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What’s Your Price?

There’s a saying that everyone can be bought, you just have to know their price.  In the article below two of the people who forged tens of thousands of signatures that led to thousands of homes being foreclosed say it was the price of graduate school and a family to support.  We don’t know what the price of the third person was because she was found dead before that was revealed.
We need someone to blame but we’re looking at the low-hanging fruit.  In NO way am I condoning what they did.  I’m just saying that they are but the first layer of defense and distraction engineered by Wall Street and the pretender lenders.  We see the notaries and others who have forged and robo-signed documents so we blame them for their role in this disaster, for their ability to be bought.  In the meantime, Wall Street and the pretender lender banks are safely tucked away behind their trillions.  For now, let’s call them high hanging fruit.
Throughout history we have examples of people being bought for the price of safety, family, education, medical care, and of course fame and fortune.  From Nazi collaborators, to the sheriff who comes to your door with an eviction notice, to everyone in between, all saying they just needed to put bread on the table.  Is that what it’s about?  Is that who we really are?  Or do we as a species have an inkling of anything greater for ourselves?  Because our history is also speckled with those who have stood up for justice and made a difference in their corner of the world.
Maybe it’s our conclusion to the problem.  
These forgers defined the problem as “I need money for graduate school” and “I need money to support my family”, with the conclusion, “so it doesn’t matter what I do to anyone else, it’s survival of whoever gets the money”.  Don’t we teach our children that there are consequences to their actions?  How are we different?  Maybe a better conclusion would be just that.  To look at the consequences to others of what we do in life.  
Yes, we live in a society obsessed with materialism and superficiality but it doesn’t have to be that way.
So maybe we need to take a hard look in the mirror and use this as an opportunity to figure out who we are and what our own price is.  What could you be bought for?  And what are you doing and demonstrating about that to others in your corner of the world?  Perhaps think about that before you throw the first stone.  And let’s not take our eyes off the target, that high hanging fruit.

Massive foreclosure fraud’s scope revealed by transcripts

Reported by: Marissa Mike
LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) — The massive robo-signing scandal that throws into question tens of thousands of Las Vegas foreclosures is unfolding. Newly-released transcripts from last month’s Grand Jury hearing shed light on how the foreclosure fraud went down.The transcripts include last month’s testimonies from investigators, homeowners, temp workers and four notaries.

The workers, who were employed at Lender Processing Services (LPS) under Gary Trafford and Geraldine Sheppard, admitted to forging signatures on tens of thousands of notices of default.

Most blamed fear of unemployment for their decision to forge signatures and break the law. One notary said she needed to keep her job while getting through graduate school, another said he had a family to support.

Trafford and Sheppard are accused of running the scam by advising their employees to forge signatures on notices of default between 2005 and 2008. Those documents got the ball rolling on many Las Vegas foreclosures.

Notary Tracy Lawrence struck a plea deal with the state’s Attorney General’s Office for one count of notary fraud. She admitted to notarizing about 25,000 false documents. Lawrence was found dead in her home the day of her sentencing hearing a few weeks ago. Lawrence said during the Grand Jury hearing that LPS handled notices of default for trustees representing many major lenders, including Washington Mutual, Bank of America, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

A criminal investigator for the Nevada Attorney General’s office said that out of tens of thousands of documents from LPS that his investigation of the fraud examined, an overwhelming majority seemed suspicious.

“It’s hard to find [a document] that you wouldn’t be suspicious of,” the investigator said, adding that legitimate documents from the company seemed to be the exception instead of the rule.

It wasn’t just the signatures that were fraudulent. According to the investigator, some of the forged documents contained information that had not been verified by those signing them. This sometimes led to the wrongful foreclosure of houses because of the innacuracies.

“We’ve had individuals who said ‘I was never late in my payments, but yet my house has been foreclosed on,’” he said.

Former Las Vegas homeowner Romy Ashjian, one of the witnesses who testified at the hearing, said that she was locked out of her own home without ever having been told that a notice of default had been recorded. Ashjian said she was behind on payments, but was working with a lender, Bank of America, to try to set up a short sale. When she returned home one day, however, she found that her home had been sold without her knowledge through a trustee sale.

