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United We Stand:  Occupy Protestors Stage Foreclosure Showdown

I could almost hear the sigh of relief and the quickening heartbeat of encouragement go up from across this country when I read this article.  It seems we need to reteach ourselves how to stand up for justice and the Occupy movement is reminding us what that looks like.
While it’s a shame things had to get so out of control, the Occupy movement is demonstrating what it looks like to stand beside our neighbors and take back our homes.  Groups like this are springing up across the country, giving homeowners hope and moral support.  But there’s much work to be done and many cities to be united.  So let’s roll up our sleeves, join together, stand up for justice and demonstrate to our children and young people that we remember the difference between right and wrong.
We are not helpless victims.  We are not casual bystanders to the destruction the banks have wrought.  We are not alone.
We have each other.
Thank you Occupy Movement.

Occupy Protesters Stage Foreclosure Showdown

Daily Real Estate News

The Occupy movement, which has sparked protests across the country over the past few months on a multitude of economic and social issues , is waging protests against foreclosures this week.

On Tuesday, hundreds of former home owners, along with supporting Occupy protesters, re-entered their homes that had been foreclosed upon by banks in a national day of action that the Occupy Movement called “Occupy Our Homes.” The protest over foreclosures occurred in about 25 cities across the country, including Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, New York, and Miami, Inman News reports.

The protesters are blaming the banks for the foreclosure crisis and for not stepping in to do more loan workouts for home owners who lose their jobs or face medical hardships and can no longer afford their homes.

“Banks would rather let houses deteriorate than renegotiate loans with those who make them homes and build our communities,” a press release by the Occupy movement stated.

One Riverside, Calif., protester re-entered his June 2011 foreclosed home on Tuesday joined by other Occupy Los Angeles supporters: “The bank is either going to work with me on loan modification or it will have to get the police to throw me out,” the former home owner told Inman News.

Source: “Occupy Movement Focuses on Foreclosures,” Inman News (Dec. 7, 2011) and Occupy Together

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  1. A good video on this situation that has caused ALL our problems with the foreclosure frauds is a documentary called THRIVE. Only seen online….at

    Well worth the $5 to rent the movie.

    There is some very shocking true information in this video. It keeps getting taken down from youtube

    “The cancer stage of capitalism is not a metaphor.
    It is a rigorous description of where we are.” The current financial
    stripping of economies and environments across the world exhibits, in
    fact, all the hallmark characteristics of a carcinogenic invasion. As
    on the cellular level, an uncontrolled rogue sequence of reproduction
    invades and self-multiplies across social borders with no committed
    function to life-hosts. As on the cellular level, the cancer advances
    by not being recognized by surrounding life communities. —John
    McMurtry, Professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph, in Economic Reform, Vol. 11, Number 3, March 1999

  2. it has always been my view that the bank gangsters [“banksters”] behave the way they do because there is no real downside to them personally. Yet the first thing you learn from studying any guerrilla movement is the concept of asymmetrical warfare: small whacks that seriously upset the enemy. Banksters are not that hard to track down; they tend to live in suburbs near each other and commute in on the train together. You find out their home location, spot the wife’s car in the driveway, and toss road-kill carcasses (a dead opossum makes a nice mess) onto the auto.

    You can bet that when the high-maintenance wife comes out to go shopping for her winter furs, this was not quite what she had in mind. And you can bet that she is going to be having a tough conversation with her husband. So call the husband up from some payphone at the bus station (You’ll get his secretary, which is great as you can put the pressure on her too) and tell him/her the present is for those charming foreclosure notices hubby is sending out. And more will follow. Nothing like raising the anxiety level of the enemy.

  3. Collectively the Occupy movement could file a court action invoking the 2nd, 9th, and 10th Amendments to the US Constitution (and the right to abolish in the Decl of Independence) as being the necessary tools for disolving all branches of the Government which is something that MUST happen.

  4. See this AMAZING intervention and group effort of Columbus Ohio Occuppy group combined with concerned citizen warrior blogger and an attorney.They stopped another FRAUDclosure eviction from happening and helped to keep a family ….in THEIR home.

  5. Will a real American patriot leader please step forward? You have a large new voting block waiting for you.

  6. @E.Tolle Thank you!!

