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It’s time for the Big Banks to bear responsibility for the financial crisis—and for fraud and abuse against homeowners across the country. The nation’s state attorneys general are considering a settlement with the bankers, but there’s a risk they’ll let the people who tanked our economy off with a slap on the wrist. It’s urgent we tell them we need a settlement that holds banks accountable for the damage they’ve done and helps homeowners. Will you write your state attorney general and the White House to let them know?

YOUR LETTER: Foreclosures and the abuses of the Big Banks are crippling our economy. In neighborhoods like mine and across the state, we’ve seen people underwater on their mortgages and even losing their homes. Even worse, in many cases the Big Banks broke rules, falsified paperwork or defrauded homebuyers—and gambled with our homes to enrich themselves. They have yet to be held responsible.

Families like mine are depending on you to stand up for us and put our needs ahead of protecting the banks. We can’t just let banks get bailed out and escape consequences for their irresponsibility and greed.

I urge you to fight for a strong settlement with the banks that really will hold them accountable for their misconduct and the damage done to the economy. Any settlement must reflect the harm done to homeowners and provide large-scale relief for underwater homeowners. And before you agree to any settlement, there must be a full investigation into misconduct and fraud by the banks.


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  1. The AG will tell you that they work only on inter-agency work, referrals by them & from them: and the Gov will not reply (ours took $27 Million from the Fed & then misappropriated $26.250,000 into school/budget funds & spent $750,000 for radio adds to tell people to “beware of fraudulent emails etc … like the kind from the ‘pretenders’ we’ve been fighting all this time). Caveat Emptor … they are frauds, and protecting their own jobs. Protect your homes with 4th, 7th, 13th Amendment and Money Trail/State transaction laws defenses … don;t let any local judge deny you your rights!!!

  2. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This post posted at this website is in fact pleasant.

  3. Independent Foreclosure Review

    I had heard about this a couple of months ago and was thinking and planning on going forward with having a review done but was not sure who to contact.

    A couple of weeks ago I recieved this form in the mail. This is very suspicious. Why would I want the entitiy that foreclosed on me, who wouldn’t answer my QWR on three separate occasions, who technically is out of business, who is one of the culprits, to do an INDEPENDENT REVIEW of the documents they fraudulently perpetrated to begin with.

    I am guessing and actually confident that thousands of homeowners have and are recieving these letters, unaware that again they are being perpetrated.

    I am thinking of putting this out on the networks to warn as many as I can and let them know if they are wanting an “Independent Review” they should seek a truly unbiased source. Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

  4. Primarily we don’t because Obummer will just ignore us, like he did in enforcing the HAMP/MHA (with no sanctions incuded in the program for lack of ‘servicer/lender’ compliance) so his bankster friends can steal and lie and tie-up our local courts which are already busy with petty misdemeanor crimes and have no prior precedent/experience with this massive issue. Proof: no CZAR yet! Better to write your local newspapers .. which the local judges and their families DO read!

  5. Why don’t we write a letter to President O’bama with everyone that visits this site can sign and send. We can cc it to all the AGs. It might help support that we are a cohesive group that will keep growing until something is done with theses criminals and homeowners begin to gain more wins in the courts. One person can do a basic letter and we can all have a chance to add and revise prior to signing and sending.

  6. I think they already know this. Why not just say, “Principle correction to current value and a no-qualify 2.5% modification for 30 years fixed to all current homeowners NOW!” If they default then..well, perhaps it’s time to move on.

  7. @Chris – great suggestion. Maryland law less than 2 hours! I will call on Tuesday. As always, thanks.

  8. @ Katheryn:

    Is there a law school near you? I was thinking a law student may be helpful. They have to go through an internship and maybe, just maybe, you could find a student and or professor that might just need some experience and be helpful, much like the innocence program. It may be worth a try?

  9. Dear Neil:

    We have written to CA Attorney General and were directed to another office twice. No help and not reponse. May be if more people help with this she will try and help us.

  10. Thanks Todd. I am in Delaware and have contacted every litigation firm here as well as legal organizations and law firms out of the state that might have a reference. One lawyer did offer to help but he is out of state and I would have to cover his costs to be approved here as well as his legal fees and I just don’t have that kind of money. Thanks for taking the time to respond and best of luck to you also!

