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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is no way to settle anything. So if you are on the edge, thinking about who to “get”, don’t do it. You won’t accomplish anything but putting yourself in jail. Maybe you need a roof over your head and free medical care, but jail is not the way out for you or anyone else.

(Reuters) – A suspected parcel bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann was intercepted at a Deutsche office in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a senior U.S. law enforcement official said. (Reporting by Mark Hosenball)

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  1. @E. Toile,

    Not surprising… (both the soda water and Goldman Sachs).

    In fact, if anyone has dealings with JDB (Velocity Investments, for example, or any other big JDB player that uses the court system to extort from scared and broke people), check the names and bio of the officers. You’ll see really quickly that most of them were started by previous Goldman Sachs guys.

    They were taught well…

  2. @ Dying truth, I just snorked soda water through my nose.

    Maybe the A Man Fedex’d his frustrations? Could be….

  3. A bomb isn’t the answer. I certainly wouldn’t handle it that way, but the thing is, the message needs to be clear. These banks are stealing homes. They are getting away with it every day.
    The purpose of government is to what? PROTECT AND MAINTAIN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!!! THEY are not PROTECTING or MAINTAINING individual rights. The system has failed. So what are people to do? People are desperate; a message needs to be sent to those who have some control of the situation. People made billions here. Not millions, but billions! What are people to do? Stand there and complain….ask congress for help? The president? Don’t make me laugh! They are in on it. I don’t condone violence, but something has to give. Maybe now light bulbs will turn on in heads of those that can do something about this. I dunno, but the point is: SOMETHING needs to give. We need to keep on fighting. Maybe that message will put a little fear into the head of those that continue to steal without remorse. Maybe, just maybe more will happen sooner because of it.


  4. @Spitfire- In between Houston and Galveston. I am very pro-active person myself I would like share some information with you and get your thoughts.

  5. Ackerman , a Swiss Citizen , is already on his way home ,for
    retirement .

    May be we see more retirement here ?

  6. apparently THE A MAN has been busy. He should’ve used a sniper rifle instead.

  7. @ Enraged, your article says, “Anti-capitalist protesters around the world have been demonstrating against what they see as excesses of bankers and financiers.”

    I don’t think it takes a view for or against capitalism to see the glut of bankers and financiers lining up like pigs at a trough, or should I say…dividing the stolen goods amongst themselves? Here’s a sampling from just one squid GS:

    Lucas Papademos, Greece’s new prime minister, ran the Central Bank of Greece at the time of the controversial derivates deals with Goldman Sachs that enabled Greece to hide the size of its debt.

    Petros Christodoulou, head of Greece’s debt management agency began his career at Goldman Sachs.

    Mario Monti, Italy’s new prime minister and finance minister, who heads the new government that took over after Berlusconi’s resignation, is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs.

    Otmar Issing, advisor for Goldman Sachs, is the former board member of the Bundesbank and the Executive Board of the European Bank.

    Mario Draghi, the new head of the European Central Bank, is the former managing director of Goldman Sachs International.

    Antonio Borges, formerly head of the IMF’s European Department is a former vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

    Peter Sutherland, former Attorney General of Ireland is a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs International.

    Karel van Miert, former EU Competition Commissioner is an ex-international adviser to Goldman Sachs.

    This is just one organization’s revolving door and doesn’t even take into account the capture and control of the United States government. What these people do is put governments and economies into crisis, then initiate resolutions according to their mandates and utilizing their leadership. Then they own it.

    We simply need to understand the facts as they write them; they know best how we should be led, because we are peasantry. Simpletons. Commoners. They take the world’s currencies and resources and dole them out to each other as they see fit. It makes their successes guaranteed, and keeps us in line since we are beholden to them for even the bare necessities of life like water and food.

    They make huge amounts of money due to their upbringing and elite educational backgrounds, and they share the operation of the multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives markets, which the peasantry guarantees with retirement monies, mortgage liens, taxes, and various other securitized debts.

