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EDITOR’S NOTE: Whether it’s from natural causes, suicide, accident, or murder, the death of anyone is a tragedy for their family and those in their circle. Our condolences to the family and friends of Tracy Lawrence. Her death is not alone. Many people have turned to suicide, taking their families with them into whatever lies beyond this mortal coil. What I personally hope for, is that at the end of the day we have a new structure in place, governed by true morality as its first precept. Meanwhile, the system, the society, and the components of economics, politics and social services continue to decline into irrelevance as people suffer through the pains of the change that is coming.

Tracy Lawrence, Notary Public Who Blew The Whistle On Massive Foreclosure Fraud, Found Dead

Notary Public Who Blew Whistle On Massive Foreclos

The Huffington Post  

Tracy Lawrence, the notary public who blew the whistle on a massive foreclosure fraud scheme, was found dead in her Las Vegas home on Nov. 28, MSNBC reported.

Cause of death has not yet been determined, but Officer Jacinto Rivera, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, said the case was not being investigated as homicide. She was 43.

Earlier this month, Lawrence came forward and admitted to the Nevada Attorney General’s Office that she notarized 25,000 fraudulent documents for Lender Processing Services, a Florida company used by most major banks to process home repossessions. The documents were filed with the Clark County Recorder’s Office between 2005 and 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Lawrence also accused two loan officers of allegedly running the massive robo-signing scheme, saying they forged signatures on tens of thousands of default notices. Nevada now alleges that Gary Trafford, 49, of Irvine, Calif., and Gerri Sheppard, 62, of Santa Ana, Calif., directed their employees to forge foreclosure documents, notarize the signatures on the documents they had forged and file the fraudulent paperwork in order to begin foreclosures on homes throughout the county.

Trafford and Sheppard have been indicted on more than 600 counts of offering false instruments for recording, false certification on certain instruments and notarization of the signature of a person not in the presence of a notary public. Authorities are currently negotiating the terms of their surrender, KSNV MyNews 3 reported.

Earlier this month, Lawrence pleaded guilty to one count of notarizing the signature of a person not in her presence, The Associated Press reported. Had Lawrence shown up at her sentencing hearing on Monday, she could have faced a potential sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

On Nov. 17, Lender Processing Services issued a statement acknowledging that the signing procedures on some of documents were flawed. The company also agreed to fully cooperate with the attorney general’s investigation.

“I am deeply committed to ensuring that LPS meets rigorous standards of professional conduct and operating excellence,” newly appointed LPS President and CEO Hugh Harris stated. “I have full confidence in the ability of our leadership team and over 8,000 dedicated employees to deliver on that commitment.”

According to RealtyTrac, Nevada has had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for 56 straight months.E


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  1. The fraudulent conveyances at all the Land Registries
    by Fidelity National Title and other corrupt title firms
    are the money behind the fight against the honest
    Registrars of Deeds like John O’Brien and Jeff Thigpen.

    Get William P Foley ,CEO of Fidelity National Title,
    former chair of LPS DOCX
    Investigated regarding Notary Tracy Lawrence
    and Fidelity’s massive mortgage and foreclosure scam
    will boil to the surface.

    The fish rots from the head down and William P Foley knows
    everything about all the fraud including Tracy Lawrences part.

  2. I see a far reaching scam that goes on with Title Insurance,
    particularly Fidelity National Title.

    It was imperative that their own Notary from LPS ,
    Tracy Lawrence not admit fraud cause whoever eventually
    bought the fraudulent foreclosed properties and
    bought Fidelity Title Insurance has verified proof
    of fraud by FNT and that FNT did not truthfully discover
    and divulge what they knew, and the buyer is entitled to
    not only the fee but the whole mortgage plus damages.

    I am witness to a Fidelity Title scam .

    When Astoria Federal S & L auctioned off my two
    Properties without owning them to straw buyers the
    Straw buyers don’t get title insurance.
    It is not till the straw buyers start flipping the forged deeds
    does title insurance show up for the buyers.

    Therefore the title insurers turn a blind eye to the foreclosure
    Fraud. Just a little mistake on their part.

    In my case when one straw buyer Cheetah Realty flipped
    his forged deed to a Ilene Marchena who almost doubled
    the price and flipped the forged deed to her brother did
    Fidelity Title insurance show up and as William P Foley
    CEO of FNT said …it is proper for Fidelity to fight for a forged deed.