  11. I’m not sure which state you are in, Katheryn, but I would suggest you contact David Leibowitz & Ryan Blay @ LakeLaw (Chicago IL & Kenosha WI) as they are the best I can find anywhere: tell them you were referred by me via Neil’s Livinglies.com website. Those ‘motions’ you’re fighting are indeed stall tactics ainmed at getting any judge to sympathize with them. Fight it, and demand what is your right to any and all documentation & accounting ledgers, insurances, yield spread deals w/3rd-4th parties you may not be aware of (which they are likely
    hiding due to their lack of openness (they should have it all at the ready, right?) and look for irregularities in the notarizations, go thru the lists herein Neil’s site re: forgers and go to your courthouse to look back into the public record of prior sales before your purchase and look for broken chain of title (BofA being a middleman, or the like). Don’t move out, don;t give up if you feel you are right in your heart.
    Best of Luck!

  12. The talks are breaking down and it becomes more and more unlikely that a settlement will take place. More states interested in seceding…


  13. Opinion,
    [Discernment strongly advised. Follow your path and put on a shelf or discard anything that doesn’t center with your soul journey.]

    I hear you. I feel everything you expressed.

    I am sorry.

    I apologize for not having the wisdom to do what it takes to make the problem you are experiencing come to the light, be exposed, reveal the participants and give you back the clean slate you’ve enjoyed for 26 years. I know this is a deep disruption to your ‘peace of mind’.

    If you can find your center…like a spinning top or a gyroscope…find your center and relax there, it will make this journey we are on collectively a bit more bearable until we send it to it’s final conclusion.

    We are at a time where the bad will get worse and the wise and strong will stand tall in the middle of adversity and reveal the truth.

    The squeeze has been put on me. The system has resorted to actions to attack my wealth before I can receive it. That is involuntary servitude to work to live and have property and to have the wealth confiscated for the work done – before you can get your day’s wages. The confiscation having taken place by foreign entities you’ll never know or meet, but they have representatives that claim a right to it no matter what.

    Systems like that are an abomination to natural law. They cannot stand because they go against nature. Even a hyena can see the lion that will consume the meal it had planned for it’s own; and can choose to relinquish the catch of it’s Free Will to the one claiming the right to eat it, or fight of it’s Free Will if it believes it can win.

    We have had our good conscience and Free Will blocked.

    If it’s not our Will, then it’s someone else’s Will.

    If it is only their Will, then there is no equality.
    All men are created equal, and someone has distorted our equality with force, enslavement, involuntary servitude, economic coercion, extortion, racketeering, mail fraud, wire fraud, theft, duress.

    If there is no remedy when there is no equity at law.
    No equity at law, No balance of justice.
    No Balance.
    No Duality.

    This system is distorted. The people keeping the system functioning lack conscience. They are dealing with life. We weren’t created by the system, we were Created from another source.

    Our source of Creation is superior, yet this system is trying to control that which it did not create. It is straining under the pressure of exerting force against a superior force.

    It cannot continue to stand. It must stand under us. It must understand us.

    Before it craters under it’s own destructive momentum and under it’s own pressure; those who have benefited from it are trying to get more out of it, at the cost of sending their soul path along a darker way.

    When they finally see that no matter what One does, One should do what is right; when they finally see that, they will have no one to answer to but their Creator for what they’ve chosen to do.

    They can’t say their boss told them or a President told them or a Congressman told them because that would be ‘placing a God before them’ and their Creator has told them they do not need to place a God before them to do what they do.

    I’m saying a lot, and I hope it reaches those that need to feel the message, but it’s always ‘darkest before dawn’. We are dealing with a ‘sun-setting system’ that has overstayed it’s welcome.

    It is against the flow of the Universe. Universe came first.

    As we are robbed now, we haven’t been robbed all that is…just what we know of right now.

    If you can remember the Book of Job (and I’m no bible scholar and I don’t believe in a God, nor do I worship any God, but I do believe in a single source of all creation, if a God is created, I believe a Creator created it…just like I can be a God to my child because I co-created her, but a Creator created me..that’s me..and my path…no one needs to accept it nor follow it, but I’m not pushing anything I’m going to make a point about that Book of Job. I do believe there is some truth in every message and truth seekers can hear the truth and overlook or ignore the rest. As one put it..take the meat and throw away the bone)

    Job was given several messages of bad news back to back and all of it was before the previous messenger could finish telling him their bad news…I’ll give an example so I don’t have to go into the book and sound preachy…If one messenger told him he’d lost his entire crop, before the messenger could finish telling him, another ran in and told him he lost his livestock, and before that messenger could finish telling him, another came in and told him he’d lost his family to a disaster.

