Reuters: HSBC Laundering Money For Terrorists?


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Editor’s Comment: As the foreclosure story unfolds and the amount of money taken from the investor pools by the investment banks becomes quantified, the question becomes “where did they put all that money?” This Senate inquiry, while focused on laundering money for terrorists and countries that sponsor terrorism, will show the path that was used to distribute the “off balance sheet” transactions and “trading profits” off shore. Just ask Romney — he’ll show you how to do it.

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HSBC Holdings PLC is under investigation by a Senate panel in a money-laundering inquiry, the latest step in a long-running U.S. effort to halt shadowy money flows through global banks, according to people familiar with the situation and a company securities filing.

The inquiry being conducted by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations could yield a report and congressional hearing later this spring, these people said. The subcommittee has a history of conducting high-profile hearings that have proved embarrassing for the world’s biggest banks.

The intensifying scrutiny of HSBC is the latest in a series if investigations by U.S. officials into how global banks have processed — and in some cases, intentionally hidden — financial transactions on behalf of countries which allegedly support terrorism, corrupt foreign officials, drug gangs and criminals. Since 2008, European and U.S. banks have signed deferred prosecution agreements and paid more than $1.2 billion in penalties for alleged violations of anti-money laundering regulations.

The specific focus of the Senate probe of HSBC isn’t known. A Reuters review of legal documents and prior regulatory probes, though, points to a number of alleged breakdowns in HSBC’s anti-money laundering systems.

HSBC spokesman Robert Sherman said in a statement, “We have ongoing discussions with officials” including the Senate panel “on a number of regulatory and compliance matters. The nature of these discussions is confidential; in all cases, we are cooperating.”

A spokesperson for the Senate subcommittee declined comment.

Earlier this month, HSBC named former top U.S. Treasury Department official Stuart Levey as chief legal officer in a sign of how the bank is hiring outside experts in money laundering. Levey, who specialized in combating terrorism financing and left the Treasury Department last year, is based in London. An HSBC spokesman said Levey wasn’t available for comment.

Stuart Gulliver, HSBC chief executive, said in a statement this month that Levey’s experience “dealing with international financial and legal issues is highly relevant to a global bank such as HSBC.”


For HSBC, which has operations in more than 80 countries and territories, the Senate probe is another sign that U.S. law enforcement officials are widening their inquiries into the London bank – one that for the past decade has repeatedly drawn scrutiny from U.S. financial regulators for weak money-laundering controls and allegedly enabling healthcare fraud and tax evasion.

In 2003 and 2010, two U.S. bank regulators raised serious concerns about the bank’s anti-money laundering systems and staff and ordered the bank to improve anti-money laundering systems and personnel, according to enforcement actions by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Comptroller of the Currency, a Treasury Department unit.

In securities filings, the bank has disclosed increasing inquiries. In 2010, the bank disclosed that it had received grand jury subpoenas and was being investigated by the Justice Department in money-laundering inquiries. It subsequently said the district attorney’s office in Manhattan was investigating.


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  1. But this is nothing new…Deutsche funded the Nazis, and terrorists…go check them out…and other banks…where have some of us been living? With our heads in the sand…And do we really know who actually owes who or what? They are all operating under false identities.

  2. This is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Goldman Sachs and other banks, including the Richmond Federal Reserve, are implicated in a 2007 ‘allocation’ by transfer of 4 trillion dollars from China earmarked for the economy through a corporate trust. Even after they were ordered by a federal court, and then by Presidential Order of Obama, to return the money, plus interest, they have yet to do so. Follow the link and go to the end part of the article. This guy is a former Navy SEAL, and knows his stuff. You may also want to read the rest of the article, detailing how the CIA and former Congressmen are also implicated in the drug trade, money laundering, and more.

    Awake and Aware people will make this whole business more transparent, and hopefully we can begin to clean up the country and take it back; maybe even put the perps in prison (Yeah, Right!)

  3. @jenninGA,

    I will chris one…

    It is impossible for them not to lie: they created such a monster with MERS, the non-securitized securitization and 6 years of unlawful foreclosures that they cannot, repeat; cannot do anything else but lie, cheat and steal. The basis of this entire system is rotten at the core. And it spread and spread and spread the rot, until there was so much of it that that’s all we could see.

    Of course HSBC lied to you!!! Welcome to the club.

  4. @ jenninGA

    Is it possible they would lie?