Ashjian said many of her belongings were still inside the home, including furniture, medical records, collectibles, and her and her daughter’s personal information including social security numbers. Many of these items were stolen before Ashjian was able to gain access to her property two weeks later.

Sheppard and Trafford are negotiating their voluntary surrender to the Nevada Attorney General.

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  1. Chief Counsel of the OCC testimony 12-13-11


  2. A good video on this situation that has caused ALL our problems with the forecosure frauds is a documentary called THRIVE. Only seen online….at http://www.thrivemovement.com/#.

    Well worth the $5 to rent the movie.

    There is some very shocking true information in this video. It keeps getting taken down from youtube

    “The cancer stage of capitalism is not a metaphor.
    It is a rigorous description of where we are.” The current financial
    stripping of economies and environments across the world exhibits, in
    fact, all the hallmark characteristics of a carcinogenic invasion. As
    on the cellular level, an uncontrolled rogue sequence of reproduction
    invades and self-multiplies across social borders with no committed
    function to life-hosts. As on the cellular level, the cancer advances
    by not being recognized by surrounding life communities. —John
    McMurtry, Professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph, in Economic Reform, Vol. 11, Number 3, March 1999

  3. @Enraged and douglas c., the emotions are the same over here. I won’t quit, as long as there are “Wells Fargo” commercials running on my TV. I work only to bring them down. Period.

  4. Charles,
    No one disagrees with you on eliminating the disease, but it’s not as simple and easy as we would like for it to be. We are also dealing with the Big Pharmaceutical if you know what I mean. If Freddie and Fannie own most or all of the mortgages and they are the party behind the servicers pushing for the foreclosures, then we are fighting a much larger parasite.

  5. Anyone read Mandelman Matters from last night, guest writer Shawn Newman an attorney and a professor from Washington State on Freddie and Fannie’s mortgage shell game.

  6. 1-do not lie to another person.
    2-do not steal from another person.
    3-do not kill another person.

    pretty simple ,

  7. Hi Abby,

    There are a number of inaccuracies in this paper. Everyone should look up the BK rules to make sure, preferably letting your/their competent legal counsel advise you accordingly.

    Been there, doing that…




  9. The disease has gone gangrene and needs to be cut off to save the patient.

    That’s what most don’t understand.

    You cannot “heal” dead (especially if leaving it to heal itself…) tissue. To leave it; will kill the patient.

  10. It’s true that some people would sell out their own flesh and blood for a buck, but that’s not everybody. It all boils down to what Neil was saying, how are we raising our children, what sort of an examples are we setting for them to behave in the manner that they do. In this some societies name, position and face value means a lot, it’s not like this in every society. How we train our children and how we behave as members of a society matters for those around us and for the environment we live in.

    I know a young woman who used to work for banks, she was bright smart and eager to succeed. she started out as a teller, s
    they saw potential in her, they moved her up within 3 months of being employed by the bank she became a mortgage consultant, because of her ability to sell. She was put through training, driving hours away for weeks to get the training they wanted her to receive, and that was during the housing boom. She became #1 in her branch in no time, then moved to a bigger branch, she made good money and everything was just great.

    When the bank she was working with was taken over by a larger bank from the East coast,(during the subprime lending days), she had to go through more training, and while in that training she realized that some of the things she was training for did not seem kosher. She raised her hand and asked questions, she was the only one. she eventually realized that she could not do some of the things she was asked to do, like lie to the borrowers, and fudge documents, etc. she went back to her supervisor and said that’s not a good products to sell, then her sales dropped and then she was threatened with the loss of her job.

    she hang in there for a while, still did not go against her upbringing, her installed values of what’s right and what’s wrong. She was called in to the office and again was threatened, she finally told her supervisor, that under no circumstances that she would sell any product to a customer that she could not sell to her mother, and told him to fire her if he so wishes. She was fired and she was no longer making the kind of money she made, yet she told me that she was happier not being a part of that environment, having to lie and cheat people was not being swallowed well with her, it made her sick to her stomach.