    One bit of bad news of total loss is a lot for any living soul, but to have total losses back to back one after another without relief from the first messenger to the last can really test one’s soul.

    Top it off, he got sores on him, and his closest friends started to question his character and his relationship with his Creator.

    Job was patient, figured there was a purpose to the chaos, searched his soul, assured himself was born for a reason and still alive for a reason.

    He was given no more than he could handle and restored to his former glory with abundance he could not imagine.

    The story of the silversmith who works with silver and burns it but watches in intensely to make sure he’s only burning off the impurities and not destroying the properties of the silver itself. When he sees his reflection he knows the silver is pure.

    A cake starts off one way, a sloppy mix of ingredients before it takes form. It starts to show signs that the heat has affected it and it starts to change in appearance and texture from the effects of the environment it was placed in. But it’s a cake after all it’s been through.

    As above, so below.
    We are at the edge of a storm that is building up…the sky gets dark, the clouds loom and get bigger, the sunlight is blocked but it’s still there on the other side, we just can’t see it.

    This is those times we teach our children and we were taught as children, and our parents and grandparents were the teachers of these lessons of life.

    As bad as a storm seems, when it passes there is so much life it left behind and life is so much better for having experienced it. Tree leaves get washed off and can take in more water and sunlight, flowers get washed off and can make more pollen and show brighter for bees and butterflies for food, lakes fill more to provide water and entertainment and home for aquatic life.

    So much goodness and greatness from such a dark experience.

    This is not random, there is a purpose. We don’t know the master plan, but we are part of it all the same.

    It is no coincidence, it’s planned. There are people in dark roles and in light roles as part of the plan and there are other people making choices as to which energy they will serve as part of their soul plan within the Master Plan.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you can center yourself to make sure your soul is okay for all eternity with the decision.
    (The soul is the home of the Creator – we are never alone and we can center ourselves and connect to that energy whenever we are ready)

    We all agreed to be here for this time. It’s like a pot of boiling water. Some of us will let go of the physical possessions that these are claiming as their own, but they had no part of the Creation of any of it, or the natural sources that were used to create it.
    Some of us will convert to a purer form of ourself, like steam is a purer form of water. It won’t rise if there is ‘stuff’ in it.

    Some of us will ascend from this dark hot place like steam ascends from boiling water. Steam is still water and in my opinion, it has the potential to be in it’s smallest, focused, and lightest form (losing a lot of the heavier earth substances that held it down in the water) .

    Some of us will cling to the things we have in us while we are the water still in the pot. We will hold on to the physical things that are a part of us now, like chemicals and mineral residue.
    Holding on to those things because we think it’s what makes us the water we are. Never letting go because we didn’t know what we’d feel like or become if we just let go of what was holding us back.

    This is that time.

    The heat has been turned up on me by many unknowns. All i can see is they can steal the roof I called home, they can steal the wealth I call wages and salary, but they can’t have my soul.

    They didn’t give me my soul, and they aren’t getting it in any form because to give them my soul is to give them the Creator within who has not left me and is in my soul.

    They may steal many physical things, but the core of me know I am more than what I have and I am more than what they try to make me be.

    @disableddad, plan ahead for what they can potentially send your way and remember there are no secrets because the Creator in me is the same Creator in another who has come across the name I have used in my transactions in life…and that One Creator in both knows what was done by each of us even if we have a physical veil over our souls that make us think we are separate.

    Trespass is unwanted but that doesn’t mean someone else’s life path won’t cause them to choose to trespass. They have to deal with the consequences in their soul contract for trespassing and I have to deal with the consequences of my soul contract for how I handled their trespass.

    The hotter it gets, the closer we are to the end of this trespass.
    Fighting creates more fighting. War creates more war.

    If all of us are David, then there is an endless supply of Goliath(s) created to fight us.

    Maybe if we all stop, we can clearly see the Goliath, and for that Goliath, there is a David that will defeat him.

