Is the Press Our Only Hope?


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February 10, 2012
by Kelli
WHAT CAUSED THE FORECLOSURE CRISIS??? I implore you to take this story back to the BEGINNING! DIG DEEP and INVESTIGATE the FACTS and tell the WHOLE story.
WHO is the MOST POWERFUL ENTITY IN AMERICA? THE NEWS MEDIA! Whatever story you tell, and HOW you decide to tell it ultimately becomes the way it is in the eyes of Americans.
This 18 billion dollar law suit against the 5 major banks only tells me that you can commit PREMEDITATED MAJOR FRAUD that devastates millions of peoples lives, shove the billions of EXTRA money it makes you in your pockets, then IF you get caught, you’ll have enough money to pay off the law makers, then you’re off the hook! WHO CARES ABOUT THE LITTLE PEOPLE YOU DESTROYED? After all, they’re just the BACKBONE of AMERICA!
THESE MONSTERS SET OUT TO DECEIVE HOMEOWNERS, approving them for loans for the sole purpose that they would fail, foreclose! Scooping thousands of these doomed loans into a servicing pool to be securitized and then bounced around on Wall Street because these corporate criminals that are way smarter then me, devised a way to multiply there return on doomed investments by getting subsidized 10, 20, 30 times over from multiple insurance policies placed in advance. That would be like me insuring my home with 10 homeowner’s policies, each to pay me $200,000 if my house burns down, all the while knowing it IS GOING TO BURN DOWN because I placed a few faulty wires in the walls of my home.
I WOULD BE IN PRISON!!! This is EACTLY WHAT THESE MONSTERS DID TO MILLIONS OF HOMEOWNERS LIKE ME! All of the stories I’ve seen regarding the MORTGAGE FRAUD and FORECLOSURE CRISIS are just FRACTIONS of the complete story! Robo Signers, Docx Company forging thousands of signatures on lost or destroyed loan documents, foreclosed, vacant homes causing vandalism, squatters and the drop in real estate values.
This is the first time in my 47 year life that I have more knowledge on a MAJOR, NATIONAL, ECONOMICAL CRISIS then is being reported by YOU, the NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA! The source ALL AMERICANS rely on to bring them the TRUTH of a story and the WHOLE story. One year ago when I first knew I was going to have a fight on my hands to save what means as much to me as life itself, (my home) I was scared, but eager because I learned that I had rights, as an American, governed by laws long ago put into place.
When I learned that LAWS WERE BROKEN, and my rights as an American were being violated I was confident that with some self education and ALOT of research, surely I would eventually prevail. My facts are evident, right here in black and white. Just show it to the judge and he will make things right, fair!
I didn’t want to ‘WIN’ a free HOME. I just wanted the judge to make the monsters play FAIR! I sit here now, the morning after hearing of the successful suit against the 5 major banks and I am devastated and overwhelmed as it sinks in that the federal lawsuit victory does NOTHING to protect ME or thousands of other people out there in the same boat. In fact,
I’m feeling confident that it put the last nail in my coffin because it set a National precedence, just pay your way out of your crimes with the money you gained off of your victims. I am disheartened with our system, it is disgraceful what people in power have done to destroy EVERYTHING this COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON. No wonder this Great Country is being brought to it’s knees. GREED is selling her out and NO ONE WITH ANY POWER IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO EXPOSE IT!
Like so many Americans, I am! I would lay down my life TODAY if it would somehow magically expose the Beast because one day, soon, it will all be too late! My home hasn’t been sold out from underneath me yet but I have received a “Notice of Default” telling me I have about 30 days left before a “Trustees Sale”.
No court hearing, no judge to make a ruling because I live in California, a Non Judicial State which means Whoever Holds the ORIGINAL “Deed of Trust” on you mortgage has the right to sell your home at public auction if you default on it’s terms.
FIRST PROBLEM, when the mortgage was securitized and pooled into a trust with thousands of other mortgages, the ‘Note’ and ‘Deeds’ HAD to be DESTROYED in order to become asset bearing investments. YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH AVENUES TO GENERATE PROFITS. Known as DOUBLE DIPPING, it is a major IRS tax violation. So why do I keep hearing loan docs were lost, misfiled, and misplaced? THEY WERE PURPOUSLY DESTROYED!
These bankers, investors just assumed we would all be too stupid to figure it all out, and even IF some of us did uncover their dirty deeds, what could just a few people do?? NOTHING! We HAVE TO RELY ON OUR NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA! THE ONLY VOICE LOUD ENOUGH TO HAVE ANY EFFECT. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you choose to do nothing, you are allowing these THUGS to abuse and steel from the powerless and then just walk away. WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW THAT?? HOW CAN YOU JUST LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THAT?? You are our only hope!

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  1. The post that follows is a letter a sent to all 3 major news media. Allbeit ignorant in a few areas, as I have continued to gain more knowledge on this subject all the while realizing that I simply don’t have a shot in Hell fighting this battle on my own. With statistics showing only about 3% of all homeowners representing themselves are successfull, paired with the fact that they are all mostlikely MUCH SMARTER than I am. But I would rather fight to the death than to lay myself before the sword.

