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I read and analyze everyday and the one thing that is becoming evident is that there are two streams of reporting on the wrongful foreclosures — the one that the Banks write and get published in places like Business Week (see below) and the ones that are written by people who actually know what is going on and are willing to report it.

No “progress” is being made if you think progress means correcting past errors and owning up to the defects in the liens, transfers and foreclosures. Plenty of progress is being made by Wall Street PR spin machines to give the impression that we are still just dealing with a paperwork problem instead of a swindle.

Side by side, I get articles that foreclosures are winding down and winding up. Side by side I get articles that the real estate market is improving and declining. Side by side I get articles that tell us the economy is improving and that things are worse than ever and looking bleak for consumers, taxpayers and the average Joe just trying to make it through the day. Joe gave up trying to get through the month or the week because of the economic shocks he receives every day, each one unexpected.

The media continues to ignore the warnings from the bench by more and more judges about the defects in the mortgages, notes, obligations and foreclosures. The banks still own the place. But this conflict is barely half way over. We have years to go and banks will tumble again, just like in 2008-2009. If you don’t want another bailout of the banks and instead you want people in power to pull the levers for the good of the country, then you had better elect them.

There are thousands of vacancies that can be filled with people who understand the words “public servant” instead of aristocracy. Their offices are vacant, waiting for YOU to get active and run for office. The people in there are  just taking up space. Knock on their door and there is nobody home. FILL THOSE OFFICES WITH PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. Don’t let the bastards get you down — that is how they win.

And don’t believe articles like this one

Mortgage Servicers Make Progress to Fix Flawed Foreclosures

servicers making progress — BLOOMBERG and Business Week

Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) — Banks and mortgage servicers are making progress in improving their processes and reaching out to homeowners hurt by invalid or flawed foreclosures, the Office of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency reported.

The regulator released an interim report today on actions taken by 12 banks and servicers to comply with a set of April consent orders that require them to correct deficient and unsound foreclosure practices.

“While much of the work to correct identified weaknesses in policies, operating procedures, control functions and audit processes will be substantially complete in the first part of 2012, other longer-term initiatives will continue through the balance of 2012,” the OCC report concluded…..

Mortgage servicers earlier this month began reaching out to borrowers who may have suffered financial injury from errors and misrepresentations. The companies also established a centralized website to help borrowers contact servicers and file claims.

The agency released the names of consultants hired by banks to review claims by borrowers. Clayton Services LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, Deloitte & Touch LLP and Promontory Financial Group LLC are among the companies processing borrower complaints on behalf of the banks.

Companies including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co. were part of the April accord.

Borrowers can get information about filing a claim at


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  1. I agree. Honesty is the best policy. Truth and Trust are the Legs,

  2. esther9

    Well established plan to not get caught.

    AGs supporting.

  3. Never sorry for what they do, just don’t get caught. Unless caught would mean that someone just like them foreclosed on their property of course. Then they would cry out “wolf”

  4. Yes — and not only fraudulent foreclosures — but invalid “mortgage” origination by which the fraudulent foreclosures are trying to collect upon.

    Accounting required — from the onset. That is, accounting from the purchase of the home to present as to subprime refinances. All documents, all title insurance records, all servicing records, all check payoff records, all payment records, all escrow records, all tax payment records, all advanced “delinquent” payment records, all derivative records, all Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreements, all Mortgage Loan Schedules, all updated servicer distribution and collection records, all advance payment records by servicer, all prior discharge records, all mortgage loan title insurance records, all records for sale of collection rights by GSEs, all records for all payments for entire path of “mortgage” loan from inception of purchase of home to present.

    Only then will we a full investigation, and rightfully be able to defend action in court. .

    Resent AGs “settling” our fraud claims for us without a full and complete accounting and investigation.

  5. “Mortgage Servicers Make Progress to Fix Flawed Foreclosures”

    Uh, to me this statement means that they are getting more skilled at forgery, finding more corrupt and easily bought politicians and judges,
    working harder to get the falsified dates to match, now that they know people will spot such chicanery, and getting the rules changed to favor their greed and avarice. It’s such outrageous arrogance to call them “flawed” (!) when the truth is the foreclosures entail outright lies and fraud IN WRITING. There’s no “fixing” that, no matter how much effort they put in on the illicit paperwork; it’s still fraud! The proper headline would read, “Mortgage Servicers Make Progress to Fix Fraud Foreclosures”. Just a typo, maybe.

  6. @Dyingtruth,

    It will happen. From what I understand, the idea of recalling a governor for referendum as is going to take place in Wisconsin, is novelty. Didn’t I hear somewhere that it has never been before?

    If such is the case, anyone could and should be recalled for dishonesty, gross incompetence, conflict of interest, etc. I expect the American people to wise up and start demanding recall of congressmen and women with split loyalties. I also expect more and more unknown running for office and disthrowning those who made a career of it 20 or 30 years with the intent of getting rich rather than fulfilling a mandate of “serving” the people.

