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After speaking out strongly on the subjects as simple as arithmetic, Dylan Ratigan, a financial reporter by trade who hosts the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC, exploded into a rant that would wake the dead. We certainly hope so. While the Video quality is poor the sound quality is excellent. Ratigan clearly understands the crisis that is coming, and the obvious fact that there is literally not enough money in the world to buy or bailout our way out of the financial mess the mega banks created.

He understands that the reason we are doing nothing is because our government has been purchased at auction by the Banks. He is furious that we pursue policies for those who benefit from the status quo and justifiably afraid of the end result — complete collapse.


The facts are simple. There is around $50 trillion in “money” in the entire world. Go ahead and count it yourself. It’s easy. The “bailouts” are fast approaching that amount of money which either means that the Banks will have all the money or it means we will have debased world-wide currencies by half — with the Banks holding half the money in the world.

Since the latter course (debasing the currency) seems to the policy of choice, the end result is guaranteed — collapse of all economic systems. Debasing the currency creates the illusion that the system is maintained when it is in fact in the process of destruction. The illusion never lasts very long. Instead of the creative destruction of the usual business cycle, we have simply destruction.

This is an unprecedented moment in human history. We all need to be as mad as Ratigan.

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  1. A good video on this situation that has caused ALL our problems with the foreclosure frauds is a documentary called THRIVE. Only seen online….at http://www.thrivemovement.com/#.

    Well worth the $5 to rent the movie.

    There is some very shocking true information in this video. It keeps getting taken down from youtube

    “The cancer stage of capitalism is not a metaphor.
    It is a rigorous description of where we are.” The current financial
    stripping of economies and environments across the world exhibits, in
    fact, all the hallmark characteristics of a carcinogenic invasion. As
    on the cellular level, an uncontrolled rogue sequence of reproduction
    invades and self-multiplies across social borders with no committed
    function to life-hosts. As on the cellular level, the cancer advances
    by not being recognized by surrounding life communities. —John
    McMurtry, Professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph, in Economic Reform, Vol. 11, Number 3, March 1999

  2. This is the problem with us common folk. The reply section began with the ultimate objective and has dissolved to bickering among individual ideals and beliefs. This battle is not meant to be won along geographical lines. In fact, the war is over for the rentiers! They have already won, and merely view our individual thoughts as cleaning up the dead bodies.

    Make no mistake, each financial event that has occurred was intended and structured. The real deception! These events were planned well before many on this blog even owned a home, gave a mortgage to their lender – or read enough to make decent argument to the folks dropping off the body-bags.

    Stop fighting the lost cause and lets all focus on our last chance to strike back – and yes, we still have that one last chance.

    May God bless us all!

  3. Although, it may not be the best way at arriving at the intended focus of the comment; usedkarguy brings to light the need for class status. Individual pro se defendants or per se litigants will never receive the attention required for the media to look past the money. If “x” gives advertising dollars, why would I give time to “z”, who provides no money, and just enough information for me to show a story which requires “x” to give me more money to advertise so i don’t show it anymore.

    For example: If you watched “Too big to fail” you would think that everyone was caught off-guard by the entire financial crisis. If you ever worked in finance you would watch in disgust, knowing that the folks that paid to make the movie did so as a public relations effort to avoid prosecution. Does anyone really believe that the originators, sellers, depositor, master servicer etc.. did not see this all coming? Why would they all be shorting the pools if they thought the investments would work out? The perception of events, due to media blitz, has now created the illusion that the financial bandits are also victims. How can we convict an equal victim of a crime?

    Has anyone really ever stopped to consider that this entire sequence of financial events is an intended distraction, made to keep us common folk fighting with one another about irrelevant theories. “Who cares if the they tell us to add a teaspoon of sugar to the ingredients to make a sweeter pie if they have already removed the oven from our house”

    “Somewhere on the middle of the economic line of balance between corporate needs and consumer needs lies capitalism. If either side becomes Too big to fail, capitalism fails”

    Rest assured, there is no way back from the depth of the fraud committed. Congress will eventually use the recent “mailer” for foreclosure fraud to determine we need rule changes to get the economy going again, and by going, I mean; people going on the street. In the end, Congress is no different than the media, they throw us the occasional bone, which ultimately is a precursor to telling the banks it is time to send me more money if you want to keep the people at a disadvantage.

    We need to all work together to find the commonality of our complaint; thus, allowing us to retain strong legal representation that can be afforded through common private money channels.

    In any event, don’t shoot the messenger for stating the obvious. Although, winning a recent case against One West has rewarded my two years of hard work, I lost family time, work time and free time. This, with having a lawyer prepare my docs for filing. It is a battle that we should all look to fight together. Divide and conquer has worked for many years for politicians and corporations – why would they change now.