    The living people behind these banks have stolen the wealth of the people long before they focused on our homes. That’s why this does not stop because they’ve been doing it, but we can see it when it’s something as big as a home.

    MF Global, AIG, Bernie Madoff, Countrywide, Lehman Brothers, Enron, Greece, Italy, France, the list goes on and on, we react to it like we have short term memory.

    Until the system collapses for being obsolete for the conscience of the free people and the souls it is trying to control, we’ll see more and more of these entities come to the forefront.

    The meek will inherit the Earth; the wheat will be separated from the chaff (weeds).

    End opinion.

    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, Free and Independent State.

  14. Sorry for the duplication…it’s just been a fine Bank of America day.

  15. Bank of America needs to be shut down once and for all. They are nothing more than a legal criminal organization. They have three functions: steal, deny and make lives miserable. That is the purpose of their existence. I believe that Moynihan gets a kick out of it. The OCC opened an investigation on what I sent them and they sent a letter directly to Moynihan. He couldn’t care less.. Enough is enough.

  16. Bank of America needs to be shut down once and for all. They are nothing more than a legal criminal organization. They have three functions: steal, deny and make lives miserable. That is their existence. Enough is enough.

  17. Write — it matters — even if you do not get a response.

  18. @ disableddad:

    Isn’t there some way we can all get together and do something? Thoughts? I too have evidence, proof, whatever you want to call it.
    There must be something, someone can do! Please anyone…what do we need to be doing here? These crimes are historic in nature and cannot continue.

  19. I hate to appear to be a defeatist, but I have been writing to anybody and everybody for over 2 years and I can’t get a response. I have true actual CRIMES committed and still nothing.

    The CA AG has been faxed, emailed and sent so many letters spelling it all out with undeniable facts with no response.
    My local DA never even responded to the CRIMES committed.I’ve complained to the OCC (now on 3rd complaint #), FED, HUD, FDIC,

    The only one to respond was the OCC and I’m sure that had something to do with Senator Boxer’s letter to the OCC on my behalf. Otherwise I have been completely ignored.
    The CA SOS has had a complaint on the notary for almost a year and has yet to request my AUDIO proof of the CRIMES. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN and I can hand someone a ready to go case. Problem is disability does provide too much to spread around.

    How can Bank of America claim I have defaulted on a loan that was never mine and make every single piece of data related to MY LOAN evidenced on my Deed, Note and payment coupons disappear from existence from their database?

    I’m not giving away 26 years of payments and never had a problem making MY LOAN PAYMENTS. I SUPPOSE I WILL HAVE TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PROTECT MY HOME. It seems no one in our government will do anything.

  20. @ Kathy

    What amazes me is how much they are willing to spend????
    The lawyers get richer, the bankers get FREE houses while humans get kicked to the curb. This is America.

  21. I hear you Katheryn, .. Its been 3yrs for us. We feel like we are being held hostage … we can not refinance or sell. We do not have any debt, no credit cards, we own our vehicles & the lake house among other assets.. No medical bills. Nothing! But I was thinking … our self proclaimed “Debt Collector” Bank of America N.A. is just that in a CH13 Bankruptcy. They are a Debt Collector and Not a secured creditor.. Did I get it Right Neil?

  22. …It’s time for the Big Banks to bear responsibility for the financial crisis—and for fraud and abuse against homeowners across the country.

    This fraud is not against JUST the homeowners across the country! This fraud is against every man, woman, and child in this country. The bail-out money for the banksters affects everyone not JUST homeowners. Every time the banksters get bailed out with “PRINTED” money the buying power of the dollars in our pockets go down. These Banksters are Criminals no better than the terrorist who attacked this nation on 9/11. WHY ARE THEY NOT IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD!?!?!

  23. @ Kathy

    Hate to tell ya I’ve been dealing with them for a year. Don’t believe anything they tell you. We went down the mod road for over a year with their promises until we had nothing left in savings. In addition to being completely dishonest, none of the peons that customers deal with ever have a clue as to anything. They just wear you down until most people give up and stop bothering them. Been there and still no end in sight.

