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The US Senate is about to pass Senate bill SB 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, a radically insane piece of legislation which redefines the US homeland as a “battlefield” and makes US citizens subject to military apprehension and detainment for life without access to a trial or attorney.

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Things like this make my skin crawl. It appears that under the guise of the war on terrorism, the government wants to institutionalize a military emergency and use it, when it sees fit, to declare anyone an enemy combatant, detain them, and provide no access for bail or even legal representation.  It is the ultimate tool against the Occupy movement and others who are fighting to wrest control of the government from the Banks. Martial law is only inches away from this legislation. Anyone who votes for it and any President who signs it into law, is surrendering the country to the Banks and the military.

Write your congressman, Senator, and the President and let them know how you feel about this. Write them NOW!

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  1. Propaganda is the tool of the oligarchs, through their media outlets, yes. We’re told what they want us to know in the hopes that we’ll believe it, and in some cases we’re actually part of the problem by spreading the lies we’ve been told, like “Ron Paul isn’t electable.” I was actually told this by a neighbor who heard it and repeated it without questioning it. These little Pavlovian nuggets are salted into every major newscast, and yet they are nearly a true opposite of reality.
    As far as destruction goes, I abhor destruction. I’m a fixer and a remodeler by nature, not a destroyer. This however is the time to deconstruct their power structure, remove money from politics forever, and rebuild our nation on the solid grounds of the constitution.

    We had ourselves a great basis for a country going…religious freedom, freedom of speach and assembly, the freedom to own property and be secure in our persons from unreasonable search and seizure, but we blew it when we let people seize control of our central government who started grinding away the basis that provided our protections. We let a few men influence congress and get their hooks into her, and voila! The Federal Reserve was born, along with a plan to impoverish and rule the world through an imperialism of capitalism. This is where destruction should begin, in a lawful way. The rule of law must be re-established, and those who’ve committed crimes against humanity made to suffer their deserved consequences. The love of money (and profits) has rotted and decayed the fabric of a once great society of God fearing folks, through the money-lovers evil influence. Time for the poor and righteous to rise up and put a stop to them, and build an even better society on our foundations.

  2. You can’t believe everything you see on Youtube, friend.

  3. For everyone quoting the bible and other religeous references, I hate to be the guy that tells the kids there is no Santa Clause, but

    THE BIBLE IS ACTUALLY A STORY ABOUT ASTROLOGY, it’s just been translated and altered so many times (King James) that the Astrological referances are hard to find. The 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Deciples etc.. are THE 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC (EACH TRIBE OF ISRAEL EVEN HAS A SYMBOL/FLAG THAT CORRESPONDS WITH A ZODIAC SIGN), They are NOT REAL PEOPLE.

  4. @ Nora
    I hear you.
    The noise from both sides will get louder. Each side wants us to think they are in control. You see news of bad economic data and news of positive growth.
    It will keep getting like that and then ‘bam’ we’ll start getting the truth.
    I assure you, what you see on t.v. is what they want you to see. There is an energy that we generate that comes from how we feel about any situation, as long as the news is bad, we generate the energy they need. There are some sites that have broken down some OWS videos to show that although the movement is real, some places are staging the harm and injury to incite that energy they need so much. We think everybody live off food, but if you can remember the energy that trees and plants use that you can’t see, there are those that need that energy but not from the ‘Sun’, from us.

    As we move into ‘light and love’, there is less of that energy for them to harness. What better way to harness it than by someone’s free will to do something that gives them a right to concentrate all of you together and under their control and generating that energy on a daily basis based on how they treat you daily, while the rest of the world who was tired of all the conflict, moves on.

    There’s a lot going on that what they show you, and what they show you is what they want you to see.

    Now really, knowing that, do you really want to be a willing participant in their game by sitting in front of that tube of your own Free Will and letting them program your ‘computer mind’ on a daily basis?

    It all boils down to them meeting their maker and saying, ‘We didn’t force them to do anything. We know about the Universal Law of Free Will.’ ‘They decided to watch our programs. They decided to believe everything we said. No we never spoke under penalty of perjury, we put pretty and handsome people in front of them and they listened. We didn’t make them listen.’ It’s deeper than that.

    There is so much going on behind the scenes, that for those who aren’t getting the alternative news and alternative rumors, they are missing the other side of the distortion. Still the truth is inside you, and the information is simple.

    Yes, they will be judged by their Maker, and he is just. The Universal Law of Karma is better than any punishment where someone wants a Creator destroys what he creates. Everything is Love, you don’t destroy what you create, but in Love you can show them the consequences of their actions when they ‘trespass’, or you can make sure that if they want to be negative, they can be around all the negative people they want.

    Jet Li was in a movie called ‘The One’. hollywood is good hiding things in plain sight.

  5. I see no evidence that the public is satisfied. OWS are growing in number and noise level. Plenty of learned people are posting their anger in writing. Numbed, dumbed and distracted is more like it.

  6. @Tresspass
    We agree on that…nothing we hear from the establishment who are evil in their acts, is truth.
    I am God and He is me, we are one and the same. Crazy talk? No. Arrogant or fearful? No. All creation is connected and relevant, not separate. There are many among us that want some one else to solve things, who won’t awaken to God’s promise.There’s so much dissent, so much disinformation. God’s ear is attentive to the cry of the righteous and His eyes on them; but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. (34th Psalm)
    The Creator allowed David (Psalm 18) to defeat his enemies and overtake them, to crush and destroy them because he was righteous and praised the Lord. We are the poor and righteous, who God will use to defeat the evil. I don’t fear them, for that reason. They are fearful, however. It’s evident from the fact that they hid themselves to plot their evil; secret meetings and secret laws. We really don’t have to worry about prevailing over the bankers who are at the root of the problem, they will be destroyed according to God’s plan, because evil always gets it in the end.

  7. Think about this.
    Someone creates a government.
    People are born free and independent by divine right and by birth right.
    People ‘register’ to be governed by that government.
    They become US citizens by their own Free Will (not Under Duress, and not Under Coercion, but of your own Free Will)
    In doing so, these newly applied ‘US Citizens’ agree to ‘set a God before them’ (even though they have a God, they let Man be their God)
    Their representatives (Their God before them) makes decisions they do not like, like indefinite detention of US Citizens, to protect their interest in keeping those that consent to be governed in one place so they can keep making rules that affect these people than desire their leadership.

