The Biggest Living Lie: The Worst is Over


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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Banks, Realtors and the Media are telling us that foreclosures are at their lowest levels since 2007, that you better try that short-sale before end of year or else you’ll owe taxes on the fraudulent amount demanded by pretender lenders, all giving the impression that the worst is over. It’s a living lie.

The fact is that there are is a shadow inventory of more than 10 million foreclosures to come and they are already starting, just as the media tells us the foreclosure rates are dropping. They want people in this Country and others to believe that this is the the time for bargain hunting because this is the “bottom.”

Banks want it because they want to unload the inventory they acquired through forged instruments on behalf of non-creditors who had no right to foreclose and who didn’t even have the right to service the loans. All those homes are subject to reversal and awards of damages because the full accounting has never been provided to any of the borrowers and because the creditor — the investors who put up the money — are after the investment banks for selling them a pig in a poke.

Realtors want you to believe it because they want you to sell, buy — anything that will move property —- because they want those commissions. And the media is going along with these planted articles because the big advertisers that pay their salaries will go away if the newspaper, magazine or media station maintains a constant drone of the real news: that we are only half way through this tragedy, that housing prices will continue to decline, that new buyers who take out mortgages are going to be under water the moment they sign the paperwork and they may lose the home when the real homeowner comes home to claim it.

In short, they are putting lipstick on a pig and calling it beautiful. (no insult to pigs intended). We are to believe that since “only” 1.9 million homes were foreclosed in 2011, things are getting better. If you were told in 2007, the year they are using for comparison, that there were going to be 1.9 foreclosures in the following years what would you have called it? I would call it a crash. But we have grown so accustomed to these huge numbers that we don’t see the enormity of the problem still facing us.

See Full Artilce in USAToday

NEW YORK (AP) – About 1.9 million homes entered the foreclosure process in 2011, fewest since 2007 when the recession began, according to a report Thursday by the foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac.

  • A member of the Occupy Wall Street movement places tape on a forclosed home during a march in Brooklyn Dec. 6, 2011.By Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    A member of the Occupy Wall Street movement places tape on a forclosed home during a march in Brooklyn Dec. 6, 2011.

By Spencer Platt, Getty Images

A member of the Occupy Wall Street movement places tape on a forclosed home during a march in Brooklyn Dec. 6, 2011.

The firm cautioned that the decline does not necessarily indicate the housing market is getting better, as many foreclosures have been delayed due to confusion over documentation and legal issues involved in the process.

There have also been problems with the way some lenders were handling foreclosures. Specifically, they have been signing off on home foreclosures without first verifying documents — a practice referred to as “robo-signing.” Many of the largest U.S. banks reacted by temporarily stopping all foreclosures, re-filing previously filed foreclosure cases and revisiting pending cases to prevent errors.

“Foreclosures were in full delay mode in 2011, resulting in a dramatic drop in foreclosure activity for the year,” RealtyTrac CEO Brandon Moore said.

The listing firm anticipates that 2012’s foreclosure rate will be higher than last year’s, but will remain below the peak of 2010.

High unemployment, a sluggish housing market and falling home values remain major factors in homeowners falling behind on their mortgage payments. Many borrowers also have simply stopped paying their mortgage because they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth.

RealtyTrac said 2011’s foreclosure activity is 34% lower than 2010 and the lowest since 2007. The Great Recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009.

In 2011, Nevada, Arizona and California were among those with the most foreclosures. Among other states with the highest foreclosure rates for the year were Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Colorado and Idaho.


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  1. @Iwantmy…,

    Don’t you worry about a thing: you didn’t “make” me feel anything. I got ticked, I reacted, nothing more to it. I just don’t want that “christianese” thing thrown at me all the time. I’m a big girl. I’ve lived a hell of a full life, seen many countries, rubbed elbows with many different people and social classes and I don’t take well to people trying to sell me something I don’t want to buy. A little bit like those 400 lbs doctors and nurses trying to sell you their medicine. If it doesn’t work for them, what makes them believe it will work on me?

