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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) — Steven J. Baum PC, one of the largest law firms specializing in home foreclosures in New York state, is shutting down after losing business from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The Baum firm notified government entities, including the New York State Department of Labor, that it planned mass job cuts, it said in an e-mailed statement today. Earl Wells, a firm spokesman, confirmed that it’s closing.

This month, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage- finance companies operating under U.S. conservatorship, dropped Steven J. Baum PC from their lists of law firms eligible to handle foreclosures. Home-loan servicers including Bank of America Corp. and Ally Financial Inc. also stopped using the firm, which last month agreed to pay the U.S. $2 million and change its practices to resolve a probe of faulty foreclosure filings.

“Disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people is extremely painful, but the loss of so much business left us no choice but to file these notices,” Steven J. Baum, who owns the firm, said in the statement.

Baum wouldn’t comment further, Wells said.

The firm has about 67 full- and part-time employees at its headquarters in Amherst, New York, just north of Buffalo, and 22 full- and part-time employees at its Westbury, New York, office on Long Island, according to the statement.

Lawsuits, Fines

The agreement with the U.S. government concluded an investigation into whether the firm filed misleading pleadings, affidavits and mortgage assignments in courts, according to a statement by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan. The settlement didn’t constitute a finding of wrongdoing.

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  1. my Server is Residential Credit Solutions it us to be EMC .Residential Credit Solutions said that chase own my loan.

  2. Sorry here is the email address –

  3. You can compare it to your mortgage documents you received on the day you signed for your loan.

    The assignment of mortgage would have your mortgage company seal. If your mortgage was assigned it would not had been assigned to MERS because they’re not a legitimate mortgage company.

    I can almost guarantee that an assignment of mortgage is going to be forged by MERS and Fein, Such & Crane submitted to the courts and county clerks office. And after doing so on the Assignment of Mortgage is going to state – When Recorded Mail to: Fein, Such and Crane.

    And I have a question. Who is your mortgage company?

    Lillian here is my email address if you want to send messages to me as well.

  4. Ok, yes I see they do things the same way downstate as well. You can go down there yourself and make copies of your mortgage papers and assignment and compare them to anytrhing that you’ve received from those crooked lawyers Fein, Such and Crane. Also compare them to your copies that you received the day you signed your mortgage papers.

  5. I wrote to my mortgage company and told them to produce the note .I just received the note from them but I don’t know if this is the real note.How can i tell do they have to have a seal or something.

  6. JuiceJuice this is the information I got back From our town clerk

    As per your request for information regarding copies of recorded documents:
    We have 1 assignment, and 1 open mortgage. There are no filed lis pendens.

    You can either come in to receive copies or certified copies or send in a request by mail.

    The assignment is 2 pages and a certified copy would be $5.00.
    The mortgage is 19 pages and a certified copy would be $23.27.
    Regular copies would be 25 cents per page.

  7. @Lillian. You will find these documents at your county office:

    1) Assignment of Mortgage
    2) Your Mortgage Documents You Signed
    3) Lis Pendens
    4) And any other documents the fraudulent Fein, Such & Crane would had submitted. And trust me you will. I can guarantee that they had MERS sign the Assignment of Mortgage and forwarded directly to them which is fraud right there.

  8. @Lillian. I’m from New York (downstate) and the county offices pretty much work the same in some aspect. You’re not going to find the Assignment of Mortgage online, you’re going to have to go down directly to your county office and get your documents because they’re not obtainable online.

    A Lis Pendens is a Pre-Foreclosure complaint.

    Make sure you request the following from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC:

    Cerfied Copies of the folllowing:

    1) Attestation/Prospectus Supplement (aka Servicing Agreement)
    under the name of the mortgage company and number:

    Example: JP MORGAN CHASE HOME LOAN 2005-3



    Lillian, also give me your email address so I could send you the things you need that can help you. I have an article regarding New York fighting MERS as well.

  9. Juice Juice I went to my County Clerks Website I only see information when we first closed on the house I don’t see anything when we refinance.In one part of thesite it say No documents found for this parcel.But I see all the information like I said when we first perchase.Do you know if I can get Assignment of Mortgage threw the county website.

  10. juicejuice is lis pendens like a quit title quiet title ,I am trying to understand all this.