  2. I just watched the third news segment I happened across in as many months regarding the national “Foreclosure Crisis”. Each one of them failing to take it all the way to the root of the problem. Why is that? Is it because our national media is afraid of the Corporate Monsters who premeditated this problem so that they could fatten their wallets knowing what effect it would eventually have on the backbone of America? I always thought that the media was the little mans only strong arm to fight back against it’s ugly enemies. So why don’t you tell the story the way WE know it to be? The “WE” I speak of are the thousands that have already lost our homes, or will be soon unless we get the help we desperately need. None of the political ploys to “help homeowners” have had any success, yet they sure sound good on a topical level. The bottom line is, the Corporate giants have been bailed out again, by tax payers money. The very tax payers who are losing their homes EVERYDAY across America. If you look deeply into any of the “Hope for Homeowner Programs” designed by our Government, you would see that they were designed to fail. It’s guidelines are nearly impossible to meet yet the general census is that Obama is helping the people in need. It’s simply not true.

    I too have received a ‘Default Notice’ so within the next 30 days or so, I will be facing ’doomsday’! Ironically, I happened to be researching recent case files and laws on this subject like I have done several hours a day for the past 3 months when the most recent story came on my TV. I decided a year ago that I wouldn’t remain ignorant and allow these Corporate thieves to take away from me the place I plan on growing old and dying in. I have a simple home and a simple life and that’s how I like it. I never wanted anything to do with Corporate America, or fighting my way to the top financially and the LAST thing I ever wanted was attention brought to myself on ANY level, but I don’t plan on just laying down and going quietly.
    I will be filing suit in the California State Supreme Court against my “Pretender Lender”, their affiliates, the loan servicing company they hide behind, the title company, all the way back to my original lender who refinanced my mortgage in 2006. Although that (front) company is long out of business, I have located the names of the Corporate execs and financial officers who are now in business under a NEW NAME just down the street from where their failed company once was.
    I’m not fighting for a “Free Home” like so many thousands are trying to achieve. Although it has been the case for several hundred homeowners across the nation who educated themselves with their state laws AND their constitutional rights and then had the guts to stand up to the corporate monsters intent on crushing our little lives. All in order to stick another buck in their pocket! I am fighting the FACTS and LAWS, not ideology. But I have to be honest, IF a judge finds my ’pretender lender’ in default and tosses their case out on it’s ear, I won’t contest to his findings!
    I realize what it would do to our economy if EVERYONE in this situation was to walk away with a “free home” and I don’t want to be responsible for that. I, unlike Corporate America have a conscience and I learned in 8th grade government that this is our country and we all have an obligation to abide by it’s rules and support it so that it can remain the strongest and best nation on this earth. It is CORPORATE AMERICA that is destroying it for ALL OF US and It’s called GREED!
    Since my finances have dictated that I fight this “Goliath” Pro Se, I have been forced to educate myself on what was completely foreign to me just a few years ago. I didn’t know, because I never cared how Wall Street worked, or how the stock markets played such a role in this economy, particularly how foreign money and investors filter their way into this country and become part of it’s backbone but as astounded as I was, I had to fight to keep my focus on the smaller picture, ME, and my HOME!
    I have literally skimmed across thousands, and explored hundreds of websites that are popping up daily geared toward the desperate homeowner looking for assistance to keep their home. Most are scams wanting up front fees, some mean well but are unorganized and leave people more confused then they were before visiting it.
    BELIEVE ME, after spending around $2,000 over the coarse of the past year to various web based organizations, I am as skeptical as they come. However, in my opinion, there are 3 websites that have been instrumental in getting me as far as I am on this VERY SCARY JOURNEY. One was created by a BRILLIANT ATTORNEY who I had never heard of before. He has an MBA and is a JD and has over 40 years experience in real estate law, court litigations, corporate investments and wall street. There is NO CHARGE to sign up to his website where there is a world of information to educate and aid BOTH Attorneys, AND homeowner’s who can’t afford Attorneys. Along with that are links to media articles and case files across the country. There is also a “store” link where you have an option to buy CD’s, products and services. It was here that I first became aware of MORTGAGE LOAN SECURITIZATION, MORTGAGE POOLING (into trusts), and the fact that approximately 85% of all mortgage loans or refi’s issued from 2004 and 2008 became products on Wall Street.
    Corporate Giants set up company fronts disguised as Lenders who were in fact tied to the investment trusts formed by the pooling of thousands of these mortgage loans. In order for them to do this, the notes on these mortgages had to be destroyed to prevent any ”DOUBLE DIPPING” which results in IRS tax violations. Then, in my simple term, purchased MULTIPLE policies on each of their investments (mortgages), betting on them to fail in order to collect 10, 20, 30 times the amount the loan. ALL PREMEDITATED! This is the beginning of the TRUTH behind the mortgage crisis that put millions of homeowners out on the street and millions more, just like me in jeopardy of joining them. Even though I only comprehend a fraction of this subject, I also realize that SO MANY AMERICANS who have the same CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as I do simply aren’t aware they were victimized, therefore allowing the corporate monsters (who were most likely already subsidized for these mortgages multiple times over) to take away from them the achievement of homeownership that they thought they would have for a lifetime.
    This is why I write this letter. I strongly felt the need to ask you to give this issue the attention it deserves. To tell the story from it roots.


    Kelli Swedenskey

  3. To RM Burch, and ALL~

    I am widely aware, especially after reading through the responses to my post that I am the one that is not too bright. I clearly opened my mouth in a league WAY beyond my intellectual level or knowledge of national affairs. I realize the (mainstream) media is controlled by the 1% elitists. My post and the (facts) I stated in it were from a variation of web blogs and yes, the national news media. Maybe there is something wrong with my learning abilities but the way I understood the reasoning behind all of the (Lost) Notes was that they had to be destroyed in order to prevent “Double Dipping” of assests. If nothing else, I would hope that my post might give you a little insight as to what the mojority of people currently living in this foreclosure nightmare see things. You can only imagine what it must be like for people just like me who are victims, but because we lack the funds to pay for qualified counsel, are forced to try to fight the monster ourselves. YES, it’s looking like I will be the next one devoured by corporate monsters as I found taped to my front door today, a “Notice of Trustee Sale” with a sale date just two weeks away. What I hoped for, and cannot find, is “LEGAL ASSISTANCE”, a service I could afford to pay to step me through the process of a suit against my “Lender”, what forms to file, and when. In my eyes, that would be the best assistance people like me could get. So maybe you opened my eyes to the fact that I AM the one thats not so bright.