    She lives a much simpler life now making much less money, newly married with a child, and yet refused to purchase a home in foreclosure, because of the principal of it rather than the idea of it. Unfortunately not everybody is her or like her. people are either brought up with conscience or not, no one is forced to do their jobs, you can take it or leave it. As humans we make mistakes or take advantage of situations here and there, none of us is perfect. sometimes we don’t know what all we are doing, but somethings we just have to give it more thoughts. In my believe, I could not do anything knowingly it was going to have such an impact on so many people’s lives, but that’s me.

    Should these people be punished, yes, but not alone! These people were trained by others who had directly instructed them to do their bidding, and then they were themselves been instructed by someone above them, and we all know how the story goes. The saddest thing is that this kind of things even exist, no one is satisfied with enough, business now are based on making more for less. It has been accepted by society that if you have more you are more important regardless of how you got it, and it’s a wide spread DISEAS, and how do we cure a DISEAS…

  11. @Neidermeyer,

    I could have written what you wrote. My attorney is in it for having gone through it and lost everything. The bank’s attorney are in it because, as any extremely high priced prostitute, they will pick from any plate, so long as it holds caviar and lobsters, regardless if its owner has the plague and spat in it.

    I am in it because the bank literally stole my life for 4 years. It wasn’t just an inconvenience but a grand larceny. Four years I will never get back, four years during which I did everything the bank told me to and fell further and further behind. Four years of looking at myself as a failure, incapable of realizing that I had been set up from the get go.

    My price is my house that I paid over and over with my tears and sleepless nights, plus my legal expenses, plus statutory indemnity for every violation committed by the bank(s) plus 4 times 365 days, times 24 hours, times 60 minutes, times $1 per minutes of that ordeal. $1 isn’t much when i consider how much I cried, worried, stopped sleeping, could work, couldn’t even study to improve my lot and my situation.

    House plus legal expenses plus statutury fines plus $2,102,400 and climbing… And I’m taking it to a jury. See, the way i see it, I lived through it. I’ve felt it every single minute of every single day. I know I’ll be able to get the jury to live through it too, as I describe it to them.

    That’s why i want a jury trial and nothing short of it.

  12. I keep seeing it pop up where the Trustee is”immune” from taking any heat based on their actions in a foreclosure. My question then is “If the trustee is acting as a middle of the road real trustee then I understand that provision, but if the trustee states they are “a debt collector” and records documents in which the statements are false and they know it because the action was something they did without direction and only they would know, Shouldn’t that debt collector action create a different requirement on the trustee and create some liability in their actions?

    I would appreciate any and all comments,

  13. good luck on that one neidermeyer my situation mirrors yours and despite Aurora Loan Services LLC who was blatantly non compliant with a court order to put up or shut up as it relates to proving up the chain of title; a new judge didn’t bat an eye, denied our efforts/motions and moved us to next phase of litigation veal or no veal. stalling is their speciality and in a perfect world your price is a fair exhchange for the sham charades i’ve paraded for the last three years to pay an attorney to defend this fraudulent ordeal.

  14. What’s the surprise? People will sell out their own flesh and blood for a buck

  15. WF / AHMSI ,

    You’re going to lose your suit against me , your inept lawyers have failed to enter the docs into evidence they have said they had, they are currently stalling on discovery.. the case is quite simply a clone of “VEAL” , my lawyers are in it for revenge against the machine that rejected them… But I’ll give you an out … I’m pretty cheap .. you see I know it’s all coming down anyway .. with or without me … even if you hold your scam together for a while longer we still have the global financial meltdown to deal with …

    Here’s my price …

    1.) I satisfaction on my house.
    2.) I get to pick any property from your REO collection and buy it for $1
    3.) 3x the original mortgage amount in cash.

    You know how to reach me…

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  17. Eventually, all of the fruit, hanging high and low, falls to the ground.

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