  11. Your so very welcome. Any other question feel free to contact me. GOD bless you.

  12. Thank you so much JuiceJuice may god bless you always.Going to start looking in to what you told me.

  13. @esther9,

    This is not the only site to find information on. I get content forwarded to me from several sites and I know that JP Morgan recently got a big negative article on one site due to selection of their accounting firm.

    Go search the web for more sites that are commenting on the ‘reviews’.

  14. You have some evidence already. MERS cases are all fraudulent and are all over the foreclosure websites. You really need to go down to your County Clerks Office and look for the following documents:

    Assignment of Mortgage
    Lis Pendens (Complaint)

    If the Assignment of Mortgage was assigned after the complaint it’s fraud. If the Assignment says Recorded and Send to whomever the lawyer is, it’s fraud.

    Go to the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) and search for the 8K form and then send a request to send you certified documents showing when your mortgage was supposedly assigned to MERS. You will need to have your mortgage note year & name in order for the SEC to send you certified documents showing when your mortgage was supposedly been assigned to MERS. This document will give you the closing date of assignment.

    Look and do some research on the internet, this website and about MERS and see if you can get some direction.

    I’m going to give you as much knowledge as GOD has blessed me with to help you because this is all wrong. I’m also going to pray for you and put you on some prayer lists. But remember what I said, faith without works is dead and prayer changes things.

  15. juicejuice11550 My home is upstate NY.See I don’t know to much when I look at the papers.The only thing I found was that they forged my husband signature in the good faith esitmi.We try canceling the refinance and they would not let us.My mortgage is threw Mers. I notice they put a higher income. I ask them to produce the note but they haven’t.

  16. Doing a web site review, and looking at the comments, it seems to generate the same action that happens when one Requests WRITTEN RESPA.

  17. Lillian, do what I told you to do. I don’t know what state you’re in but you need to get started now with looking through your paperwork for discovery. Having faith and prayer is very good but you have to put the work in as well because faith without works is dead. Ask GOD for discernment, knowledge, wisdom and understanding as I did. Also pray for direction and he will direct your paths, I’m living proof. Tell what state you’re in and I will try my best to direct you as to what you need to do. Fein, Such and Crane are just like Steven J. Baum and they’ve worked hand in han with one another.

  18. @esther9,

    You mean you have bought into that INDEPENDENT word in that review system? You obviously do not understand that the reviews are being done by auditing companies that have conflicts of interest in even FINDING any problems.

    If you were reading any of the reports, you would know that JP Morgan has been reported on for the FIRM they selected to do their reviews.

    The real reason for these reviews is to WALL(Street)PAPER over the mess with findings that are rigged from the beginning to report that very few borrowers were harmed.

    Now if you want to put your faith in submitting your case for that type of review, you might as well pack up and hand them the keys.

    Get a TRUE review of your documents, not one that the BANKSTERS have a vested interest in whitewashing.

  19. Can anyone tell me, What is the purpose of the Independent Foreclosure Review? Is this just another front? Does it really hold to any value? Or is it like when one writes and ceritifies by mail Written Respa, and the servicer moves in to foreclosue on the family?

  20. Lillian, you tried 2 lawyer?

  21. I think when lawyers see we are all try up like a prune .They know the bank try us up and we have no cash they turn away. I contact two lawyers this week to be turn away from both. Where is the help

  22. Thank you concerned for the advise.Lillian

  23. @ Lillian,

    Look for an attorney who really knows what is going on. You need to look for an attorney who looks for all the fraud in the paperwork that is being used to try to take your home.

    You do NOT go looking for the attorneys who are only thinking in terms of getting a modification. Your paperwork has to be scrutinized for illegal/invalid signatures or breaks in the chain of assignments. If (and in a VERY HIGH % of cases this is true) your documents show a problem for the foreclosing party, then you could end up with a settlement that lets you stay in your house. Settlements or court wins are NOT a MODIFICATION of the existing loan that you have to qualify for.

    Go looking for an attorney who knows something, not just a ‘modification jockey’.

    You need to know what you are looking for in an attorney. The good ones know that a modification is the last thing they are looking to do for their client because there is usually a better deal if leverage exists in any fraudulent acts by the pretender-lenders.