  7. Gob Bless ALL OF YOU protecting American homes and AMERICA! This battle is not just our homes it is AMERICA and the FUTURE OF AMERICA. It is our future and our childrens futures. Just after the 9-11 attacks I found this poem on my front desk, noone insight that left it for me. As the soot and dirt and ash rained down,We became one color. As we carried each other down the stairs of the burning building, We became one class. As we lit cankles of waiting and hope, We became one generation. As firefighters and police officers fought their way into the inferno, We became one gender. As we fell to our knees in prayer for strength, We became one faith. As we Whispered or shouted words of encouragement, We spoke one language. As we gave our blood in lines a mile long, We became one body. As we mourned together the great loss, We becames one family. As we cried tears of grief and loss, We became one soul. As we re-tell with pride of the sacrifices of heroes, We became one people. Author Unknown you are our heroes now as this terrorist attach against America has continued to this day. God Bless You ALL!

  8. @ dee, the only thing I’d recommend if you haven’t already done so, is to read and familiarize yourself with BONY v. Alderazi, from the same court as you reference. It’s by far the go to case for me as it relates to Mers and agency law. If I’m not mistaken, the justices referenced it in the Bressler case, if my memory serves.

  9. We were let down by BOA on the presidents home modification after trying several times, They kept telling us they didn’t get the paperwork. I lost my job in 2008 and now we our having trouble keeping up the house payments, just need some help, but none is to be found. Something is just not right with this, so many people are going to be out on the streets with no where to live. It is such a shame and so very stressful. Won;t be long now, that we will be foreclosed on. so very sad.

  10. After reviewing the U.S-Bank-National v Bressler, Supreme Court, Kings County Decision. If our original lender filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 13, 2006. I would think an Assignment from Mers to defendant ABC is defective as well. It must also be noted that not only did Assistant Secretary of Mers Mr. Smith who is an attorney for the foreclosure law firm lack the power and authority to execute the assignment on behalf of our original lender. Our Assignment of Note and Deed of Trust effective date is February 22, 2008 even though it was not notarize until April 10, 2008, but original lender did not exist any longer on that date, as it was first subjected to a Cease and Desist Order and then went into bankruptcy. I welcome any case law or thoughts on this matter. Here is the link below.

  11. knowledge of the across the board and fatally defective nature of the entire artifice of securitization.

    these are the concepts that most people hear & their eyes glaze over [as they reach for the remote] and given the choice i could do without the total excitement of these financial concepts , as its such a waste of life,BUT they are the keys in our fight!
    Unless you have had THE reason to dig this putrid shit up, they will neither be televised or relayed to the masses, unlike the Kardashin’s asses.

  12. California ,New York and Delaware AG’s??
    they are waiting for their envelope of cash.. then they will de-side US

  13. I’d like to see Neil Garfield address either the LA or NY Occupy movement. In my involvement with Occupy, the issues concerning the fraud are known to most people as it relates to robo-signing, and to a much lesser degree lost notes, but very much absent is any knowledge of the across the board and fatally defective nature of the entire artifice of securitization.

    Neil would be a great adjunct to what’s already been laid down by Black, Hudson and a few others. Neil’s expertise is in a different but complimentary vein, one that needs to see the broader daylight. The more that the overall crimes are pointed out, the more difficulty the administration, CONgress, and the regulators will have as their rug gets higher and higher from all the fraud they’re sweeping under. Neil, would you?

  14. enraged…. hell yea we are
    both home & makin NOISE.
    there is time enough to be silent when your dead, or on your knees.
    dead i can tolerate , the knees part …not so much!
    occupy your world!

  15. This is good news indeed cause if the banks could sell off foreclosed homes for $10 bucks or $10K then they could have done the same with the homeowner and write then off their books especially since thy already collected triple and more on each of those foreclosed homes.

    There is definitely something wrong with today’s version of economics…lets keep people in their homes so their creative juices that is a hallmark of the American to start flowing again and the economic gets back on its feet.
    I think the boomerang effect right now …the bank is feeling its effects slowly but surely…without the working community there is no need for banks, we can always return to the bartering system. Banks came about because of the working people…go figure.

    I agree that scribe is not so user friendly with their information. Perhaps I do not understand how to use it…

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  17. Marilyn,

    As soon as you have a shift in the balance, both sides are affected. The issue is two-folded: greed without punishment by a very few and resulting hell for a great “silent” majority.

    One does not, cannot happen without the toher. Time now to stop being silent.

    Hellooooo!!!!!! Anybody home?

  18. The Occupy movement like Nevada and Massachusetts
    have it right
    the issue is the injustice suffered by the homeowners
    and not just the greed of Wall Street Investors.

    As for how California ,New York and Delaware AG’s stand,
    I don’t know yet.
    We will see.

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