  4. @ usedkarguy:

    You’re exhausting!

  5. @chris, AND WILLIAM TALLMAN DIED OF LUNG CANCER AND CANCER OF THE THROAT. Saw his video when I was 14 begging me to not smoke cigarettes. SO WHAT? Did you hear what I said?

    a pro se will not prevail. You dedicate your life to becoming a securities expert/part-time lawyer and think you can walk into court speaking Latin and impress a judge? Ain’t gonna happen, pal. You’re screwed. In the meantime, you forgo taking care of the other needs of father/husband/indian chief.

    Line up your forensic accountant, handwriting expert, expert witness, and depose all the people involved; what does that cost? Or are you get them to take judicial notice of a fucking you-tube video?
    These are $20,000 cases. And you may not prevail if there’s some ex-post-facto polyrazzmatazz coming out of congress in the name of “the greater good”.

    res ipsa locquitor mother fucker. That’s what I say!

  6. Chris—this financial and real estate-related fraud is on SO MANY LEVELS unprecedented in the history of America—not to mention it’s effect on the world. We (laypersons) are trying to figure it out and help ourselves AT THE SAME TIME AS THE ATTORNEYS ARE TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT. So—you either pay an attorney m$ney to pretend to be helping you (maybe they can and maybe they can’t),—or you don’t, and try to figure stuff out on your own. Either way it seems to be a hit or miss “Wild West” kind of situation.

  7. @ E Tolle: I’d love to be able to help in finding that chalice!

    I devour every single comment and read copious documents, cases and anything relevant to these procedures. My take on some of this, is the right legal arguments, individually in each case. Having minor legal experience with paralegal training, I am woefully inadequate at litigation and enjoining relevant points into a legal argument. This is where I need the most work. My research has yielded me, IN MY OPINION, many facets of contention regarding the legality of an abundance of procedures and evidence presented by the banks and their attorneys. Again, just my way of seeing my particular case.

    I am looking at “insurable interest” with the servicer/broker, if the proceeds were paid, how much and where are they?

    The notes in my case were discounted and sold at auction, they call them “scratch and dent mortgages”…if they were discounted, by how much and does that entitle me to the same reduction in my principle?

    The trust was collapsed in 2005-2006, my mortgage was February 2007.

    Documents to the investors and pool were misrepresented to the SEC.

    It appears my loan was not funded and the monies received from the lender/investor were used to buy-back stock in this particular company.

    The company filed a BK on February 2007, a week after my loan closed…have a lot of questions about that.

    I have documents that are forged (I have signatures from the VP who assigned the deed only and the notary, they do not match).

    The VP of the company does not exists, he has never shown up in court, anywhere and one judge asked for a W-2 or 1099 and it was never provided.

    The servicer, who is trying to foreclose: appears” to have a financing agreement”, not an assignment/sale of the note and deed, which makes the foreclosure “illegal”, no legal standing as it is still on the original brokers books as an asset.

    My original loan provided no right of recession in it, TILA violation

    There is a conflict of interest, as the banks defense attorney is the trustee.

    The list is long and frankly, I do not know which approach will be the most effective. Any thoughts?

    The last thing we need on this blog is someone mocking our initiative, as we have been forced into the Pro-se position. I am pretty sensitive about derogatory comments. It is insensitive at the very least.

    Thanks for your support. I need all I can get!

  8. After reviewing the U.S-Bank-National v Bressler, Supreme Court, Kings County Decision. If our original lender filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 13, 2006. I would think an Assignment from Mers to defendant ABC is defective as well. It must also be noted that not only did Assistant Secretary of Mers Mr. Smith who is an attorney for the foreclosure law firm lack the power and authority to execute the assignment on behalf of our original lender. Our Assignment of Note and Deed of Trust effective date is February 22, 2008 even though it was not notarize until April 10, 2008, but original lender did not exist any longer on that date, as it was first subjected to a Cease and Desist Order and then went into bankruptcy. I welcome any case law or thoughts on this matter. Here is the link below.


  9. @ chris, welcome to Neil’s blog. For better or worse, no apologies are necessary in cyberspace. I 100% agree with your assessment that there would be no problem sans attorneys.

    Van Eck, an attorney who sometimes stops by with words of wisdom would appear to agree as well, as I remember him saying that one way to fix what ails us all would be to bar lawyers from so called “public service” ( a whole other concept to refute) in D.C. Makes a lot of sense to me. I’d much rather follow the advice of someone who knows how to truly fix a problem in real life, say…a plumber or a farmer, than someone who has been trained in the clever dark arts of deception and obfuscation. But that’s just my view.