    The People who were Free and Independent before they registered decide they are angry and want to fight the government.

    Like I said, the public education system did it’s job. I think those that can’t manage their own emotions without wanting to kill someone they feel oppressed them, need to be placed somewhere to keep the rest of us safe from them.

    It’s obvious what ‘you’ have done to become a US Citizen. It’s obvious who they can detain indefinitely and without trial.

    The more I read these posts, the more I see the logic behind ‘their’ decision to manage ‘their constituents’/’their citizens’ because they have not spiritually matured and think life is expendable as soon as they are mad about something or perceive something is a threat.

    Now I know how people can support a war (which automatically means someone’s gonna die) as long as the war is not with them.

    The meek will inherit the earth, and the reapers will have an easy job separating the wheat from the chaff.

    No one has lost anything, the only one at work here is the EGO Mind, and it’s acting like it’s victimized. Your leaders are making decisions for you, that’s what you elected them for. You do not war with your country. That makes them have to detain you. You have no standing to do that. It’s like you are performing guerrilla warfare. Do not act like you are a subject to them and then go to war with them, unless you are willing to take the consequences of your actions like the Adult you should be.

    I’m not sure this blog is been responded to by adults who know how they are playing a role in this, and how what happens to them will be their choice of their own Free Will.

    Either you open your eyes and heart and can see and know, or you are blind to your role you play in all of this and you are spiritually underdeveloped and will still suffer the consequences of your actions as if you were fully knowledgeable of what you have done.

    And t.v. “programming” has ways of putting these thoughts into your head because they have news, and “regularly scheduled programs” that have certain words spoken that program your way of thinking and your acceptance of certain ideas and helps incite this type of talk and action for their benefit.

    When someone is not ‘programmed’ they appear to be ‘way out there’ to think different from the ‘main stream’.

    You will find out your destiny by your own Free Will, and all of this is ‘your’ fault. You, me, everyone individually, we did things that collectively led to this.

    Anger is a sign of FEAR, and fearful people are going to be presumed to be dangerous. They have no idea how they contribute to the problem but they want to fight everyone without knowing who the real enemy is. The enemy is you.

    There is only One. There is no other.

    Light and Love and Peace on Earth; Good Will toward All Life,
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  8. Just a Note to mention the parliamentary maneuvering going on here.

    First, there is the notorious “Bill,” which provides for indefinite detention without even charges, much less trial, on the whim of … well, nobody really knows who the bureaucrat will be. Then, there was the Amendment to the Bill, which would strip out this particular indefinite-detention provision. The Amendment came to a vote in the Senate, and it is impressive to see how the senators voted. To no surprise, all the Republicans voted to retain “indefinite detention without charges or trial.” They disgraced themselves, but that is nothing new; it is “Clown College” up there. Then, some Democrats also voted to retain indefinite detention. For example, for Connecticut, Joe Lieberman voted for detention, and Richard Blumenthal voted against detention. Lieberman is a die-hard Israel-hawk supporter, constantly advancing the idea that the Palestinians should be treated akin to Stalin and the Kulaks of the Ukraine; he is not running for re-election. Blumenthal, who will seek re-election, knows better than to enmesh himself with this appalling abuse.

    The Amendment failed; hence the full Bill contains the indefinite-detention provision. Assuming a compatible House version passes, the final product goes to Mr. Obama for signature. At that point, we have a police state, on the East German Stasi model. Just lovely.

    I have repeatedly warned on this website that violence was coming soon enough; I had not anticipated that the US Government would be the precipitator of it. I must say even I am taken aback.

    Let us remember, though, that “the public” is satisfied with a government that spends $45 billion a year on a department of “homeland security,” to guard you from: who? The Cubans, perhaps? The Venezuelans? The Irish Republican Army? Surely not those backward people living in caves on the other side of the planet – for that we spend $700 billion in a separate account. The loonies that bring you this also bring you the Mayor of the town of South Fulton, Tennessee, on the Kentucky border, who orders his Fire Department Chief to refuse to put out a fire in a trailer park over a dispute over $75. Never mind that the Mayor happily pocketed some $56,000 in Federal tax money grants for equipment and operations, taxes paid by everybody in the country. Three dogs and a cat are dead, two houses burned to cinders, two families left utterly destitute. That the firefighters utterly disgraced themselves by just standing around is self-evident; yet this is the logical outcome of a society that continues to abdicate its responsibilities by not opposing the loonies who set forth these disturbed candidates for public office.

    Look in the mirror, folks, and get some spine. Kick these jerks out of office and keep them out. And sue your Banker.

  9. @Nora,
    Your own statements reveal the inner you. Perfect. Everything created is Perfect.

    So much I can’t even go through it all. I don’t ‘think’ I am higher minded or spiritually advanced, and what you see in others is what you see in yourself. That’s good.

    It’s that speak in the ‘you’ and ‘us’ terms that I’ve been communicating about all along. There is only One. If indeed you had the spiritual growth I spoke of right now, you could see through all of this distortion. (If you care to read below) I said all men are created equal, and then I said I had a laugh with someone that said they read a writing from some source they could not quote that, All men are created equal but some men are more equal than others. We thought that quote was ridiculous, but it appears you think some men are more equal than other when you stated I think I am higher minded and spiritually advanced. Furthest from the truth.
    I tapped the same source you can tap when you are ready, that makes me no more special or advanced. All have access to the same if all are equal, unless some just don’t know what equal is, and think some have control over them and are more equal and deserve to die.
    For your quote to indicate that I ‘think’ I’m more equal than others (in so many words); you are the one who is confused.

    Not directed at @Nora, just communicating in general.

    One should never argue with anyone who is angry about anything. There’s no point in it. Dr. Laura Schlesinger use to say that Anger was a sign of FEAR, (and I can see that in the words of many posters, here, who are angry and want someone to die.)