    This is where their huge engagement fees are generated, such as the inexplicable $1.6 to $1.8 million from Freddie Mac to Newt for not advising them. I’d love to have a job making millions by not doing. Or how’s about the spectacular profits Hillary Clinton made due to a cattle trade that she knew nothing about? Come a ti-yi yippy, yippy yay cowgirl. Rope those bogus fees.

  8. Carie, I will try to reach my attorney tomorrow and ask him how to find the information about the trust. My understanding is that it is defunct and I even heard someone else say that it was in probate? Perhaps this is after bankruptcy? I don’t know much about that subject.

    If we received any correspondence back from the secretary of state by now, then I will ask for a copy of that.

    BTW ~ they are not lawfully licensed to do business in Texas anyway.
    Look up those statutes ~ if they are not licensed to conduct business here then they have NO STANDING. If they have appointed a substitute trustee, find out which law firm that person works at and send them a certified “cease & desist” letter advising them that you are aware that they are involved in a racketeering operation and that you plan to name them in a RICO lawsuit as well as criminal fraud.

    Odd’s are they will send you a nice letter telling you that they are not really involved in the foreclosure of your home and that they were simply assisting the entity that hired them and now they will be on there way and have a nice day. But don’t get all excited about this, because 3 weeks later, they will have some other useful idiot start the process all over again. My “Foreclosure Auction” notice has SIX different “substitute trustees” listed and they never even sent me the
    legal copy that was filed, so as to make it more difficult for me to find out who to track down and serve. They severely underestimated me.

    PLEASE NOTE this is NOT legal advice as I am not a licensed or practicing attorney. This is simply what I have done and am continuing to do. I would go crazy if I were not pro-active in this effort.

  9. @Spitfire,


    The advantage of belonging to a much older country is that you fully grasp the concept of history: you know that it came to be long before you even were a project and it will remain standing long after you’re dead and buried. Europeans have known everything: disasters, wars, persecutions, famines, tyrany, servitude and… revolutions. Europe knows that revolutions come handy when everything else fails. Actually, they don’t even wait for everything elseto fail any longer: since the 18th century, they’ve learned that revolutions get things accomplished and radical change much faster than niceness and docility…

  10. Thanks, Spitfire…I would appreciate anything you have on DBNTC. The foreclosure mill says (Deutsche) is my creditor/lender—which I know is a blatant lie…just need physical proof of this to shove in their criminal faces.
    From what I understand—fraudulently making a claim of ownership with forged documents constitutes not only civil fraud—but criminal fraud as well. I would love to get them on that…and if I can figure out how to do it—I will!!!

  11. @ Dee ~ yes. In between Galveston and Houston. What part of Texas do you reside in? If you are not nearby, my attorney may be willing to do phone consults with your attorney for $350 an hour. I also have someone in Austin that supposedly “gets it” and I have another resource that I have only spoken with once, but I am pretty sure I have their number still.

  12. Or a question of balls maybe..

  13. Here is a little more on that article.

    “Police in Germany are investigating a suspected letter bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann.

    Police say the letter was intercepted Wednesday at the bank’s headquarters in the city of Frankfurt before reaching Ackermann and is being examined by forensic experts.

    The bank’s security personnel detected an unusual letter in the mailroom and called the police.

    The New York Police Department said it had information on the incident and that the return address on the letter was the European Central Bank, which is the governing body for the 17-nation European currency.

    Large banks in many countries have been put on alert. Anti-capitalist protesters around the world have been demonstrating against what they see as excesses of bankers and financiers. It was not immediately known who sent the letter which seemed to contain explosives.

    Ackermann has headed Deutsche Bank since 2002 and plans to step down in May. Socialists have criticized the Swiss banker for his huge pay and for promoting high performance bonuses for bank managers.

    Former Deutsche Bank CEO Alfred Herrhausen was killed by the left-wing terrorist organization the Red Army Faction in 1989.”

    Europe handles things a little differently than we do here: when people are really, really unhappy, they organize into militias and violent demonstrations and they take action. Europe’s history is fraught with such anecdotes, starting with Robin Hood. I don’t believe it will come to that here: American people are way too “nice”, fearful and docile. The economic crisis in not even 2 years old over there and violent reactions are already starting. American people have been suffering since the end of 2007 and they still don’t fight. It took 4 years for OWS! Europeans don’t put up with that kind of crap for years before taking action. And they don’t hesitate overthrowing their governments, demanding resignations of their executives and… killing their legislators. It’s a question of style, I guess.