    Oh yes and cheat, commit fraud, forge documents, etc…no one on this blog has any “original” documents from the banksters. You need to go all the way back to the originator/brokers paperwork to find the truth. Anything, the servicers, not banks or lenders tell you, is a lie. Proof is hard to come by, but stay at it.

  5. Lets not lay down and get run over by the banks crimes, let get up and dust ourselves off and fight for our rights and save our homes! The government is more worried about spending a billion dollars on re-election campaigns than helping people save their homes. “Help”

  6. Deregulation. Deregulation. No one cares. Deregulation. No one cares — until too late.

  7. Truly you are clamoring around the edges of the bigger goal, and that is the socialistic control they are scrambling to implement over the slave caste. The whole foreclosure crisis was planned as a means to transfer all real property to the 1% in exchange for fiat, worthless paper money, and then begin implementing Agenda 21.

    Their plan is to get all real property government owned, create “sustainable development” of the same sort in the rest of the world and the goal is truly terrifying. Once they control everything–what you eat, the air you breath, your access to healthcare, housing–then the hammer comes down and you get a microchip or you get dead. The thing has come very far thanks to the trillions of dollars harvested from the middle class, and unless you do something and wake up, you will soon find that your county has “appointed” a government, and you can’t even remove them because you have no say in it. Six counties in my state are now under such control.

    Did you know that the GPS locator in your vehicle sends a signal to the gas pumps when you travel? Bet you didn’t know that your cost for fuel is based on your travel history, and it’s all done in secret, without your consent or knowledge, all along the North/South corridor stretching all the way to Maine. Every move you make and everything you buy with plastic is tracked by your government, and they are telling merchants to report people who pay with cash as “suspected terrorists” so that it will be easier to force unconstitutional surveillance we are determined to prevent.

    Our myopic legislature is nothing more than fattened fools who don’t bother to read what they are voting for, who are deceived so well by these lobbyists for the plutocrats that they don’t even realize they’ve sold amerika out. The second revolution? It’s on, so buy a gun and plenty of ammo-you’re gonna die in a FEMA camp if you don’t. The president is who ever they say it is, regardless of our votes, and the judicial branch? Well that’s who’s in charge of procuring all private property from it’s rightful owners.

    Now it occurs to you that if you cut the head off the monster by ending the federal reserve system and putting the whole banking cartel in jail, you might be able to save this country, your liberty and your life, eh? We outnumber the sworn satanic worshipers by 750 to 1. What are you going to do, keep laughing about what a load of crap these silly conspiracy stories are, until it’s too late? Ask Alex Jones about it, or just look up Agenda 21. A mass outrage that dwarfs the Occupy protests is what’s needed, and NOW, not NWO! Visit the Georgia Guidestones. If you read the english side, it states right there, cut into the stone, that they intend to reduce the world population to five hundred million persons, so it’s not looking good for the rest of the seven billion of us. These are crazy, criminally insane monsters we’re dealing with. Taking our homes is really not the worst thing coming.

  8. Easy target. They are mostly China owned and run. What about the big 5. When Luigi (Diamond) got notice that his billions were fake he closed ranks and started to collect but they closed Lehman down and the house of cards started to fold. So sad. Now more than 10,000 have died in Mexico dons fighting for control. They hate it when they find out they were scammed and the laws are protecting J C Morgan Chase who would not play and is now buying up everything for .10 on the dollar.

  9. After reading this I now believe the president is right to go after US citizens who betray their country. Imagine a past govt. official working for the enemy. (foreign bank). Some Americans will sell their country and their mothers for a dollar. Bastards.

  10. I have an HSBC question. My mortgage loans were put into a trust which was sold to Freddie Mac in 2005. I read the PSA and believe my loans were removed/replaced from the trust by my original “lender” or removed by Litton when the servicing for these loans was transferred to Litton.
    Received a letter from HSBC as trustee – “they verified as requested my loans are collateral for the trust”!!! (My second loan was “charged off” by Litton in 2010). Is it possible HSBC Bank USA NA would just lie????
    If I got the COMBO report would it give me the same information that I got from the trustee who claims to be the beneficiary of my loans?

  11. Many times I have thought that Romney’s incredible wealth in recent years is attached some how to the banksters. Considering the financial state of the world in the last few years, it is virtually impossible to have gains in excess of 20 million a year!! And if it was legal, why hide it offshore???