    To spitfire, YES, I am simply screeming out in desparation but I do not, or never have I thought that the (controlled media) would take a stand for the little man. I also realize that these so called “Help” and “Hope” for homeowner programs designed by the Obahma administration is all just a bunch of propaganda. Hey, they say they’re going to step in and help homeowners, the general census is that they will! Thats all they’re concerned about. When you have a National, Federal program designed and put in place to help millions out of a crisis, then in two years time statistics prove that approx 1000 to1200 homeowners actually had any success with it, that only tells me it was designed to fail from the get go. But who hears of it’s failure?? Nobody except for the ones it has failed!

    As ignorant as I may sound, I am going to post a letter I sent to the 3 major news media’s. NEVER once thinking I would get a response or that it would receive any attention. If nothing else, it was therapy, a way to vent a little in order to remain sane as I was doing all I could to educate myself on this crisis.

  4. The Congressional Oversight Panel report from November 2010 and the report from November 2011 both are great items to request that the court take Judicial Notice of.
    In particular footnote 35, which states that both the note and mortgage must be provided–a bank can’t foreclose without them.

    If you’re dealing with the criminals at Chase, ask that the court take judicial notice of the Pocopanni case, where Chase and their rotten attorney Shapiro were sanctioned for fraud on the court. That case was in Florida, and the judge’s opinion was that Wamu, Chase and their attorneys acted in collusion to commit fraud on the court:

    On the other note, the Fed Res plans to devalue the dollar another 33% in the next few years, driving the change to a cashless society when the dollar is removed as the world’s reserve currency. If they were to be successful, they would have complete control over our ability to buy and sell, to purchase things that sustain life, to travel or to have access to fire and rescue services, emergency medical care or any other item of absolute necessity. That’s the kind of control they desire, the next step is the RFD chip, which they can turn on or off at will to starve, imprison and control the citizenry who won’t cooperate.

    The dollar lost 19% of it’s value in 2003 and continues to decline on an annual basis, despite temporary gains. It lost another 10% in 2011, and stands to lose even more in 2012. The U.S. invasion of the oil rich Arab nations was a thinly veiled attempt to re denominate oil buys to dollars, rather than the Euro. Our meddling in Libya is nothing more than provoking a war intended to lead to U.S. occupation and control of the oil reserves.
    Unsustainable, the Fed Reserve Note is a fiat currency that has largely run its course since money is only good if everyone believes in it’s value. Since we left the gold standard our fiat currency has been issued by this fiat agency which is not federal at all, but a private banking cartel, which lends us our own money at interest–they’ve been robbing the American people blind since 1933 when they snuck the Fed Reserve Act into law over the Christmas Holiday while congress was mostly deserted. A number of states have decided to issue their own currency to protect trade in the event of the collapse of the dollar, which appears likely.

    Like Lincoln and Kennedy who printed greenbacks, all we have to do is demand that congress take back the job of issuing (a replacement) currency, backed by gold or another substance, like diamonds. We could balance the budget in two to three years and pay off the national debt, if we didn’t have to pay so much to borrow our own dollars printed by the evil Federal Reserve, who is no more Federal than Federal Express is. Currently, we are only a few votes shy of the majority needed to audit the Federal Reserve. When we Americans get a look at the criminality involved, and see where trillions of dollars of taxpayer money has actually gone, the Fed Res. is history. Ron Paul’s book, End The Fed, is a great read. Couldn’t put it down. Here’s a link to a great site to learn about the proposed financial reform act, and great quotes about the evil Fed Res by presidents past:

  5. must all read up on judicial notice—what every one in area knows after reading last fridays news re[ports on evertown news re collection agency collection prsactices as industry practice thats negligent–so only issue is damages and also official govt reports. cases from other jurisdictions —–that can be supported and offered as request to notice certain facts subject to judicial notuce–cut out the quotes you want to use and ask that they be admitted as evidence for all purposes

  6. @JG

    1: 1 circa 2000 $ vs Euro———–then US started printing to fund tax cuts and wars and terrorism et etc——–maybe its just that cost of living in europe was higher because they have 20% VAT vs US 5% sls tax–while europe stuck with no printing under maassctrict—at least until recently–and we can see em lining up for a couple trillion euros—-

  7. @dcb – I think I can say this: if everyone starts a file and collects
    articles, reports, what not, we can form the basis of an evidentiary file as a point of beginning? Ideas what else we should amass and catalog? Yeahs and nays cases on foreclosure?

  8. dcb – okay, please keep talking. I have to keep track of ‘certain things’ and it’s very time-consuming. I liked your idea of one as opposed to shotgun….a lot.
    AS to the 1 to 1 around 2000, I don’t think so, if you were referring to the euro, but not sure of course. When I was there in oh geez my memory, 2002 – 2006, I’d say, was more like U.S. 1 to 1.3 or 1.5. Made everything pretty expensive.

