US Bank Refuses to talk: Arrest The Occupiers!


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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Occupy Minneapolis protesters were arrested on in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday night, according to police.

Sgt. William Palmer says the arrests, all adult men, were made at 800 Nicollet Mall.

Fifteen others chose to leave prior to the arrests.

In an email released Wednesday night, Occupy Minneapolis representatives say the protesters, 3 total, were arrested while demanding negotiation from US Bank headquarters for homeowners in foreclosure.

“We are disappointed that US Bank chose to ignore thousands of signatures and their customers cries for help as the foreclosure continues to rip apart our communities. Today they decided they would rather have peaceful demonstrators arrested than sit down and work in good faith to find a solution,” said activist Ben Egerman.

About 50 people took part in the protest.

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  1. suckers will not fight me babe, they do nothing.

  2. Nora the Great – The fact that US bank cares so little about their customers is not really a surprise here,

    MSoliman – US Bank owns nothing related to a foreclosure. (well by choice) Its a subrogation claim

    They want Nothing with the foreclosure. Do I know this for sure? No . What is my premise? They have way to much to reciver here and trash their claims if they take the home ! Its the FHLBB and FDIC under the US Bank name. We (tax are paying to repossess homes while we pay to indemnify US Bank Deutsche Bank HSBC Bank, Barclays Bank . . .

    FDIC Member depository Vs Non member Association

  3. Mario

    Bing go – you got it . bare and legal title and your a debtor in possession . How goes the battle friend.


  4. Hi Catherine,

    Maher has contributed an enormous amount of information, verbally, as well as volumes of written documentation, accounting mock ups, etc. and has been my teacher and guide since I think July 2011. We would not be in our house today if I had not engaged Maher, and I have always said to him that however all of this pans out, in our favor or not, that I would never blame him and always be loyal and grateful to him. We are “sympatico” because we share somewhat siimilar backgrounds, and know that it’s all about the accounting, and that this is what moves the banks and Wall Street and regulators–and nothing else.

    Did he cc you on the Declaration by Expert that he sent early this am?
    Thank you, again,


  5. @Nora – I’m not disputing the callousness, but how did you make the jump from the Occupiers being customers in your statement?

  6. The fact that US bank cares so little about their customers is not really a surprise here, it’s the fact that they no longer even care if we all know what sleaze bags they are. “Screw you, we do as we please!” should be painted on their door under their name and lobby hours.
    This is just brutish, raw callousness and indifference. They must smell blood in the water, and are rushing to dine on the hapless knowing that the gas canister is about to be shoved into their mouths and shot with the rifle. Sentiment is growing for a complete boycott of banks, an overhaul of the system, and a revolt. It’s overdue, and this cram-down of the canister can’t come soon enough. We don’t need these banks, their evil network, or their blight on hardworking, decent people. We are the ones doing the work while they make money off of trading money and the things we produce. Take aim, America.

  7. @ enraged:

    don’t be angry! the bank can’t do anything, they dont even have the legal title in their name, havent even gone to auction yet.

    an “unrecorded possessory interest” is recognized in every State. and if the last owner has abandoned their claims it goes to the first occupier. i can quit my claims to the world if i like. So first one up is the first one in, that’s the rule. why do people abandon houses? we are passing pilgrims on this journey… everybody’s got their reasons.

  8. i think it’s all pretty random, telling the truth. the bank employees and lawyers are confused generally and don’t understand law or economics.

    the whole thing is shameful that we are even subject to all this wrangling. I’m glad we don’t need to worry about getting finance anymore just appropriate some house and hold on while you can… it’s all passing anyway, we are recycling the american dream into hopefully something better.

    the market will stabilise when the titles are finally cleared and bought for low costs that reflect their real worth. the root of this evil is that overvaluation drives speculation greed and fraud. that whole appraisal industry concept of comparing “last-sold price” is nonsense, just like valuing the stock market by “last share sold”. uhg!

    doing a P/E ratio on any house will shoe a national average cap rate of 8 times the net yearly income, being what the house pays net to an investor for rent. it’s a simple formula and is easily applied. Pittsburgh and company are a cap rate of 6. Some hotter spots might be a cap rate of 10, or longer term solid income places.

    Mortgages were meant for open fields and large valuable properties, commercial, industrial, ‘residential” meaning big like a medevial residence with many attachments and houses. trying to mortgage the peasants cottages is downright cruel and clearly predatory lending and in violation of many consumer protection statutes. none of this should be happening by protection of the ordinary consumer laws fair trade, deceptive practices etc lots of criminal and civil remedies.

    It’s all about the big cluster-up from the WW II days, a withering branch of a past time. i much prefer country life and compost toilets anyway.

  9. @Mario,

    I believe that a few rulings have come down in the past months (and I would have to research exactly where. Organizing every bit of information in case I need it is the hardest thing to do, these days… So much info and in so many different directions!) where the bank foreclosed and tried to kick the homeowner out of the house. The homeowner went to housing court and won his wrongful eviction action.

    The first ones of those cases involved the renters of the foreclosed homeowner. The bank tried to evict the homeowner’s tenants and the court ruled that, in the presence of a valid lease agreement, the bank had to keep the tenants until said agreement expired.

    It developed into homeowners themselves filing in housing court against banks who had foreclosed and were evicting them. Again, I need to research the exact cases but, as I recall it, the court ruled in favor of the homeowner. It happened more than once and in more than one state.

  10. @Enraged, okay a renter in possession can bring such a charge I would think, and from what I have read, let me CYA here, I am no pro and no lawyer.

    But, if a party in possession who is being kicked out of a house, I would think that the issue has to be addressed in a court of law, and the party claiming ownership will have to prove ownership by some sort of paper to the effect, now the person or persons in possession should have the right to question this, right?

    Today it is known that most of the properties have clouded titles. I could be wrong, you need to ask someone who knows better.

  11. @Mario Kenny,

    Suppose you rent a house. You don’t own it, you simply pay a monthly rent. Can you bring charges against anyone for trespassing? You bet! As a matter of fact, renters do it all the time against landowners who enter the property (theirs) without informing first their tenant. Lease agreements have been voided in over that.

    So, to answer your post, the bank certainly can and will file charges.

  12. I hate to say it, but the Banks will always win! Stealing an individual(s) identity to create a security then forging those name(s) several times is LEGAL in the United States of America!!! Remember this is the U.S.A. – Ye who holds the money holds the power! If it was a crime then the banksters would be in prison! Wouldn’t they?

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  15. just a quick note.

    How can a company or bank charge someone for trespass, if that company or bank does not have proven ownership of the subject property?

    I think that if trespass charges are brought by the police or the bank or the individual, the bank or whoever is bringing the charge must own the property and must be able to so prove in court, and I also think that if said bank cannot prove they own the subject property, then the arrest is a false arrest and I would want to get a redress for the damages so caused.

    I could be wrong.

  16. My experience is that the police in Minneapolis are at least Minnesota nice when they arrest you. It’s better than NY where they just bash at you and ask questions later…. or not.

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