  14. since nobody got blown up…….its a false flag for sure (and a poor one at that)

  15. bring it on————

    http: //

  16. Why do we need protection? From Banking…….why do we need protection from a simple function called banking? Why do we need protection from Debt Collectors? This is the most stupid thing I have heard of. Why?

    A debt collector sends me a piece of paper saying they are collecting for a debt owned to original creditor?

    why didn’t original creditor send you a piece of paper saying they hired debt collector company to collect debt?

  17. and consider this——-

    Oh, it’s all so confusing————

    And why———–

    because the government gave over the issueing of money to banks in 1913——————

    and we must have new rules over something so simple but yet made complicated……………and for who’s benefit is it made complicated————–why that would be the big global banks,,,,,,,,,,not just USA big to big to fail banks,,,,,,,,,,,why all big global banks………….all connected to the IMF and World Bank…………and so and so central banks……..

  18. While I also certainly do not condone this, I can’t say I am surprised. If true action to address the corruption and unchecked greed does not happen, things like this and shootings, and whatever other method will not only happen, but probably become frequent. A comparison, in sports games, when the refs let a bunch of violations go without calling penalties, fights tend to break out because the players get frustrated by the lack of calls. People will become more frustrated by the corruption and ineptness and failure to prosecute and take it into their own hands. Police/Government regulators/Judges, etc all need to wake up, do their jobs properly, and things like this will be less likely to occur.

  19. @Nora’

    “Baloney. Parcels are completely traceable, nowadays. If someone actually DID try to take out a banker, which I seriously doubt, then it’s a darn shame”

    That’s right, and consider this…………
    how does one pay for the delivery of the parcel, it’s traceable right, but what if one paid cash………………


    so you see incidents like this,,,,,,,,,,,,why we must go to using credit cards or debit cards,,,,,,,,,,,,,then it is traceable for our protection…………….just one incident………… doubt,,,,,,,,,,,now making the headlines,,,,,,,,,,,,for our protection…………..

    soon, if they get their way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there will be no dollar bills,,,,,,,,,,,no coins,,,,,,,,,,it’s all credit cards or debit cards………..oh so slowly the modern world is evolving……….for our PROTECTION………….

    Protection from WHO?

    Oh, the spin is so clever………

  20. @Spitfire If you are in Texas we are searching for an experience attorney.

  21. My opinion, I would not be surprised if the bank is behind this. The banks have lots of people on their side who believe that the banks can do no wrong, so it would be easy for the banks to make themselves look like victims. Then it would be easy to pin this on anyone they want. Wonder if they checked their surveillance tapes for the past few weeks to see if anyone looked suspicious? What about the post office it was mailed from? My vote is the bank did it.

  22. They keep wanting us to borrow, on credit from big banks.

    Little banks are sound……………

    Credit unions are sound……..

    The Bank of North Dakota is sound………..

    Banking when used properly is sound…………and can expand business and production…………

    But, also, the Government should be the banker,,,,,,,,,,not some public companies…………….

    When you really understand, you will understand………..the corruption and endless rules, that keep being added every year to protect us…………….from WHO?

    Why do we need protection? From Banking…….why do we need protection from a simple function called banking? Why do we need protection from Debt Collectors? This is the most stupid thing I have heard of. Why?

  23. @Jan van eck,

    yes indeed.

    What these leaders forgot to include in their great ponzi is to include the dumb people. Because you see the dumb people know something is not right, so they – the dumb people don;t work, and scam the system, which is based on their rules…………so they are not so dumb………..


    The dumb people have decided long ago it is too complicated so why participate in the game………..hence world wide we have lots of games going on that do involve the “system”,

    “system” being the money created out of nothing and getting others to work via credit issued from banks, it’s a system, while those that create the money, banks, get to watch and create rules for their benefit but made to believe for our benefit or protection. Thus we have Protection agencies, and regulatory agencies,,,,,,,,on and on……….some new agency is protect us…..why?