    As far as man taking up arm’s throughout history, man has to meet his maker when his time comes. You may know about the history of taking up arms, because someone wrote about it and you trust their version of history, even if you don’t know the character behind the information. But you don’t know what happened when they met their maker and had the discussion about what was created, why it was created, who took who’s life, under what authority, and the consequences of their actions. It would be interesting if the consequences were for them to come back and walk a mile in the shoes of the one who’s life they so easily decided was not worth living, but I don’t know that and all things are possible.

    When you said unconditional love does not come from the Creator, well I decided the conversation was over, I’m not here to change anyone’s mind (that would be a trespass) and so I’ll let you have the final say on this, and I take my leave.

    The point I made in this conversation was not meant to reach everyone. I’m no one’s God nor their Creator. I am another one of You. The communication was targeted for those that received it. If it didn’t resonate with you, that’s okay. We are all at different levels and it may not be something you need to hear from the outside of you. Nothing you hear from the outside of you is the truth anyway, there is always some distortion. If you go inside of you, you’d get the real truth and the real answers.

    My weapon is unconditional Love and a great big Hug.
    “It is better to have Loved (and Lost) than never to have Loved at all.”

    For anyone who has not looked at their spiritual development, The Law of One, Namaste, In Lak’ech, and forgiveness through Ho’oponopono are some of the ancient knowledge not taught in our schools, our churches, nor in our communities.

    There is no ‘them’. There is only One.

    Light and Love for All of Us One.
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  10. Since we’re getting all spiritual here…I like this appropriate quote from the writings of the Baha’i’ Faith:


    The best beloved of all things in my sight is Justice; turn not away therefrom if thou desirest Me, and neglect it not that I may confide in thee. By it’s aid thou shalt see with thine own eyes and not through the eyes of others, and shalt know of thine own knowledge and not through the knowledge of thy neighbor. Ponder this in thy heart; how it behooveth thee to be. Verily Justice is My gift to thee and the sign of My loving-kindness. Set it then before thine eyes.”

  11. Check your sources. From the very beginning of the reports on this subject, I went to the legislation and read it for myself and so should you!
    The initial report came from the ACLU and seeing how they had their panties in a wad, I knew something was amiss and boy was I right!
    EVERYONE should go directly to the legislation as presented in the US Senate and READ it! Good Grief, don’t take anyone’s word for what’s in the bill or for what’s not in the bill. Read it for yourselves!!!

    Link here:

    Text of bill section 1031:

    3 (b) COVERED PERSONS.—A covered person under
    4 this section is any person as follows:
    5 (1) A person who planned, authorized, com
    6 mitted, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred
    7 on September 11, 2001, or harbored those respon
    8 sible for those attacks.
    9 (2) A person who was a part of or substantially
    10 supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces
    11 that are engaged in hostilities against the United
    12 States or its coalition partners, including any person
    13 who has committed a belligerent act or has directly
    14 supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy
    15 forces.

    Text of bill section 1032:

    10 (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The require
    11 ment to detain a person in military custody under
    12 this section does not extend to citizens of the United
    13 States.
    14 (2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS.—The require
    15 ment to detain a person in military custody under
    16 this section does not extend to a lawful resident
    17 alien of the United States on the basis of conduct
    18 taking place within the United States, except to the
    19 extent permitted by the Constitution of the United
    20 States.

    It seems that some people are more concerned with the rights and privileges of the enemy abroad that are actively engaged in a war against us than with the safety and security of US citizens! Terrorists captured abroad do NOT have constitutional rights. Period!

    Now for the umpteenth time! This bill does not, in any way, shape or form, apply to US citizens!!! Enough already!

  12. The meek are those who bow to God, not those who surrender to the evil at work in the mortal world, Trespass. You are confused. Not one time did I justify KILLING. I believe in law and order, which is the rule of man in the mortal world–all we have until we die– built on for two hundred years. God uses men as he sees fit! Moses built a ship to save the righteous, and God destroyed those who were deaf to His Word, who worked at iniquities. Those among us who are evil are flesh, and only God knows how they will meet their fate, not you. There is no division in reality. All things in the physical world are related and interconnected. Woman was made from man’s rib, an integral part, not separate or distinct but a molecular portion, and God gave them both free moral choice in His infinite wisdom. Man was designed and built to engage in creating his own mortal life through his use of free moral choice. The creation of man’s law is to make mortal life less susceptible to the seed of satan, while we live out the flesh portion of our lives. We still defer to God in our laws, although the language has been removed by those temporarliy in power, who serve satan rather than the Creator. I say this is a battle for men on the mortal plane, not the second coming. Courts of law and justice are how we handle the mortal stuff while keeping the Commandments.

    God tests his creations. Unconditional love does not come from the Creator, who chooses who should be destroyed and who should be exalted! The Creator commands that we should worship Him and no other, and therefore His love is conditional. It sounds nice, to say your “weapon” is unconditional love, but you’re a bit mixed up. Thinking that you are spiritually more advanced and higher minded is a foil of the corruptable flesh, and a vanity that contradicts your own statements. Man has taken up arms throughout history, to suggest that we won’t fight tyranny this time is ridiculous. I can’t find any verse in my Bible that says christians should live in despair despite having held fast to their faith, or they should willingly submit to oppression from other men. Sin is a given among mortals, who can choose to live in the light or the darkness; fearful surrender to evil is not.

    When I stand before Him, I won’t be asked why I allowed what is now happening to the children, the “leastest” of His creation who are defenseless, hungry, frightened…when I could have fought to correct it, will I? I WILL protect my children and grandchildren, and even the children who are not mine, or die trying. This is my moral choice, wrong or right, to fight those who think they are gods. David slew Goliath, against all probability. If it is His will, it will come to pass that the righteous prevail. If not, we can continue this debate in heaven after we starve to death on the streets our forefathers freed from financial tyranny by FIGHTING.

  13. @ Nora, according to your quote about Jesus, it appears he beat the tables, not the moneychangers themselves…and Sodom and Gomorrah, the angels destroyed the city. If that city have true spiritual light and love, it would have still existed.