    The other straw buyer Fang Li also did not have title insurance
    And not till she flipped her forged deed to Frances B Turner
    did a phantom Coronet Title show up.
    NYS Dept of Insurance nor NJ Insurance has
    ever had a Coronet Title registered nor ever heard of them.

    And what bank do you think is involved for the buyer Frances B Turner–
    Bank of America. Bank of America gave this crooks a modification
    and on the mod she got Old Republic Title to insure the forged deeds.

    Crooks have never ending circles

  3. iwantmynpv- you have a good grasp on things, from whence do you speak? please keep posting your enlightening info. nice to get away from the usual and back to the nuts and bolts.

  4. @iwantmynpv

    Your comment about Tracy Lawrence’s death not associated with LPS sounds like something tnharry might say.

    I definitely see a connection.

  5. Carie, IndyMac Venture LLC, is shell company established to heold the assets of the former IndyMac Federal Bank, FSB which was the conservator bank / receiver bank for the assets of the former IndyMac bank, FSB which failed after Chuck Schumers buddies had him raise concerns over the banks tier one assets, two friggin years after they could no longer hide the fact they were not to be considered a well-capitalized bank. They would have pulled it off like BAC, C and JPM do,but Paulsen and Soros were short the pools they acted in and the larger banks felt it was time to strip and than consolidate the smaller banks, kinda like they do every 20 years.

    In any event, IndyMac Venture, LLC was the shell created by the FDIC to form the center of the silo structure between The FDIC and IMB Holdco. The FDIC sold their interest in IndyMac Venture to a subsidiary of IMB Holdco, a different entity named One West Ventures, LLC which is the bank holding company for One West bank, FSB, bought for 40 cents on the dollar by George Soros, Michael Dell, Flowers and John Paulsen.

    This was one of the biggest scams in history. The US Justice Department should investigate this entire transaction.

  6. Folks, associating the death of this woman with LPS is the equivalent of saying the banks killed JFK because he introduced a competing currency backed by silver under an executive order (silver certificates for us older folk) to go up against the federal reserve note, which was fractionally leveraged to gold at the time… or say the suicide death of Kellerman (former CFO of Freddie Mac) the guy was extremely depressed one day so he went a bought a gun and shot himself in the basement of the home where is daugher and wife lived. Isn’t it just reasonable that he had a bad day with all the SEC questioning and decided he had to roll on the derivative fraud at Freddie, had a change of heart and shot himself. I mean Bernie Madoff’s kid hung himself and i do not believe it had anything to do with the fact that he was ready to give up quite a few big people does not mean someone hung him to make it look like suicide.

    Listen just because Dodd/ Frank mandates the lender run My NPV prior to foreclosing on my, wait maybe they did help this women into her actions… Maybe they do things we would not expect to save a monetary and securitization structure that allows them to make trillions at the expense of the folks… Who’s looking ou for us… it sure isn’t Bill (pen twirl) O’rielly who i used to like before he became popular and bought.

  7. ***********
    Meanwhile LPS Notary Tracy Lawrence, 43 is dead….

    Quel Coincidence! LPS Notary Tracy Lawrence and key witness is dead at 43.

    And I thought I had it rough because U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Nashua PD merely refuse to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage, watch the short film. Anyway from Reuters:
    She had pleaded guilty to falsely notarizing Trafford’s signature, affixing her official stamp to his signature even though he wasn’t present. Lawrence was due to be sentenced Monday on the single count, and the attorney general’s office had agreed to support her lawyer’s request for probation. But Lawrence failed to appear in court for the sentencing. The attorney general’s office called the police, who went to Lawrence’s apartment and discovered the body, Las Vegas Police Sergeant Matthew Sanford confirmed……[snip]

  8. My name is Martha Nali. (PC048289) LA COUNTY

    I am the target of a conspiracy involving notary fraud, government conspiracy and cover-ups involving the Government and the CIA.

    They have contrived to make it appear that “I am crazy” and indeed, I might be… I admit…as I believe in God suddenly… And so, even to me, it appears that this insane belief in God, has cursed me too.

    My husband, a man I have cleaved to for twenty years, Richard Nali, and I became victims in a “Straw-Man” transaction, in 2007, but there is much more to this…more then just the straw-man transactions.

    The “Straw-Man” transactions, and fraudulent loan scheme that they lured my husband into in 2007, was an attempt to eventually blackmail him or coerce him in the cover-up of a massive contamination of land in the City of Santa Clarita.