    Question? Protection from who? Who is the Who?

    Consumer protection agency? Ok, protection from who?

    Answer —– all make believe and skewed to sound good.

    Question – if a government can issue money which is debt, why can’t a government cancel the debt, and start anew on it’s citizens? Because, the banks issue the money, not the governments. Thus, if governments issued money via banks and cancelled it, who loses? Why the banks do? The tax payers don’t. See, it is all about control. And wall street is right there in it all. It ain’t “WALL” for nothing. It’s a wall to penetrate, but they do not want you to penetrate it..

  24. @Spitfire Are you in Texas?

  25. Baloney. Parcels are completely traceable, nowadays. If someone actually DID try to take out a banker, which I seriously doubt, then it’s a darn shame…that they intercepted it. This smacks of the kind of crap journalism we get through the oligarch-controlled media outlets. Another “false flag” to garner support for the next trick in their bag. Bored completely to death with this made-up news. End The Lie is a great alternative to this kind of propaganda.

  26. @ Carie and Bilaya ~ yes I did stop the sale, but I had to enlist an attorney that was willing to work with me on a contingency basis ~ which required me poring over court house documents and admitting to anyone and everyone I could think of that might be able to point me in a direction towards help, that I was in foreclosure, & needed an attorney who understood securitization.

    Another friend of mine, an attorney in criminal law, had a friend that was going through something similiar, so he asked her for her atttoneys name and number and referred me to him.

    One of the reasons he even took my case on (he is about to retire) is that I had an infamous robo signer, Bryan Bly on my assignment and I also agreed to do all the necessary research for myself.

    In doing so, I found out that my robo signer had already been deposed under oath, but that the depositions which were on video and all over the internet at one time had been ordered removed by a judge, so as to protect the robo signers involved, who were purportedly receiving death threats.

    After what seemed like days of research and calling court houses, county clerks and attorneys offices, I was f-i-n-a-l-l-y able to locate one of several depositions he gave and very, very blessed in that I was able to find out which lenders were listed as defendants or plaintiffs on the depositions given and then from there, ascertain the appropriate case and cause #’s for those depositions that most closely fit my circumstances.

    Because this robo signer admitted under oath that A.) neither he nor the notary that signed my “assignment” knew what the documents were and/ or B.) that he was in fact not the Vice president of Citi Residential and C.) that she (the notary) never witnessed him sign anything, and D.) that he did not in fact have POA for Ameriquest at any time, then this means that NO TITLE can be claimed by FRAUD. So they cannot lay claim to my title legally.

    Luckily, the case that was already being tried in which the attorney ordered and conducted this deposition was almost identical to my situation. Same initial lender, Ameriquest, same robo signer and notary, Bryan Bly and Bobbie Jo Stoldt, same bogus trust Duestche National Bank Trust and the assignment in this lawsuit was signed and stamped only just 5 days prior to mine. Which prompted my attorney to say that we had “found the smoking gun”.

    So my attorney ordered a certified copy of the deposition ($117) and filed the TRO and submitted over 100 pages of evidence and asked for discovery and 16 pages of demands for items related to the UCC codes.

    PLEASE NOTE that if you decide to go this route and you are not representing yourself pro se’, you MUST have your attorney order these documents themselves or the judges are ruling them inadmissable!!

    The date for our temporary TRO to Injunction hearing came and went and NO ONE for the opposing side showed up for court. If it would have been me absent, I would now be homeless. But since it was Duetsche National bank Trust / AHMSI & the substitute trustee that tried to auction my home off, the judge stated that we should simply give them some more time to respond.

    I was spitting fire when I left court. But my attorney says he will hold the judges feet to the fire on lawful dates and deadlines as well as standing. Since that time, we received a response that was a canned response to individuals that sue their servicers for botched Loan Mods.

    I never requested a loan mod. It mentions “credits and offsets”. There never were any credits or offsets. It mentions that I contributed to my own “damages” and that they do not want to be held 100% responsible for any damages any jury might deem I incurred. Nothing in their response addresses ANY of the issues raised in my lawsuit.