  9. isnt that near where it started up pegged at 1 to 1

  10. How about a pool whereby each person puts up $10 for one vote for a list of say 10 bigname players and the one with the most votes gets the whole fund paid over to a special investigator to investigate and create evidence to use for the civil and/or crimial pursuat of that named person? Make an example of one–decimation was the term used by Romans–every thenth one in a bad legion got nailed—worked well

    need a big acctg firm to collect and count–a governing committe to chose investigator–results to all payers–deadline–18 months with interim reports at 6 month intervals??// any acctg firms or investigators tha want to bell this cat?

    any known investigators want to do this under a non=profit org?

    instill fear w/o destroying whole industry–govt sure isnt doing it

  11. @Nora – you’re so good at finding that kind of stuff. What if anything can you find regarding the 1%’s impressions about the value of the dollar to the Euro circa 2000 ish? thanks in advance

  12. Kelli,
    You are very naive to think the major media are going to do anything different than they ever have. Like all good employees, the media is doing exactly what they are told to do by their owners, the 1%.

    David Rockefeller thanked them for not divulging the truth at the 1991 Baden-Baden hosted Builderberg meeting:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”…”It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” (end quote) [Journalistic Courtesans chapter of] Daniel Estulin’s book, The True Story of The Bilderberg Group,.

    I say we need to start our own media network, like Alex Jones and others have done. We’re using the internet to get the information out right now, and the powers that be are busy trying to take that away through bills like SOPA. Thinking that the media is going to straighten up and come clean, ranks with thinking you received real money from the bank, when you signed your closing documents. The media IS THE 1%’s mouthpiece, distributor of propaganda and misinformation designed to color everyone’s perception, like brainwashing. It’s been highly effective in furthering the gyrations of the controlling elite.

    We’re going to face a great deal of opposition in getting a license to go broadcasting the truth, and building a tower and infrastructure for a news station. They shoot people, “suicide them” and poison them for attempting such things, since it could cause the collapse of their whole plan to control the world through central banks!!! Until enough of us get organized and push toward this goal, expect to hear the same load of crap you hear everyday on Focks News.
    Are we dedicated enough to make it happen? Remains to be seen.

  13. Would the press be interested if a fortress bank changed their disclaimer on a MBS trust managed by that bank as trustee–the data site that described the loan status of the underlying loans supporting the MBS? Is this the sort of thing that press should be interseted in or would it be MBS investors–isnt there something about this the SEC might be interested in–or is this just proof the govt actions are all meaningless smoke and mirrors–becuse the big banks just done care what anybody thinks?


  14. papergate i was just thinking the same thing only yesterday matt tiabbi who writes in rolling stone is awful quiet…last thing i recall was a statement by him that left me remembering the words “all consuming fight”..thats no lie. I emailed the BBC just to see if i could get them to tell my story, nada so far, guess they forgot about me. ive been gone 12 years though.

  15. How come Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone has been so quiet??? Not a word from him re this mess and he is always first to the front on these issues???

  16. the meida, press is just like all of the people who control washington dc. congress and all others, so what good would this do to get the meida and the press involved, they to are owned by the 1% and or the big 5, so no media, and or press persons will investigage this mess, but good luck thinking it could and or would do so.

  17. John Gault – great post

  18. @hkon – yes, that strategy has occurred to us. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have friends and family with an extra 250k or so sitting around to buy a short sale for our benefit, or even their own. You see, that’s what the gov could have done with all those Hamp and other funds and chose not to. If they could legislate Hamp, etc., they could have legislated a temporary agency to oversee some plan where the agency, i.e., the gov, took the hits on homes and kept people in them.
    **One of the reasons the gov didn’t which comes to mind is their knowledge that the creditor is unknown or “difficult” to decipher or even worse, I dare say. That conclusion is unavoidable to me.**

    So, the gov took the hit, but homeowners have no relief. Clusterxxxx, isn’t it? There’s no other word which better defines this deal and the government’s alleged attempt to get relief to homeowners thru various programs over which it exercises zero control and which has little if any guidelines. Any guidelines which might exist are a secret and as far as I can tell, were fashioned by the banksters in their own interest. There is a reason we are told we must be in default to qualify. Have we even taken the time to find out what that is, beyond wild speculation? To qualify for help, we must put ourselves in a position where if we don’t get that ‘help’, our negotiating power has become all but none existant. There can be no reasonable argument that poor credit reduces bargaining power. The bargaining power was already rather ‘lopsided’.