    My husband, Richard Nali has been an oil field expert the past 20 years, and has been in the oil field industry since he was born…so for about at least the past 50 or years.

    About the year of 2007, (of when he was lured into buying a home in the City Of Santa Clarita, A suburb of Los Angeles,)

    I noticed that his “contracts” via his oil field consulting business had picked up in that area.
    Now, here in 2011 I state that the past three years, I have learned much that I could be killed for I believe, and so today I make this statement.

    Almost all the new home developments in the City of Santa Clarita, sit on former oil fields. THE CITY OF SANTA CLARITA, has acted to hide the facts of the homes being built on the former oil fields.

    The former oil fields are contaminated with extreme high-super-levels of BARIUM in which are known to cause cancer in humans;

    The City of Santa Clarita encouraged the development of the subdivisions on the barium contaminated lands, with no remediation or tests, or any other such measures so as to ensure no harm was done to human life.

    Whattshould I do tonight? Tell me my fellow citizen, as I am lost in drugs, in alcohol….this stupor of “it cannot be real”

    Tell me.!

    Will anyone save ME!?

  9. I think anytime someone who is cooperating with law enforcement on the prosecution of a crime, as vast as this matter is, is found dead, a multi agency investigation is warranted.I doubt if she killed herself AFTER making a plea deal for a misdemeanor conviction
    Unless of course this is a 9/11 type deal, where nothing is investigated, just another coverup job for the agents of the United Banks of America.

  10. nora————


  11. @Shelley Erickson

    While most of your comments reflect good suggestions and a good grasp of the situation, don’t be fooled about your vote. It does not matter what candidate you vote for, or even what political party you feel connected to. There has not been a legitimate popular vote in this country in decades. The sad truth is the popular vote is only used as a barometer to guage how well the people in power are using their media outlets to propagandize us. The ogliarchs own both parties, it’s only a game to them, and they deliberately seed the field with some candidates that will be destroyed by scandals and skeletons hidden in their own closets. This is on a par with soap operas, and reality TV, something to occupy the minds of the sheeple and get them arguing about unimportant things while they continue to work the strings of their marionettes which are just out of view of the masses.

    This is precisely why so many people have stopped voting. If your vote is meaningless, there isn’t much point in casting it. Getting registered alone is now more like the Spanish Inquisition, and is just putting more information into hands that shouldn’t be getting more information about us, but should be getting a lot less. If they had their way, they’d have all of us RFD chipped in order to vote. This whole business of voter ID’s needs to stop. Electronic voting is too easily manipulated–we need to go back to the paper ballot system–and the citizens should elect a council to count the ballots. With thousands of people unemployed, it would give them an opportunity to do genuinely needed, truly patriotic work to count votes, while preventing the wrong hands from altering the outcome of the election to suit their ends.

  12. This all relates to the foundation of the crime. The banks are liable and responsible for murder, suicide , fraud, economic collaspe, our income losses, our business losses, our homes this mental duress, and the stolen wealth of investors. They are responsible for all of it with one exception we the people should be policing our government and voting the corrupt politicians out of office and callling our represenatives to make sure that new law that is not unconstitutional and against our Bill of Rights and the U.S. constitution. We need to expose the evil in our government and protect and know our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and all the articles and amendments. My father walks around with them in his pocket. Dont let someoneelse take care of it for you because you are golfing and going to the gym. If someone complains about the government I ask them my first question do you vote? It is usually NOPE! A SMALL PORTION OF AMERICANS VOTE! This is as much of the crime as is the crime. It is enabling the crime. Children are suffering and families are torn apart, people are dying and the banks and their bought politicians are laughing all the way to the bank. We have allowed God to be tossed out of our schools and parents are to busy to educate our children working and to exhausted to be a parent at home, making the payments of our debts at high interest rates. We need to cut up our cards, teach our children never to accept credit cards, never use credit only use and pay what is within our means. Dont feed these crooks. Our small businesses and big businesses are so over taxed if you are a business owner you are an absolute slave to the government. I dont even remember my children growing up. I regret everyday I ran my small business and missed out on my children and now almost adult grandchildren, caught up in this crime against Americans. I have been shoutiing from the tree tops we are slaves of our government and the banks for a long time and cut up my cards and went to credit unions and have several incomes to try to keep from what happened to me anyway. Yes I have voted from the day I was able to vote. So many have not and I am guilty of not knowing the laws and being vulneralbe to all this. We need to learn by this horrific sad dark days of the American dream and teach our children not to allow this to happen and put laws in place no one can ever break. We are all guilty of not being informed enough. I swear if I could start all over again I would make sure I studied law and my children would study law and law would be in the school books only second to reading writing and math & history. And all other government mandated courses would be abolished if I could have it my way. Five minutes of this and fifteen minutes of that ! I spent a lot of hours helping teacher when my children were in school. I was shocked at the little time allowed and next to no time allowed to read and write. If the children were not taught in preschool or by their parents they were in big trouble and failing. The teachers did not have enough time to even grade the papers. I believed at the time this was part of our slavery. Keep the grades down, prevent a real education and put up a front our children are being educated and cause chaos in the school system and we will have uneducated graduates that do not know how to read and write and the government and banks will have their slaves. sounds parnoid does it? I am real close to the truth arent I?!.