    They were enemies among themselves, killing each other off and trespassing against each other because they saw no connectedness at all. They were incapable of loving each other and seeing the Divinity in each other.

    God does not need man to protect anything he Creates. Period. Man decides he’s greater than his creator and that he is a God to decide who shall live and who shall die based on their perception of good and evil.

    They came from the same source. In the beginning..there was nothing…then everything was created…good and evil among those things.

    What Creator creates – what it cannot control or manage and needs it’s creations to control and manage it?

    I am a Creator of my offspring, and I don’t care which direction they go, I will never give one offspring the right to kill the other based on their belief of whether the other has gone the ‘right’ way.

    That judgment is for me, and me alone.
    Mortal man in his flesh is eager to decide his hierarchy among his brothers and sisters. Even the founding documents says, All men are created equal. I heard someone tell me that there was a second quote and I don’t know who said it because my first time hearing it was from them, and they could not remember the source, but the quote was, “Sure all men are created equal, but some men are more equal than others”. We laughed at the absurdity of that reasoning, but after reading posts of kill our brothers cause we have to fight for God, I can see where that thought process could come from.

    As far as the central bank. Do you know how many people don’t even know the origin of the money they spend? They want to get rid of the Fed or a Central bank, and if you look in their wallet or purse their currency is either digital on some debit/credit card, or paper FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes), and that’s private credit. They will look at you like you are CRAZY when you say, don’t play the game, there is money they don’t create and it hurts them more if you spend it, but no one wants to spend the money that came from the United States of America and is not private credit.

    How many coins do you have? To spend a $20 bill or a $25 roll of dollar coins, oh my, one is so cumbersome and too heavy and such a burden, you want the convenience but not the responsibility.

    Everything that is happening we caused it to happen, and fighting doesn’t change what we helped created. We un-create it by not participating in the creation any more. It destroys itself through lack of attention and lack of purpose.

    No matter how many homes they steal, we all have a place to stay, an if some are under a bridge, then they couldn’t afford the home and need to find a place to stay that is free or affordable. But to war over this stuff, and it’s just stuff, is crazy when your soul is at stake.

    How many souls will be lost and you go to ‘heaven’ since you are so Godly, and if you speak to him directly and he says, why are you here, you say, I was fighting Bank of America.

    Then he says, well I didn’t create Bank of America, someone I created, created Bank of America. Why are you here?
    Well I killed a banker or a cop or a military guy cause I was mad that some Senator passed a bill that said they could pick me up and put me in a FEMA camp.

    Then he says, so you took a life that was not directly involved in the decision to put you in the camp? How did you become the enemy for them to want to trespass against you and remove you?

    Well I saw them coming and they had all these tanks and guns and stuff and I figured if they were going to take me it would be feet first cause I wasn’t going.

    He says, how did you know they were going to take you?
    Well I saw them take my neighbor.

    How did you know that them taking the neighbor meant they were going to take you?
    I didn’t know, but I had heard …blah, blah, blah.

    All I’m saying is…there are many who speak one way and their words incite the people who are tuned to the same channel they are tuned to, and there are others who hear that speak and it doesn’t even vibrate properly deep in our inner core.

    I’m not going to tell anyone anything, because the end game is to get everyone in their extreme vibration, so it’s not hard for the reapers to select who goes where.

    Light vibrates one color, dark vibrates one color, no need to figure it out, it separates itself…just like male and female separate itself.
    Night and day separates, us and them separates, civilian and military, gun owner and non-gun owner. There are no fence sitters now…it’s by design the separation has begun and will continue.

    The meek will inherit the Earth, and the rest can have their own Mad Max world, which will make those that guided you there pretty happy because they have more ammo, and more people who will fall before them, dead so that your ammo runs out and you are still there to deal within your soul all the Creators within them that you took out of this existence, and the energy you created in perpetrating a war as long as you were shooting and they were shooting back.

    Universal Law prevails, it is the first Law, all this other lawlessness will not even matter. It’s just stuff. Conflicts. FEAR. WAR.

    There are plants, animals (land and sea), people, and an entire planet that is tired of this division and wants to move in love. There are plants, animals, and people who have lost their original homes and have had to suffer being moved or removed from their natural habitats. Animals (land and sea) survive these gross encroachments so people can live in the woods, or near lakes or streams or use oil or gas or chemicals to keep their lawns green and it leaks into lakes and streams; and animals and plants don’t go to war with humans. They got the same God.

    Whose the more civilized of the species on this planet.
    Who is the Meek?
    The meek will inherit the earth.

    Light and Love for All of Us One.
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  14. @ Enraged.

    I hear you. My weapon of choice unconditional Love, and now that I know what I know; the spiritual knowledge of how I can prevent a trespass, without going to war with my brothers and sisters, by using the power of the pen on a contract anyone tries to enter me into against my Free Will.

    Light and unconditional Love,
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  15. Even Jesus became violent! He fashioned a whip out of cords and thrashed the moneychanger’s tables, sending their coins all over the temple floor. The moneychangers were driven from the temple and forbidden to take advantage of His followers.
    God destroyed Soddam and Gamora and turned Lot’s wife into a pilar of salt for looking back at the destruction.
    God is a jealous god, who becomes enraged and angry. He cast the Nephilim from heaven in anger.
    When it is indicated by the circumstances that no amount of sane reasoning will stop madmen, it’s time to restrain them by force. We won’t use snipers to seek them in secrecy and murder them, nor use bombs to blow up the evil empires they’ve built. That reduces us to their level, above the rule of law.

    Man serves God’s interests when he protects the twelve tribes. You can stand there holding your Bible, proclaiming love to be the solution while they trample you, but I don’t reccommend it. It has been shown repeatedly that our Loving Father does not meddle in the mortal world, because no flesh shall inherit the Kingdom. The mortal part of man must perish, and we can choose how to die as well as how we serve God. Our mouths are able to speak things into existence: Speak that good will triumph, because it does, and if it is His will, it shall be by force. When evil men take away the food, the shelter, and inflict disease and darkness on God’s servants, those they would oppress will rise up in righteousness to prevail and testify.