    Absolutely no offense taken and no harm done. Know why? None can really be done. I was born naked and owning nothing. I’ll die the same way (if i die very, very happy…!) and, in between, everything is an adventure.

  2. @enraged, I am sorry! I think you are taking it the wrong way, but in any event I would never want to offend anyone. I see I have offended you and i humbly apologize. My intentions now or than are not relevant because my post has made you feel this way. I am wrong and readily admit to it, and once again humbly apologize. I agree, this is not the forum, and I am quite sure you have plenty of friends you can confide in. Once again, please accept my apology and I promise to stick to events that are not personal in nature.

    I have been taught a valuable lesson and i shall learn from it.

  3. @Iwantmy…


    “Do not judge or you shall be judge. And as you measure onto others, it will be measured onto you.” You don’t know me. You don’t know where I come from and you don’t know what I’ve gone through. You don’t know what I am going through right now and you certainly don’t know what kind of relationship I have with people in general.

    One thing should be very clear: I am not phony and I don’t take phony. If I make a mistake, I have no problem apologizing. Humility doesn’t mean walking around drownthrodden like a worm but simply knowing when you need help because you’re out of your element and going to ask for it. I have plenty of that too.

    Where do you come off telling me what I should or should not do with my spirituality? This is not the proper forum for that and I don’t remember asking you anything… From what I can see, you already have enough trouble with handling your own circumstances, with or without God. Why would I want to go to you for advice?

  4. It caNOT be that this President intends to leave us all out here dangling in the wind weighted down by foreclosure homes around our necks while he trots about raising millions of dollars to foist the fraudulent charade of ‘free election’ on the American People. …and MILLions more American lives in queue to be put thru this American NIGHTMARE?

    This is NOT an act of God.

    Knowing all that has been revealed, all that government wants us to politely tolerate, I am ashamed How could we possibly hold ourselves out to be champions against oppressors and oppression when we are about to allow a new wave of destruction?

  5. im no religious follower but i love god and the good book
    Proverbs 2:21-22(KJV): “For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it. But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.”
    stand in truth my freinds and walk the walk

  6. @enraged, a guess a bit. I was not trying to single you out for anything, i was drawing a comparison to myself, and the same scenario of being told my whole life that the only way to build a meaningful relationship with God was through organized religion.

    I have the exact thought process as you on the subject, and i mean exact. I just noticed your post showed a little discomfort, and as a a caring person wanted to offer some words of comfort in hope of reinvigorating you to always keep up the fight.

    I searched and found a group of families that share similar beliefs about religion, and it has helped me to develop a much clearer relationship with God. In other words, I have made my peace and know that although I am gifted to a kingdom, I have much work to do here. Call it repentance, humility, compassion. I have learned what is truly important and it is my job when I see a smart person needing that boost, because they have the capacity and wisdom to help others, I make the effort.

    I would only ask in return that you, as a fellow human being, would do the same for me.

  7. Deb Wynn

    My Hero !


  8. I learned to read some.
    I read the Bible quite a bit.

    I cant understand all of it,
    but I reckon I understand a good deal of it.

    Them stories you and Mama told me
    . . .aint in there.

    You ought not done that to your boy.


  9. i work in huge hospital of duped homeowners, sorry i mean renters,
    i just asked a collegue who i had not seen for months and asked how she was doing with her home deal being underwater, she was very happy to report “i short sold and rented it back for half my mortgage payment. she was perfectly happy, i was feeling rather nauseous. she never moved a thing stayed right there smooth a transaction as it could be according to her.

  10. @Iwantmy…

    Isn’t it a little presumptous of you to assume that I don’t have a “relationship with God” or that I don’t study the “good book’?

    What I don’t do is park my brain to go listen to people trying to tell me how to read it and what to get out of it. Check out the definition of “atheist”. It doesn’t negate the existence of universal absolute principles.