    We do not have another court date set as of yet, but in the meantime, I am filing against the notary Bobbie Jo Stoldt for fraud and hope to be able to collect on the bond once I present proof, which I have burned into multiple disk’s being sent to both Texas and Florida state Attorney Generals (whom I have cc’ed on EVERY correspondence between myself and the servicer and the substitute trustee and the pretender lenders) and the Harris county Clerks office whom I am formally requesting an investigation from into the practices of these individuals.

    Luckily, both Houston and Dallas have already filed lawsuits themselves against MERS and the legality of securitization and MERS is being contested heavily here now.

    All I can say, is go down to the county clerks office and find out if you have an “assignment” and then check the names of the notary and the person signing it to see if they are a well known robo signer (odds are great that they are as Bryan Bly admits to signing over 5000 doc’s a day) and then research to find out if any depositions have been given by them, get the cause and case # and have your attorney order it. It will ONLY Help you if it is very very similiar to your own case and done in a relatively close period of time to when yours was signed.

    As far as Deutsche National Bank Trust is concerned, the only way we found out that they are not even a real trust is because we could not find where to serve them. My attorney had to have the Secretary of State served instead. If you like I can see if my attorney has gotten any other details about their status that I can share with you. Just let me know what you need and I will do my best.

    Whatever you do, do not give up and CHALLENGE EVERYTHING!!
    Challenge the pretender lenders standing, challenge the validity of the notary, the robo signers status, the P.O.A. MAKE THEM PROVE IT ALL.

    Blessings to everyone fighting this battle….

    your sister in the trenches,


  27. Deutsche Bank is a hydra-headed monster, like Goldman a “vampire squid sucking the blood out of all of us.” I fully expect, and have previously predicted, assassination attempts against the big shots of Deutsche, Goldman, US Bank, Wells, and dozens of foreclosure mills (the attorneys of which are the probable first targets). Assassination, unless the actor is immediately captured on the scene, becomes impossible to track; the targets have far too many enemies. The targets will attempt to hide from assassins by retreating behind armored gates with hired guards. In turn, I predict the hired guards will proceed to recognize the ready cash potential and kidnap these guys for hefty ransoms. You see this playing out in Colombia. Personally, I view this with equanimity. They fully deserve what they get. Remember: these head honchos are the ones who have orchestrated staggering thefts and the destabilization of society. It is predictable that they will become targets, with the cops at a loss to know where to start looking. Reminds me of Casablanca: ” Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects.”

  28. I don’t believe this,I never trust that any reported incidents are accurate…until I substantiate and that isn’t always possible…I don’t believe things as they happen in front of my eyes anymore…and I agree,this is NOT the answer…even if it did happen the way it’s being portrayed…I would hope for a peaceful resolution but I also know that in any war the first casualty is the truth.We most assuredly are in a war for truth,for our Lives,our Liberties,our very souls…for our country…”All warfare is based upon deception.”~Sun Tzu,The Art of War

  29. Think , think. This story is rubbish. This is a pretense to tilt the thinking of sound minded, honest people as they try to apply a label to homeowners they have defrauded. Don’t drink from their Kool-aid fountain.

  30. Spitfire–what did you do next? Did you stop the sale? How?

  31. Dear Spitfire:

    If you have documents to support what you said please email or fax them to me for my Hearing at 8:15 am for harassment against DBNTC.

  32. We have courts to settle these things. You can always get another house, loan or what ever. The principals of the law and order will be up held when we all fight for the right cause. Great rendition Neil. It is not worth dying over.

  33. This kind of thing plays into the hands of the fascists who are just
    looking for an excuse to declare martial law.
    Also, there appear to be two Deutsche Banks, the real one, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas which generally operates
    honestly and the phony Deutsche Bank called Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. The real one is located on Wall St. The
    phony one seems to be everywhere pursuing fraudulent foreclosures.
    Everyone needs to be aware of this.

  34. Either covert ops or some poor soul who thinks that Deustche Bank is the owner of the Duestche Bank National Trust that is on tens of thousands of robo signed assignments. Needless to say this so called “trust” is EMPTY. NO ASSETS. And not owned by Deustche National Bank. It is a sham entity set up specifically so that the foreclosure mills will have an “unrelated party” to name in court when they show up to steal your home. I have no doubts that there is a lottery involved for these events, as to who gets assigned which areas, and which homes.