  12. I know it is on the side of conspiracy theory, however I truly believe the banksters are internal terrorist. They have terrorized The American economy and the American families, our soldiers, it is endless. Deutsche Bank is linked to the Auschwitz death camps funding them to murder the Jew’s and steal their wealth and funding the gas and arms on both sides. So is Chase bank linked to the camps. I have felt for a long time we have an internal Trojan horse unraveling America from within. It is unconscionable what these banks have done. For the AGs to settle anything with them and take away our rights to prosecute them is unthinkable. There is no reason to settle with them on anything. The most vulnerable have been effected by the fraud assignments. Less than two thousand a person for this fraud is for some of us half a house payment. This can not happen. Demand our representatives not to make any kind of settlement. Throw these criminals in jail. And forever ban them from the U.S. Let our small banks and credit unions run American finance..Heaven help us if Mit Romney becomes president.

  13. The Federal Reserve Bank of of New York and the Federal Reserve are puppets for the Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF), according to this eye-opening 5-part video:

    Essentially, the organizations are policing themselves! It also appears that instigating investigations is just another way to buy time while the dust settles and/or they “improve” the techniques of their covert operations, so as not to be so overt and/or give the pretense of finding the culprits to satisfy public anxiety.

    Laws are passed to keep the little guy in check, and not to go after the criminals or to keep us safe. Like the SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports) that are filed on our 10k transactions. Banks are incentivized to file as many as possible. (that report to the IRS agents for enforcement)

    Here is another thing to think about. Obama is legal to be our president because he the president/CEO of the corporation of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and not the united states for America. BUT this convoluted mess will now have to be exposed to the public that we have TWO constitutions. Hence, the cover-up with the birth certificate.
    The congress is a paid board of directors for the corporation. They vote themselves raises, etc. This explains a lot when you think it through.
    Media is controlled by the corporations.

    As to massive money laundering is anyone’s guess. Are they converting the fiat system into metal in some way?
    A new form of alchemy?

  14. Just like debt collectors and mortgage servicers, the banks are also crooked. Their entire business model is filled to the top with felonies and fraud. If you have your accounts in any big national or international bank, take them out and put in small local banks or credit unions. This is slow, but I still believe eventually all this crooked BS is going to come out, because if it does not the economy cannot recover.

  15. […] Taken from: Reuters: HSBC Laundering Money For Terrorists? […]

  16. This behavior is a surprise to anyone? They are drug money launderers too. The drug and terrorists money could NEVER fly if not for legitimate banksters moving this money, there is far too much of it!

  17. I would not doubt the possibility as long as we understand the “terrorists” to be the intelligence agencies that create the incidents that lead to these endless foreign wars. I suppose the Rothchild owned Reuters will point the finger at Iran as a supposed sponsor of worldwide terrorism since the threat against their legal right to develop nuclear power is not working as well as they planned.

  18. this is why the “NOTES” are all missing and forged. and do you every wonder why on some notes like min there is no date it was signed or a notary stamp attetsing to the signatures????

  19. sure go after the smallest bank. they fund the campaigns less. sorry to break the news but every bank is doing the same thing. offshore bank accounts with tons of money incase they fail the money is protected. why else would the president ect not be helping us and leaving us to the wolves when most of ius have proof we did not cause this. this is a man made crisis by wall street. you do not put some like me a nurse fro 25 flipping years working 12 hour shifts raising 3 children with a good salary in stated income loan. i was putting 20% down on my home i worked. i had w2 forms fro 19 years 9BACK IN 2006) THEN put me in a predatory loan that was designed to fail and blame the homeowners for buying a house they couldnt afford. that is a russ just to put blame somewhere. i resent this entire crisis. A stated income loan is the fastest way to approve a loan and know its going to fail.
    please all watch the you tube video the zeigeist addendum and the inside job.
    please google “birth certificates/federal reserve

    when the united states went bankrupt in 1913 a deal was made that each of our lives are bonded for what we will “earn” in our life time. Its interesting to know this info since banks are unable to loan their credit. how do the loan then. well with our signature on a mortgage note, credit card application, car loan application, they present this to the federal reserve and they are given :our” money. now they take that money and deposit it. charge us intrest. and they have just created money out of thin air. we all need to know what is happening. we all need to WAKE UP. why do we not learn this growing up and why do our parents not tell us about this? i guess its meant to be a secret. sorry the cat is out of the bag now.

    you see until the 4% defending their foreclosures wake up the other 96% this will continue.

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