  11. @ Enraged, have you ever considered building a relationship direct with took me some tome to find the right place to congregate. Spent many years in the Church and was always chastised when I asked questions that crossed the teachings, you know like the whole crusades event and stretching people to death.

    Don’t give up on God, get the good book and start at the beginning.

  12. Civil War Erupts On Wall Street – Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other

  13. Nora

    This is all true. But they know how the masses will react when they realize their basic necessities are no longer available. One just has to watch the brawls at the black friday sales when there are limits of “things” and far more people than “things” wanted. So imagine when the “things” wanted become the “Things” needed. Chaos and Death will ensue. Their plan will ultimately fail but the country will be destroyed by the process.

  14. That’s because, Katheryn, they are acting in collusion. To destroy a once great nation is a tremendous undertaking. They have been working toward this goal for over a hundred years, on the sly. The media outlets have cooperated in keeping the secret agenda secret. If you think about it, they have targeted the things which make life sustainable–food, shelter, health. They they targeted the things that make life good–employment, a decent wage, freedom to pursue our happiness, education to elevate ourselves. They are kicking the blocks out from under us at the most basic level, in an attempt to control us and enslave us. But they didn’t plan on us waking up! We are on the offensive now. We are fighting. We are refusing to read their compromised publications or watch their ridiculous programs on TV. We may be poisoned, propagandized and pushed around, but we are still capable of critical thinking, and we think critically of everything they do now. They are losing the war and they know it. With each passing day we learn more about their evil plans, and we stand up and say, oh hell No! We are looking back at history and seeing the pattern of banking being at the heart of the problem. Their expansion and contraction of the checkbook money supply is why we are in this predicament, and until we take the central bankers out of this country, they are going to continue until they destroy it. The fact is, by their destruction of the United States, they have effectively engineered their own demise, like the tapeworm who kills the host and then dies itself. Without us, they will have no customers, no workers, no taxes, no income. The model itself is unsustainable, and they are beginning to realize it.
    The tools we have, boycotts, refusal to pay, peaceful protests that prevent sheriffs from evicting lawful property owners, the lightning fast spread of truthful information, shows like InfoWars and publications like End The Lie, blogs like this one…these are the things we can capitalize on. We can turnover congress. It’s time to get rid of the cronies and put in some legitimate servants. It’s time to say we do not accept what is shoved in our face and told it’s good for us. Reject, eject and get rid of them all.
    There is the explanation for why food had gone up 37%, gasoline 28% and heating oil and electricity 22%. Those are the things we need to live and function. America is being robbed blind.

  15. Has anyone noticed how much more expensive it is to eat healthy. I now stick mostly to the GOMB (Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans) as the main foods daily. Something about the combo of onions and mushrooms together as a super nutrient combination. I don’t like onions but if I water saute them with a few mushrooms and add to my salad, they’re not bad. Fresh fruits, seeds and nuts also need to be incorporated on a daily basis. The downside is that my weekly grocery bill increased by about $40.00 to eat this healthy. It is true you can eat fast food cheaper. What’s wrong with this picture? Think about it, what has increased the most in cost over the last few years. Health costs, groceries, and housing which went sky high before the bust, fuel costs which fills the car to get you to work to pay for these necessities if you’re lucky. Then they start shipping more jobs overseas and reducing employee pay and benefits all while the cost of everything continues to climb, while at the same time taking homes and kicking babies and seniors to the curb. (wew, that was a long sentence) What a country we have become. Kudos to the politicians, corporations, legal system, our government, banks and the wall street gang; you have done real swell by the working class folks!

  16. We are already dependent. People like Monsanto genetically altering the foods and putting them on our shelves to eat; whereby, these food products, many of them cannot be digested properly in the human body. My belief is they know it and do it for profit, while in bed with big Pharma..and we all acquire dependency on medications for various unhealthy eating habits.