    I, for one, would demand the recall of Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi (60 minutes was edifying…), O’Connel and all those incompetents who pledged the oath to Gover Norquist. I further would demand the banning of any kind of lobbying in DC and make the practice simply illegal. Lastly, I would trust only those elected officials who don’t hesitate to submit to the people the important bills. Congress as it is run has destroyed the intent of the constitution. Might as well have a new one…


  8. Of course, it is apparent that the media is bought too, bribery, by our own to print or withhold the stream of awareness and patterns going on, that they-remember those shadow people & organizations, they want to operate as usual, and stay in the shadows. Truth, by way of something that forces/pressure serves to bring whatever or whoever to the forewhat that the only thing that throws a wrench in their works.

    Whistleblowers—people of integrity are the ones that hesitate, cause usually, FREQENTLY the truth or knowledge of something/or someone doing or operating out of order, can we call it what it is– CORRUPTION & GREED, don’t want to stop or change. When a child is small one smacks his hand when the men and women PARTICIPATE IN– breakIing the law they should be sentenced and serve their time. However, because those involved are the OUTSTANDING CITIZENS AND GOV OFFICIALS, NOT SO OUTSTANDING AFTER ALL, their game is CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! PROVE IT!

  9. Their only defense is: “We don’t have to tell you that because of privacy laws…neener, neener, neener!”

    Doesn’t the TILA Amendment with Fed Res Opinion FORCE them to state the real creditor??? And the fact that THERE IS NONE??!!??

    Just a matter of time…


  11. There is no question in my mind and a lot of others that the banks and their attorneys committed fraud to wrongfully foreclose on homeownrs properties and it is my hope that somehow, the banks will not be allowed to hide the fraud under the scheme of robo signing which was instituted and used people who had no knowledge of what they were doing.

    The fraud most surely must have been rampant. These are auditors that have worked for the banks for years and years, why would they look at a case by the homeowner in an objective way so as to obtain a fair and truthful decision. I wish it wasn’t so, but all auditors can be convinced about how the analysis should work and what the end result should be. I weep not only for the homeowners who cannot afford to take them to court, but for all the young people who will see and know what their peers have done – and yet, these young people will do business with them- maybe?

  12. E.Tollie, the banks have been in a pretender world for a long time, they, are trying to hang on to their tinkerbell world, making money out of thin air and getting away with it, they believe if they are in denial the world will beleive them, alike the king who had no clothes (or invisible clothes), but even his world came to a wake up CALL and so will these swindlers.and…….Yes to Ann and AMEN! We have a lot to be thankful for even in these times. I was so proud to see a retired police officer standing his ground for America at a protest being arrested and pepper sprayed. I was proud of Americans coming to the rescue of another police officer loosing his home. He stands for Americans and tells other police this is dead wrong. He is a true American. I was proud to see Americans coming to the help of another police officer that was loosing his home. I was so proud and grateful to see the military march down occupie Wall Street, they are true Americans. I was thankful and proud to see the single marine protecting Americans and telling the police these are unarmed Americans, shame on them (the police brutality), I am proud and thankful for all Americans supporting Occupy Wall Street, either physically or in their own way, making a difference for us all. I am thankful for Lynn Szymonaik, Epstein, and all bloggers helping us make a difference, and the media with guts to help, and all attorneys on the internet with morals, dignity and guts and honor and the love for Americans and what is right. Last but not least I am thankful their are good honest moral politicians though I feel they are in the minority, that deserve a grateful big thanks for their honest, morals and wanting what is good for America. I thank god for the banks that have shot themselves in the foot so bad by their unethical, parasite, dispicable ways, causing self inflicting wounds, causing their own demise, that they have finally been discovered and WILL BE”, brought to justice by everyone supporting our efforts to defend not only our homes and our fellow Americans, but America. The words “America is lost” and what happened to ” America?” are all to common. Our America is here, we just have a huge battle to win it back. And we will! God Bless All of you and have a warm Thanksgiving and to those who can not yet and are living on the streets and in your cars, there is great hope for help for all of you, my children are living in my double car garage we remodeled for them and my daylight basement and I am fighting mod fraud to save my home of over thirtyfive years. We are all in the same boat or similar boats by the same design, the wicked banks planned for us. We are all fighting for what is right and WE ARE WINNING THE BATTLE.



    Banks are progressing on filing faulty foreclosures nationally

  14. Thanksgiving Day is a great American tradition where we take time to gather with family and friends and give thanks for life’s many blessings.

    On Thursday, we will celebrate this once again. Families will be taking time from their busy schedules to come together and enjoy this tradition. A time of turkeys, stuffing and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and even some football games.

    We are thankful for our men and women who are serving our country, home and abroad. We also thank the Community Activists and the Foreclosure Defense Lawyers who are working hard to defend our legal rights and save homes. Our prayers also include People who are homeless; Homeowners who are struggling to save their homes, and the brave folks of The Occupy Movement.

    And most of all, we are thankful for all of you who take time to share your knowledge and give moral support on this Forum to help each other during this difficult time. The thought of someone out there is with us is sooo wonderful .

    We wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Ann and Family

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