  24. If they sue me over that they’ll be waiting a long time for their judgment if they got one. Just kidding about jail but they’re a weird bunch for sure. Did you read the Newbie suit yet. That is very similiar to mine and I was going to add RICO in my suit but I didn’t want to get carried away. I contacted that law firm but they only handle NY cases. There just isn’t anyone to be found that can help me. I noticed that suit mentioned the unjust enrichment and that is a charge I put in my complaint also.

  25. We are not in Forclosure BUT..We filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, we have 3 liens on our title .. all claiming to secure the same loan. AG’s office agreed to mediate, but informed us they can not help us with Legal Issues ( I.E.. the Title). When you ask BOA about the title … they know nothing about the title …. but they can offer us a loan mod. HEHE … Did you hear that folks … a loan mod! That’s not quite what we were thinking … we would love your suggestions! The soon to be…. X-Notary ….. exposing the Truth and savin Bacon!

  26. @ neidermeyer

    I’ll try not to but I have a feeling it’s going to be brutal. I know what you mean about the judges. I have no idea about this one. I know he had a case pro se a couple of years ago I read about. He treated them like they were idiots. Need I tell you the outcome. I’m sure I don’t have much of a chance but what do you do; just let them run free completely. It’s got to stop somewhere. Just sayin…

  27. Katheryn:

    Nah, I don’t see it, you would then be a consumate victim of BOA. I cannot imagine them daring to do that! You are telling the truth. Why so many folks have a problem with that I’ll never understand.

  28. @ Chris

    I asked them for same and lots more. He put me on speaker and told me there was another lawyer in the room with him. He was not happy about the fact that I also said they didn’t deal in good faith. He took it personally. I told him sorry, but you having lying dogs for clients and don’t take it personally. When he said he had been trying to help me I said I’m sure BoA, paying you the big bucks as they are would love to know that. Of course with my luck, the judges are appointed. Wow, I really wasn’t prepared for his outburst, however, I did tear him down every time he tried to get around me on the Rules of Procedure! If I can only do as well in front of the judge.

    I would love to share info as they say, two heads are better than one. That is if I am not sent to prision soon for false accusations 🙁 I never seen the inside of a jail not even visiting area..so it’ll be a whole new chapter in my life. lol my email: kad291@comcast.net if you want private.

  29. Bondi: Isn’t that the female from Fl, doing a flip-flop on the banks/

  30. @Katheryn ,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about his threat ,, I would be looking for his accomplice (the judge) to throw you under the bus because they’re on the same team and they have dozens of ways to screw you procedurally. The other possibility (and this will require you to get representation so they can’t steamroll you procedurally) is that they will simply drop the case or make you an offer.

    just my $0.02

  31. Katheryn:

    Gutsy, real gutsy. Being right is not always going to get the win. What have you got to lose, even if they come after you?

    Defamation….ha,ha, really. I also have proof of fraud, forgery and deception on the court. They need to prove that, the onus is on them. Me, I would tell them come on and the media will be sent all of the pertinent documents.

    Is the judge elected or appointed? It matters, it is always about the money trail.

    Just curious; what have you asked the bank for in your discovery? I am asking for money transfers of funds, via wire or check, I want cancelled checks both sides or verificati.on of fund transfers. I too, have fake assignments, with proof in black and white, which is fraud on the court. So many issues. Maybe we can help each other. Just a thought. newenglandblonde@yahoo.com.

  32. My AG is Pam Bondi … 🙁

  33. I just have to post this. I’m pro se against BoA. We are in the discovery process and after numerous exentsions I received the responses which was basically nothing. We had conferred for months over the extensions and I had said that I needed them for preparing my admissions. Long story short – when the lawyer got the motion to Compel he was very very angry. Up until now he has been OK to deal with. Bank of America’s employee signed a notarized Verification stating that all of the information contained in the responses was true and correct. Not so and I stated in my Motion that she committed perjury by her submission of that with BoA’s answers.

    Well when I refused to withdraw my motion as their lawyer requested, “because he was trying to help me”, didn’t fly…fireworks. He said that his client feels that I have publically defamed their company and they may pursue that. I have not been able to fina an attorney to help me in 7 months of trying…should I be nervous about this? I told him to “bring it on” but this will just be one more thing I have to deal with. Is there a big chance that the judge will find for them about the perjury?

  34. I wrote to my AG and Governor many times in the last 2-yrs ago, Neil.
    We’ll keep up the groundwork fight for homeowners’/taxpayers’ rights.

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