    This country was a Godly society, founded on priciples of religious and personal freedom until the destroyers built their central bank. We fought for our freedoms then, and we shall fight for them now, or we shall not have any freedoms. Bankers will be far easier to defeat than the Brittish, since it is so easy to cut off their money and end their influence by shutting down the corporations that they’ve surrounded themselves with in their imperialism of capitalism. Those we’ve made representatives of our interests in government have failed and need to be removed. I don’t believe God is going to get busy and do that.

  16. @Trespass,

    I don’t advocate violence and I fully suscribe to what you stand for. The problem is that there comes a point where it is the only thing left.
    Who said “War is the extension of diplomacy”?

    And I do believe, as you do, that those who use the sword will perish by the sword. Those who use the laws to circumvent them in order to defraud anyone of the most essential necessities will perish by that same law they tried to circumvent, trample upon and violate. I keep insisting that, even though no one has (yet) been brought to justice, it is only a question of time. Might be here, might be elsewhere. It will come. I hope it will come here and I really, really would like to witness it but, either way, it will come.

    My job as I see it is only to fight with the weapons I have (my brain, my mind and the court system). Regardless of the outcome for me, it will incite someone else to undertake that same fight and maybe bring him./her the victory needed.

  17. @ Enraged,
    I totally get it how people are feeling about this, and I know what I posted just didn’t resonate with some people and unfortunately I’m not trying to reach out to them.

    Those that believe they have no choice but to fight, will.

    Those that believe that they are protected no matter what, and they are immortal souls and if it’s their time to go they will, and if it’s not their time to go, they won’t, will probably not get involved in a conflict based on hearsay.

    The Patriot Act is already there, it can do everything this thing can do and it can already place you in Guantanamo. There is something behind this one being broadcasted and the ones it is meant to ‘trigger’ it will.

    The third world war is a war for the soul of mankind anyway, and just like Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed when there were not enough people of ‘Light’ living in that place, if there are families of peace in a place of death, our earth Mother will give us the same signs animals get when they know a natural disaster is on it’s way.

    We will receive our own internal message to get the f___ out of the way and not look back like Lot’s wife in the bible. Get out and don’t look back.

    There is friend and foe mixed among us. We are all family, but some family want harm and destruction and theft, and other family want peace, and freedom, and Love. It’s unnatural the two are mixed together because they trespass on each other…Nature has a way of balancing out trespasses.

    All the fighters and killers, and oppressors, and thieves can live together and rob, steal, and kill from each other with impunity, because that’s what they want to do, but they cannot push what they want on those who don’t want that.

    All the Love, freedom, peace, holding hands, make love not war people can all get together and live together with impunity because that’s what they want to do, but they cannot reach over the fence and tell a killer/stealer/robber he can’t do what he does to those like him because that’s a trespass. Nature has a way of balancing trespasses.

    Each can find their way and live their way without trespassing on another who doesn’t live your way and hasn’t quite found their way.

    That’s the spiritual growth side many are missing. As long as the umbilical cord is attached, many will blame those they want to be their leader for their problem. The problem is, if they weren’t your leader then everything done is still in your name and you still are responsible for what is happening.

    They kill and now you want to kill. Seems like birds of a feather flock together.

    As far as movies, I like how Hollywood shows things. I’m tuned to a different frequency so I pay attention to different things in the same movies others are watching with me. Lord of the Rings. The army was massive, tens of thousands, maybe more, and they stood facing the ‘supposed good guys’. A war not yet started, but a standoff no less. The good guy side is told to hold their positions and some nervous guy is there and makes the first shot from the ‘good guy’ side. The war is on. Many die.

    If the unwritten rule of the bad guys was do not engage in war until you have been fired upon, well that came to fruition. Now there is no real trespass, the other side fired first.

    I see that in many the Resident Evil movie, the STARS perceived a threat from this armored ‘modified human’ and they fired first.

    In Rambo, he said ‘They drew first blood’.

    It’s all over the place, the evidence of the rules of the game. Not seeing it and engaging in it, you can’t say ‘you didn’t know’. Just engaging in a conflict without full knowledge of who you are fighting and why is enough to make you dangerous to everyone. You don’t even know who the enemy was.

    In Resident Evil, that armed civilian didn’t even fire off a shot and he lived. He at least didn’t create an enemy just because he saw this ‘thing’ fully armed and ready for battle.

    We have armed citizens attacking unarmed citizens. We have a law in place to arrest and detain US citizens that are at war with the United States.

    You can’t even tell any of us, who’s at war with who, and what is the United States, or who is a US citizen out of the two groups.

    If Hollywood is any clue, they have the technology to see through walls to know who’s armed and who’s not before you even know they are on your block or in your neighborhood.

    I’m sure those left standing may inadvertently think, more houses and more land for the rest of us.

    I will definitely not take sides, and will shelter in place. This war is not my war, so I am not going to ‘engage’.

    Light and Love and Peace on Earth; Good Will toward All Life,
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  18. @Trespass

    I’m not an American. I speak from experience: adapting to any country (I’ve lived on 3 continents thus far) is extremely difficult and nearly impossible without a few foreigh languages under the belt.

    We have NO choice: the mess has been spread everywhere. Fleeing is NOT the answer and it won’t take us far. We have to fight here with the weapons we know.


    Nora is right. It was a tad too strong. My apologies. The rest stands: we don’t have a choice. The only way to make a difference and fix this mess is for us to tackle it down from here.

  19. Let me guess all of you are US Citizens. That figures.
    One must know the audience they communicate with before giving any information on what’s going on.

    Fight or Flight seems to be the answers posted here.
    Oh and there is a God of War type posting here too, Destroy what the Creator has created if you think it’s a threat to you.

    When everyone just stops and see how they contribute to this, they will know what to do, but you can’t show blindness any light, or make the deaf hear any intelligent conversation.

    (sarcastic opinion)
    If I were like those that started this, I’d know how to time travel, I’d know when the mess I started would heat up and the masses would get tired of my oppression and I’d know how to feed them the information about the build up of military to oppress them because they’ll believe anything I tell them. They always had, and I was able to tell them some building destruction was from a group of foreigners who learned how to fly planes but not land them, and that some country had WMDs and was a severe threat so people would register to go fight them, and some other country is friendly to the country we are fighting and letting the bad guys cross the border so we could expand our fighting there, and some other guy is oppressing his people and holding all the money made from oil sales so we can go over there and get him, and the the laws made by the people that are supposed to protect you are to make sure you are captured and killed so you can believe that too.