    If Warren Buffet really wants to pay more taxes, he can start and fund such an organization. The organization could demand indemnity for the wrong party being paid as seller (more complicated, but that’s the gist). It would have the clout.
    The organization could have its own servicing branch(es), by state, say, for the new loans made, and those made at market value with no regard to late payments. Have to make sure that can be done with private money and that so doing would not bite the organization. Think it could. The organization could have its own dot trustees. The organization would have its own licensed people to accurately disclose TILA requirements, etc. Jobs, jobs, jobs. An effort could be made to match existing loans to PSA’s, for whatever that might be worth.
    Should the organization charge a reasonable fee as contribution to the effort? I don’t know. Maybe. Be worth it for (as legitimate) principal reduction (as possible), wouldn’t it? MERS would no longer be named anywhere, thank God. The borrower is made a beneficiary, also, of the indemnification.*
    The tax-paying homeowners will receive the benefit meant by the payment of taxes, Mr. Buffet. I see nothing wrong with the direction of funds if it accomplishes a valuable goal, especially if since someone like Buffet did pay higher taxes, chances are it would not benefit
    the polity and certainly not in a really meaningful way as things stand today. Complications? Yeah, probably, but not insurmountable. And last but still unavoidable, the rat-b’s will get some money. If the effort includes trying to match an existing loan with a PSA,
    *For the homeowner, it would stand as a settlement, but a meaningful one, of any violations against them.
    There’s an old expression about lawsuit results and sometimes compromise: “Can you live with it?” Admittedly that has never been applied to such a scale of misdeeds and their horrific consequences and is not an answer for those who have already lost their homes. The people who might sqwuak with no legal standing to do so (it’s a private business) would be those of us (us being all Americans) who have made our stinking payments. They would have to just get in line with those complaints. And realtors won’t like it. If the goal is at all inequitable, at least it is not illegal.
    Or how about Bill Gates? Or Paulson? Hey, Mr. Paulson, how about
    leaving a “slightly better” legacy than you have now?
    We need resolution in the form of dollars. They’ll be around due to lower payments. These dollars will find their way into circulation immediately, which is what we really need, is it not? And maybe we have all learned something from this about the over-use or any use of credit. And home prices would begin to stabilize.
    It sounds like a dream, well, to me and probably a lot of people. But it’s not impossible, in fact; I really believe it can be done. We need the money, the biggie of course, and then a roadmap and the rules of the road. Why wouldn’t someone like Mr. Buffet who believes he and his financial peers (or at least wealthy people) should pay more taxes not be interested in an effort which might bring badly needed resolution and peace to a badly wounded and scarred nation? Some people won’t like this if it gives banksters any kind of pass. I like many of you have been pretty vocal about passes. Grrrrr.
    Now, it sounds like I’m talking about the First National Bank of Buffet, but it doesn’t have to be structured that way. Do I know how it could be structured otherwise this minute? No, I don’t. But that means absolutely nothing as I am a mere plebe and not an A-list anything.
    There are A-listers out there who can figure that out, including if it should be a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, in which case, those of us who are able could volunteer some time and effort.
    Oh, and yes sirree bob, we want our HAMP funds back.

  19. Let me correct my statement about Mr. Huntsman Sr. I have the greatest respect for this man. He does not throw money at anything. He provides those charities who he feels need help for the right purpose. It would be difficult to reach him, but just learning about the type of person he is, makes me know there is hope for America yet. Do Not Give Up. Or better yet, come up with some ideas of persons we can contact – The government does what it will and the Media prints what it will – good for them. We can go straight to the people while the political battle is out there bringing them.

  20. Hey everybody, I been away from the site for some time now and I see everyone is still mad as hell and totally disgusted with all that has come to pass.

    I like the idea of the independent pro homeowner’s union which somebody suggested. I will be glad to put my two cents in as there is a lot of talent on this site. It is the action that they talk about that is never followed through on which is understandable for various reasons.

    The Union needs to first of all – get organized with officers and then put the mission out there for all to see: A list of all the politicians who did not stand up for the people caught up in this demise (which would be just about everybody) and let them know that the first order of the Day is to vote them out – regardless of their party affiliation and particularly those at the top who have been running with their tails between their legs in their own best interest.

    Next, then we locate a person of means, power and well known to the people as “Mr. Good Guy” – Let me suggest if you will, father of John Huntsman – Mr. Huntsman Senior. They don’t make em any better and he throws millions of dollars to charities towards philantropy projects (don’t know how to spell it).

    Just perhaps 50 people for all 50 states, well versed, can hold individual town hall meeting and go to the people. Yes, they will meet with some resistance, but the truth of the matter is, they are ramming this settlement down the people’s throats and worst of all, the other 95% are looking on.

    Bring your ideas and possible solutions to the first “all out” whatever you want to call it. I am feeling pretty good today, but most days have not been good while we have carried out this battle which will show people that most individuals could not pull it off – thus THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED US AND WE BEST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FAR REACHING EFFECTS IT IS GOING TO HAVE ON US. Anybody care to list those – they are hoping we will decide not to pursue our own rights.

    Got a real hot lawsuit going on down here. First it went to the district court – after 5 years, the banks got the award on an MSJ even though fraud was the name of the game, or at least we thought it was. Then it went to the Appeals Court, who did nothing more than make a mockery of the Pro se litigants and we have let them know in no uncertain terms, that something surely was amiss when they ended up giving one point favorable light to the pro se good old fraud in this different district court and it looks like we got a fine judge. So we are waiting on the fed court to dismiss the banks request for transfer, waiting on the Appeals court En banc to tell us how sorry we are for going after them for what was clearly an unfair and unjust decision and that they have no intention of granting us a new trial, and our hope now lies with the district court dealing with this “new information” and the new judge Some call it an end run around the appeals Court – not so sure about that.

    All we wanted was a fair trial, not a free house. They agreed to follow applicable law in para 3, of the Deed of TRust and when they did not, we sued for breach of contract and five other things as all of you have probably done as well. Can you believe, we are right back where we started five now going on six years. But thanks to the bank, they provided us with several gifts, one by filing two assignments 10 months after they won their MSJ and the case went to the appeals court This documentation contradicted the summary judgment evidence. Robo signing to the rescue, but certainly untimely for the banks. We may end up losing, but it ain’t over yet.

    I usually watch Fox News, but they did a terrible job on the housing crisis – besides, we need independent speakers – trust me they will come to the party.

    Really, Loan servicing technique is my area of expertise, but i also know a little something about other mortgage related issues and I would be happy to help. In fact, I will take the first town hall meeting in Texas, if we can get the funds together and this lawsuit doesn’t eat my lunch anymore than it has for the past five years.

  21. Just look up the parent company for every major media outlet and you will see who really runs the show through majority ownership.

  22. I just got this email:

    “Dear John,

    I’m proud to announce that SEIU has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for United States Senate.