    People cannot afford health care at the current price and now we have a mandate to buy it, even if it does not allow most citizens to acquire it. The cost is so expensive, a millionaire could not pay for long-term care, even with insurance.

    We have bureaucrats/bureaucracies lying, cheating and stealing, all under the guise of protecting us, from ourselves.

    Most companies are over charging us for everything and “limiting” our choices, while our “elected” officials do nothing to stop the monopoly and desecration of free markets and fair competition, for smaller entities to flourish.

    The country we built with our extended families no longer exists. Their is no loyalty to anyone or anything, when it comes to money and most folks think if they try harder it will work out. There was a time, this was true, not anymore. Every large corporation that was built here, including the banks was built on American ingenuity and hard-work. Now that these companies can produce more and have the ability to outsource the previous skilled-labor to others, less competent, they do, with the assistance of our elected representatives.

    I cannot understand why our entire country is not in a revolt over this intentional act of financial and ethical treason?

    Blah, Blah, Blah….my $.02…this is my short list!

  17. @ Enraged

    I too, do not like organized religion as I have witnessed the same hypocrisy and greed also in churches, but I do believe in God. “God” as in the maker of everything but who also gave us free will. Humans have clearly demonstrated the need to have a written rulebook that envokes fear if diviated from in order to be civilized people, therefore, the Bible. It would seem that as more of us get away from, at least, the basics of the Bible, human behavior reverts more and more to greed and selfishness. We have lost the meaning of “us” as a whole and now it is all about “me”. Humans still have not evolved enough to figure out basic right from wrong and to live a shared peaceful existence. I think you are correct that we are all connected in some way and the fight between good and evil will continue. If one believes in a good and just God one should also consider that there also exists the antithesis. One just need turn on the nightly news and listen to the horror stories in every realm of our existence and in our hearts know that something is very wrong. I think the time is almost here to shout, “God help us all.”

  18. Quote from Enraged at 1:11pm above: “Nothing happened in a vacuum. What we are experiencing right now was orchestrated at a level I can’t even imagine, to render humanity completely dependent upon corporations. I read somewhere that what we don’t accomplish in the first six months of this year in overturning this largely implemented state of affairs will foreclose once and for all on our ability, as humanity, to reverse it.
    Now is the time to act. No two ways about it.”

    I agree so the answer is up to us…you and me working together. The buck stops with us now. Live free or die of dependence.

  19. @Katheryn,

    Keane actually touches upon that aspect: people returning to stricter morals and/or some kind of religious revival (but honestly, Palin, Bachman and the likes killed it for me once and for all. As I read once: “Theists are afraid people will think for themselves. Atheist are afraid they won’t.” I’ll stick wirh being an atheist… Aware that I am not the center of the universe, I am part of something much bigger but I am done with organized religion of any kind.)

    That being said, I have absolutely no doubt that we will go back to a healthier living. A lifestyle in which we become self-sustaining to a large extent and return to smaller communities: everyone knows everyones else. People’s word is of utmost importance, agreements are entered upon on a hand shake, reputations re-become important as they are the basis on which we, individually can survive, etc.

    Big Pharma knows it. Government knows it. Food manufacturers know it. Banks know it. Hence that manmade financial scandal and the resulting dispossessions: take away our house and our piece of land, however small, and you take away our ability to regain or retain some independence and autonomy. Take way our houses and you force us to depend on a renter. Take away our land and you force us to rely on grocery stores and industrialized food. Put undue pressure and stress on us for 4, 5, 6 years or longer and you’ve assured that we’ll become ill and big pharma will profit from it. Once the “no-paper” civilization has been solidified into place, all that will be needed to permamnently accomplish the deed is… to censor internet.

    Nothing happened in a vacuum. What we are experiencing right now was orchestrated at a level I can’t even imagine, to render humanity completely dependent upon corporations. I read somewhere that what we don’t accomplish in the first six months of this year in overturning this largely implemented state of affairs will foreclose once and for all on our ability, as humanity, to reverse it.