    No life is not a movie, but everywhere there are hints as to whats’ going on . While everyone is focused in the energy of kill and hate, they are totally happy, you will stay here and be right at home as this entire universe transitions to the next phase of evolution.

    They can’t move forward and their control can only occur with those that agree they have the control. If you haven’t awakened enough to see that by now then to quote another historical event, I guess when Noah’s Ark’s door closes you’ll be standing on the outside.

    Your spiritual development is key. You path to Love not War is crucial. Your road to Service to Others and not Service to Self is an individual decision, but when it all comes down to the final day and you see half the people you thought you’d see an you are stuck here in an oppressive world, the rest of us vibrated at a higher frequency of Love and disappeared from this existence.

    Kill yourself in war or suicide, your soul / your spirit is still locked in your vibration of choice, you are immortal, so will re-incarnate back into this same oppressive existence over and over and over until you advance in the spirit and do not kill what your Father / Your God has Created, just like he doesn’t allow them to kill you, they only make threats because they need your FEAR!

    It’s all by choice. Choose FEAR or Choose LOVE, and you can’t just flip a switch and choose, it has to be part of the pure essence of you, the knowing that we are all connected and all LOVED, and all can find their say, and that some know this and use this to their advantage because they can rule the game as long as there are players (you).

    Remember the wars we are in, it’s been a known fact they could not shoot until shot at. There were cartoons of them being sitting ducks in an arcade.

    That rule is there for a reason. See if you can figure it out.

    I’ve said MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE, but then again, if this is not the start of your journey, remember it’s all about what you choose to do an experience.

    I’m gonna Love you no matter what you do.

    Light and Love for All of Us One.
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  20. the 2nd Amendment and an armed response may be the only solution to this.

  21. @ Enraged, of course you’re right about foreign lands….most civilized countries want a min six figures if you want to settle in. And good luck keeping your skin in any country that doesn’t.

    However, you said, “you won’t be able to adapt, you won’t be able to find work, you don’t know the systems in place, you probably don’t know how to fend for yourself….”

    The hard cruel facts are that that has become the norm within the boundaries of the United States.

    Will work for foreclosure advice…..

  22. I would have said that a little more kindly, but it’s true.
    Will you give up so easily, what brave men and women have risked and/or given their lives for? Slinking away is not the answer!

    My great-great grandfather served in the civil war. My uncle fought in Korea and Viet Nam. Both my brothers served–one a paratrooper and one an infantrymen. My son in law repaired helicopters in the Gulf War. When I think of all they risked, I can not give up so easily what they fought to preserve. They would be rightfully ashamed of me, but no more so than I would myself.
    The members of my family are the living-breathing embodiment of bravery and service for the greater good. What a slap in their faces to give up without a fight and cower in fear!
    If you want to frame things in a historical sense, what would our founding fathers, who tried to protect what many of their generation died to achieve think of our running away? Don’t make their efforts pointless. I know people who weren’t even born here, who will fight for the freedom you devalue by abandoning this country for safer ground. There is no where to go, my friends, except to the front.

  23. @Spitfire,

    This is the most ridiculous advice I have ever read!

    Where would you go? Don’t you know that countries protect their borders the same way that we do (and even better…)? You can’t stay anywhere without a visa in due form. You speak nothing but English.

    Do you really believe other countries want to harbor Americans? In these days and ages?

    And anyway, unless you have already spent quite some time in another country, you won’t be able to adapt, you won’t be able to find work, you don’t know the systems in place, you probably don’t know how to fend for yourself in the wild. Naw. You’ve got to fight here or… give up here.

  24. This is not a movie or a game, and it isn’t unclear who the enemy is, despite the misinformation and propaganda being spread. Fear? What could possibly be more frightening than being RFID chipped and living in abject slavery or being rounded up to go to the FEMA extermination camps? I will take out as many as I have bullets for before I’ll give up freedom or my constitutional rights to communists. I serve God and none other. I won’t flee my country under the threat of tyrannical psychopaths, I’ll defend her. When you cower in fear, you let them win–it makes them smile. When the bullets run out, I’ll bite and scratch to defend myself. I would rather be dead than be a serf, serving an evil master. United we stand, divided we will continue to get what we’ve got–further and further erosion of civil liberties. Even if you are a law abiding, civilized race, there is a time to take up arms if necessary and defend your country! Because this time the enemy is a domestic enemy skilled at secrecy, lies and fear mongering, is it any less a threat ? Their days are numbered, their propaganda is wasted for we know the truth, and they’re easier to spot now that desperation has made them bold. The tree is known by it’s fruit; the fruit from this tree is poisonous. I say fell the evil tree so that it’s seeds can’t take root anywhere, anymore.

  25. Just what Obama wants. Total control and you idiots voted for him. He says this election is about the middle class. Guess what there is no middle class anymore. The election is all about how close do we want to come to socialisum? Hell we are almost there now so I guess the blind idiots will take up the cause and re-elect This SOB and his Very nasty wife. She is the one that said he was Born in Kenya and that whitie was to blame for the downtrodded Black man. Hell I see many Black men doing a lot better then I am.
    What does Gremany and The USA have in common? They had a white Hitler that blamed the Jews. WE have a Black Hitler that will blame the white man. I just hope he does not kill 6 million of us

  26. In Germany during Hitler’s days, didn’t children turn in their parents, neighbors turned in neighbors, etc.? The US government is afraid of us. After years of letting them slowly taking over our rights, I don’t think they ever thought they would be questioned to the extent that they are now. We let our elected officials get away with lots of things while we were too busy with others things and did not hold them accountable for their bad decision making. With the tea party movement and now Occupy, which won’t go away, the government is seriously afraid of us and trying to take more contol over us. We have got to get back our rights and let the “people” who feel they own us, they will not win. We are US citizen not terrorists. We need to stand against these people now.

