe that solutions must be found to deal with the “fall-out” which would be monstrous, in a word. We want criminals prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Okay. But that won’t fix the ‘fall-out’ from a finding all this was legal nonsense; our dots are fatally flawed, no one knows who owns what on a very large ‘portfolio’ of home loans (millions), no one knows who should be assigning what, and so on: the system created by those people and their whole m.o. is fatally flawed. And of course we’re mad as hell and rightfully so. No one can deny the damage done; many of us here are testaments to that damage whether we lost our homes, our jobs, our retirement, our security, our peace of mind. Some of us lost it all.
    Until there are viable solutions advanced, and this may well involve compromise all involved, including us, will gag on, I think we will see no real resolution, because like it or not, the consequences of that
    acknowledgement without its resolution could if not would lead to bedlam. It’s very difficult under the thumb of the oppression, pain, and anger we are feeling to turn what energy we have into solutions, but I think until viable formulas are found, we will see the same old wheels spinning and none of us here any happier or better off at all. Who will find the resolution? We might have to be the guy, even if it’s by way of pooling funds to hire some talent.

  14. Anonymous – I think where you’re going is that investors have never been held accountable by assignee liability tenets for Tila violations and that because they can’t be (?), this has robbed the homeowner of relief to which he should be entitled?

  15. @L Dean

    I am in Delaware. I’m fighting them pro se. I am trying to find something out. I was forced into a refi in Feb. 2010 after trying for over a year to get a modification. BoA used an inflated income and appraisal and they knew without our savings we could not have paid for very long. We were again promised we could try again for a mod. I have received three different versions of our mortgage. The altered version shows instructions for the mortgage to be sent back to ReconTrust after recording. In addition, the title policy listed ReconTrust as the beneficiary. There is also a beneficiary routing number on the closing instructions that when I ran a internet query, it brought up tons of pre and in process foreclosures. I am getting the feeling that they grouped loans they knew were going to fail and that they had insurred for default, all in the same “basket” if you will. I would say that they also played around with accounting with regards to the books for these loans. It would further seem to me that this would be about as good as it gets with proving fraud in the inducement as well as possibly other crimes with intent. Do you have any information like your routing number etc.?

  16. Can anyone here tell me whether or not MBS investors and/or their trustee, have ever been held liable for statutory TILA violations including rescission?



  17. @Carie,

    We know who. We kow how. Blaming won’t fix it. What we don’t seem to know is what to do about it.

    I have yet to hear that 1 million people gathered in DC to protest against that soon-to-be-written settlement. I have yet to read that every union in this country ordered a general strike, from transportation (big one: paralyzes an entire country in no time.) That’s what they do in Europe. Start with public transportation, including trains, subways, airports and seaports. That stops moving people around and they can’t go to work. More than that, that stops moving goods around. See what happens when van lines and freighters stop moving goods: foods rots in trains, trucks and warehouses, supermarkets empty out real fast, exports stop, riots erupt and, finally, something gets done. Either a coup ensues or a full blown civil war breaks out.

    I’m waiting for that. I don’t see any other way. The system has been permanently broken and I doubt very much it can ever be fixed. Too many laws, too many agenda, too many built-in conflicts of interest. It is rotten to the core.

  18. @To Tell The Truth
    I agree with you.
    Except, the part following

    “Federal Reserve Chairman said it was an Agreement in “Principle only”” (after reduction)

    It’s the part about..”not being sure who’s principle” (or in this case, who’s interest and/or benefit),

    It’s very clear to me, (and most likely the rest of the 99%’ers),








    But that’s only my opinion.

    If it was the opinion of the rest of the 99%’ers, and was done,

    then politicians would think of the people instead.

  19. 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis
    The good intentions, bad managers and greed behind the meltdown

    Full List
    Angelo Mozilo
    Phil Gramm
    Alan Greenspan
    Chris Cox
    American Consumers
    Hank Paulson
    Joe Cassano
    Ian McCarthy
    Frank Raines
    Kathleen Corbet
    Dick Fuld
    Marion and Herb Sandler
    Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush
    Stan O’Neal
    Wen Jiabao
    David Lereah
    John Devaney
    Bernie Madoff
    Lew Ranieri
    Burton Jablin
    Fred Goodwin
    Sandy Weill
    David Oddsson
    Jimmy Cayne,29569,1877351,00.html