    In an era of politicians who pander to the corporations and Wall Street banks, Elizabeth Warren will be a tireless champion for the 99%. Simply put: she’s the best candidate that money can’t buy.

    Please stand with SEIU and give $5 to Elizabeth Warren today.

    Elizabeth Warren knows that no one in this country gets ahead on their own. She knows that the wealthy need to pay their fair share for the society that’s been so good to them. She knows that working families struggle every day to keep the American Dream alive for themselves and their children, and she’s gone toe-to-toe with Wall Street to give them a fighting chance.

    That’s why Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign isn’t going to be getting many donations from the swaggering hedge fund managers and derivatives traders. They fought tooth and nail to keep her from building the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and they’ll never forgive her for holding them accountable.

    If we want this champion for workers and our families in the Senate, it’s up to the other 99 percent of us.

    Here and now, please give $5 to send Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate.

    Brandon Davis
    International Political Director, SEIU

    PS: If you aren’t completely certain yet, take a minute and watch this video of Elizabeth talking about how the rich need to “pay it forward.” Trust me.”

    Here’s their website

    Maybe worth a study in determining how to form our own such
    organization to specifically deal with fraudclosure and fund our opposition?
    Let me rephrase: fund our initiative

  23. I agree with this recent comment over at Yves Smith’s site concerning the AG plan:

    All the above flapping and whining is nauseating. Despite all the collective intelligence among you, the end result still equates to the deer in the headlights thing. Listen, the only reason this pile of excrement has not been etched in stone yet, is because TPTB know full well how incredibly devastating this is, and therefore, they are waiting for a meaningful reaction from the sheeple. If not much push-back is detected, guess what, we and succeeding generations will get what we deserve. These brazen bastards worship money since money is power. But the 99% have the money they need.

    Rather than surrendering it as usual, how about witholding it from them instead by pledging to stop making mortgage payments until they frame a fair and lawful settlement. I suspect one would be forthcoming in record time. We are at a tipping point here, the task now then is to develop a system to record these pledges, and some organization to execute the plan until the desired result materializes. It’s a matter of choosing an “inconvenience” such as this or perfecting the art of bleating and bending over while trying to maintain your dignity.

  24. Spitfire and RMBurch

    The notes were essentially and literally obliterated……

  25. @joann at 10:16 – good ideas, starting with collectively funding our own lobbyists / A-list attorneys. We need our own ‘constitution’ including expression of fiduciary and purpose and laws – sorry, unavoidable imo – for the operation that it stays on track. Anyone interested should start penning those and then let’s compare notes and see what we can come up with? Have to start somewhere.

    We also need legitimate alternatives to handle things when MERS gets tossed, as without that, imo, it’s all still an unlawful charade. We have to have some basic premises on which to act. This was done and shouldn’t have been. This is what should have been done, but because it wasn’t, this has to be done, if anything CAN be found to remedy the what didn’t get done. To assail what is without possible resolution won’t get far imo, because it’s so broad, if for no other reason. What should, could happen to properties which can be demonstrated were wrongfully taken? Should they be returned? If fraud were involved in a f/c sale, is the trustee’s deed void or voidable? What acts constituted fraud? (You know by now I think the dot itself was fraudulent, and that’s pretty large, in a word. If the answer is the trustee’s deed is void (as opposed to voidable), what about bonafide purchasers? Should the thief make the bf purchaser whole plus some? Shall we make it part of our mission to include criminal charges where criminal charges are available? What’s our priority? The return of homes or prosecution? Must we choose?

  26. Somehow, I do suscribe to Trespass: we need to visualize our furutre and the future of this country. Rehashing over and over what isn’t, what shouldn’t be, what is unacceptable, what isn’t working, is giving an identity to all of it.

    I, personally, visualize a civil war. Not because I want one (God, No!) but because things have rotted out so much that I cannot see them correctable any longer. What is needed is a return to solid values. We have the 10 first principles. Every manmade law written after that was to accommodate some particular situation and some particular agenda. We have so many useless laws nowadays that it becomes easy to pick any one of them and make it say what wasn’t the original intent of the legislators.

    Gotta go back to basics. What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is yours. Don’t steal it. Don’t lie to put your hand on it. And understand that, in the end, there are some universal principles that, when not adhered to, result in dire consequences for all of us.

    We can do it now and get some of the benefit from having acted or we can keep on moaning and bitching until the cows come home. It will be cleaned up. Here and now, by ourselves, or later by our kids and grand kids, once all of us, bloggers, are gone for good.

  27. @Ian – in the case where the trustee’s deed hasn’t issued, is the house marketed nonetheless? Or just sitting there in apparent abandonment? Do you know that the bankster is not paying the
    taxes? What about hazard insurance? Payment of either or both of those is not dispositive of whether or not there were foreclosure. I am just wondering.
    Foreclosure means to foreclose someone’s title and rights and that doesn’t happen without the trustee’s deed.
    I think I’m right about my assessment of the situtation with title when the trustee’s deed hasn’t issued. Homeowners can’t be evicted; they still have title. I take it they have been? There is no sale of real property without a deed and delivery of that deed. And it’s the delivery which makes a deed effective – period. The reason I mention the delivery mandate is because it is so critical and to be kept in mind when arguing against foreclosure in those cases and/or remembered later when and if a bankster produces a trustee’s deed also later and could somehow wrangle a way around the other mandate that the deed be recorded within a time certain, i.e., to try to preclude them from later claiming it is now done.
    It ain’t done til 1) the trustee’s deed is executed and 2)
    the proper party has delivery of the trustee’s deed and 3) it’s Noticed.
    Though they will try to argue against Notice, in the case of a trustee’s deed, no notice is like making a cake but not putting the batter in the oven. Now, if a f/c were allegedly done in the name of some trust, then the delivery would have to be to the trustee of that trust or his lawfully appointed agent. Yeah, right. I would think any agency agreement would have to express the agent’s right to take delivery of a deed. About that cake analogy and notice, delivery is generally what makes a deed valid as to the parties thereto. But I think in the case of a trustee’s deed, it’s different in that Notice is mandatory. Without notice, not even the homeowner is legally aware his title has been lost.