  27. If you have small children or teens, do yourselves a huge favor… sell EVERYTHING you have, gut that house that you are trying to save and sell every single bit of it including the fixtures and appliances, and buy a ticket for you and your family out of here.

    Get yourselves current passports and then after you make it out of here, remove the RFID chips from your documents and give up cell phones for awhile.

    Trust me, by the time this facist regime is done with stealing all our wealth and implementing hyperinflation and martial law, that house will be worth less than it costs you to feed and clothe your family and buy gas and pay utilities costs for a year.

  28. We must keep going.I am with you all.I am also scared…but then,permanent servitude to this NWO for the remaining days of what is left of my life..let alone condemning the future of the country’s young to an unfree”life” is beyond fear…it is where there would be nothing of any value left and all Valor would be silenced immediately….I can not “live” in this slavery,no one can”live” this way… Parent’s nightmare has become a reality,while”fellow citizens” keep pretending,whistling past their children’s future graveyards…I feel great tension,have been for the past two weeks…something Evil in the rains tonight…seriously…who the HELL do these people think they are????We DO outnumber them…still…their covert actions defy traditional counter-force to some immense measure…Still,as Nora stated,there is The MIGHTY… and thanks 2 E.Tolle for letting us know where the term ‘occupy’ originated…99 to 1….it’s a hard time to be alive…but it’s what we’ve been dealt…to the 3%….to the 300…to the Founders of America…to Freedom…May you never Thirst….

  29. I have always said, people will get involved in any conflict and not know which side they are fighting for. They fight a war of a presumed enemy that did nothing to them but they were told the enemy had the potential to cause harm and that was enough for them to pack their guns and go fighting.

    This situation will separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I don’t know anyone who has spent money on ammo that ain’t ready to use it.

    All these scattered saviors who think they will be defending their family from an unknown enemy and think they can hold back an army cause they hope their entire neighborhood is just as armed and dangerous.

    That bill is for you.

    Let them put that bill together. We have a war going on here. We got bankers stealing money from the people with impunity. Do you really think they are going to let us remove them from their posts without them hiring some yahoo to defend them? Oh wait, they already hired some yahoos to defend them…the local police department who is beating unarmed citizens.

    So we have armed citizens beating unarmed citizens and everyone wants to get their pants all tied in a knot when a bill is passed that could sway either way?

    Let’s see, hmm, in the current system if one is arrested, their buddies who have deep pockets can hire an entire law firm to get them off and the constituents who’s taxes can only pay so much, will have a hissy fit if too much money is spent going after the ‘one bad guy’.

    I declare sometimes I see arguments and realize their public education system really was working for the purpose they had created it.

    Let them put in place a law that allows them to arrest citizens and see what happens. I bet the guy with the ammunition stash in his home will probably be captured and his defense will be he was defending his family from a threat because he heard gunshots and thought the gov’t was going to take his family when their target could have really been a yahoo hired by the ‘create out of thin air money’ banks and he was up the street and needed to be routed out and removed from the peaceful people.

    While everyone is shooting everyone else, me, I’ll sit peacefully somewhere, let them iron it out, and all the accidental catches that ‘didn’t know…i read it on the internet…I thought you were coming from me people’ can just sit right there with the ones who were going to start a war on the soil cause they could not continue to have their way with stealing our property, land, gold, and resources.

    I promise you, anyone caught in that net, probably will deserve it if they ignorantly engage in warfare. Don’t you think it strange the local police are getting military weapons and uniforms and stuff?

    Could it be the ones in control are arming their private army to fight the government military for rights to this land and the people and the resources?

    Everything you see and hear is not the whole story, and if the media pushes it, they got an agenda that is not in your best interest. Otherwise this theft and clouded title stuff would be headlines for days.

    Either you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

    It’s about time our government implement laws that allows them to arrest their own kind. The ones who pull us over needlessly and steal our wealth through fines and fees, and who make us all criminals just because we want to travel across state lines by air, and who make our kids go through medal detectors and special schools they build so they can create the next generation of criminals, and who force vaccinations on people who don’t know how to defend their right not to have them, and who poison our waters with chemicals, and spray our air with more.

    This is a time where you and I don’t know which way this pendulum is swinging, but for once I’ll say, the Patriot Act gave a lot of rights to do a lot of wrongs – so this bill is moot unless it’s got a purpose and fills the gaps and loopholes that the Patriot Act had protected for some and not for others.

    This bill will be useful on a certain group of people.

    The meek will inherit the earth.

    I saw Resident Evil, I think it was Evolution, and in it an experiment called Nemesis was unleashed on the ‘STARS’, which was the corporations military, their own police force. At some point the mission of this man turned into a killing machine was to assess a threat and perform the objective. He counted 12 stars (they wear uniforms) and one “armed civilian” (the guy was packing). The objective was to kill all STARS and he unleashed all his bullets in this gatling type gun, and he shot the STARS on both sides of this “armed civilian”. The armed civilian was holding his guns in the air against his ears because the sound was so deafening so he didn’t get off a shot.

    The Nemesis walks up to him, the armed civilian drops his guns and said ‘Peace’, and he was re-assessed as a non-combatant.

    Now if there is a war on your street or in your neighborhood, you need to figure out what you are going to be assessed as, because by default women and children will be assessed as non-combatant until they decide to pick up a gun and join in the battle, too.

    Light and Love and Peace on Earth; Good Will toward All Life,
    Trespass Unwanted, corporeal, life, free, by divine right (jure divino)

  30. Before you panic and say the sky is falling, buy yourself a gun and a whole bunch of ammunition. We are a mighty force, accompanied by our military. We out number the corrupt and those among them that are NOT corrupt, 750 to one! Who are they kidding? Even if they pass this egregious bill, there are not enough of them to spit at. We have the same DNA that our forefathers did, those who defeated the redcoats King George sent. Will we permit this kind of destruction, when we clearly have the advantage in man power? There are plenty among us with special forces experience, tactical weapons training who love liberty and have already fought for it. We are armed and dangerous, and they know it, which is why they keep trying to pass laws to disarm us. I don’t care what laws they try to impose on us, our rights are GOD GIVEN and they cannot take them away, anymore than they can take our guns away, or turn our army against us. The army won’t follow their orders! The armed forces have shown through their support of Ron Paul where their loyalties lie, and it isn’t with the oligarchs. Support the Republic, and stop believing the lies the inferior ones try to surround us with. God take them to hell one by one. We will march into their mansions and take them into custody for trial by the MIGHTY. We are the MIGHTY, the unstoppable force.