  24. I just spoke with a lawyer and he said their was noting he could do for us.That it would be a wast of money.That their was noting I could do because if we wanted a modifcation.He said my husband don’t make enough to cover it.So to give our house back to the bank.Need help and answers.

  25. Nora C God don’t like ugly

  26. joi, I agree with you.

  27. Juice juice I read that one.Am hoping they go after Fein such before he try to foreclose on us .I called them and they have not called me back. The operator who pick up transfer me to someone and I had to leave a message as of yet no answered.The server told me it was on hold right now.

  28. juicejuice1155 That what am doing putting my your faith in GOD.I don’t know what elsa to do.

  29. Make sure you fight it because they are just another Steven J. Baum. I’m fighting them in court now. Go to you county office to check the validity of your paperwork because I guarantee that it’s riddled with fraudulent documents. Pray and put your trust and faith in GOD.

  30. I Just found out that Fein, Such & Crane has my mortgage to forclose on it.

  31. Yes, he is finally gone…..One down Fein, Such & Crane and Rosicki & Rosicki to go. I’m reaching out to people now to contact me by way of reply if any of you who have Foreclosure MIll Fein, Such & Crane as the foreclosure lawyer. I’m gathering up needed information and as much documentation as I can for our meeting with representatives. Fein, Such & Crane used Steven J. Baum to process their evictions while they laid low in the background.

    We must united and get scum like Fein, Such & Crane and Rosicki & Rosicki shut down.

    Please send your replies ASAP. Time is of essence Thank you

  32. Rosetta

    Absolutely, but not before many others are victims.

  33. Well, I’ve said many times!! Baum’s Law Firm is not the ONLY Law Firm in New York that needs to be investigated. Fein, Such & Crane; Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates just to name a few. I’m just waiting!!
    Won’t be long though….

  34. Any Baum ex-employees want to sit down for coffee and talk a little ?
    I’m sure they would be welcomed with open arms if they are willing to talk about what really took place on a day to day at their office. Any takers ?

  35. @E.Tolle

    Hey man, free rental? Not fair or accurate. No one has proven that those lenders were owed a penny or that the loans were in default.
    Baum’s incompetence simply balanced the scales of justice for once.

    Broker yield spread premiums, pool insurance, private mortgage insurance, payments and interest collected from the “borrower”, FDIC reimbursements, TARP funds, hedge funds, CDS, default servicing fees…how many times over were the loans satisfied on those “free rental” homes, whose initial values were inflated 35% to begin with, through these credit enhancements (profit centers) the banks got? (Not to mention all the investor-deposited pools of funds that were diverted to the theiving banks instead of the intended loans.)

    The “free house” mentality belongs to the banks that are stealing ’em. Millions of homeowners in default did not suddenly become deadbeats after having good enough credit and the down payment to get into a home, and many had paid faithfully for 20 years! Bigger agenda here, engineered by very evil people who excell in applied dictatorship.

    I abandoned the $50,000 house I “owed” $117,000 on after 3 years of the modification drill that caused great gnashing of teeth. One of my better decisions, I believe, to relieve the stress. I didn’t buy above what I could afford, either. The most reasonable payment in the world is too high when your job dries up, though, and the central bankers made sure the jobs dried up. So now, we need to unite and make the central bankers dry up, like the Steven Baum foreclosure mill did.

  36. I think it’s hilarious that the Baum “law firm”, if that’s what you want to call it, is out of business. Really, when someone has to lie,cheat,and steal in order to make a living, then they and their employees are a bunch of big time losers. Pathetic. Now is the time to kick them when they’re down, and pummel them mercilessly into submission, a living hell of sorts. Find out who all the employees are, get their contact information, and hound them to the ends of the earth until they crack.
    Seems fair to me.

  37. The wheels of Justice DO turn…….

  38. Someone needs to go and depose Elpiniki Bechakas, she is the main robo signer for Baum’s firm. She has signed thousands of false, fabricated and fraudulent assignments of mortgages from MERS to all of these so called trusts 1-7 days before the summons and complaints were filed.

    Maybe schneiderman can uncover all of the fraud, and like Nevada, press criminal charges against her and member of this Firm.