  28. RM Burch ~ Because UCC Code dictates that once an “asset” such as a sole proprietors company or your mortgage is sold as a STOCK as these securitized mortgages were, then Federal law states that the original asset cannot co-exist at the same time as the stock. Which means that anytime someone takes a privately owned company public, and it is sold as “shares”, then the “owner” of that private company, no longer OWNS that company. Which is why the ORIGINAL DEED MUST BE DESTROYED in order to comply with UCC code and Federal law.

    Considering the fact that they were quite able to keep up with all these mortgages when they were being created, did you really think that it was just some sloppy bookeeping to blame for ALL these missing Mortgages and Deeds of Trust?

    E-mail me privately and I have an exhaustive manual that was written by attorneys that have an inside knowledge of the machinations that were put into place in order to acheieve the greatest robbery in history, that I am happy to send anyone intersted in understanding how this was implemented and executed.

  29. Jim

    Just a further thought on the overlord serf relationship. If the truth be told there may actually be a place in the Universe for “overlords” or kings or governments but the reality is the overlord is the servant. The relationship fails when this is ignored. Happy Valentines Day!

  30. @ Joann, you have made some very true statements here. I would be willing to help co-op this arrangement. I can certainly donate $10 and I can also arrange for press releases (online) and help build awareness through Facebook and my alliance with the Oath Keepers and Sheriff Mack’s Constitutionalist.

    @ the writer of this article ~ I am sitting here feeling your desperation and a sense of utter dispair that you are actually counting on the wolf that owns the media to allow them to report that they ate little Red Riding Hood. I am sorry to tell you this my friend, but the media is OWNED lock stock and barrel by the very same elite banking entities that are now trying to steal your home.

    While this may sound revolutionary, as each day passes in this fiasco of thievery, I am more and more convinced that the only way to stop them is to stop giving them back an asset worth anything.

    I have known friends in Florida whose homes somehow accidently flooded (slowly) and the home was locked up tight. Mold and mildew quickly appeared everywhere, including in the sheetrock and the floors.

    Others that lived in more rural areas were trying to help diminish the wild boar populations that are the demise of many a farmers crops, so they simply allowed the boars to move in to their homes upon vacating. I will leave the rest up to your imagination.

    Leaving them an intact home that they have not one cent invested in is a little like gift wrapping a Bowie Knife for Jack the Ripper. They have ravaged us, ravaged our economy and job sectors, and ravaged our savings and investors accounts. They are a cancer on society. And as parasites, they will not stop until the host is dead.

    We either stop FEEDING them or we die. And eventually they will too
    because there will be no more host to feed on. But they are too short sighted to think about that.

    So do we just sit around and wait for them to finish consuming us?
    I know everyone is tired as hell…. but now is not the time to give up, nor place your hope in any corporate entity. WE ARE THE CHANGE

    We have to gather together and make our voices heard collectively in our communities, in our neighborhoods and in our social circles. Instead of believing that we are defeated, we need to remember that we are on the side of TRUTH. And truth MUST prevail. And as long as we keep spreading the TRUTH, we will overcome.

    Get out there and shine some of the light of all that knowledge to others and you will be amazed at how many are listening now and truly do want to help.

    My best friend of almost 30 years who is very financially stable has been listening to me tell him for over a year about the fraud and he asked me to do a search on his property to see if they had “securitized” his property. Sure enough, his note had changed hands 5 times and never once been recorded. A half dozen certified letters later, no note can be produced. Because I was the voice in the wilderness screaming out about it, he asked me to find a reputable attorney and we filed together against our pretender lenders. I would never have been able to afford that on my own. But because I enlightened and awakened him, he in turn blessed me.

    So go enlighten others. DO NOT bow your heads in shame, because you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Go help others learn and know more about this and in doing so, know that you are not only helping them, but yourself as well.

    G-d bless you all. I am praying for all of us.

  31. Jim, on February 14, 2012 at 11:56 am said:

    “Sorry Joann
    We are debt serfs. Serfs don’t own the land. The overlords own the land”

    The debts are about to be wiped out one way or another. It may take weeks or months or years – not more than a decade – The party is over – only there is denial about this. A straw breaks a camel’s back. We are there. The overlords will lose in the end too. They bit the hand that feeds them. The overlords will not want the land anymore when it becomes worthless along with the serfs they ran into the ground. If the serfs have learned anything from history they will pick themselves up again and farm it in their own interest and not sell themselves or anyone else into slavery again – otherwise what goes around comes around all over again which is maybe how it has always been.

  32. Ian, I’m pretty confused by your statement that f/c is being done in PA without title being taken. One can see why they would do this – get the benefit of whatever insurance is in place on the loan. There’s no other reason to do it, unless it extinguishes some contractual obligation I’m no authority on. That insurance and / or benefit must exceed the value of the property, especially when holding costs are considered. However, where I’m stumped is generally state law or something requires that a trustee’s deed issue within a prescribed amt of time after sale. I can’t support it fully this minute, but I think without the trustee’s deed, there is no valid foreclosure. The act which extinguishes the borrower’s title to the home is when
    both forms of title (the one the trustee has and the one the borrower retained) are united/merged in the trustee’s deed. If the homeowner’s title hasn’t been extinguished by that deed because it hasn’t issued, the homeowner has the same title he had when he signed that wretched deed of trust. And there would certainly, imo, be no grounds to evict a homeowner who still retained title.