    Take your money out of the bank. Stop paying on any loans. Strangle them by cutting off their MONEY SUPPLY. In Greece, the populace took 13 billion euros out of the banks and put it under their mattress, over the course of the last three months. A prominent central banker had to inform parliament, “Our banking system lacks the scope to finance growth”, as a direct result of the run on the bank. It isn’t hard to stop these evil money changers! Their control is orchestrated through the money supply, so cut it off. They engineered their own demise, and they are snatching at anything they think they can use to try to hold onto power, which is what SB 1867 is all about–just a grab for control when they know they’re losing it! Call your senator and tell him to start looking for a job if he signs this bill, AND MEAN IT!

  31. Recently a particular bank said it would hire mostly returning vets. …Now I am beginning to understand why. Believe me they are not being altruistic.

  32. Crisis 2007. Cover-up 2008. Who orchestrated cover-up??? We all know.

  33. The headline in today’s paper reads: “Peru Mining Protests May Curb GDP Growth, Bank of America Says”. That sounds like a bad thing right?

    Look in to it just a little. One of the oldest money, deep pit mine companies, Newmont Mining, decides to buy four huge lakes in the mountains of Peru and destroy them in the process of mining for gold. We’re talking HUGE pit mining, in an area where the locals have lived and farmed for thousands of years.

    Newmont doesn’t ask permission, as these are just stupid peasant farmers, and the bribes will get Newmont what it wants. However, the locals strike and threaten and pull together. BTW, the term “occupy” first came from revolutions in South America where the people realized long ago that the only thing they had to counter money and politics was sheer volume, as in 99 to 1.

    The ecological report was a scam. The mining company states that it’s not a big deal; two of the four lakes will rebuilt as reservoirs, the other two will have to be scrapped to be waste pits for the mining process. Stop for a moment and think about a lake near where you grew up, a peaceful serene lake. Next think of it blown up. No big deal, right?

    The locals are still defying to the max, and the government has moved troops in to the area. Why? Why move troops into an area to fight against the local people who are refusing to allow their water sources to be destroyed and contaminated? What’s wrong with this picture?

    The exact same thing that is going down in the once good old USA. The exact same reason that OWS has been kicked out of every park in the U.S. by military-styled cops who bear absolutely no resemblance to the police we grew up with.

    The suits who run things have other plans for our lands, our waters, our labors, and our minerals. As long as we shut the fuck up and do as we’re told, everything will be all right. Just don’t protest losing your lakes, or your farmlands, or your clean air, etc. You might just lose you’re your freedom, maybe even your life in the process.

    The next time you hear B of A claim some dastardly result will happen due to this or that, believe the opposite. Their business model is based on fraud and lies. They must be destroyed. No Peace.

  34. My parents both have passed, when the were still here they would get info in the mail that I thought was NUTS !! Fast forward 10 years , that shit is coming true . It’s not just arms and ammo , how and what will we eat ? This has been a slow ,methodical take over , but like everything it’s coming to a head . There will be nothing on the local grocery shelves , no gas to put in your vehicle to relocate , it will not be pretty. Will you shoot or in someway be able to take a life ? This is how they will thin us out , pit us against each other for food – water . Then , after we have done the dirty work , being a weakened force , they will strike us down , and if we do band together ? Enter sb 1867 , we will be labeled terrorists and thrown in a detention center . There wont be any internet to combine our strength , no twitter , no cell phones the proverbial plug will be pulled on what we take for granted today . So go ahead and set up your tents OWS , at least you will have a little practice on camping , there will not be any food donations when TSHTF . Take as many with you as you can and God be with you.

  35. Need to occupy without bloodshed. Need the collective guts and inspriation to stop debt payments for awhile in massive numbers. What if the states themselves refused to pay banksters ie Bank of North Dakota? Problem solved. Main problem is mainstreet is stuck on “no victims” only “deadbeats”. Absolutely no understanding that the debt has been paid many times over to interlopers who never “lent” it and who continue to get a free ride.

  36. keepon has it exactly right. The government has been preparing for an uprising of the American people for years. The NDAA is merely the most recent and most blatant attempt to take away our basic liberties. The police state isn’t COMING sometime in the future, it is NOW UPON US!

  37. The Patriot Act. The 1st ever “Test” of the Emergency warning sytem. Gestapo-esque ‘police?’ (Your local policeman is my Pal guys?I don’t think so) in crisp, new black riotgear seemingly the same garb no matter where they were in the US quelling OWS demonstrators. Secret teleconferences between Mayors for unison assaults on OWS nationwide.

    And here WE thought Homeland Security was devised to protect us from ex-US enemies who would fly into our buildings. Silly us! Little did we know that they would take our Nation from within. Is your Congressman upset with the takeover? Your Senator? Your Governor?

    The ‘coup’ is the people WE elected. From the 1%. Who control the Special Ops Forces. Wait a minute! It was BOA who bought their uniforms. Right. (These ducks are just lining up all by themselves.)

    So we have the socialst coup in power, in charge of the Special Ops Forces (up is now down people. Get used to it!), who will arrest any(OWS) Colonials and thanks to the proposed “SB 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act,” prisoners will have shelter. What sounds better “Little Abu-Graib, or Little Guantanamo?”

    It’s lookin’ more like GOOLAG TIME to me folks. Look! They’re loading the trains NOW!

    Wake up America!

  38. This republic is done done done




  40. This is no surprise. After being in denial about our government and the obvious corruption in play, I am here and aware. Perhaps, although I hate to see this happen, maybe a revolution is in order. Our government is not working for us and has not been for quite some time. They are all at the mercy of corporate interests and cannot repair the problem themselves. It is time the people are heard.

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