    Neil doesn’t police the comments here, and I like that. Though back in the good old days a few years ago, he’d pipe in with his thoughts on a regular basis and I liked that as well.

    But that part about “a few years” describes the problem in a nutshell. I’ve been hanging here for years in an attempt at staying on top of this incredible fraud with the hopes of finding a legend that would decipher the map to the holy grail….and several years later the courts are still acting as if borrowers are scum, worthy of frostbite and starvation on the curb just outside of the house that they used to occupy. Very little has changed. I still haven’t found the map, much less the grail. And as we both know, the curbs are being introduced to the former borrowers at an even greater frequency these days. Rat bastards.

    As to comments meaningful and not, another astute blogger that I follow has a disclaimer at the start of his comment section that reads:

    Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

    Sounds like he’s been doing this for a while. On the internet as in life, it takes all kinds. Welcome again, hope you stick around. Help me find the chalice, will you?

  10. Ratigan explains his epic rant: http://youtu.be/9bBQ6MAffyE

    he expressed the need to deepen public understanding

    he says you can email him at

    madashell@dylanratigan.com to further engage the conversation.

    thanks to all… keep swinging!

  11. So, I should apologize to guy who is mocking the struggling folks here and around the country are having by calling them “Perry Mason” wannabees?

    Personally, I find that VERY insulting. If it was that easy to find and retain an attorney, this meltdown would not be going on. This mess is and has been enabled by attorneys. Every piece of legislation, closing paperwork and fraud was assisted by lawyers. His comments are the reason for my judgment of him. He is saying things that are inappropriate, not me. Why should anyone on this blog diminish the fight and state, “better save your money and find a real attorney”. Geez! Where are these altruistic lawyers, folks? You can’t afford them and they know it! Usedkarguy may have been helpful to you…but with his attitude and dismissive comments…I’m trying to figure out how!

    I’m done with it! If he wants an apology, then he should start by retracting his snide comments too.

  12. E.Toile,

    I know huh? All dangerous loonies who want to “eradicate” evil by going after everything that moves, things, makes kids, doesn’t make kids, talks, doesn’t talk, etc.

    Bachamn: checked. Nukelar Palin: checked. Roberstson: checked. Perry: checked. Scary as hell. Isn’t that what facism is all about?

    In my house, I have a plaque that states: “Theists are afraid people will think for themselves. Atheists are afraid they won’t.”

  13. @chris,

    What are you accomplishing by going after one of us? UsedKar has been writing on this site for a very long time. That man helps people. He is actively involved in stopping foreclosure by using his voice, his muscles, his energy and his time. He not only writes, but, most importantly, he also acts for the greater good!!!

    I realize that people in pain become mean and cruel but here, on this site, we are better than that. See, we long ago understood that change does not happen when people tear at each other but when they unite their strength and force for a common goal.

    Do me a favor please: apologize to usedkarguy. He deserves it. Thank yoiu in advance.

  14. @ usedkarguy:

    Thanks, but decline to Google you. Your “legend in your own mind” persona is a bit much for me. And being new here? Relevance…I am supposed to recognize the great one? You could attempt to be helpful, if you were so informed and gracious…but who the heck am I? Google me and you will find I am another statistic in this massive fraud!

  15. Bank Of America Pulls Ads From Muslim Reality TV Show

    The TLC reality TV show “All-American Muslim” chronicles the lives of a group of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan. The show has been well-received for its fair and realistic portrayal of the Muslim American experience in the United States. But a reality TV show that lets Americans relate to the lives of Muslims in the United States is an offensive idea to those who want to demonize Islam….

    That’s teaching them B of A. It’ll take a group with incredibly high moral fiber such as you folks to set this nare-do-well, non-Christian family straight. Maybe after you get through teaching these people how true Americans should act in a society that values freedom and virtue (except for those trivial issues like religious intolerance and denial of due process), you can teach us all about helping out the poor and the downtrodden, like Countrywide and Merrill Lynch.

  16. You are right on point there, Alessandro. I enjoy your posts.

  17. and I am a quality cat. thanks.

  18. chris, I guess you’re new here. google “usedkarguy” and see what you get. I only speak the truth.

  19. OHIO FRAUDclosure Blog assisted with an eviction intervention
    However, we are all humbled by the courage, bravery and conviction of the
    Ohio FRAUDclosure + Occupy Columbus + Attorney = NO EVICTION

    see this amazing story (video) of a homeowner, that refused to “Give Up”in the final hours (sheriffs at the door!)
    People…now is the time…to stand up…..and do something for your neighbor!

    AMAZING – BLOGGER + Occupy Movement + Attorney = NO EVICTION

  20. Well, it’s nice to see there are those out there who would diminish and insult those of us struggling to help ourselves. What a quality cat!