  13. These people make me so sick—I asked the “main guy” over at the “default escalations dept” at Indymac Mortgage Services (a division of OneWest Bank), if Indymac Ventures LLC (a collections co.), was the entity getting and keeping MY MONEY.
    He said he’d have to get back to me on that…he had to “research” the question. Amazing.

  14. William P Foley CEO of Fidelity, former chair of LPS gives the marching orders to everyone at Fidelity and all its entitites including LPS DOCX . Time to question and investigate him .

  15. Since Tracy Laurent wass a main witness on this LPS fraud case , would her death put a stop to the AG investigation to the Robot signing fraud case ?

  16. Jordana Lipscomb,

    I’d follow that up , you might have scared one of his robosigners and caused him some grief … have your lawyer demand opposing counsel produce the documents used to hire them as they brought the subject up,, chances are very good that the named plaintiff , whoever they are , cannot prove standing… I’d be betting that the actual plaintiff is NOT the one named in the suit ,, quite possibly a 3rd party that is expecting to be substituted in just before or at the expected sale ,, you can contact any damn person you want unless they have a court order restricting you… but it’d be better if your lawyer did it and sent everything certified/return receipt requested.

  17. Hope she rots in HELL.

  18. @tnharry,

    Good one! Why do I get the feeling you don’t care much for Dimon either…? From what I understand, though, Chase hasn’t been a major player in Nevada. I think we need to question Moynihan first.

    I’d like to put (once again…) a little perspective here. Ms. Lawrence approached the AG after 25,000 fraudulent notarizations. Not just one or two, or even 50 mind you. 25,000! That’s a lot of foreclosures and people thrown out of their houses!

    Is there any possibility that… her conscience might have kicked in? If fear of unemployment/greed or any other not-so-honorable motivation got the best of her and led her to fraudulently notarize (she knew what she was doing and she did it anyway) 25,000 signatures, is it possible that… fear of jail and punishment might have gotten the rest of her? Or that she realized how large a part she played in that humengous debacle?

    Just wondering… I like to think that people have a conscience.

  19. The STRESS of being honest and open is just unbearable. You have to have iron guts to stand up for justice. This incident is just horrible.
    We all know that the higher-ups are the ones responsible in the end, and not the little guys they keep using to make spectacles out of in media.

    Lie and cheat and steal and you will be protected.

    Everything is backward. No wonder people are confused, intimidated, and afraid.

  20. The article says it’s not being investigated as a homicide, not that it wasn’t a homicide. Was there a note? If so, was it in her handwriting? If so, was the banks’ infamous robot signing machine used to produce it? Is it the original blue-ink suicide note? How much dead peasant life insurance did LPS have on her?

  21. that’s an interesting response from them – parties can speak to each other, it’s the attorneys that can’t talk to opposing parties who are represented.

  22. I guess that should be a warning to all the notaries out there with information…. It’s going to make my job of finding the “low hanging fruit” that much more difficult. However, it makes sense that when I contacted the “assistant vice president” who signed my mortgage assignment and I asked him to verify his signature, I never heard back from him. Two days later I got an email from foreclosure counsel, “Do not contact my client’s employees directly anymore.” Weird thing is her client was the investor, not the servicer or its employees. Seems everyone involved at any level is “her client.” I got my eye on your Ms. Adam, on you, your firm and your ever growing client portfolio.

  23. “They” want us ALL to commit suicide….seems to me.

  24. assisted “suicide”…

  25. where was Jamie Dimon during 11/27-11/28???

  26. Why would she kill herself?

  27. The cause of death is murder.

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