  21. Pasadena TX – I believe that we all know the truth and it does not matter. We know the banks do not have the right to foreclose. I say we all share a little something about our States, our County Records since they are all public record. I believe if you have any common sense at all and I am going to say this to Judges in our Court System you need to go back and get a education about Law. You aren’t listening and you really don’t care. Especially if you are getting a nice little kick back from some of these banks to support their illegal, immoral actions. So all of you join me as I have set up a Username and Password for you to review the Texas Land Records and County Records. Please go to this website which is
    and when you get to the website, please type Username Your Password is BankofNewYork.
    Search records for Texas. When you get to the search page please type in Bank of New York. Several options of Bank of New York will populate. Click All. Enjoy the view. Once you have completed that task I would like to share the Recontrust site with you. Please go to Go to Texas then select properties sold. This will list the February 7 Bank of America Foreclosures. Please notice that for all homes that were supposed to be sold on the Courthouse Lobby in Downtown Houston TX on that date some how were all sold to the beneficiary. Now last but not least may I take you to the Harris County Appraisal District at and ask you to click Record Search.
    Again, you will be able up at the top of the page to search by name. Please type in Bank of New York and this will give you the houses Bank of New York inherited since January 2012 which appraisal values are still pending but Bank of New York appears to have gained about 585 homes. I say it is time to go to work and check out your Land and County Records, your Banks foreclosure websites and your Appraisal District to see what you find. Folks I think Bank of New York says it all. These banks Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and others do not have legal right to foreclose on your property and our Courts and Judges are lazy and do not want to do their job. Quite frankly, All of them pay one another to get rich and do not give a damn about the people of the United States of America. Bank of New York is the biggest thief of them all and I assure you the Investors also need to be thrown under the jail and buried 6 feet under. Oh and please check out the names of the so called Substitute Trustees and I will give you a few names to look at. Please group them together because they are the substitute trustees for the banks. Recontrust Jeff Leva, Audrey Lewis, Patricia Poston, and my favorites are Follis J ETAL, Kesler Rex Etal, Reder T Etal, Sanchez N Etal. Keep in mind while your are checking all of this out, this is just Harris County, TX. Texas is a big state. What about Grimes County, Chambers County, Montgomery County???? I am sure you will get the big picture when you review this information. Bank of America will be foreclosing on my home March 6, 2012. I have been instructed in a written Letter from Bank of America not to send anymore correspondence in writing regarding my property. The home was scheduled for foreclosure on October 2011, and will without fail be foreclosed on March 6, 2011 signed Janette Castillejos, Litigation Specialist II, Mortgage Resolution Team (MRT) Qualified Written Request (QWRS) & Small Claims Servicing with a enclosure from Bank of America’s attorney Blank & Rome which clearly states I owe the debt. Well when I closed on my house I had no idea 14 days later it would be sold on Wall Street under CWABS 2007-2 Asset Backed Certificates and pooled with a bunch of other mortgages with my loan being on page 41 and that one year later this pool would file a form 15d with the Security Exchange Commission stating that they no longer have enough investors in the pool to report to the SEC. Guess the pool was paid off by the Insurance that is described in the PSA (Pooling and Service Agreement) and somehow they managed to dig up assignments to the promissory note. Like I said, we have lost to a bunch of White Collar Criminals but that is OK, they are bankers, investors, Judges, who all pass around a buck to be corrupt and protect each others asses.

  22. Me thinks the deal is not worth the paper it is not written on.

    This will help a lot of AGs and elected officials continue to receive massive campaign donations as they have agreed but not yet finalized and signed.

    Is everyone ready to watch negative political ads till you puke?

  23. Hey is this what they mean by living the dream?

  24. Quote —“The settlement implicitly ratifies the idea that the banks own the mortgages and when it is written down it might say it explicitly thus eliminating the central issue in the corruption of the title registries across the nation. What law enforcement and the media fail to grasp is that the banks did not loan any money to anyone.” AND “They first got the money from investors and then took out huge amounts for fees that….”

    WRONG. What the settlement fails to grasp is that security investors are not the creditor, and NEVER lend directly to homeowners. This would take away TILA violation rights. SECURITY INVESTORS NEVER lend directly to homeowners. Does not work this way. The settlement agreement precludes identification of the actual creditor during bogus foreclosures. It condones concealment by banks from divulging what actually happened to collection rights (as subprime were not actual mortgages), and whose balance sheet those collection rights actually lie. Of course, collection rights are not balance sheet accounted for, as they are only reported as profit by the income statement.