    How is Abraham Lincoln, not having a JD relevant? Anyone? Did he file quiet title cases?

    And for the record Perry Mason was a criminal attorney and it was TV, not the real life horror many of us are living. You may usedkarguy, find most of us amusing; however, we are the ones pushing for clarity and justice, no matter what the outcome. And I submit if enough of us try, we will be successful at some level. As for you, if you are in fact a used car guy, you fall right in with what many of us think about attorneys! Just my opinion.

  21. Dylan is one of the good guys who was working for CNBC before he got his own show at MSNBC… He was a host for Fast Money. CNBC is pretty much cheerleaders for the WS…. Bloomberg is better alternative without much of drama.

    It is good to learn from their points of view vs. the 99 percent points of view when you are dealing with the middlemen who screw both investors and borrowers.

  22. UsedKarGuy, you bring up an important point about receiving legal advice. Even if you agree to sign a waiver understanding that any legal advice from a non-lawyer such as a paralegal could be incorrect it is still considered illegal.

    I understand why lawyers did this from a knowledge base point of view, but these same attorneys don’t set aside lets say 5 hours a week to just give out free advice, no strings attached.

    I am outraged by this situation.

  23. UsedKarGuy, you bring up an important point about receiving legal advice. Even if you agree to sign a waiver understanding that any legal advice from a non-lawyer such as a paralegal, is still considered illegal.

    I understand why lawyers did this from a knowledge base point of view, but these same attorneys don’t set aside lets say 5 hours a week to just give out free advice, no strings attached.

    I am outraged by this situation.

  24. http://www.getmoneyout.com

    Keep the wave building!!!

  25. I’m convinced that these cases will never be won in the local courts. Only on appeal are there any real victories. the best one can hope for, especially pro-se, is that the claims and counterclaims (correctly stated and provable) are preserved against the statute of limitations expiring (state specific). When the judge rules, file that timely appeal and present specific issues of material fact and that the controversy exists. At appeals, all eyes are watching. Pro-se does not stand a chance on appeal unless you’re very, very qualified. Abraham Lincoln never had a law degree. Think about it. Now it’s illegal for someone to give legal advice.

    The proceding statement does not necessarily reflect the view of our sponsors, and should not be taken as such. This is opinion, and should not be construed as legal advice (except for the “pro-se doesn’t stand a chance” stuff). And all you Perry Mason wannabees out there better save your money and find a real attorney.

  26. And the Judge says”I do not have jurisdiction”.

    That is what happened with my Magistrate and he is recommending that my suit for perfected title to foreclose is frivolous. I only used state causes of action other than 2 references to Carpenter vs Logan and these were the actual causes of action for the wrongful foreclosure (state) and debt collection (fed and state). Says the case would not be won if I was allowed to amend.

    We are doomed.

  27. CORELOGIC on CHASE website put me UNDERWATER , but now
    may be we all get a new Creditreport ???


  28. @ Marie,

    Old or new news, this needs to be said to the masses. There are people out here who really believe that this entire financial implosion is due to people buying homes they could not afford. Nothing is farther from the truth. Our government has been sold to the highest bidder and the end result will be catastrophic! I’ve read thousands of pages of documents, files, court records, etc…and I have come to one conclusion….the banks and their attorneys, with the aid of our legislatures have done this. While we drive around in our new cars and sleep in our 5 bedroom homes (some of us) we think we are immune. Hell, I have some news for them, they are about to experience hell on earth, if this outcome comes to pass. The problem belongs to all of us and we need to get our heads out of the sand, quickly. Complacency is not going to work. Every where you look there is stagnation, less choices, higher costs, etc…with no apparent reasoning, except ’cause corporations can! It is not just about money, it is power. The illusion of democracy and freedom is just that, we are anything but free! We need to clean house and purge the system, no matter how much it hurts. Just my $.02!

  29. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. I wold disagree with Mr. Ratigan on one point. This hasn’t just been happening for the last couple of decades. This has been happening since 1913. This is when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. The so purpose of this Act was to rob the American People without the American People knowing they were being robbed. What is the saying, The greatest feat the Devil ever did was to get the people to believe he does not exist. Pretty similar if you ask me.

  30. Marie, everything old is news again. Don’t quite understand your dismissive comment, either. Kind has that CIA infiltrator ring to it.

  31. I went ahead and created a blog article based on this topic, Neil. I have given you a hat tip as well.


    Oh, I found the original youtube rant as well, however it does not have the occupy movement lead in, it can be found within the blog article link up above.

  32. This is very old news. Nothing changes. Were still dispossessed

  33. Defeat the rentiers!

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