    Furthermore, when is Baum and all of these lawyers going to get disbarred?

  39. aw…..are we supposed to feel sorry for them?…..they didn’t mind doing and working their participation….as long as it looked like they were making money..profits…how does it feel!

  40. Joe Nocera has a good story in the Times about Baum. Nocera’s the one who originally published the story with the nasty pictures. He writes:

    I had contacted Baum’s press spokesman earlier this week. What had caught my eye was an article in The Buffalo News headlined, “Foreclosure law firm is battling rule on accuracy.” The article described a court hearing a few weeks ago during which the Baum firm asked the judge to reject — as unconstitutional! — a year-old rule that foreclosure lawyers must attest to the validity of the mortgage documents held by their bank and servicer clients. You would think that any lawyer worth his salt would be happy to affirm that his client was using valid documents to toss someone out of a house. But not, apparently, Steven J. Baum.

    The comments after the article are 100% damning of Baum. Good thing there wasn’t a rope and an old tree nearby. The crowd wasn’t very taken with Baum:

    I am a lawyer who is not involved with foreclosures, but has a case with a foreclosure tangent that has forced me to deal with this firm. As lawyers they are indescribably incompetent. The real victims are the banks they represent which will never succeed in foreclosing on anything or recovering a penny. Anyone facing foreclosure by this firm has a free rental for as long as they want.

  41. @E.Toile,

    Call it Karma or anything you wish but the principle stays the same: “Do not judge or you shall be judged. And as you measure onto others, it will be measured onto you.” It is true. Those employees can now go downtown join OWS and learn what it really feels like to be cold and homeless.

    The thing is: if they ever mention they used to work for Baum, it’s not going to be rosy…

  42. @Zurenarrh,

    Remember David Stern…? I don’t think he’s resurfaced anywhere… Naw, once they’re burnt, I think it’s for good. We’ll make sure of it.

  43. So, those two gals who posed as filthy drunken foreclosed borrowers at the Halloween party sitting outside of falling over tents may just find themselves transformed into filthy drunken foreclosed borrowers sitting outside of falling over tents for real come next Halloween? How instant is that karma?

    Look on the bright side….they won’t have to shell out any money they’re saving for legal fees for costumes.

  44. While this is great news, I have to think that Baum will resurface somewhere as a consultant to another foreclosure mill or start another firm that Fannie and Freddie will give their blessing to. Or he’ll be “of counsel” to some other crooks. He ain’t goin’ away because they won’t lock his sorry ass in jail. For the most part, he got away with it.

  45. Amen!

  46. WHoa! major payback, duly deserved. Who is more deserving of losing their job than these asshats? There is a God! Now where is my Steven J Baum costume so I can pose for his Christmas card shot?

  47. Concerned ,

    Lets agree to add AHMSI to your list..

  48. Now a few other firms need to be shuttered also: McCarthy-Holthus, McCalla-Rhymer, LPS, and Quality Loan Service. They all make use of false documents generated by LPS.

  49. Steven J. Baum committed wrong doing in the foreclosure of my property in the State Court of New York by filing false order of reference leading Judge Lawrence V. Cullen to order a foreclosure and sale of my property, evidence is on record in the Supreme Court of Queens New York as well as the Federal District Court Eastern District of New York, and they did not do anything about it. I contend that the Courts are involved on it.

  50. Note this is just one more win for all on the web fighting this huge outrageous crime. Rah Rah for all of us and have a wonderful bless Thanksgiving.

  51. WOW! This S.O.B has no heart for millions of American families but has a heart for all his little demons helping him, loosing their jobs and maybe now their homes. Wonder how they feel in the future when they realize they were the reason for their own demise and are wearig the boots of the rest of us. No sympathy here! I am not there judge, but I dont have to sympathize with them what so ever. YUP It looks like the party is on us and not them next Halloween. Wonder if any of them call for help when the banks crash in their doors?

  52. “Disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people is extremely painful…”

    Isn’t that what you did, Baum? Disrupted so many lives and caused much misery and pain with your lies and deceit; your fraud, perjury and forgery.

    Baum, you still haven’t gotten what you so richly deserve – JAIL TIME.

  53. Does this mean no Halloween costume party in 2012?

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