    No — security investors fund the BANK — not homeowners “loans”, and are not the creditor.

    Settlement, as so far produced, is in violation of federal law.

    Challenge to Washington DC federal judge who must approve?? Hope so. But, must be done for right reason. If you claim security investors lend directly to homeowners — on a bad track.

  25. These are the Federal Reserve Board orders on the monetary sanctions against 5 banks–Chase, Wells, BOA, Citigroup, Ally—

  26. I’m going to go to one of those “payment” advance companies. Tell them I need my money now to buy my tent, coleman stove and if I find a really good sale, might even be able to get a port-a-potty with a ‘bonus’ roll of tp 🙂

  27. But, how could it be that there’s no settlement yet?

    Why, I received a letter just toDAY from my state’s AG that says on Feb. 9, 2012, he joined the $ 25 billion landmark settlement. The letter is dated Feb. 10, 2012. Wasn’t it Feb. 11 that 1st word squeaked out that the settlement was done? Then, that, wait a minute, it’s NOT done?

    Pardon, but with all due respect 😉 isn’t this the same ‘business model’ as my foreclosure where they foreclosed on my home beFORE they were assigned the legal right to do so? They wouldn’t be making fun of my circumstances now would they?

    My AGs OFFICE simply would not represent that the deal is done and mail out the letters beFORE the deal is done?

    And no, it’s not signed by Linda Green. The Robos would have none of it.

    It is signed by NO ONE.

    With that, I’m guessing now, they must have scrapped that whole single point of contact thing, d’ya’think?

    Do NOT dismiss your attorney prematurely. You may need $him$ to help you FIGHT for that $ 2000 to which you “may be” entitled.

  28. @ukg

    No, word has it they were waiting for the bank to finish up any loose ends (legal loopholes) they may have missed on their preparation of the 1st draft. Brian Moynihan was vacationing in Paris and his cohorts were waiting for his return to give the draft his thumbs up before giving to the AGs to present to the public. Just another minor pesky detail.

  29. Just like ObamaCare: pass it, and then read it or write it. They do the pension funding in Illinois that way, too. Pass the bill, then stick the pages in. Kinda like my mortgage file……..

  30. We are in slavery folks.ha ,ha and we all thought we were …land of the free!!!!! free to be raped and pillaged.

  31. I ran across this on the web. Interesting in that if you read it you will see they were made to sign away their ‘homestead’ rights. I am trying to figure out what the reason or pattern to the mortgage instructions that provide that it be returned to ReconTrust vs. the pretend lender. I wonder if these poor schmucks realize what they gave up? These are real 1st class mobsters.

  32. My $.02

    The redistribution of real property and wealth into the special 1% coffers, yields power to control everything, we eat, drive, wear, finance and live.

    And the country has been bankrupt for years and it is being masked by the illusion of ownership and access to funds that do not exist, except on paper. That, in my opinion, is not real wealth, equity and liquidity. Smoke and mirrors folks!

  33. @Gorble,

    It hasn’t been any longer a question of “if” for quite some time.

    It’s a question of “when”. It doesn’t matter where it starts (Egypt, Syria, Greece, wherever). It will happen.

  34. Don’t panic yet…this may still be good news for us…remember the Federal Reserve Chairman said it was an Agreement in “Principle only” …not sure who’s principle…

  35. If a violent revolt breaks out the bankers will be the first to feel it. It just looks like we are forever bought and paid for and a corrupt government is just going right along. No longer a democracy.

  36. Well….lying is what they do, their MO….

  37. And we can be sure that Linda Green will sign for ALL
    the banks.

  38. It’s become apparent to me that a cabal assumed power in this country after the 2000 election was stolen. This is why Obama is still following the PNAC neo-con plan and why the government is in bed with the Banksters and Wall St. They’re milking us for ALL we’re worth; public opinion be damned, and when it all crashes down (coming VERY soon), they will all be on the “right side” of the deal.
    The rest of us will be reduced to debt serfs or even worse, slavery.

  39. Go after the securitization, etc. Class action for fraud, forgery, backdating. The list goes on. This settlement is election year bs.

    Joe Parisi

  40. Seriously? This totally sucks.

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