    So when they tried to falsely foreclose on me, I dragged my butt up to the County Clerks office and looked up the Substitute Trustee’s name in all of the recorded deeds for my county. Lo & Behold, this woman had property holdings in the multi million dollar range. Some for years, some for months and the list of property sold in HER NAME for the past twelve months was 6 pages long.

    So how is it that a “substitute trustee” who by law CANNOT be TWO parties in a contract, appoint themselves as trustee and then take possession of the property in THEIR names? Why is’nt the foreclosed property in the TRUST name when it is conveyed? I’ll tell you why, because that trust DOES NOT EXIST.

    Can we say FRAUD, upon FRAUD upon layers and layers of FRAUD?

    I hope there is a special place in Hell for these scum bags and that at
    some point we all get to see them fry.

  35. There are ways of going about things this is not one of them although I do understand the frustation level of the individual who chose this path.This can only make it rougher for those of us trying to fight our way through this the right way.Come on people think shouldn’t we use this type of action as a last resort when everything else has been exhausted?This type of behavior helps to degrade where we are all trying to go.

  36. The return address on the package was the European Central Bank! Supposedly. I don’t believe this bomb story for a minute. It’s clearly staged–no doubt about it. Look for a correction in a couple days that it in fact was NOT a bomb or some other type of retraction/clarification.

  37. Who knows this may be a benothing more than a stage so the banks can continue the cover up and divert your attention. They want to drop financial bombs on the world and act like they are the ones who got hurt…Millions and millions of familes were displaced and millions lost their life savings…Can’t trust them nor the people that report their B.S.and those they put in office.

  38. Thank you

  39. NDAA=National Defense Authorization Act

  40. This is no surprise to anyone. The crazies come out in this environment, if in fact this story is truthful. Trust the government, oh I don’t think so. The facts are clear, no we cannot trust anyone with the banking scam. This could never have happened without so many covering it up, enabling it and sanctioning the payouts. Very clear!

  41. Meanwhile—foreclosure mill paperwork says WE ARE A DEBT COLLECTOR.

    And servicer paperwork says WE ARE A DEBT COLLECTOR.

    And I say—collecting the debt for whom? Not the trust…the trust is DEAD. Not some investor—they aren’t even in the picture.


  42. That story will get tons of media attention…but this one won’t:

    Indymac/Onewest servicer: “We don’t own your loan…loan is pooled into Deutsche trust…”

    Homeowner: “But, the Deutsche Trust is closed and dead—they went to probate…”


    Homeowner: “Please tell me—who gets the proceeds from the sale of my house and what entity has been getting and keeping my payments all these years—is it OneWest?”

    Servicer: “OneWest does not own your loan…we are of the opinion that we are servicing according to the PSA of the Deutsche trust, etc…”

    Homeowner: “But, as I said, the trust is closed and dead…and why–oh why–Mr.Servicer, sir—did I get a letter from the Foreclosure Mill saying I should make out the ‘payoff’ cashiers check to OneWest Bank, FSB??? I thought you said they don’t own my loan? Why would they get the money? Where would the money go after that?

    Servicer: …crickets…

  43. Yes. WE need to watch out for this sort of stuff, although I have to say I thought it would happened sooner. This may not be anybody they ever find. They want to call us violent and then send out the big military stuff against us. The fascists are coming! The fascists are coming!

  44. But this is in their own Germany, not the USA. Why would we be blamed for what their own people do? As much as I agree violence is no the way to go…

  45. NDAA?

  46. This is a false flag to attempt to underscore the need for the NDAA.

  47. As much as I would like to throw rocks at them all, this can only get the party doing it and the rest of us in to trouble. Throw rocks by legal and voting and calls to the represenatives and occuping Wall Street. This is what the banks and governent want is chaos and violence then they can come arrest us all and put us in their 800 FEMA/PRISONS. Don’t be surprized if they stage things like this and violence to get what they want. Non Violent protest is the only safe rock to throw.

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