    Now is the time to act. No two ways about it.

  20. The only words of comfort are “you are not alone”. Greed has overcome everything. What used to be unthinkable has now become the norm. It seems that so many are willing to do anything and I do mean anything for an extra buck. It would appear that all basic morality has gone by the wayside. There is no right or wrong; just how do I get the most and enjoy myself the most, no matter who gets hurt. So sad and as trite a comment this may seem, you can’t take it with you when you leave this world.

  21. @Katheryn

    “We need to form our own place in this country. ”

    Not a crazy thought at all. Predict that it will happen by “default”.

    Corporations and govt in the same business will eventually fail because they bit the hand that feeds them. The only hope left is that 99% do not perish first and that there will still be America the Beautiful to recover.

  22. They took my house without ever doing the math and the cops thought it was funny when I called to report the theft.The lady said to me “Sir are they picking up your house and running down the street with it?” She had a good laugh and declined to even take a report .Why would any body ever buy a house ?Just take the one you like and enjoy life.

  23. The problem with leaving the country is where to go? We need to form our own place in this country. Kind of like a higher tech Amish group but with our values and ways of life this country was founded on. I guess some would call it a commune; but I think of it as those who are literally “sick” and tired of living in this country that has become a place of pure greed and evil. A place where we grow our own food and are somewhat self sufficient. Have our own lending system, etc., and we make up some new religion so we can be tax exempt. I know; it is a crazy thought but this country and the world is becoming a real crazy place to try to exist.

  24. It’s long but extyremely instructive and it offers solutions to resolve this greatest-scandal-ever-visited-upon-humanity.

    All that is needed to win this battle is for everyone to act. And, as Walter Keane very rightfully points out, in the end, the survivors will be those who are able to fight to the end, adjust and move on (meaning packing and leaving the country if necessary…)

    I also tend to agree that the solution will be state-by-state, with the application of ALL existing laws relative to land ownership and recordation.

  25. Great Article Neil.
    This is the reason to vote Barak Hussein Obama out of office. No matter if the Republican side is supposedly the same. It is to send a message.

    The other alternative is to bote Barak back in and if he doesnt change his ways to impeach or recall him (more expensive).


  26. Wells Fargo Settles Wachovia Fraud Claims
    Thursday, January 05 2012 00:59

    Wells Fargo Settles Wachovia Fraud Claims

    Wells Fargo entered into a $58.75 million multistate settlement to settle allegations that individuals working at Wachovia, which Wells Fargo acquired in 2008, engaged in anticompetitive conduct in the municipal bond derivatives industry.

    The settlement is one component of a $148 million coordinated state and federal law enforcement and regulatory action involving the U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The misconduct covered by this settlement took place prior to Wells Fargo’s acquisition of Wachovia.

    As a part of the settlement, Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $54.5 million that will be used to reimburse certain government and nonprofit organizations across the United States who were injured as a result of the allegedly anticompetitive conduct. Wells Fargo also agreed to pay a $1.25 million civil penalty and $3 million to reimburse the states for fees and costs incurred during the investigation.

    The ongoing multistate investigation has revealed allegedly collusive and deceptive conduct by individuals at several financial institutions. The conduct included bid rigging, agreements to refrain from bidding, and fraud. Ultimately the conduct resulted in lower yields, lower rates of return, or less favorable terms for government and not-for-profit organizations.

    Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced the settlement.

    The number of Colorado government and nonprofit entities affected by this settlement and the amount they will receive will be determined in the coming months.

  27. Comparing the banks to a pig is an insult to the pigs! Lie, Lie, Lie is what they do best. You know they are worried when FHA is now allowing the flipping of properties for investors. Now only allowing it but standing on their heads to encourage it. “Blue light special – buy one block of homes and get the second block FREE”, then you can put them right back on the market and make a profit instantly. Maybe I am really dumb, but isn’t this part of what got the housing market in trouble to start with?

  28. The story is worse than was ever shared and it is far from over.

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