  33. Not a communist or socialist here. Nothing wrong with middle parties who actually make a living by providing a service. There is something wrong with making a killing by killing. Transparency is the keyword and freedom is the keyword. Everyone should have access to the same information and tools they need to deal directly with each other in their own interest or hire others to do this for them with full knowledge of what entails and full protection against thievery. Not talking about decent pay for a service well performed. It’s the global devastation and poverty that should never be the result of this. Buttoning up everything as proprietory and confidential and “owned” by corporations and special interest has allowed 1% to make a killing by killing and circumvent every divine and man-made law ever written. We don’t have democracy or capitalism anymore. Maybe it was a pipe dream. I don’t think so.

  34. Sorry Joann

    We are debt serfs. Serfs don’t own the land. The overlords own the land

  35. Jim, on February 14, 2012 at 11:09 am said:


    What you’re actually saying is we need another country”

    The thing is – we already are this country. 1% is not a country.

  36. The WHOLE truth must be shoved in their faces—that in the subprime only COLLECTION RIGHTS were transferred at closing—no “loans” FUNDED—NO real “MORTGAGES”…this is the OTHER, MOST IMPORTANT REASON that the giant ponzi criminal enterprise (aided and abetted by MERS) must be exposed…yet in their desperation, the powers that be—including the media—CONTINUE to spin it and pin it on the unwitting homeowners/buyers…

    Analogy: If I gave my money to an investor who works for the government—after I do research and believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is doing the right thing with my money—he then doubles my money—I’m thrilled—I buy a much needed car with that money that I legitimately made—then later I come to find out “he” was NOT legitimate—was in fact a fraudster—and now the entity that I bought my car from wants the car back…which has already been paid in full by the money I made from what turned out to be fraudulently obtained, but I didn’t know it was fraudulently obtained…somehow I am responsible for HIS FRAUD???
    I am told it’s MY FAULT, and I crashed the economy of my household.
    This is the situation the homeowners are in.

    This is WAR, people. Civil rights, constitutional rights, human rights—ALL OF THEM VIOLATED ON ALL LEVELS.

  37. Joann

    What you’re actually saying is we need another country

  38. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the press to come to the rescue.
    If they were going to do investigative journalism it would have started
    years ago.

  39. @ joann

    Where do we sign up? Let’s do it!

  40. It is time for a massive homeowners, ex-homeowners, and “renter’s class” Union (or corporation) which can act in their interest and no other. I don’t have a clue how it could be organized or who the directors should be. A public TV. radio and web telethon perhaps. It should be non-political focused on what is common to 99% right now. If 99% donated just $10 each that would be some start up cash. We need a lobby. We need our own non-political party and candidates. We need our own press releases. We need our own bank (savings and loan). We need our own savings and retirement plans. We need our own home improvement and property management. Our own real estate sales organization. Our own local agriculture and small business. We need to get brokers and middle parties out of all of it. We need wallstreet out of it. We need our own massive class actions and non-profit legal services available to all individuals. We need our own Bills in congress. There are more of us than “them”. “They” are nothing without us. We need to take back our power. We need to stop feeding the mindless monster.

  41. carie,chris,et al- spreading the truth- I think that an attention-getting blurb could be sent via facebook, twitter,etc., pointing to the fact that over 1000 suicides, double suicides have been committed nationwide by people who were being illegally foreclosed upon. I know that in 2011 in Las Vegas (Clark County) there were 29 suicides. If the foreclosures were, in fact, illegal (probably were) then the entities involved are guilty of manslaughter, at least. I wonder if the deceased’s survivors get the 2000 bucks from the fraudclosure settlement. Las Vegas was building 20 new high schools PER YEAR, with the influx of new taxpaying “homeowners” due to the “housing boom”. Now the schools are emptying one after the other, who is left to pay the taxes to keep the schools operating? We have the same thing here, (PA) 1,640 students less this school year than last.
    The foreclosing entities are in many cases foreclosing on the mortgage, but not taking title to the properties. Therefore, not paying taxes or doing any maintenance. You can see where this is heading.

  42. Martha and Wally have it. The press has had how long to publicize this?

    Btw. Kelli, What 18 billion dollar lawsuit are you referring to?

  43. The media is bought by Wall Street, it is time to move on from the press, it will never happen as long as the big banks have it. We have to get our message out with social media, it’s the new wave of thinking only then will be able to stop their labeling the news and distributing it in the way they want it to be presented. We have to distribute our information with what is most popular today. Facebook, twitter. etc.


  45. We need to figure out a way for the “whole truth” of this to go “viral”…maybe posting something on you-tube that is easy for the average person to understand, yet shows the real truth of the fraud…just not sure how to get it to go viral…

  46. Yes, the press or media is our only hope of exposing the “real” truth. The media has only reported the banksters statements, which are of course, deliberately skewed to their advantage and get sympathy.

    Now, if the media printed and or aired on TV the fraud (showed documents), forgery, tax evasion, misrepresented SEC files, etc…we would in fact have a complete investigation, as the masses would demand it. Concealment and lies of omission further the crime and enable it.

  47. Please comment as to why the notes and mortgages had to be destroyed when placed into pools. Perhaps some of us aren’t too bright to understand why you claim this had to be done.

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